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2005 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 2005 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamMike Jacobs C, Shelley Duncan 1B, Dustin Pedroia 2B, Jose Bautista 3B, Hanley Ramirez SS, Chris Roberson OF, Alex Romero OF, Daniel Ortmeier OF, Randy Ruiz DH, Don Kelly UT, Joel Zumaya RHP, Jon Lester LHP, Edwin Almonte RP
    Eastern League All-Star Game MVPDanny Matienzo
    Eastern League Manager of the YearTorey Lovullo
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerMike Jacobs
    Eastern League Pitcher of the YearJon Lester
    Eastern League Rookie of the YearChris Roberson
    2005 Batting Leaders
    1Shelley Duncan142
    2Alex Romero139
    3Brandon Fahey139
    4Chris Roberson139
    5Danny Matienzo138
    6Fred Lewis137
    7A.J. Labarbera135
    8Brandon Moss135
    9Daniel Ortmeier135
    10David Murphy135
    At Bats
    1Chris Roberson553
    2Michael Bourn544
    3Shelley Duncan537
    4Danny Matienzo531
    5Fred Lewis512
    6Tyler Von Schell512
    7Alex Romero509
    8Tripper Johnson507
    9Brandon Moss503
    10Bronson Sardinha503
    1Chris Roberson90
    2Brandon Moss87
    3Shelley Duncan86
    4Daniel Ortmeier85
    5Rajai Davis82
    6Danny Matienzo81
    7Michael Bourn80
    8Fred Lewis79
    9Doug Deeds77
    10Eider Torres73
    1Chris Roberson172
    2Alex Romero153
    3Danny Matienzo150
    4Doug Deeds150
    5Brandon Fahey146
    6Michael Bourn146
    7Carlos Valderrama145
    8Fred Lewis140
    9Rajai Davis140
    10Mike Jacobs139
    1Mike Jacobs37
    2Danny Matienzo36
    3Aarom Baldiris35
    4Doug Deeds34
    5Rob Cosby34
    6Carlos Valderrama33
    7Jeremy West32
    8Alex Romero31
    9Brandon Moss31
    10Chris Durbin31
    1Wayne Lydon13
    2Craig Stansberry11
    3Chris Roberson8
    4David Espinosa8
    5Michael Bourn8
    6Ben Francisco7
    7Fred Lewis7
    8Hanley Ramirez7
    9Daniel Ortmeier6
    10Ivan Ochoa6
    Home Runs
    1Shelley Duncan34
    2Jon Van Every27
    3Randy Ruiz27
    4Josh Bonifay25
    5Mike Jacobs25
    6Danny Matienzo23
    7Jose Bautista23
    8Kurt Airoso22
    9Dee Haynes21
    10Daniel Ortmeier20
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mike Jacobs93
    2Shelley Duncan92
    3Jose Bautista90
    4Randy Ruiz89
    5Danny Matienzo87
    6Doug Deeds82
    7Juan Tejeda82
    8Daniel Ortmeier79
    9Alex Romero77
    10Josh Bonifay77
    Stolen Bases
    1Rajai Davis45
    2Rich Thompson45
    3Wayne Lydon42
    4Michael Bourn38
    5Daniel Ortmeier35
    6Chris Roberson34
    7Eider Torres33
    8Fred Lewis30
    9Carlos Valderrama29
    10Hanley Ramirez26
    Caught Stealing
    1Chris Roberson14
    2Wayne Lydon14
    3Fred Lewis13
    4Hanley Ramirez13
    5Melvin Dorta13
    6Daniel Ortmeier12
    7Ivan Ochoa12
    8Michael Bourn12
    9Miguel Negron12
    10Alex Romero11
    1Fred Lewis69
    2David Espinosa66
    3Jon Van Every66
    4Michael Bourn63
    5Jared Sandberg62
    6Eric Duncan59
    7Doug Deeds56
    8Shelley Duncan56
    9Bronson Sardinha55
    10Ryan Roberts55
    1Jon Van Every155
    2Shelley Duncan140
    3Eric Duncan136
    4Jared Sandberg131
    5Tyler Von Schell131
    6Brandon Moss129
    7Raul Tablado128
    8Fred Lewis124
    9Michael Bourn123
    10Doug Deeds119
    Hit by Pitch
    1Daniel Ortmeier21
    2Javier Herrera14
    3Jeremy West14
    4Ivan Ochoa12
    5Rajai Davis12
    6Eider Torres11
    7Shelley Duncan11
    8Bryan Kennedy10
    9Jared Sandberg10
    10Jose Bautista10
    Intentional Walks
    1Randy Ruiz11
    2Mike Jacobs6
    3Bob Malek5
    4Brandon Moss5
    5Don Kelly5
    6Jon Van Every5
    7Michael Bourn5
    8Ryan Roberts5
    9Trent Pratt5
    10Alex Romero4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Brandon Fahey22
    2Eider Torres19
    3Wayne Lydon19
    4James Tomlin17
    5Peter Bergeron14
    6Tim Hutting14
    7Tommy Watkins13
    8Melvin Dorta11
    9Rich Thompson10
    10Aarom Baldiris9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Alberto Concepcion8
    2Brandon Moss8
    3Craig Stansberry7
    4Danny Matienzo7
    5Mike Woods7
    6Tom Evans7
    7Brandon Fahey6
    8Brian Buscher6
    9Edgar Gonzalez6
    10Gabe Lopez6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1A.J. Labarbera20
    2Danny Matienzo20
    3Pat Osborn18
    4Jared Sandberg15
    5Joey Hammond15
    6Juan Richardson15
    7Maikel Jova15
    8Ronald Acuna15
    9Bronson Sardinha14
    10Maxim St. Pierre14
    Total Bases
    1Shelley Duncan263
    2Danny Matienzo259
    3Chris Roberson257
    4Mike Jacobs255
    5Doug Deeds236
    6Alex Romero233
    7Daniel Ortmeier233
    8Randy Ruiz230
    9Jose Bautista224
    10Brandon Moss222
    Plate Appearances
    1Michael Bourn614
    2Chris Roberson611
    3Shelley Duncan606
    4Fred Lewis594
    5Danny Matienzo586
    6Brandon Fahey578
    7Daniel Ortmeier575
    8Bronson Sardinha569
    9Brandon Moss568
    10Wayne Lydon562
    Batting Average
    1Randy Ruiz.349
    2Don Kelly.340
    3Kevin Thompson.329
    4Mike Jacobs.321
    5Chris Roberson.311
    6Rob Cosby.308
    7Ben Francisco.307
    8Doug Deeds.304
    9Alex Romero.301
    10Peter Bergeron.296
    On-Base Percentage
    1Kevin Thompson.432
    2Randy Ruiz.405
    3Don Kelly.402
    4Gabe Lopez.388
    5Doug Deeds.382
    6Ryan Roberts.379
    7Tom Evans.379
    8Mike Jacobs.376
    9Chris Roberson.365
    10Jose Bautista.364
    Slugging Percentage
    1Randy Ruiz.669
    2Mike Jacobs.589
    3Kevin Thompson.565
    4Josh Bonifay.556
    5Brad Snyder.539
    6Kurt Airoso.535
    7Don Kelly.508
    8Rob Cosby.507
    9Dee Haynes.505
    10Jose Bautista.503
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Randy Ruiz1074
    2Kevin Thompson997
    3Mike Jacobs965
    4Don Kelly910
    5Josh Bonifay895
    6Kurt Airoso893
    7Brad Snyder884
    8Tom Evans879
    9Jose Bautista867
    10Jon Van Every862
    1Gabe Lopez1.600
    2Don Kelly0.837
    3Shaun Larkin0.792
    4Kevin Thompson0.779
    5Ryan Fleming0.774
    6Melvin Dorta0.761
    7Woody Cliffords0.750
    8A.J. Labarbera0.723
    9J.T. Stotts0.635
    10Hanley Ramirez0.629
    2005 Pitching Leaders
    1Allen Davis13
    2Chris Rojas12
    3Jeff Karstens12
    4Brian Mazone11
    5Jon Lester11
    6Matt Peterson11
    7Jake Dittler10
    8Brian Bannister9
    9Brian Burres9
    10Dan Denham9
    1Mike Smith14
    2Ismael Ramirez13
    3Rich Rundles13
    4Carlos Chantres12
    5Josh Banks12
    6Luz Portobanco12
    7Nate Cornejo12
    8Jeff Karstens11
    9Kason Gabbard11
    10Kurt Birkins11
    1Ryan Cameron58
    2Justin Pope57
    3Scott Rice57
    4Sendy Rleal56
    5Pat Neshek55
    6Ryan Keefer54
    7Daniel Rueckel53
    8Justin Kaye53
    9Conor Brooks52
    10Edwin Almonte52
    Games Started
    1Mike Smith28
    2David Pauley27
    3Ismael Ramirez27
    4Jake Dittler27
    5Jeff Karstens27
    6Josh Banks27
    7Darrell Rasner26
    8Jon Lester26
    9Matt Peterson26
    10Rich Rundles26
    Complete Games
    1Allen Davis3
    2Jon Lester3
    3David Maust2
    4Josh Banks2
    5Levale Speigner2
    6Nick Blackburn2
    7Rich Rundles2
    8Yusmeiro Petit2
    9Armando Galarraga1
    10Brian Bannister1
    1Armando Galarraga1
    2Brian Bannister1
    3Cameron Reimers1
    4Charlie Zink1
    5David Maust1
    6Evan MacLane1
    7Jon Lester1
    8Levale Speigner1
    9Matt Bailie1
    10Nick Blackburn1
    Games Finished
    1Justin Pope54
    2Pat Neshek48
    3Edwin Almonte47
    4Ryan Cameron45
    5Justin Kaye42
    6Sendy Rleal38
    7Lee Gronkiewicz34
    8Saul Rivera29
    9Alfredo Simon28
    10Chris Cooper28
    1Edwin Almonte33
    2Justin Pope29
    3Lee Gronkiewicz24
    4Pat Neshek24
    5Justin Kaye22
    6Alfredo Simon19
    7Ryan Cameron19
    8Chris Ray18
    9Sendy Rleal16
    10Jim Mann12
    Innings Pitched
    1Allen Davis183
    2Jake Dittler173
    3Mike Smith170.2
    4Jeff Karstens169
    5Josh Banks162.1
    6Rich Rundles159.1
    7David Pauley156
    8Ismael Ramirez150.2
    9Darrell Rasner150.1
    10Matt DeSalvo149
    1Allen Davis208
    2Jeff Karstens192
    3Jake Dittler187
    4Rich Rundles177
    5David Pauley169
    6Mike Smith162
    7Jeremy Johnson161
    8Carlos Chantres160
    9Josh Banks159
    10Matt Peterson156
    1Matt Peterson102
    2Mike Smith97
    3Rich Rundles95
    4Jake Dittler94
    5Jeff Karstens91
    6Jeremy Johnson91
    7Carlos Chantres90
    8David Pauley86
    9Kason Gabbard80
    10Allen Davis79
    Earned Runs
    1Matt Peterson88
    2Mike Smith85
    3Jeff Karstens78
    4Allen Davis74
    5Rich Rundles74
    6Carlos Chantres73
    7Jeremy Johnson72
    8Jake Dittler70
    9Ismael Ramirez69
    10Josh Banks69
    Home Runs
    1Jeremy Johnson23
    2Justin Echols21
    3Allen Davis20
    4James Garcia20
    5Ismael Ramirez19
    6Matt Peterson19
    7Paul Stewart19
    8Carlos Chantres18
    9David Pauley18
    10Josh Banks18
    1Mike Smith82
    2Cory Morris78
    3Matt Peterson74
    4Matt DeSalvo67
    5Kason Gabbard65
    6Jake Dittler61
    7Orlando Roman58
    8Rich Stahl58
    9Brian Burres57
    10Jon Lester57
    1Jon Lester163
    2Cory Morris159
    3Matt DeSalvo151
    4Jeff Karstens147
    5Josh Banks145
    6Joel Zumaya143
    7Orlando Roman136
    8Yusmeiro Petit130
    9Ismael Ramirez125
    10Tom Gorzelanny124
    Wild Pitches
    1Mike Smith14
    2Matt DeSalvo11
    3Matt Lindstrom11
    4Matt Peterson11
    5Jake Dittler10
    6Jon Lester10
    7Ken Chenard10
    8Kurt Birkins10
    9Matt Yeatman10
    10Adam Peterson9
    1Alberto Montes4
    2Joel Zumaya4
    3Bill Sylvester2
    4Bryan Edwards2
    5Edgar Martinez2
    6Jake Dittler2
    7Mariano Gomez2
    8Adam Peterson1
    9Anderson Garcia1
    10Anibal Sanchez1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Brian Bannister2.56
    2Jon Lester2.61
    3Joel Zumaya2.78
    4Yusmeiro Petit2.90
    5Cory Morris3.02
    6Matt DeSalvo3.02
    7Chris Begg3.07
    8Brian Mazone3.09
    9Dan Denham3.15
    10Eric DuBose3.25
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Yusmeiro Petit0.92
    2Dan Denham1.04
    3Josh Banks1.05
    4Brian Bannister1.08
    5Joel Zumaya1.15
    6Eric DuBose1.16
    7Jon Lester1.16
    8Matt DeSalvo1.16
    9Darrell Rasner1.19
    10Chris Begg1.20
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Joel Zumaya5.97
    2Matt DeSalvo6.40
    3Yusmeiro Petit6.86
    4Jon Lester6.93
    5Cory Morris7.30
    6Dan Denham7.39
    7Brian Bannister7.51
    8Justin Olson7.76
    9Tom Gorzelanny7.89
    10Hayden Penn8.26
    HR per 9 IP
    1Dan Denham0.39
    2Tom Gorzelanny0.42
    3Matt DeSalvo0.48
    4Kurt Birkins0.56
    5Chris Begg0.59
    6Merkin Valdez0.59
    7Darrell Rasner0.60
    8Bryan Edwards0.61
    9Jon Lester0.61
    10Vince Perkins0.61
    BB per 9 IP
    1Josh Banks0.61
    2Allen Davis1.08
    3Yusmeiro Petit1.37
    4Chris Begg1.50
    5Darrell Rasner1.74
    6Levale Speigner1.75
    7Ismael Ramirez1.91
    8Dan Denham1.93
    9David Pauley1.96
    10Eric DuBose2.14
    SO per 9 IP
    1Yusmeiro Petit9.92
    2Jon Lester9.91
    3Hayden Penn9.82
    4Justin Echols9.31
    5Matt DeSalvo9.12
    6Tom Gorzelanny8.58
    7Justin Olson8.50
    8Eric DuBose8.41
    9Merkin Valdez8.07
    10Josh Banks8.06
    1Yusmeiro Petit7.222
    2Allen Davis4.409
    3Eric DuBose3.931
    4Ismael Ramirez3.906
    5Chris Begg3.739
    6Dan Denham3.600
    7Jeff Karstens3.500
    8Brian Bannister3.481
    9Levale Speigner3.357
    10Darrell Rasner3.310

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