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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  71-83   .461
Result:   6th in American League
Manager(s):  Jimmy Dykes, Joe Gordon, Billy Hitchcock
General Manager:   Rick Ferrell
Stadium:  Briggs Stadium
Attendance:  1,167,669
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  George Spencer (33)
Youngest Player:  Dick McAuliffe (20)
Longest Tenure:  Al Kaline (8)
Top Hitter:  Eddie Yost (18)
Top Pitcher:  Jim Bunning (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  75.51%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9757.630--
Chi White Sox8767.56510.0
KC Athletics5896.37739.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-04-19@ CLE1W  4-21-0352,756Frank LaryGary BellPete BurnsideMudcat Grant 422
1960-04-20@ CLE2W  6-42-024,836Don MossiJim PerryTom MorganJim PerryPaul Foytack1064
1960-04-22vs CHA3W  6-53-0153,563 Jim BunningDick DonovanTom MorganBob Shaw 16115
1960-04-23vs CHA4W  6-24-0114,816 Frank LaryBilly PierceFrank LaryBilly Pierce 22139
1960-04-24vs CHA5W  12-45-0135,680 Paul FoytackEarly WynnPaul FoytackEarly Wynn 341717
1960-04-26vs CLE6L  1-25-1110,325 Jim BunningWynn HawkinsWynn HawkinsDave SislerJim Perry351916
1960-04-27@ KC17L  1-35-217,991Hank AguirreRay HerbertRay HerbertHank Aguirre 362214
1960-04-28@ KC18L  1-25-316,364Don MossiDick HallDick HallDon Mossi 372413
1960-04-29@ CHA9L  1-35-4220,408Frank LaryEarly WynnTurk LownFrank Lary 382711
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-05-01@ CHA10L  3-65-660Jim BunningBob ShawGerry StaleyJim Bunning 41338
1960-05-01@ CHA11L  2-55-6629,586Paul FoytackDick DonovanFrank BaumannPaul Foytack 43385
1960-05-03@ NYA12L  3-105-7713,374Don MossiWhitey FordArt DitmarDon MossiRyne Duren4648-2
1960-05-04@ NYA13L  2-45-889,416Frank LaryBill ShortBill ShortFrank Lary 4852-4
1960-05-06@ BOS14L  2-35-983,987Jim BunningFrank SullivanTom BrewerJim Bunning 5055-5
1960-05-07@ BOS15L  0-55-10811,619Paul FoytackBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquettePaul Foytack 5060-10
1960-05-10@ WS116W  1-06-1074,460Don MossiTex ClevengerDon MossiTex Clevenger 5160-9
1960-05-11@ WS117W  1-07-1063,287Frank LaryPedro RamosFrank LaryPedro Ramos 5260-8
1960-05-13vs KC118W  4-38-10619,870 Jim BunningRay HerbertHank AguirreDon Larsen 5663-7
1960-05-14vs KC119W  7-69-1067,020 Paul FoytackJohnny KucksDave SislerKen JohnsonHank Aguirre6369-6
1960-05-15vs KC120L  0-59-1260 Don MossiBud DaleyBud DaleyDon Mossi 6374-11
1960-05-15vs KC121L  4-59-12635,206 Pete BurnsideDick HallBob TrowbridgePaul Foytack 6779-12
1960-05-17vs WS122W  3-110-1267,669 Frank LaryPedro RamosFrank LaryPedro Ramos 7080-10
1960-05-18vs WS123L  0-310-1364,904 Jim BunningCamilo PascualCamilo PascualDave Sisler 7083-13
1960-05-20vs BAL24W  4-311-13517,159 Don MossiJerry WalkerTom MorganMilt Pappas 7486-12
1960-05-21vs BAL25L  4-711-1457,230 Frank LaryArnie PortocarreroGordon JonesFrank Lary 7893-15
1960-05-22vs BOS26W  6-213-1450 Jim BunningTom BrewerJim BunningTom Brewer 8495-11
1960-05-22vs BOS27W  5-213-14523,317 Hank AguirreFrank SullivanHank AguirreFrank SullivanPete Burnside8997-8
1960-05-24vs NYA28W  4-014-14534,489 Don MossiBill ShortDon MossiBill Short 9397-4
1960-05-25vs NYA29W  9-315-14412,363 Frank LaryRalph TerryFrank LaryRalph Terry 1021002
1960-05-28vs CLE30W  4-316-14412,399 Jim BunningGary BellPete BurnsideJohnny Klippstein 1061033
1960-05-29vs CLE31W  6-517-1550 Don MossiWynn HawkinsRay SemprochDick Stigman 1121084
1960-05-29vs CLE32L  4-617-15542,670 Frank LaryMudcat GrantJohn BriggsFrank LaryDick Stigman1161142
1960-05-30@ KC133L  6-717-1750Hank AguirreJohnny KucksBud DaleyBob Bruce 1221211
1960-05-30@ KC134L  2-817-17515,371Paul FoytackDon LarsenBob GiggiePaul FoytackMarty Kutyna124129-5
1960-05-31@ KC135L  1-217-1858,027Pete BurnsideDick HallDick HallPete Burnside 125131-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-06-01vs CHA36L  0-617-19520,772 Jim BunningFrank BaumannFrank BaumannJim Bunning 125137-12
1960-06-02vs CHA37W  4-318-19518,139 Don MossiDick DonovanRay SemprochRuss Kemmerer 129140-11
1960-06-03@ CLE38L  2-618-20521,881Frank LaryJim PerryJim PerryFrank LaryJohnny Klippstein131146-15
1960-06-04@ CLE39W  7-419-2057,349Paul FoytackBarry LatmanDave SislerDick Stigman 138150-12
1960-06-05@ CLE40W  7-220-2150Jim BunningGary BellJim BunningGary Bell 145152-7
1960-06-05@ CLE41L  0-920-21526,437Pete BurnsideBobby LockeBobby LockePete Burnside 145161-16
1960-06-07@ BAL42W  5-221-21530,579Don MossiHoyt WilhelmDon MossiHoyt Wilhelm 150163-13
1960-06-08@ BAL43W  2-022-21512,984Frank LaryJack FisherFrank LaryJack Fisher 152163-11
1960-06-09@ BAL44W  7-524-2140Paul FoytackMilt PappasDave SislerArnie Portocarrero 159168-9
1960-06-09@ BAL45W  7-424-21417,489Pete BurnsideHal BrownPete BurnsideHal BrownHank Aguirre166172-6
1960-06-10@ WS146W  7-425-2149,392Jim BunningChuck StobbsJim BunningChuck StobbsHank Aguirre173176-3
1960-06-11@ WS147L  7-825-2254,793Don MossiBill FischerBill FischerDon MossiTex Clevenger180184-4
1960-06-12@ WS148L  3-826-2340Hank AguirreCamilo PascualCamilo PascualHank AguirreDon Lee183192-9
1960-06-12@ WS149W  12-526-23415,225Frank LaryHal WoodeshickFrank LaryHal WoodeshickTom Morgan195197-2
1960-06-14vs BOS50W  2-127-2347,019 Jim BunningBill MonbouquetteJim BunningBill MonbouquettePete Burnside197198-1
1960-06-15vs BOS51L  3-427-2456,018 Don MossiTom BrewerMike FornielesTom Morgan 200202-2
1960-06-16vs BOS52W  6-528-2456,018 Paul FoytackJerry CasaleDave SislerDave Hillman 206207-1
1960-06-17vs BAL53L  1-328-25529,079 Frank LaryJerry WalkerJerry WalkerFrank LaryGordon Jones207210-3
1960-06-18vs BAL54W  5-329-25416,274 Pete BurnsideChuck EstradaRay SemprochBilly Hoeft 212213-1
1960-06-19vs BAL55L  0-229-2740 Jim BunningHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmJim Bunning 212215-3
1960-06-19vs BAL56L  0-129-27438,109 Don MossiMilt PappasMilt PappasDon Mossi 212216-4
1960-06-21vs NYA57L  0-629-28539,311 Frank LaryWhitey FordWhitey FordFrank Lary 212222-10
1960-06-22vs NYA58L  3-729-29530,394 Paul FoytackArt DitmarArt DitmarPaul FoytackRyne Duren215229-14
1960-06-23vs NYA59W  2-130-29514,825 Don MossiBob TurleyDon MossiRyne Duren 217230-13
1960-06-24vs WS160W  4-031-29515,343 Jim BunningDon LeeJim BunningDon Lee 221230-9
1960-06-25vs WS161L  4-631-3059,071 Bob BruceHal WoodeshickChuck StobbsPete BurnsideRay Moore225236-11
1960-06-26vs WS162L  2-431-3250 Frank LaryPedro RamosPedro RamosFrank LaryDon Lee227240-13
1960-06-26vs WS163L  4-731-32521,873 Paul FoytackBill FischerBill FischerPaul FoytackRay Moore231247-16
1960-06-28@ BOS64W  10-132-32520,366Don MossiIke DelockDon MossiIke Delock 241248-7
1960-06-29@ BOS65L  2-432-3355,829Jim BunningBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteJim Bunning 243252-9
1960-06-30@ BOS66L  7-1132-3454,170Bob BruceTom BrewerTom SturdivantPaul FoytackMike Fornieles250263-13
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-07-02@ NYA67L  6-732-35527,916Frank LaryWhitey FordJohnny JamesTom Morgan 256270-14
1960-07-03@ NYA68L  6-732-3750Don MossiBob TurleyJohn GablerDon MossiRyne Duren262277-15
1960-07-03@ NYA69L  2-632-37551,593Pete BurnsideArt DitmarArt DitmarPete Burnside 264283-19
1960-07-04vs CHA70W  3-034-3750 Jim BunningFrank BaumannJim BunningFrank Baumann 267283-16
1960-07-04vs CHA71W  3-234-37526,951 Bob BruceBob ShawDave SislerBob Shaw 270285-15
1960-07-06vs KC172L  4-634-38518,325 Frank LaryBud DaleyBud DaleyFrank Lary 274291-17
1960-07-07vs KC173W  6-335-3856,998 Don MossiDon LarsenDon MossiDon Larsen 280294-14
1960-07-08@ KC174L  4-535-3957,023Jim BunningRay HerbertJohnny KucksDave Sisler 284299-15
1960-07-09@ KC175W  6-136-3959,337Pete BurnsideDick HallPete BurnsideDick Hall 290300-10
1960-07-10@ KC176W  12-1037-39510,127Frank LaryBud DaleyDon MossiDick Hall 302310-8
1960-07-15vs NYA77W  8-438-39545,714 Don MossiArt DitmarDon MossiArt Ditmar 310314-4
1960-07-16vs NYA78L  2-1138-40522,710 Jim BunningBob TurleyBob TurleyJim Bunning 312325-13
1960-07-17vs NYA79W  12-240-4050 Frank LaryRalph TerryFrank LaryRalph Terry 324327-3
1960-07-17vs NYA80W  3-240-40542,596 Pete BurnsideEli GrbaPete BurnsideBobby Shantz 327329-2
1960-07-19vs WS181L  0-540-41529,022 Don MossiPedro RamosPedro RamosDon Mossi 327334-7
1960-07-20vs WS182L  6-840-4267,584 Jim BunningHal WoodeshickDon LeeJim BunningRay Moore333342-9
1960-07-21vs WS183W  9-541-4256,251 Frank LaryTex ClevengerFrank LaryTex ClevengerDave Sisler342347-5
1960-07-22@ BAL84L  1-241-43524,892Pete BurnsideSteve BarberJack FisherPete Burnside 343349-6
1960-07-23@ BAL85W  4-142-4460Hank AguirreJerry WalkerHank AguirreJerry Walker 347350-3
1960-07-23@ BAL86L  3-442-44625,276Phil ReganHal BrownHoyt WilhelmPhil Regan 350354-4
1960-07-24@ BAL87L  1-242-4567,177Jim BunningChuck EstradaChuck EstradaDave Sisler 351356-5
1960-07-26@ WS188W  5-343-45511,613Frank LaryPedro RamosFrank LaryPedro RamosClem Labine356359-3
1960-07-27@ WS189L  4-543-4665,500Pete BurnsideJack KralickTom MorganClem Labine 360364-4
1960-07-28@ WS190L  5-643-4767,749Phil ReganTex ClevengerChuck StobbsBill Fischer 365370-5
1960-07-29@ BOS91L  0-143-48624,627Jim BunningBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteJim Bunning 365371-6
1960-07-31@ BOS92W  9-644-4960Frank LaryFrank SullivanFrank LaryFrank SullivanClem Labine374377-3
1960-07-31@ BOS93L  4-844-49630,334Phil ReganBilly MuffettBilly MuffettPhil ReganMike Fornieles378385-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-08-01@ NYA94L  2-344-50619,840Pete BurnsideRalph TerryRalph TerryPete BurnsideLuis Arroyo380388-8
1960-08-02@ NYA95L  2-344-52626,885Don MossiBob TurleyBobby ShantzClem Labine 382391-9
1960-08-02@ NYA96L  2-344-52615,572Jim BunningWhitey FordDuke MaasBob Bruce 384394-10
1960-08-03@ NYA97W  12-245-52623,283Hank AguirreJim CoatesHank AguirreJim CoatesPhil Regan3963960
1960-08-05vs BOS98L  2-445-53632,040 Frank LaryIke DelockIke DelockFrank LaryMike Fornieles398400-2
1960-08-06vs BOS99L  9-1145-54611,190 Pete BurnsideFrank SullivanTom SturdivantClem LabineTom Borland407411-4
1960-08-07vs BOS100W  7-246-5560 Jim BunningTom BrewerJim BunningTom Brewer 4144131
1960-08-07vs BOS101L  0-146-55618,163 Bob BruceBilly MuffettBilly MuffettBob Bruce 4144140
1960-08-09vs BAL102L  0-346-56622,007 Frank LaryChuck EstradaChuck EstradaFrank Lary 414417-3
1960-08-10vs BAL103L  2-446-5767,984 Pete BurnsideJerry WalkerJerry WalkerPete BurnsideHoyt Wilhelm416421-5
1960-08-11vs BAL104L  1-646-5868,193 Don MossiJack FisherJack FisherDon Mossi 417427-10
1960-08-12@ CLE105W  6-447-58618,559Jim BunningMudcat GrantDave SislerJohnny Klippstein 423431-8
1960-08-13@ CLE106L  1-247-5968,117Frank LaryJim PerryJim PerryFrank Lary 424433-9
1960-08-14@ CLE107W  6-149-5960Bill FischerDick StigmanBill FischerDick Stigman 430434-4
1960-08-14@ CLE108W  3-249-59618,564Paul FoytackBarry LatmanPaul FoytackBarry LatmanHank Aguirre433436-3
1960-08-15@ CHA109W  4-150-59629,868Bob BruceHerb ScoreBob BruceHerb Score 4374370
1960-08-16@ CHA110L  2-350-60639,462Jim BunningFrank BaumannFrank BaumannJim Bunning 439440-1
1960-08-17vs KC1111W  5-251-60614,364 Frank LaryRay HerbertFrank LaryRay Herbert 4444422
1960-08-18vs KC1112W  11-652-6062,238 Pete BurnsideBud DaleyPete BurnsideBud DaleyDave Sisler4554487
1960-08-19vs CLE113W  5-353-60633,065 Bill FischerBobby LockeBill FischerBobby LockeHank Aguirre4604519
1960-08-20vs CLE114W  4-254-60614,619 Bob BruceBarry LatmanBob BruceBarry LatmanHank Aguirre46445311
1960-08-21vs CLE115W  6-456-6060 Jim BunningJim PerryJim BunningJim PerryPaul Foytack47045713
1960-08-21vs CLE116W  6-456-60628,891 Frank LaryGary BellPete BurnsideDon Newcombe 47646115
1960-08-23@ BAL117W  5-357-60616,665Phil ReganMilt PappasBill FischerWes Stock 48146417
1960-08-24@ BAL118L  2-957-61615,147Bob BruceJack FisherJack FisherBob Bruce 48347310
1960-08-25@ BAL119L  3-957-62614,941Frank LaryChuck EstradaChuck EstradaFrank Lary 4864824
1960-08-26@ WS1120L  4-557-63611,626Jim BunningPedro RamosPedro RamosJim Bunning 4904873
1960-08-27@ WS1121L  1-457-6466,686Bob BruceDon LeeDon LeeBob BruceRay Moore4914910
1960-08-28@ NYA122W  6-258-6560Don MossiEli GrbaDon MossiEli GrbaHank Aguirre4974934
1960-08-28@ NYA123L  5-858-65647,971Phil ReganArt DitmarArt DitmarPhil ReganBobby Shantz5025011
1960-08-30@ BOS124L  4-558-6760Frank LaryBill MonbouquetteTed WillsPaul Foytack 5065060
1960-08-30@ BOS125L  2-358-67627,176Jim BunningEarl WilsonTom SturdivantJim Bunning 508509-1
1960-08-31@ BOS126W  4-259-67614,562Bob BruceIke DelockBob BruceIke DelockHank Aguirre5125111
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-09-02@ CHA127L  5-759-68633,617Phil ReganHerb ScoreGerry StaleyPaul Foytack 517518-1
1960-09-03@ CHA128L  1-459-69616,429Frank LaryEarly WynnEarly WynnFrank Lary 518522-4
1960-09-04@ CHA129W  6-460-7060Jim BunningFrank BaumannJim BunningFrank BaumannDave Sisler524526-2
1960-09-04@ CHA130L  4-560-70633,032Bob BruceBilly PierceAl WorthingtonGeorge Spencer 528531-3
1960-09-05vs CLE131W  4-361-7160 Bill FischerMudcat GrantBill FischerMudcat GrantFrank Lary532534-2
1960-09-05vs CLE132L  2-461-71622,475 Paul FoytackBarry LatmanBarry LatmanPaul Foytack 534538-4
1960-09-06vs CLE133L  8-1061-7269,257 Pete BurnsideBobby LockeFrank FunkDave Sisler 542548-6
1960-09-07vs BOS134L  4-561-73611,868 Frank LaryFrank SullivanFrank SullivanFrank LaryMike Fornieles546553-7
1960-09-08vs BOS135L  1-661-7462,276 Jim BunningTom BrewerTom BrewerJim Bunning 547559-12
1960-09-09vs NYA136L  1-461-75622,397 Bob BruceBill StaffordBill StaffordBob Bruce 548563-15
1960-09-10vs NYA137L  1-561-76710,815 Paul FoytackBob TurleyBob TurleyPaul Foytack 549568-19
1960-09-11vs WS1138W  8-363-7660 Frank LaryChuck StobbsFrank LaryChuck Stobbs 557571-14
1960-09-11vs WS1139W  8-563-7669,270 Bill FischerDon LeeBill FischerTex ClevengerHank Aguirre565576-11
1960-09-13vs BAL140W  3-164-7667,827 Jim BunningMilt PappasJim BunningMilt Pappas 568577-9
1960-09-14vs BAL141L  10-1164-7763,182 Bob BruceJack FisherChuck EstradaHank AguirreSteve Barber578588-10
1960-09-16vs CHA142W  4-365-77611,641 Frank LaryEarly WynnFrank LaryGerry Staley 582591-9
1960-09-17vs CHA143L  4-865-7865,849 Bill FischerBilly PierceBilly PierceBill FischerMike Garcia586599-13
1960-09-18vs CHA144L  4-866-7960 Jim BunningFrank BaumannFrank BaumannJim Bunning 590607-17
1960-09-18vs CHA145W  7-666-79614,260 Bob BruceRuss KemmererHank AguirreTurk LownDave Sisler597613-16
1960-09-20@ CLE146W  9-167-7964,308Frank LaryJim PerryFrank LaryJim Perry 606614-8
1960-09-23vs KC1147L  1-467-8061,050 Jim BunningNed GarverNed GarverJim Bunning 607618-11
1960-09-24vs KC1148L  3-667-8163,139 Bob BruceDick HallDick HallBob Bruce 610624-14
1960-09-25vs KC1149W  6-568-8166,200 Frank LaryJohnny KucksDave SislerKen Johnson 616629-13
1960-09-26@ CHA150L  3-668-8265,454Bill FischerFrank BaumannFrank BaumannBill Fischer 619635-16
1960-09-27@ CHA151W  2-069-82610,096Jim BunningEarly WynnJim BunningEarly Wynn 621635-14
1960-09-30@ KC1152W  5-370-8264,679Frank LaryDick HallFrank LaryDick HallHank Aguirre626638-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1960-10-01@ KC1153W  6-471-8264,691Bob BruceBud DaleyBob BruceBud DaleyDave Sisler632642-10
1960-10-02@ KC1154L  1-271-8369,630Phil ReganRay HerbertRay HerbertPhil ReganDave Wickersham633644-11

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