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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  92-62   .597
Result:   4th in American League
Manager(s):  Lou Boudreau
General Manager:   Hank Greenberg
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  1,727,464
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Benton (39)
Youngest Player:  Jim Lemon (22)
Longest Tenure:  Lou Boudreau (13)
Top Hitter:  Larry Doby (6)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Lemon (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  87.87%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9856.636--
Chi White Sox6094.39038.0
St. Louis5896.37740.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-04-18vs DET1L  6-7-65,744 Bob LemonFred HutchinsonArt HouttemanJesse FloresPaul Calvert67-1
1950-04-20vs DET2L  4-5-4,964 Early WynnTed GrayTed GrayEarly Wynn 1012-2
1950-04-22@ SLA3W  6-2-10,166Bob FellerStubby OvermireBob FellerStubby Overmire 16142
1950-04-23@ SLA4W  9-6-0Bob LemonEd AlbrechtBob LemonRibs Raney 25205
1950-04-23@ SLA5W  7-5-18,146Sam ZoldakNed GarverSteve GromekNed GarverJesse Flores32257
1950-04-28@ DET6W  6-1-15,155Bob FellerTed GrayBob FellerTed Gray 382612
1950-04-29vs SLA7L  1-5-7,919 Bob LemonJoe OstrowskiJoe OstrowskiBob Lemon 39318
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-05-02@ BOS8L  1-6-11,591Mike GarciaMickey McDermottMickey McDermottMike Garcia 40373
1950-05-03@ BOS9L  2-7-14,582Bob FellerEllis KinderEllis KinderBob Feller 4244-2
1950-05-04@ BOS10W  5-4-13,138Bob LemonMel ParnellBob LemonMel Parnell 4748-1
1950-05-06@ NYA11W  5-4-0Early WynnAllie ReynoldsEarly WynnAllie ReynoldsBob Lemon52520
1950-05-06@ NYA12L  4-7-34,730Sam ZoldakFred SanfordFred SanfordSam ZoldakJoe Page5659-3
1950-05-07@ WS113L  5-10-23,138Mike GarciaConnie MarreroMickey HarrisJesse Flores 6169-8
1950-05-08@ WS114L  2-4-19,985Bob FellerSid HudsonSid HudsonBob Feller 6373-10
1950-05-09@ PHA15L  8-9-11,908Steve GromekHank WyseHank WyseSteve GromekCarl Scheib7182-11
1950-05-10@ PHA16W  6-4-5,616Bob LemonBobby ShantzBob LemonBob HooperJesse Flores7786-9
1950-05-11@ PHA17W  4-3-3,035Mike GarciaAlex KellnerJesse FloresAlex Kellner 8189-8
1950-05-12vs CHA18W  5-1-26,932 Early WynnBill WightEarly WynnBill WightMarino Pieretti8690-4
1950-05-13vs CHA19W  6-2-8,547 Bob FellerBob CainJesse FloresBob Cain 92920
1950-05-14vs CHA20L  2-3-0 Bob LemonMickey HaefnerMickey HaefnerBob Lemon 9495-1
1950-05-14vs CHA21W  3-1-27,968 Mike GarciaBilly PierceMike GarciaBilly Pierce 97961
1950-05-16vs PHA22W  15-4-12,396 Early WynnAlex KellnerEarly WynnCarl Scheib 11210012
1950-05-17vs PHA23L  5-7-12,471 Bob FellerDick FowlerBobby ShantzJesse FloresCarl Scheib11710710
1950-05-18vs PHA24W  4-3-5,251 Steve GromekLou BrissieAl BentonLou Brissie 12111011
1950-05-19vs BOS25W  4-1-34,892 Mike GarciaMel ParnellSam ZoldakMel Parnell 12511114
1950-05-20vs BOS26W  8-5-21,528 Bob LemonChuck StobbsBob LemonChuck Stobbs 13311617
1950-05-21vs NYA27L  5-14-0 Early WynnEddie LopatEddie LopatEarly Wynn 1381308
1950-05-21vs NYA28L  4-12-79,570 Bob FellerAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsBob Feller 1421420
1950-05-22vs NYA29L  2-7-23,035 Mike GarciaVic RaschiVic RaschiMike Garcia 144149-5
1950-05-24vs WS130W  5-4-13,082 Early WynnSteve NagyGene BeardenJoe Haynes 149153-4
1950-05-25vs WS131W  3-0-5,691 Bob LemonDick WeikBob LemonDick Weik 152153-1
1950-05-26@ CHA32W  2-1-9,879Bob FellerBob CainBob FellerBob Cain 1541540
1950-05-27@ CHA33L  1-6-2,325Mike GarciaBilly PierceBilly PierceMike Garcia 155160-5
1950-05-28@ CHA34L  0-2-0Early WynnBill WightBill WightEarly Wynn 155162-7
1950-05-28@ CHA35W  7-0-23,559Steve GromekMickey HaefnerSteve GromekMickey Haefner 1621620
1950-05-30@ DET36W  4-0-0Bob LemonArt HouttemanBob LemonArt Houtteman 1661624
1950-05-30@ DET37L  2-5-55,537Gene BeardenHal NewhouserHal NewhouserGene Bearden 1681671
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-06-02@ BOS38L  5-11-35,473Bob FellerJoe DobsonJoe DobsonBob Feller 173178-5
1950-06-03@ BOS39L  9-11-23,612Mike GarciaMel ParnellAl PapaiMike Garcia 182189-7
1950-06-04@ NYA40L  0-7-44,781Bob LemonEddie LopatEddie LopatBob Lemon 182196-14
1950-06-05@ NYA41W  3-2-57,629Bob FellerAllie ReynoldsBob FellerAllie Reynolds 185198-13
1950-06-06@ NYA42W  16-2-17,867Mike GarciaBob PorterfieldMike GarciaBob Porterfield 2012001
1950-06-07@ WS143L  4-5-17,526Early WynnSid HudsonSid HudsonEarly Wynn 2052050
1950-06-08@ WS144L  6-7-16,589Bob LemonBob KuzavaMickey HarrisGene Bearden 211212-1
1950-06-09@ WS145W  8-7-5,482Bob FellerConnie MarreroBob FellerConnie MarreroSam Zoldak2192190
1950-06-10@ PHA46W  7-3-3,811Mike GarciaLou BrissieMike GarciaLou Brissie 2262224
1950-06-11@ PHA47W  6-3-0Bob LemonBobby ShantzBob LemonBobby ShantzAl Benton2322257
1950-06-11@ PHA48L  6-9-14,241Steve GromekAlex KellnerAlex KellnerSteve GromekBob Hooper2382344
1950-06-13vs BOS49L  1-8-25,496 Bob FellerChuck StobbsChuck StobbsBob Feller 239242-3
1950-06-14vs BOS50W  7-3-28,368 Mike GarciaEllis KinderMike GarciaEllis Kinder 2462451
1950-06-15vs BOS51W  3-1-12,684 Bob LemonWalt MastersonBob LemonWalt Masterson 2492463
1950-06-16vs PHA52W  3-2-26,102 Early WynnAlex KellnerEarly WynnAlex Kellner 2522484
1950-06-17vs PHA53W  8-7-9,232 Gene BeardenBob HooperDick WeikCarl Scheib 2602555
1950-06-18vs PHA54W  7-0-0 Bob FellerDick FowlerBob FellerDick Fowler 26725512
1950-06-18vs PHA55W  21-2-35,521 Mike GarciaLou BrissieMike GarciaLou Brissie 28825731
1950-06-20vs NYA56L  2-8-57,733 Bob LemonEddie LopatEddie LopatBob Lemon 29026525
1950-06-21vs NYA57W  5-1-16,737 Early WynnVic RaschiEarly WynnVic Raschi 29526629
1950-06-22vs NYA58W  6-2-18,407 Bob FellerJoe OstrowskiBob FellerJoe Ostrowski 30126833
1950-06-23vs WS159W  13-4-26,627 Bob LemonBob RossBob LemonBob Ross 31427242
1950-06-24vs WS160W  6-5-12,219 Gene BeardenSid HudsonSteve GromekMickey Harris 32027743
1950-06-25vs WS161W  7-6-0 Early WynnConnie MarreroEarly WynnConnie MarreroJesse Flores32728344
1950-06-25vs WS162L  3-5-33,667 Dick WeikSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraDick WeikMickey Harris33028842
1950-06-27@ SLA63L  3-4-4,050Bob FellerAl WidmarAl WidmarBob Feller 33329241
1950-06-28@ SLA64W  18-2-2,491Bob LemonFritz DorishBob LemonFritz Dorish 35129457
1950-06-29@ SLA65W  4-1-2,273Steve GromekDuane PilletteSteve GromekDuane Pillette 35529560
1950-06-30vs DET66W  11-3-50,882 Mike GarciaHal NewhouserMike GarciaHal Newhouser 36629868
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-07-01vs DET67W  7-4-28,056 Early WynnHal WhiteEarly WynnHal WhiteAl Benton37330271
1950-07-02vs DET68L  5-8-0 Bob LemonArt HouttemanHal NewhouserDick Weik 37831068
1950-07-02vs DET69W  5-3-78,187 Bob FellerTed GrayBob FellerTed GrayAl Benton38331370
1950-07-03vs SLA70L  2-4-11,656 Steve GromekDick StarrDick StarrSteve GromekCuddles Marshall38531768
1950-07-04vs SLA71W  8-7-0 Dick RozekDuane PilletteSteve GromekFritz Dorish 39332469
1950-07-04vs SLA72L  3-8-25,799 Mike GarciaDon JohnsonDon JohnsonMike GarciaAl Widmar39633264
1950-07-05vs CHA73W  8-3-23,006 Bob LemonBilly PierceBob LemonBilly Pierce 40433569
1950-07-06vs CHA74W  5-2-13,405 Early WynnRay ScarboroughEarly WynnRay Scarborough 40933772
1950-07-07@ DET75L  2-5-55,145Bob FellerTed GrayTed GrayBob Feller 41134269
1950-07-08@ DET76L  4-5-33,239Steve GromekHal NewhouserHal NewhouserSteve GromekDizzy Trout41534768
1950-07-09@ DET77W  6-2-0Bob LemonArt HouttemanBob LemonArt Houtteman 42134972
1950-07-09@ DET78W  5-2-54,299Mike GarciaSaul RogovinEarly WynnSaul Rogovin 42635175
1950-07-14@ NYA79W  5-1-42,105Bob LemonTommy ByrneBob LemonTommy Byrne 43135279
1950-07-15@ NYA80L  3-4-26,124Bob FellerEddie LopatEddie LopatEarly Wynn 43435678
1950-07-16@ BOS81L  10-13-0Mike GarciaMel ParnellWillard NixonGene BeardenEllis Kinder44436975
1950-07-16@ BOS82W  8-4-33,009Steve GromekWalt MastersonSteve GromekWalt MastersonBob Lemon45237379
1950-07-17@ BOS83W  11-6-12,438Early WynnJoe DobsonAl BentonJoe Dobson 46337984
1950-07-17@ BOS84L  5-7-24,966Mike GarciaMickey McDermottJoe DobsonMarino Pieretti 46838682
1950-07-18@ PHA85W  10-2-4,699Bob LemonBobby ShantzBob LemonBobby ShantzAl Benton47838890
1950-07-19@ PHA86W  4-0-4,580Bob FellerDick FowlerBob FellerDick Fowler 48238894
1950-07-20@ PHA87W  3-2-2,948Steve GromekAlex KellnerSam ZoldakAlex Kellner 48539095
1950-07-21@ WS188L  2-3-18,735Mike GarciaConnie MarreroConnie MarreroMike Garcia 48739394
1950-07-22@ WS189W  8-3-24,228Early WynnSid HudsonSam ZoldakElmer Singleton 49539699
1950-07-23@ WS190W  6-2-19,339Bob LemonBob KuzavaBob LemonBob Kuzava 501398103
1950-07-25vs PHA91W  7-6-22,880 Bob FellerAlex KellnerBob FellerAlex KellnerBob Lemon508404104
1950-07-26vs PHA92W  6-2-19,025 Mike GarciaDick FowlerSam ZoldakDick Fowler 514406108
1950-07-27vs PHA93L  2-7-13,224 Steve GromekLou BrissieLou BrissieSteve Gromek 516413103
1950-07-28vs BOS94W  13-1-50,349 Early WynnMickey McDermottEarly WynnMickey McDermott 529414115
1950-07-29vs BOS95W  4-1-29,904 Bob LemonChuck StobbsBob LemonChuck Stobbs 533415118
1950-07-30vs BOS96W  6-5-0 Bob FellerWalt MastersonAl BentonEllis Kinder 539420119
1950-07-30vs BOS97L  3-6-71,513 Sam ZoldakWillard NixonWillard NixonSam ZoldakMel Parnell542426116
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-08-01vs WS198W  8-2-16,864 Early WynnSid HudsonEarly WynnSid Hudson 550428122
1950-08-02vs WS199W  11-0-20,224 Bob LemonConnie MarreroBob LemonConnie Marrero 561428133
1950-08-04vs NYA100L  0-1-66,743 Bob FellerVic RaschiVic RaschiBob Feller 561429132
1950-08-05vs NYA101W  4-2-40,987 Early WynnEddie LopatEarly WynnAllie Reynolds 565431134
1950-08-06vs NYA102L  0-9-66,726 Bob LemonTommy ByrneTommy ByrneBob Lemon 565440125
1950-08-09@ SLA103W  4-3-0Bob FellerAl WidmarAl BentonAl WidmarJesse Flores569443126
1950-08-09@ SLA104L  8-10-7,986Early WynnDick StarrCliff FanninAl Benton 577453124
1950-08-10@ SLA105W  5-4-4,412Bob LemonStubby OvermireBob LemonStubby Overmire 582457125
1950-08-11@ CHA106W  3-2-6,554Mike GarciaBilly PierceMike GarciaBilly Pierce 585459126
1950-08-12@ CHA107L  4-11-7,259Steve GromekHowie JudsonLuis AlomaSteve Gromek 589470119
1950-08-13@ CHA108W  5-2-0Bob FellerBill WightBob FellerBill WightSam Zoldak594472122
1950-08-13@ CHA109L  5-7-37,940Dick WeikRay ScarboroughRay ScarboroughDick WeikKen Holcombe599479120
1950-08-14vs DET110W  3-2-60,120 Early WynnHal NewhouserEarly WynnHal Newhouser 602481121
1950-08-15vs DET111L  1-4-40,299 Bob LemonArt HouttemanArt HouttemanBob LemonMarlin Stuart603485118
1950-08-16vs SLA112W  2-0-0 Jesse FloresAl WidmarJesse FloresAl Widmar 605485120
1950-08-16vs SLA113W  2-1-27,016 Mike GarciaDon JohnsonMike GarciaDon Johnson 607486121
1950-08-17vs SLA114W  5-4-15,301 Bob FellerDick StarrSteve GromekCliff Fannin 612490122
1950-08-19vs CHA115W  1-0-13,745 Early WynnKen HolcombeEarly WynnKen Holcombe 613490123
1950-08-20vs CHA116L  1-2-0 Bob LemonBill WightBill WightBob Lemon 614492122
1950-08-20vs CHA117L  5-6-48,885 Mike GarciaBilly PierceBilly PierceMike Garcia 619498121
1950-08-22@ WS1118W  5-1-14,873Bob FellerGene BeardenBob FellerGene Bearden 624499125
1950-08-24@ WS1119W  3-1-0Early WynnSid HudsonEarly WynnSid Hudson 627500127
1950-08-24@ WS1120W  5-3-20,628Bob LemonSandy ConsuegraBob LemonSandy ConsuegraSam Zoldak632503129
1950-08-25@ PHA121W  6-2-5,204Mike GarciaAlex KellnerMike GarciaAlex Kellner 638505133
1950-08-26@ PHA122W  5-4-3,181Jesse FloresJoe ColemanBob LemonJoe Coleman 643509134
1950-08-27@ BOS123L  9-11-31,747Bob FellerWillard NixonChuck StobbsAl BentonJoe Dobson652520132
1950-08-28@ BOS124L  14-15-28,328Bob LemonMickey McDermottWillard NixonBob FellerEllis Kinder666535131
1950-08-29@ NYA125L  5-6-0Early WynnVic RaschiVic RaschiEarly Wynn 671541130
1950-08-30@ NYA126L  3-4-0Bob FellerWhitey FordTom FerrickBob Feller 674545129
1950-08-30@ NYA127L  0-3-30,516Mike GarciaEddie LopatEddie LopatMike Garcia 674548126
1950-08-31@ NYA128L  5-7-21,020Bob LemonTommy ByrneTommy ByrneBob LemonTom Ferrick679555124
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-09-02@ SLA129W  4-2-2,491Early WynnStubby OvermireEarly WynnStubby Overmire 683557126
1950-09-03@ SLA130W  8-1-5,163Bob FellerDon JohnsonBob FellerDon Johnson 691558133
1950-09-04@ CHA131L  1-7-0Bob LemonBob CainBob CainBob LemonLuis Aloma692565127
1950-09-04@ CHA132W  1-0-33,489Mike GarciaRandy GumpertMike GarciaRandy GumpertSam Zoldak693565128
1950-09-05@ CHA133W  3-2-2,577Steve GromekBilly PierceSteve GromekBilly Pierce 696567129
1950-09-06@ DET134L  3-5-52,555Early WynnHal NewhouserHal NewhouserEarly Wynn 699572127
1950-09-07@ DET135L  13-13-26,617Bob FellerArt Houtteman 712585127
1950-09-08vs SLA136L  4-5-0 Mike GarciaAl WidmarDuane PilletteMike Garcia 716590126
1950-09-08vs SLA137L  0-6-18,736 Bob LemonDon JohnsonDon JohnsonBob Lemon 716596120
1950-09-09vs SLA138L  1-2-15,867 Steve GromekNed GarverNed GarverSteve Gromek 717598119
1950-09-10vs SLA139L  1-2-12,885 Bob FellerStubby OvermireStubby OvermireBob Feller 718600118
1950-09-12vs NYA140W  8-7-29,454 Early WynnAllie ReynoldsSteve GromekTom Ferrick 726607119
1950-09-13vs NYA141L  3-10-10,490 Bob LemonEddie LopatEddie LopatBob LemonWhitey Ford729617112
1950-09-15vs WS1142W  4-2-0 Al AberJulio MorenoAl AberMickey Harris 733619114
1950-09-15vs WS1143L  1-4-11,471 Mike GarciaSid HudsonSid HudsonMike Garcia 734623111
1950-09-16vs WS1144W  5-1-5,705 Bob FellerSandy ConsuegraBob FellerSandy Consuegra 739624115
1950-09-17vs PHA145L  9-10-11,810 Dick RozekLou BrissieBob HooperEarly Wynn 748634114
1950-09-20vs BOS146W  6-3-0 Bob LemonChuck StobbsBob LemonChuck Stobbs 754637117
1950-09-20vs BOS147W  7-1-11,852 Early WynnJoe DobsonEarly WynnJoe Dobson 761638123
1950-09-22vs DET148W  4-3-29,909 Bob FellerHal NewhouserBob FellerHal Newhouser 765641124
1950-09-23vs DET149W  10-2-17,315 Mike GarciaArt HouttemanMike GarciaArt Houtteman 775643132
1950-09-24vs DET150W  2-1-35,092 Bob LemonTed GrayBob LemonTed Gray 777644133
1950-09-26vs CHA151W  2-0-8,870 Early WynnBob CainEarly WynnBob Cain 779644135
1950-09-27vs CHA152W  7-0-5,429 Bob FellerRay ScarboroughBob FellerRay Scarborough 786644142
1950-09-29@ DET153W  12-2-9,814Bob LemonTed GrayBob LemonTed Gray 798646152
1950-09-30@ DET154L  1-3-24,178Mike GarciaHal NewhouserHal NewhouserMike Garcia 799649150
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1950-10-01@ DET155W  7-5-49,110Marino PierettiMarlin StuartSteve GromekMarlin Stuart 806654152

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