Update:   Expansion Drafts History -  All historical picks for the 6 expansion drafts between 1960 and 1997.


+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  76-78   .494
Result:   4th in American League
Manager(s):  Joe Gordon, Jimmy Dykes, Jo-Jo White
General Manager:   Frank Lane
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  950,985
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  George Strickland (34)
Youngest Player:  Mike Lee (19)
Longest Tenure:  George Strickland (7)
Top Hitter:  Tito Francona (8)
Top Pitcher:  Jim Perry (6)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  50.47%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9757.630--
Chi White Sox8767.56510.0
KC Athletics5896.37739.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-04-19vs DET1L  2-40-1752,756 Gary BellFrank LaryPete BurnsideMudcat Grant 24-2
1960-04-20vs DET2L  4-60-274,836 Jim PerryDon MossiTom MorganJim PerryPaul Foytack610-4
1960-04-22@ KC13L  1-40-3823,826Wynn HawkinsRay HerbertRay HerbertWynn Hawkins 714-7
1960-04-23@ KC14L  5-60-489,659Barry LatmanDick HallMarty KutynaBob Grim 1220-8
1960-04-24@ KC15W  7-01-4713,531Gary BellDon LarsenGary BellDon Larsen 1920-1
1960-04-26@ DET6W  2-12-4810,325Wynn HawkinsJim BunningWynn HawkinsDave SislerJim Perry21210
1960-04-28@ CHA7L  1-32-5827,967Gary BellBilly PierceBilly PierceGary Bell 2224-2
1960-04-29vs KC18W  5-43-5812,299 Jim PerryDon LarsenJim PerryDon Larsen 2728-1
1960-04-30vs KC19W  2-14-583,666 Barry LatmanBud DaleyJohn BriggsBud Daley 29290
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-05-01vs KC110W  6-46-520 Wynn HawkinsNed GarverWynn HawkinsNed Garver 35332
1960-05-01vs KC111W  3-16-5213,042 Dick StigmanGeorge BrunetDick StigmanGeorge Brunet 38344
1960-05-02@ WS112W  3-27-528,702Gary BellPedro RamosGary BellPedro Ramos 41365
1960-05-03@ WS113L  6-77-637,256Jim PerryJim KaatJack KralickBobby Tiefenauer 47434
1960-05-04@ WS114L  6-77-747,130Barry LatmanDon LeeHal WoodeshickJohn Briggs 53503
1960-05-05@ BAL15W  11-68-738,816Wynn HawkinsMilt PappasWynn HawkinsMilt PappasGary Bell64568
1960-05-06@ BAL16L  2-98-8512,510Dick StigmanHal BrownHal BrownDick Stigman 66651
1960-05-07@ BAL17W  3-19-8411,133Gary BellChuck EstradaGary BellChuck Estrada 69663
1960-05-10@ NYA18W  5-110-8426,651Jim PerryBill ShortDick StigmanRyne Duren 74677
1960-05-12@ NYA19W  3-211-837,350Gary BellRalph TerryGary BellRalph Terry 77698
1960-05-13vs CHA20L  2-411-9419,970 Wynn HawkinsBilly PierceBilly PierceWynn Hawkins 79736
1960-05-14vs CHA21W  10-912-925,690 Barry LatmanHerb ScoreCarl ThomasHerb ScoreJohnny Klippstein89827
1960-05-15vs CHA22L  0-413-1040 Jim PerryEarly WynnEarly WynnJim Perry 89863
1960-05-15vs CHA23W  6-313-10431,273 Dick StigmanDick DonovanJohnny KlippsteinGerry Staley 95896
1960-05-17vs NYA24W  7-614-10214,642 Gary BellBill ShortGary BellBill ShortDick Stigman102957
1960-05-18vs NYA25L  2-414-11415,585 Wynn HawkinsRalph TerryRalph TerryWynn Hawkins 104995
1960-05-20vs BOS26W  2-015-11213,147 Mudcat GrantBill MonbouquetteMudcat GrantBill MonbouquetteDick Stigman106997
1960-05-21vs BOS27W  6-116-1124,774 Jim PerryJerry CasaleJim PerryJerry CasaleJohnny Klippstein11210012
1960-05-22vs BAL28L  6-716-12312,268 Gary BellHal BrownJack FisherGary Bell 11810711
1960-05-24vs WS129W  7-217-1226,144 Mudcat GrantChuck StobbsMudcat GrantChuck Stobbs 12510916
1960-05-25vs WS130W  1-018-1226,427 Jim PerryBill FischerJim PerryBill Fischer 12610917
1960-05-28@ DET31L  3-418-13212,399Gary BellJim BunningPete BurnsideJohnny Klippstein 12911316
1960-05-29@ DET32L  5-619-1420Wynn HawkinsDon MossiRay SemprochDick Stigman 13411915
1960-05-29@ DET33W  6-419-14242,670Mudcat GrantFrank LaryJohn BriggsFrank LaryDick Stigman14012317
1960-05-30@ CHA34W  4-121-1420Jim PerryEarly WynnJim PerryEarly WynnDick Stigman14412420
1960-05-30@ CHA35W  9-421-14245,731Barry LatmanBob ShawBarry LatmanBob ShawJohn Briggs15312825
1960-05-31@ CHA36L  4-621-15223,770Gary BellBilly PierceBilly PierceGary BellRuss Kemmerer15713423
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-06-02@ KC137W  7-622-15213,796Mudcat GrantRay HerbertMudcat GrantRay HerbertDick Stigman16414024
1960-06-03vs DET38W  6-223-15221,881 Jim PerryFrank LaryJim PerryFrank LaryJohnny Klippstein17014228
1960-06-04vs DET39L  4-723-1627,349 Barry LatmanPaul FoytackDave SislerDick Stigman 17414925
1960-06-05vs DET40L  2-724-1720 Gary BellJim BunningJim BunningGary Bell 17615620
1960-06-05vs DET41W  9-024-17226,437 Bobby LockePete BurnsideBobby LockePete Burnside 18515629
1960-06-07@ BOS42W  12-325-17219,269Mudcat GrantJerry CasaleMudcat GrantJerry Casale 19715938
1960-06-08@ BOS43W  8-727-1710Jim PerryIke DelockJim PerryMike FornielesJohnny Klippstein20516639
1960-06-08@ BOS44W  5-227-17111,193Gary BellDave HillmanGary BellDave Hillman 21016842
1960-06-09@ BOS45W  3-228-1714,002Wynn HawkinsBill MonbouquetteWynn HawkinsBill MonbouquetteJohnny Klippstein21317043
1960-06-10@ NYA46L  3-428-18146,030Bobby LockeArt DitmarArt DitmarDick Stigman 21617442
1960-06-11@ NYA47L  4-628-19226,843Mudcat GrantWhitey FordRyne DurenJohnny KlippsteinJohnny James22018040
1960-06-14vs BAL48L  4-728-20111,319 Gary BellMilt PappasMilt PappasGary BellJerry Walker22418737
1960-06-15vs BAL49W  10-229-2110 Jim PerrySteve BarberJim PerrySteve Barber 23418945
1960-06-15vs BAL50L  5-1329-21117,876 Bobby LockeHal BrownHoyt WilhelmMudcat Grant 23920237
1960-06-16vs BAL51L  2-329-2226,076 Ted BowsfieldJack FisherJack FisherBarry Latman 24120536
1960-06-17vs BOS52L  1-329-2339,765 Wynn HawkinsFrank SullivanFrank SullivanWynn Hawkins 24220834
1960-06-18vs BOS53W  2-130-2335,268 Dick StigmanIke DelockTed BowsfieldIke Delock 24420935
1960-06-19vs BOS54L  1-730-2530 Jim PerryBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteJim Perry 24521629
1960-06-19vs BOS55L  2-330-25321,279 Gary BellTom BrewerTom BrewerGary BellMike Fornieles24721928
1960-06-21vs WS156W  5-431-2537,049 Mudcat GrantPedro RamosMudcat GrantPedro RamosJohnny Klippstein25222329
1960-06-22vs WS157W  1-032-2536,799 Ted BowsfieldBill FischerTed BowsfieldBill Fischer 25322330
1960-06-23vs WS158W  7-633-2533,481 Barry LatmanChuck StobbsJohn BriggsTex ClevengerDick Stigman26022931
1960-06-24vs NYA59L  6-1033-26339,675 Jim PerryJim CoatesJohnny JamesJohnny KlippsteinJohn Gabler26623927
1960-06-25vs NYA60W  4-134-26340,033 Dick StigmanRalph TerryDick StigmanRalph Terry 27024030
1960-06-26vs NYA61L  2-635-2730 Ted BowsfieldWhitey FordWhitey FordTed Bowsfield 27224626
1960-06-26vs NYA62W  7-635-27357,621 Mudcat GrantArt DitmarJim PerryJohnny James 27925227
1960-06-28@ BAL63W  3-236-27318,406Gary BellSteve BarberJohnny KlippsteinGordon Jones 28225428
1960-06-29@ BAL64W  5-337-27215,524Dick StigmanJerry WalkerDick StigmanJerry Walker 28725730
1960-06-30@ BAL65L  1-937-28314,757Ted BowsfieldHal BrownHal BrownTed Bowsfield 28826622
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-07-02@ WS166W  12-238-28311,331Mudcat GrantCamilo PascualMudcat GrantCamilo Pascual 30026832
1960-07-03@ WS167W  5-240-2820Jim PerryBill FischerJim PerryBill FischerJohnny Klippstein30527035
1960-07-03@ WS168W  11-540-28212,545John BriggsDon LeeJohn BriggsDon LeeBobby Locke31627541
1960-07-04vs KC169W  4-042-2820 Gary BellRay HerbertGary BellRay Herbert 32027545
1960-07-04vs KC170W  7-442-28222,793 Ted BowsfieldJohnny KucksTed BowsfieldJohnny KucksJohnny Klippstein32727948
1960-07-06vs CHA71L  5-742-29222,966 Dick StigmanEarly WynnGerry StaleyBobby Locke 33228646
1960-07-07vs CHA72L  3-942-30219,870 Jim PerryBilly PierceBilly PierceJim Perry 33529540
1960-07-08@ CHA73L  1-442-31248,231Gary BellFrank BaumannFrank BaumannGary Bell 33629937
1960-07-09@ CHA74L  4-842-32222,716Ted BowsfieldHerb ScoreDick DonovanTed BowsfieldGerry Staley34030733
1960-07-10@ CHA75W  6-243-3320Jim PerryEarly WynnJohnny KlippsteinEarly Wynn 34630937
1960-07-10@ CHA76L  4-643-33232,806Dick StigmanBob ShawRuss KemmererMudcat GrantTurk Lown35031535
1960-07-15vs WS177W  4-044-33214,878 Jim PerryPedro RamosJim PerryPedro Ramos 35431539
1960-07-16vs WS178W  9-445-3327,902 Gary BellHal WoodeshickGary BellHal WoodeshickBobby Locke36331944
1960-07-17vs WS179L  2-345-3520 Mudcat GrantTex ClevengerTex ClevengerMudcat GrantDon Lee36532243
1960-07-17vs WS180L  3-545-35215,843 John BriggsJack KralickRay MooreJohn Briggs 36832741
1960-07-18vs NYA81L  2-945-36323,513 Dick StigmanWhitey FordWhitey FordDick Stigman 37033634
1960-07-19vs NYA82L  11-1345-37326,068 Jim PerryJim CoatesRyne DurenTed BowsfieldBob Turley38134932
1960-07-20vs NYA83W  8-646-37327,353 Gary BellArt DitmarGary BellArt DitmarDick Stigman38935534
1960-07-22@ BOS84L  4-646-38329,595Mudcat GrantIke DelockIke DelockMudcat GrantMike Fornieles39336132
1960-07-23@ BOS85W  4-247-38313,328Jim PerryTom BrewerJim PerryTom Brewer 39736334
1960-07-24@ BOS86L  6-1047-4040Gary BellBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteGary Bell 40337330
1960-07-24@ BOS87L  6-747-40430,415Jack HarshmanFrank SullivanMike FornielesJack Harshman 40938029
1960-07-26@ NYA88L  1-647-41437,632Dick StigmanArt DitmarArt DitmarDick StigmanLuis Arroyo41038624
1960-07-28@ NYA89L  0-447-4340Jim PerryWhitey FordWhitey FordJim PerryBobby Shantz41039020
1960-07-28@ NYA90L  2-947-43439,812Barry LatmanBob TurleyBob TurleyBarry LatmanRyne Duren41239913
1960-07-29@ BAL91W  3-148-43421,608Jack HarshmanJack FisherJack HarshmanJack FisherDick Stigman41540015
1960-07-30@ BAL92L  3-448-4446,614Mudcat GrantChuck EstradaChuck EstradaJohnny Klippstein 41840414
1960-07-31@ BAL93L  5-648-4549,465Gary BellHal BrownWes StockGary BellJack Fisher42341013
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-08-01@ WS194W  3-049-4548,201Jim PerryHal WoodeshickJim PerryHal Woodeshick 42641016
1960-08-02@ WS195L  0-949-46414,830Don NewcombeCamilo PascualCamilo PascualDon Newcombe 4264197
1960-08-03@ WS196W  7-450-4648,259Mudcat GrantJack KralickMudcat GrantTom Morgan 43342310
1960-08-05vs BAL97W  4-351-46424,275 Jim PerryChuck EstradaJim PerryChuck EstradaJohnny Klippstein43742611
1960-08-06vs BAL98L  2-551-4749,203 Jack HarshmanJack FisherHal BrownJack HarshmanJerry Walker4394318
1960-08-07vs BAL99L  6-851-4940 Mudcat GrantSteve BarberJack FisherBobby LockeWes Stock4454396
1960-08-07vs BAL100L  2-951-49435,515 Dick StigmanMilt PappasMilt PappasDick Stigman 447448-1
1960-08-09vs BOS101W  6-352-4948,752 Jim PerryBill MonbouquetteJim PerryBill Monbouquette 4534512
1960-08-10vs BOS102L  1-652-5047,787 Barry LatmanEarl WilsonEarl WilsonBarry Latman 454457-3
1960-08-11vs BOS103L  2-552-5146,965 Jack HarshmanIke DelockIke DelockJack HarshmanMike Fornieles456462-6
1960-08-12vs DET104L  4-652-52418,559 Mudcat GrantJim BunningDave SislerJohnny Klippstein 460468-8
1960-08-13vs DET105W  2-153-5248,117 Jim PerryFrank LaryJim PerryFrank Lary 462469-7
1960-08-14vs DET106L  1-653-5450 Dick StigmanBill FischerBill FischerDick Stigman 463475-12
1960-08-14vs DET107L  2-353-54518,564 Barry LatmanPaul FoytackPaul FoytackBarry LatmanHank Aguirre465478-13
1960-08-16vs KC1108W  4-354-5446,358 Jack HarshmanDick HallDon NewcombeKen Johnson 469481-12
1960-08-17vs CHA109W  3-255-54415,617 Jim PerryBob ShawJohnny KlippsteinGerry Staley 472483-11
1960-08-18vs CHA110W  8-656-54414,951 Mudcat GrantBilly PierceDick StigmanGerry Staley 480489-9
1960-08-19@ DET111L  3-556-55433,065Bobby LockeBill FischerBill FischerBobby LockeHank Aguirre483494-11
1960-08-20@ DET112L  2-456-56414,619Barry LatmanBob BruceBob BruceBarry LatmanHank Aguirre485498-13
1960-08-21@ DET113L  4-656-5850Jim PerryJim BunningJim BunningJim PerryPaul Foytack489504-15
1960-08-21@ DET114L  4-656-58528,891Gary BellFrank LaryPete BurnsideDon Newcombe 493510-17
1960-08-23@ BOS115W  3-257-58529,232Bobby LockeBilly MuffettMudcat GrantFrank SullivanJohnny Klippstein496512-16
1960-08-24@ BOS116W  3-158-58419,548Barry LatmanTom BrewerBarry LatmanTom Brewer 499513-14
1960-08-25@ BOS117L  7-1058-59515,398Don NewcombeBill MonbouquetteMike FornielesDon Newcombe 506523-17
1960-08-26@ NYA118L  6-758-6150Jim PerryBob TurleyLuis ArroyoBobby Locke 512530-18
1960-08-26@ NYA119L  5-758-61556,508Dick StigmanWhitey FordJim CoatesMudcat GrantDuke Maas517537-20
1960-08-27@ NYA120L  4-758-6350Jack HarshmanBill StaffordBill StaffordJack HarshmanLuis Arroyo521544-23
1960-08-27@ NYA121L  0-358-63542,520Gary BellRalph TerryRalph TerryGary Bell 521547-26
1960-08-28@ WS1122W  9-159-63512,698Barry LatmanTex ClevengerBarry LatmanTex ClevengerJohnny Klippstein530548-18
1960-08-29@ WS1123W  6-460-63513,239Mudcat GrantCamilo PascualMudcat GrantCamilo PascualJohnny Klippstein536552-16
1960-08-30@ BAL124L  1-460-64514,185Jim PerryChuck EstradaChuck EstradaJim Perry 537556-19
1960-08-31@ BAL125L  3-660-65517,024Dick StigmanSteve BarberHal BrownDick Stigman 540562-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-09-01@ KC1126W  7-361-6554,343Barry LatmanJohnny KucksBarry LatmanJohnny Kucks 547565-18
1960-09-02@ KC1127W  6-262-6558,432Bobby LockeDick HallBobby LockeDick HallJohnny Klippstein553567-14
1960-09-03@ KC1128W  6-563-6559,019Jim PerryDon LarsenFrank FunkKen JohnsonDon Newcombe559572-13
1960-09-04@ KC1129W  10-264-65512,318Jack HarshmanBud DaleyJack HarshmanBud DaleyDick Stigman569574-5
1960-09-05@ DET130L  3-465-6650Mudcat GrantBill FischerBill FischerMudcat GrantFrank Lary572578-6
1960-09-05@ DET131W  4-265-66522,475Barry LatmanPaul FoytackBarry LatmanPaul Foytack 576580-4
1960-09-06@ DET132W  10-866-6659,257Bobby LockePete BurnsideFrank FunkDave Sisler 586588-2
1960-09-07vs BAL133W  3-267-6657,514 Jim PerryMilt PappasJim PerryMilt Pappas 589590-1
1960-09-08vs BAL134L  0-967-6756,513 Dick StigmanJack FisherJack FisherDick Stigman 589599-10
1960-09-09vs WS1135L  2-867-6859,474 Mudcat GrantPedro RamosPedro RamosMudcat Grant 591607-16
1960-09-10vs WS1136W  5-468-6854,432 Barry LatmanTed SadowskiFrank FunkTom Morgan 596611-15
1960-09-11vs NYA137L  0-568-7050 Jim PerryRalph TerryRalph TerryJim Perry 596616-20
1960-09-11vs NYA138L  2-368-70533,483 Bobby LockeJim CoatesEli GrbaCarl MathiasRyne Duren598619-21
1960-09-13vs BOS139W  5-369-7055,855 Dick StigmanTom BrewerDon NewcombeTom Brewer 603622-19
1960-09-14vs BOS140W  11-770-7053,763 Barry LatmanFrank SullivanBarry LatmanFrank SullivanFrank Funk614629-15
1960-09-16vs KC1141W  4-271-7056,656 Jim PerryNed GarverJim PerryNed GarverJohnny Klippstein618631-13
1960-09-17vs KC1142L  5-871-7152,706 Jack HarshmanDick HallKen JohnsonFrank Funk 623639-16
1960-09-18vs KC1143L  2-372-7240 Bobby LockeRay HerbertRay HerbertBobby Locke 625642-17
1960-09-18vs KC1144W  9-272-7245,918 Barry LatmanJohnny KucksBarry LatmanJohnny Kucks 634644-10
1960-09-20vs DET145L  1-972-7344,308 Jim PerryFrank LaryFrank LaryJim Perry 635653-18
1960-09-23vs CHA146L  0-772-74512,633 Barry LatmanEarly WynnEarly WynnBarry Latman 635660-25
1960-09-24vs CHA147W  6-573-7445,524 Jim PerryBilly PierceFrank FunkRuss Kemmerer 641665-24
1960-09-25vs CHA148W  4-074-74410,723 Bobby LockeBob ShawBobby LockeBob Shaw 645665-20
1960-09-26@ KC1149L  1-674-7543,463Dick StigmanBud DaleyBud DaleyDick Stigman 646671-25
1960-09-27@ KC1150L  4-574-7643,821Barry LatmanRay HerbertRay HerbertBarry LatmanDave Wickersham650676-26
1960-09-28@ KC1151L  0-474-7744,553Jim PerryNed GarverNed GarverJim Perry 650680-30
1960-09-30@ CHA152L  4-574-78413,967Bobby LockeBilly PierceGerry StaleyFrank Funk 654685-31
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-10-01@ CHA153W  9-875-7845,128Dick StigmanFrank BaumannJohnny KlippsteinKen McBride 663693-30
1960-10-02@ CHA154W  4-076-78411,097Jim PerryEarly WynnJim PerryEarly Wynn 667693-26

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