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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  86-76   .531
Result:   4th in American League
Manager(s):  Al Lopez
General Manager:   Hank Greenberg, Bill Veeck
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  1,146,019
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Early Wynn (41)
Youngest Player:  Mike Degerick (18)
Longest Tenure:  Billy Pierce (13)
Top Hitter:  Roy Sievers (15)
Top Pitcher:  Juan Pizarro (8)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  80.91%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10953.673--
Chi White Sox8676.53123.0
LA Angels7091.43538.5
KC Athletics61100.37947.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-04-10@ WS21W  4-31-0126,725Early WynnDick DonovanFrank BaumannDick Donovan 431
1961-04-14@ DET2L  0-71-164,288Frank BaumannFrank LaryFrank LaryFrank Baumann 410-6
1961-04-15@ DET3L  2-61-285,371Cal McLishDon MossiDon MossiCal McLishTerry Fox616-10
1961-04-19vs WS24L  2-71-3816,637 Billy PierceEd HobaughMarty KutynaBilly Pierce 823-15
1961-04-20vs WS25W  6-12-362,186 Early WynnHal WoodeshickEarly WynnHal Woodeshick 1424-10
1961-04-21vs BOS6W  3-23-3515,560 Cal McLishBill MonbouquetteCal McLishBill Monbouquette 1726-9
1961-04-22vs BOS7L  6-73-465,480 Frank BaumannIke DelockTed WillsTurk Lown 2333-10
1961-04-23vs BOS8L  3-44-570 Billy PierceTom BrewerTom BrewerBilly PierceMike Fornieles2637-11
1961-04-23vs BOS9W  7-14-5716,953 Bob ShawBilly MuffettBob ShawBilly Muffett 3338-5
1961-04-27@ KC110W  9-15-566,443Early WynnBud DaleyEarly WynnBud Daley 42393
1961-04-28@ KC111W  4-26-556,675Cal McLishRay HerbertCal McLishRay HerbertFrank Baumann46415
1961-04-29@ KC112L  9-136-667,768Billy PierceJerry WalkerDave WickershamGerry Staley 55541
1961-04-30@ MIN13W  5-37-6429,467Bob ShawJack KralickBob ShawJack Kralick 60573
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-05-01@ MIN14L  5-67-765,777Frank BaumannChuck StobbsRay MooreTurk Lown 65632
1961-05-02@ CLE15L  2-37-864,255Early WynnMudcat GrantFrank FunkRuss Kemmerer 67661
1961-05-03@ CLE16L  3-47-973,879Cal McLishJim PerryFrank FunkGerry Staley 70700
1961-05-05vs DET17L  4-87-10714,602 Bob ShawPaul FoytackPaul FoytackBob ShawHank Aguirre7478-4
1961-05-06vs DET18L  8-117-1185,710 Billy PierceJim BunningHank AguirreGerry StaleyTerry Fox8289-7
1961-05-07vs DET19L  6-87-1390 Early WynnFrank LaryJoe GrzendaEarly WynnHank Aguirre8897-9
1961-05-07vs DET20L  3-57-13921,567 Cal McLishPhil ReganPhil ReganCal McLish 91102-11
1961-05-09vs CLE21W  4-28-13820,311 Herb ScoreJim PerryHerb ScoreJim Perry 95104-9
1961-05-10vs CLE22L  2-88-14813,003 Bob ShawGary BellGary BellFrank Baumann 97112-15
1961-05-12vs KC123W  2-19-14815,735 Early WynnNorm BassEarly WynnNorm Bass 99113-14
1961-05-13vs KC124W  10-110-1476,836 Billy PierceJerry WalkerBilly PierceJerry WalkerFrank Baumann109114-5
1961-05-14vs KC125W  6-111-1580 Bob ShawRay HerbertBob ShawRay Herbert 1151150
1961-05-14vs KC126L  3-511-15815,540 Herb ScoreJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallHerb ScoreJim Archer118120-2
1961-05-15vs MIN27L  0-511-1689,123 Cal McLishCamilo PascualCamilo PascualCal McLish 118125-7
1961-05-16vs MIN28W  5-412-16811,039 Early WynnPedro RamosEarly WynnPedro Ramos 123129-6
1961-05-18@ LAA29W  6-413-1683,740Billy PierceRon KlineFrank BaumannRyne Duren 129133-4
1961-05-19@ LAA30L  3-413-1880Herb ScoreJerry CasaleJerry CasaleRuss KemmererRyne Duren132137-5
1961-05-19@ LAA31L  3-513-1889,574Bob ShawKen McBrideKen McBrideBob ShawRyne Duren135142-7
1961-05-21@ BOS32W  6-514-1980Early WynnIke DelockTurk LownDave HillmanBilly Pierce141147-6
1961-05-21@ BOS33L  1-414-19821,895Cal McLishDon SchwallDon SchwallCal McLishGene Conley142151-9
1961-05-22@ BOS34L  1-414-2097,487Frank BaumannBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteFrank Baumann 143155-12
1961-05-23@ BAL35L  1-314-21917,945Billy PierceBilly HoeftBilly HoeftBilly PierceHoyt Wilhelm144158-14
1961-05-24@ BAL36L  1-214-2390Bob ShawHal BrownHal BrownBob Shaw 145160-15
1961-05-24@ BAL37L  3-514-23914,059Russ KemmererDick HallWes StockFrank Baumann 148165-17
1961-05-25@ BAL38L  4-614-2498,856Herb ScoreSteve BarberSteve BarberHerb ScoreHoyt Wilhelm152171-19
1961-05-28@ NYA39W  14-915-2590Early WynnBob TurleyTurk LownLuis ArroyoBilly Pierce166180-14
1961-05-28@ NYA40L  3-515-25944,435Cal McLishArt DitmarJim CoatesCal McLish 169185-16
1961-05-30vs BAL41L  0-615-2790 Bob ShawSteve BarberSteve BarberBob Shaw 169191-22
1961-05-30vs BAL42L  1-215-27928,550 Billy PierceHal BrownHal BrownBilly PierceHoyt Wilhelm170193-23
1961-05-31vs BAL43W  9-416-27911,447 Frank BaumannChuck EstradaFrank BaumannChuck Estrada 179197-18
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-06-02vs NYA44L  2-616-28938,410 Cal McLishWhitey FordWhitey FordCal McLish 181203-22
1961-06-03vs NYA45W  6-517-28916,480 Bob ShawRalph TerryWarren HackerArt Ditmar 187208-21
1961-06-04vs NYA46L  1-1017-29928,362 Billy PierceBill StaffordBill StaffordBilly Pierce 188218-30
1961-06-05vs DET47W  8-018-29917,166 Frank BaumannPhil ReganFrank BaumannPhil Regan 196218-22
1961-06-06vs DET48W  7-119-29818,402 Early WynnJim BunningTurk LownJim Bunning 203219-16
1961-06-09@ WS249L  0-119-3190Cal McLishDick DonovanDick DonovanWarren Hacker 203220-17
1961-06-09@ WS250L  9-1019-3199,885Bob ShawBennie DanielsJohnny KlippsteinFrank Baumann 212230-18
1961-06-10@ WS251L  3-419-3296,473Juan PizarroEd HobaughMarty KutynaRuss Kemmerer 215234-19
1961-06-11@ BAL52L  2-820-3390Frank BaumannChuck EstradaChuck EstradaFrank Baumann 217242-25
1961-06-11@ BAL53W  7-120-33919,096Billy PierceSteve BarberBilly PierceSteve Barber 224243-19
1961-06-12@ BAL54W  9-821-33812,295Russ KemmererBilly HoeftDon LarsenDick HydeTurk Lown233251-18
1961-06-13vs LAA55W  2-123-3380 Cal McLishRyne DurenCal McLishRyne Duren 235252-17
1961-06-13vs LAA56W  10-223-33816,440 Juan PizarroRon KlineJuan PizarroRon KlineWarren Hacker245254-9
1961-06-14vs LAA57W  4-125-3380 Ray HerbertJohnny JamesRay HerbertJohnny James 249255-6
1961-06-14vs LAA58W  9-825-33814,952 Frank BaumannRon MoellerFrank BaumannRon MoellerDon Larsen258263-5
1961-06-15vs LAA59W  3-226-3374,076 Billy PierceEli GrbaBilly PierceEli GrbaWarren Hacker261265-4
1961-06-16vs MIN60L  1-626-34822,925 Don LarsenDanny McDevittPedro RamosDon Larsen 262271-9
1961-06-17vs MIN61W  5-127-3479,022 Juan PizarroJim KaatJuan PizarroJim KaatWarren Hacker267272-5
1961-06-18vs MIN62W  4-329-3470 Cal McLishBert CuetoTurk LownPedro Ramos 271275-4
1961-06-18vs MIN63W  10-729-34722,644 Ray HerbertCamilo PascualRay HerbertCamilo PascualFrank Baumann281282-1
1961-06-20vs CLE64W  5-330-34624,315 Billy PierceMudcat GrantTurk LownMudcat Grant 2862851
1961-06-21vs CLE65W  15-332-3460 Frank BaumannGary BellDon LarsenGary Bell 30128813
1961-06-21vs CLE66W  11-132-34637,558 Juan PizarroWynn HawkinsJuan PizarroWynn Hawkins 31228923
1961-06-23vs WS267W  4-333-34619,730 Ray HerbertJoe McClainRay HerbertJoe McClainWarren Hacker31629224
1961-06-24vs WS268W  12-634-3469,541 Cal McLishCarl MathiasCal McLishCarl MathiasRuss Kemmerer32829830
1961-06-25vs WS269W  7-336-3460 Billy PierceDick DonovanBilly PierceDick Donovan 33530134
1961-06-25vs WS270W  6-336-34629,584 Early WynnJohnny KlippsteinEarly WynnJohnny KlippsteinTurk Lown34130437
1961-06-27@ DET71W  6-538-3450Frank BaumannJerry CasaleWarren HackerPaul FoytackTurk Lown34730938
1961-06-27@ DET72W  11-138-34557,271Juan PizarroPhil ReganJuan PizarroPhil Regan 35831048
1961-06-28@ DET73L  5-1238-35519,713Ray HerbertDon MossiDon MossiRay Herbert 36332241
1961-06-29@ DET74L  2-538-36614,379Cal McLishFrank LaryFrank LaryCal McLish 36532738
1961-06-30@ LAA75L  3-1038-37610,793Billy PierceKen McBrideKen McBrideBilly Pierce 36833731
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-07-01@ LAA76W  6-439-37510,166Early WynnEli GrbaEarly WynnEli GrbaTurk Lown37434133
1961-07-02@ LAA77L  3-839-3858,031Juan PizarroJohnny JamesJim DonohueJuan PizarroArt Fowler37734928
1961-07-03@ MIN78L  6-739-39530,392Ray HerbertCamilo PascualCamilo PascualTurk LownPedro Ramos38335627
1961-07-04@ MIN79L  4-639-4150Billy PierceBert CuetoChuck StobbsFrank Baumann 38736225
1961-07-04@ MIN80L  2-439-41523,592Cal McLishJack KralickJack KralickCal McLish 38936623
1961-07-05@ KC181L  3-839-4268,059Juan PizarroBob ShawBob ShawJuan Pizarro 39237418
1961-07-06@ KC182W  4-340-4254,247Early WynnJerry WalkerEarly WynnJerry WalkerTurk Lown39637719
1961-07-07@ CLE83L  0-940-43516,477Ray HerbertBarry LatmanBarry LatmanRay Herbert 39638610
1961-07-08@ CLE84L  2-340-4456,717Juan PizarroMudcat GrantMudcat GrantJuan PizarroFrank Funk3983899
1961-07-09@ CLE85W  7-542-4450Billy PierceWynn HawkinsRay HerbertFrank Funk 40539411
1961-07-09@ CLE86W  9-842-44518,950Cal McLishJim PerryCal McLishJim PerryTurk Lown41440212
1961-07-13vs NYA87L  2-642-45543,960 Early WynnBill StaffordBill StaffordEarly WynnLuis Arroyo4164088
1961-07-14vs NYA88W  6-143-45543,450 Juan PizarroRollie SheldonJuan PizarroRollie Sheldon 42240913
1961-07-15vs NYA89L  8-943-46537,730 Ray HerbertRalph TerryLuis ArroyoWarren Hacker 43041812
1961-07-16vs BOS90W  4-344-4750 Billy PierceTracy StallardFrank BaumannArnold Earley 43442113
1961-07-16vs BOS91L  3-544-47520,740 Cal McLishIke DelockDave HillmanCal McLish 43742611
1961-07-17vs BOS92W  4-145-47515,995 Early WynnGalen CiscoEarly WynnGalen Cisco 44142714
1961-07-18vs KC193W  4-346-47513,977 Juan PizarroEd RakowJuan PizarroJerry Walker 44543015
1961-07-19vs KC194W  6-547-47513,470 Ray HerbertBob ShawFrank BaumannBob Shaw 45143516
1961-07-22vs BAL95W  7-449-47510,946 Early WynnDick HallTurk LownHoyt Wilhelm 45843919
1961-07-22vs BAL96W  11-449-47520,156 Billy PierceMilt PappasBilly PierceMilt PappasWarren Hacker46944326
1961-07-23vs BAL97W  5-250-47513,620 Cal McLishChuck EstradaCal McLishJack FisherTurk Lown47444529
1961-07-25@ NYA98L  1-550-4950Frank BaumannWhitey FordWhitey FordFrank BaumannLuis Arroyo47545025
1961-07-25@ NYA99L  0-1250-49546,240Juan PizarroBill StaffordBill StaffordJuan Pizarro 47546213
1961-07-26@ NYA100L  2-550-50522,366Ray HerbertRollie SheldonRollie SheldonRay Herbert 47746710
1961-07-27@ NYA101L  3-450-51520,529Billy PierceRalph TerryRalph TerryBilly PierceLuis Arroyo4804719
1961-07-28@ BOS102L  3-850-52515,311Cal McLishDon SchwallDon SchwallCal McLish 4834794
1961-07-30@ BOS103W  4-251-5350Frank BaumannBill MonbouquetteFrank BaumannBill Monbouquette 4874816
1961-07-30@ BOS104L  8-951-53520,996Juan PizarroGene ConleyChet NicholsTurk Lown 4954905
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-08-02@ CLE105L  2-352-5450Ray HerbertMudcat GrantMudcat GrantRay Herbert 4974934
1961-08-02@ CLE106W  8-452-54515,079Cal McLishJim PerryCal McLishJim PerryBilly Pierce5054978
1961-08-03@ CLE107W  8-653-5457,237Frank BaumannWynn HawkinsRuss KemmererBobby LockeDon Larsen51350310
1961-08-05vs WS2108W  8-354-5456,394 Juan PizarroJohn GablerJuan PizarroJohnny Klippstein 52150615
1961-08-06vs WS2109W  5-456-5450 Ray HerbertMarty KutynaWarren HackerEd Hobaugh 52651016
1961-08-06vs WS2110W  3-256-54517,108 Billy PierceJoe McClainBilly PierceJoe McClain 52951217
1961-08-08vs DET111L  0-356-55532,518 Frank BaumannJim BunningJim BunningFrank Baumann 52951514
1961-08-09vs DET112L  2-856-56527,374 Cal McLishFrank LaryFrank LaryCal McLish 5315238
1961-08-10vs DET113L  2-356-57510,149 Juan PizarroDon MossiDon MossiJuan Pizarro 5335267
1961-08-11vs KC1114W  1-057-57520,941 Billy PierceJim ArcherBilly PierceJim Archer 5345268
1961-08-12vs KC1115W  2-158-5757,658 Ray HerbertBob ShawRay HerbertBob Shaw 5365279
1961-08-13vs KC1116W  9-359-57512,679 Frank BaumannNorm BassFrank BaumannNorm Bass 54553015
1961-08-15@ NYA117W  2-160-57449,059Juan PizarroWhitey FordJuan PizarroWhitey Ford 54753116
1961-08-16@ NYA118L  4-560-58529,728Billy PierceRollie SheldonRalph TerryTurk Lown 55153615
1961-08-17@ NYA119L  3-560-59525,532Frank BaumannBill StaffordBill StaffordFrank BaumannLuis Arroyo55454113
1961-08-18@ KC1120L  1-360-6059,581Ray HerbertBob ShawBob ShawRay HerbertEd Rakow55554411
1961-08-19@ KC1121W  5-361-6056,151Cal McLishJerry WalkerCal McLishJerry WalkerTurk Lown56054713
1961-08-20@ KC1122W  5-363-6040Billy PierceJim ArcherRuss KemmererJim ArcherWarren Hacker56555015
1961-08-20@ KC1123W  7-063-60410,741Juan PizarroArt DitmarJuan PizarroArt Ditmar 57255022
1961-08-22vs MIN124W  4-364-60414,181 Frank BaumannPedro RamosDon LarsenPedro Ramos 57655323
1961-08-23vs MIN125L  0-464-61417,761 Cal McLishCamilo PascualCamilo PascualCal McLish 57655719
1961-08-24vs MIN126L  0-364-6246,703 Ray HerbertJim KaatJim KaatRay Herbert 57656016
1961-08-25vs CLE127W  3-265-62432,211 Juan PizarroGary BellJuan PizarroGary Bell 57956217
1961-08-26vs CLE128W  10-566-62412,579 Frank BaumannWynn HawkinsDon LarsenWynn Hawkins 58956722
1961-08-27vs CLE129W  10-668-6240 Billy PierceMudcat GrantTurk LownMudcat Grant 59957326
1961-08-27vs CLE130W  9-368-62430,270 Cal McLishBarry LatmanCal McLishBarry LatmanJuan Pizarro60857632
1961-08-29@ DET131W  4-369-62447,830Ray HerbertFrank LaryRay HerbertFrank LaryTurk Lown61257933
1961-08-30@ DET132W  7-470-62437,490Juan PizarroJim BunningJuan PizarroJim Bunning 61958336
1961-08-31@ DET133L  2-870-63425,504Frank BaumannPaul FoytackPaul FoytackFrank Baumann 62159130
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-09-01@ WS2134W  3-271-6440Cal McLishEd HobaughCal McLishEd HobaughJuan Pizarro62459331
1961-09-01@ WS2135L  1-571-6444,803Billy PierceJoe McClainJoe McClainBilly Pierce 62559827
1961-09-02@ WS2136W  12-772-6442,889Don LarsenTom CheneyDon LarsenTom CheneyRuss Kemmerer63760532
1961-09-03@ WS2137W  5-474-6440Ray HerbertMarty KutynaBilly PierceMarty KutynaCal McLish64260933
1961-09-03@ WS2138W  4-174-6446,984Juan PizarroJohn GablerJuan PizarroJohn Gabler 64661036
1961-09-04@ MIN139L  5-975-65420,036Frank BaumannAl SchrollAl SchrollFrank BaumannRay Moore65161932
1961-09-04@ MIN140W  9-575-65412,540Cal McLishJim KaatJoe HorlenJim KaatTurk Lown66062436
1961-09-05@ MIN141L  3-375-66411,099Billy PierceJack Kralick 66362736
1961-09-06@ MIN142W  6-377-6640Juan PizarroPedro RamosJuan PizarroPedro Ramos 66963039
1961-09-06@ MIN143W  4-277-66417,898Don LarsenCamilo PascualDon LarsenCamilo PascualTurk Lown67363241
1961-09-08@ LAA144W  5-378-6643,849Ray HerbertKen McBrideBilly PierceJim Donohue 67863543
1961-09-09@ LAA145L  2-678-6745,157Joe HorlenEli GrbaEli GrbaJoe Horlen 68064139
1961-09-10@ LAA146L  3-478-6843,689Juan PizarroJack SpringJack SpringJuan PizarroTom Morgan68364538
1961-09-12vs NYA147L  3-478-69436,166 Billy PierceRalph TerryRalph TerryBilly Pierce 68664937
1961-09-14vs NYA148W  8-380-6940 Ray HerbertRollie SheldonRay HerbertRollie SheldonWarren Hacker69465242
1961-09-14vs NYA149W  4-380-69418,120 Juan PizarroJim CoatesRuss KemmererLuis Arroyo 69865543
1961-09-15vs LAA150L  5-980-70410,017 Joe HorlenEli GrbaEli GrbaJoe HorlenTom Morgan70366439
1961-09-16vs LAA151L  4-1180-7144,646 Cal McLishJack SpringJack SpringCal McLishJim Donohue70767532
1961-09-17vs LAA152W  8-182-7140 Frank BaumannDean ChanceFrank BaumannDean Chance 71567639
1961-09-17vs LAA153W  4-382-71413,098 Billy PierceRon MoellerDon LarsenEli Grba 71967940
1961-09-19vs BOS154W  5-183-7149,321 Juan PizarroTracy StallardJuan PizarroTracy Stallard 72468044
1961-09-20vs BOS155W  3-184-7148,610 Ray HerbertGene ConleyRay HerbertGene Conley 72768146
1961-09-22vs BAL156L  6-884-72412,276 Frank BaumannChuck EstradaChuck EstradaFrank BaumannMilt Pappas73368944
1961-09-24vs BAL157W  8-785-7340 Joe HorlenSteve BarberBilly PierceSteve BarberWarren Hacker74169645
1961-09-24vs BAL158L  3-585-7347,320 Juan PizarroBilly HoeftBilly HoeftJuan PizarroHoyt Wilhelm74470143
1961-09-26@ BOS159W  7-586-7440Ray HerbertGene ConleyRay HerbertGene ConleyGary Peters75170645
1961-09-26@ BOS160L  5-786-7442,979Frank BaumannIke DelockBilly MuffettAlan Brice 75671343
1961-09-27@ BOS161L  4-686-7542,412Joe HorlenTom BrewerGalen CiscoJoe HorlenMike Fornieles76071941
1961-09-29@ BAL162L  2-386-76416,061Juan PizarroChuck EstradaChuck EstradaWarren Hacker 76272240
1961-09-30@ BAL163L  3-486-7746,515Herb ScoreHal BrownMilt PappasDon Larsen 76572639

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