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2007 Pacific Coast League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2007 Pacific Coast League Awards
    Pacific Coast League All-StarGeovany Soto C, Joe Koshansky 1B, Eric Patterson 2B, Scott Seabol 3B, Robert Andino SS, Rick Ankiel OF, Adam Jones OF, Delwyn Young OF, Val Pascucci DH, R.A. Dickey RHP, Adam Pettyjohn LHP, Ryan Speier RP
    Pacific Coast League Manager of the YearFrank Kremblas
    Pacific Coast League Most Valuable PlayerGeovany Soto
    Pacific Coast League Pitcher of the YearR.A. Dickey
    Pacific Coast League Rookie of the YearWladimir Balentien
    2007 Batting Leaders
    1Robert Andino142
    2Mitch Maier140
    3Brooks Conrad139
    4Nick Stavinoha139
    5Scott Seabol139
    6Bryan Lahair138
    7Daric Barton136
    8Joe Koshansky136
    9Andy Tracy135
    10Cody Ransom135
    At Bats
    1Robert Andino598
    2Jeremy Reed564
    3Anderson Hernandez554
    4Bryan Lahair552
    5Mitch Maier544
    6Mike Aviles538
    7Alex Romero535
    8Freddy Guzman535
    9Brooks Conrad533
    10Tug Hulett517
    1Delwyn Young107
    2Scott Seabol100
    3Tug Hulett95
    4Eric Patterson94
    5Val Pascucci93
    6Freddy Guzman92
    7Jeremy Reed92
    8Fernando Tatis90
    9Andy Tracy88
    10Brooks Conrad85
    1Jeremy Reed169
    2Anderson Hernandez167
    3Alex Romero166
    4Robert Andino166
    5Delwyn Young165
    6Chris Carter163
    7Mike Aviles159
    8Eric Patterson153
    9Bryan Lahair152
    10Mitch Maier152
    1Delwyn Young54
    2Bryan Lahair46
    3Jamie D'Antona43
    4Terry Evans40
    5Chris Carter39
    6Daric Barton38
    7Jeremy Reed37
    8Brooks Conrad36
    9Jason Botts36
    10Cody Ransom35
    1Robert Andino13
    2Eric Reed12
    3Callix Crabbe9
    4Jeff Salazar9
    5Reggie Abercrombie9
    6Freddy Guzman8
    7Nate Schierholtz7
    8Scott Seabol7
    9Adam Jones6
    10Alex Romero6
    Home Runs
    1Val Pascucci34
    2Craig Brazell32
    3Rick Ankiel32
    4Scott Seabol32
    5Scott McClain31
    6Pete Laforest29
    7Cody Ransom28
    8Geovany Soto26
    9Nate Gold26
    10Adam Jones25
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Geovany Soto109
    2Scott Seabol105
    3Nate Gold103
    4Scott McClain100
    5Joe Koshansky99
    6Val Pascucci98
    7Delwyn Young97
    8Cody Ransom90
    9Rick Ankiel89
    10John Lindsey88
    Stolen Bases
    1Freddy Guzman56
    2Reggie Abercrombie41
    3Josh Anderson40
    4Eric Reed30
    5Justin Leone26
    6Joey Gathright25
    7Eric Patterson24
    8Jayson Nix24
    9Terry Evans24
    10Cody Ransom21
    Caught Stealing
    1Callix Crabbe14
    2Freddy Guzman14
    3Robert Andino13
    4Clay Timpner11
    5Alex Romero10
    6Craig Stansberry10
    7Tommy Murphy10
    8Anderson Hernandez9
    9Eric Patterson9
    10Jeremy Reed9
    1Andy Tracy89
    2Jason Botts81
    3Daric Barton78
    4Justin Leone78
    5Royce Huffman73
    6Chip Ambres71
    7Craig Stansberry70
    8Callix Crabbe67
    9Joe Koshansky67
    10Val Pascucci67
    1Brooks Conrad144
    2Cody Ransom131
    3Robert Andino129
    4Joe Koshansky128
    5Bryan Lahair126
    6Val Pascucci123
    7Brandon Wood120
    8Terry Evans119
    9Mark Saccomanno114
    10Tug Hulett114
    Hit by Pitch
    1Clint Barmes22
    2Val Pascucci12
    3Adam Jones11
    4Reggie Abercrombie11
    5Chris Barnwell10
    6Jeff Clement10
    7Joe Mather10
    8John Lindsey10
    9Seth Smith10
    10Angel Berroa9
    Intentional Walks
    1Andy Tracy8
    2Andy Abad6
    3Ian Stewart6
    4Jason Botts6
    5Brooks Conrad5
    6Choo Freeman5
    7Rick Ankiel5
    8Chris Carter4
    9Jeff Clement4
    10Joe Koshansky4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Luis Figueroa13
    2Jose Macias12
    3Mike McCoy11
    4Josh Anderson10
    5Jeremy Reed9
    6Philip Humber9
    7Rich Thompson9
    8Richard Lewis9
    9Alex Romero8
    10Callix Crabbe8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Scott Seabol10
    2Geovany Soto9
    3Mike Eylward9
    4Mitch Maier9
    5Nate Gold9
    6Andy Tracy8
    7Brian Myrow8
    8Jason Botts8
    9Wladimir Balentien8
    10Jeff Salazar7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Mike Aviles24
    2Jamie D'Antona22
    3Alex Romero20
    4Choo Freeman19
    5Chris Carter19
    6Jeremy Brown19
    7Mike Rivera18
    8Nate Gold18
    9Fernando Tatis17
    10John Gall17
    Total Bases
    1Scott Seabol290
    2Delwyn Young280
    3Chris Carter262
    4Craig Brazell262
    5Val Pascucci258
    6Robert Andino256
    7Jeremy Reed255
    8Geovany Soto251
    9Cody Ransom250
    10Mike Aviles249
    Plate Appearances
    1Robert Andino644
    2Jeremy Reed628
    3Freddy Guzman610
    4Bryan Lahair606
    5Brooks Conrad605
    6Daric Barton604
    7Anderson Hernandez597
    8Mitch Maier596
    9Tug Hulett595
    10Alex Romero584
    Batting Average
    1Ronny Cedeno.359
    2Brian Myrow.354
    3Geovany Soto.353
    4Wilson Valdez.343
    5Delwyn Young.337
    6Nick Green.337
    7John Lindsey.333
    8Nate Schierholtz.333
    9Chris Carter.324
    10Reggie Abercrombie.323
    On-Base Percentage
    1Brian Myrow.440
    2Jason Botts.436
    3Geovany Soto.424
    4Ronny Cedeno.422
    5Wilson Valdez.413
    6Joe Dillon.405
    7John Lindsey.393
    8Daric Barton.389
    9Val Pascucci.389
    10Andy Tracy.387
    Slugging Percentage
    1Geovany Soto.652
    2John Lindsey.617
    3Craig Brazell.605
    4Joe Dillon.605
    5Nick Green.600
    6Brett Carroll.597
    7Adam Jones.586
    8Reggie Abercrombie.584
    9Brian Myrow.579
    10Scott Seabol.577
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Geovany Soto1076
    2Brian Myrow1019
    3Joe Dillon1010
    4John Lindsey1010
    5Nick Green985
    6Jason Botts981
    7Adam Jones968
    8Val Pascucci966
    9Ronny Cedeno959
    10Brett Carroll958
    1Joe Dillon1.471
    2Wilson Valdez1.265
    3Daric Barton1.130
    4Matt Tupman1.059
    5Jeff Salazar1.000
    6Royce Huffman0.961
    7Callix Crabbe0.957
    8Luis Figueroa0.824
    9Andy Tracy0.809
    10Jason Botts0.794
    2007 Pitching Leaders
    1R.A. Dickey13
    2Adam Pettyjohn12
    3Chris Begg12
    4Henry Bonilla12
    5Matt Kinney12
    6Ben Hendrickson11
    7Les Walrond11
    8Matt Palmer11
    9Mike Smith11
    10Philip Humber11
    1D.J. Carrasco14
    2Jack Cassel14
    3Blake Hawksworth13
    4Mike Parisi13
    5Mike Smith13
    6Pedro Liriano12
    7Shane Komine12
    8Chris George11
    9Mike Thompson11
    10Randy Keisler11
    1Casey Hoorelbeke63
    2Aaron Rakers61
    3Mike Gallo56
    4Ben Howard55
    5Clay Rapada55
    6Josh Newman55
    7Mike Schultz55
    8Randy Choate55
    9Bill Murphy54
    10Steve Schmoll54
    Games Started
    1Henry Bonilla29
    2Kasey Olenberger28
    3Mike Parisi28
    4Travis Blackley28
    5Zach Jackson28
    6Enrique Gonzalez27
    7J.R. Mathes27
    8Chris George26
    9Jonathon Rouwenhorst26
    10Matt Kinney26
    Complete Games
    1Jack Cassel3
    2R.A. Dickey3
    3Dallas Braden2
    4Robert Rohrbaugh2
    5Adam Pettyjohn1
    6Alfredo Simon1
    7Armando Galarraga1
    8Ben Hendrickson1
    9Brad Knox1
    10Brad Thomas1
    1Robert Rohrbaugh2
    2Adam Pettyjohn1
    3Armando Galarraga1
    4Ben Hendrickson1
    5Chris Begg1
    6Dallas Braden1
    7Manny Parra1
    8Sun-Woo Kim1
    Games Finished
    1Ryan Speier47
    2Brian Falkenborg43
    3Chad Harville39
    4Clay Rapada39
    5Marc Gwyn36
    6Paul Estrada34
    7Jeff Gray31
    8Eric Hull30
    9Roy Corcoran30
    10Scott Cassidy27
    1Ryan Speier33
    2Chad Harville25
    3Brian Falkenborg23
    4Clay Rapada17
    5Marc Gwyn15
    6Roy Corcoran15
    7Leo Rosales14
    8Jeff Gray12
    9Julio Mateo12
    10Brian Wilson11
    Innings Pitched
    1Kasey Olenberger180
    2Zach Jackson169.2
    3R.A. Dickey169.1
    4Henry Bonilla165
    5Mike Parisi165
    6Travis Blackley162.1
    7Mike Smith159.2
    8Jonathon Rouwenhorst158
    9Jack Cassel156.2
    10Matt Kinney156.2
    1Kasey Olenberger205
    2J.R. Mathes204
    3Henry Bonilla203
    4Jack Cassel203
    5Jonathon Rouwenhorst197
    6Mike Parisi192
    7Evan MacLane190
    8Enrique Gonzalez186
    9D.J. Carrasco185
    10Zach Jackson184
    1D.J. Carrasco121
    2Evan MacLane117
    3Henry Bonilla114
    4Kasey Olenberger113
    5J.R. Mathes111
    6Enrique Gonzalez105
    7Jonathon Rouwenhorst101
    8Mike Parisi100
    9Mike Thompson99
    10Marc Kaiser97
    Earned Runs
    1Henry Bonilla106
    2Kasey Olenberger105
    3D.J. Carrasco102
    4Evan MacLane99
    5J.R. Mathes94
    6Spike Lundberg93
    7Mike Smith92
    8Mike Thompson92
    9Mike Parisi90
    10Enrique Gonzalez88
    Home Runs
    1Kasey Olenberger35
    2Matt Kinney25
    3Blake Hawksworth24
    4Henry Bonilla22
    5Spike Lundberg22
    6Chris George21
    7Evan MacLane21
    8Matt Wright21
    9Mike Parisi21
    10Philip Humber21
    1Marc Kaiser79
    2Chris George68
    3Travis Blackley68
    4Mike Parisi65
    5Zach Jackson64
    6Juan Gutierrez63
    7Ubaldo Jimenez62
    8Enrique Gonzalez61
    9Bobby Keppel60
    10D.J. Carrasco60
    1Matt Kinney141
    2Mike Smith127
    3Zach Jackson123
    4Travis Blackley121
    5Philip Humber120
    6R.A. Dickey119
    7Enrique Gonzalez118
    8Jack Cassel117
    9Kasey Olenberger116
    10Mike Parisi111
    Wild Pitches
    1Paul Estrada14
    2Pedro Liriano14
    3Travis Blackley14
    4Brad Thomas13
    5Mike Schultz13
    6D.J. Carrasco12
    7R.A. Dickey12
    8Kenny Baugh11
    9Sun-Woo Kim11
    10Ubaldo Jimenez11
    1Dallas Braden2
    2Eric DuBose2
    3Hugo Castellanos2
    4Jeff Gray2
    5Jose Capellan2
    6Justin Lehr2
    7Matt Wilhite2
    8Neal Cotts2
    9Zach Jackson2
    10Aaron Rakers1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Jorge Campillo3.08
    2Dan Meyer3.29
    3R.A. Dickey3.73
    4Jack Cassel3.90
    5Justin Lehr3.98
    6Ryan Feierabend4.00
    7Matt Kinney4.01
    8Matt Wright4.07
    9Miguel Pinango4.11
    10Ben Hendrickson4.13
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Philip Humber1.24
    2Matt Kinney1.27
    3Jorge Campillo1.28
    4R.A. Dickey1.30
    5Matt Wright1.33
    6Dan Meyer1.34
    7Matt Palmer1.37
    8Travis Blackley1.38
    9Juan Gutierrez1.39
    10Kasey Olenberger1.39
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Dan Meyer8.06
    2Philip Humber8.35
    3R.A. Dickey8.47
    4Travis Blackley8.67
    5Juan Gutierrez8.88
    6Ben Hendrickson9.07
    7Jorge Campillo9.12
    8Matt Palmer9.30
    9Matt Wright9.33
    10Matt Kinney9.40
    HR per 9 IP
    1Philip Barzilla0.40
    2Justin Lehr0.60
    3Brad Thomas0.62
    4Enrique Gonzalez0.64
    5Jorge Campillo0.66
    6Ben Hendrickson0.67
    7Zach Jackson0.69
    8Jack Cassel0.75
    9Ryan Feierabend0.75
    10Tim Stauffer0.82
    BB per 9 IP
    1Chris Begg1.61
    2Matt Kinney2.06
    3J.R. Mathes2.19
    4Kasey Olenberger2.30
    5Jorge Campillo2.36
    6Jack Cassel2.41
    7Tim Stauffer2.47
    8Tim Dillard2.50
    9Jonathon Rouwenhorst2.51
    10Casey Daigle2.56
    SO per 9 IP
    1Dan Meyer8.22
    2Matt Kinney8.08
    3Casey Daigle7.84
    4Jason Vargas7.78
    5Philip Humber7.77
    6Brad Thomas7.76
    7Mike Smith7.14
    8Enrique Gonzalez6.90
    9D.J. Carrasco6.77
    10Travis Blackley6.72
    1Matt Kinney3.917
    2Casey Daigle3.065
    3Jack Cassel2.786
    4Philip Humber2.727
    5Chris Begg2.680
    6Tim Stauffer2.667
    7Mike Smith2.592
    8Jorge Campillo2.538
    9Kasey Olenberger2.522
    10Sun-Woo Kim2.514

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