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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Cincinnati,OH
Team Record:  75-79   .487
Result:   5th in National League
Manager(s):  Birdie Tebbetts
General Manager:   Gabe Paul
Stadium:  Crosley Field
Attendance:  693,662
Playoffs:  -

Cincinnati Reds affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Thurman (38)
Youngest Player:  Al Silvera (19)
Longest Tenure:  Bobby Adams (10)
Top Hitter:  Ted Kluszewski (3)
Top Pitcher:  Joe Nuxhall (3)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  77.04%
National League Standings
NY Giants8074.51918.5
Chi Cubs7281.47126.0
St. Louis6886.44230.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-04-11vs CHN1L  5-7-32,195 Art FowlerBob RushSam JonesArt FowlerHal Jeffcoat57-2
1955-04-12@ MLN2L  2-4-43,640Gerry StaleyWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGerry Staley 711-4
1955-04-14vs CHN3L  4-6-2,572 Corky ValentineBob RushHal JeffcoatJerry LaneHowie Pollet1117-6
1955-04-16vs MLN4L  5-9-5,131 Jim PearceLew BurdetteLew BurdetteJim Pearce 1626-10
1955-04-17vs MLN5L  1-10-21,665 Art FowlerWarren SpahnWarren SpahnArt Fowler 1736-19
1955-04-17vs MLN6W  6-5-21,665 Gerry StaleyRay CroneGerry StaleyDave Jolly 2341-18
1955-04-18@ SLN7W  7-4-6,110Joe NuxhallVic RaschiJoe NuxhallVic RaschiRudy Minarcin3045-15
1955-04-19@ SLN8L  5-6-8,243Corky ValentineHarvey HaddixBarney SchultzBob Hooper 3551-16
1955-04-20vs SLN9L  0-3-11,353 Art FowlerLuis ArroyoLuis ArroyoArt FowlerHerb Moford3554-19
1955-04-22@ CHN10L  3-6-4,991Gerry StaleyPaul MinnerPaul MinnerGerry Staley 3860-22
1955-04-23@ CHN11L  0-1-5,809Joe NuxhallWarren HackerJim DavisJoe Nuxhall 3861-23
1955-04-24@ CHN12L  1-2-13,523Art FowlerSam JonesSam JonesArt Fowler 3963-24
1955-04-27@ BRO13L  2-7-6,032Corky ValentineBilly LoesBilly LoesCorky ValentineEd Roebuck4170-29
1955-04-28@ PIT14W  3-2-6,907Gerry StaleyDick LittlefieldGerry StaleyDick LittlefieldJerry Lane4472-28
1955-04-29@ PIT15W  5-0-6,341Joe NuxhallMax SurkontJoe NuxhallMax Surkont 4972-23
1955-04-30@ PIT16L  4-5-3,118Art FowlerNellie KingBob FriendJerry Lane 5377-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-05-01@ NY117L  1-2-19,676Johnny KlippsteinJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliBob Hooper 5479-25
1955-05-03@ PHI18W  7-5-6,029Corky ValentineHerm WehmeierBud PodbielanJack Spring 6184-23
1955-05-04@ PHI19W  7-3-5,531Gerry StaleyRon MrozinskiGerry StaleyRon MrozinskiArt Fowler6887-19
1955-05-06vs CHN20W  4-2-11,644 Joe NuxhallPaul MinnerJoe NuxhallPaul Minner 7289-17
1955-05-07vs CHN21W  8-7-3,288 Art FowlerHowie PolletRudy MinarcinJim Davis 8096-16
1955-05-08vs CHN22L  3-5-0 Steve RidzikSam JonesSam JonesSteve RidzikJohn Andre83101-18
1955-05-08vs CHN23W  4-3-15,086 Gerry StaleyBob RushCorky ValentineHarry Perkowski 87104-17
1955-05-10vs NY124L  4-8-9,057 Johnny KlippsteinJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJohnny Klippstein 91112-21
1955-05-11vs NY125L  3-6-10,637 Joe NuxhallJim HearnJim HearnJoe Nuxhall 94118-24
1955-05-14vs BRO26L  2-13-4,613 Steve RidzikJohnny PodresJohnny PodresSteve Ridzik 96131-35
1955-05-15vs BRO27L  1-7-0 Gerry StaleyDon NewcombeDon NewcombeGerry Staley 97138-41
1955-05-15vs BRO28W  11-4-28,718 Johnny KlippsteinKarl SpoonerJohnny KlippsteinKarl SpoonerHersh Freeman108142-34
1955-05-17vs PIT29W  9-2-4,881 Joe NuxhallBob PurkeyJoe NuxhallBob Purkey 117144-27
1955-05-18vs PIT30W  5-1-2,079 Rudy MinarcinDick LittlefieldRudy MinarcinDick Littlefield 122145-23
1955-05-20vs SLN31W  10-7-14,258 Corky ValentineBrooks LawrenceHersh FreemanBarney SchultzJoe Nuxhall132152-20
1955-05-21vs SLN32W  9-6-5,123 Gerry StaleyGordon JonesJackie CollumBobby Tiefenauer 141158-17
1955-05-22vs SLN33W  4-3-0 Joe NuxhallHarvey HaddixCorky ValentineHarvey Haddix 145161-16
1955-05-22vs SLN34L  2-5-15,931 Johnny KlippsteinLuis ArroyoLuis ArroyoJohnny KlippsteinBarney Schultz147166-19
1955-05-25@ MLN35W  13-2-21,867Rudy MinarcinWarren SpahnArt FowlerWarren Spahn 160168-8
1955-05-26@ MLN36W  5-4-12,173Gerry StaleyLew BurdetteGerry StaleyLew BurdetteHersh Freeman165172-7
1955-05-27@ SLN37L  4-7-8,516Joe NuxhallLuis ArroyoLuis ArroyoJoe NuxhallPaul LaPalme169179-10
1955-05-28@ SLN38W  5-1-11,383Jackie CollumHarvey HaddixJackie CollumHarvey Haddix 174180-6
1955-05-29@ SLN39L  2-7-10,853Rudy MinarcinTom PoholskyTom PoholskyRudy Minarcin 176187-11
1955-05-30vs MLN40L  6-7-0 Art FowlerWarren SpahnChet NicholsHersh FreemanRoberto Vargas182194-12
1955-05-30vs MLN41L  4-8-16,598 Bud PodbielanJoey JayHumberto RobinsonBud Podbielan 186202-16
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-06-01@ NY142W  5-2-3,113Joe NuxhallJim HearnJoe NuxhallJim Hearn 191204-13
1955-06-02@ NY143L  3-6-2,928Jackie CollumJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJackie Collum 194210-16
1955-06-03@ PIT44L  6-7-0Gerry StaleyBen WadeVern LawSteve Ridzik 200217-17
1955-06-04@ PIT45W  6-0-4,072Rudy MinarcinRon KlineRudy MinarcinRon Kline 206217-11
1955-06-05@ PIT46L  6-7-0Joe NuxhallBob FriendMax SurkontJohnny Klippstein 212224-12
1955-06-05@ PIT47W  5-1-10,308Jackie CollumBob PurkeyJackie CollumBob Purkey 217225-8
1955-06-07@ BRO48L  0-4-0Bud PodbielanJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBud Podbielan 217229-12
1955-06-08@ BRO49L  1-3-7,724Gerry StaleyDon NewcombeDon NewcombeGerry Staley 218232-14
1955-06-12@ PHI50L  8-12-13,067Joe NuxhallBob KuzavaCurt SimmonsJoe Nuxhall 226244-18
1955-06-13vs MLN51W  6-4-4,857 Gerry StaleyChet NicholsJackie CollumChet Nichols 232248-16
1955-06-14vs BRO52L  0-9-10,418 Johnny KlippsteinJohnny PodresJohnny PodresJohnny Klippstein 232257-25
1955-06-15vs BRO53W  5-2-10,987 Rudy MinarcinCarl ErskineRudy MinarcinCarl Erskine 237259-22
1955-06-16vs BRO54W  6-5-12,716 Joe NuxhallClem LabineHersh FreemanJim Hughes 243264-21
1955-06-17vs PIT55L  1-3-6,872 Jackie CollumMax SurkontMax SurkontJackie CollumRon Kline244267-23
1955-06-18vs PIT56W  4-1-3,433 Gerry StaleyLino DonosoGerry StaleyLino Donoso 248268-20
1955-06-19vs PIT57L  2-5-0 Rudy MinarcinBob FriendBob FriendRudy Minarcin 250273-23
1955-06-19vs PIT58W  4-0-11,640 Joe NuxhallRon KlineJoe NuxhallRon Kline 254273-19
1955-06-20vs NY159W  5-3-7,084 Art FowlerJim HearnArt FowlerJim Hearn 259276-17
1955-06-21vs NY160W  10-1-13,628 Jackie CollumJohnny AntonelliJackie CollumJohnny Antonelli 269277-8
1955-06-22vs NY161L  3-4-9,487 Gerry StaleySal MaglieSal MaglieGerry Staley 272281-9
1955-06-24vs PHI62L  6-8-0 Rudy MinarcinRon NegrayRon NegrayRudy Minarcin 278289-11
1955-06-24vs PHI63W  6-0-18,326 Joe NuxhallMurry DicksonJoe NuxhallMurry Dickson 284289-5
1955-06-26vs PHI64W  16-5-16,897 Jackie CollumRobin RobertsJackie CollumRobin Roberts 3002946
1955-06-26vs PHI65W  5-0-16,897 Art FowlerCurt SimmonsArt FowlerCurt Simmons 30529411
1955-06-28@ SLN66W  9-1-9,836Joe NuxhallFloyd WooldridgeJoe NuxhallFloyd Wooldridge 31429519
1955-06-29@ SLN67L  5-9-0Rudy MinarcinTom PoholskyFrank SmithRudy Minarcin 31930415
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-07-01vs MLN68W  14-2-15,098 Gerry StaleyBob BuhlJoe BlackBob Buhl 33330627
1955-07-02vs MLN69W  10-5-17,144 Jackie CollumChet NicholsJackie CollumChet Nichols 34331132
1955-07-03vs MLN70L  3-7-11,212 Joe NuxhallWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJoe Nuxhall 34631828
1955-07-04@ CHN71W  6-3-21,750Art FowlerHowie PolletArt FowlerHowie Pollet 35232131
1955-07-04@ CHN72L  3-4-21,759Rudy MinarcinWarren HackerWarren HackerRudy MinarcinHal Jeffcoat35532530
1955-07-05vs SLN73W  5-4-7,321 Gerry StaleyLuis ArroyoJoe BlackPaul LaPalme 36032931
1955-07-06vs SLN74L  4-6-10,671 Jackie CollumLarry JacksonLarry JacksonJackie CollumMel Wright36433529
1955-07-07vs SLN75L  8-9-11,527 Joe NuxhallHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixJoe NuxhallLarry Jackson37234428
1955-07-08@ MLN76L  2-4-0Art FowlerWarren SpahnWarren SpahnArt Fowler 37434826
1955-07-08@ MLN77L  3-5-38,631Rudy MinarcinLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRudy Minarcin 37735324
1955-07-09@ MLN78L  2-5-32,096Gerry StaleyRay CroneRay CroneJohnny Klippstein 37935821
1955-07-10@ MLN79L  4-7-0Joe BlackGene ConleyGene ConleyJoe Black 38336518
1955-07-10@ MLN80W  7-6-38,206Jackie CollumChet NicholsHersh FreemanWarren SpahnJoe Black39037119
1955-07-14@ PIT81W  19-1-6,947Jackie CollumMax SurkontJackie CollumMax Surkont 40937237
1955-07-15@ PIT82W  9-1-1,563Joe NuxhallVern LawJoe NuxhallVern LawHersh Freeman41837345
1955-07-16@ BRO83L  4-5-6,655Art FowlerBilly LoesClem LabineHersh Freeman 42237844
1955-07-17@ BRO84L  2-6-0Gerry StaleyRoger CraigRoger CraigGerry Staley 42438440
1955-07-17@ BRO85L  5-8-14,680Rudy MinarcinDon BessentDon BessentRudy Minarcin 42939237
1955-07-18@ BRO86W  9-5-17,942Joe BlackKarl SpoonerJoe BlackKarl SpoonerArt Fowler43839741
1955-07-19@ PHI87L  3-7-0Joe NuxhallMurry DicksonMurry DicksonJoe Nuxhall 44140437
1955-07-19@ PHI88L  2-6-16,960Jackie CollumRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJackie Collum 44341033
1955-07-20@ PHI89L  0-6-0Art FowlerSaul RogovinSaul RogovinArt Fowler 44341627
1955-07-20@ PHI90L  2-4-15,607Johnny KlippsteinCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsJohnny Klippstein 44542025
1955-07-21@ PHI91L  3-5-8,036Don GrossRon NegrayJack MeyerGerry Staley 44842523
1955-07-22@ NY192L  3-6-9,008Joe BlackSal MaglieMarv GrissomRudy Minarcin 45143120
1955-07-23@ NY193L  0-2-4,373Joe NuxhallJim HearnJim HearnJoe Nuxhall 45143318
1955-07-24@ NY194W  6-4-0Art FowlerRuben GomezArt FowlerRuben GomezJoe Black45743720
1955-07-24@ NY195L  1-4-10,452Jackie CollumJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJackie Collum 45844117
1955-07-26vs BRO96L  2-4-18,295 Rudy MinarcinDon NewcombeDon NewcombeRudy Minarcin 46044515
1955-07-27vs BRO97W  4-3-12,486 Joe BlackCarl ErskineJohnny KlippsteinClem Labine 46444816
1955-07-28vs BRO98L  2-10-10,422 Art FowlerRoger CraigRoger CraigArt Fowler 4664588
1955-07-29vs PIT99W  16-5-5,690 Joe NuxhallVern LawJoe NuxhallVern Law 48246319
1955-07-30vs PIT100W  5-2-3,030 Jackie CollumBob FriendJackie CollumBob Friend 48746522
1955-07-31vs PIT101W  7-4-0 Joe BlackDick LittlefieldJoe BlackDick LittlefieldHersh Freeman49446925
1955-07-31vs PIT102W  6-5-9,704 Don GrossLino DonosoHersh FreemanLino Donoso 50047426
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-08-01vs PHI103W  4-3-3,481 Art FowlerMurry DicksonArt FowlerMurry Dickson 50447727
1955-08-02vs PHI104W  2-0-10,611 Johnny KlippsteinRon NegrayJohnny KlippsteinRon Negray 50647729
1955-08-02vs PHI105W  4-0-10,611 Joe NuxhallSaul RogovinJoe NuxhallSaul Rogovin 51047733
1955-08-03vs PHI106L  4-8-7,718 Jackie CollumRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJackie Collum 51448529
1955-08-04vs PHI107W  4-3-2,793 Don GrossHerm WehmeierRudy MinarcinJack MeyerJoe Nuxhall51848830
1955-08-05vs NY1108L  9-12-22,034 Joe BlackJim HearnJim HearnJoe BlackJohnny Antonelli52750027
1955-08-06vs NY1109W  13-4-5,453 Art FowlerRuben GomezArt FowlerRuben Gomez 54050436
1955-08-07vs NY1110W  8-5-25,092 Joe NuxhallJohnny AntonelliJoe NuxhallJohnny AntonelliJoe Black54850939
1955-08-07vs NY1111L  5-6-25,092 Jackie CollumDon LiddleMarv GrissomGerry Staley 55351538
1955-08-09@ CHN112L  3-4-7,298Johnny KlippsteinJim DavisJim DavisJohnny KlippsteinBill Tremel55651937
1955-08-10@ CHN113W  7-2-0Don GrossPaul MinnerDon GrossPaul MinnerHersh Freeman56352142
1955-08-10@ CHN114W  6-3-0Art FowlerWarren HackerArt FowlerWarren Hacker 56952445
1955-08-11@ CHN115W  6-5-6,153Joe BlackHarry PerkowskiJohnny KlippsteinHal Jeffcoat 57552946
1955-08-12@ SLN116L  7-8-8,903Joe NuxhallLuis ArroyoBrooks LawrenceDon Gross 58253745
1955-08-13@ SLN117W  5-4-11,794Jackie CollumLarry JacksonJoe NuxhallBrooks Lawrence 58754146
1955-08-14@ SLN118L  4-5-10,361Art FowlerTom PoholskyTom PoholskyJackie Collum 59154645
1955-08-16vs CHN119W  11-2-14,224 Joe BlackJim DavisJoe BlackJim Davis 60254854
1955-08-17vs CHN120L  2-3-19,276 Don GrossBob RushBob RushDon Gross 60455153
1955-08-18vs CHN121W  2-1-1,257 Art FowlerPaul MinnerArt FowlerPaul Minner 60655254
1955-08-19vs SLN122W  7-5-11,892 Joe NuxhallTom PoholskyJohnny KlippsteinTom Poholsky 61355756
1955-08-20vs SLN123W  7-4-16,856 Joe BlackLuis ArroyoJoe NuxhallJohn Mackinson 62056159
1955-08-21vs SLN124W  4-0-9,872 Don GrossHarvey HaddixDon GrossHarvey Haddix 62456163
1955-08-23@ PIT125L  1-2-6,387Art FowlerVern LawVern LawHersh Freeman 62556362
1955-08-24@ PIT126L  2-4-2,399Joe NuxhallDick HallDick HallJoe Nuxhall 62756760
1955-08-25@ BRO127W  8-5-0Johnny KlippsteinJohnny PodresJohnny KlippsteinJohnny PodresHersh Freeman63557263
1955-08-25@ BRO128W  6-5-12,508Joe BlackRoger CraigHersh FreemanKarl SpoonerJoe Nuxhall64157764
1955-08-26@ BRO129W  4-2-12,840Don GrossCarl ErskineDon GrossCarl ErskineHersh Freeman64557966
1955-08-27@ BRO130L  0-7-7,204Art FowlerSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxArt Fowler 64558659
1955-08-28@ PHI131L  6-7-0Joe NuxhallHerm WehmeierBob MillerJoe NuxhallJack Meyer65159358
1955-08-28@ PHI132L  3-8-19,067Jackie CollumRon NegrayRon NegrayJackie Collum 65460153
1955-08-29@ PHI133W  4-3-17,134Joe BlackRobin RobertsHersh FreemanRobin Roberts 65860454
1955-08-30@ NY1134L  0-5-0Johnny KlippsteinJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJohnny Klippstein 65860949
1955-08-30@ NY1135L  7-9-7,833Don GrossDon LiddleDon LiddleDon GrossWindy McCall66561847
1955-08-31@ NY1136L  0-5-2,368Art FowlerRuben GomezRuben GomezArt Fowler 66562342
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-09-01@ NY1137W  7-4-2,262Joe NuxhallJim HearnJoe NuxhallJim Hearn 67262745
1955-09-02@ MLN138W  2-0-22,105Art FowlerWarren SpahnArt FowlerWarren Spahn 67462747
1955-09-03@ MLN139L  5-6-23,524Don GrossLew BurdettePhil PaineHersh Freeman 67963346
1955-09-04@ MLN140L  2-5-22,888Johnny KlippsteinChet NicholsChet NicholsJohnny Klippstein 68163843
1955-09-05@ SLN141L  2-3-10,280Joe NuxhallTom PoholskyAl GettelDon Gross 68364142
1955-09-07vs PHI142W  6-3-6,888 Art FowlerCurt SimmonsJohnny KlippsteinCurt Simmons 68964445
1955-09-08vs PHI143L  4-6-1,531 Don GrossRon NegrayBob MillerDon Gross 69365043
1955-09-09vs NY1144W  5-0-12,956 Joe NuxhallDon LiddleJoe NuxhallDon Liddle 69865048
1955-09-10vs NY1145W  4-3-4,867 Art FowlerRuben GomezHersh FreemanJim Hearn 70265349
1955-09-11vs BRO146W  9-0-0 Johnny KlippsteinJohnny PodresJohnny KlippsteinJohnny Podres 71165358
1955-09-11vs BRO147W  5-3-27,425 Don GrossSandy KoufaxDon GrossSandy KoufaxHersh Freeman71665660
1955-09-13vs PIT148L  2-5-3,962 Joe NuxhallBob FriendBob FriendJoe Nuxhall 71866157
1955-09-17@ CHN149L  2-3-6,455Johnny KlippsteinBob RushBob RushJohnny Klippstein 72066456
1955-09-18@ CHN150W  12-5-31,314Joe NuxhallWarren HackerJoe NuxhallWarren Hacker 73266963
1955-09-20vs MLN151L  0-7-7,035 Art FowlerLew BurdetteLew BurdetteArt Fowler 73267656
1955-09-21vs MLN152W  14-5-1,503 Johnny KlippsteinChet NicholsJohnny KlippsteinChet Nichols 74668165
1955-09-24vs CHN153L  2-3-2,146 Joe NuxhallSam JonesSam JonesJoe Nuxhall 74868464
1955-09-25vs CHN154W  13-0-11,518 Art FowlerBob RushArt FowlerBob Rush 76168477

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