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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  81-73   .526
Result:   3rd in American League
Manager(s):  Paul Richards
General Manager:   Frank Lane
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  1,231,675
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Phil Masi (36)
Youngest Player:  Sammy Esposito (20)
Longest Tenure:  Howie Judson (5)
Top Hitter:  Eddie Robinson (2)
Top Pitcher:  Billy Pierce (6)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  73.28%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9559.617--
Chi White Sox8173.52614.0
St. Louis6490.41631.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15vs CLE1L  2-3-25,037 Billy PierceEarly WynnEarly WynnBilly Pierce 23-1
1952-04-16vs CLE2L  0-1-8,897 Joe DobsonBob LemonBob LemonJoe Dobson 24-2
1952-04-17vs CLE3L  3-5-9,570 Marv GrissomMike GarciaMike GarciaMarv Grissom 59-4
1952-04-18@ SLA4L  1-7-12,573Chuck StobbsDuane PilletteDuane PilletteChuck Stobbs 616-10
1952-04-19@ SLA5W  8-3-10,313Saul RogovinJohnny HetkiJoe DobsonJohnny Hetki 1419-5
1952-04-20@ SLA6L  0-8-0Ken HolcombeNed GarverNed GarverKen Holcombe 1427-13
1952-04-20@ SLA7W  10-5-25,801Billy PierceCliff FanninBilly PierceCliff FanninBill Kennedy2432-8
1952-04-22vs DET8W  2-0-3,252 Saul RogovinTed GraySaul RogovinTed Gray 2632-6
1952-04-25@ CLE9L  4-5-4,677Billy PierceEarly WynnEarly WynnBilly Pierce 3037-7
1952-04-26vs SLA10W  5-0-12,139 Joe DobsonDuane PilletteJoe DobsonDuane Pillette 3537-2
1952-04-27vs SLA11W  7-6-0 Saul RogovinNed GarverFritz DorishEarl Harrist 4243-1
1952-04-27vs SLA12W  6-3-42,040 Chuck StobbsTommy ByrneChuck StobbsTommy ByrneFritz Dorish48462
1952-04-30@ WS113W  7-3-10,387Billy PierceBob PorterfieldBilly PierceBob PorterfieldFritz Dorish55496
1952-04-30@ WS114W  4-3-10,387Ken HolcombeConnie MarreroBill KennedyBobo Newsom 59527
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01@ PHA15W  3-0-3,023Joe DobsonBob HooperJoe DobsonBob Hooper 625210
1952-05-02@ PHA16L  12-13-3,679Lou KretlowMorrie MartinCarl ScheibChuck Stobbs 74659
1952-05-03@ PHA17L  1-7-0Saul RogovinAlex KellnerAlex KellnerSaul Rogovin 75723
1952-05-04@ NYA18L  0-8-0Marv GrissomTom MorganTom MorganMarv GrissomJoe Ostrowski7580-5
1952-05-04@ NYA19L  1-3-44,628Billy PierceBill MillerBill MillerBilly Pierce 7683-7
1952-05-06@ BOS20L  2-11-16,756Joe DobsonWillard NixonWillard NixonJoe Dobson 7894-16
1952-05-07@ BOS21L  2-7-3,721Ken HolcombeBill HenryBill HenryKen Holcombe 80101-21
1952-05-08@ BOS22W  4-2-5,112Saul RogovinRay ScarboroughSaul RogovinRay Scarborough 84103-19
1952-05-09@ DET23W  8-5-2,857Billy PierceVirgil TrucksFritz DorishHal WhiteBill Kennedy92108-16
1952-05-10@ DET24W  6-3-7,533Joe DobsonArt HouttemanJoe DobsonArt HouttemanBill Kennedy98111-13
1952-05-11@ DET25W  6-5-0Chuck StobbsHal NewhouserChuck StobbsHal NewhouserSaul Rogovin104116-12
1952-05-11@ DET26L  1-2-54,053Marv GrissomTed GrayTed GrayMarv Grissom 105118-13
1952-05-13vs BOS27W  5-0-38,861 Billy PierceWillard NixonBilly PierceIke Delock 110118-8
1952-05-14vs BOS28W  6-3-5,040 Saul RogovinBill HenrySaul RogovinBill Henry 116121-5
1952-05-15vs BOS29L  0-1-3,440 Ken HolcombeRay ScarboroughRay ScarboroughKen Holcombe 116122-6
1952-05-18vs WS130L  1-2-0 Saul RogovinLou SleaterLou SleaterSaul Rogovin 117124-7
1952-05-18vs WS131W  6-4-21,765 Joe DobsonDon JohnsonJoe DobsonJoe HaynesBilly Pierce123128-5
1952-05-20vs NYA32L  3-4-33,294 Ken HolcombeJohnny SainJohnny SainKen Holcombe 126132-6
1952-05-21vs NYA33L  1-5-7,841 Billy PierceAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsBilly Pierce 127137-10
1952-05-23vs DET34L  2-9-16,524 Saul RogovinTed GrayTed GraySaul Rogovin 129146-17
1952-05-25vs DET35W  3-0-0 Joe DobsonVirgil TrucksJoe DobsonVirgil Trucks 132146-14
1952-05-25vs DET36W  1-0-16,544 Marv GrissomArt HouttemanMarv GrissomArt Houtteman 133146-13
1952-05-26@ SLA37W  6-2-5,944Billy PierceEarl HarristBilly PierceEarl Harrist 139148-9
1952-05-27@ SLA38W  3-0-5,027Saul RogovinNed GarverSaul RogovinNed Garver 142148-6
1952-05-28@ SLA39L  1-3-4,463Chuck StobbsBob CainBob CainChuck StobbsSatchel Paige143151-8
1952-05-30@ CLE40W  7-2-0Billy PierceEarly WynnBilly PierceEarly Wynn 150153-3
1952-05-30@ CLE41W  3-1-36,064Joe DobsonSam JonesJoe DobsonSam Jones 153154-1
1952-05-31@ BOS42W  7-3-10,562Marv GrissomRay ScarboroughMarv GrissomRay Scarborough 1601573
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-01@ BOS43L  2-3-14,584Saul RogovinBill HenryEllis KinderSaul Rogovin 1621602
1952-06-02@ BOS44L  2-6-4,967Ken HolcombeWillard NixonWillard NixonKen Holcombe 164166-2
1952-06-03@ NYA45L  3-4-32,125Billy PierceVic RaschiBobby HogueBilly Pierce 167170-3
1952-06-04@ NYA46L  3-6-10,488Joe DobsonEddie LopatEddie LopatJoe DobsonBobby Hogue170176-6
1952-06-05@ NYA47L  4-6-8,699Saul RogovinJohnny SainJohnny SainSaul Rogovin 174182-8
1952-06-06@ WS148W  4-3-10,496Marv GrissomSpec SheaMarv GrissomSpec SheaHowie Judson178185-7
1952-06-07@ WS149W  5-3-9,404Hal BrownLou SleaterHal BrownLou SleaterBill Kennedy183188-5
1952-06-08@ WS150W  6-3-11,285Ken HolcombeJulio MorenoChuck StobbsJulio MorenoFritz Dorish189191-2
1952-06-10@ PHA51W  15-4-7,449Billy PierceHarry ByrdBilly PierceHarry ByrdLou Kretlow2041959
1952-06-11@ PHA52L  3-5-4,645Saul RogovinBob HooperBob HooperSaul Rogovin 2072007
1952-06-12@ PHA53W  10-4-2,819Marv GrissomAlex KellnerChuck StobbsAlex Kellner 21720413
1952-06-14vs BOS54W  4-2-12,742 Hal BrownMel ParnellFritz DorishMel Parnell 22120615
1952-06-15vs BOS55W  7-2-0 Saul RogovinWillard NixonSaul RogovinWillard Nixon 22820820
1952-06-15vs BOS56L  2-3-40,905 Chuck StobbsDizzy TroutDizzy TroutChuck StobbsMel Parnell23021119
1952-06-17vs PHA57W  13-1-0 Billy PierceAlex KellnerBilly PierceAlex Kellner 24321231
1952-06-17vs PHA58W  2-1-38,948 Marv GrissomSam ZoldakMarv GrissomSam Zoldak 24521332
1952-06-19vs PHA59L  1-4-0 Hal BrownBobby ShantzBobby ShantzHal Brown 24621729
1952-06-19vs PHA60W  5-4-19,936 Joe DobsonBob HooperJoe DobsonBob HooperFritz Dorish25122130
1952-06-20vs NYA61W  8-5-39,444 Saul RogovinVic RaschiFritz DorishBobby Hogue 25922633
1952-06-21vs NYA62W  5-1-17,019 Chuck StobbsEddie LopatChuck StobbsEddie Lopat 26422737
1952-06-22vs NYA63L  0-3-0 Billy PierceBob KuzavaBob KuzavaBilly Pierce 26423034
1952-06-22vs NYA64W  2-1-47,970 Marv GrissomBill MillerMarv GrissomBill Miller 26623135
1952-06-23vs WS165L  4-6-8,740 Hal BrownSpec SheaSpec SheaHal BrownJoe Haynes27023733
1952-06-24vs WS166L  2-6-24,045 Joe DobsonJulio MorenoJulio MorenoJoe Dobson 27224329
1952-06-25vs WS167L  6-9-6,173 Saul RogovinLou SleaterTom FerrickMarv GrissomDon Johnson27825226
1952-06-27vs CLE68W  5-1-39,986 Billy PierceBob FellerBilly PierceBob Feller 28325330
1952-06-28vs CLE69L  1-5-13,548 Chuck StobbsMike GarciaMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 28425826
1952-06-29vs CLE70W  4-2-0 Saul RogovinEarly WynnSaul RogovinEarly Wynn 28826028
1952-06-29vs CLE71W  7-7-38,100 Marv GrissomBob Lemon 29526728
1952-06-30@ DET72W  7-2-28,740Joe DobsonArt HouttemanJoe DobsonArt Houtteman 30226933
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01@ DET73L  4-6-5,298Lou KretlowBill WightFred HutchinsonHowie JudsonBilly Hoeft30627531
1952-07-02@ DET74W  3-2-4,273Billy PierceHal NewhouserBilly PierceHal NewhouserFritz Dorish30927732
1952-07-03vs SLA75W  12-3-6,916 Marv GrissomEarl HarristMarv GrissomEarl HarristChuck Stobbs32128041
1952-07-04vs SLA76W  3-1-0 Lou KretlowDuane PilletteBill KennedyDuane PilletteFritz Dorish32428143
1952-07-04vs SLA77W  2-0-0 Saul RogovinStubby OvermireSaul RogovinStubby OvermireBill Kennedy32628145
1952-07-05@ CLE78L  2-3-43,475Joe DobsonBob FellerBob FellerJoe Dobson 32828444
1952-07-06@ CLE79W  3-2-22,187Billy PierceMike GarciaFritz DorishMike Garcia 33128645
1952-07-10@ WS180W  2-0-0Billy PierceBob PorterfieldBilly PierceBob Porterfield 33328647
1952-07-10@ WS181W  4-2-17,551Saul RogovinWalt MastersonSaul RogovinWalt MastersonFritz Dorish33728849
1952-07-11@ WS182L  1-2-7,585Joe DobsonSpec SheaSpec SheaFritz Dorish 33829048
1952-07-12@ WS183L  1-2-5,215Chuck StobbsJulio MorenoJulio MorenoChuck Stobbs 33929247
1952-07-13@ PHA84L  0-6-0Lou KretlowBobby ShantzBobby ShantzLou Kretlow 33929841
1952-07-13@ PHA85W  7-4-12,119Marv GrissomBob HooperMarv GrissomBob Hooper 34630244
1952-07-14@ PHA86L  1-2-3,216Billy PierceHarry ByrdHarry ByrdFritz Dorish 34730443
1952-07-15@ BOS87L  5-7-4,738Saul RogovinDick BrodowskiDick BrodowskiSaul RogovinAl Benton35231141
1952-07-16@ BOS88L  3-7-11,926Joe DobsonMel ParnellMel ParnellJoe Dobson 35531837
1952-07-17@ BOS89L  1-2-6,986Marv GrissomDizzy TroutDizzy TroutMarv GrissomRay Scarborough35632036
1952-07-18@ NYA90L  3-6-7,618Chuck StobbsTom GormanTom GormanChuck StobbsJohnny Sain35932633
1952-07-19@ NYA91L  2-4-15,397Billy PierceTom MorganTom MorganBilly PierceAllie Reynolds36133031
1952-07-20@ NYA92W  5-4-26,051Saul RogovinBob KuzavaSaul RogovinBob KuzavaFritz Dorish36633432
1952-07-22vs BOS93L  2-4-40,786 Marv GrissomMel ParnellMickey McDermottFritz DorishRay Scarborough36833830
1952-07-23vs BOS94L  4-10-8,321 Hal BrownSid HudsonRalph BricknerJoe DobsonRay Scarborough37234824
1952-07-24vs BOS95W  3-0-15,671 Lou KretlowDizzy TroutLou KretlowDizzy Trout 37534827
1952-07-25vs PHA96W  5-0-0 Billy PierceHarry ByrdBilly PierceHarry Byrd 38034832
1952-07-25vs PHA97L  4-5-26,300 Saul RogovinCarl ScheibCarl ScheibSaul RogovinBob Hooper38435331
1952-07-26vs PHA98W  9-3-7,570 Chuck StobbsBobo NewsomChuck StobbsBobo NewsomFritz Dorish39335637
1952-07-27vs PHA99L  1-3-0 Joe DobsonBobby ShantzBobby ShantzJoe Dobson 39435935
1952-07-27vs PHA100L  3-9-26,916 Marv GrissomAlex KellnerAlex KellnerMarv Grissom 39736829
1952-07-29vs NYA101L  7-10-38,967 Billy PierceJim McDonaldJoe OstrowskiChuck StobbsAllie Reynolds40437826
1952-07-30vs NYA102W  7-0-15,103 Lou KretlowBob KuzavaLou KretlowBob Kuzava 41137833
1952-07-31vs NYA103L  2-6-34,548 Saul RogovinVic RaschiVic RaschiSaul Rogovin 41338429
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01vs WS1104L  1-3-15,482 Joe DobsonWalt MastersonWalt MastersonJoe Dobson 41438727
1952-08-02vs WS1105W  6-1-6,537 Chuck StobbsJulio MorenoChuck StobbsJulio Moreno 42038832
1952-08-03vs WS1106W  0-0-20,904 Billy PierceConnie Marrero 42038832
1952-08-05vs CLE107L  0-6-0 Lou KretlowBob LemonBob LemonLou Kretlow 42039426
1952-08-05vs CLE108W  6-3-40,909 Saul RogovinMike GarciaSaul RogovinMike GarciaFritz Dorish42639729
1952-08-06vs CLE109L  1-7-10,502 Bill KennedyEarly WynnEarly WynnBill Kennedy 42740423
1952-08-08vs DET110W  4-3-0 Billy PierceBilly HoeftBilly PierceDick Littlefield 43140724
1952-08-08vs DET111W  2-1-20,648 Joe DobsonArt HouttemanJoe DobsonArt Houtteman 43340825
1952-08-09vs DET112L  1-6-16,426 Marv GrissomHal NewhouserHal NewhouserMarv Grissom 43441420
1952-08-10vs DET113W  3-1-0 Lou KretlowTed GrayLou KretlowTed Gray 43741522
1952-08-10vs DET114W  5-4-20,757 Saul RogovinVirgil TrucksLuis AlomaVirgil Trucks 44241923
1952-08-12@ SLA115L  2-3-3,356Chuck StobbsGene BeardenGene BeardenFritz Dorish 44442222
1952-08-13@ DET116W  7-1-23,951Joe DobsonBill WightJoe DobsonBill Wight 45142328
1952-08-14@ DET117W  2-0-6,994Marv GrissomArt HouttemanMarv GrissomArt HouttemanLuis Aloma45342330
1952-08-16@ CLE118L  3-4-13,502Billy PierceBob LemonBob LemonBilly Pierce 45642729
1952-08-17@ CLE119L  2-6-0Lou KretlowBob FellerBob FellerLou Kretlow 45843325
1952-08-17@ CLE120L  1-2-45,560Chuck StobbsMike GarciaMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 45943524
1952-08-19@ NYA121W  3-1-6,058Marv GrissomJohnny SchmitzMarv GrissomJohnny Schmitz 46243626
1952-08-20@ NYA122W  12-3-14,456Saul RogovinJohnny SainSaul RogovinJohnny Sain 47443935
1952-08-21@ NYA123W  6-1-11,238Billy PierceTom GormanBilly PierceTom Gorman 48044040
1952-08-22@ BOS124W  4-1-5,367Joe DobsonIke DelockJoe DobsonIke Delock 48444143
1952-08-23@ BOS125L  3-4-14,851Hal BrownMel ParnellMel ParnellHal Brown 48744542
1952-08-24@ PHA126W  11-7-0Marv GrissomHarry ByrdMarv GrissomHarry ByrdLuis Aloma49845246
1952-08-24@ PHA127L  1-5-0Chuck StobbsCarl ScheibCarl ScheibChuck Stobbs 49945742
1952-08-26@ WS1128L  0-1-8,347Billy PierceBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldBilly Pierce 49945841
1952-08-27@ WS1129W  4-1-6,253Chuck StobbsJulio MorenoFritz DorishJulio MorenoLuis Aloma50345944
1952-08-30vs CLE130W  11-6-43,568 Hal BrownBob FellerHal BrownBob FellerLuis Aloma51446549
1952-08-31vs CLE131L  3-6-26,634 Billy PierceMike GarciaMike GarciaBilly Pierce 51747146
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-02vs DET132W  6-5-0 Joe DobsonTed GrayLuis AlomaHal White 52347647
1952-09-02vs DET133W  7-4-5,294 Marv GrissomBilly HoeftMarv GrissomBilly HoeftFritz Dorish53048050
1952-09-03vs SLA134W  1-0-10,007 Saul RogovinDick LittlefieldSaul RogovinDick Littlefield 53148051
1952-09-04vs SLA135L  0-8-3,542 Chuck StobbsDuane PilletteDuane PilletteChuck Stobbs 53148843
1952-09-05@ CLE136L  0-3-20,307Billy PierceEarly WynnEarly WynnBilly Pierce 53149140
1952-09-06@ DET137W  4-3-4,949Joe DobsonVirgil TrucksFritz DorishHal White 53549441
1952-09-07@ DET138L  2-4-11,290Marv GrissomTed GrayTed GrayMarv Grissom 53749839
1952-09-09vs WS1139W  3-2-0 Saul RogovinBob PorterfieldSaul RogovinRandy Gumpert 54050040
1952-09-09vs WS1140W  3-2-22,573 Fritz DorishMike FornielesFritz DorishMike Fornieles 54350241
1952-09-10vs WS1141W  6-3-3,918 Billy PierceRaul SanchezBilly PierceRaul SanchezLuis Aloma54950544
1952-09-11vs WS1142L  1-4-2,792 Joe DobsonWalt MastersonWalt MastersonJoe Dobson 55050941
1952-09-12vs NYA143L  4-6-40,137 Hal BrownTom GormanRay ScarboroughBill KennedyEwell Blackwell55451539
1952-09-13vs NYA144L  5-6-25,542 Marv GrissomVic RaschiVic RaschiMarv GrissomAllie Reynolds55952138
1952-09-14vs BOS145W  4-3-24,852 Saul RogovinDizzy TroutLuis AlomaIke Delock 56352439
1952-09-15vs BOS146W  4-2-2,543 Lou KretlowMel ParnellLou KretlowMel Parnell 56752641
1952-09-16vs PHA147L  1-2-0 Billy PierceHarry ByrdHarry ByrdBilly Pierce 56852840
1952-09-16vs PHA148W  7-1-20,027 Joe DobsonCarl ScheibJoe DobsonCarl ScheibLuis Aloma57552946
1952-09-20@ SLA149L  6-9-0Saul RogovinDick LittlefieldMarlin StuartLuis Aloma 58153843
1952-09-20@ SLA150L  0-4-0Marv GrissomSatchel PaigeSatchel PaigeMarv Grissom 58154239
1952-09-21@ SLA151W  4-1-5,048Billy PierceGene BeardenBilly PierceGene Bearden 58554342
1952-09-23@ CLE152W  10-1-5,377Joe DobsonMike GarciaJoe DobsonMike Garcia 59554451
1952-09-24@ CLE153L  0-6-4,989Lou KretlowBob LemonBob LemonLou Kretlow 59555045
1952-09-26vs SLA154W  6-2-16,704 Saul RogovinSatchel PaigeSaul RogovinSatchel Paige 60155249
1952-09-27vs SLA155W  8-4-0 Marv GrissomBob CainMarv GrissomBob CainJoe Dobson60955653
1952-09-28vs SLA156L  1-12-10,343 Chuck StobbsDuane PilletteDick LittlefieldChuck Stobbs 61056842

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