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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  79-75   .513
Result:   4th in American League
Manager(s):  Jimmy Dykes
General Manager:   Art Ehlers
Stadium:  Shibe Park
Attendance:  627,100
Playoffs:  -

Philadelphia Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bobo Newsom (44)
Youngest Player:  Hal Bevan (21)
Longest Tenure:  Elmer Valo (11)
Top Hitter:  Eddie Joost (7)
Top Pitcher:  Bobby Shantz (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  83.04%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9559.617--
Chi White Sox8173.52614.0
St. Louis6490.41631.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-16vs NYA1L  1-8-11,771 Alex KellnerVic RaschiVic RaschiAlex KellnerJohnny Sain18-7
1952-04-17vs NYA2W  3-1-3,860 Bobby ShantzEddie LopatBobby ShantzEddie Lopat 49-5
1952-04-18@ BOS3L  4-5-12,338Bob HooperRay ScarboroughBill WightHarry Byrd 814-6
1952-04-19@ BOS4L  2-11-0Dick FowlerHarry TaylorHarry TaylorDick Fowler 1025-15
1952-04-19@ BOS5L  1-6-23,541Morrie MartinMickey McDermottMickey McDermottMorrie Martin 1131-20
1952-04-20@ NYA6L  6-9-21,659Alex KellnerBill MillerBobby HogueAlex KellnerJohnny Sain1740-23
1952-04-21@ NYA7L  1-5-8,294Bobby ShantzVic RaschiVic RaschiBobby ShantzBob Kuzava1845-27
1952-04-22@ NYA8L  1-3-7,597Morrie MartinJohnny SainJohnny SainMorrie Martin 1948-29
1952-04-29vs CLE9L  9-21-7,858 Alex KellnerBob FellerBob FellerAlex Kellner 2869-41
1952-04-30vs CLE10W  3-1-0 Bobby ShantzEarly WynnBobby ShantzEarly Wynn 3170-39
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01vs CHA11L  0-3-3,023 Bob HooperJoe DobsonJoe DobsonBob Hooper 3173-42
1952-05-02vs CHA12W  13-12-3,679 Morrie MartinLou KretlowCarl ScheibChuck Stobbs 4485-41
1952-05-03vs CHA13W  7-1-0 Alex KellnerSaul RogovinAlex KellnerSaul Rogovin 5186-35
1952-05-04vs DET14W  10-6-12,655 Bobby ShantzVirgil TrucksBobby ShantzVirgil Trucks 6192-31
1952-05-04vs DET15W  6-5-12,655 Morrie MartinHal NewhouserCarl ScheibDizzy Trout 6797-30
1952-05-06vs SLA16L  1-5-7,381 Bob HooperDuane PilletteDuane PilletteBob Hooper 68102-34
1952-05-07vs SLA17W  1-0-3,479 Alex KellnerEarl HarristAlex KellnerEarl Harrist 69102-33
1952-05-08vs SLA18L  8-9-1,267 Sam ZoldakLou SleaterSatchel PaigeCarl Scheib 77111-34
1952-05-09vs WS119W  9-3-0 Bobby ShantzBob PorterfieldBobby ShantzBob Porterfield 86114-28
1952-05-10vs WS120L  1-3-8,579 Morrie MartinSpec SheaSpec SheaHarry Byrd 87117-30
1952-05-11vs WS121L  2-5-7,561 Alex KellnerJulio MorenoBob PorterfieldCarl Scheib 89122-33
1952-05-13@ SLA22W  5-1-7,301Bobby ShantzDuane PilletteBobby ShantzDuane Pillette 94123-29
1952-05-14@ SLA23L  7-12-4,829Harry ByrdGene BeardenGene BeardenHarry ByrdSatchel Paige101135-34
1952-05-15@ SLA24W  6-0-5,613Alex KellnerTommy ByrneAlex KellnerTommy Byrne 107135-28
1952-05-18@ CLE25W  2-0-0Bobby ShantzBob FellerBobby ShantzBob Feller 109135-26
1952-05-18@ CLE26L  0-6-20,200Sam ZoldakMike GarciaMike GarciaSam Zoldak 109141-32
1952-05-21@ DET27L  1-5-3,718Bob HooperVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksBob HooperDick Littlefield110146-36
1952-05-25@ WS128W  2-1-0Bobby ShantzJulio MorenoBobby ShantzJulio Moreno 112147-35
1952-05-25@ WS129L  0-1-15,657Bob HooperLou SleaterLou SleaterBob Hooper 112148-36
1952-05-26@ WS130L  3-5-0Sam ZoldakSid HudsonSid HudsonSam Zoldak 115153-38
1952-05-27@ BOS31W  7-3-13,839Harry ByrdRay ScarboroughHarry ByrdRay Scarborough 122156-34
1952-05-29@ NYA32L  2-3-0Alex KellnerVic RaschiVic RaschiAlex Kellner 124159-35
1952-05-30@ NYA33W  2-1-0Bobby ShantzTom MorganBobby ShantzTom Morgan 126160-34
1952-05-30@ NYA34W  4-2-30,005Bob HooperBill MillerBob HooperBill MillerCarl Scheib130162-32
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-02vs SLA35W  2-1-1,500 Harry ByrdNed GarverHarry ByrdNed Garver 132163-31
1952-06-03vs DET36W  3-1-5,233 Alex KellnerVirgil TrucksAlex KellnerVirgil Trucks 135164-29
1952-06-04vs DET37W  4-3-7,000 Bobby ShantzBilly HoeftBobby ShantzBilly Hoeft 139167-28
1952-06-05vs DET38L  2-12-2,122 Bob HooperMarlin StuartMarlin StuartBob Hooper 141179-38
1952-06-06vs CLE39L  4-11-0 Harry ByrdBob LemonBob LemonHarry Byrd 145190-45
1952-06-07vs CLE40L  0-14-0 Alex KellnerMike GarciaMike GarciaAlex KellnerLou Brissie145204-59
1952-06-08vs CLE41W  12-4-0 Bobby ShantzSam JonesBobby ShantzSam Jones 157208-51
1952-06-08vs CLE42W  11-3-21,949 Alex KellnerBob FellerAlex KellnerBob Feller 168211-43
1952-06-10vs CHA43L  4-15-7,449 Harry ByrdBilly PierceBilly PierceHarry ByrdLou Kretlow172226-54
1952-06-11vs CHA44W  5-3-4,645 Bob HooperSaul RogovinBob HooperSaul Rogovin 177229-52
1952-06-12vs CHA45L  4-10-2,819 Alex KellnerMarv GrissomChuck StobbsAlex Kellner 181239-58
1952-06-14@ SLA46W  9-2-3,758Bobby ShantzTommy ByrneBobby ShantzTommy Byrne 190241-51
1952-06-15@ SLA47L  3-6-0Bob HooperNed GarverNed GarverBob HooperSatchel Paige193247-54
1952-06-15@ SLA48L  6-7-15,600Harry ByrdDave MadisonEarl HarristHarry Byrd 199254-55
1952-06-17@ CHA49L  1-13-0Alex KellnerBilly PierceBilly PierceAlex Kellner 200267-67
1952-06-17@ CHA50L  1-2-38,948Sam ZoldakMarv GrissomMarv GrissomSam Zoldak 201269-68
1952-06-19@ CHA51W  4-1-0Bobby ShantzHal BrownBobby ShantzHal Brown 205270-65
1952-06-19@ CHA52L  4-5-19,936Bob HooperJoe DobsonJoe DobsonBob HooperFritz Dorish209275-66
1952-06-20@ DET53W  3-1-13,944Harry ByrdVirgil TrucksHarry ByrdVirgil Trucks 212276-64
1952-06-22@ DET54L  3-4-0Sam ZoldakMarlin StuartHal NewhouserBobo Newsom 215280-65
1952-06-22@ DET55W  10-0-13,958Carl ScheibArt HouttemanCarl ScheibArt Houtteman 225280-55
1952-06-24@ CLE56L  1-2-18,540Bobby ShantzEarly WynnEarly WynnBobby Shantz 226282-56
1952-06-25@ CLE57W  11-9-6,261Alex KellnerBob LemonHarry ByrdMike GarciaCarl Scheib237291-54
1952-06-27@ NYA58L  0-10-0Bob HooperEddie LopatEddie LopatBob HooperTom Morgan237301-64
1952-06-28@ NYA59W  12-0-13,779Bobby ShantzJohnny SainBobby ShantzJohnny Sain 249301-52
1952-06-30vs WS160L  2-6-3,473 Harry ByrdSpec SheaSpec SheaHarry Byrd 251307-56
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01vs WS161L  5-6-4,668 Alex KellnerJulio MorenoSandy ConsuegraAlex KellnerDon Johnson256313-57
1952-07-02vs WS162W  4-1-0 Bobby ShantzBob PorterfieldBobby ShantzBob Porterfield 260314-54
1952-07-03vs BOS63W  4-3-2,086 Carl ScheibIke DelockCarl ScheibRalph Brickner 264317-53
1952-07-04vs BOS64L  5-10-0 Bob HooperMel ParnellMel ParnellBob Hooper 269327-58
1952-07-04vs BOS65W  4-3-0 Harry ByrdWillard NixonHarry ByrdWillard NixonSam Zoldak273330-57
1952-07-05vs NYA66L  1-3-9,111 Alex KellnerVic RaschiVic RaschiAlex Kellner 274333-59
1952-07-06vs NYA67L  2-5-0 Bobby ShantzTom MorganTom MorganBobby Shantz 276338-62
1952-07-06vs NYA68W  7-6-31,935 Carl ScheibEddie LopatBob HooperJim McDonald 283344-61
1952-07-10vs CLE69W  11-1-9,817 Alex KellnerEarly WynnAlex KellnerEarly Wynn 294345-51
1952-07-11vs CLE70L  7-8-8,677 Harry ByrdBob FellerMike GarciaCarl Scheib 301353-52
1952-07-12vs CLE71L  1-5-5,175 Sam ZoldakBob LemonBob LemonSam Zoldak 302358-56
1952-07-13vs CHA72W  6-0-0 Bobby ShantzLou KretlowBobby ShantzLou Kretlow 308358-50
1952-07-13vs CHA73L  4-7-12,119 Bob HooperMarv GrissomMarv GrissomBob Hooper 312365-53
1952-07-14vs CHA74W  2-1-3,216 Harry ByrdBilly PierceHarry ByrdFritz Dorish 314366-52
1952-07-15vs SLA75W  11-3-0 Bobo NewsomBob CainBobo NewsomBob Cain 325369-44
1952-07-15vs SLA76W  7-6-0 Carl ScheibDuane PilletteEd WrightSatchel Paige 332375-43
1952-07-17vs SLA77W  3-1-9,750 Bobby ShantzNed GarverBobby ShantzNed Garver 335376-41
1952-07-17vs SLA78L  5-9-0 Bob HooperTommy ByrneTommy ByrneBob Hooper 340385-45
1952-07-18vs DET79L  1-2-8,846 Harry ByrdArt HouttemanArt HouttemanHarry Byrd 341387-46
1952-07-19vs DET80W  5-4-3,230 Carl ScheibBilly HoeftBob HooperHal White 346391-45
1952-07-20vs DET81W  8-7-0 Alex KellnerBill WightEd WrightHal White 354398-44
1952-07-20vs DET82W  3-3-7,103 Bobo NewsomTed Gray 357401-44
1952-07-22@ SLA83W  3-2-7,174Bobby ShantzBob CainBobby ShantzBob Cain 360403-43
1952-07-23@ SLA84W  3-2-4,337Alex KellnerDuane PilletteBob HooperDuane Pillette 363405-42
1952-07-24@ SLA85L  3-4-3,411Sam ZoldakNed GarverNed GarverSam Zoldak 366409-43
1952-07-25@ CHA86L  0-5-0Harry ByrdBilly PierceBilly PierceHarry Byrd 366414-48
1952-07-25@ CHA87W  5-4-26,300Carl ScheibSaul RogovinCarl ScheibSaul RogovinBob Hooper371418-47
1952-07-26@ CHA88L  3-9-7,570Bobo NewsomChuck StobbsChuck StobbsBobo NewsomFritz Dorish374427-53
1952-07-27@ CHA89W  3-1-0Bobby ShantzJoe DobsonBobby ShantzJoe Dobson 377428-51
1952-07-27@ CHA90W  9-3-26,916Alex KellnerMarv GrissomAlex KellnerMarv Grissom 386431-45
1952-07-29@ DET91W  5-0-0Harry ByrdArt HouttemanHarry ByrdArt Houtteman 391431-40
1952-07-29@ DET92L  8-10-30,654Carl ScheibDick LittlefieldMarlin StuartBob HooperHal White399441-42
1952-07-30@ DET93W  4-3-4,490Dick FowlerTed GrayDick FowlerTed Gray 403444-41
1952-07-31@ DET94W  2-1-11,125Bobby ShantzBilly HoeftBobby ShantzBilly Hoeft 405445-40
1952-07-31@ DET95W  3-2-13,180Alex KellnerVirgil TrucksAlex KellnerVirgil TrucksJohnny Kucab408447-39
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01@ CLE96L  5-6-22,024Sam ZoldakMike GarciaLou BrissieBob Hooper 413453-40
1952-08-02@ CLE97W  6-4-10,549Harry ByrdEarly WynnHarry ByrdEarly WynnJohnny Kucab419457-38
1952-08-03@ CLE98L  1-4-0Alex KellnerBob FellerBob FellerAlex Kellner 420461-41
1952-08-03@ CLE99W  9-2-31,584Carl ScheibSteve GromekCarl ScheibSteve Gromek 429463-34
1952-08-05vs BOS100W  5-3-35,673 Bobby ShantzSid HudsonBobby ShantzSid Hudson 434466-32
1952-08-07vs BOS101W  7-5-0 Harry ByrdDizzy TroutHarry ByrdDizzy TroutBob Hooper441471-30
1952-08-07vs BOS102L  4-8-6,227 Carl ScheibWillard NixonAl BentonCarl Scheib 445479-34
1952-08-10@ WS1103L  2-4-0Bobby ShantzConnie MarreroConnie MarreroBobby Shantz 447483-36
1952-08-10@ WS1104W  4-2-22,878Harry ByrdSpec SheaHarry ByrdSpec SheaBob Hooper451485-34
1952-08-11@ WS1105L  5-6-0Sam ZoldakWalt MastersonSandy ConsuegraEd Wright 456491-35
1952-08-11@ WS1106W  2-1-8,740Alex KellnerRandy GumpertAlex KellnerRandy Gumpert 458492-34
1952-08-12@ BOS107W  4-3-17,156Carl ScheibDizzy TroutCarl ScheibAl Benton 462495-33
1952-08-13@ BOS108L  0-4-9,561Dick FowlerMel ParnellMel ParnellDick Fowler 462499-37
1952-08-14@ BOS109L  4-5-0Harry ByrdDick BrodowskiMickey McDermottHarry Byrd 466504-38
1952-08-14@ BOS110L  2-4-17,322Bobo NewsomWillard NixonWillard NixonBobo NewsomEllis Kinder468508-40
1952-08-15vs WS1111W  11-7-0 Bobby ShantzSpec SheaBobby ShantzSpec Shea 479515-36
1952-08-16vs WS1112L  3-10-3,414 Alex KellnerWalt MastersonWalt MastersonAlex Kellner 482525-43
1952-08-17vs WS1113L  2-7-0 Sam ZoldakBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldSam Zoldak 484532-48
1952-08-17vs WS1114W  12-5-11,748 Carl ScheibRandy GumpertBob HooperJulio MorenoHarry Byrd496537-41
1952-08-19vs DET115W  4-3-0 Harry ByrdVirgil TrucksHarry ByrdVirgil Trucks 500540-40
1952-08-19vs DET116W  6-5-0 Alex KellnerArt HouttemanBob HooperArt Houtteman 506545-39
1952-08-20vs DET117W  4-3-0 Carl ScheibBill WightCarl ScheibBill WightBob Hooper510548-38
1952-08-22vs SLA118W  5-2-0 Charlie BishopGene BeardenCharlie BishopGene BeardenBob Hooper515550-35
1952-08-22vs SLA119W  9-0-21,423 Bobby ShantzSatchel PaigeBobby ShantzSatchel Paige 524550-26
1952-08-23vs SLA120L  11-12-3,321 Alex KellnerMarlin StuartSatchel PaigeJohnny Kucab 535562-27
1952-08-24vs CHA121L  7-11-0 Harry ByrdMarv GrissomMarv GrissomHarry ByrdLuis Aloma542573-31
1952-08-24vs CHA122W  5-1-0 Carl ScheibChuck StobbsCarl ScheibChuck Stobbs 547574-27
1952-08-26vs CLE123L  3-6-0 Bobby ShantzBob FellerLou BrissieBob Hooper 550580-30
1952-08-27vs CLE124W  6-5-5,230 Alex KellnerMike GarciaAlex KellnerMike Garcia 556585-29
1952-08-28vs BOS125W  6-4-4,808 Harry ByrdMickey McDermottHarry ByrdAl BentonBob Hooper562589-27
1952-08-29vs BOS126W  6-1-0 Carl ScheibDick BrodowskiCarl ScheibDick Brodowski 568590-22
1952-08-29vs BOS127W  7-5-13,089 Charlie BishopIke DelockCharlie BishopIke DelockBobo Newsom575595-20
1952-08-31vs BOS128L  1-11-0 Bobby ShantzMickey McDermottMickey McDermottBobby Shantz 576606-30
1952-08-31vs BOS129W  2-0-20,923 Harry ByrdWillard NixonHarry ByrdWillard Nixon 578606-28
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01@ WS1130W  9-8-0Alex KellnerConnie MarreroBob HooperDon JohnsonEd Wright587614-27
1952-09-01@ WS1131L  2-4-13,159Carl ScheibJulio MorenoJulio MorenoCarl Scheib 589618-29
1952-09-02@ WS1132L  2-3-0Bobo NewsomWalt MastersonWalt MastersonBob Hooper 591621-30
1952-09-02@ WS1133L  0-5-6,413Charlie BishopMike FornielesMike FornielesCharlie Bishop 591626-35
1952-09-03vs NYA134W  3-0-16,271 Harry ByrdVic RaschiHarry ByrdVic Raschi 594626-32
1952-09-04vs NYA135L  2-12-0 Bobby ShantzAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsBobby Shantz 596638-42
1952-09-05vs NYA136W  3-2-5,120 Alex KellnerBob KuzavaAlex KellnerBob Kuzava 599640-41
1952-09-06@ BOS137L  4-6-0Carl ScheibMel ParnellMel ParnellCarl Scheib 603646-43
1952-09-06@ BOS138L  2-10-17,905Charlie BishopWillard NixonWillard NixonCharlie Bishop 605656-51
1952-09-07@ BOS139L  5-12-15,658Harry ByrdSid HudsonEllis KinderHarry Byrd 610668-58
1952-09-09@ CLE140L  1-6-22,175Bobby ShantzEarly WynnEarly WynnBobby Shantz 611674-63
1952-09-10@ CLE141L  3-5-16,337Alex KellnerBob LemonBob LemonAlex KellnerTed Wilks614679-65
1952-09-11@ CLE142L  0-1-7,903Harry ByrdMike GarciaMike GarciaHarry Byrd 614680-66
1952-09-12@ DET143W  7-6-1,828Carl ScheibHal NewhouserMarion FricanoDick Marlowe 621686-65
1952-09-13@ DET144W  11-5-5,225Charlie BishopBud BlackBobo NewsomBilly HoeftHarry Byrd632691-59
1952-09-14@ SLA145W  10-5-0Bobby ShantzGene BeardenBobby ShantzGene Bearden 642696-54
1952-09-14@ SLA146W  2-1-8,829Alex KellnerDick LittlefieldAlex KellnerDick Littlefield 644697-53
1952-09-16@ CHA147W  2-1-0Harry ByrdBilly PierceHarry ByrdBilly Pierce 646698-52
1952-09-16@ CHA148L  1-7-20,027Carl ScheibJoe DobsonJoe DobsonCarl ScheibLuis Aloma647705-58
1952-09-19@ NYA149W  2-0-37,688Bobby ShantzVic RaschiBobby ShantzVic Raschi 649705-56
1952-09-20@ NYA150L  0-2-24,828Alex KellnerEddie LopatEddie LopatAlex Kellner 649707-58
1952-09-21@ NYA151L  0-1-47,362Harry ByrdAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsHarry Byrd 649708-59
1952-09-23vs WS1152W  4-3-2,116 Bobby ShantzWalt MastersonBobo NewsomWalt MastersonAlex Kellner653711-58
1952-09-26vs NYA153L  2-5-21,696 Harry ByrdEddie LopatJohnny SainHarry Byrd 655716-61
1952-09-27vs NYA154L  0-3-10,212 Alex KellnerRay ScarboroughRay ScarboroughAlex KellnerBob Kuzava655719-64
1952-09-28vs NYA155W  9-4-11,893 Carl ScheibEwell BlackwellCarl ScheibBill Miller 664723-59

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