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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  76-78   .494
Result:   6th in American League
Manager(s):  Lou Boudreau
General Manager:   Joe Cronin
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,115,750
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Benton (41)
Youngest Player:  Gene Stephens (19)
Longest Tenure:  Ted Williams (11)
Top Hitter:  Walt Dropo (10)
Top Pitcher:  Mel Parnell (17)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  77.53%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9559.617--
Chi White Sox8173.52614.0
St. Louis6490.41631.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15@ WS11W  3-0-25,869Mel ParnellBob PorterfieldMel ParnellBob Porterfield 303
1952-04-16@ WS12L  3-4-6,383Randy GumpertJulio MorenoJulio MorenoEllis Kinder 642
1952-04-17@ WS13W  9-2-6,701Bill HenryDon JohnsonBill HenryDon JohnsonIke Delock1569
1952-04-18vs PHA4W  5-4-12,338 Ray ScarboroughBob HooperBill WightHarry Byrd 201010
1952-04-19vs PHA5W  11-2-0 Harry TaylorDick FowlerHarry TaylorDick Fowler 311219
1952-04-19vs PHA6W  6-1-23,541 Mickey McDermottMorrie MartinMickey McDermottMorrie Martin 371324
1952-04-20vs WS17W  6-3-21,208 Mel ParnellSid HudsonMel ParnellSid HudsonIke Delock431627
1952-04-21vs WS18L  2-3-4,295 James AtkinsJulio MorenoJulio MorenoJames Atkins 451926
1952-04-22vs WS19W  10-5-3,722 Bill HenryJoe HaynesBill HenryJoe Haynes 552431
1952-04-23vs NYA10W  3-1-15,336 Ellis KinderAllie ReynoldsEllis KinderAllie Reynolds 582533
1952-04-24vs NYA11W  3-2-14,865 Mickey McDermottEddie LopatIke DelockBob Kuzava 612734
1952-04-30vs DET12W  5-3-24,764 Mel ParnellVirgil TrucksIke DelockDizzy Trout 663036
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01vs SLA13L  1-6-4,638 Walt MastersonDuane PilletteDuane PilletteWalt Masterson 673631
1952-05-02vs SLA14W  13-6-4,106 Bill HenryNed GarverBill HenryNed Garver 804238
1952-05-03vs SLA15W  5-2-12,159 Ellis KinderEarl HarristEllis KinderEarl Harrist 854441
1952-05-04vs CLE16L  6-9-32,571 Mickey McDermottEarly WynnSam JonesIke DelockMike Garcia915338
1952-05-05vs CLE17L  2-4-8,624 Mel ParnellBob LemonEarly WynnMel Parnell 935736
1952-05-06vs CHA18W  11-2-16,756 Willard NixonJoe DobsonWillard NixonJoe Dobson 1045945
1952-05-07vs CHA19W  7-2-3,721 Bill HenryKen HolcombeBill HenryKen Holcombe 1116150
1952-05-08vs CHA20L  2-4-5,112 Ray ScarboroughSaul RogovinSaul RogovinRay Scarborough 1136548
1952-05-09@ NYA21L  4-7-17,397Bill WightJohnny SainJohnny SainBill WightBobby Hogue1177245
1952-05-10@ NYA22L  3-18-22,163Mickey McDermottTom MorganJim McDonaldMickey McDermottBob Kuzava1209030
1952-05-11@ NYA23L  0-1-23,576Mel ParnellAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsMel Parnell 1209129
1952-05-13@ CHA24L  0-5-38,861Willard NixonBilly PierceBilly PierceIke Delock 1209624
1952-05-14@ CHA25L  3-6-5,040Bill HenrySaul RogovinSaul RogovinBill Henry 12310221
1952-05-15@ CHA26W  1-0-3,440Ray ScarboroughKen HolcombeRay ScarboroughKen Holcombe 12410222
1952-05-16@ SLA27L  1-2-8,124Mickey McDermottEarl HarristSatchel PaigeMickey McDermott 12510421
1952-05-17@ SLA28L  1-2-10,262Mel ParnellNed GarverDave MadisonMel Parnell 12610620
1952-05-18@ DET29W  7-4-24,212Bill WightMarlin StuartBill WightMarlin StuartEllis Kinder13311023
1952-05-19@ DET30W  3-2-4,950Bill HenryArt HouttemanBill HenryArt HouttemanMel Parnell13611224
1952-05-21@ CLE31L  1-5-22,737Ray ScarboroughEarly WynnEarly WynnRay ScarboroughMike Garcia13711720
1952-05-22@ CLE32W  3-2-5,394Mickey McDermottBob LemonMickey McDermottBob Lemon 14011921
1952-05-24vs NYA33W  5-2-30,694 Ellis KinderVic RaschiEllis KinderBobby Hogue 14512124
1952-05-26vs NYA34W  6-3-29,118 Mel ParnellJohnny SainMel ParnellJohnny Sain 15112427
1952-05-27vs PHA35L  3-7-13,839 Ray ScarboroughHarry ByrdHarry ByrdRay Scarborough 15413123
1952-05-29vs WS136W  1-0-16,039 Mickey McDermottBob PorterfieldMickey McDermottBob Porterfield 15513124
1952-05-30vs WS137L  2-5-0 Ellis KinderSpec SheaTom FerrickEllis KinderBobo Newsom15713621
1952-05-30vs WS138W  5-3-28,767 Mel ParnellJulio MorenoMel ParnellJulio MorenoIke Delock16213923
1952-05-31vs CHA39L  3-7-10,562 Ray ScarboroughMarv GrissomMarv GrissomRay Scarborough 16514619
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-01vs CHA40W  3-2-14,584 Bill HenrySaul RogovinEllis KinderSaul Rogovin 16814820
1952-06-02vs CHA41W  6-2-4,967 Willard NixonKen HolcombeWillard NixonKen Holcombe 17415024
1952-06-03vs CLE42L  0-6-34,904 Mickey McDermottMike GarciaMike GarciaMickey McDermott 17415618
1952-06-04vs CLE43W  13-11-12,351 Mel ParnellBob FellerDizzy TroutSteve Gromek 18716720
1952-06-05vs CLE44L  0-5-9,607 Ellis KinderEarly WynnEarly WynnEllis Kinder 18717215
1952-06-06vs DET45L  2-4-30,808 Bill HenryTed GrayTed GrayBill Henry 18917613
1952-06-07vs DET46W  11-9-15,602 Willard NixonArt HouttemanRandy GumpertHal WhiteEllis Kinder20018515
1952-06-08vs DET47W  5-2-33,312 Mickey McDermottBill WightMickey McDermottBill Wight 20518718
1952-06-08vs DET48W  5-2-33,312 Dizzy TroutVirgil TrucksDizzy TroutVirgil TrucksRandy Gumpert21018921
1952-06-09vs DET49W  9-8-5,884 Mel ParnellMarlin StuartWalt MastersonArt HouttemanIke Delock21919722
1952-06-10vs SLA50L  4-7-19,049 Ike DelockNed GarverNed GarverIke DelockSatchel Paige22320419
1952-06-11vs SLA51W  11-9-14,524 Willard NixonEarl HarristDizzy TroutSatchel Paige 23421321
1952-06-12vs SLA52W  7-5-5,650 Sid HudsonDuane PilletteSid HudsonDuane PilletteIke Delock24121823
1952-06-14@ CHA53L  2-4-12,742Mel ParnellHal BrownFritz DorishMel Parnell 24322221
1952-06-15@ CHA54L  2-7-0Willard NixonSaul RogovinSaul RogovinWillard Nixon 24522916
1952-06-15@ CHA55W  3-2-40,905Dizzy TroutChuck StobbsDizzy TroutChuck StobbsMel Parnell24823117
1952-06-17@ SLA56L  1-3-11,433Mickey McDermottBob CainBob CainDick Brodowski 24923415
1952-06-18@ SLA57L  3-4-10,200Bill HenryDuane PilletteDuane PilletteBill Henry 25223814
1952-06-19@ SLA58W  2-0-0Ike DelockKen HolcombeIke DelockKen Holcombe 25423816
1952-06-20@ CLE59L  2-9-28,949Mel ParnellBob LemonBob LemonMel Parnell 2562479
1952-06-21@ CLE60W  3-1-12,987Sid HudsonBob FellerSid HudsonBob Feller 25924811
1952-06-22@ CLE61L  0-7-0Willard NixonSteve GromekSteve GromekWillard NixonMickey Harris2592554
1952-06-22@ CLE62L  4-5-38,947Dizzy TroutMike GarciaMike GarciaDizzy Trout 2632603
1952-06-23@ DET63W  12-6-6,290Ike DelockTed GrayIke DelockTed GrayRay Scarborough2752669
1952-06-24@ DET64L  1-7-38,698Bill HenryVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksBill Henry 2762733
1952-06-25@ DET65W  10-3-6,840Dick BrodowskiFred HutchinsonDick BrodowskiFred Hutchinson 28627610
1952-06-27vs WS166L  3-5-26,289 Sid HudsonConnie MarreroConnie MarreroSid Hudson 2892818
1952-06-28vs WS167L  1-5-11,040 Ike DelockWalt MastersonWalt MastersonIke Delock 2902864
1952-06-30@ NYA68W  4-3-19,352Dick BrodowskiBob KuzavaDick BrodowskiBob Kuzava 2942895
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01@ NYA69L  2-3-48,797Dizzy TroutVic RaschiVic RaschiDizzy Trout 2962924
1952-07-02@ NYA70W  5-4-20,514Sid HudsonEddie LopatSid HudsonEddie LopatAl Benton3012965
1952-07-03@ PHA71L  3-4-2,086Ike DelockCarl ScheibCarl ScheibRalph Brickner 3043004
1952-07-04@ PHA72W  10-5-0Mel ParnellBob HooperMel ParnellBob Hooper 3143059
1952-07-04@ PHA73L  3-4-0Willard NixonHarry ByrdHarry ByrdWillard NixonSam Zoldak3173098
1952-07-05@ WS174L  3-4-13,006Dick BrodowskiSpec SheaSpec SheaDick Brodowski 3203137
1952-07-06@ WS175L  2-5-11,450Mickey McDermottJulio MorenoJulio MorenoMickey McDermottWalt Masterson3223184
1952-07-11vs DET76W  16-6-0 Dick BrodowskiTed GrayDick BrodowskiTed Gray 33832414
1952-07-11vs DET77W  5-3-12,655 Mel ParnellVirgil TrucksMel ParnellVirgil Trucks 34332716
1952-07-12vs DET78W  5-4-11,394 Sid HudsonBill WightSid HudsonBill WightAl Benton34833117
1952-07-13vs SLA79W  8-5-0 Dizzy TroutGene BeardenRalph BricknerKen Holcombe 35633620
1952-07-13vs SLA80W  4-0-22,770 Mickey McDermottNed GarverMickey McDermottNed Garver 36033624
1952-07-14vs SLA81L  5-7-4,196 Ray ScarboroughDave MadisonDave MadisonRay ScarboroughEarl Harrist36534322
1952-07-15vs CHA82W  7-5-4,738 Dick BrodowskiSaul RogovinDick BrodowskiSaul RogovinAl Benton37234824
1952-07-16vs CHA83W  7-3-11,926 Mel ParnellJoe DobsonMel ParnellJoe Dobson 37935128
1952-07-17vs CHA84W  2-1-6,986 Dizzy TroutMarv GrissomDizzy TroutMarv GrissomRay Scarborough38135229
1952-07-18vs CLE85W  9-2-34,477 Mickey McDermottLou BrissieRalph BricknerLou Brissie 39035436
1952-07-19vs CLE86L  0-4-18,613 Sid HudsonBob LemonBob LemonSid Hudson 39035832
1952-07-20vs CLE87W  8-7-25,318 Dick BrodowskiEarly WynnDizzy TroutMike Garcia 39836533
1952-07-22@ CHA88W  4-2-40,786Mel ParnellMarv GrissomMickey McDermottFritz DorishRay Scarborough40236735
1952-07-23@ CHA89W  10-4-8,321Sid HudsonHal BrownRalph BricknerJoe DobsonRay Scarborough41237141
1952-07-24@ CHA90L  0-3-15,671Dizzy TroutLou KretlowLou KretlowDizzy Trout 41237438
1952-07-25@ SLA91L  2-3-4,769Dick BrodowskiTommy ByrneTommy ByrneDick Brodowski 41437737
1952-07-26@ SLA92L  2-7-3,130Mickey McDermottDave MadisonDave MadisonMickey McDermott 41638432
1952-07-27@ SLA93L  1-8-0Mel ParnellGene BeardenGene BeardenMel ParnellEarl Harrist41739225
1952-07-27@ SLA94W  9-3-6,555Willard NixonDuane PilletteWillard NixonDuane PilletteAl Benton42639531
1952-07-29@ CLE95L  1-4-24,704Sid HudsonEarly WynnEarly WynnSid Hudson 42739928
1952-07-30@ CLE96W  5-4-24,798Dick BrodowskiBob FellerDick BrodowskiBob FellerDizzy Trout43240329
1952-07-31@ CLE97L  2-8-11,634Ralph BricknerBob LemonBob LemonMickey McDermott 43441123
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01@ DET98W  3-1-37,412Mel ParnellBill WightMel ParnellBill Wight 43741225
1952-08-02@ DET99W  10-5-10,834Dizzy TroutHal NewhouserDizzy TroutHal NewhouserRalph Brickner44741730
1952-08-03@ DET100L  0-6-17,659Dick BrodowskiArt HouttemanArt HouttemanDick Brodowski 44742324
1952-08-05@ PHA101L  3-5-35,673Sid HudsonBobby ShantzBobby ShantzSid Hudson 45042822
1952-08-07@ PHA102L  5-7-0Dizzy TroutHarry ByrdHarry ByrdDizzy TroutBob Hooper45543520
1952-08-07@ PHA103W  8-4-6,227Willard NixonCarl ScheibAl BentonCarl Scheib 46343924
1952-08-09@ NYA104W  3-1-34,277Mel ParnellVic RaschiAl BentonJohnny Sain 46644026
1952-08-11@ NYA105L  0-7-51,005Sid HudsonAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsSid Hudson 46644719
1952-08-12vs PHA106L  3-4-17,156 Dizzy TroutCarl ScheibCarl ScheibAl Benton 46945118
1952-08-13vs PHA107W  4-0-9,561 Mel ParnellDick FowlerMel ParnellDick Fowler 47345122
1952-08-14vs PHA108W  5-4-0 Dick BrodowskiHarry ByrdMickey McDermottHarry Byrd 47845523
1952-08-14vs PHA109W  4-2-17,322 Willard NixonBobo NewsomWillard NixonBobo NewsomEllis Kinder48245725
1952-08-15vs NYA110W  3-2-33,418 Sid HudsonJohnny SainSid HudsonJohnny SainAl Benton48545926
1952-08-16vs NYA111L  4-5-28,635 Ray ScarboroughAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsMickey McDermott 48946425
1952-08-17vs NYA112L  2-3-30,531 Mel ParnellEddie LopatTom GormanMel Parnell 49146724
1952-08-18vs NYA113L  2-4-29,596 Dizzy TroutVic RaschiVic RaschiDizzy Trout 49347122
1952-08-19vs CLE114W  6-5-11,238 Dick BrodowskiEarly WynnAl BentonEarly Wynn 49947623
1952-08-20vs CLE115L  8-18-14,409 Mickey McDermottBob LemonBob LemonMickey McDermott 50749413
1952-08-21vs CLE116W  4-1-10,243 Sid HudsonSteve GromekSid HudsonSteve Gromek 51149516
1952-08-22vs CHA117L  1-4-5,367 Ike DelockJoe DobsonJoe DobsonIke Delock 51249913
1952-08-23vs CHA118W  4-3-14,851 Mel ParnellHal BrownMel ParnellHal Brown 51650214
1952-08-24vs SLA119W  2-1-0 Ellis KinderDuane PilletteAl BentonMarlin Stuart 51850315
1952-08-24vs SLA120W  12-1-26,789 Dizzy TroutBobby HogueDizzy TroutBobby Hogue 53050426
1952-08-26vs DET121W  11-3-26,287 Sid HudsonBill WightSid HudsonBill Wight 54150734
1952-08-27vs DET122W  5-0-10,814 Mel ParnellDave MadisonMel ParnellDave Madison 54650739
1952-08-28@ PHA123L  4-6-4,808Mickey McDermottHarry ByrdHarry ByrdAl BentonBob Hooper55051337
1952-08-29@ PHA124L  1-6-0Dick BrodowskiCarl ScheibCarl ScheibDick Brodowski 55151932
1952-08-29@ PHA125L  5-7-13,089Ike DelockCharlie BishopCharlie BishopIke DelockBobo Newsom55652630
1952-08-31@ PHA126W  11-1-0Mickey McDermottBobby ShantzMickey McDermottBobby Shantz 56752740
1952-08-31@ PHA127L  0-2-20,923Willard NixonHarry ByrdHarry ByrdWillard Nixon 56752938
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01@ NYA128L  1-5-16,529Ellis KinderRay ScarboroughRay ScarboroughEllis Kinder 56853434
1952-09-02@ NYA129L  0-5-0Mel ParnellTom GormanTom GormanMel Parnell 56853929
1952-09-02@ NYA130L  0-4-38,915Sid HudsonEwell BlackwellEwell BlackwellSid HudsonJohnny Sain56854325
1952-09-03@ WS1131L  2-9-5,987Dizzy TroutRandy GumpertRandy GumpertDizzy Trout 57055218
1952-09-04@ WS1132L  2-4-9,127Mickey McDermottBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldMickey McDermott 57255616
1952-09-05@ WS1133L  0-2-3,897Ellis KinderRaul SanchezRaul SanchezEllis Kinder 57255814
1952-09-06vs PHA134W  6-4-0 Mel ParnellCarl ScheibMel ParnellCarl Scheib 57856216
1952-09-06vs PHA135W  10-2-17,905 Willard NixonCharlie BishopWillard NixonCharlie Bishop 58856424
1952-09-07vs PHA136W  12-5-15,658 Sid HudsonHarry ByrdEllis KinderHarry Byrd 60056931
1952-09-09@ DET137L  3-4-3,718Dizzy TroutArt HouttemanArt HouttemanIke Delock 60357330
1952-09-10@ DET138L  2-6-3,079Mel ParnellBill WightBill WightMel Parnell 60557926
1952-09-11@ DET139L  4-5-3,550Mickey McDermottVirgil TrucksDave MadisonAl BentonBilly Hoeft60958425
1952-09-12@ CLE140L  0-5-33,484Sid HudsonEarly WynnEarly WynnSid Hudson 60958920
1952-09-13@ CLE141W  4-3-21,622Ellis KinderBob LemonMickey McDermottBob Lemon 61359221
1952-09-14@ CHA142L  3-4-24,852Dizzy TroutSaul RogovinLuis AlomaIke Delock 61659620
1952-09-15@ CHA143L  2-4-2,543Mel ParnellLou KretlowLou KretlowMel Parnell 61860018
1952-09-16@ SLA144W  11-7-3,604Mickey McDermottDuane PilletteMickey McDermottDuane PilletteEllis Kinder62960722
1952-09-17@ SLA145L  4-10-1,250George SchmeesBob CainBob CainIke Delock 63361716
1952-09-19@ WS1146L  3-5-5,187Sid HudsonJulio MorenoMike FornielesSid Hudson 63662214
1952-09-20@ WS1147L  6-10-6,965Mel ParnellSpec SheaSpec SheaMel ParnellWalt Masterson64263210
1952-09-21@ WS1148W  7-3-9,966Dizzy TroutConnie MarreroDizzy TroutConnie MarreroAl Benton64963514
1952-09-24vs NYA149L  2-3-0 Ellis KinderVic RaschiJohnny SainDizzy Trout 65163813
1952-09-24vs NYA150L  6-8-17,651 Mel ParnellTom GormanTom GormanMel ParnellJohnny Sain65764611
1952-09-25vs NYA151L  2-3-7,207 Sid HudsonAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsSid Hudson 65964910
1952-09-26vs WS1152W  3-1-1,183 Hersh FreemanSpec SheaHersh FreemanSpec Shea 66265012
1952-09-27vs WS1153L  2-3-5,168 Dizzy TroutBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldDizzy Trout 66465311
1952-09-28vs WS1154L  4-5-9,510 Mickey McDermottWalt MastersonTom FerrickEllis Kinder 66865810

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