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2013 California League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2013 California League Awards
    California League All-Star TeamRyan Casteel C, Mike Snyder 1B, Alex Yarbrough 2B, Matt Duffy 3B, Addison Russell SS, M.P. Cokinos UT, Scott Schebler OF, Andrew Aplin OF, Travis Jankowski OF, Zach Borenstein DH, Andrew Barbosa P, Ty Blach P, Mark Sappington P, Danny Winkler P
    California League Manager of the YearRodney Linares
    California League Most Valuable PlayerZach Borenstein
    California League Pitcher of the YearDanny Winkler
    California League Rookie of the YearAddison Russell
    2013 Batting Leaders
    1Brian Hernandez140
    2Mike Snyder137
    3Alex Yarbrough136
    4Evan Marzilli136
    5Mac Williamson136
    6Darnell Sweeney134
    7Gerson Montilla134
    8Trevor Story130
    9Devin Harris129
    10Kyle Waldrop129
    At Bats
    1Alex Yarbrough582
    2Darnell Sweeney552
    3Gerson Montilla542
    4Brian Hernandez528
    5Mike Snyder528
    6Jamal Austin520
    7Mac Williamson520
    8Antonio Lamas517
    9Juan Silverio510
    10Devin Harris508
    1Jamal Austin107
    2Andrew Aplin102
    3Delino Deshields100
    4Scott Schebler95
    5Mac Williamson94
    6Kevin Rivers92
    7Gerson Montilla90
    8Travis Jankowski89
    9Nolan Fontana88
    10Taylor Featherston87
    1Alex Yarbrough182
    2Brian Hernandez155
    3Gerson Montilla153
    4Darnell Sweeney152
    5Mac Williamson152
    6Jamal Austin150
    7Mike Snyder148
    8Juan Silverio146
    9Kevin Rivers144
    10Delino Deshields143
    1Devin Harris40
    2Kevin Rivers36
    3Myrio Richard35
    4Darnell Sweeney34
    5Trevor Story34
    6Sean Jamieson33
    7Alex Yarbrough32
    8Andrew Aplin32
    9Brian Hernandez32
    10Chris Epps32
    1Darnell Sweeney16
    2Delino Deshields14
    3Jace Peterson13
    4Scott Schebler13
    5Chris Lofton11
    6Addison Russell10
    7Alex Yarbrough10
    8Jamal Austin10
    9Noel Cuevas10
    10Taylor Featherston10
    Home Runs
    1Zach Borenstein28
    2Scott Schebler27
    3Mac Williamson25
    4Mike Snyder25
    5Devin Harris23
    6Harold Riggins22
    7Ryan Casteel22
    8B.A. Vollmuth21
    9Dusty Robinson21
    10Kyle Waldrop21
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Andrew Aplin107
    2Kevin Rivers97
    3Zach Borenstein95
    4M.P. Cokinos94
    5Mike Snyder92
    6Tony Thompson92
    7Scott Schebler91
    8Mac Williamson89
    9O'Koyea Dickson88
    10Devin Harris84
    Stolen Bases
    1Travis Jankowski71
    2Delino Deshields51
    3Darnell Sweeney48
    4Jace Peterson42
    5Jamal Austin40
    6Noel Cuevas38
    7Juan Perez31
    8Juan Silva31
    9Casio Grider29
    10Kyle Gaedele27
    Caught Stealing
    1Darnell Sweeney20
    2Delino Deshields18
    3Noel Cuevas15
    4Travis Jankowski14
    5Casio Grider13
    6Chris Lofton13
    7Jamal Austin13
    8Juan Silva13
    9Tyler Massey11
    10Juan Perez11
    1Nolan Fontana102
    2Andrew Aplin83
    3Chris Epps69
    4Kevin Rivers66
    5Brandon Meredith64
    6Max Muncy64
    7Rob Kral63
    8Addison Russell61
    9Juan Silva61
    10Evan Marzilli59
    1Harold Riggins192
    2Trevor Story183
    3B.A. Vollmuth161
    4Bobby Crocker159
    5Darnell Sweeney151
    6Mike Snyder149
    7Dusty Robinson146
    8Evan Marzilli143
    9Scott Schebler140
    10Juan Duran134
    Hit by Pitch
    1Mac Williamson21
    2Matt Duffy18
    3O'Koyea Dickson17
    4Scott Wingo16
    5M.P. Cokinos15
    6Scott Schebler15
    7Steve Selsky15
    8Tyler Heineman15
    9Bobby Crocker14
    10Anthony Phillips12
    Intentional Walks
    1Max Muncy9
    2Mac Williamson3
    3Andrew Aplin2
    4Bobby Haney2
    5Brian Hernandez2
    6Harold Riggins2
    7Jake Lamb2
    8Juan Crousset2
    9Marquez Smith2
    10Matt Duffy2
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Eric Stamets21
    2Chris Lofton14
    3Gerson Montilla14
    4Delino Deshields13
    5Jamal Austin13
    6Noel Cuevas11
    7Scott Wingo11
    8Bobby Haney10
    9B.J. Guinn10
    10Casio Grider9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Mike Snyder11
    2Andrew Aplin10
    3O'Koyea Dickson9
    4B.A. Vollmuth7
    5Chris Epps7
    6Dan Paolini7
    7Darnell Sweeney7
    8Devin Harris7
    9Jace Peterson7
    10M.P. Cokinos7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Mike Snyder20
    2Antonio Lamas18
    3Alex Yarbrough17
    4Brandon Meredith14
    5M.P. Cokinos14
    6Taylor Featherston14
    7Brian Humphries13
    8Brock Bond13
    9Gerson Montilla13
    10Juan Silverio13
    Total Bases
    1Scott Schebler277
    2Alex Yarbrough267
    3Mike Snyder267
    4Mac Williamson262
    5Zach Borenstein257
    6Darnell Sweeney251
    7Devin Harris250
    8Kevin Rivers250
    9Gerson Montilla242
    10Juan Silverio241
    Plate Appearances
    1Alex Yarbrough615
    2Darnell Sweeney613
    3Gerson Montilla607
    4Andrew Aplin598
    5Mac Williamson597
    6Mike Snyder590
    7Brian Hernandez587
    8Jamal Austin586
    9Eric Stamets571
    10Devin Harris563
    Batting Average
    1Zach Borenstein.337
    2Chris Taylor.335
    3Preston Tucker.326
    4Matt Duffy.323
    5Delino Deshields.317
    6Alex Yarbrough.313
    7M.P. Cokinos.313
    8Jace Peterson.303
    9Joe Sclafani.302
    10Brian Humphries.300
    On-Base Percentage
    1Chris Taylor.426
    2Rob Kral.426
    3Nolan Fontana.415
    4Delino Deshields.405
    5Zach Borenstein.403
    6Max Muncy.400
    7Brandon Meredith.399
    8Matt Duffy.397
    9Joe Sclafani.396
    10M.P. Cokinos.395
    Slugging Percentage
    1Zach Borenstein.631
    2Scott Schebler.581
    3Matt Duffy.553
    4Preston Tucker.544
    5Rob Kral.528
    6Chris Taylor.524
    7Ryan Casteel.523
    8Dan Paolini.521
    9Kevin Rivers.515
    10Addison Russell.508
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Zach Borenstein1034
    2Rob Kral954
    3Chris Taylor950
    4Matt Duffy950
    5Scott Schebler941
    6Preston Tucker928
    7Dan Paolini915
    8Max Muncy907
    9Brandon Meredith906
    10Kevin Rivers896
    1Andrew Aplin1.317
    2Rob Kral1.235
    3M.P. Cokinos1.146
    4Nolan Fontana1.020
    5Dan Paolini1.018
    6Max Muncy0.941
    7Jace Peterson0.931
    8Joe Sclafani0.867
    9Kevin Medrano0.837
    10Juan Silva0.803
    2013 Pitching Leaders
    1Ben Alsup13
    2Danny Winkler12
    3Tanner Peters12
    4Ty Blach12
    5Tyler Gagnon12
    6Andrew Barbosa11
    7Daniel Reynolds11
    8Mark Sappington11
    9Aaron West10
    10Brady Rodgers10
    1Jon Moscot14
    2James Allen11
    3Daniel Reynolds10
    4Tyler Gagnon10
    5Andrew Barbosa9
    6Brandon Alger9
    7Cameron Hobson9
    8Frank Garces9
    9Aaron West8
    10Ben Alsup8
    1Cody Hebner58
    2Scott Oberg56
    3Luis De La Cruz55
    4Nelson Gonzalez55
    5Patrick Schuster55
    6Seth Simmons55
    7Daniel Coulombe54
    8Dennis O'Grady53
    9Kaleb Fleck52
    10Kraig Sitton52
    Games Started
    1Ben Alsup29
    2Chris Jensen28
    3James Allen28
    4Tanner Peters28
    5Tyler Gagnon28
    6James Needy27
    7Andrew Barbosa26
    8Daniel Reynolds26
    9Frank Garces26
    10Keith Hessler26
    Complete Games
    1Alex Keudell1
    2Andrew Barbosa1
    3Eddie McKiernan1
    4Josh Bowman1
    5Matt Jackson1
    6Kyle Smith1
    1Andrew Barbosa1
    2Kyle Smith1
    Games Finished
    1Scott Oberg49
    2Travis Ballew41
    3Jonathan Joseph33
    4Pat Doyle29
    5Kaleb Fleck28
    6Jake Barrett27
    7R.J. Hively27
    8Dennis O'Grady26
    9John Barbato26
    10Mike Morin24
    1Scott Oberg33
    2Travis Ballew21
    3Jake Barrett15
    4John Barbato14
    5R.J. Hively14
    6Mike Morin13
    7Dominic Leone12
    8Josh Osich12
    9Derek Law11
    10Pat Doyle11
    Innings Pitched
    1Tanner Peters165.2
    2Ben Alsup161.2
    3Tyler Gagnon158.2
    4Chris Jensen152.1
    5Daniel Reynolds145.1
    6James Allen144.1
    7Keith Hessler137
    8Andrew Barbosa134.2
    9James Needy134
    10Clayton Blackburn133
    1Tyler Gagnon183
    2Tanner Peters167
    3Ben Alsup163
    4Chris Jensen161
    5Keith Hessler161
    6Daniel Reynolds144
    7James Needy144
    8Tyson Perez142
    9Jacob Johnson140
    10Jake Johnson140
    1Tyler Gagnon108
    2Keith Hessler97
    3Daniel Reynolds94
    4Ben Alsup93
    5James Allen91
    6Chris Jensen86
    7Frank Garces86
    8Tanner Peters86
    9Tyson Perez84
    10Jacob Johnson83
    Earned Runs
    1Tyler Gagnon97
    2Keith Hessler89
    3Daniel Reynolds87
    4Ben Alsup80
    5James Allen78
    6Chris Jensen77
    7Frank Garces76
    8Tanner Peters75
    9Tyson Perez73
    10Jordan Pries71
    Home Runs
    1Keith Hessler24
    2Tanner Peters24
    3Ben Alsup20
    4Conrad Flynn20
    5Daniel Reynolds19
    6James Allen18
    7Jon Moscot17
    8Tyler Gagnon17
    9Stephen Landazuri16
    10Tyson Perez16
    1Andrew Barbosa70
    2Daniel Reynolds64
    3Keith Hessler64
    4Mark Sappington62
    5James Allen60
    6Ben Alsup59
    7Cody Wheeler58
    8Frank Garces57
    9Tyler Gagnon52
    10James Needy51
    1Andrew Barbosa160
    2Tanner Peters159
    3Danny Winkler152
    4Clayton Blackburn138
    5Chris Jensen136
    6Ben Alsup133
    7Luis Cruz129
    8Frank Garces126
    9Keith Hessler126
    10Tyler Gagnon120
    Wild Pitches
    1Daniel Coulombe17
    2Geoff Parker13
    3T.J. Walz13
    4Daniel Reynolds12
    5Luis De La Cruz12
    6Ben Alsup11
    7Jarret Martin11
    8Luis Rojas11
    9Mark Sappington11
    10Michael Johnson11
    1Daniel Reynolds6
    2Luis Cruz5
    3Carlos Teller4
    4Tyler Blandford4
    5Carlos Contreras3
    6Frank Garces3
    7Josh Bowman3
    8Nelson Gonzalez3
    9Omar Duran3
    10Duke Von Schamann2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ty Blach2.91
    2Danny Winkler2.98
    3Mark Sappington3.37
    4Shane Dyer3.45
    5Clayton Blackburn3.65
    6Kelvin Marte3.69
    7James Needy3.76
    8Andrew Barbosa3.80
    9Lindsey Caughel4.00
    10Tanner Peters4.07
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Danny Winkler0.93
    2Ty Blach1.09
    3Clayton Blackburn1.10
    4Kelvin Marte1.15
    5Tanner Peters1.17
    6Shane Dyer1.20
    7Jon Moscot1.25
    8Mark Sappington1.26
    9Lindsey Caughel1.30
    10Chris Jensen1.32
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Danny Winkler5.82
    2Mark Sappington7.08
    3Clayton Blackburn7.51
    4Andrew Barbosa7.67
    5Jon Moscot8.46
    6Ty Blach8.58
    7James Allen8.69
    8Kelvin Marte8.74
    9Luis Cruz8.84
    10Daniel Reynolds8.94
    HR per 9 IP
    1Ty Blach0.55
    2Aaron West0.58
    3Mark Sappington0.69
    4Cameron Hobson0.70
    5Andrew Barbosa0.73
    6James Needy0.74
    7Luis Cruz0.80
    8Clayton Blackburn0.81
    9Shane Dyer0.84
    10Chris Jensen0.89
    BB per 9 IP
    1Ty Blach1.25
    2Aaron West1.40
    3Tanner Peters1.46
    4Lindsey Caughel1.62
    5Kelvin Marte1.63
    6Shane Dyer1.68
    7Brady Rodgers1.85
    8James Simmons1.99
    9Jacob Johnson2.06
    10Jake Johnson2.06
    SO per 9 IP
    1Frank Garces9.37
    2Clayton Blackburn9.34
    3Aaron West9.25
    4Stephen Landazuri8.85
    5Jon Moscot8.69
    6Lindsey Caughel8.62
    7Tanner Peters8.62
    8Gustavo Gomez8.50
    9Brady Rodgers8.36
    10Keith Hessler8.28
    1Aaron West6.588
    2Ty Blach6.500
    3Tanner Peters5.889
    4Lindsey Caughel5.333
    5Brady Rodgers4.522
    6Kelvin Marte4.211
    7Shane Dyer4.200
    8Danny Winkler4.108
    9Clayton Blackburn3.943
    10Stephen Landazuri3.594

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