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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Brooklyn,NY
Team Record:  105-49   .682
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Chuck Dressen
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Ebbets Field
Attendance:  1,163,419
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Yankees)

Brooklyn Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Preacher Roe (38)
Youngest Player:  Johnny Podres (20)
Longest Tenure:  Pee Wee Reese (11)
Top Hitter:  Duke Snider (2)
Top Pitcher:  Carl Erskine (4)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  77.15%
National League Standings
St. Louis8371.53922.0
NY Giants7084.45535.0
Chi Cubs6589.42240.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-04-14vs PIT1W  8-5-12,433 Carl ErskineMurry DicksonJoe BlackMurry Dickson 853
1953-04-15vs PIT2W  4-2-3,149 Russ MeyerJohnny LindellRuss MeyerJohnny Lindell 1275
1953-04-17@ NY13L  3-6-18,307Johnny PodresSal MaglieSal MaglieJohnny PodresHoyt Wilhelm15132
1953-04-17@ NY14W  12-4-29,406Billy LoesJim HearnBilly LoesJim Hearn 271710
1953-04-19@ PIT5W  12-4-8,801Carl ErskineMurry DicksonCarl ErskineMurry Dickson 392118
1953-04-21@ PHI6L  1-7-14,309Russ MeyerCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsRuss Meyer 402812
1953-04-22@ PHI7L  4-5-15,984Billy LoesKarl DrewsKarl DrewsBilly Loes 443311
1953-04-23@ PHI8L  1-6-25,508Johnny PodresRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJohnny Podres 45396
1953-04-24vs NY19W  12-4-26,334 Carl ErskineAl CorwinCarl ErskineAl Corwin 574314
1953-04-25vs NY110L  5-7-19,936 Russ MeyerSal MaglieHoyt WilhelmJoe Black 625012
1953-04-26vs NY111W  8-4-21,270 Billy LoesJim HearnBilly LoesJim Hearn 705416
1953-04-28vs CIN12W  5-1-8,637 Preacher RoeKen RaffensbergerPreacher RoeKen Raffensberger 755520
1953-04-29vs CIN13W  6-5-3,079 Carl ErskineHowie JudsonJoe BlackBubba Church 816021
1953-04-30vs CIN14W  7-4-3,410 Johnny PodresHerm WehmeierBen WadeHerm Wehmeier 886424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-05-01vs CHN15W  6-5-10,631 Russ MeyerTurk LownRuss MeyerDutch LeonardJoe Black946925
1953-05-03vs MLN16W  4-3-10,136 Billy LoesMax SurkontBilly LoesErnie Johnson 987226
1953-05-04vs MLN17L  4-9-0 Preacher RoeJohnny AntonelliLew BurdetteClem Labine 1028121
1953-05-06vs SLN18W  7-3-18,178 Carl ErskineJoe PreskoCarl ErskineJoe Presko 1098425
1953-05-09vs PHI19W  7-6-19,257 Preacher RoeRobin RobertsBen WadeRobin Roberts 1169026
1953-05-09vs PHI20L  4-8-25,025 Joe BlackCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsJoe Black 1209822
1953-05-10vs PHI21W  5-0-23,843 Billy LoesKarl DrewsBilly LoesKarl Drews 1259827
1953-05-12@ CHN22L  4-6-8,077Russ MeyerTurk LownDutch LeonardBen Wade 12910425
1953-05-14@ SLN23L  3-8-17,653Carl ErskineGerry StaleyGerry StaleyCarl Erskine 13211220
1953-05-15@ SLN24L  3-9-11,536Preacher RoeHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixPreacher RoeStu Miller13512114
1953-05-17@ CIN25L  5-13-0Billy LoesBubba ChurchFrank SmithBilly Loes 1401346
1953-05-17@ CIN26W  10-0-18,556Carl ErskineKen RaffensbergerCarl ErskineKen Raffensberger 15013416
1953-05-18@ CIN27L  1-2-8,028Preacher RoeBud PodbielanBud PodbielanPreacher Roe 15113615
1953-05-19@ MLN28W  4-1-36,439Russ MeyerJim WilsonRuss MeyerJim Wilson 15513718
1953-05-20@ MLN29W  7-2-23,450Billy LoesVern BickfordBilly LoesVern Bickford 16213923
1953-05-21@ NY130L  2-7-46,778Joe BlackSal MaglieAl CorwinBen WadeDave Koslo16414618
1953-05-22@ NY131L  1-5-13,267Carl ErskineJim HearnJim HearnCarl Erskine 16515114
1953-05-23@ PHI32W  2-0-31,532Preacher RoeRobin RobertsPreacher RoeRobin Roberts 16715116
1953-05-24@ PHI33W  16-2-24,715Russ MeyerCurt SimmonsJohnny PodresCurt SimmonsCarl Erskine18315330
1953-05-25@ PHI34W  11-9-22,067Billy LoesKarl DrewsBob MillikenJim KonstantyJoe Black19416232
1953-05-27vs NY135W  5-3-26,430 Billy LoesJim HearnJoe BlackJim Hearn 19916534
1953-05-28vs NY136W  7-6-11,219 Carl ErskineAl CorwinJoe BlackHoyt Wilhelm 20617135
1953-05-29@ PIT37W  7-4-3,902Russ MeyerJohnny LindellRuss MeyerJohnny LindellJim Hughes21317538
1953-05-30@ PIT38W  7-4-0Preacher RoeMurry DicksonBen WadeMurry Dickson 22017941
1953-05-30@ PIT39W  4-1-31,029Johnny PodresBob FriendJohnny PodresBob FriendCarl Erskine22418044
1953-05-31vs PIT40W  4-3-25,277 Billy LoesBob HallBilly LoesPaul LaPalmeJim Hughes22818345
1953-05-31vs PIT41W  4-1-25,277 Bob MillikenJohnny HetkiBob MillikenJohnny Hetki 23218448
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-06-02vs MLN42L  3-4-26,288 Russ MeyerJim WilsonLew BurdetteRuss Meyer 23518847
1953-06-03vs MLN43L  9-14-11,557 Carl ErskineVern BickfordJohnny AntonelliBen WadeLew Burdette24420242
1953-06-04vs MLN44W  10-5-13,482 Billy LoesMax SurkontBilly LoesMax SurkontJim Hughes25420747
1953-06-05vs SLN45W  5-4-28,926 Preacher RoeJoe PreskoJoe BlackJoe Presko 25921148
1953-06-06vs SLN46W  5-4-17,148 Johnny PodresStu MillerClem LabineStu Miller 26421549
1953-06-07vs SLN47W  10-1-16,752 Carl ErskineGerry StaleyCarl ErskineGerry Staley 27421658
1953-06-08vs CIN48L  5-8-12,456 Russ MeyerHowie JudsonFrank SmithRuss Meyer 27922455
1953-06-09vs CIN49W  10-6-4,578 Billy LoesBubba ChurchBob MillikenClyde King 28923059
1953-06-10vs CIN50W  13-3-15,688 Preacher RoeHerm WehmeierPreacher RoeHerm WehmeierJoe Black30223369
1953-06-11vs CIN51W  9-6-5,365 Carl ErskineBud PodbielanClem LabineBud PodbielanJoe Black31123972
1953-06-12vs CHN52W  7-4-17,764 Russ MeyerTurk LownJim HughesSheldon Jones 31824375
1953-06-14vs CHN53W  6-3-22,517 Billy LoesWarren HackerBilly LoesDuke SimpsonJoe Black32424678
1953-06-14vs CHN54W  6-6-22,517 Clem LabineJohnny Klippstein 33025278
1953-06-16@ SLN55L  5-6-28,974Preacher RoeStu MillerHal WhiteBob Milliken 33525877
1953-06-17@ SLN56L  3-9-24,027Johnny PodresGerry StaleyGerry StaleyBen WadeAl Brazle33826771
1953-06-18@ SLN57L  4-12-15,271Carl ErskineHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixCarl ErskineHal White34227963
1953-06-19@ CHN58L  8-11-18,726Billy LoesJohnny KlippsteinPaul MinnerBilly LoesDutch Leonard35029060
1953-06-19@ CHN59W  7-1-18,726Russ MeyerSheldon JonesRuss MeyerSheldon Jones 35729166
1953-06-20@ CHN60W  5-3-17,188Clem LabineHowie PolletClem LabineHowie PolletJim Hughes36229468
1953-06-21@ CHN61L  2-3-36,443Bob MillikenBubba ChurchBubba ChurchBob Milliken 36429767
1953-06-22@ CHN62L  4-9-16,708Carl ErskineWarren HackerWarren HackerCarl ErskineDutch Leonard36830662
1953-06-23@ CIN63L  2-3-11,815Billy LoesBud PodbielanClyde KingBilly Loes 37030961
1953-06-24@ CIN64L  4-7-8,485Russ MeyerFrank SmithHarry PerkowskiJim Hughes 37431658
1953-06-25@ CIN65W  12-3-3,628Preacher RoeHerm WehmeierPreacher RoeHerm Wehmeier 38631967
1953-06-26@ MLN66W  4-3-35,145Bob MillikenMax SurkontBilly LoesMax SurkontJim Hughes39032268
1953-06-27@ MLN67W  4-3-34,360Clem LabineJim WilsonBilly LoesJim Wilson 39432569
1953-06-28@ MLN68W  11-1-34,375Russ MeyerWarren SpahnRuss MeyerWarren Spahn 40532679
1953-06-30vs PHI69L  9-10-23,956 Preacher RoeBob MillerJim KonstantyJoe BlackKarl Drews41433678
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-07-01vs PHI70W  5-4-19,376 Billy LoesRobin RobertsJohnny PodresRobin Roberts 41934079
1953-07-02vs PHI71W  8-0-9,223 Carl ErskineKarl DrewsCarl ErskineKarl Drews 42734087
1953-07-04vs PIT72W  6-5-30,029 Russ MeyerBob HallJim HughesBob HallBen Wade43334588
1953-07-04vs PIT73L  2-5-30,029 Bob MillikenBob FriendBob FriendBilly Loes 43535085
1953-07-05@ NY174L  6-20-36,733Clem LabineSal MaglieSal MaglieClem Labine 44137071
1953-07-06@ PIT75W  14-2-13,497Russ MeyerPaul LaPalmeRuss MeyerPaul LaPalmeJim Hughes45537283
1953-07-07@ PIT76W  5-4-0Carl ErskineJohnny LindellCarl ErskineJohnny LindellBen Wade46037684
1953-07-07@ PIT77W  9-5-9,687Preacher RoeBob HallPreacher RoeBob HallBob Milliken46938188
1953-07-08@ PHI78W  8-4-22,601Billy LoesKarl DrewsBilly LoesKarl Drews 47738592
1953-07-09@ PHI79L  5-6-21,989Johnny PodresRobin RobertsBob MillerJim HughesJim Konstanty48239191
1953-07-10vs NY180L  1-6-32,889 Bob MillikenSal MaglieSal MaglieBob Milliken 48339786
1953-07-11vs NY181L  0-6-22,042 Russ MeyerAl WorthingtonAl WorthingtonRuss Meyer 48340380
1953-07-12vs NY182W  4-3-28,196 Carl ErskineJim HearnJohnny PodresHoyt Wilhelm 48740681
1953-07-16vs SLN83W  9-2-22,029 Preacher RoeStu MillerPreacher RoeStu Miller 49640888
1953-07-17vs SLN84W  14-0-0 Johnny PodresVinegar Bend MizellJohnny PodresVinegar Bend Mizell 510408102
1953-07-17vs SLN85W  7-4-29,793 Carl ErskineGerry StaleyCarl ErskineHal White 517412105
1953-07-18vs SLN86W  14-6-10,065 Russ MeyerJoe PreskoBen WadeStu Miller 531418113
1953-07-19vs CIN87L  1-4-15,652 Clem LabineFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiClem Labine 532422110
1953-07-19vs CIN88W  7-5-15,652 Bob MillikenBob KellyJim HughesBud PodbielanCarl Erskine539427112
1953-07-20vs CHN89W  3-0-11,041 Russ MeyerBob RushRuss MeyerBob RushJim Hughes542427115
1953-07-21vs CHN90W  15-4-6,348 Glenn MickensWarren HackerBen WadeWarren Hacker 557431126
1953-07-22vs CHN91W  9-3-18,855 Johnny PodresTurk LownJohnny PodresTurk Lown 566434132
1953-07-22vs CHN92W  11-1-18,855 Carl ErskineBubba ChurchCarl ErskineBubba Church 577435142
1953-07-24vs MLN93L  6-11-27,948 Billy LoesMax SurkontMax SurkontBilly LoesLew Burdette583446137
1953-07-25vs MLN94W  7-0-18,863 Russ MeyerJim WilsonRuss MeyerJim Wilson 590446144
1953-07-26vs MLN95W  3-2-33,421 Clem LabineJohnny AntonelliBob MillikenJohnny Antonelli 593448145
1953-07-26vs MLN96W  2-1-33,421 Carl ErskineLew BurdetteCarl ErskineLew Burdette 595449146
1953-07-28@ CHN97W  13-2-16,938Johnny PodresJohnny KlippsteinJohnny PodresJohnny Klippstein 608451157
1953-07-29@ CHN98W  6-5-11,625Russ MeyerTurk LownRuss MeyerTurk LownClem Labine614456158
1953-07-30@ CHN99L  2-3-10,259Glenn MickensBob RushBob RushGlenn Mickens 616459157
1953-07-31@ SLN100W  2-1-24,918Carl ErskineGerry StaleyCarl ErskineGerry Staley 618460158
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-08-01@ SLN101W  11-4-32,471Preacher RoeJoe PreskoPreacher RoeJoe Presko 629464165
1953-08-02@ SLN102L  1-10-29,013Johnny PodresHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixJohnny Podres 630474156
1953-08-03@ MLN103W  1-0-0Russ MeyerLew BurdetteRuss MeyerLew Burdette 631474157
1953-08-05@ MLN104L  3-5-30,741Carl ErskineMax SurkontErnie JohnsonCarl ErskineLew Burdette634479155
1953-08-06@ MLN105W  4-3-34,077Billy LoesWarren SpahnCarl ErskineWarren Spahn 638482156
1953-08-06@ MLN106L  2-3-34,077Clem LabineBob BuhlDon LiddleRuss Meyer 640485155
1953-08-07@ CIN107W  9-4-13,756Johnny PodresHarry PerkowskiJohnny PodresHarry PerkowskiBob Milliken649489160
1953-08-08@ CIN108W  7-4-13,570Preacher RoeFred BaczewskiBilly LoesFred Baczewski 656493163
1953-08-09@ CIN109W  9-1-19,398Russ MeyerJoe NuxhallRuss MeyerJoe Nuxhall 665494171
1953-08-11@ NY1110W  4-0-45,604Carl ErskineSal MaglieCarl ErskineSal Maglie 669494175
1953-08-12@ NY1111W  6-5-23,328Johnny PodresRuben GomezClem LabineHoyt Wilhelm 675499176
1953-08-13@ NY1112W  9-8-30,931Billy LoesAl WorthingtonClem LabineHoyt Wilhelm 684507177
1953-08-15vs PIT113W  14-6-12,842 Russ MeyerRoy FaceBen WadeRoy Face 698513185
1953-08-16vs PIT114W  3-1-18,550 Preacher RoeBob HallPreacher RoeBob Hall 701514187
1953-08-16vs PIT115W  9-5-18,550 Carl ErskineMurry DicksonCarl ErskineMurry DicksonClem Labine710519191
1953-08-17vs PIT116W  5-2-9,943 Johnny PodresJohnny LindellClem LabineJohnny Lindell 715521194
1953-08-18vs NY1117W  4-3-31,158 Billy LoesAl WorthingtonClem LabineJim Hearn 719524195
1953-08-19vs NY1118W  7-5-20,559 Russ MeyerMarv GrissomBob MillikenHoyt WilhelmJim Hughes726529197
1953-08-20vs NY1119W  10-0-17,785 Carl ErskineRuben GomezCarl ErskineRuben Gomez 736529207
1953-08-21@ PIT120L  1-7-12,459Johnny PodresMurry DicksonMurry DicksonJohnny Podres 737536201
1953-08-22@ PIT121W  5-3-7,033Preacher RoeBob HallPreacher RoeBob HallClem Labine742539203
1953-08-23@ PIT122W  10-4-1,848Russ MeyerJohnny LindellRuss MeyerJohnny Lindell 752543209
1953-08-23@ PIT123W  9-7-1,848Billy LoesBob FriendClem LabineBob Friend 761550211
1953-08-25vs CHN124L  1-3-24,900 Johnny PodresBob RushBob RushBen Wade 762553209
1953-08-25vs CHN125W  6-5-24,900 Carl ErskineWarren HackerCarl ErskineWarren HackerJim Hughes768558210
1953-08-26vs CHN126L  4-13-6,492 Billy LoesBubba ChurchTurk LownBilly Loes 772571201
1953-08-27vs CHN127W  7-5-5,795 Russ MeyerJohnny KlippsteinRuss MeyerWarren HackerClem Labine779576203
1953-08-28vs CIN128W  9-8-15,702 Preacher RoeHerm WehmeierJim HughesClyde KingClem Labine788584204
1953-08-29vs CIN129W  10-3-9,411 Johnny PodresBob KellyJoe BlackBob Kelly 798587211
1953-08-30vs SLN130W  20-4-16,781 Carl ErskineHarvey HaddixCarl ErskineHarvey Haddix 818591227
1953-08-31vs SLN131W  6-3-17,471 Bob MillikenGerry StaleyBob MillikenGerry StaleyClem Labine824594230
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-09-01vs SLN132W  12-5-5,449 Preacher RoeJoe PreskoPreacher RoeJoe Presko 836599237
1953-09-02vs MLN133L  8-9-30,877 Russ MeyerWarren SpahnBob BuhlClem Labine 844608236
1953-09-03vs MLN134L  1-6-12,215 Carl ErskineLew BurdetteLew BurdetteCarl Erskine 845614231
1953-09-04@ NY1135W  8-6-29,736Russ MeyerAl WorthingtonClem LabineLarry Jansen 853620233
1953-09-05@ NY1136W  16-7-23,636Bob MillikenJim HearnBob MillikenJim Hearn 869627242
1953-09-06@ NY1137W  6-3-25,331Preacher RoeRuben GomezPreacher RoeRuben Gomez 875630245
1953-09-07vs PHI138W  6-2-0 Carl ErskineRobin RobertsCarl ErskineRobin Roberts 881632249
1953-09-07vs PHI139W  6-2-33,337 Billy LoesCurt SimmonsBilly LoesCurt Simmons 887634253
1953-09-09@ CIN140W  6-0-11,229Johnny PodresBud PodbielanBob MillikenBud Podbielan 893634259
1953-09-10@ CIN141L  5-6-2,908Preacher RoeBob KellyFrank SmithClem Labine 898640258
1953-09-11@ MLN142L  8-9-34,260Russ MeyerLew BurdetteDon LiddleClem Labine 906649257
1953-09-12@ MLN143W  5-2-34,884Carl ErskineBob BuhlCarl ErskineBob Buhl 911651260
1953-09-13@ CHN144L  2-3-4,539Joe BlackWarren HackerWarren HackerJim Hughes 913654259
1953-09-14@ CHN145L  1-3-0Ray MooreJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinRay Moore 914657257
1953-09-15@ SLN146W  4-3-16,143Bob MillikenStu MillerClem LabineStu Miller 918660258
1953-09-16@ SLN147L  4-5-16,733Preacher RoeGerry StaleyGerry StaleyPreacher RoeAl Brazle922665257
1953-09-17@ SLN148W  4-3-9,363Carl ErskineHarvey HaddixCarl ErskineHarvey Haddix 926668258
1953-09-19vs PHI149W  5-4-9,057 Russ MeyerRobin RobertsRuss MeyerRobin Roberts 931672259
1953-09-20vs PHI150W  5-4-23,558 Bob MillikenJohnny LindellBen WadeSteve Ridzik 936676260
1953-09-20vs PHI151L  1-2-23,558 Billy LoesBob MillerBob MillerBilly Loes 937678259
1953-09-22vs PIT152W  5-4-2,365 Carl ErskineCal HogueJohnny PodresCal HogueClem Labine942682260
1953-09-25@ PHI153W  4-3-11,324Carl ErskineBob MillerClem LabineBob Miller 946685261
1953-09-26@ PHI154L  1-2-15,046Preacher RoeCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsBob Milliken 947687260
1953-09-27@ PHI155W  8-2-16,637Russ MeyerRobin RobertsBilly LoesRobin RobertsBen Wade955689266

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