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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  64-96   .400
Result:   8th in National League
Manager(s):  Harry Craft
General Manager:   Paul Richards
Attendance:  924,456
Playoffs:  -

Houston Colt 45s affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jim Pendleton (38)
Youngest Player:  Ernie Fazio (20)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Norm Larker (33)
Top Pitcher:  Turk Farrell (7)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  
National League Standings
SF Giants10362.624--
LA Dodgers10263.6181.0
St. Louis8478.51917.5
Chi Cubs59103.36442.5
NY Mets40120.25060.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-04-10vs CHN1W  11-2-25,271 Bobby ShantzDon CardwellBobby ShantzDon Cardwell 1129
1962-04-11vs CHN2W  2-0-20,336 Hal WoodeshickGlen HobbieHal WoodeshickGlen HobbieTurk Farrell13211
1962-04-12vs CHN3W  2-0-7,838 Dean StoneJack CurtisDean StoneJack Curtis 15213
1962-04-13@ PHI4L  2-3-12,633Turk FarrellJack HamiltonJack HamiltonTurk Farrell 17512
1962-04-14@ PHI5L  0-3-2,732Ken JohnsonArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyKen Johnson 1789
1962-04-17@ NYN6W  5-2-3,191Bobby ShantzJay HookJim GoldenHerb MofordBobby Tiefenauer221012
1962-04-18@ CHN7L  2-3-3,318Hal WoodeshickDick EllsworthDick EllsworthTurk Farrell 241311
1962-04-19@ CHN8W  6-0-3,835Dean StoneDon CardwellDean StoneDon Cardwell 301317
1962-04-21vs PHI9L  1-3-21,841 Ken JohnsonCal McLishCal McLishKen JohnsonJack Baldschun311615
1962-04-22vs PHI10L  3-4-13,130 Dave GiustiJim OwensJim OwensDave GiustiJack Baldschun342014
1962-04-24vs SLN11W  4-3-19,335 Hal WoodeshickLarry JacksonHal WoodeshickLarry Jackson 382315
1962-04-25vs SLN12W  5-5-17,265 Dean StoneRay Washburn 432815
1962-04-26vs SLN13L  2-3-15,129 Ken JohnsonBob GibsonBob GibsonKen Johnson 453114
1962-04-27vs MLN14L  1-2-16,160 Bobby ShantzBob ShawBob ShawBobby Shantz 463313
1962-04-28vs MLN15L  3-9-22,501 Dave GiustiCarl WilleyCecil ButlerDave Giusti 49427
1962-04-29vs MLN16W  3-2-21,050 Hal WoodeshickLew BurdetteTurk FarrellDon McMahon 52448
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-05-01@ SLN17L  4-6-4,924Dean StoneRay WashburnRay WashburnDean StoneEd Bauta56506
1962-05-02@ SLN18L  1-4-7,880Ken JohnsonBob GibsonBob GibsonKen Johnson 57543
1962-05-03@ SLN19L  0-4-6,436Dave GiustiCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsDave Giusti 5758-1
1962-05-04@ MLN20W  7-4-7,811Hal WoodeshickBob HendleyBob BruceBob HendleyTurk Farrell64622
1962-05-05@ MLN21L  5-6-4,920Dean StoneBob ShawJack CurtisHal Woodeshick 69681
1962-05-06@ MLN22L  2-3-0Jim GoldenWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJim Golden 71710
1962-05-06@ MLN23W  9-1-12,635Turk FarrellCarl WilleyTurk FarrellCarl Willey 80728
1962-05-07vs LAN24W  9-6-19,170 Dave GiustiJoe MoellerBobby TiefenauerPete Richert 897811
1962-05-08vs LAN25L  6-9-17,483 Ken JohnsonSandy KoufaxRon PerranoskiBobby TiefenauerEd Roebuck95878
1962-05-09vs LAN26L  2-9-12,684 Dean StoneJohnny PodresJohnny PodresDean Stone 97961
1962-05-10vs LAN27L  2-6-15,076 Bob BruceDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleBob Bruce 99102-3
1962-05-11vs SFN28W  7-0-19,003 Turk FarrellGaylord PerryTurk FarrellGaylord Perry 1061024
1962-05-12vs SFN29L  0-11-26,311 Hal WoodeshickJuan MarichalJuan MarichalHal Woodeshick 106113-7
1962-05-13vs SFN30L  2-7-19,879 Ken JohnsonJack SanfordJack SanfordKen Johnson 108120-12
1962-05-15@ LAN31L  7-10-18,675Bob BruceDon DrysdaleRon PerranoskiBobby Tiefenauer 115130-15
1962-05-16@ LAN32L  2-5-16,075Turk FarrellJoe MoellerJoe MoellerTurk FarrellEd Roebuck117135-18
1962-05-17@ LAN33L  4-5-17,639Jim GoldenSandy KoufaxEd RoebuckBobby Tiefenauer 121140-19
1962-05-18@ SFN34W  3-2-18,544Ken JohnsonJack SanfordKen JohnsonJack Sanford 124142-18
1962-05-19@ SFN35L  2-10-16,701Red WittMike McCormickMike McCormickRed WittDon Larsen126152-26
1962-05-20@ SFN36W  6-5-0Bob BruceJuan MarichalBob BruceJuan MarichalTurk Farrell132157-25
1962-05-20@ SFN37L  4-7-40,932Hal WoodeshickBilly PierceBilly PierceHal Woodeshick 136164-28
1962-05-21vs NYN38W  3-2-16,317 Jim GoldenDave HillmanJim GoldenVinegar Bend Mizell 139166-27
1962-05-22vs NYN39W  3-2-11,980 Turk FarrellJay HookTurk FarrellJay Hook 142168-26
1962-05-23vs CIN40W  2-0-9,266 Ken JohnsonBob PurkeyKen JohnsonBob Purkey 144168-24
1962-05-24vs CIN41L  0-5-8,570 Red WittJoey JayJoey JayRed Witt 144173-29
1962-05-25vs PIT42L  3-4-11,350 Bob BruceEarl FrancisRoy FaceBobby TiefenauerTom Sturdivant147177-30
1962-05-26vs PIT43W  2-0-13,909 Jim GoldenBob FriendJim GoldenBob Friend 149177-28
1962-05-27vs PIT44L  2-7-11,793 Ken JohnsonVern LawVern LawKen Johnson 151184-33
1962-05-28@ CIN45L  6-9-8,979Turk FarrellJoey JayJoey JayTurk Farrell 157193-36
1962-05-30@ CHN46W  8-6-17,842Dean StoneCal KoonceDave GiustiBarney Schultz 165199-34
1962-05-31@ CHN47W  10-6-3,722Bob BruceDick EllsworthDon McMahonDon Elston 175205-30
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-06-01@ PIT48L  4-8-14,961Jim GoldenJoe GibbonRoy FaceJim Golden 179213-34
1962-06-02@ PIT49L  2-9-11,703Turk FarrellVern LawVern LawTurk Farrell 181222-41
1962-06-03@ PIT50W  10-6-0Dave GiustiHarvey HaddixBobby TiefenauerTom SturdivantDon McMahon191228-37
1962-06-03@ PIT51W  10-3-24,282Ken JohnsonAl McBeanKen JohnsonAl McBean 201231-30
1962-06-05vs MLN52W  7-1-11,593 Bob BruceRon PicheBob BruceRon Piche 208232-24
1962-06-06vs MLN53L  3-6-11,569 Jim GoldenLew BurdetteLew BurdetteJim Golden 211238-27
1962-06-07vs MLN54W  3-2-14,818 Turk FarrellWarren SpahnDon McMahonWarren Spahn 214240-26
1962-06-08vs LAN55L  3-4-15,877 Ken JohnsonSandy KoufaxLarry SherryDon McMahon 217244-27
1962-06-09vs LAN56W  13-1-11,908 Bob BruceStan WilliamsBob BruceStan Williams 230245-15
1962-06-10vs LAN57L  3-9-0 Jim GoldenDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJim Golden 233254-21
1962-06-10vs LAN58L  7-9-30,027 Hal WoodeshickJoe MoellerJoe MoellerHal WoodeshickRon Perranoski240263-23
1962-06-11vs NYN59L  1-3-8,920 Turk FarrellAl JacksonAl JacksonTurk Farrell 241266-25
1962-06-12vs NYN60W  3-2-7,344 Ken JohnsonRobert Lane MillerKen JohnsonCraig Anderson 244268-24
1962-06-14vs NYN61W  10-2-10,761 Bob BruceJay HookBob BruceJay Hook 254270-16
1962-06-15@ LAN62W  2-0-22,709Jim GoldenDon DrysdaleJim GoldenDon Drysdale 256270-14
1962-06-16@ LAN63W  4-1-51,530Turk FarrellJohnny PodresTurk FarrellJohnny Podres 260271-11
1962-06-17@ LAN64L  2-6-47,397Ken JohnsonJoe MoellerEd RoebuckKen JohnsonLarry Sherry262277-15
1962-06-19@ SFN65W  6-4-18,749Hal WoodeshickBilly O'DellDave GiustiBilly O'DellTurk Farrell268281-13
1962-06-20@ SFN66W  9-5-10,430Bob BruceJuan MarichalDean StoneStu MillerDon McMahon277286-9
1962-06-22@ NYN67L  0-2-0Turk FarrellAl JacksonAl JacksonTurk Farrell 277288-11
1962-06-22@ NYN68W  16-3-11,484Jim GoldenRobert Lane MillerJim GoldenRobert Lane Miller 2932912
1962-06-23@ NYN69L  2-13-6,425Ken JohnsonJay HookJay HookKen Johnson 295304-9
1962-06-25@ PHI70L  3-4-8,087Hal WoodeshickCal McLishDallas GreenHal Woodeshick 298308-10
1962-06-26@ PHI71L  0-2-0Turk FarrellJack HamiltonJack HamiltonTurk Farrell 298310-12
1962-06-26@ PHI72L  4-6-18,707Jim GoldenArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyJim Golden 302316-14
1962-06-29vs CIN73L  0-4-7,612 Ken JohnsonJim O'TooleJim O'TooleKen Johnson 302320-18
1962-06-30vs CIN74W  7-3-9,758 Bob BruceJim MaloneyBob BruceJim Maloney 309323-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-07-01vs CIN75L  1-6-6,666 Jim GoldenJoey JayJoey JayJim Golden 310329-19
1962-07-02vs PIT76L  2-4-11,760 Hal WoodeshickBob FriendBob FriendHal WoodeshickRoy Face312333-21
1962-07-03vs PIT77L  2-5-10,729 Ken JohnsonHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixKen JohnsonRoy Face314338-24
1962-07-04vs PIT78L  0-7-0 Bob BruceVern LawVern LawBob Bruce 314345-31
1962-07-04vs PIT79L  3-4-20,005 Jim GoldenEarl FrancisEarl FrancisJim GoldenRoy Face317349-32
1962-07-06@ CIN80W  2-0-15,871Hal WoodeshickJoey JayHal WoodeshickJoey Jay 319349-30
1962-07-07@ CIN81L  1-10-6,936Ken JohnsonBob PurkeyBob PurkeyKen Johnson 320359-39
1962-07-08@ CIN82L  8-12-0Bob BruceJim O'TooleJim MaloneyTurk Farrell 328371-43
1962-07-08@ CIN83L  11-12-18,332Jim GoldenTed WillsJim O'TooleTurk Farrell 339383-44
1962-07-11@ PHI84L  1-6-3,441Hal WoodeshickArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyHal Woodeshick 340389-49
1962-07-12@ PIT85L  4-6-14,784Jim GoldenAl McBeanAl McBeanJim Golden 344395-51
1962-07-13@ PIT86L  0-4-15,376Turk FarrellBob FriendBob FriendTurk Farrell 344399-55
1962-07-14@ PIT87L  2-4-7,343Bob BruceVern LawVern LawBob Bruce 346403-57
1962-07-15vs CHN88W  5-4-0 Hal WoodeshickBob BuhlHal WoodeshickBob BuhlDon McMahon351407-56
1962-07-15vs CHN89L  1-4-6,907 Ken JohnsonDick EllsworthDick EllsworthKen Johnson 352411-59
1962-07-17vs PHI90L  0-3-0 Russ KemmererJack HamiltonJack HamiltonRuss KemmererJack Baldschun352414-62
1962-07-17vs PHI91L  2-8-8,115 Turk FarrellCal McLishCal McLishTurk FarrellDennis Bennett354422-68
1962-07-18vs PHI92L  2-6-5,140 Bob BruceDallas GreenDallas GreenBob Bruce 356428-72
1962-07-19vs PHI93L  2-6-5,017 Hal WoodeshickPaul BrownChris ShortHal WoodeshickJack Baldschun358434-76
1962-07-20vs SLN94W  4-3-15,422 Turk FarrellRay WashburnTurk FarrellLindy McDaniel 362437-75
1962-07-21vs SLN95L  0-7-0 Russ KemmererLarry JacksonLarry JacksonRuss Kemmerer 362444-82
1962-07-21vs SLN96W  7-3-17,742 Ken JohnsonCurt SimmonsKen JohnsonCurt SimmonsJim Golden369447-78
1962-07-22vs SLN97L  1-3-8,685 Bob BruceBob GibsonBob GibsonBob BruceLindy McDaniel370450-80
1962-07-23vs SFN98L  1-5-12,096 Hal WoodeshickBobby BolinBobby BolinHal Woodeshick 371455-84
1962-07-24vs SFN99L  1-3-11,289 Turk FarrellJack SanfordJack SanfordTurk FarrellDon Larsen372458-86
1962-07-25vs SFN100L  2-3-12,344 Jim GoldenBilly O'DellBilly O'DellJim GoldenStu Miller374461-87
1962-07-27@ CHN101L  1-5-6,111Hal WoodeshickDick EllsworthDick EllsworthHal Woodeshick 375466-91
1962-07-29@ CHN102L  2-4-0Bob BruceCal KoonceCal KoonceJim GoldenDon Cardwell377470-93
1962-07-29@ CHN103W  3-1-10,334Ken JohnsonGlen HobbieTurk FarrellGlen Hobbie 380471-91
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-08-01@ MLN104L  0-3-10,829Hal WoodeshickBob ShawBob ShawHal Woodeshick 380474-94
1962-08-02@ MLN105W  3-0-8,338Turk FarrellLew BurdetteTurk FarrellLew Burdette 383474-91
1962-08-03@ SLN106W  8-3-11,853Ken JohnsonBob GibsonKen JohnsonBob GibsonDon McMahon391477-86
1962-08-04@ SLN107L  0-2-9,390Bob BruceRay WashburnRay WashburnBob Bruce 391479-88
1962-08-05@ SLN108W  7-4-0George BrunetLarry JacksonRuss KemmererLindy McDanielDon McMahon398483-85
1962-08-05@ SLN109L  4-7-14,954Hal WoodeshickPaul TothPaul TothHal Woodeshick 402490-88
1962-08-06vs CIN110L  0-1-8,507 Turk FarrellBob PurkeyJohnny KlippsteinDon McMahon 402491-89
1962-08-07vs CIN111L  0-3-6,523 Ken JohnsonJoey JayJoey JayKen Johnson 402494-92
1962-08-08vs CIN112L  0-4-7,350 Bob BruceJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallBob BruceJim Brosnan402498-96
1962-08-09vs CIN113L  3-7-5,196 Hal WoodeshickJim O'TooleJim O'TooleHal Woodeshick 405505-100
1962-08-10vs MLN114L  6-7-7,047 George BrunetWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGeorge BrunetClaude Raymond411512-101
1962-08-11vs MLN115L  1-3-14,630 Turk FarrellBob ShawBob ShawTurk FarrellClaude Raymond412515-103
1962-08-12vs MLN116W  8-5-4,902 Bob BruceLew BurdetteBob BruceLew BurdetteRuss Kemmerer420520-100
1962-08-14vs SLN117W  4-3-9,604 Ken JohnsonBob GibsonDon McMahonBob Gibson 424523-99
1962-08-15vs SLN118W  3-1-8,843 Hal WoodeshickRay WashburnHal WoodeshickRay WashburnRuss Kemmerer427524-97
1962-08-16vs SLN119L  1-3-9,159 Turk FarrellLarry JacksonLarry JacksonTurk Farrell 428527-99
1962-08-17vs CHN120W  3-2-6,539 Bob BruceDick EllsworthRuss KemmererBob Anderson 431529-98
1962-08-18vs CHN121W  2-1-0 George BrunetCal KoonceGeorge BrunetCal Koonce 433530-97
1962-08-18vs CHN122L  5-6-12,243 Ken JohnsonGlen HobbieDon ElstonDon McMahonDon Cardwell438536-98
1962-08-19vs CHN123L  3-4-4,543 Hal WoodeshickBob BuhlBob BuhlHal WoodeshickBob Anderson441540-99
1962-08-20@ PHI124L  1-7-14,601Turk FarrellDallas GreenDallas GreenTurk Farrell 442547-105
1962-08-21@ PHI125L  3-5-0Bob BruceArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyBob Bruce 445552-107
1962-08-21@ PHI126L  4-7-5,489Jim GoldenJack HamiltonJack HamiltonJim Golden 449559-110
1962-08-22@ PIT127L  0-3-10,553George BrunetTom SturdivantTom SturdivantGeorge Brunet 449562-113
1962-08-23@ PIT128L  0-4-10,742Ken JohnsonVern LawVern LawKen Johnson 449566-117
1962-08-24@ CIN129L  2-4-18,879Hal WoodeshickBob PurkeyBob PurkeyHal Woodeshick 451570-119
1962-08-25@ CIN130L  6-7-12,680Turk FarrellJoey JayJoey JayTurk FarrellJim Brosnan457577-120
1962-08-26@ CIN131W  2-1-0George BrunetJim MaloneyGeorge BrunetJim Maloney 459578-119
1962-08-26@ CIN132W  6-4-25,808Hal WoodeshickJim O'TooleDon McMahonTed WillsJim Umbricht465582-117
1962-08-28@ SLN133W  4-2-9,510Bob BruceErnie BroglioBob BruceErnie BroglioDon McMahon469584-115
1962-08-29@ SLN134W  3-2-8,295Turk FarrellBob GibsonTurk FarrellBob Gibson 472586-114
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-09-01@ CHN135L  3-4-9,887George BrunetDick EllsworthDick EllsworthDon McMahonBarney Schultz475590-115
1962-09-02@ CHN136W  3-1-13,088Ken JohnsonBob BuhlDon McMahonBob Buhl 478591-113
1962-09-03vs PHI137L  2-3-0 Turk FarrellArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyTurk Farrell 480594-114
1962-09-03vs PHI138L  3-5-17,302 Hal WoodeshickJack HamiltonJack HamiltonHal WoodeshickDennis Bennett483599-116
1962-09-04vs PHI139W  4-1-4,537 Bob BruceCal McLishBob BruceCal McLish 487600-113
1962-09-05vs PIT140W  5-3-4,593 George BrunetVern LawJim UmbrichtVern LawDon McMahon492603-111
1962-09-06vs PIT141W  4-3-5,196 Ken JohnsonTom SturdivantRuss KemmererRoy Face 496606-110
1962-09-07vs NYN142W  4-2-6,208 Hal WoodeshickAl JacksonJim GoldenAl JacksonDon McMahon500608-108
1962-09-08vs NYN143W  4-3-1,638 George BrunetJay HookRuss KemmererCraig Anderson 504611-107
1962-09-08vs NYN144W  6-5-6,568 Turk FarrellRoger CraigJim UmbrichtRoger Craig 510616-106
1962-09-09vs NYN145W  7-7-3,630 Bob BruceCraig Anderson 517623-106
1962-09-12vs LAN146L  0-1-28,669 Ken JohnsonPete RichertEd RoebuckKen JohnsonRon Perranoski517624-107
1962-09-14@ MLN147L  1-3-5,505Turk FarrellBob HendleyBob HendleyTurk Farrell 518627-109
1962-09-15@ MLN148L  8-9-6,872George BrunetBob ShawDon NottebartRuss Kemmerer 526636-110
1962-09-16@ MLN149L  4-5-5,477Bob BruceTony CloningerLew BurdetteDon McMahon 530641-111
1962-09-18@ NYN150W  6-2-0Ken JohnsonAl JacksonKen JohnsonAl Jackson 536643-107
1962-09-18@ NYN151W  8-6-3,670Dick DrottLarry FossDick DrottLarry FossJim Umbricht544649-105
1962-09-20@ NYN152W  7-2-0Jim GoldenJay HookJim GoldenJay HookRuss Kemmerer551651-100
1962-09-20@ NYN153W  5-4-1,481Turk FarrellRoger CraigRuss KemmererRay Daviault 556655-99
1962-09-21vs SFN154L  5-11-12,180 George BrunetGaylord PerryGaylord PerryGeorge BrunetStu Miller561666-105
1962-09-22vs SFN155W  6-5-17,125 Ken JohnsonJuan MarichalJim UmbrichtStu Miller 567671-104
1962-09-23vs SFN156L  3-10-9,623 Bob BruceBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBob Bruce 570681-111
1962-09-25@ LAN157W  3-2-25,036Turk FarrellDon DrysdaleTurk FarrellEd Roebuck 573683-110
1962-09-26@ LAN158L  1-13-25,813George BrunetJohnny PodresJohnny PodresGeorge BrunetLarry Sherry574696-122
1962-09-27@ LAN159W  8-6-29,855Jim GoldenSandy KoufaxJim UmbrichtRon Perranoski 582702-120
1962-09-29@ SFN160L  5-11-0Ken JohnsonJack SanfordJack SanfordKen JohnsonStu Miller587713-126
1962-09-29@ SFN161W  4-2-26,268Bob BruceJuan MarichalBob BruceJuan Marichal 591715-124
1962-09-30@ SFN162L  1-2-41,327Turk FarrellBilly O'DellStu MillerTurk Farrell 592717-125

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