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Page Signatures are a way to give back to the Baseball Cube while getting a little something in return. Each page costs $20/year.

What is a Page Signature

They allow you to select a player page and put your Name (or web site name), a link and a message of up to 255 characters so that everyone can see what you have to say.

Why should I sign a page?

The site is free, except for the fact that you need to look at a couple of ads on each page. Signing a page will remove the center ad and put your signature instead. TBC is run by one person (part-time) out of a home office and its owner (Gary Cohen) would like to someday be able to run this site full-time. Thousands of hours have gone into the building of the site over the last 10 years from data collection to programming to shabby design. A Signature is a way to say thank you for the effort.

How do I sign a page?

1. Find a player page to Sign.
2. Click on the "SIGN THIS PAGE" link in the yellow box. Its in the middle of the page below the profile, above the stats.
3. Fill in the Signature information
4. The page is immediately reserved for 2 days.
5. After you confirm your Signature, (you'll see a preview), you will get a link for payment.
6. Execute payment and then wait a few hours and your Signature will appear.
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