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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bloomington,MN
Team Record:  91-71   .562
Result:   2nd in American League
Manager(s):  Sam Mele
General Manager:   Calvin Griffith
Stadium:  Metropolitan Stadium
Attendance:  1,433,116
Playoffs:  -

Minnesota Twins affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ray Moore (36)
Youngest Player:  Jim Manning (18)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Bob Allison (10)
Top Pitcher:  Camilo Pascual (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  66.78%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9666.593--
LA Angels8676.53110.0
Chi White Sox8577.52511.0
KC Athletics7290.44424.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-04-10@ KC11L  2-40-1721,012Jack KralickEd RakowEd RakowJack Kralick 24-2
1962-04-11@ KC12W  8-00-184,064Camilo PascualJohn WyattCamilo PascualJohn Wyatt 1046
1962-04-12@ KC13W  9-50-18854Don LeeNorm BassJoe BonikowskiNorm Bass 19910
1962-04-14vs LAA4L  5-120-1108,363 Jim KaatRed WittRyne DurenGeorges MarandaTom Morgan24213
1962-04-15vs LAA5L  3-60-2107,205 Jack KralickEli GrbaEli GrbaJack KralickTom Morgan27270
1962-04-17vs CHA6L  0-80-3107,036 Camilo PascualJoe HorlenJoe HorlenCamilo Pascual 2735-8
1962-04-18vs CHA7L  2-30-4105,928 Don LeeRay HerbertRay HerbertDon LeeEddie Fisher2938-9
1962-04-19vs CHA8L  3-100-5106,263 Jim KaatJohn BuzhardtJohn BuzhardtJim Kaat 3248-16
1962-04-20@ LAA9W  9-71-5811,166Jack KralickEli GrbaDick StigmanArt Fowler 4155-14
1962-04-21@ LAA10W  5-22-5812,204Camilo PascualKen McBrideCamilo PascualKen McBride 4657-11
1962-04-22@ LAA11W  5-03-578,539Jim KaatRed WittJim KaatRed Witt 5157-6
1962-04-24@ BAL12L  4-53-679,721Jack KralickMilt PappasMilt PappasJoe Bonikowski 5562-7
1962-04-25@ BAL13W  3-14-6712,286Don LeeChuck EstradaDon LeeChuck EstradaRay Moore5863-5
1962-04-26@ BAL14W  3-25-669,826Camilo PascualHal BrownCamilo PascualHal Brown 6165-4
1962-04-27@ CLE15L  2-75-7712,050Jim KaatDick DonovanDick DonovanJim Kaat 6372-9
1962-04-28@ CLE16L  7-85-872,747Jim ManningRon TaylorBarry LatmanDick Stigman 7080-10
1962-04-29@ CLE17W  8-47-860Jack KralickPedro RamosDick StigmanBarry LatmanRay Moore7884-6
1962-04-29@ CLE18W  7-37-8610,631Don LeeGary BellDon LeeGary Bell 8587-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-05-01vs BAL19W  8-38-865,934 Camilo PascualChuck EstradaCamilo PascualChuck Estrada 93903
1962-05-02vs BAL20L  5-68-965,926 Jim KaatHal BrownHal BrownJim KaatDick Hall98962
1962-05-03vs BAL21W  8-49-965,569 Jack KralickMilt PappasJack KralickMilt PappasRay Moore1061006
1962-05-04vs DET22W  4-210-947,543 Don LeePhil ReganJoe BonikowskiRon Kline 1101028
1962-05-05vs DET23W  7-211-9418,023 Lee StangeJim BunningLee StangeJim Bunning 11710413
1962-05-06vs DET24W  10-712-9325,650 Camilo PascualPaul FoytackRay MooreHank Aguirre 12711116
1962-05-08vs CLE25L  3-612-10413,891 Jim KaatDick DonovanDick DonovanJim KaatBarry Latman13011713
1962-05-09vs CLE26W  2-113-10310,930 Jack KralickGary BellJack KralickGary BellRay Moore13211814
1962-05-10vs CLE27L  4-913-1145,182 Don LeeJim PerryJim PerryDon Lee 1361279
1962-05-11vs KC128L  3-513-1244,578 Camilo PascualDan PfisterDave WickershamCamilo PascualDiego Segui1391327
1962-05-12vs KC129W  5-414-1249,129 Lee StangeArt DitmarJim KaatJohn Wyatt 1441368
1962-05-13vs KC130W  10-315-12310,130 Joe BonikowskiNorm BassJoe BonikowskiNorm Bass 15413915
1962-05-15@ DET31W  4-215-12320,601Jack KralickFrank LaryJack KralickFrank LaryLee Stange15814117
1962-05-16@ DET32W  8-415-1235,249Camilo PascualJim BunningCamilo PascualJim Bunning 16614521
1962-05-18@ NYA33W  4-316-12320,974Don LeeWhitey FordDon LeeWhitey FordDick Stigman17014822
1962-05-19@ NYA34L  1-216-13413,896Joe BonikowskiRalph TerryRalph TerryJoe Bonikowski 17115021
1962-05-20@ NYA35L  3-417-1430Jack KralickBill StaffordJim CoatesRay Moore 17415420
1962-05-20@ NYA36W  4-217-14327,998Jim KaatRollie SheldonRay MooreJim CoatesDick Stigman17815622
1962-05-21@ WS237W  5-318-14311,797Camilo PascualDave StenhouseCamilo PascualDave Stenhouse 18315924
1962-05-22@ WS238W  6-519-14310,977Georges MarandaJoe McClainRay MooreJoe McClain 18916425
1962-05-23@ BOS39L  1-619-1536,051Don LeeEarl WilsonEarl WilsonDon LeeDick Radatz19017020
1962-05-24@ BOS40L  5-719-1631,124Joe BonikowskiDon SchwallMike FornielesJoe BonikowskiHal Kolstad19517718
1962-05-25@ CHA41L  4-519-17316,963Jack KralickJoe HorlenJoe HorlenJack Kralick 19918217
1962-05-26@ CHA42W  4-120-1733,962Camilo PascualJohn BuzhardtCamilo PascualJohn Buzhardt 20318320
1962-05-27@ CHA43W  5-422-1730Jim KaatRay HerbertJim KaatRay Herbert 20818721
1962-05-27@ CHA44W  8-622-1736,575Don LeeJuan PizarroTed SadowskiEddie FisherJoe Bonikowski21619323
1962-05-28vs BOS45L  0-322-18317,927 Jack KralickEarl WilsonEarl WilsonJack KralickMike Fornieles21619620
1962-05-29vs BOS46L  5-822-1936,284 Lee StangeDon SchwallGalen CiscoTed SadowskiMike Fornieles22120417
1962-05-30vs NYA47L  1-1023-20339,720 Joe BonikowskiBill StaffordBill StaffordJoe Bonikowski 2222148
1962-05-30vs NYA48W  5-423-20335,635 Camilo PascualRollie SheldonDick StigmanJim Coates 2272189
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-06-01vs WS249L  3-423-2136,430 Jim KaatDave StenhouseRay RippelmeyerJim Donohue 2302228
1962-06-02vs WS250W  9-224-2138,627 Joe BonikowskiPete BurnsideJoe BonikowskiPete Burnside 23922415
1962-06-03vs WS251W  7-525-21312,996 Jack KralickBennie DanielsJack KralickBennie DanielsRay Moore24622917
1962-06-05vs KC152L  3-425-22315,297 Camilo PascualJohn WyattJohn WyattCamilo PascualGordon Jones24923316
1962-06-06vs KC153W  7-026-22311,619 Jim KaatJerry WalkerJim KaatJerry Walker 25623323
1962-06-07vs KC154W  5-227-2236,163 Joe BonikowskiDave WickershamJoe BonikowskiDave Wickersham 26123526
1962-06-08vs CHA55W  2-128-22321,962 Jack KralickJohn BuzhardtJack KralickJohn Buzhardt 26323627
1962-06-09vs CHA56L  5-828-23318,126 Jim DonohueEarly WynnDom ZanniLee Stange 26824424
1962-06-10vs CHA57W  8-430-2330 Jim KaatJoe HorlenJim KaatJoe Horlen 27624828
1962-06-10vs CHA58W  11-730-23333,049 Camilo PascualRay HerbertCamilo PascualRay HerbertDick Stigman28725532
1962-06-12@ LAA59L  5-730-24312,098Joe BonikowskiDon LeeDon LeeJoe BonikowskiJack Spring29226230
1962-06-13@ LAA60W  4-231-24311,475Jack KralickDean ChanceRay MooreRyne Duren 29626432
1962-06-14@ LAA61W  5-432-2425,073Jim KaatBo BelinskyJim KaatArt FowlerJim Donohue30126833
1962-06-15@ KC162L  1-632-24310,473Camilo PascualJerry WalkerJerry WalkerCamilo PascualEd Rakow30227428
1962-06-16@ KC163L  2-632-24312,519Joe BonikowskiDiego SeguiDiego SeguiJoe Bonikowski 30428024
1962-06-17@ KC164L  6-1032-24211,097Jack KralickDave WickershamDave WickershamJack KralickGordon Jones31029020
1962-06-18@ KC165W  9-432-2429,662Camilo PascualEd RakowCamilo PascualEd Rakow 31929425
1962-06-19@ CHA66W  9-433-24215,912Jim KaatJuan PizarroJim KaatJuan Pizarro 32829830
1962-06-20@ CHA67L  1-533-25214,426Joe BonikowskiRay HerbertRay HerbertJoe Bonikowski 32930326
1962-06-21@ CHA68L  2-633-26312,548Jack KralickJohn BuzhardtEddie FisherJack Kralick 33130922
1962-06-22vs LAA69W  3-235-2620 Georges MarandaDon LeeGeorges MarandaDon LeeLee Stange33431123
1962-06-22vs LAA70W  8-335-26230,696 Camilo PascualDean ChanceCamilo PascualDean Chance 34231428
1962-06-23vs LAA71W  5-036-26218,993 Jim KaatEli GrbaJim KaatEli Grba 34731433
1962-06-24vs LAA72L  2-336-2820 Jack KralickKen McBrideDean ChanceDick StigmanTom Morgan34931732
1962-06-24vs LAA73L  6-736-28235,451 Joe BonikowskiTed BowsfieldJack SpringGeorges MarandaDean Chance35532431
1962-06-26@ NYA74W  5-037-28228,051Camilo PascualRollie SheldonCamilo PascualRollie Sheldon 36032436
1962-06-27@ NYA75L  3-737-29218,312Jim KaatRalph TerryRalph TerryJim Kaat 36333132
1962-06-28@ NYA76L  2-437-30318,539Jack KralickBill StaffordBill StaffordJack KralickMarshall Bridges36533530
1962-06-29@ WS277L  3-637-31313,475Joe BonikowskiDave StenhouseDave StenhouseRay Moore 36834127
1962-06-30@ WS278L  0-137-32315,506Jim KaatTom CheneyTom CheneyJim Kaat 36834226
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-07-01@ WS279W  9-038-32310,392Camilo PascualRay RippelmeyerCamilo PascualRay Rippelmeyer 37734235
1962-07-02@ BOS80L  3-438-33312,805Georges MarandaIke DelockArnold EarleyLee StangeMike Fornieles38034634
1962-07-03@ BOS81W  4-339-3337,403Jack KralickDon SchwallJack KralickDon SchwallRay Moore38434935
1962-07-04@ BOS82W  8-440-3430Joe BonikowskiBill MonbouquetteBill PleisBill Monbouquette 39235339
1962-07-04@ BOS83L  5-940-34316,910Jim KaatGene ConleyGene ConleyJim KaatDick Radatz39736235
1962-07-06vs NYA84L  5-740-35340,944 Camilo PascualRalph TerryRalph TerryCamilo PascualLuis Arroyo40236933
1962-07-07vs NYA85L  3-640-36339,665 Jack KralickBill StaffordBill StaffordJack KralickMarshall Bridges40537530
1962-07-08vs NYA86L  8-940-37340,347 Jim KaatWhitey FordWhitey FordJim KaatLuis Arroyo41338429
1962-07-12vs WS287L  4-740-38411,896 Jack KralickDave StenhouseDave StenhouseRay Moore 41739126
1962-07-13vs WS288W  4-041-38412,175 Camilo PascualTom CheneyCamilo PascualTom Cheney 42139130
1962-07-14vs WS289L  3-441-39510,468 Jim KaatBennie DanielsBennie DanielsJim KaatJim Hannan42439529
1962-07-15vs BOS90W  5-342-39520,450 Bill PleisDon SchwallLee StangeDon SchwallFrank Sullivan42939831
1962-07-17vs CLE91W  7-243-39533,500 Camilo PascualGary BellCamilo PascualGary Bell 43640036
1962-07-18vs CLE92W  14-344-39415,829 Dick StigmanBarry LatmanDick StigmanBarry Latman 45040347
1962-07-19vs CLE93W  8-045-39211,787 Jim KaatDick DonovanJim KaatDick Donovan 45840355
1962-07-20vs BAL94W  7-546-39218,992 Jack KralickChuck EstradaRay MooreHal Brown 46540857
1962-07-21vs BAL95W  7-647-39219,669 Joe BonikowskiJack FisherBill PleisJack FisherLee Stange47241458
1962-07-22vs BAL96L  6-847-40230,031 Camilo PascualRobin RobertsRobin RobertsCamilo PascualHoyt Wilhelm47842256
1962-07-23vs DET97W  8-148-40225,220 Dick StigmanPaul FoytackDick StigmanPaul Foytack 48642363
1962-07-24vs DET98L  3-448-41233,242 Jim KaatJim BunningJim BunningLee StangeTerry Fox48942762
1962-07-25vs DET99W  7-649-41229,992 Jack KralickDon MossiRay MooreRon Nischwitz 49643363
1962-07-27@ CLE100W  2-150-41223,272Camilo PascualJim PerryCamilo PascualJim Perry 49843464
1962-07-28@ CLE101W  5-251-4128,509Jim KaatBarry LatmanJim KaatGary Bell 50343667
1962-07-29@ CLE102L  2-352-4220Dick StigmanDick DonovanDick DonovanDick Stigman 50543966
1962-07-29@ CLE103W  7-552-42226,377Jack KralickRuben GomezRay MooreBill Dailey 51244468
1962-07-31@ BAL104L  7-852-4328,929Jackie CollumJack FisherJack FisherJackie CollumHoyt Wilhelm51945267
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-08-01@ BAL105W  3-153-43211,425Jim KaatRobin RobertsJim KaatRobin Roberts 52245369
1962-08-02@ BAL106W  6-354-4328,256Dick StigmanDick HallFrank SullivanHoyt WilhelmRay Moore52845672
1962-08-03@ DET107W  7-454-43226,320Jack KralickJim BunningJack KralickJim Bunning 53546075
1962-08-04@ DET108W  4-354-43213,252Jackie CollumDon MossiLee StangeDon Mossi 53946376
1962-08-05@ DET109W  8-354-4320Jim KaatPaul FoytackJim KaatRon NischwitzFrank Sullivan54746681
1962-08-05@ DET110L  2-554-43226,355Jackie CollumHowie KoplitzHowie KoplitzJackie CollumJim Bunning54947178
1962-08-06@ NYA111W  5-455-43225,282Dick StigmanRollie SheldonDick StigmanRollie SheldonFrank Sullivan55447579
1962-08-07@ NYA112L  1-1455-44217,703Camilo PascualRalph TerryRalph TerryCamilo Pascual 55548966
1962-08-08@ KC1113L  3-455-4429,907Jack KralickDiego SeguiEd RakowBill Pleis 55849365
1962-08-09@ KC1114W  12-1055-4425,213Lee StangeDan PfisterFrank SullivanDanny McDevitt 57050367
1962-08-10@ LAA115L  0-155-45214,091Jim KaatDean ChanceDean ChanceJim Kaat 57050466
1962-08-11@ LAA116L  0-355-46219,671Camilo PascualBo BelinskyBo BelinskyCamilo Pascual 57050763
1962-08-12@ LAA117W  5-356-4629,383Dick StigmanDon LeeDick StigmanDon Lee 57551065
1962-08-13vs NYA118W  6-457-46244,366 Jack KralickJim BoutonRay MooreBud DaleyFrank Sullivan58151467
1962-08-14vs NYA119L  2-557-47241,207 Bill PleisWhitey FordWhitey FordBill Pleis 58351964
1962-08-15vs NYA120L  3-957-48241,536 Jim KaatRalph TerryRalph TerryJim Kaat 58652858
1962-08-16vs NYA121W  9-858-48241,588 Dick StigmanBill StaffordFrank SullivanMarshall Bridges 59553659
1962-08-17vs BOS122W  7-359-4920 Jack KralickIke DelockJack KralickIke Delock 60253963
1962-08-17vs BOS123L  4-959-49234,239 Georges MarandaEarl WilsonEarl WilsonGeorges MarandaDick Radatz60654858
1962-08-18vs BOS124L  4-1259-50221,078 Bill PleisGene ConleyGene ConleyBill PleisArnold Earley61056050
1962-08-19vs BOS125W  4-261-5020 Jim KaatBill MonbouquetteJim KaatBill Monbouquette 61456252
1962-08-19vs BOS126W  7-461-50220,469 Lee StangeHal KolstadLee StangeGalen CiscoRay Moore62156655
1962-08-20vs BOS127W  6-462-50212,853 Dick StigmanDon SchwallDick StigmanDon SchwallFrank Sullivan62757057
1962-08-21vs WS2128W  5-263-50219,590 Jack KralickDave StenhouseJack KralickDave StenhouseRay Moore63257260
1962-08-22vs WS2129W  8-864-50214,692 Lee StangeClaude Osteen 64058060
1962-08-23vs WS2130L  4-664-5220 Ruben GomezEd HobaughBennie DanielsRuben Gomez 64458658
1962-08-23vs WS2131L  0-664-52215,506 Jim KaatDon RudolphDon RudolphJim Kaat 64459252
1962-08-24vs KC1132L  1-1264-53221,900 Bill PleisOrlando PenaOrlando PenaBill Pleis 64560441
1962-08-25vs KC1133W  3-165-53216,790 Dick StigmanEd RakowDick StigmanEd Rakow 64860543
1962-08-26vs KC1134W  1-066-53223,224 Jack KralickBill FischerJack KralickBill Fischer 64960544
1962-08-28@ CHA135W  2-067-53227,939Jim KaatEarly WynnJim KaatEarly Wynn 65160546
1962-08-29@ CHA136W  5-368-53228,106Camilo PascualRay HerbertCamilo PascualRay HerbertBill Pleis65660848
1962-08-31@ BOS137L  5-768-54214,741Dick StigmanBill MonbouquetteDick RadatzDick Stigman 66161546
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-09-01@ BOS138L  4-568-5527,370Jack KralickEarl WilsonMike FornielesFrank Sullivan 66562045
1962-09-02@ BOS139W  5-269-5529,453Jim KaatGene ConleyJim KaatGene Conley 67062248
1962-09-03@ WS2140W  9-371-5520Camilo PascualBob BairdCamilo PascualBob BairdBill Pleis67962554
1962-09-03@ WS2141W  4-371-55219,406Ruben GomezBennie DanielsRuben GomezBennie Daniels 68362855
1962-09-05@ WS2142W  9-772-5620Dick StigmanDave StenhouseFrank SullivanSteve HamiltonBill Pleis69263557
1962-09-05@ WS2143L  0-372-5627,622Jack KralickClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJack Kralick 69263854
1962-09-07@ DET144W  6-472-56218,240Jim KaatPhil ReganJim KaatPhil Regan 69864256
1962-09-08@ DET145W  9-272-5629,324Camilo PascualDon MossiCamilo PascualDon Mossi 70764463
1962-09-09@ DET146L  9-1072-56210,137Jack KralickJim BunningTerry FoxBill PleisBob Humphreys71665462
1962-09-10vs LAA147L  0-572-57227,485 Dick StigmanDean ChanceDean ChanceDick Stigman 71665957
1962-09-11vs LAA148L  0-972-58218,461 Jim KaatEli GrbaEli GrbaJim KaatDon Lee71666848
1962-09-12vs CHA149L  1-272-59220,298 Camilo PascualEddie FisherEddie FisherCamilo PascualTurk Lown71767047
1962-09-13vs CHA150W  5-173-5925,864 Jack KralickJohn BuzhardtJack KralickJohn Buzhardt 72267151
1962-09-14vs CLE151W  11-174-59225,372 Dick StigmanDick DonovanDick StigmanDick Donovan 73367261
1962-09-15vs CLE152W  12-275-59223,172 Jim KaatBarry LatmanJim KaatBarry Latman 74567471
1962-09-16vs CLE153W  4-376-59227,461 Camilo PascualMudcat GrantCamilo PascualMudcat Grant 74967772
1962-09-18vs DET154L  1-276-6027,911 Jack KralickJim BunningJim BunningJack KralickTerry Fox75067971
1962-09-19vs DET155W  12-577-6026,570 Dick StigmanHank AguirreDick StigmanHank Aguirre 76268478
1962-09-20vs DET156L  1-577-6126,645 Jim KaatPhil ReganPhil ReganJim KaatTerry Fox76368974
1962-09-21@ BAL157L  2-377-6226,944Camilo PascualRobin RobertsRobin RobertsCamilo PascualDick Hall76569273
1962-09-22@ BAL158L  3-577-6324,071Jack KralickMilt PappasJohn MillerJack KralickDick Hall76869771
1962-09-23@ BAL159W  9-278-6323,744Dick StigmanChuck EstradaDick StigmanChuck EstradaJim Kaat77769978
1962-09-25@ CLE160L  1-578-6421,209Camilo PascualPedro RamosPedro RamosCamilo Pascual 77870474
1962-09-28vs BAL161W  11-579-6424,655 Jim KaatMilt PappasJim KaatMilt PappasJoe Bonikowski78970980
1962-09-29vs BAL162W  8-480-64210,696 Jack KralickChuck EstradaJack KralickChuck Estrada 79771384
1962-09-30vs BAL163W  1-081-64211,550 Camilo PascualJohn MillerCamilo PascualJohn Miller 79871385

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