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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  64-90   .416
Result:   7th in American League
Manager(s):  Marty Marion, Rogers Hornsby
General Manager:   Bill Veeck
Stadium:  Sportsman's Park
Attendance:  518,796
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Browns affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Satchel Paige (45)
Youngest Player:  J.W. Porter (19)
Longest Tenure:  Cliff Fannin (8)
Top Hitter:  Jim Rivera (22)
Top Pitcher:  Duane Pillette (19)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  54.98%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9559.617--
Chi White Sox8173.52614.0
St. Louis6490.41631.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15@ DET1W  3-0-43,112Ned GarverDizzy TroutNed GarverDizzy Trout 303
1952-04-16@ DET2W  5-4-5,524Tommy ByrneArt HouttemanTommy ByrneArt Houtteman 844
1952-04-17@ DET3W  3-1-5,778Bob CainHal NewhouserBob CainHal Newhouser 1156
1952-04-18vs CHA4W  7-1-12,573 Duane PilletteChuck StobbsDuane PilletteChuck Stobbs 18612
1952-04-19vs CHA5L  3-8-10,313 Johnny HetkiSaul RogovinJoe DobsonJohnny Hetki 21147
1952-04-20vs CHA6W  8-0-0 Ned GarverKen HolcombeNed GarverKen Holcombe 291415
1952-04-20vs CHA7L  5-10-25,801 Cliff FanninBilly PierceBilly PierceCliff FanninBill Kennedy342410
1952-04-22vs CLE8W  8-3-15,119 Tommy ByrneMike GarciaTommy ByrneMike Garcia 422715
1952-04-23vs CLE9W  1-0-7,110 Bob CainBob FellerBob CainBob Feller 432716
1952-04-26@ CHA10L  0-5-12,139Duane PilletteJoe DobsonJoe DobsonDuane Pillette 433211
1952-04-27@ CHA11L  6-7-0Ned GarverSaul RogovinFritz DorishEarl Harrist 493910
1952-04-27@ CHA12L  3-6-42,040Tommy ByrneChuck StobbsChuck StobbsTommy ByrneFritz Dorish52457
1952-04-30@ NYA13W  9-4-0Bob CainVic RaschiBob CainVic RaschiSatchel Paige614912
1952-04-30@ NYA14L  1-4-18,509Lou SleaterAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsLou Sleater 62539
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01@ BOS15W  6-1-4,638Duane PilletteWalt MastersonDuane PilletteWalt Masterson 685414
1952-05-02@ BOS16L  6-13-4,106Ned GarverBill HenryBill HenryNed Garver 74677
1952-05-03@ BOS17L  2-5-12,159Earl HarristEllis KinderEllis KinderEarl Harrist 76724
1952-05-04@ WS118L  1-2-0Tommy ByrneBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldTommy Byrne 77743
1952-05-04@ WS119L  7-15-23,006Bob CainSandy ConsuegraTom FerrickSatchel Paige 8489-5
1952-05-05@ WS120L  1-13-6,228Ned GarverSpec SheaSpec SheaNed GarverBobo Newsom85102-17
1952-05-06@ PHA21W  5-1-7,381Duane PilletteBob HooperDuane PilletteBob Hooper 90103-13
1952-05-07@ PHA22L  0-1-3,479Earl HarristAlex KellnerAlex KellnerEarl Harrist 90104-14
1952-05-08@ PHA23W  9-8-1,267Lou SleaterSam ZoldakSatchel PaigeCarl Scheib 99112-13
1952-05-10@ CLE24W  6-4-14,179Tommy ByrneEarly WynnTommy ByrneEarly Wynn 105116-11
1952-05-11@ CLE25L  0-1-0Ned GarverBob LemonBob LemonNed Garver 105117-12
1952-05-11@ CLE26L  1-3-27,172Bob CainMike GarciaMike GarciaBob Cain 106120-14
1952-05-13vs PHA27L  1-5-7,301 Duane PilletteBobby ShantzBobby ShantzDuane Pillette 107125-18
1952-05-14vs PHA28W  12-7-4,829 Gene BeardenHarry ByrdGene BeardenHarry ByrdSatchel Paige119132-13
1952-05-15vs PHA29L  0-6-5,613 Tommy ByrneAlex KellnerAlex KellnerTommy Byrne 119138-19
1952-05-16vs BOS30W  2-1-8,124 Earl HarristMickey McDermottSatchel PaigeMickey McDermott 121139-18
1952-05-17vs BOS31W  2-1-10,262 Ned GarverMel ParnellDave MadisonMel Parnell 123140-17
1952-05-18vs NYA32W  4-3-0 Duane PilletteEddie LopatDuane PilletteEddie Lopat 127143-16
1952-05-18vs NYA33L  1-8-17,385 Bob CainVic RaschiVic RaschiBob Cain 128151-23
1952-05-20vs WS134L  0-2-6,680 Tommy ByrneConnie MarreroConnie MarreroTommy Byrne 128153-25
1952-05-21vs WS135W  2-1-4,868 Earl HarristSid HudsonSatchel PaigeSid Hudson 130154-24
1952-05-22vs WS136L  2-4-6,096 Gene BeardenBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldGene BeardenTom Ferrick132158-26
1952-05-23vs CLE37L  3-6-9,126 Ned GarverMike GarciaMike GarciaNed GarverBob Lemon135164-29
1952-05-24vs CLE38L  3-5-5,947 Bob CainBob FellerBob FellerBob Cain 138169-31
1952-05-25vs CLE39W  7-5-0 Duane PilletteSteve GromekDuane PilletteSteve GromekSatchel Paige145174-29
1952-05-25vs CLE40L  2-6-23,536 Tommy ByrneSam JonesSam JonesTommy ByrneLou Brissie147180-33
1952-05-26vs CHA41L  2-6-5,944 Earl HarristBilly PierceBilly PierceEarl Harrist 149186-37
1952-05-27vs CHA42L  0-3-5,027 Ned GarverSaul RogovinSaul RogovinNed Garver 149189-40
1952-05-28vs CHA43W  3-1-4,463 Bob CainChuck StobbsBob CainChuck StobbsSatchel Paige152190-38
1952-05-30vs DET44W  3-2-0 Duane PilletteVirgil TrucksSatchel PaigeDizzy Trout 155192-37
1952-05-30vs DET45L  5-8-13,162 Tommy ByrneBilly HoeftDizzy TroutTommy Byrne 160200-40
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-02@ PHA46L  1-2-1,500Ned GarverHarry ByrdHarry ByrdNed Garver 161202-41
1952-06-03@ WS147W  3-2-9,701Dave MadisonBob PorterfieldSatchel PaigeTom Ferrick 164204-40
1952-06-06@ NYA48W  9-3-8,922Bob CainTom MorganEarl HarristTom Morgan 173207-34
1952-06-07@ NYA49L  1-2-19,714Duane PilletteAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsDuane Pillette 174209-35
1952-06-08@ NYA50L  2-5-0Tommy ByrneJim McDonaldBob KuzavaTommy Byrne 176214-38
1952-06-08@ NYA51L  0-3-45,900Stubby OvermireVic RaschiVic RaschiStubby Overmire 176217-41
1952-06-10@ BOS52W  7-4-19,049Ned GarverIke DelockNed GarverIke DelockSatchel Paige183221-38
1952-06-11@ BOS53L  9-11-14,524Earl HarristWillard NixonDizzy TroutSatchel Paige 192232-40
1952-06-12@ BOS54L  5-7-5,650Duane PilletteSid HudsonSid HudsonDuane PilletteIke Delock197239-42
1952-06-14vs PHA55L  2-9-3,758 Tommy ByrneBobby ShantzBobby ShantzTommy Byrne 199248-49
1952-06-15vs PHA56W  6-3-0 Ned GarverBob HooperNed GarverBob HooperSatchel Paige205251-46
1952-06-15vs PHA57W  7-6-15,600 Dave MadisonHarry ByrdEarl HarristHarry Byrd 212257-45
1952-06-17vs BOS58W  3-1-11,433 Bob CainMickey McDermottBob CainDick Brodowski 215258-43
1952-06-18vs BOS59W  4-3-10,200 Duane PilletteBill HenryDuane PilletteBill Henry 219261-42
1952-06-19vs BOS60L  0-2-0 Ken HolcombeIke DelockIke DelockKen Holcombe 219263-44
1952-06-20vs WS161W  5-5-7,931 Tommy ByrneLou Sleater 224268-44
1952-06-21vs WS162W  7-3-4,578 Ned GarverWalt MastersonNed GarverWalt Masterson 231271-40
1952-06-22vs WS163L  5-8-0 Earl HarristRandy GumpertRandy GumpertEarl Harrist 236279-43
1952-06-22vs WS164W  3-2-13,778 Gene BeardenBob PorterfieldGene BeardenBob PorterfieldSatchel Paige239281-42
1952-06-23vs NYA65L  10-14-11,508 Bob CainJohnny SainJoe OstrowskiEarl HarristBobby Hogue249295-46
1952-06-24vs NYA66L  3-8-12,575 Duane PilletteAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsDuane Pillette 252303-51
1952-06-25vs NYA67W  10-9-4,600 Tommy ByrneVic RaschiGene BeardenBobby HogueSatchel Paige262312-50
1952-06-26vs DET68L  0-6-5,746 Ned GarverBill WightBill WightNed Garver 262318-56
1952-06-27vs DET69W  2-1-4,972 Bob CainHal NewhouserBob CainHal NewhouserSatchel Paige264319-55
1952-06-28vs DET70L  2-5-8,017 Earl HarristTed GrayTed GrayEarl Harrist 266324-58
1952-06-29vs DET71W  3-2-4,858 Duane PilletteVirgil TrucksSatchel PaigeVirgil Trucks 269326-57
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01@ CLE72L  3-4-19,885Ned GarverBob FellerLou BrissieSatchel Paige 272330-58
1952-07-02@ CLE73L  2-3-8,662Gene BeardenMike GarciaMickey HarrisDave Madison 274333-59
1952-07-03@ CHA74L  3-12-6,916Earl HarristMarv GrissomMarv GrissomEarl HarristChuck Stobbs277345-68
1952-07-04@ CHA75L  1-3-0Duane PilletteLou KretlowBill KennedyDuane PilletteFritz Dorish278348-70
1952-07-04@ CHA76L  0-2-0Stubby OvermireSaul RogovinSaul RogovinStubby OvermireBill Kennedy278350-72
1952-07-05@ DET77L  0-5-32,221Bob CainBill WightBill WightBob Cain 278355-77
1952-07-06@ DET78L  6-8-11,324Ned GarverHal NewhouserHal NewhouserSatchel PaigeArt Houtteman284363-79
1952-07-10@ NYA79L  2-10-23,101Duane PilletteBob KuzavaBob KuzavaDuane Pillette 286373-87
1952-07-11@ NYA80W  6-3-9,769Tommy ByrneBill MillerTommy ByrneJoe Ostrowski 292376-84
1952-07-12@ NYA81L  4-5-13,397Stubby OvermireAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsSatchel Paige 296381-85
1952-07-13@ BOS82L  5-8-0Gene BeardenDizzy TroutRalph BricknerKen Holcombe 301389-88
1952-07-13@ BOS83L  0-4-22,770Ned GarverMickey McDermottMickey McDermottNed Garver 301393-92
1952-07-14@ BOS84W  7-5-4,196Dave MadisonRay ScarboroughDave MadisonRay ScarboroughEarl Harrist308398-90
1952-07-15@ PHA85L  3-11-0Bob CainBobo NewsomBobo NewsomBob Cain 311409-98
1952-07-15@ PHA86L  6-7-0Duane PilletteCarl ScheibEd WrightSatchel Paige 317416-99
1952-07-17@ PHA87L  1-3-9,750Ned GarverBobby ShantzBobby ShantzNed Garver 318419-101
1952-07-17@ PHA88W  9-5-0Tommy ByrneBob HooperTommy ByrneBob Hooper 327424-97
1952-07-18@ WS189L  5-6-4,798Stubby OvermireRandy GumpertRandy GumpertStubby OvermireSandy Consuegra332430-98
1952-07-19@ WS190L  1-2-7,150Gene BeardenJulio MorenoJulio MorenoGene Bearden 333432-99
1952-07-20@ WS191L  6-7-0Duane PilletteConnie MarreroConnie MarreroDuane PilletteJoe Haynes339439-100
1952-07-20@ WS192L  3-6-10,244Tommy ByrneBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldTommy ByrneSandy Consuegra342445-103
1952-07-22vs PHA93L  2-3-7,174 Bob CainBobby ShantzBobby ShantzBob Cain 344448-104
1952-07-23vs PHA94L  2-3-4,337 Duane PilletteAlex KellnerBob HooperDuane Pillette 346451-105
1952-07-24vs PHA95W  4-3-3,411 Ned GarverSam ZoldakNed GarverSam Zoldak 350454-104
1952-07-25vs BOS96W  3-2-4,769 Tommy ByrneDick BrodowskiTommy ByrneDick Brodowski 353456-103
1952-07-26vs BOS97W  7-2-3,130 Dave MadisonMickey McDermottDave MadisonMickey McDermott 360458-98
1952-07-27vs BOS98W  8-1-0 Gene BeardenMel ParnellGene BeardenMel ParnellEarl Harrist368459-91
1952-07-27vs BOS99L  3-9-6,555 Duane PilletteWillard NixonWillard NixonDuane PilletteAl Benton371468-97
1952-07-28vs WS1100W  6-3-14,189 Satchel PaigeLou SleaterSatchel PaigeLou SleaterBob Cain377471-94
1952-07-29vs WS1101W  7-3-4,306 Ned GarverSpec SheaNed GarverSpec SheaEarl Harrist384474-90
1952-07-30vs WS1102L  2-6-3,871 Tommy ByrneBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldTommy Byrne 386480-94
1952-07-31vs WS1103L  5-10-3,711 Bob CainRandy GumpertSandy ConsuegraBob Cain 391490-99
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01vs NYA104W  2-1-9,080 Gene BeardenAllie ReynoldsGene BeardenAllie ReynoldsSatchel Paige393491-98
1952-08-02vs NYA105W  11-6-5,420 Duane PilletteBill MillerDuane PilletteBill MillerBob Cain404497-93
1952-08-03vs NYA106L  1-6-0 Ned GarverJohnny SainJohnny SainNed Garver 405503-98
1952-08-03vs NYA107L  4-6-17,580 Tommy ByrneJim McDonaldJim McDonaldTommy ByrneJoe Ostrowski409509-100
1952-08-05vs DET108W  5-1-4,609 Bob CainTed GrayBob CainTed Gray 414510-96
1952-08-06vs DET109W  1-0-0 Satchel PaigeVirgil TrucksSatchel PaigeHal White 415510-95
1952-08-07vs DET110W  5-4-3,040 Gene BeardenBill WightDave MadisonHal White 420514-94
1952-08-08vs CLE111L  9-10-0 Duane PilletteBob FellerEarly WynnDave Madison 429524-95
1952-08-09vs CLE112L  5-7-6,594 Tommy ByrneMike GarciaMickey HarrisTommy Byrne 434531-97
1952-08-10vs CLE113W  6-3-7,752 Bob CainBob LemonBob CainBob Lemon 440534-94
1952-08-12vs CHA114W  3-2-3,356 Gene BeardenChuck StobbsGene BeardenFritz Dorish 443536-93
1952-08-13@ CLE115W  5-2-0Duane PilletteBob FellerDuane PilletteBob Feller 448538-90
1952-08-13@ CLE116L  1-9-44,528Cliff FanninEarly WynnEarly WynnCliff Fannin 449547-98
1952-08-15@ CLE117L  6-7-17,113Tommy ByrneMike GarciaEarly WynnSatchel Paige 455554-99
1952-08-16@ DET118L  2-5-0Bob CainTed GrayTed GrayBob CainVirgil Trucks457559-102
1952-08-17@ DET119W  4-2-0Gene BeardenHal NewhouserGene BeardenHal NewhouserEarl Harrist461561-100
1952-08-17@ DET120L  2-4-27,479Marlin StuartNed GarverNed GarverMarlin Stuart 463565-102
1952-08-19@ WS1121L  1-2-8,098Duane PilletteConnie MarreroConnie MarreroDuane Pillette 464567-103
1952-08-21@ WS1122L  2-3-0Tommy ByrneSpec SheaSpec SheaTommy Byrne 466570-104
1952-08-21@ WS1123W  8-1-4,468Bob CainWalt MastersonBob CainWalt Masterson 474571-97
1952-08-22@ PHA124L  2-5-0Gene BeardenCharlie BishopCharlie BishopGene BeardenBob Hooper476576-100
1952-08-22@ PHA125L  0-9-21,423Satchel PaigeBobby ShantzBobby ShantzSatchel Paige 476585-109
1952-08-23@ PHA126W  12-11-3,321Marlin StuartAlex KellnerSatchel PaigeJohnny Kucab 488596-108
1952-08-24@ BOS127L  1-2-0Duane PilletteEllis KinderAl BentonMarlin Stuart 489598-109
1952-08-24@ BOS128L  1-12-26,789Bobby HogueDizzy TroutDizzy TroutBobby Hogue 490610-120
1952-08-26@ NYA129L  3-6-26,550Bob CainJohnny SainBob KuzavaSatchel Paige 493616-123
1952-08-27@ NYA130L  7-12-13,716Tommy ByrneAllie ReynoldsRay ScarboroughGene BeardenJohnny Schmitz500628-128
1952-08-30vs DET131W  2-1-4,508 Duane PilletteArt HouttemanDuane PilletteArt Houtteman 502629-127
1952-08-31vs DET132W  7-4-6,569 Bob CainBill WightBob CainBill WightMarlin Stuart509633-124
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01vs CLE133L  3-9-0 Gene BeardenEarly WynnEarly WynnGene Bearden 512642-130
1952-09-01vs CLE134W  2-1-11,082 Satchel PaigeBob LemonSatchel PaigeBob Lemon 514643-129
1952-09-03@ CHA135L  0-1-10,007Dick LittlefieldSaul RogovinSaul RogovinDick Littlefield 514644-130
1952-09-04@ CHA136W  8-0-3,542Duane PilletteChuck StobbsDuane PilletteChuck Stobbs 522644-122
1952-09-06@ CLE137L  3-8-11,554Bob CainBob LemonBob LemonBob Cain 525652-127
1952-09-07@ CLE138L  0-4-0Gene BeardenMike GarciaMike GarciaGene Bearden 525656-131
1952-09-07@ CLE139L  1-3-36,497Tommy ByrneSteve GromekSteve GromekTommy Byrne 526659-133
1952-09-09vs NYA140W  5-4-10,580 Dick LittlefieldVic RaschiDick LittlefieldRay Scarborough 531663-132
1952-09-10vs NYA141L  1-6-8,908 Duane PilletteAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsDuane Pillette 532669-137
1952-09-12vs WS1142W  5-4-3,458 Bob CainJulio MorenoSatchel PaigeRandy Gumpert 537673-136
1952-09-14vs PHA143L  5-10-0 Gene BeardenBobby ShantzBobby ShantzGene Bearden 542683-141
1952-09-14vs PHA144L  1-2-8,829 Dick LittlefieldAlex KellnerAlex KellnerDick Littlefield 543685-142
1952-09-16vs BOS145L  7-11-3,604 Duane PilletteMickey McDermottMickey McDermottDuane PilletteEllis Kinder550696-146
1952-09-17vs BOS146W  10-4-1,250 Bob CainGeorge SchmeesBob CainIke Delock 560700-140
1952-09-20vs CHA147W  9-6-0 Dick LittlefieldSaul RogovinMarlin StuartLuis Aloma 569706-137
1952-09-20vs CHA148W  4-0-0 Satchel PaigeMarv GrissomSatchel PaigeMarv Grissom 573706-133
1952-09-21vs CHA149L  1-4-5,048 Gene BeardenBilly PierceBilly PierceGene Bearden 574710-136
1952-09-23@ DET150W  3-1-7,888Bob CainDick MarloweBob CainDick Marlowe 577711-134
1952-09-24@ DET151W  7-4-850Duane PilletteBud BlackTommy ByrneBud Black 584715-131
1952-09-25@ DET152L  2-3-569Dick LittlefieldHal NewhouserHal NewhouserDick Littlefield 586718-132
1952-09-26@ CHA153L  2-6-16,704Satchel PaigeSaul RogovinSaul RogovinSatchel Paige 588724-136
1952-09-27@ CHA154L  4-8-0Bob CainMarv GrissomMarv GrissomBob CainJoe Dobson592732-140
1952-09-28@ CHA155W  12-1-10,343Duane PilletteChuck StobbsDick LittlefieldChuck Stobbs 604733-129

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