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2013 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2013 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamJosmil Pinto C, Allan Dykstra 1B, Hernan Perez 2B, Mark Minicozzi 3B, Danny Santana SS, Alex Dickerson OF, Javier Herrera OF, Carlos Moncrief OF, Caleb Joseph UT, Jesus Aguilar DH, Anthony Ranaudo RHP, Jack Snodgrass LHP, Jeffrey Walters RP
    Eastern League Manager of the YearPedro Lopez
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerAllan Dykstra
    Eastern League Pitcher of the YearAnthony Ranaudo
    Eastern League Rookie of the YearAlex Dickerson
    2013 Batting Leaders
    1Jim Murphy139
    2Joe Panik137
    3Ramon Flores136
    4Ryan Lollis136
    5Wade Gaynor136
    6Caleb Joseph135
    7Danny Ortiz133
    8Tyler Holt133
    9Wilfredo Tovar133
    10Danny Santana131
    At Bats
    1Danny Santana539
    2Ramon Flores534
    3Joe Panik522
    4Tyler Holt521
    5Caleb Joseph518
    6Michael Almanzar507
    7Jim Murphy505
    8Jesus Aguilar499
    9Albert Cartwright489
    10Carlos Moncrief489
    1Danny Muno86
    2Tyler Holt83
    3Brian Goodwin82
    4Ramon Flores79
    5Jose Ramirez78
    6Carlos Moncrief77
    7Josh Rodriguez77
    8Albert Cartwright76
    9Shannon Wilkerson76
    10Caleb Joseph74
    1Danny Santana160
    2Caleb Joseph155
    3Javier Herrera142
    4Carlos Moncrief139
    5Ramon Flores139
    6Tyler Holt139
    7Jim Murphy138
    8Jesus Aguilar137
    9Mark Minicozzi137
    10Michael Almanzar136
    1Javier Herrera37
    2Alex Dickerson36
    3Reynaldo Rodriguez33
    4Caleb Joseph31
    5Wade Gaynor31
    6James McCann30
    7Josh Rodriguez30
    8Mark Minicozzi30
    9Michael Almanzar29
    10Tyler Collins29
    1Brian Goodwin11
    2Danny Santana10
    3Mel Rojas9
    4Tyler Holt9
    5Zach Collier9
    6Carlos Moncrief7
    7Marcus Lemon7
    8Slade Heathcott7
    9Tony Thomas7
    10Daniel Fields6
    Home Runs
    1Brandon Waring23
    2Jim Murphy23
    3Ryan Schimpf23
    4Caleb Joseph22
    5Allan Dykstra21
    6Reynaldo Rodriguez21
    7Tyler Collins21
    8Jarek Cunningham19
    9Miguel Sano19
    10Jarrett Parker18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Jesus Aguilar105
    2Caleb Joseph97
    3Jim Murphy83
    4Allan Dykstra82
    5Michael Almanzar81
    6Tyler Collins79
    7Carlos Moncrief75
    8Javier Herrera74
    9Cesar Puello73
    10Brad Glenn69
    Stolen Bases
    1Jose Ramirez38
    2Darrell Ceciliani31
    3Danny Santana30
    4Tyler Holt28
    5Jamie Johnson27
    6Albert Cartwright26
    7Kyle Hudson26
    8Alonzo Harris25
    9Cesar Puello24
    10Daniel Fields24
    Caught Stealing
    1Jose Ramirez16
    2Danny Santana13
    3Shannon Wilkerson13
    4Brian Goodwin11
    5Danny Muno11
    6Eugenio Suarez11
    7Jarrett Parker11
    8Albert Cartwright9
    9Alonzo Harris9
    10Andy Vasquez9
    1Allan Dykstra102
    2Jamie Johnson101
    3Danny Muno92
    4Ryan Schimpf79
    5Travis Shaw78
    6Ramon Flores77
    7Justin Bloxom73
    8Josh Rodriguez70
    9Brian Goodwin66
    10Josmil Pinto64
    1James Robbins171
    2Jarrett Parker161
    3Wade Gaynor153
    4Kyle Roller143
    5Ryan Schimpf138
    6Anthony Hewitt134
    7Daniel Fields130
    8Brandon Waring129
    9Zach Collier129
    10Jarek Cunningham127
    Hit by Pitch
    1Albert Cartwright16
    2Cesar Puello16
    3Jarrett Parker15
    4Kyle Roller12
    5Jerad Head11
    6Zach Collier11
    7J.C. Linares10
    8Allan Dykstra9
    9Danny Muno9
    10Drew Maggi9
    Intentional Walks
    1Jim Murphy6
    2Mel Rojas5
    3Alex Dickerson4
    4Adam Loewen3
    5Carlos Moncrief3
    6Charlie Cutler3
    7Chun Chen3
    8Jamie Johnson3
    9Sandy Leon3
    10Adam Duvall2
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Danny Santana11
    2Edgar Duran9
    3Niuman Romero9
    4Shannon Wilkerson9
    5Joe Panik8
    6Ryan Lollis8
    7Antoan Richardson7
    8Jose Ramirez7
    9Kyle Hudson7
    10Sean Nicol7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Caleb Joseph10
    2Jim Murphy8
    3Albert Cartwright7
    4James McCann7
    5Jamie Johnson7
    6Jesus Aguilar7
    7Justin Bloxom7
    8Reynaldo Rodriguez7
    9Allan Dykstra6
    10Carlos Moncrief6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jesus Aguilar20
    2Giovanny Urshela17
    3Joe Panik16
    4Tyler Holt16
    5Adalberto Santos14
    6Kevin Nolan14
    7Alex Dickerson13
    8Carlos Moncrief13
    9Hernan Perez13
    10Michael Almanzar13
    Total Bases
    1Caleb Joseph256
    2Jim Murphy235
    3Javier Herrera233
    4Carlos Moncrief230
    5Alex Dickerson223
    6Michael Almanzar219
    7Jesus Aguilar213
    8Danny Santana208
    9Tyler Collins204
    10Reynaldo Rodriguez200
    Plate Appearances
    1Ramon Flores620
    2Joe Panik599
    3Tyler Holt589
    4Danny Santana587
    5Jim Murphy579
    6Caleb Joseph570
    7Jesus Aguilar567
    8Danny Muno561
    9Michael Almanzar561
    10Carlos Moncrief552
    Batting Average
    1Cesar Puello.326
    2Justin Howard.314
    3Kevin Pillar.313
    4Mark Minicozzi.309
    5Josmil Pinto.308
    6Ramon Cabrera.304
    7Hernan Perez.301
    8Steven Souza.300
    9Caleb Joseph.299
    10Danny Santana.297
    On-Base Percentage
    1Allan Dykstra.436
    2Jamie Johnson.420
    3Josmil Pinto.411
    4Justin Howard.405
    5Cesar Puello.403
    6Mark Minicozzi.400
    7Steven Souza.396
    8Ramon Cabrera.392
    9Ty Kelly.389
    10Kyle Hudson.386
    Slugging Percentage
    1Steven Souza.557
    2Cesar Puello.547
    3Allan Dykstra.503
    4Alex Dickerson.494
    5Caleb Joseph.494
    6Javier Herrera.485
    7Josmil Pinto.482
    8Reynaldo Rodriguez.482
    9Carlos Moncrief.470
    10Adam Duvall.465
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Steven Souza953
    2Cesar Puello950
    3Allan Dykstra939
    4Josmil Pinto893
    5Justin Howard864
    6Javier Herrera861
    7Mark Minicozzi845
    8Caleb Joseph840
    9Alex Dickerson831
    10Carlos Moncrief824
    1Jamie Johnson1.365
    2Ramon Cabrera1.294
    3Christian Vazquez1.068
    4Ty Kelly1.041
    5Kyle Hudson0.982
    6Niuman Romero0.982
    7Jose Ramirez0.951
    8Danny Muno0.948
    9Jose Pirela0.918
    10Sean Nicol0.902
    2013 Pitching Leaders
    1Jack Snodgrass12
    2Logan Verrett12
    3Matt Packer12
    4Casey Sadler11
    5Keith Couch11
    6Mike Wright11
    7Nik Turley11
    8Nate Karns10
    9Ryan Tepera10
    10Brett Brach9
    1Jesse Biddle14
    2Marcus Walden14
    3Craig Westcott12
    4David Bromberg12
    5David Buchanan11
    6Pat Dean11
    7Zach Nuding11
    8B.J. Hermsen10
    9Deck McGuire10
    10Matt Barnes10
    1Jose Flores59
    2Phil McCormick58
    3Edwin Quirarte56
    4Jeffrey Walters53
    5Aaron Barrett51
    6Tyler Knigge48
    7Luis Sanz47
    8Dan Burawa46
    9Hector Neris46
    10Tom Kahnle46
    Games Started
    1Craig Westcott27
    2Jesse Biddle27
    3Trevor May27
    4Chris Gloor26
    5Deck McGuire26
    6Marcus Walden26
    7Mike Wright26
    8Nik Turley26
    9Erik Goeddel25
    10Jack Snodgrass25
    Complete Games
    1Nate Karns3
    2Caleb Clay2
    3Eddie Gamboa2
    4Jesse Biddle2
    5Jon Link2
    6Keith Couch2
    7Kyle Lobstein2
    8Mark Cohoon2
    9Virgil Vasquez2
    10Pat Dean2
    1Taylor Jordan2
    2Trevor May2
    3Caleb Clay1
    4Drake Britton1
    5Drew Verhagen1
    6Eddie Gamboa1
    7Logan Darnell1
    8Marcus Walden1
    9Pat Dean1
    10Robbie Ray1
    Games Finished
    1Jose Flores53
    2Jeffrey Walters52
    3Aaron Barrett42
    4Luis Sanz35
    5Tom Kahnle35
    6Justin Souza33
    7Zechry Zinicola31
    8Kyle Simon28
    9Edwin Quirarte26
    10Brock Huntzinger24
    1Jeffrey Walters38
    2Aaron Barrett26
    3Justin Souza19
    4Jose Flores16
    5Luis Sanz16
    6Tom Kahnle15
    7Brock Huntzinger13
    8Daryl Maday13
    9Zechry Zinicola13
    10Melvin Mercedes12
    Innings Pitched
    1Marcus Walden162.1
    2Deck McGuire157.1
    3Chris Gloor156.1
    4Matt Packer154
    5Trevor May151.2
    6Logan Verrett146
    7Matt Crouse145
    8Craig Westcott144
    9Mike Wright143.2
    10Jack Snodgrass141
    1Marcus Walden184
    2Matt Packer172
    3Chris Gloor163
    4Craig Westcott158
    5Mike Wright152
    6Pat Dean151
    7Matt Crouse149
    8Trevor May149
    9Deck McGuire148
    10Victor Larez147
    1Devin Jones95
    2Deck McGuire90
    3Matt Crouse79
    4Trevor May79
    5David Buchanan78
    6Brett Brach77
    7Chris Gloor77
    8Craig Westcott77
    9Marcus Walden76
    10Toru Murata76
    Earned Runs
    1Deck McGuire85
    2Devin Jones80
    3Trevor May76
    4Matt Crouse72
    5Chris Gloor70
    6David Buchanan70
    7Victor Larez70
    8Brett Brach69
    9Logan Verrett69
    10Will Roberts68
    Home Runs
    1Victor Larez25
    2Logan Verrett21
    3Matt Crouse21
    4Toru Murata18
    5Devin Jones17
    6Chris Gloor16
    7David Buchanan15
    8Brett Brach14
    9Erik Goeddel14
    10Hector Neris14
    1Jesse Biddle82
    2Nik Turley73
    3Trevor May67
    4Austin Wright59
    5Deck McGuire59
    6Erik Goeddel58
    7Zach Nuding57
    8Craig Westcott56
    9Ryan Tepera56
    10Taylor Rogers56
    1Trevor May159
    2Nate Karns155
    3Jesse Biddle154
    4Deck McGuire143
    5Nik Turley137
    6Mike Wright136
    7Matt Barnes135
    8Logan Verrett132
    9Marcus Stroman129
    10David Bromberg127
    Wild Pitches
    1Eddie Gamboa15
    2Jose Valdez14
    3Nate Karns13
    4Zach Nuding13
    5Charlie Haeger11
    6Miguel Celestino11
    7Erik Goeddel10
    8Matt Crouse10
    9Nathan Baker10
    10Scott Shuman10
    1Nik Turley6
    2Carlos Teller4
    3Hector Neris4
    4Juan Sosa3
    5Zach Clark3
    6Eddie Gamboa2
    7Jeff Johnson2
    8Jhonatan Ramos2
    9Kelvin Perez2
    10Luis Mateo2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Anthony Ranaudo2.95
    2Mike Wright3.25
    3Nate Karns3.25
    4Matt Packer3.27
    5Warwick Saupold3.28
    6Marcus Stroman3.29
    7Casey Sadler3.32
    8Keith Couch3.46
    9David Bromberg3.51
    10Blake Treinen3.63
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Anthony Ranaudo1.09
    2Marcus Stroman1.13
    3Logan Verrett1.14
    4Jack Snodgrass1.17
    5Nate Karns1.18
    6Casey Sadler1.22
    7Seth Rosin1.22
    8Toru Murata1.25
    9David Bromberg1.26
    10Victor Larez1.28
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Anthony Ranaudo6.55
    2Jesse Biddle6.78
    3Nate Karns7.38
    4Nik Turley7.71
    5David Bromberg7.94
    6Marcus Stroman7.96
    7Casey Sadler8.03
    8Jack Snodgrass8.04
    9Logan Verrett8.38
    10Ryan Tepera8.46
    HR per 9 IP
    1Matt Packer0.47
    2Marcus Walden0.50
    3Mike Wright0.56
    4Zach Nuding0.63
    5Jack Snodgrass0.64
    6Jameson Taillon0.65
    7Jesse Biddle0.65
    8David Bromberg0.66
    9Blake Treinen0.68
    10Mark Cohoon0.68
    BB per 9 IP
    1Pat Dean1.22
    2Toru Murata1.44
    3Logan Verrett1.91
    4Victor Larez1.91
    5Mark Cohoon2.10
    6Will Roberts2.15
    7Marcus Stroman2.17
    8Brett Brach2.35
    9Chris Gloor2.37
    10Mike Wright2.44
    SO per 9 IP
    1Trevor May9.41
    2Nik Turley8.87
    3Anthony Ranaudo8.67
    4Jameson Taillon8.67
    5Mike Wright8.50
    6David Bromberg8.40
    7Erik Goeddel8.40
    8Deck McGuire8.20
    9Ryan Tepera8.15
    10Logan Verrett8.14
    1Toru Murata4.952
    2Marcus Stroman4.778
    3Logan Verrett4.258
    4Pat Dean3.588
    5Mike Wright3.487
    6Nate Karns3.229
    7Mark Cohoon3.179
    8Victor Larez3.103
    9Chris Gloor2.951
    10Jameson Taillon2.944

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