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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  61-100   .379
Result:   9th in American League
Manager(s):  Mickey Vernon
General Manager:   Ed Doherty
Attendance:  597,287
Playoffs:  -

Washington Senators II affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Gene Woodling (38)
Youngest Player:  Roy Heiser (19)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Danny O'Connell (25)
Top Pitcher:  Dick Donovan (11)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  
American League Standings
NY Yankees10953.673--
Chi White Sox8676.53123.0
LA Angels7091.43538.5
KC Athletics61100.37947.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-04-10vs CHA1L  3-40-11026,725 Dick DonovanEarly WynnFrank BaumannDick Donovan 34-1
1961-04-14vs CLE2W  3-21-1310,126 Joe McClainGary BellJoe McClainGary Bell 660
1961-04-15vs CLE3L  1-31-299,616 Bennie DanielsMudcat GrantMudcat GrantBennie DanielsFrank Funk79-2
1961-04-16vs CLE4L  2-31-386,581 Dick DonovanJohnny AntonelliBob AllenDick Donovan 912-3
1961-04-19@ CHA5W  7-22-3616,637Ed HobaughBilly PierceMarty KutynaBilly Pierce 16142
1961-04-20@ CHA6L  1-62-482,186Hal WoodeshickEarly WynnEarly WynnHal Woodeshick 1720-3
1961-04-21@ MIN7W  5-33-4624,606Joe McClainCamilo PascualJoe McClainRay MooreDave Sisler2223-1
1961-04-22@ MIN8L  4-53-5917,445Bennie DanielsPedro RamosBill PleisRudy Hernandez 2628-2
1961-04-23@ MIN9L  0-13-6913,408Dick DonovanJack KralickJack KralickDick Donovan 2629-3
1961-04-25@ BOS10L  1-63-792,748Pete BurnsideGene ConleyGene ConleyPete BurnsideMike Fornieles2735-8
1961-04-26@ BOS11W  2-14-792,133Tom SturdivantBill MonbouquetteTom SturdivantBill MonbouquetteDave Sisler2936-7
1961-04-27vs BAL12L  0-54-894,541 Joe McClainDick HallDick HallJoe McClain 2941-12
1961-04-28vs BAL13L  2-44-984,112 Bennie DanielsChuck EstradaHoyt WilhelmBennie Daniels 3145-14
1961-04-29vs BAL14L  0-54-1093,605 Ed HobaughMilt PappasMilt PappasEd Hobaugh 3150-19
1961-04-30vs NYA15L  3-45-1190 Dick DonovanWhitey FordWhitey FordDick DonovanLuis Arroyo3454-20
1961-04-30vs NYA16W  2-15-11921,904 Hal WoodeshickRollie SheldonHal WoodeshickRollie SheldonPete Burnside3655-19
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-05-02vs DET17L  3-65-1294,543 Tom SturdivantJim BunningJim BunningTom Sturdivant 3961-22
1961-05-03vs DET18W  5-46-1294,017 Joe McClainFrank LaryJoe McClainFrank LaryDave Sisler4465-21
1961-05-04vs DET19L  0-66-1394,682 Bennie DanielsDon MossiDon MossiBennie Daniels 4471-27
1961-05-05@ CLE20W  5-27-1396,277Ed HobaughJohnny AntonelliEd HobaughJohnny Antonelli 4973-24
1961-05-07@ CLE21L  2-48-1480Tom SturdivantWynn HawkinsWynn HawkinsTom Sturdivant 5177-26
1961-05-07@ CLE22W  4-38-1487,576Pete BurnsideMudcat GrantDave SislerFrank FunkMarty Kutyna5580-25
1961-05-09@ DET23L  2-79-1590Joe McClainDon MossiDon MossiJoe McClain 5787-30
1961-05-09@ DET24W  5-49-15925,946Bennie DanielsPaul FoytackBennie DanielsPaul FoytackDave Sisler6291-29
1961-05-10@ DET25L  1-79-1695,012Ed HobaughJim BunningJim BunningEd Hobaugh 6398-35
1961-05-11@ DET26W  9-410-1677,599John GablerBill FischerMarty KutynaBill Fischer 72102-30
1961-05-12vs BOS27L  1-210-1796,594 Pete BurnsideBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquettePete Burnside 73104-31
1961-05-13vs BOS28W  4-011-1782,114 Tom SturdivantGene ConleyTom SturdivantGene Conley 77104-27
1961-05-14vs BOS29W  3-013-1770 Joe McClainBilly MuffettJoe McClainBilly Muffett 80104-24
1961-05-14vs BOS30W  2-113-1779,993 Bennie DanielsChet NicholsBennie DanielsMike Fornieles 82105-23
1961-05-16@ NYA31W  3-214-17710,050Hal WoodeshickBill StaffordHal WoodeshickBill StaffordDave Sisler85107-22
1961-05-17@ NYA32W  8-715-1776,197Pete BurnsideArt DitmarPete BurnsideArt DitmarJohn Gabler93114-21
1961-05-19@ BAL33L  2-415-1877,269Tom SturdivantBilly HoeftHoyt WilhelmTom Sturdivant 95118-23
1961-05-20@ BAL34L  3-415-1976,738Joe McClainHal BrownHal BrownJoe McClainHoyt Wilhelm98122-24
1961-05-21@ LAA35W  6-217-1960Bennie DanielsRon MoellerBennie DanielsRon MoellerDave Sisler104124-20
1961-05-21@ LAA36W  7-217-1967,102Hal WoodeshickRon KlineHal WoodeshickRon Kline 111126-15
1961-05-22@ LAA37L  4-617-2062,687Pete BurnsideEli GrbaEli GrbaPete BurnsideJerry Casale115132-17
1961-05-23@ KC138W  7-318-2065,842Ed HobaughRay HerbertEd HobaughRay HerbertMarty Kutyna122135-13
1961-05-24@ KC139L  5-618-2165,829Tom SturdivantJim ArcherBill KunkelJohn Gabler 127141-14
1961-05-25@ KC140L  3-418-2274,396Dick DonovanJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallDick Donovan 130145-15
1961-05-26vs MIN41W  4-319-22614,033 Joe McClainJim KaatJoe McClainJim Kaat 134148-14
1961-05-27vs MIN42W  14-420-2259,062 Hal WoodeshickEd PalmquistJohn GablerEd Palmquist 148152-4
1961-05-28vs MIN43W  6-421-22518,882 Bennie DanielsJack KralickMarty KutynaJack KralickDave Sisler154156-2
1961-05-30vs LAA44W  5-122-22514,277 Ed HobaughNed GarverEd HobaughNed Garver 1591572
1961-05-31vs LAA45L  3-522-23510,873 Tom SturdivantRon MoellerTed BowsfieldMarty Kutyna 1621620
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-06-01vs LAA46W  3-223-2355,067 Joe McClainEli GrbaJohn GablerRyne Duren 1651641
1961-06-02vs KC147W  12-424-23513,183 Dick DonovanBud DaleyDick DonovanBud Daley 1771689
1961-06-03vs KC148L  0-824-2454,659 Hal WoodeshickNorm BassNorm BassHal Woodeshick 1771761
1961-06-04vs KC149L  5-824-2558,209 Ed HobaughJim ArcherJim ArcherEd Hobaugh 182184-2
1961-06-05vs CLE50L  5-724-2667,742 Tom SturdivantJohnny AntonelliBarry LatmanJohn Gabler 187191-4
1961-06-06vs CLE51L  3-1424-2767,373 Joe McClainGary BellGary BellJoe McClain 190205-15
1961-06-07vs CLE52L  0-1124-2868,136 Pete BurnsideMudcat GrantMudcat GrantPete Burnside 190216-26
1961-06-09vs CHA53W  1-026-2850 Dick DonovanCal McLishDick DonovanWarren Hacker 191216-25
1961-06-09vs CHA54W  10-926-2859,885 Bennie DanielsBob ShawJohnny KlippsteinFrank Baumann 201225-24
1961-06-10vs CHA55W  4-327-2856,473 Ed HobaughJuan PizarroMarty KutynaRuss Kemmerer 205228-23
1961-06-11@ DET56W  7-428-2950Joe McClainHal WoodeshickJoe McClainHal WoodeshickJohn Gabler212232-20
1961-06-11@ DET57L  6-728-29521,723Tom SturdivantBob BrucePhil ReganDave Sisler 218239-21
1961-06-13@ BAL58L  7-828-3057,205Pete BurnsideJack FisherDick HallTom Sturdivant 225247-22
1961-06-14@ BAL59W  5-129-3058,363Dick DonovanSteve BarberDick DonovanSteve Barber 230248-18
1961-06-15@ BAL60W  5-230-3057,651Ed HobaughHal BrownEd HobaughHal Brown 235250-15
1961-06-16@ BOS61L  9-1430-31514,081Tom SturdivantDon SchwallMike FornielesTom Sturdivant 244264-20
1961-06-17@ BOS62L  5-630-3266,283Joe McClainGalen CiscoGalen CiscoJoe McClainChet Nichols249270-21
1961-06-18@ BOS63L  12-1330-3460Carl MathiasIke DelockTed WillsDave Sisler 261283-22
1961-06-18@ BOS64L  5-630-34617,645Pete BurnsideGene ConleyMike FornielesTom Sturdivant 266289-23
1961-06-20vs DET65L  4-530-35711,173 Dick DonovanJim BunningJim BunningDick DonovanHank Aguirre270294-24
1961-06-22vs DET66L  4-630-3679,685 Ed HobaughPhil ReganTerry FoxBennie Daniels 274300-26
1961-06-23@ CHA67L  3-430-37719,730Joe McClainRay HerbertRay HerbertJoe McClainWarren Hacker277304-27
1961-06-24@ CHA68L  6-1230-3879,541Carl MathiasCal McLishCal McLishCarl MathiasRuss Kemmerer283316-33
1961-06-25@ CHA69L  3-730-4070Dick DonovanBilly PierceBilly PierceDick Donovan 286323-37
1961-06-25@ CHA70L  3-630-40729,584Johnny KlippsteinEarly WynnEarly WynnJohnny KlippsteinTurk Lown289329-40
1961-06-27@ CLE71W  8-531-4076,259Ed HobaughDick StigmanEd HobaughDick StigmanDave Sisler297334-37
1961-06-28@ CLE72L  2-332-4170Joe McClainJim PerryJim PerryJoe McClainFrank Funk299337-38
1961-06-28@ CLE73W  5-232-4177,637Bennie DanielsMudcat GrantBennie DanielsMudcat Grant 304339-35
1961-06-29@ CLE74W  3-133-4175,513John GablerWynn HawkinsJohn GablerWynn HawkinsDave Sisler307340-33
1961-06-30@ NYA75L  1-533-42728,019Dick DonovanWhitey FordWhitey FordDick Donovan 308345-37
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-07-01@ NYA76L  6-733-43716,015Carl MathiasBill StaffordLuis ArroyoDave Sisler 314352-38
1961-07-02@ NYA77L  4-1333-44719,794Pete BurnsideBud DaleyBud DaleyPete BurnsideLuis Arroyo318365-47
1961-07-03vs BOS78W  6-334-44711,583 Ed HobaughIke DelockEd HobaughIke DelockMarty Kutyna324368-44
1961-07-04vs BOS79W  7-335-44714,355 Tom CheneyDon SchwallTom CheneyDon SchwallJohn Gabler331371-40
1961-07-05vs BAL80L  0-235-4576,625 Bennie DanielsDick HallDick HallBennie Daniels 331373-42
1961-07-06vs BAL81W  1-036-4575,483 Dick DonovanWes StockDick DonovanHoyt Wilhelm 332373-41
1961-07-07vs MIN82W  3-037-45716,596 Joe McClainPedro RamosJoe McClainPedro Ramos 335373-38
1961-07-08vs MIN83W  3-238-4579,147 Ed HobaughJack KralickMarty KutynaJim KaatJohn Gabler338375-37
1961-07-09vs MIN84L  1-738-46712,642 Tom CheneyCamilo PascualCamilo PascualTom Cheney 339382-43
1961-07-14vs KC185L  3-838-4870 Joe McClainEd RakowEd RakowJoe McClain 342390-48
1961-07-14vs KC186L  7-938-4878,290 Bennie DanielsBob ShawBill KunkelDave SislerGerry Staley349399-50
1961-07-15vs KC187W  7-139-4873,351 Dick DonovanLew KrausseDick DonovanLew Krausse 356400-44
1961-07-16vs LAA88L  2-1140-4970 Ed HobaughTed BowsfieldJim DonohueEd HobaughRon Kline358411-53
1961-07-16vs LAA89W  4-340-4979,357 Tom CheneyRon MoellerDave SislerRyne Duren 362414-52
1961-07-18vs NYA90L  3-540-50717,695 Joe McClainRollie SheldonLuis ArroyoJoe McClain 365419-54
1961-07-19vs NYA91W  8-442-5070 Bennie DanielsBud DaleyBennie DanielsBud Daley 373423-50
1961-07-19vs NYA92W  12-242-50727,126 Dick DonovanAl DowningDick DonovanAl Downing 385425-40
1961-07-21@ LAA93L  5-1642-5176,252Ed HobaughRon MoellerRon MoellerEd HobaughArt Fowler390441-51
1961-07-22@ LAA94L  6-742-5277,482Tom CheneyKen McBrideArt FowlerMarty Kutyna 396448-52
1961-07-23@ LAA95L  3-842-5375,849Joe McClainTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldJoe McClainTom Morgan399456-57
1961-07-25@ MIN96W  2-143-53720,600Dick DonovanJack KralickDick DonovanJack Kralick 401457-56
1961-07-26@ MIN97L  9-1043-54618,658Bennie DanielsCamilo PascualBert CuetoDave SislerRay Moore410467-57
1961-07-27@ MIN98L  2-543-55617,491Joe McClainDon LeeDon LeeJoe McClain 412472-60
1961-07-28@ KC199W  10-644-5567,167Marty KutynaEd RakowMarty KutynaJoe NuxhallDave Sisler422478-56
1961-07-29@ KC1100L  1-244-5684,368John GablerBob ShawBob ShawJohn Gabler 423480-57
1961-07-30@ KC1101W  4-045-5676,284Bennie DanielsJerry WalkerBennie DanielsJerry Walker 427480-53
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-08-02@ DET102L  3-446-5780Marty KutynaDon MossiDon MossiMarty Kutyna 430484-54
1961-08-02@ DET103W  6-246-57827,010Joe McClainPaul FoytackJohnny KlippsteinPhil ReganPete Burnside436486-50
1961-08-03@ DET104L  1-246-5888,991Bennie DanielsJim BunningJim BunningBennie Daniels 437488-51
1961-08-05@ CHA105L  3-846-5976,394John GablerJuan PizarroJuan PizarroJohnny Klippstein 440496-56
1961-08-06@ CHA106L  4-546-6170Marty KutynaRay HerbertWarren HackerEd Hobaugh 444501-57
1961-08-06@ CHA107L  2-346-61717,108Joe McClainBilly PierceBilly PierceJoe McClain 446504-58
1961-08-08@ CLE108L  5-646-6275,271Bennie DanielsBarry LatmanWynn HawkinsDave Sisler 451510-59
1961-08-09@ CLE109L  1-346-63714,881John GablerGary BellGary BellJohn Gabler 452513-61
1961-08-11vs NYA110L  5-1246-64822,601 Joe McClainRalph TerryRalph TerryJoe McClainHal Reniff457525-68
1961-08-12vs NYA111W  5-147-64715,870 Dick DonovanBill StaffordDick DonovanBill Stafford 462526-64
1961-08-13vs NYA112W  12-248-6570 Bennie DanielsBud DaleyBennie DanielsBud Daley 474528-54
1961-08-13vs NYA113L  4-948-65727,368 Marty KutynaJim CoatesJim CoatesMarty Kutyna 478537-59
1961-08-14vs LAA114L  1-548-6684,234 John GablerTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldJohn Gabler 479542-63
1961-08-15vs LAA115L  7-848-6784,980 Pete BurnsideJim DonohueTom MorganEd HobaughArt Fowler486550-64
1961-08-16vs LAA116W  3-249-6783,497 Dick DonovanKen McBrideDick DonovanKen McBride 489552-63
1961-08-17vs LAA117W  4-350-6782,221 Bennie DanielsRyne DurenBennie DanielsRyne Duren 493555-62
1961-08-18vs BAL118L  2-350-68811,624 Joe McClainSteve BarberSteve BarberJoe McClain 495558-63
1961-08-19vs BAL119L  0-550-6985,874 Marty KutynaBilly HoeftBilly HoeftMarty Kutyna 495563-68
1961-08-20vs BAL120L  3-950-7087,221 Dick DonovanChuck EstradaChuck EstradaDick Donovan 498572-74
1961-08-22@ BOS121L  2-350-71815,581Bennie DanielsDon SchwallMike FornielesBennie Daniels 500575-75
1961-08-23@ BOS122L  4-950-7285,316Joe McClainBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteMarty Kutyna 504584-80
1961-08-24@ BOS123L  4-550-7384,773Dick DonovanIke DelockMike FornielesPete Burnside 508589-81
1961-08-25vs DET124L  0-650-7487,907 John GablerJim BunningJim BunningJohn Gabler 508595-87
1961-08-27vs DET125L  4-750-7680 Bennie DanielsDon MossiDon MossiBennie DanielsGerry Staley512602-90
1961-08-27vs DET126L  1-1050-76810,542 Dave SislerPaul FoytackPaul FoytackDave Sisler 513612-99
1961-08-28vs DET127L  3-750-7782,506 Joe McClainRon KlineRon KlineJoe McClainTerry Fox516619-103
1961-08-29vs CLE128L  4-650-7885,909 Dick DonovanJim PerryBob AllenMike Garcia 520625-105
1961-08-30vs CLE129L  0-950-7986,720 John GablerGary BellGary BellJohn Gabler 520634-114
1961-08-31vs CLE130L  2-350-8084,194 Bennie DanielsMudcat GrantMudcat GrantBennie DanielsBob Allen522637-115
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-09-01vs CHA131L  2-351-8180 Ed HobaughCal McLishCal McLishEd HobaughJuan Pizarro524640-116
1961-09-01vs CHA132W  5-151-8184,803 Joe McClainBilly PierceJoe McClainBilly Pierce 529641-112
1961-09-02vs CHA133L  7-1251-8282,889 Tom CheneyDon LarsenDon LarsenTom CheneyRuss Kemmerer536653-117
1961-09-03vs CHA134L  4-551-8480 Marty KutynaRay HerbertBilly PierceMarty KutynaCal McLish540658-118
1961-09-03vs CHA135L  1-451-8486,984 John GablerJuan PizarroJuan PizarroJohn Gabler 541662-121
1961-09-04@ NYA136L  3-551-8680Bennie DanielsRollie SheldonHal ReniffBennie Daniels 544667-123
1961-09-04@ NYA137L  2-351-86834,683Pete BurnsideBud DaleyBud DaleyPete Burnside 546670-124
1961-09-05@ NYA138L  1-651-87816,917Joe McClainJim CoatesJim CoatesJoe McClain 547676-129
1961-09-06@ NYA139L  0-851-88812,295Tom CheneyWhitey FordWhitey FordTom Cheney 547684-137
1961-09-07@ BAL140L  3-651-8992,836Carl BouldinMilt PappasMilt PappasCarl Bouldin 550690-140
1961-09-08@ BAL141L  1-251-9190Pete BurnsideSteve BarberHoyt WilhelmPete Burnside 551692-141
1961-09-08@ BAL142L  2-451-91910,520Ed HobaughDick HallDick HallEd Hobaugh 553696-143
1961-09-09@ BAL143W  6-252-9197,891Bennie DanielsJack FisherBennie DanielsJack Fisher 559698-139
1961-09-10@ BAL144L  2-352-9296,729Joe McClainChuck EstradaChuck EstradaJoe McClainHoyt Wilhelm561701-140
1961-09-11vs BOS145L  4-1452-9392,720 Tom CheneyDon SchwallDon SchwallMarty Kutyna 565715-150
1961-09-12vs BOS146W  5-153-9392,333 Pete BurnsideBill MonbouquettePete BurnsideBill Monbouquette 570716-146
1961-09-13vs BOS147W  4-254-9382,170 Ed HobaughTracy StallardEd HobaughTracy StallardJoe McClain574718-144
1961-09-15vs KC1148W  3-155-9382,791 Bennie DanielsNorm BassBennie DanielsNorm Bass 577719-142
1961-09-16vs KC1149W  3-056-9382,001 Pete BurnsideJerry WalkerPete BurnsideJerry Walker 580719-139
1961-09-17vs KC1150L  2-356-9484,045 Hector MaestriLew KrausseLew KrausseHector Maestri 582722-140
1961-09-19vs MIN151L  1-356-9581,980 Joe McClainJim KaatJim KaatJoe McClain 583725-142
1961-09-21vs MIN152L  3-656-9691,498 Bennie DanielsJack KralickJack KralickBennie DanielsDon Lee586731-145
1961-09-23@ MIN153W  6-457-9790Claude OsteenPedro RamosClaude OsteenPedro RamosDave Sisler592735-143
1961-09-23@ MIN154L  0-1057-97911,121Pete BurnsideCamilo PascualCamilo PascualPete Burnside 592745-153
1961-09-24@ MIN155W  4-158-97910,975Dick DonovanJim KaatDick DonovanJim Kaat 596746-150
1961-09-26@ LAA156W  3-259-9791,835Bennie DanielsTed BowsfieldBennie DanielsTed Bowsfield 599748-149
1961-09-27@ LAA157L  6-859-9891,717Claude OsteenBob SproutTom MorganDave SislerKen McBride605756-151
1961-09-28@ LAA158L  4-1359-9991,681Dick DonovanEli GrbaEli GrbaDick Donovan 609769-160
1961-09-29@ KC1159W  2-060-9984,393Pete BurnsideJim ArcherPete BurnsideJim Archer 611769-158
1961-09-30@ KC1160W  5-461-9981,231Bennie DanielsBob ShawBennie DanielsBob Shaw 616773-157
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS2 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-10-01@ KC1161L  2-361-10083,194Claude OsteenNorm BassNorm BassClaude OsteenJim Archer618776-158

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