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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Philadelphia,PA
Team Record:  75-79   .487
Result:   4th in National League
Manager(s):  Terry Moore, Steve O'Neill
General Manager:   Roy Hamey
Stadium:  Connie Mack Stadium
Attendance:  738,991
Playoffs:  -

Philadelphia Phillies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Murry Dickson (37)
Youngest Player:  Ted Kazanski (20)
Longest Tenure:  Granny Hamner (11)
Top Hitter:  Richie Ashburn (6)
Top Pitcher:  Robin Roberts (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  84.54%
National League Standings
NY Giants9757.630--
St. Louis7282.46825.0
Chi Cubs6490.41633.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-04-13@ PIT1L  2-4-32,294Robin RobertsBob FriendVern LawRobin RobertsJohnny Hetki24-2
1954-04-14@ PIT2W  6-0-5,853Curt SimmonsPaul LaPalmeCurt SimmonsPaul LaPalme 844
1954-04-15vs NY13W  2-0-15,345 Murry DicksonJohnny AntonelliMurry DicksonJohnny Antonelli 1046
1954-04-18vs PIT4W  6-0-0 Robin RobertsBob FriendRobin RobertsBob Friend 16412
1954-04-18vs PIT5W  7-1-9,975 Curt SimmonsVern LawCurt SimmonsVern Law 23518
1954-04-19vs BRO6L  7-9-31,294 Bob MillerDon NewcombeJohnny PodresJim Konstanty 301416
1954-04-20vs BRO7W  6-3-21,921 Murry DicksonPreacher RoeMurry DicksonPreacher Roe 361719
1954-04-21@ BRO8L  3-6-27,724Steve RidzikBilly LoesBilly LoesSteve RidzikJim Hughes392316
1954-04-24@ NY19L  0-1-6,865Robin RobertsMarv GrissomMarv GrissomRobin Roberts 392415
1954-04-25@ NY110L  0-3-0Curt SimmonsSal MaglieSal MaglieCurt Simmons 392712
1954-04-25@ NY111L  0-5-22,778Murry DicksonJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliMurry Dickson 39327
1954-04-29@ MLN12W  4-0-18,793Robin RobertsWarren SpahnRobin RobertsWarren Spahn 433211
1954-04-30@ MLN13W  5-2-20,433Murry DicksonGene ConleyMurry DicksonGene ConleyJim Konstanty483414
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-05-01@ MLN14W  4-3-20,784Curt SimmonsChet NicholsCurt SimmonsDave Jolly 523715
1954-05-02@ CIN15W  4-3-17,663Jim KonstantyHowie JudsonBob MillerHowie Judson 564016
1954-05-04@ SLN16W  14-10-8,009Robin RobertsHarvey HaddixMurry DicksonCot Deal 705020
1954-05-05@ SLN17W  10-3-8,422Robin RobertsTom PoholskyRobin RobertsTom Poholsky 805327
1954-05-07vs BRO18L  1-3-14,743 Curt SimmonsDon NewcombeDon NewcombeCurt Simmons 815625
1954-05-08vs BRO19L  0-3-12,364 Murry DicksonJohnny PodresJohnny PodresMurry Dickson 815922
1954-05-09vs BRO20L  1-2-13,818 Robin RobertsCarl ErskineCarl ErskineRobin RobertsJim Hughes826121
1954-05-11vs CHN21W  8-7-4,329 Bob MillerJohnny KlippsteinSteve RidzikTurk Lown 906822
1954-05-12vs CHN22W  5-4-4,407 Curt SimmonsWarren HackerCurt SimmonsWarren Hacker 957223
1954-05-13vs CIN23W  8-1-6,856 Robin RobertsCorky ValentineRobin RobertsCorky Valentine 1037330
1954-05-14vs CIN24L  0-1-7,114 Murry DicksonArt FowlerArt FowlerMurry Dickson 1037429
1954-05-15vs CIN25W  5-4-3,981 Bob MillerFred BaczewskiJim KonstantyJackie Collum 1087830
1954-05-16vs SLN26L  3-7-0 Steve RidzikHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixJim KonstantyAl Brazle1118526
1954-05-16vs SLN27W  8-4-24,495 Paul PensonCarl ScheibPaul PensonCarl ScheibMurry Dickson1198930
1954-05-17vs SLN28L  0-8-13,776 Robin RobertsJoe PreskoJoe PreskoRobin Roberts 1199722
1954-05-18vs MLN29L  2-6-9,254 Curt SimmonsChet NicholsChet NicholsCurt SimmonsDave Jolly12110318
1954-05-19vs MLN30L  2-6-9,910 Murry DicksonWarren SpahnWarren SpahnMurry Dickson 12310914
1954-05-21vs NY131W  8-1-7,021 Robin RobertsJohnny AntonelliRobin RobertsJohnny Antonelli 13111021
1954-05-22vs NY132L  0-5-12,183 Paul PensonRuben GomezRuben GomezPaul Penson 13111516
1954-05-23vs NY133L  4-6-9,688 Curt SimmonsWindy McCallJim HearnCurt SimmonsMarv Grissom13512114
1954-05-24vs NY134L  4-5-7,899 Murry DicksonSal MaglieHoyt WilhelmMurry Dickson 13912613
1954-05-26@ BRO35W  8-6-17,097Robin RobertsJohnny PodresRobin RobertsJohnny Podres 14713215
1954-05-27@ BRO36W  11-5-3,183Curt SimmonsDon NewcombeBob MillerDon Newcombe 15813721
1954-05-28@ PIT37W  4-0-5,521Murry DicksonMax SurkontMurry DicksonMax Surkont 16213725
1954-05-29@ PIT38L  2-3-2,525Steve RidzikGeorge O'DonnellGeorge O'DonnellSteve Ridzik 16414024
1954-05-30@ PIT39W  10-7-9,651Paul PensonBob FriendKarl DrewsBob FriendJim Konstanty17414727
1954-05-30@ PIT40W  8-0-2,525Robin RobertsDick LittlefieldRobin RobertsDick Littlefield 18214735
1954-05-31vs BRO41L  4-5-22,386 Bob MillerPreacher RoeClem LabineBob Miller 18615234
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-06-02@ CIN42W  7-0-8,509Curt SimmonsArt FowlerCurt SimmonsArt Fowler 19315241
1954-06-04@ SLN43L  2-5-11,789Robin RobertsHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixRobin Roberts 19515738
1954-06-05@ SLN44W  9-4-14,519Murry DicksonVic RaschiMurry DicksonVic Raschi 20416143
1954-06-06@ SLN45W  11-8-18,547Curt SimmonsBill GreasonBob MillerRoyce Lint 21516946
1954-06-08@ CHN46L  5-6-6,775Robin RobertsHowie PolletHowie PolletRobin RobertsJohnny Klippstein22017545
1954-06-09@ CHN47W  14-6-11,238Bob MillerJim DavisBob MillerJim DavisJim Konstanty23418153
1954-06-09@ CHN48W  4-0-34,268Murry DicksonBob RushMurry DicksonBob Rush 23818157
1954-06-10@ CHN49W  6-0-4,926Steve RidzikPaul MinnerJim KonstantyPaul Minner 24418163
1954-06-11@ MLN50L  0-1-35,047Curt SimmonsLew BurdetteLew BurdetteCurt Simmons 24418262
1954-06-12@ MLN51L  0-2-28,218Robin RobertsJim WilsonJim WilsonRobin Roberts 24418460
1954-06-13@ MLN52L  5-9-39,859Murry DicksonWarren SpahnWarren SpahnMurry Dickson 24919356
1954-06-15vs SLN53L  1-3-10,684 Bob MillerVic RaschiVic RaschiBob Miller 25019654
1954-06-17vs SLN54W  3-2-12,881 Robin RobertsGerry StaleyRobin RobertsJoe Presko 25319855
1954-06-18vs CIN55L  1-2-8,589 Curt SimmonsCorky ValentineCorky ValentineCurt SimmonsFrank Smith25420054
1954-06-19vs CIN56L  6-7-4,257 Murry DicksonKarl DrewsJackie CollumMurry DicksonFrank Smith26020753
1954-06-20vs CIN57L  3-4-0 Bob MillerFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiBob Miller 26321152
1954-06-20vs CIN58L  6-15-14,832 Herm WehmeierJoe NuxhallArt FowlerHerm Wehmeier 26922643
1954-06-22vs CHN59W  4-1-8,128 Robin RobertsPaul MinnerRobin RobertsPaul Minner 27322746
1954-06-23vs CHN60W  5-3-6,927 Curt SimmonsHowie PolletCurt SimmonsHowie Pollet 27823048
1954-06-24vs CHN61W  3-2-6,060 Herm WehmeierJim DavisHerm WehmeierPaul Minner 28123249
1954-06-25vs MLN62L  0-7-16,560 Bob MillerLew BurdetteLew BurdetteBob Miller 28123942
1954-06-26vs MLN63W  10-3-5,373 Robin RobertsChet NicholsRobin RobertsChet Nichols 29124249
1954-06-27vs MLN64W  4-3-5,373 Curt SimmonsErnie JohnsonCurt SimmonsDave Jolly 29524550
1954-06-27vs MLN65W  2-1-19,073 Murry DicksonGene ConleySteve RidzikWarren Spahn 29724651
1954-06-29@ PIT66W  4-0-5,088Herm WehmeierMax SurkontHerm WehmeierMax Surkont 30124655
1954-06-30@ PIT67W  8-0-4,209Robin RobertsVern LawRobin RobertsVern Law 30924663
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-07-02vs BRO68W  7-6-21,929 Curt SimmonsPete WojeySteve RidzikClem LabineRobin Roberts31625264
1954-07-03vs BRO69L  3-4-8,980 Bob MillerDon NewcombeBob MillikenBob Miller 31925663
1954-07-04vs BRO70L  3-5-15,420 Robin RobertsCarl ErskineCarl ErskineRobin Roberts 32226161
1954-07-05@ NY171L  0-10-0Herm WehmeierJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliHerm Wehmeier 32227151
1954-07-05@ NY172L  3-4-36,547Murry DicksonRuben GomezHoyt WilhelmMurry Dickson 32527550
1954-07-06vs PIT73W  3-0-3,967 Curt SimmonsBob FriendCurt SimmonsBob Friend 32827553
1954-07-09@ BRO74L  5-7-13,586Robin RobertsBob MillikenErv PalicaMurry Dickson 33328251
1954-07-10@ BRO75L  5-10-11,047Bob MillerBilly LoesBilly LoesBob Miller 33829246
1954-07-11@ BRO76L  7-8-11,047Murry DicksonCarl ErskineCarl ErskineJim KonstantyJim Hughes34530045
1954-07-11@ BRO77W  3-1-23,973Herm WehmeierDon NewcombeHerm WehmeierDon NewcombeRobin Roberts34830147
1954-07-15@ CIN78L  1-2-0Curt SimmonsArt FowlerArt FowlerCurt Simmons 34930346
1954-07-15@ CIN79L  3-4-12,232Bob MillerBud PodbielanJackie CollumBob MillerHowie Judson35230745
1954-07-16@ CIN80L  6-7-0Robin RobertsHarry PerkowskiFrank SmithSteve Ridzik 35831444
1954-07-16@ CIN81L  4-9-28,878Herm WehmeierKarl DrewsJoe NuxhallHerm Wehmeier 36232339
1954-07-17@ CIN82W  5-3-4,859Ron MrozinskiFred BaczewskiBob MillerMoe Savransky 36732641
1954-07-18@ SLN83W  11-10-18,958Murry DicksonGerry StaleyRobin RobertsBrooks LawrenceCurt Simmons37833642
1954-07-18@ SLN84L  0-0-00000 37833642
1954-07-19@ SLN85L  1-5-8,488Bob GreenwoodBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceBob Greenwood 37934138
1954-07-20@ SLN86L  2-4-8,829Curt SimmonsHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixCurt SimmonsGerry Staley38134536
1954-07-21@ MLN87W  6-1-36,799Robin RobertsGene ConleyRobin RobertsGene Conley 38734641
1954-07-22@ MLN88L  2-3-23,146Murry DicksonLew BurdetteLew BurdetteMurry Dickson 38934940
1954-07-23@ CHN89L  2-5-16,438Herm WehmeierHowie PolletHowie PolletHerm Wehmeier 39135437
1954-07-23@ CHN90W  5-3-8,563Bob MillerWarren HackerRobin RobertsBill Tremel 39635739
1954-07-24@ CHN91L  0-4-10,246Curt SimmonsDave ColeDave ColeCurt Simmons 39636135
1954-07-25@ CHN92L  1-6-10,246Steve RidzikPaul MinnerPaul MinnerSteve Ridzik 39736730
1954-07-25@ CHN93L  1-2-23,353Bob GreenwoodBob RushJim DavisBob Greenwood 39836929
1954-07-27vs CIN94W  8-2-11,415 Robin RobertsBud PodbielanRobin RobertsBud Podbielan 40637135
1954-07-28vs CIN95W  3-2-6,463 Curt SimmonsArt FowlerHerm WehmeierFrank Smith 40937336
1954-07-29vs CIN96L  0-3-5,408 Murry DicksonCorky ValentineCorky ValentineMurry Dickson 40937633
1954-07-30vs SLN97L  3-12-12,194 Bob MillerHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixBob Miller 41238824
1954-07-31vs SLN98L  2-3-0 Robin RobertsBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceRobin RobertsHarvey Haddix41439123
1954-07-31vs SLN99W  6-5-27,204 Bob GreenwoodGerry StaleyBob GreenwoodRoyce LintMurry Dickson42039624
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-08-01vs SLN100W  8-3-5,707 Curt SimmonsRalph BeardCurt SimmonsRalph Beard 42839929
1954-08-03vs MLN101L  1-3-13,899 Murry DicksonWarren SpahnWarren SpahnMurry Dickson 42940227
1954-08-04vs MLN102W  2-1-16,093 Robin RobertsChet NicholsRobin RobertsChet Nichols 43140328
1954-08-06vs CHN103W  7-4-7,060 Curt SimmonsHowie PolletCurt SimmonsHowie Pollet 43840731
1954-08-07vs CHN104W  8-2-3,807 Bob MillerDave ColeBob MillerDave ColeMurry Dickson44640937
1954-08-08vs CHN105W  8-4-3,807 Robin RobertsPaul MinnerRobin RobertsHal Jeffcoat 45441341
1954-08-08vs CHN106W  8-3-10,400 Herm WehmeierBob RushHerm WehmeierBob Rush 46241646
1954-08-10vs BRO107W  6-3-31,421 Curt SimmonsJohnny PodresCurt SimmonsJohnny PodresRobin Roberts46841949
1954-08-11vs BRO108L  2-3-24,536 Murry DicksonBilly LoesBilly LoesMurry Dickson 47042248
1954-08-13vs PIT109L  5-9-24,536 Robin RobertsBob FriendBob FriendRobin Roberts 47543144
1954-08-13vs PIT110L  0-5-8,804 Herm WehmeierJake ThiesJake ThiesHerm Wehmeier 47543639
1954-08-14vs PIT111L  4-8-2,865 Curt SimmonsLaurin PepperVern LawCurt Simmons 47944435
1954-08-15vs PIT112L  6-9-2,865 Murry DicksonDick LittlefieldDick LittlefieldMurry DicksonJohnny Hetki48545332
1954-08-15vs PIT113W  7-6-4,773 Bob MillerPaul LaPalmeRobin RobertsJohnny Hetki 49245933
1954-08-16@ BRO114W  9-6-15,814Robin RobertsBob DarnellRobin RobertsClem Labine 50146536
1954-08-17@ NY1115L  3-8-15,688Curt SimmonsJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliCurt Simmons 50447331
1954-08-18@ NY1116L  2-6-9,992Herm WehmeierSal MaglieSal MaglieHerm Wehmeier 50647927
1954-08-19@ NY1117L  0-5-6,530Murry DicksonRuben GomezRuben GomezMurry Dickson 50648422
1954-08-20@ BRO118L  4-6-15,057Robin RobertsBilly LoesBilly LoesRobin RobertsClem Labine51049020
1954-08-22@ BRO119W  6-2-15,057Herm WehmeierCarl ErskineHerm WehmeierCarl Erskine 51649224
1954-08-22@ BRO120W  6-0-26,349Murry DicksonRuss MeyerMurry DicksonRuss Meyer 52249230
1954-08-24@ MLN121L  1-5-37,749Robin RobertsWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRobin Roberts 52349726
1954-08-25@ MLN122L  3-4-30,689Curt SimmonsLew BurdetteLew BurdetteCurt SimmonsDave Jolly52650125
1954-08-26@ MLN123L  2-3-24,863Herm WehmeierJim WilsonErnie JohnsonHerm Wehmeier 52850424
1954-08-27@ CHN124L  3-4-5,790Murry DicksonJohnny KlippsteinJim DavisMurry Dickson 53150823
1954-08-28@ CHN125L  2-5-9,350Steve RidzikDave ColeDave ColeSteve RidzikWarren Hacker53351320
1954-08-29@ CIN126L  2-3-2,995Robin RobertsArt FowlerArt FowlerRobin Roberts 53551619
1954-08-29@ CIN127L  4-8-14,006Ron MrozinskiFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiBob MillerFrank Smith53952415
1954-08-30@ CIN128L  1-5-5,392Curt SimmonsJackie CollumJackie CollumCurt Simmons 54052911
1954-08-31@ CIN129W  9-3-2,636Herm WehmeierBud PodbielanHerm WehmeierBud Podbielan 54953217
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-09-01@ SLN130W  5-2-7,287Murry DicksonBrooks LawrenceMurry DicksonBrooks Lawrence 55453420
1954-09-02@ SLN131W  5-4-4,343Robin RobertsHarvey HaddixRobin RobertsHarvey Haddix 55953821
1954-09-03@ PIT132W  10-2-5,302Bob GreenwoodDick LittlefieldSteve RidzikDick Littlefield 56954029
1954-09-03@ PIT133W  7-1-10,790Curt SimmonsBob FriendCurt SimmonsBob Friend 57654135
1954-09-05@ PIT134W  12-5-4,645Herm WehmeierLaurin PepperHerm WehmeierLaurin Pepper 58854642
1954-09-06vs NY1135L  4-8-0 Murry DicksonDon LiddleDon LiddleMurry DicksonMarv Grissom59255438
1954-09-06vs NY1136W  5-4-35,272 Robin RobertsWindy McCallRobin RobertsAl Worthington 59755839
1954-09-07vs NY1137L  1-3-13,535 Curt SimmonsRuben GomezRuben GomezCurt SimmonsHoyt Wilhelm59856137
1954-09-08vs CIN138L  3-9-3,913 Murry DicksonCorky ValentineFrank SmithMurry Dickson 60157031
1954-09-11vs CHN139W  3-0-3,913 Herm WehmeierJim DavisHerm WehmeierJim Davis 60457034
1954-09-11vs CHN140W  8-2-1,642 Bob MillerHowie PolletBob MillerHowie Pollet 61257240
1954-09-12vs MLN141W  5-2-3,913 Murry DicksonWarren SpahnMurry DicksonWarren Spahn 61757443
1954-09-12vs MLN142L  1-2-17,598 Robin RobertsLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRobin Roberts 61857642
1954-09-13vs MLN143L  4-7-11,189 Curt SimmonsJim WilsonDave JollyCurt Simmons 62258339
1954-09-14vs SLN144L  2-5-5,157 Ron MrozinskiBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceRon Mrozinski 62458836
1954-09-15vs SLN145L  1-3-1,997 Herm WehmeierTom PoholskyTom PoholskyHerm Wehmeier 62559134
1954-09-17@ NY1146W  4-3-11,540Robin RobertsJohnny AntonelliRobin RobertsJohnny Antonelli 62959435
1954-09-18@ NY1147L  1-9-7,988Murry DicksonDon LiddleDon LiddleMurry DicksonMarv Grissom63060327
1954-09-22vs PIT148W  12-1-5,157 Curt SimmonsLaurin PepperCurt SimmonsLaurin Pepper 64260438
1954-09-22vs PIT149W  5-1-2,837 Robin RobertsDick LittlefieldRobin RobertsDick Littlefield 64760542
1954-09-23vs PIT150W  4-2-936 Herm WehmeierPaul LaPalmeHerm WehmeierPaul LaPalme 65160744
1954-09-24vs NY1151L  0-1-0 Murry DicksonDon LiddleDon LiddleMurry Dickson 65160843
1954-09-24vs NY1152W  4-2-12,165 Ron MrozinskiWindy McCallRon MrozinskiWindy McCallRobin Roberts65561045
1954-09-25vs NY1153W  2-1-6,310 Curt SimmonsSal MaglieCurt SimmonsWindy McCall 65761146
1954-09-26vs NY1154L  2-3-7,992 Robin RobertsJohnny AntonelliGeorge SpencerRobin Roberts 65961445

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