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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  82-72   .532
Result:   4th in National League
Manager(s):  Walter Alston
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Attendance:  2,253,887
Playoffs:  -

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Carl Furillo (38)
Youngest Player:  Willie Davis (20)
Longest Tenure:  Danny McDevitt, Roger Craig, Don Demeter, Don Drysdale, Ron Fairly, Carl Furillo, Jim Gilliam, Gil Hodges, Frank Howard, Sandy Koufax, Clem Labine, Bob Lillis, Charlie Neal, Johnny Roseboro, Stan Williams, Duke Snider, Norm Larker, Larry Sherry, Johnny P
Top Hitter:  Jim Gilliam (14)
Top Pitcher:  Don Drysdale (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  86.83%
National League Standings
St. Louis8668.5589.0
LA Dodgers8272.53213.0
SF Giants7975.51316.0
Chi Cubs6094.39035.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-04-12vs CHN1W  3-21-0267,550 Don DrysdaleBob AndersonDon DrysdaleDon Elston 321
1960-04-13vs CHN2L  0-41-1524,475 Larry SherryGlen HobbieGlen HobbieLarry Sherry 36-3
1960-04-14vs SLN3W  3-22-1221,364 Johnny PodresRon KlineEd RoebuckBob Duliba 68-2
1960-04-16vs SLN4W  3-23-1140,919 Don DrysdaleLarry JacksonDon DrysdaleLarry Jackson 910-1
1960-04-17vs SLN5W  7-54-1136,190 Larry SherryErnie BroglioLarry SherryErnie BroglioSandy Koufax16151
1960-04-19@ SFN6W  4-05-1126,329Johnny PodresBilly O'DellJohnny PodresBilly O'DellEd Roebuck20155
1960-04-20@ SFN7L  0-15-2125,849Don DrysdaleMike McCormickMike McCormickDon Drysdale 20164
1960-04-22@ SLN8L  7-115-3316,685Sandy KoufaxLarry JacksonMarshall BridgesSandy KoufaxLindy McDaniel27270
1960-04-23@ SLN9L  5-95-4310,150Danny McDevittRon KlineBob DulibaLarry Sherry 3236-4
1960-04-24@ SLN10L  2-75-5316,368Johnny PodresBob MillerBob MillerJohnny PodresLindy McDaniel3443-9
1960-04-26@ CHN11W  8-16-547,610Don DrysdaleGlen HobbieDon DrysdaleGlen Hobbie 4244-2
1960-04-27@ CHN12W  9-47-546,485Roger CraigDick DrottRoger CraigDick Drott 51483
1960-04-28vs SFN13L  5-77-6433,313 Larry SherryJack SanfordJack SanfordLarry SherryMike McCormick56551
1960-04-29vs SFN14W  10-28-6446,159 Johnny PodresSam JonesJohnny PodresSam Jones 66579
1960-04-30vs SFN15L  3-68-7564,944 Don DrysdaleBilly O'DellBilly O'DellDon DrysdaleBilly Loes69636
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-05-02vs CIN16L  5-68-8514,657 Roger CraigJim O'TooleJim O'TooleRoger CraigBill Henry74695
1960-05-03vs CIN17L  3-58-9511,787 Danny McDevittJay HookJay HookEd RoebuckBill Henry77743
1960-05-04vs MLN18L  1-28-10529,232 Don DrysdaleBob BuhlBob BuhlDon Drysdale 78762
1960-05-05vs MLN19W  4-39-10517,866 Johnny PodresLew BurdetteLarry SherryDon McMahon 82793
1960-05-06vs PHI20L  1-69-11620,165 Sandy KoufaxDon CardwellTurk FarrellSandy Koufax 8385-2
1960-05-07vs PHI21W  3-210-11524,082 Stan WilliamsRobin RobertsLarry SherryRuben Gomez 8687-1
1960-05-08vs PHI22L  2-410-12520,756 Ed RakowJack MeyerJack MeyerEd RakowTurk Farrell8891-3
1960-05-09vs PIT23W  7-411-12523,417 Don DrysdaleBob FriendLarry SherryRoy Face 95950
1960-05-10vs PIT24L  2-311-13526,331 Johnny PodresVern LawVern LawJohnny Podres 9798-1
1960-05-11vs PIT25L  3-611-14527,926 Sandy KoufaxJoe GibbonRoy FaceSandy Koufax 100104-4
1960-05-13@ SFN26L  0-311-15541,867Don DrysdaleMike McCormickMike McCormickDon Drysdale 100107-7
1960-05-14@ SFN27W  2-112-15541,733Stan WilliamsBilly O'DellStan WilliamsBilly O'Dell 102108-6
1960-05-15@ SFN28L  0-212-16541,735Johnny PodresJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJohnny Podres 102110-8
1960-05-17@ MLN29W  6-413-16514,809Don DrysdaleBob BuhlLarry SherryBob Buhl 108114-6
1960-05-18@ CIN30L  4-513-1757,246Stan WilliamsJay HookBill HenryDanny McDevitt 112119-7
1960-05-19@ CIN31L  4-513-1857,355Sandy KoufaxCal McLishJim BrosnanSandy Koufax 116124-8
1960-05-20@ PHI32L  3-613-19518,681Johnny PodresGene ConleyGene ConleyJohnny Podres 119130-11
1960-05-22@ PHI33W  9-614-19512,780Stan WilliamsJack MeyerEd RoebuckRuben GomezDon Drysdale128136-8
1960-05-23@ PIT34W  1-015-19516,936Sandy KoufaxBennie DanielsSandy KoufaxBennie Daniels 129136-7
1960-05-24@ PIT35W  4-216-19522,920Johnny PodresJoe GibbonJohnny PodresJoe Gibbon 133138-5
1960-05-25@ PIT36W  5-117-19523,975Don DrysdaleJim UmbrichtDon DrysdaleJim Umbricht 138139-1
1960-05-27@ CHN37W  5-318-1955,328Stan WilliamsGlen HobbieStan WilliamsGlen HobbieLarry Sherry1431421
1960-05-28@ CHN38L  3-418-20513,605Sandy KoufaxDick EllsworthDon ElstonSandy Koufax 1461460
1960-05-29@ CHN39W  4-019-20524,214Johnny PodresDon CardwellJohnny PodresDon CardwellLarry Sherry1501464
1960-05-30vs SLN40L  3-1519-21537,082 Don DrysdaleErnie BroglioErnie BroglioDon Drysdale 153161-8
1960-05-31vs SLN41W  8-320-21515,229 Stan WilliamsRon KlineStan WilliamsRon KlineLarry Sherry161164-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-06-01vs SLN42L  2-520-22516,744 Sandy KoufaxRay SadeckiBob DulibaSandy KoufaxLindy McDaniel163169-6
1960-06-02vs CHN43L  8-1020-23614,634 Don DrysdaleDon CardwellDon CardwellDon DrysdaleMark Freeman171179-8
1960-06-03vs CHN44L  5-620-24633,573 Johnny PodresBob AndersonMoe DrabowskyDon Drysdale 176185-9
1960-06-04vs CHN45W  12-621-24524,796 Stan WilliamsGlen HobbieEd RoebuckDon Cardwell 188191-3
1960-06-05vs CHN46L  8-1221-25625,256 Sandy KoufaxMark FreemanGlen HobbieSandy KoufaxDon Elston196203-7
1960-06-07vs MLN47L  4-621-26626,639 Johnny PodresBob BuhlBob BuhlJohnny PodresDon McMahon200209-9
1960-06-08vs MLN48W  4-122-26524,639 Stan WilliamsCarl WilleyStan WilliamsDon McMahonClem Labine204210-6
1960-06-09vs MLN49L  5-622-27629,726 Don DrysdaleLew BurdetteLew BurdetteDon DrysdaleJoey Jay209216-7
1960-06-10vs CIN50L  3-422-28622,271 Sandy KoufaxBob PurkeyBob PurkeySandy KoufaxJim Brosnan212220-8
1960-06-11vs CIN51W  5-223-28632,238 Johnny PodresDon NewcombeJohnny PodresDon Newcombe 217222-5
1960-06-12vs CIN52W  3-124-28624,268 Stan WilliamsJay HookStan WilliamsJay Hook 220223-3
1960-06-14vs PHI53L  5-624-29618,031 Don DrysdaleRobin RobertsTurk FarrellClem Labine 225229-4
1960-06-15vs PHI54W  14-225-29613,295 Sandy KoufaxJim OwensSandy KoufaxJim Owens 2392318
1960-06-16vs PHI55W  10-626-29519,573 Johnny PodresJohn BuzhardtJohnny PodresJohn BuzhardtEd Roebuck24923712
1960-06-17vs PIT56L  1-226-30543,296 Stan WilliamsVern LawVern LawStan Williams 25023911
1960-06-18vs PIT57L  3-426-31650,062 Danny McDevittBob FriendRoy FaceLarry Sherry 25324310
1960-06-19vs PIT58W  8-627-31641,118 Sandy KoufaxBennie DanielsEd RoebuckBennie DanielsStan Williams26124912
1960-06-20@ MLN59L  1-427-32611,088Don DrysdaleBob BuhlJoey JayDon Drysdale 2622539
1960-06-21@ CIN60L  4-627-3369,252Johnny PodresBob PurkeyBob PurkeyJohnny PodresJim Brosnan2662597
1960-06-23@ CIN61W  6-228-3368,382Stan WilliamsJim O'TooleStan WilliamsJim O'Toole 27226111
1960-06-24@ MLN62W  5-329-33630,253Sandy KoufaxCarl WilleyEd RoebuckJoey Jay 27726413
1960-06-25@ MLN63L  2-429-34626,877Don DrysdaleBob BuhlBob BuhlDon DrysdaleWarren Spahn27926811
1960-06-26@ MLN64W  6-330-34634,147Johnny PodresLew BurdetteJohnny PodresLew Burdette 28527114
1960-06-28@ PHI65L  0-230-35622,775Stan WilliamsDallas GreenDallas GreenStan Williams 28527312
1960-06-29@ PHI66W  6-332-3560Don DrysdaleRobin RobertsLarry SherryTurk Farrell 29127615
1960-06-29@ PHI67W  5-232-35625,572Sandy KoufaxGene ConleySandy KoufaxGene ConleyEd Roebuck29627818
1960-06-30@ PHI68W  10-633-35420,859Danny McDevittJim OwensEd RoebuckJim Owens 30628422
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-07-01@ PIT69L  3-433-36627,312Johnny PodresVern LawFred GreenLarry Sherry 30928821
1960-07-02@ PIT70W  6-134-36621,496Stan WilliamsTom CheneyStan WilliamsTom Cheney 31528926
1960-07-03@ PIT71W  6-235-36526,346Don DrysdaleVinegar Bend MizellDon DrysdaleVinegar Bend Mizell 32129130
1960-07-04@ SLN72L  2-636-3750Sandy KoufaxErnie BroglioErnie BroglioLarry Sherry 32329726
1960-07-04@ SLN73W  5-436-37527,790Roger CraigRay SadeckiRoger CraigRay SadeckiEd Roebuck32830127
1960-07-05vs SFN74W  8-037-37547,698 Johnny PodresMike McCormickJohnny PodresMike McCormick 33630135
1960-07-06vs SFN75W  10-038-37451,863 Stan WilliamsBilly O'DellStan WilliamsBilly O'Dell 34630145
1960-07-07vs CHN76W  7-139-37321,279 Don DrysdaleMark FreemanDon DrysdaleMark Freeman 35330251
1960-07-08vs CHN77W  5-340-37325,540 Roger CraigBob AndersonEd RoebuckBob Anderson 35830553
1960-07-09vs SLN78L  3-440-38443,161 Johnny PodresErnie BroglioLindy McDanielLarry Sherry 36130952
1960-07-10vs SLN79W  11-741-38326,653 Stan WilliamsRon KlineEd RoebuckBob Duliba 37231656
1960-07-15@ SFN80W  5-342-38335,622Don DrysdaleSam JonesDon DrysdaleSam JonesEd Roebuck37731958
1960-07-16@ SFN81W  6-143-38331,475Stan WilliamsJack SanfordStan WilliamsJack Sanford 38332063
1960-07-17@ SFN82L  4-543-39436,253Johnny PodresMike McCormickBilly O'DellEd RoebuckBilly Loes38732562
1960-07-19vs PIT83W  5-444-39351,438 Don DrysdaleBob FriendLarry SherryFred GreenEd Roebuck39232963
1960-07-20vs PIT84W  7-545-39351,301 Stan WilliamsRed WittRoger CraigRoy Face 39933465
1960-07-21vs PIT85L  1-445-40351,193 Johnny PodresVern LawVern LawJohnny Podres 40033862
1960-07-22vs PHI86W  2-046-40321,335 Don DrysdaleGene ConleyDon DrysdaleGene Conley 40233864
1960-07-23vs PHI87W  2-047-40331,631 Roger CraigDallas GreenRoger CraigDallas Green 40433866
1960-07-24vs PHI88W  9-048-40314,027 Stan WilliamsJohn BuzhardtStan WilliamsJohn Buzhardt 41333875
1960-07-26vs CIN89L  1-448-41360,880 Johnny PodresBob PurkeyBob PurkeyJohnny Podres 41434272
1960-07-27vs CIN90W  2-049-41320,391 Don DrysdaleJim MaloneyDon DrysdaleJim Maloney 41634274
1960-07-28vs CIN91W  8-650-41320,885 Roger CraigJim O'TooleLarry SherryJim O'Toole 42434876
1960-07-29vs MLN92W  7-351-41356,648 Stan WilliamsBob BuhlStan WilliamsBob Buhl 43135180
1960-07-30vs MLN93L  7-851-42361,003 Sandy KoufaxJuan PizarroLew BurdetteLarry Sherry 43835979
1960-07-31vs MLN94W  7-552-42337,552 Don DrysdaleCarl WilleyDon DrysdaleCarl WilleyEd Roebuck44536481
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-08-02@ PIT95L  0-352-43425,876Stan WilliamsVern LawVern LawStan Williams 44536778
1960-08-03@ PIT96W  3-153-43424,819Johnny PodresBob FriendJohnny PodresBob Friend 44836880
1960-08-04@ PIT97L  1-453-44420,748Don DrysdaleRed WittRed WittDon DrysdaleRoy Face44937277
1960-08-06@ PHI98L  1-353-45422,741Stan WilliamsRobin RobertsRobin RobertsStan Williams 45037575
1960-08-07@ PHI99W  8-755-4540Roger CraigDallas GreenLarry SherryTurk Farrell 45838276
1960-08-07@ PHI100W  2-155-45422,707Sandy KoufaxJohn BuzhardtSandy KoufaxJohn Buzhardt 46038377
1960-08-08@ MLN101L  6-755-46423,697Don DrysdaleCarl WilleyGeorge BrunetEd RoebuckDon McMahon46639076
1960-08-09@ MLN102W  3-256-46425,086Johnny PodresBob BuhlJohnny PodresBob BuhlLarry Sherry46939277
1960-08-10@ MLN103W  3-257-46419,785Stan WilliamsLew BurdetteStan WilliamsLew BurdetteLarry Sherry47239478
1960-08-11@ CIN104W  3-058-4637,350Sandy KoufaxJim MaloneySandy KoufaxJim Maloney 47539481
1960-08-12@ CIN105L  2-358-47415,442Don DrysdaleJay HookJay HookDon Drysdale 47739780
1960-08-13@ CIN106L  2-658-4847,159Danny McDevittJim O'TooleJim O'TooleDanny McDevittJim Brosnan47940376
1960-08-14@ CIN107L  0-259-4940Stan WilliamsCal McLishCal McLishStan Williams 47940574
1960-08-14@ CIN108W  9-559-49423,974Johnny PodresClaude OsteenLarry SherryJoe Nuxhall 48841078
1960-08-16@ CHN109W  7-560-49413,139Sandy KoufaxDon CardwellLarry SherryDon Elston 49541580
1960-08-17@ CHN110L  0-160-50410,901Don DrysdaleGlen HobbieGlen HobbieDon Drysdale 49541679
1960-08-18@ CHN111W  4-361-5038,632Roger CraigBob AndersonSandy KoufaxMark Freeman 49941980
1960-08-19@ SLN112L  0-161-51422,250Johnny PodresLarry JacksonLarry JacksonJohnny Podres 49942079
1960-08-20@ SLN113W  2-162-51315,217Danny McDevittCurt SimmonsLarry SherryCurt Simmons 50142180
1960-08-21@ SLN114L  0-262-52421,696Sandy KoufaxErnie BroglioErnie BroglioSandy KoufaxLindy McDaniel50142378
1960-08-22vs SFN115W  8-563-52437,681 Don DrysdaleStu MillerLarry SherryStu Miller 50942881
1960-08-23vs MLN116L  0-763-53431,681 Stan WilliamsLew BurdetteLew BurdetteStan Williams 50943574
1960-08-24vs MLN117W  5-364-53427,626 Johnny PodresBob BuhlJohnny PodresBob Buhl 51443876
1960-08-25vs MLN118L  2-464-54429,923 Sandy KoufaxJoey JayJoey JaySandy KoufaxDon McMahon51644274
1960-08-26vs CIN119W  10-166-5440 Roger CraigJay HookRoger CraigJay Hook 52644383
1960-08-26vs CIN120W  2-066-54451,044 Don DrysdaleCal McLishDon DrysdaleCal McLish 52844385
1960-08-28vs CIN121L  3-966-55422,124 Stan WilliamsBob PurkeyBob PurkeyStan Williams 53145279
1960-08-29vs PIT122L  2-1066-56437,369 Johnny PodresVern LawVern LawJohnny Podres 53346271
1960-08-30vs PIT123L  2-566-57440,143 Sandy KoufaxBob FriendBob FriendSandy KoufaxRoy Face53546768
1960-08-31vs PHI124W  3-167-57412,586 Roger CraigJohn BuzhardtRoger CraigJohn Buzhardt 53846870
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-09-01vs PHI125W  3-268-57428,946 Don DrysdaleGene ConleyDon DrysdaleTurk Farrell 54147071
1960-09-02@ SFN126L  3-468-58420,738Johnny PodresJack SanfordJack SanfordJohnny PodresBilly O'Dell54447470
1960-09-03@ SFN127L  0-168-59421,021Sandy KoufaxMike McCormickMike McCormickSandy Koufax 54447569
1960-09-04@ SFN128L  3-868-60433,343Danny McDevittSam JonesSam JonesDanny McDevittJohnny Antonelli54748364
1960-09-05vs SFN129L  8-1269-6140 Stan WilliamsBilly O'DellStu MillerStan Williams 55549560
1960-09-05vs SFN130W  4-369-61453,469 Roger CraigJuan MarichalRoger CraigJuan Marichal 55949861
1960-09-06vs SFN131W  7-070-6149,753 Don DrysdaleGeorges MarandaDon DrysdaleGeorges Maranda 56649868
1960-09-07@ CIN132L  3-470-6244,461Johnny PodresCal McLishMarshall BridgesDanny McDevitt 56950267
1960-09-08@ CIN133W  7-471-6244,604Sandy KoufaxJay HookSandy KoufaxJay Hook 57650670
1960-09-09@ MLN134W  5-372-62419,732Stan WilliamsBob BuhlStan WilliamsBob BuhlLarry Sherry58150972
1960-09-10@ MLN135L  8-1072-63420,484Roger CraigJoey JayJoey JayRoger CraigRon Piche58951970
1960-09-11@ MLN136W  2-073-63424,778Don DrysdaleLew BurdetteDon DrysdaleLew Burdette 59151972
1960-09-13@ PHI137W  2-175-6340Johnny PodresGene ConleyJohnny PodresGene ConleyLarry Sherry59352073
1960-09-13@ PHI138W  4-175-6347,559Sandy KoufaxArt MahaffeySandy KoufaxArt Mahaffey 59752176
1960-09-14@ PIT139W  5-276-63428,547Stan WilliamsVern LawStan WilliamsVern Law 60252379
1960-09-15@ PIT140L  1-376-64412,511Roger CraigBob FriendBob FriendRoger Craig 60352677
1960-09-16@ CHN141W  5-477-6441,519Don DrysdaleDick EllsworthLarry SherryJoe Schaffernoth 60853078
1960-09-17@ CHN142L  3-777-6546,895Sandy KoufaxDon CardwellDon CardwellSandy Koufax 61153774
1960-09-18@ CHN143L  2-577-6648,771Johnny PodresBob AndersonBob AndersonJohnny PodresMel Wright61354271
1960-09-19@ SLN144L  0-177-67410,265Stan WilliamsBob MillerBob MillerStan WilliamsLindy McDaniel61354370
1960-09-20@ SLN145L  2-377-68411,711Roger CraigCurt SimmonsLindy McDanielLarry Sherry 61554669
1960-09-21@ SLN146W  5-378-68414,844Don DrysdaleLarry JacksonJohnny PodresRon Kline 62054971
1960-09-25vs SFN147L  9-1378-69425,056 Stan WilliamsJuan MarichalJuan MarichalStan WilliamsJohnny Antonelli62956267
1960-09-26vs SFN148L  2-678-70415,865 Don DrysdaleMike McCormickMike McCormickDon DrysdaleStu Miller63156863
1960-09-27vs SLN149W  5-179-70412,878 Roger CraigErnie BroglioRoger CraigErnie Broglio 63656967
1960-09-28vs SLN150W  4-280-70412,506 Johnny PodresBob MillerJohnny PodresBob MillerEd Roebuck64057169
1960-09-29vs SLN151L  3-480-71413,969 Sandy KoufaxLarry JacksonLarry JacksonLarry SherryLindy McDaniel64357568
1960-09-30vs CHN152W  7-581-71414,205 Jim GoldenGlen HobbieJim GoldenMel WrightDon Drysdale65058070
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-10-01vs CHN153L  8-1081-72418,817 Phil OrtegaDick EllsworthGlen HobbieEd PalmquistBob Anderson65859068
1960-10-02vs CHN154W  4-382-72415,266 Ed RakowDick DrottDon DrysdaleDon Cardwell 66259369

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