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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Philadelphia,PA
Team Record:  69-85   .448
Result:   8th in National League
Manager(s):  Mayo Smith, Eddie Sawyer
General Manager:   Roy Hamey
Stadium:  Connie Mack Stadium
Attendance:  931,110
Playoffs:  -

Philadelphia Phillies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Philley (38)
Youngest Player:  Jimmie Coker (22)
Longest Tenure:  Granny Hamner (15)
Top Hitter:  Richie Ashburn (3)
Top Pitcher:  Robin Roberts (4)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  90.09%
National League Standings
SF Giants8074.51912.0
Chi Cubs7282.46820.0
St. Louis7282.46820.0
LA Dodgers7183.46121.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-04-15@ CIN1W  5-41-0232,849Robin RobertsBrooks LawrenceRay SemprochBill Wight 541
1958-04-18vs MLN2L  2-41-1531,624 Jack SanfordBob BuhlBob BuhlJack SanfordDon McMahon78-1
1958-04-19vs MLN3L  0-51-268,579 Curt SimmonsWarren SpahnWarren SpahnCurt Simmons 713-6
1958-04-20vs MLN4W  3-22-2516,366 Robin RobertsBob TrowbridgeRobin RobertsBob Rush 1015-5
1958-04-21vs CIN5L  2-42-3511,764 Ray SemprochBob KellyHal JeffcoatJim HearnJohnny Klippstein1219-7
1958-04-23vs PIT6W  8-13-347,668 Jack SanfordRon BlackburnJack SanfordRon Blackburn 20200
1958-04-24vs PIT7L  4-73-457,456 Curt SimmonsBob FriendBob FriendCurt SimmonsRoy Face2427-3
1958-04-25@ MLN8L  0-43-5715,891Robin RobertsBob RushBob RushRobin Roberts 2431-7
1958-04-26@ MLN9L  2-43-6715,391Ray SemprochBob BuhlBob BuhlRay Semproch 2635-9
1958-04-27@ MLN10W  6-24-6718,408Jack SanfordLew BurdetteJack SanfordLew Burdette 3237-5
1958-04-29@ SFN11W  7-45-666,801Curt SimmonsRamon MonzantCurt SimmonsRamon MonzantTurk Farrell3941-2
1958-04-30@ SFN12L  1-105-767,886Robin RobertsJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliRobin Roberts 4051-11
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-05-01@ SFN13W  7-06-766,728Ray SemprochRuben GomezRay SemprochRuben Gomez 4751-4
1958-05-02@ SFN14L  2-46-8613,486Jack SanfordMike McCormickMike McCormickJack SanfordMarv Grissom4955-6
1958-05-03@ SFN15W  4-27-8613,073Curt SimmonsRamon MonzantCurt SimmonsRamon MonzantTurk Farrell5357-4
1958-05-04@ LAN16L  7-87-1070Robin RobertsCarl ErskineDon BessentRobin RobertsEd Roebuck6065-5
1958-05-04@ LAN17L  2-157-10738,453Warren HackerDanny McDevittDanny McDevittWarren Hacker 6280-18
1958-05-05@ LAN18W  8-38-10618,075Ray SemprochDon DrysdaleRay SemprochDon Drysdale 7083-13
1958-05-06@ LAN19L  6-78-11715,799Jack SanfordSandy KoufaxDon DrysdaleTurk Farrell 7690-14
1958-05-07@ LAN20W  9-39-1168,192Curt SimmonsFred KippCurt SimmonsFred Kipp 8593-8
1958-05-09@ PIT21L  0-19-12621,304Robin RobertsRon KlineRon KlineRobin Roberts 8594-9
1958-05-10@ PIT22L  4-149-13611,807Ray SemprochVern LawVern LawRay Semproch 89108-19
1958-05-11@ PIT23L  4-109-1570Jack SanfordBob FriendBob FriendJack Sanford 93118-25
1958-05-11@ PIT24L  0-19-15720,544Curt SimmonsBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldCurt Simmons 93119-26
1958-05-13vs MLN25W  5-210-15613,906 Robin RobertsBob BuhlRobin RobertsBob Buhl 98121-23
1958-05-14vs MLN26L  1-410-16713,803 Ray SemprochWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRay Semproch 99125-26
1958-05-16vs PIT27W  6-211-16712,401 Curt SimmonsBob PorterfieldCurt SimmonsBob Porterfield 105127-22
1958-05-17vs PIT28W  4-312-1666,262 Robin RobertsBennie DanielsRobin RobertsBennie Daniels 109130-21
1958-05-18vs PIT29W  6-414-1640 Jack SanfordRon KlineJack SanfordRon KlineTurk Farrell115134-19
1958-05-18vs PIT30W  6-214-16419,068 Ray SemprochVern LawRay SemprochVern Law 121136-15
1958-05-20vs SLN31L  0-514-17514,669 Curt SimmonsLindy McDanielLindy McDanielCurt Simmons 121141-20
1958-05-21vs SLN32W  1-015-17416,621 Robin RobertsSam JonesRobin RobertsSam Jones 122141-19
1958-05-22vs CHN33L  4-715-1855,819 Jack SanfordMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyJack SanfordDon Elston126148-22
1958-05-23vs CHN34L  4-1115-19510,664 Ray SemprochGlen HobbieGlen HobbieRay Semproch 130159-29
1958-05-24vs CHN35W  5-416-1955,210 Curt SimmonsDick DrottTurk FarrellDon Elston 135163-28
1958-05-26vs LAN36L  1-216-20512,807 Robin RobertsCarl ErskineCarl ErskineRobin Roberts 136165-29
1958-05-27vs SFN37W  5-117-20415,718 Jack SanfordStu MillerJack SanfordStu Miller 141166-25
1958-05-28vs SFN38L  6-717-21510,561 Ray SemprochJohnny AntonelliMarv GrissomTurk Farrell 147173-26
1958-05-30vs CIN39L  1-1017-22711,129 Curt SimmonsHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixCurt Simmons 148183-35
1958-05-31vs CIN40W  5-418-2266,641 Robin RobertsJoe NuxhallRobin RobertsJoe Nuxhall 153187-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-06-01vs CIN41L  1-218-2470 Jack SanfordBob PurkeyBob PurkeyJack Sanford 154189-35
1958-06-01vs CIN42L  11-1218-24720,028 Ray SemprochBrooks LawrenceJoe NuxhallTurk Farrell 165201-36
1958-06-03@ CHN43L  4-1218-2575,071Curt SimmonsTaylor PhillipsTaylor PhillipsCurt Simmons 169213-44
1958-06-04@ CHN44L  5-1118-2675,289Robin RobertsMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyRobin Roberts 174224-50
1958-06-05@ CHN45W  7-619-2673,046Jack SanfordGlen HobbieRay SemprochDon ElstonTurk Farrell181230-49
1958-06-06@ SLN46L  1-319-27717,559Seth MoreheadSam JonesSam JonesSeth Morehead 182233-51
1958-06-07@ SLN47W  15-620-27710,839Curt SimmonsLindy McDanielCurt SimmonsLindy McDaniel 197239-42
1958-06-08@ SLN48L  5-621-2880Robin RobertsLarry JacksonBilly MuffettJack Meyer 202245-43
1958-06-08@ SLN49W  6-421-28822,022Jack SanfordJim BrosnanTurk FarrellLindy McDaniel 208249-41
1958-06-10@ LAN50W  3-222-28719,671Ray SemprochDon NewcombeRay SemprochDon Newcombe 211251-40
1958-06-11@ LAN51L  4-722-29816,236Curt SimmonsDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJim Hearn 215258-43
1958-06-12@ LAN52W  4-323-2979,899Jack SanfordStan WilliamsTurk FarrellStan Williams 219261-42
1958-06-13@ SFN53L  1-623-30818,068Robin RobertsJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliRobin Roberts 220267-47
1958-06-14@ SFN54W  3-224-30816,363Ray SemprochMike McCormickRay SemprochRamon Monzant 223269-46
1958-06-15@ SFN55L  1-324-31822,462Curt SimmonsAl WorthingtonAl WorthingtonCurt Simmons 224272-48
1958-06-17vs LAN56W  9-625-31716,823 Jack SanfordDon DrysdaleJack SanfordClem LabineTurk Farrell233278-45
1958-06-18vs LAN57L  0-325-32811,399 Robin RobertsStan WilliamsStan WilliamsRobin Roberts 233281-48
1958-06-19vs LAN58W  9-326-32713,506 Ray SemprochJohnny PodresRay SemprochJohnny Podres 242284-42
1958-06-20vs SFN59W  5-427-32714,877 Curt SimmonsMike McCormickJim HearnRuben Gomez 247288-41
1958-06-22vs SFN60L  4-528-3370 Seth MoreheadRamon MonzantJohnny AntonelliRay Semproch 251293-42
1958-06-22vs SFN61W  3-228-33730,454 Robin RobertsRuben GomezRobin RobertsRuben Gomez 254295-41
1958-06-24vs CHN62L  0-328-34721,656 Jack SanfordJohn BriggsJohn BriggsJack Sanford 254298-44
1958-06-25vs CHN63W  5-429-34711,796 Ray SemprochTaylor PhillipsTurk FarrellDon Elston 259302-43
1958-06-27vs SLN64W  5-430-34724,918 Robin RobertsJim BrosnanTurk FarrellBilly Muffett 264306-42
1958-06-28vs SLN65L  1-830-35711,010 Curt SimmonsSal MaglieSal MaglieCurt Simmons 265314-49
1958-06-29vs SLN66W  5-431-3670 Seth MoreheadSam JonesJack MeyerLarry Jackson 270318-48
1958-06-29vs SLN67L  3-431-36727,554 Jack SanfordVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellJack SanfordJim Brosnan273322-49
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-07-01@ PIT68W  4-232-36717,990Ray SemprochBob FriendRay SemprochBob Friend 277324-47
1958-07-03@ MLN69W  3-133-36717,624Robin RobertsCarl WilleyRobin RobertsCarl Willey 280325-45
1958-07-04@ MLN70W  5-135-3650Curt SimmonsBob RushCurt SimmonsBob RushTurk Farrell285326-41
1958-07-04@ MLN71W  4-035-36523,706Jack SanfordWarren SpahnJack SanfordWarren Spahn 289326-37
1958-07-05@ CIN72W  8-536-3656,954Jack MeyerHarvey HaddixTurk FarrellWillard Schmidt 297331-34
1958-07-06@ CIN73W  7-137-3750Ray SemprochBrooks LawrenceRay SemprochBrooks Lawrence 304332-28
1958-07-06@ CIN74L  4-1137-37514,851Seth MoreheadJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallSeth MoreheadHal Jeffcoat308343-35
1958-07-10@ SLN75W  13-338-37517,619Robin RobertsSal MaglieRobin RobertsSal Maglie 321346-25
1958-07-11@ SLN76L  2-638-38516,095Jack SanfordSam JonesSam JonesJack Sanford 323352-29
1958-07-12@ CHN77W  12-239-38417,114Ray SemprochDick DrottRay SemprochDick Drott 335354-19
1958-07-13@ CHN78L  2-339-4050Jack MeyerJohn BriggsJohn BriggsJack Meyer 337357-20
1958-07-13@ CHN79L  1-239-40530,415Curt SimmonsDave HillmanDave HillmanCurt Simmons 338359-21
1958-07-14@ CHN80L  10-1139-4155,610Don CardwellTaylor PhillipsGlen HobbieRay Semproch 348370-22
1958-07-15@ SFN81L  0-139-42614,523Robin RobertsMike McCormickMike McCormickRobin Roberts 348371-23
1958-07-16@ SFN82L  2-939-43610,250Jack SanfordJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJack Sanford 350380-30
1958-07-17@ SFN83L  7-839-44710,259Ray SemprochRuben GomezMarv GrissomTurk Farrell 357388-31
1958-07-18@ LAN84L  6-839-45824,533Don CardwellSandy KoufaxCarl ErskineJack SanfordClem Labine363396-33
1958-07-19@ LAN85W  6-240-45730,962Robin RobertsSandy KoufaxRobin RobertsSandy Koufax 369398-29
1958-07-20@ LAN86L  0-640-46817,506Curt SimmonsJohnny PodresJohnny PodresCurt Simmons 369404-35
1958-07-23vs SFN87W  2-041-46723,050 Ray SemprochMike McCormickRay SemprochMike McCormick 371404-33
1958-07-25vs LAN88L  3-741-47719,171 Don CardwellJohnny PodresClem LabineJim HearnFred Kipp374411-37
1958-07-26vs LAN89L  4-1041-48818,117 Jack SanfordSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJack Sanford 378421-43
1958-07-27vs LAN90W  7-443-4870 Robin RobertsStan WilliamsRobin RobertsStan Williams 385425-40
1958-07-27vs LAN91W  6-243-48717,666 Curt SimmonsBob GiallombardoJim HearnFred Kipp 391427-36
1958-07-28vs SFN92L  2-343-5070 Ray SemprochMike McCormickMike McCormickTurk Farrell 393430-37
1958-07-28vs SFN93L  1-243-50729,805 Jack MeyerRuben GomezRuben GomezJack Meyer 394432-38
1958-07-29vs SLN94W  3-244-50720,894 Don CardwellSam JonesBob MillerPhil Paine 397434-37
1958-07-30vs SLN95W  5-145-50714,706 Jack SanfordBilly MuffettJack SanfordBilly MuffettTurk Farrell402435-33
1958-07-31vs SLN96W  4-346-50616,695 Jim HearnLarry JacksonJim HearnLarry JacksonTurk Farrell406438-32
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-08-01vs CHN97W  3-147-50516,258 Robin RobertsDave HillmanRobin RobertsDave Hillman 409439-30
1958-08-02vs CHN98L  5-647-5168,821 Curt SimmonsJohn BriggsBill HenryBob MillerDon Elston414445-31
1958-08-03vs CHN99W  8-248-5260 Ray SemprochTaylor PhillipsRay SemprochTaylor Phillips 422447-25
1958-08-03vs CHN100L  10-1248-52616,211 Jack MeyerBob AndersonMarcelino SolisJack MeyerBill Henry432459-27
1958-08-05@ CIN101L  5-648-5369,107Jack SanfordDon NewcombeJoe NuxhallTurk Farrell 437465-28
1958-08-06@ CIN102W  8-549-5368,646Robin RobertsHarvey HaddixRobin RobertsHarvey HaddixTurk Farrell445470-25
1958-08-07@ CIN103W  3-250-5357,341Don CardwellBob PurkeyDon CardwellBob Purkey 448472-24
1958-08-08vs MLN104W  7-651-53425,842 Ray SemprochJuan PizarroTurk FarrellDon McMahon 455478-23
1958-08-09vs MLN105W  5-452-53424,943 Curt SimmonsLew BurdetteJim HearnLew Burdette 460482-22
1958-08-10vs MLN106L  7-852-5550 Jack SanfordBob TrowbridgeHumberto RobinsonJack Meyer 467490-23
1958-08-10vs MLN107L  3-1452-55532,117 Robin RobertsCarl WilleyCarl WilleyRobin RobertsJuan Pizarro470504-34
1958-08-11vs CIN108W  5-453-55414,247 Don CardwellBob PurkeyDon CardwellWillard Schmidt 475508-33
1958-08-12vs CIN109L  4-1253-56512,926 Ray SemprochTom AckerTom AckerRay Semproch 479520-41
1958-08-13vs PIT110L  9-1053-57519,132 Jack MeyerCurt RaydonBob SmithJack MeyerVern Law488530-42
1958-08-15@ MLN111L  0-153-58435,552Robin RobertsCarl WilleyCarl WilleyRobin Roberts 488531-43
1958-08-16@ MLN112L  1-253-59631,869Curt SimmonsWarren SpahnWarren SpahnCurt Simmons 489533-44
1958-08-17@ MLN113L  1-553-6170Don CardwellJuan PizarroJuan PizarroDon Cardwell 490538-48
1958-08-17@ MLN114L  1-453-61739,807Ray SemprochLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRay Semproch 491542-51
1958-08-19@ SLN115L  4-553-62717,851Jack SanfordVinegar Bend MizellBill WightTurk Farrell 495547-52
1958-08-20@ SLN116W  12-254-62611,928Robin RobertsBilly MuffettRobin RobertsBilly Muffett 507549-42
1958-08-21@ SLN117L  1-254-63710,314Curt SimmonsLarry JacksonLarry JacksonCurt Simmons 508551-43
1958-08-22@ SLN118L  1-954-64715,592Don CardwellSam JonesSam JonesDon Cardwell 509560-51
1958-08-23@ SLN119W  4-255-64714,639Seth MoreheadSal MaglieSeth MoreheadSal MaglieTurk Farrell513562-49
1958-08-24@ CHN120W  13-857-6460Ray SemprochDick DrottJim HearnBill HenryJack Meyer526570-44
1958-08-24@ CHN121W  5-357-64624,572John AndersonDave HillmanJack SanfordDave HillmanCurt Simmons531573-42
1958-08-26@ CHN122W  10-358-6469,967Robin RobertsMoe DrabowskyRobin RobertsMoe Drabowsky 541576-35
1958-08-27@ CHN123L  2-558-6579,451Curt SimmonsBob AndersonBob AndersonCurt Simmons 543581-38
1958-08-29@ CIN124L  3-558-66710,283Don CardwellBob PurkeyBob PurkeyDon Cardwell 546586-40
1958-08-30@ CIN125L  3-1258-6775,083Seth MoreheadTom AckerTom AckerSeth MoreheadBrooks Lawrence549598-49
1958-08-31@ CIN126L  2-658-6970Ray SemprochHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixRay Semproch 551604-53
1958-08-31@ CIN127L  3-758-69713,290Robin RobertsDon NewcombeDon NewcombeRobin Roberts 554611-57
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-09-01@ PIT128L  2-559-7070Jack SanfordVern LawVern LawJack Sanford 556616-60
1958-09-01@ PIT129W  9-059-70725,438Curt SimmonsBob PorterfieldCurt SimmonsBob Porterfield 565616-51
1958-09-02@ PIT130L  2-359-7179,911Don CardwellBob FriendBob FriendDon Cardwell 567619-52
1958-09-03vs MLN131L  5-1159-72714,829 Seth MoreheadWarren SpahnWarren SpahnSeth Morehead 572630-58
1958-09-04vs MLN132L  5-959-73714,989 Ray SemprochLew BurdetteJuan PizarroTurk Farrell 577639-62
1958-09-05vs CIN133L  4-859-74810,530 Robin RobertsDon NewcombeDon NewcombeRobin RobertsBrooks Lawrence581647-66
1958-09-06vs CIN134L  2-1059-7585,559 Curt SimmonsBob PurkeyBob PurkeyCurt Simmons 583657-74
1958-09-07vs CIN135L  4-659-7780 Don CardwellHarvey HaddixHal JeffcoatTurk Farrell 587663-76
1958-09-07vs CIN136L  2-959-77812,081 Seth MoreheadJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallSeth MoreheadOrlando Pena589672-83
1958-09-09vs LAN137W  4-360-7788,359 Ray SemprochSandy KoufaxJack SanfordSandy KoufaxJack Meyer593675-82
1958-09-10vs LAN138W  8-661-7785,106 Robin RobertsDon DrysdaleRobin RobertsDon DrysdaleDon Erickson601681-80
1958-09-11vs LAN139W  4-362-7784,382 Bob ConleyJohnny PodresTurk FarrellJohnny Podres 605684-79
1958-09-12vs SFN140L  2-562-7980 Don CardwellRuben GomezRuben GomezDon CardwellAl Worthington607689-82
1958-09-12vs SFN141L  2-1962-79816,560 Ray SemprochJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliRay Semproch 609708-99
1958-09-13vs SFN142L  5-662-8086,502 Seth MoreheadMike McCormickGordon JonesSeth MoreheadDon Johnson614714-100
1958-09-14vs SLN143L  3-662-8187,802 Jack SanfordSam JonesSam JonesJack SanfordJim Brosnan617720-103
1958-09-15vs SLN144W  6-263-8185,988 Robin RobertsVinegar Bend MizellRobin RobertsVinegar Bend Mizell 623722-99
1958-09-16vs CHN145L  8-1063-8284,300 Bob ConleyDick DrottJohn BuzhardtDon EricksonDave Hillman631732-101
1958-09-17vs CHN146L  2-663-8382,845 Ray SemprochBob AndersonBob AndersonRay Semproch 633738-105
1958-09-19vs PIT147L  2-463-8488,498 Don CardwellBob FriendBob FriendDon Cardwell 635742-107
1958-09-20vs PIT148L  3-463-8584,217 Robin RobertsVern LawVern LawRobin RobertsBob Smith638746-108
1958-09-22vs PIT149W  3-265-8580 Seth MoreheadRon KlineJack MeyerRon Kline 641748-107
1958-09-22vs PIT150W  1-065-8585,605 Jack SanfordBennie DanielsJack SanfordBennie Daniels 642748-106
1958-09-23@ MLN151W  6-566-85818,639Jim OwensJuan PizarroJim OwensJuan PizarroTurk Farrell648753-105
1958-09-26@ PIT152W  3-267-85812,000Robin RobertsBob FriendRobin RobertsBob Friend 651755-104
1958-09-27@ PIT153W  7-368-8589,104Don CardwellVern LawDon CardwellVern Law 658758-100
1958-09-28@ PIT154W  6-469-85833,109Seth MoreheadBennie DanielsJack MeyerDon Gross 664762-98

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