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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Washington,DC
Team Record:  66-88   .429
Result:   6th in American League
Manager(s):  Bucky Harris
General Manager:   Calvin Griffith
Stadium:  Griffith Stadium
Attendance:  503,542
Playoffs:  -

Washington Senators I affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Connie Marrero (43)
Youngest Player:  Harmon Killebrew (18)
Longest Tenure:  Eddie Yost (10)
Top Hitter:  Mickey Vernon (6)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Porterfield (17)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  69.24%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10351.6698.0
Chi White Sox9460.61017.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-04-13vs NYA1W  5-3-27,160 Chuck StobbsWhitey FordSonny DixonAllie Reynolds 532
1954-04-14vs NYA2L  1-2-5,715 Johnny SchmitzEddie LopatEddie LopatJohnny SchmitzJohnny Sain651
1954-04-15@ BOS3L  1-6-17,272Bob PorterfieldBill HenryBill HenryBob Porterfield 711-4
1954-04-18@ NYA4W  9-3-16,952Mickey McDermottBob GrimMickey McDermottBob GrimSonny Dixon16142
1954-04-19vs PHA5W  4-3-11,426 Spec SheaMorrie MartinCamilo PascualArt Ditmar 20173
1954-04-20vs PHA6L  0-7-5,742 Chuck StobbsAlex KellnerAlex KellnerChuck Stobbs 2024-4
1954-04-21@ PHA7W  13-1-4,175Bob PorterfieldMarion FricanoBob PorterfieldMarion Fricano 33258
1954-04-23vs BOS8W  7-6-8,033 Spec SheaBill HenryConnie MarreroBill WerleJohnny Schmitz40319
1954-04-24vs BOS9L  1-6-5,582 Mickey McDermottMel ParnellHal BrownMickey McDermott 41374
1954-04-25vs BOS10W  5-1-9,462 Chuck StobbsLeo KielyChuck StobbsLeo Kiely 46388
1954-04-29vs BAL11L  1-2-9,740 Mickey McDermottBob TurleyBob TurleyMickey McDermott 47407
1954-04-30vs DET12L  1-2-6,423 Bob PorterfieldNed GarverRalph BrancaBob PorterfieldGeorge Zuverink48426
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-05-01vs DET13L  1-6-3,624 Spec SheaSteve GromekSteve GromekSpec Shea 49481
1954-05-02vs CLE14L  4-6-0 Chuck StobbsBob FellerRay NarleskiChuck StobbsHal Newhouser5354-1
1954-05-02vs CLE15L  3-6-19,432 Johnny SchmitzArt HouttemanArt HouttemanJohnny Schmitz 5660-4
1954-05-04vs CHA16L  6-8-4,675 Mickey McDermottBilly PierceBilly PierceMickey McDermott 6268-6
1954-05-05vs CHA17W  1-0-3,594 Bob PorterfieldBob KeeganBob PorterfieldBob Keegan 6368-5
1954-05-06vs CHA18L  4-5-1,952 Camilo PascualVirgil TrucksFritz DorishCamilo PascualSandy Consuegra6773-6
1954-05-07@ BOS19L  6-7-19,110Spec SheaTex ClevengerTex ClevengerSpec SheaEllis Kinder7380-7
1954-05-11@ DET20W  5-3-2,803Bob PorterfieldRalph BrancaBob PorterfieldAl Aber 7883-5
1954-05-12@ DET21L  2-4-4,087Camilo PascualTed GrayTed GrayCamilo Pascual 8087-7
1954-05-13@ CLE22L  7-8-2,485Mickey McDermottArt HouttemanHal NewhouserJohnny Schmitz 8795-8
1954-05-14@ CLE23L  2-5-11,383Chuck StobbsBob LemonBob LemonChuck Stobbs 89100-11
1954-05-15@ CLE24L  4-5-6,841Spec SheaEarly WynnEarly WynnSpec Shea 93105-12
1954-05-16@ CHA25L  5-10-0Connie MarreroBob KeeganBob KeeganSonny Dixon 98115-17
1954-05-16@ CHA26W  3-1-25,515Bob PorterfieldMike FornielesBob PorterfieldMike Fornieles 101116-15
1954-05-18@ BAL27W  3-1-20,596Mickey McDermottBob TurleyMickey McDermottBob Turley 104117-13
1954-05-19@ BAL28L  3-5-29,722Chuck StobbsJoe ColemanJoe ColemanChuck Stobbs 107122-15
1954-05-21vs PHA29W  7-3-3,602 Bob PorterfieldArt DitmarBob PorterfieldArt Ditmar 114125-11
1954-05-22vs PHA30L  3-10-3,419 Spec SheaArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroSpec Shea 117135-18
1954-05-23vs PHA31W  9-4-6,108 Connie MarreroBob TriceDean StoneLee Wheat 126139-13
1954-05-25vs NYA32L  3-9-12,664 Mickey McDermottWhitey FordWhitey FordMickey McDermott 129148-19
1954-05-26vs NYA33W  2-1-6,791 Bob PorterfieldEddie LopatBob PorterfieldEddie Lopat 131149-18
1954-05-27vs NYA34W  7-3-8,003 Chuck StobbsBob KuzavaChuck StobbsBob Kuzava 138152-14
1954-05-28@ PHA35W  12-6-2,673Dean StoneBob TriceDean StoneBob TriceBunky Stewart150158-8
1954-05-29@ PHA36L  5-7-1,412Spec SheaAlex KellnerMorrie MartinSpec Shea 155165-10
1954-05-30@ PHA37W  6-0-0Mickey McDermottMarion FricanoMickey McDermottMarion Fricano 161165-4
1954-05-30@ PHA38L  5-6-6,144Bob PorterfieldArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroBob Porterfield 166171-5
1954-05-31@ NYA39W  1-0-0Johnny SchmitzWhitey FordJohnny SchmitzWhitey Ford 167171-4
1954-05-31@ NYA40L  6-7-36,256Bunky StewartBob KuzavaJohnny SainSpec Shea 173178-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-06-01@ NYA41L  3-9-5,062Chuck StobbsBob GrimBob GrimChuck Stobbs 176187-11
1954-06-02vs DET42W  7-2-4,567 Dean StoneSteve GromekDean StoneSteve Gromek 183189-6
1954-06-03vs DET43W  4-3-5,203 Mickey McDermottNed GarverMickey McDermottNed Garver 187192-5
1954-06-04vs DET44L  2-3-1,689 Bob PorterfieldBilly HoeftBilly HoeftBob Porterfield 189195-6
1954-06-05vs CHA45L  3-5-6,363 Johnny SchmitzDon JohnsonVirgil TrucksJohnny Schmitz 192200-8
1954-06-06vs CHA46L  3-5-0 Chuck StobbsSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraSonny DixonBob Keegan195205-10
1954-06-06vs CHA47L  0-6-13,701 Camilo PascualJack HarshmanJack HarshmanCamilo Pascual 195211-16
1954-06-08vs CLE48W  5-2-12,288 Mickey McDermottEarly WynnMickey McDermottEarly Wynn 200213-13
1954-06-09vs CLE49L  0-1-7,606 Bob PorterfieldMike GarciaMike GarciaBob Porterfield 200214-14
1954-06-10vs CLE50W  8-4-1,965 Dean StoneBob LemonDean StoneBob Lemon 208218-10
1954-06-11vs BAL51W  9-8-6,389 Johnny SchmitzBob ChakalesConnie MarreroBob Chakales 217226-9
1954-06-12vs BAL52L  3-7-5,720 Chuck StobbsLou KretlowLou KretlowChuck StobbsHowie Fox220233-13
1954-06-13vs BAL53L  4-6-0 Mickey McDermottBob TurleyBob TurleyMickey McDermottHowie Fox224239-15
1954-06-13vs BAL54W  4-0-11,109 Bob PorterfieldDon LarsenBob PorterfieldMike Blyzka 228239-11
1954-06-15@ CLE55L  3-9-11,090Dean StoneArt HouttemanArt HouttemanDean StoneHal Newhouser231248-17
1954-06-16@ CLE56L  1-5-11,598Mickey McDermottDon MossiDon MossiMickey McDermottRay Narleski232253-21
1954-06-17@ CLE57L  4-6-5,549Spec SheaEarly WynnEarly WynnSpec SheaBob Hooper236259-23
1954-06-18@ BAL58W  7-5-11,540Bob PorterfieldLou KretlowBob PorterfieldMarlin Stuart 243264-21
1954-06-19@ BAL59W  5-2-8,187Johnny SchmitzJoe ColemanJohnny SchmitzJoe ColemanCamilo Pascual248266-18
1954-06-20@ BAL60W  7-1-0Connie MarreroDuane PilletteConnie MarreroDuane Pillette 255267-12
1954-06-20@ BAL61W  7-2-17,149Dean StoneBob ChakalesDean StoneBob Chakales 262269-7
1954-06-22@ CHA62L  5-7-23,016Mickey McDermottVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksMickey McDermottMorrie Martin267276-9
1954-06-23@ CHA63L  6-8-7,234Bob PorterfieldJack HarshmanMorrie MartinBunky Stewart 273284-11
1954-06-24@ CHA64L  2-5-6,990Johnny SchmitzSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraJohnny SchmitzBilly Pierce275289-14
1954-06-25@ DET65W  4-3-25,996Dean StoneGeorge ZuverinkDean StoneGeorge ZuverinkCamilo Pascual279292-13
1954-06-26@ DET66L  4-5-5,800Connie MarreroAl AberAl AberConnie MarreroNed Garver283297-14
1954-06-27@ DET67W  8-2-15,483Bob PorterfieldBilly HoeftBob PorterfieldBilly Hoeft 291299-8
1954-06-29@ PHA68L  2-3-2,647Mickey McDermottArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroMickey McDermott 293302-9
1954-06-30@ PHA69L  7-8-4,121Camilo PascualMarion FricanoSonny DixonConnie Marrero 300310-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-07-02@ NYA70L  5-6-0Johnny SchmitzEddie LopatTom MorganCamilo Pascual 305316-11
1954-07-02@ NYA71W  7-4-10,934Dean StoneWhitey FordDean StoneWhitey Ford 312320-8
1954-07-03@ NYA72L  2-3-20,011Bob PorterfieldBob WieslerBob WieslerBob PorterfieldAllie Reynolds314323-9
1954-07-04@ NYA73L  0-3-12,152Mickey McDermottBob GrimBob GrimMickey McDermott 314326-12
1954-07-05vs BOS74L  0-14-0 Connie MarreroWillard NixonWillard NixonConnie Marrero 314340-26
1954-07-05vs BOS75W  7-1-14,514 Chuck StobbsBill HenryChuck StobbsBill Henry 321341-20
1954-07-06vs PHA76W  5-2-3,985 Johnny SchmitzBob TriceJohnny SchmitzBob Trice 326343-17
1954-07-09vs NYA77L  5-6-14,268 Dean StoneEddie LopatBob KuzavaDean StoneJohnny Sain331349-18
1954-07-10vs NYA78L  1-9-19,866 Bob PorterfieldBob WieslerBob WieslerBob PorterfieldWhitey Ford332358-26
1954-07-11vs NYA79L  3-7-12,117 Mickey McDermottBob GrimBob GrimMickey McDermottJohnny Sain335365-30
1954-07-15vs CHA80W  3-2-7,835 Johnny SchmitzBob KeeganJohnny SchmitzBob Keegan 338367-29
1954-07-16vs CHA81L  2-4-6,891 Dean StoneVirgil TrucksSandy ConsuegraDean Stone 340371-31
1954-07-17vs CHA82W  3-1-4,820 Bob PorterfieldBilly PierceBob PorterfieldBilly Pierce 343372-29
1954-07-18vs CLE83W  8-3-0 Chuck StobbsArt HouttemanChuck StobbsArt Houtteman 351375-24
1954-07-18vs CLE84L  4-7-19,983 Mickey McDermottBob LemonDon MossiMickey McDermottHal Newhouser355382-27
1954-07-19vs CLE85L  3-4-2,220 Spec SheaEarly WynnEarly WynnSpec SheaRay Narleski358386-28
1954-07-20vs BAL86W  9-1-4,390 Johnny SchmitzJoe ColemanJohnny SchmitzJoe Coleman 367387-20
1954-07-21vs BAL87W  6-5-2,607 Dean StoneBob TurleyCamilo PascualDon Larsen 373392-19
1954-07-22vs BAL88W  3-2-4,308 Bob PorterfieldBob ChakalesGus KeriazakosLou Kretlow 376394-18
1954-07-23vs DET89W  8-3-4,353 Chuck StobbsAl AberChuck StobbsAl Aber 384397-13
1954-07-24vs DET90W  2-1-4,508 Dean StoneBilly HoeftDean StoneBilly Hoeft 386398-12
1954-07-25vs DET91W  11-3-6,183 Spec SheaTed GraySpec SheaTed Gray 397401-4
1954-07-27@ BAL92L  5-7-13,787Johnny SchmitzDuane PilletteDuane PilletteJohnny SchmitzBob Chakales402408-6
1954-07-28@ BAL93L  1-2-11,091Bob PorterfieldJoe ColemanJoe ColemanBob Porterfield 403410-7
1954-07-29@ BAL94W  6-0-5,385Chuck StobbsBilly O'DellChuck StobbsBilly O'Dell 409410-1
1954-07-30@ CLE95L  3-8-17,504Dean StoneArt HouttemanArt HouttemanDean Stone 412418-6
1954-07-31@ CLE96L  0-6-9,601Spec SheaBob LemonBob LemonSpec Shea 412424-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-08-01@ CLE97L  1-3-0Johnny SchmitzEarly WynnEarly WynnJohnny Schmitz 413427-14
1954-08-01@ CLE98L  4-5-27,888Bob PorterfieldMike GarciaHal NewhouserBob Porterfield 417432-15
1954-08-02@ DET99W  11-6-13,117Dean StoneGeorge ZuverinkDean StoneGeorge ZuverinkMickey McDermott428438-10
1954-08-03@ DET100L  0-2-3,682Chuck StobbsBilly HoeftBilly HoeftChuck Stobbs 428440-12
1954-08-04@ DET101L  2-6-4,873Connie MarreroNed GarverNed GarverConnie Marrero 430446-16
1954-08-05@ DET102W  4-1-3,802Bob PorterfieldSteve GromekBob PorterfieldSteve Gromek 434447-13
1954-08-06@ CHA103L  5-10-25,454Johnny SchmitzVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksGus KeriazakosBilly Pierce439457-18
1954-08-07@ CHA104W  4-3-9,650Mickey McDermottSandy ConsuegraMickey McDermottMorrie Martin 443460-17
1954-08-08@ CHA105W  7-6-0Chuck StobbsBilly PierceCamilo PascualMorrie Martin 450466-16
1954-08-08@ CHA106L  0-3-11,058Dean StoneJack HarshmanJack HarshmanDean Stone 450469-19
1954-08-10@ BOS107L  0-4-12,367Bob PorterfieldMel ParnellMel ParnellBob Porterfield 450473-23
1954-08-11@ BOS108L  1-10-5,903Connie MarreroTom BrewerTom BrewerConnie Marrero 451483-32
1954-08-11@ BOS109W  5-4-17,133Johnny SchmitzTex ClevengerJohnny SchmitzEllis KinderCamilo Pascual456487-31
1954-08-12@ BOS110W  9-5-0Chuck StobbsWillard NixonChuck StobbsWillard Nixon 465492-27
1954-08-12@ BOS111L  0-5-7,783Mickey McDermottFrank SullivanFrank SullivanMickey McDermott 465497-32
1954-08-13vs PHA112L  2-3-3,812 Dean StoneMarion FricanoMarion FricanoCamilo PascualMoe Burtschy467500-33
1954-08-14vs PHA113L  4-6-2,708 Bob PorterfieldCharlie BishopCharlie BishopBob Porterfield 471506-35
1954-08-15vs PHA114W  4-1-1,894 Johnny SchmitzJohnny GrayJohnny SchmitzJohnny Gray 475507-32
1954-08-17vs BOS115L  3-4-7,220 Chuck StobbsFrank SullivanFrank SullivanChuck StobbsSid Hudson478511-33
1954-08-18vs BOS116L  8-9-4,840 Mickey McDermottLeo KielySid HudsonConnie Marrero 486520-34
1954-08-19vs BOS117L  6-11-3,782 Dean StoneMel ParnellMel ParnellDean Stone 492531-39
1954-08-22@ PHA118L  2-3-0Johnny SchmitzCharlie BishopCharlie BishopCamilo Pascual 494534-40
1954-08-22@ PHA119L  4-4-3,634Bob PorterfieldArnie Portocarrero 498538-40
1954-08-23@ PHA120W  8-5-0Chuck StobbsMarion FricanoChuck StobbsMarion Fricano 506543-37
1954-08-23@ PHA121W  10-3-2,094Gus KeriazakosAlex KellnerGus KeriazakosAlex Kellner 516546-30
1954-08-24vs CHA122L  0-4-6,371 Dean StoneJack HarshmanJack HarshmanDean Stone 516550-34
1954-08-25vs CHA123L  2-7-1,517 Bunky StewartBilly PierceBilly PierceBunky Stewart 518557-39
1954-08-26vs CLE124L  1-2-11,219 Mickey McDermottEarly WynnEarly WynnMickey McDermott 519559-40
1954-08-27vs CLE125W  3-2-9,428 Johnny SchmitzBob FellerJohnny SchmitzBob Feller 522561-39
1954-08-28vs CLE126L  2-5-5,209 Chuck StobbsMike GarciaMike GarciaChuck StobbsDon Mossi524566-42
1954-08-29vs BAL127L  4-8-0 Bob PorterfieldBob KuzavaBob KuzavaBob PorterfieldMike Blyzka528574-46
1954-08-29vs BAL128L  0-5-5,691 Gus KeriazakosJoe ColemanJoe ColemanGus Keriazakos 528579-51
1954-08-30vs BAL129L  1-3-1,007 Dean StoneBob TurleyBob TurleyDean Stone 529582-53
1954-08-31vs DET130W  5-3-1,839 Mickey McDermottGeorge ZuverinkMickey McDermottGeorge Zuverink 534585-51
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-09-01vs DET131W  4-0-4,010 Johnny SchmitzAl AberJohnny SchmitzAl Aber 538585-47
1954-09-02vs DET132W  16-6-1,260 Bob PorterfieldNed GarverBob PorterfieldNed Garver 554591-37
1954-09-03vs NYA133L  2-9-12,587 Chuck StobbsHarry ByrdJim KonstantyChuck Stobbs 556600-44
1954-09-04vs NYA134W  5-2-11,694 Dean StoneTom MorganDean StoneTom Morgan 561602-41
1954-09-05vs NYA135W  5-4-17,296 Mickey McDermottRalph BrancaBob PorterfieldJohnny Sain 566606-40
1954-09-06vs PHA136W  8-1-0 Johnny SchmitzArnie PortocarreroJohnny SchmitzArnie Portocarrero 574607-33
1954-09-06vs PHA137L  2-3-4,865 Gus KeriazakosCharlie BishopCharlie BishopGus KeriazakosMoe Burtschy576610-34
1954-09-07vs PHA138W  5-4-460 Connie MarreroAl SimaSpec SheaMoe Burtschy 581614-33
1954-09-08@ CHA139L  1-2-6,735Bob PorterfieldMorrie MartinMorrie MartinBob PorterfieldDon Johnson582616-34
1954-09-09@ CHA140W  2-0-1,842Chuck StobbsFritz DorishChuck StobbsFritz Dorish 584616-32
1954-09-10@ BAL141L  3-4-5,040Mickey McDermottLou KretlowLou KretlowMickey McDermott 587620-33
1954-09-11@ BAL142W  3-0-5,995Dean StoneDon LarsenDean StoneDon Larsen 590620-30
1954-09-12@ DET143L  0-5-0Johnny SchmitzSteve GromekSteve GromekJohnny Schmitz 590625-35
1954-09-12@ DET144L  3-8-12,338Bob PorterfieldTed GrayTed GrayBob Porterfield 593633-40
1954-09-14@ CLE145L  2-4-12,872Chuck StobbsMike GarciaMike GarciaChuck StobbsRay Narleski595637-42
1954-09-17vs BOS146W  8-0-4,589 Dean StoneFrank SullivanDean StoneFrank Sullivan 603637-34
1954-09-18vs BOS147W  8-7-3,876 Mickey McDermottWillard NixonChuck StobbsHal Brown 611644-33
1954-09-19vs BOS148L  2-6-4,945 Bob PorterfieldMel ParnellMel ParnellBob Porterfield 613650-37
1954-09-20@ NYA149W  3-2-7,072Johnny SchmitzWhitey FordJohnny SchmitzWhitey Ford 616652-36
1954-09-21@ NYA150L  1-3-1,912Dean StoneBob GrimBob GrimDean Stone 617655-38
1954-09-22@ NYA151L  0-3-2,117Mickey McDermottTommy ByrneTommy ByrneMickey McDermott 617658-41
1954-09-24@ BOS152W  1-0-0Chuck StobbsHal BrownChuck StobbsHal Brown 618658-40
1954-09-24@ BOS153W  6-4-3,931Bob PorterfieldMel ParnellCamilo PascualMel Parnell 624662-38
1954-09-25@ BOS154L  6-7-6,727Johnny SchmitzWillard NixonEllis KinderCamilo Pascual 630669-39
1954-09-26@ BOS155L  2-11-14,175Dean StoneFrank SullivanFrank SullivanDean Stone 632680-48

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