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1999 Midwest League (A)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1999 Midwest League Awards
    Midwest League All-Star TeamJeff Goldbach C, Aaron McNeal 1B, Aaron Miles 2B, Sean Burroughs 3B, - - SS, Juan Silvestre OF, Michael Restovich OF, Corey Patterson OF, Eric Munson DH, Clint Chrysler RP, Brandon Puffer RP, David Noyce LHP, Juan Rincon RHP
    Midwest League Manager of the YearRick Renteria
    Midwest League Most Valuable PlayerAaron McNeal
    Midwest League Prospect of the YearCorey Patterson
    1999 Batting Leaders
    1Bo Robinson138
    2Juan Silvestre137
    3Josh Loggins136
    4Troy Farnsworth134
    5Aaron McNeal133
    6Brett Roneberg132
    7Eric Battersby132
    8Marcus Knight132
    9Dewayne Wise131
    10Michael Restovich131
    At Bats
    1Aaron McNeal536
    2Willy Hill535
    3Juan Silvestre534
    4Elpidio Guzman526
    5Josh Loggins522
    6Jeremy Owens513
    7Brett Roneberg511
    8Dave Kelton509
    9Mike Christensen504
    10Dewayne Wise502
    1Jeremy Owens111
    2Bo Robinson101
    3Jon Schaeffer97
    4Aaron McNeal95
    5Corey Patterson94
    6Jose Santos93
    7Ryan Hankins93
    8Colin Porter91
    9Michael Restovich91
    10Juan Silvestre89
    1Aaron McNeal166
    2Bo Robinson164
    3Willy Hill162
    4Josh Loggins155
    5Juan Silvestre154
    6Mario Valenzuela154
    7Michael Restovich154
    8Sean Burroughs153
    9Corey Patterson152
    10Aaron Miles149
    1Bo Robinson50
    2Austin Kearns36
    3Leo Daigle36
    4Mike Christensen36
    5Ryan Hankins36
    6Corey Patterson35
    7Jamie Sykes34
    8Juan Silvestre34
    9Jon Schaeffer33
    10Troy Farnsworth33
    1Corey Patterson17
    2Dewayne Wise13
    3Elpidio Guzman13
    4Jeremy Owens12
    5Rich Gomez12
    6Jamie Sykes10
    7Colin Porter9
    8Terrell Merriman9
    9Aaron Miles8
    10Bobby Darula8
    Home Runs
    1Aaron McNeal38
    2Juan Silvestre21
    3Corey Patterson20
    4Brian McMillin19
    5Jose Santos19
    6Michael Restovich19
    7Troy Farnsworth19
    8Colin Porter18
    9Eric Battersby18
    10Hee Seop Choi18
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Aaron McNeal131
    2Juan Silvestre107
    3Michael Restovich107
    4Jose Santos105
    5Bo Robinson102
    6Eric Battersby93
    7Josh Loggins85
    8Terrell Merriman85
    9Troy McNaughton84
    10Jamie Sykes83
    Stolen Bases
    1Rich Gomez66
    2Jeremy Owens65
    3Elpidio Guzman52
    4Wilmy Caceres52
    5Jesus Medrano42
    6Ramon Valera42
    7Andres Torres39
    8Jon Cook39
    9Gookie Dawkins38
    10Willy Hill38
    Caught Stealing
    1Antonio Perez24
    2Willy Hill24
    3Wilmy Caceres22
    4Ramon Valera19
    5Andres Torres18
    6Elpidio Guzman17
    7Danilo Araujo16
    8Sean Burroughs15
    9Carlos Urquiola14
    10Jeremy Owens14
    1Bo Robinson108
    2Tony Schrager103
    3Andres Torres92
    4Jon Schaeffer92
    5Ryan Hankins91
    6Eric Battersby83
    7Jose Santos83
    8Jimmy Alvarez81
    9Brett Roneberg79
    10Kevin Hodge78
    1Jeremy Owens153
    2Derry Hammond141
    3Samone Peters131
    4Jose Santos130
    5J.R. Mounts129
    6Kevin Baderdeen128
    7Chris Aguila127
    8Juan Silvestre124
    9Troy Farnsworth124
    10Colin Porter123
    Hit by Pitch
    1Corky Miller20
    2Jon Schaeffer20
    3Felix Escalona17
    4Jose Santos17
    5Christopher Toomey15
    6Matt Treanor15
    7Sean Burroughs14
    8Antonio Perez13
    9Michael Restovich13
    10Tony Garcia13
    Intentional Walks
    1Sean Burroughs7
    2Jason Fennell5
    3Aaron McNeal4
    4Bo Robinson4
    5Bobby Darula4
    6Brett Roneberg4
    7Elpidio Guzman4
    8Jason Hill4
    9John Scheschuk4
    10Josh Loggins4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Luis Rodriguez13
    2Derek Wathan10
    3Ronald Bush10
    4Willy Hill10
    5Andres Torres9
    6Andrew Beattie8
    7Antonio Perez8
    8Chris Patten8
    9Eric De La Cruz8
    10Esix Snead7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Dewayne Wise14
    2Eric Battersby9
    3Luis Rodriguez9
    4Bo Robinson8
    5Colin Porter8
    6Jason Fennell8
    7Juan Silvestre8
    8Kevin Hodge8
    9Nate Frese8
    10Ryan Hankins8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Bo Robinson18
    2Brian McMillin18
    3Juan Silvestre17
    4Fernando Espino16
    5Mario Valenzuela16
    6Ronald Bush15
    7T.J. Runnells15
    8Tyler Turnquist14
    9Aaron McNeal13
    10Darren Dyt13
    Total Bases
    1Aaron McNeal315
    2Corey Patterson281
    3Bo Robinson259
    4Juan Silvestre259
    5Michael Restovich253
    6Josh Loggins240
    7Jamie Sykes236
    8Mike Christensen236
    9Colin Porter232
    10Ryan Hankins232
    Plate Appearances
    1Bo Robinson619
    2Willy Hill605
    3Josh Loggins601
    4Brett Roneberg599
    5Jeremy Owens595
    6Juan Silvestre595
    7Ryan Hankins591
    8Michael Restovich585
    9Aaron McNeal581
    10Elpidio Guzman577
    Batting Average
    1Carlos Urquiola.362
    2Sean Burroughs.359
    3Bo Robinson.329
    4Mario Valenzuela.323
    5Hee Seop Choi.321
    6Jaime Goudie.321
    7Corey Patterson.320
    8Aaron Miles.317
    9Michael Restovich.312
    10Aaron McNeal.310
    On-Base Percentage
    1Sean Burroughs.464
    2Bo Robinson.446
    3Jon Schaeffer.444
    4Hee Seop Choi.422
    5Tony Schrager.421
    6Michael Restovich.412
    7Terrell Merriman.411
    8Adam Dunn.409
    9Ryan Hankins.402
    10Carlos Urquiola.401
    Slugging Percentage
    1Hee Seop Choi.610
    2Corey Patterson.592
    3Aaron McNeal.588
    4Jon Schaeffer.526
    5Bo Robinson.519
    6Terrell Merriman.518
    7Michael Restovich.513
    8Colin Porter.512
    9Tydus Meadows.512
    10Jamie Sykes.493
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Hee Seop Choi1032
    2Jon Schaeffer970
    3Bo Robinson965
    4Corey Patterson950
    5Aaron McNeal946
    6Sean Burroughs943
    7Terrell Merriman929
    8Michael Restovich925
    9Tony Schrager913
    10Tydus Meadows912
    1Bo Robinson1.440
    2Carlos Maldonado1.344
    3Jason Fennell1.339
    4Jon Schaeffer1.333
    5Sean Burroughs1.254
    6Bobby Darula1.088
    7Luis Rodriguez1.082
    8Will Croud1.045
    9Tony Schrager1.020
    10Dan Singletary1.019
    1999 Pitching Leaders
    1Doug Bridges15
    2Juan Rincon14
    3Carlos Zambrano13
    4Melqui Torres13
    5Roy Oswalt13
    6Brent Hoard12
    7Dave Therneau12
    8Andrew Good11
    9Mike Wuertz11
    10Brett Haring10
    1Andy Shibilo13
    2Bobby Sismondo12
    3Brandon Emanuel12
    4Cliff Bartosh12
    5Edwin Almonte12
    6Mike Penney12
    7Mike Wuertz12
    8Eric Fischer11
    9Nate Cornejo11
    10Renney Duarte11
    1Saul Rivera60
    2Brandon Puffer59
    3Jeff Viles58
    4Jon Hand58
    5Kirk Griffin57
    6Scott Geitz52
    7Clint Chrysler51
    8Denny Gilich51
    9Leo Torres51
    10Shane Heams51
    Games Started
    1Ben Howard28
    2Brent Hoard28
    3Geronimo Mendoza28
    4Juan Rincon28
    5Mike Wuertz28
    6Nate Cornejo28
    7Steve Stemle28
    8Andrew Good27
    9Bobby Sismondo27
    10Melqui Torres27
    Complete Games
    1Jeff Hundley6
    2Brandon Emanuel5
    3James Manias4
    4Mike Penney4
    5Nate Cornejo4
    6Brett Haring3
    7Doug Bridges3
    8Melqui Torres3
    9Neil Longo3
    10Phillip Merrell3
    1Brett Haring3
    2Phillip Merrell3
    3Dave Therneau2
    4David Noyce2
    5Doug Bridges2
    6Melqui Torres2
    7Mike Penney2
    8Renney Duarte2
    9Robert Averette2
    10Adam Bernero1
    Games Finished
    1Brandon Puffer55
    2Saul Rivera54
    3Chris Bloomer39
    4Clay Condrey39
    5Brannon Whatley37
    6Kirk Griffin37
    7Derek Gooden34
    8Nelson Lara34
    9Jake Meyer31
    10Larry Dant31
    1Brandon Puffer34
    2Saul Rivera23
    3Chris Bloomer21
    4Brannon Whatley20
    5Clay Condrey20
    6Chris Demouy16
    7Jake Meyer16
    8Tim Redding14
    9Greg Jones13
    10Derek Gooden12
    Innings Pitched
    1Nate Cornejo174.2
    2Melqui Torres171.2
    3Mike Penney170
    4Bobby Sismondo169.1
    5Juan Rincon165.1
    6Mike Wuertz161.1
    7Johan Santana160.1
    8Jeff Hundley158
    9Geronimo Mendoza157.1
    10Andrew Good153.2
    1Mike Wuertz191
    2Geronimo Mendoza186
    3Melqui Torres185
    4Steve Stemle177
    5Brandon Emanuel173
    6Nate Cornejo173
    7Mike Penney171
    8Jeff Hundley163
    9Johan Santana162
    10Andrew Good160
    1Andy Shibilo105
    2Mike Wuertz104
    3Steve Stemle104
    4Ben Howard100
    5Jeff Hundley99
    6Melqui Torres99
    7Geronimo Mendoza96
    8Johan Santana94
    9Mike Penney94
    10Brandon Emanuel92
    Earned Runs
    1Steve Stemle90
    2Melqui Torres86
    3Mike Wuertz86
    4Johan Santana83
    5Geronimo Mendoza81
    6Matt Bruback81
    7Mike Penney80
    8Eric Fischer79
    9Andy Shibilo77
    10Ben Howard76
    Home Runs
    1Josue Matos 19
    2Renney Duarte19
    3Ben Howard17
    4Jeff Hundley17
    5Brandon Emanuel16
    6Bret Prinz16
    7J.M. Gold16
    8Mike Penney16
    9Brian Fitts15
    10Jacob Whitney15
    1Ben Howard110
    2Matt Bruback87
    3Nick Neugebauer80
    4Scott Prather77
    5Tim Redding76
    6Aaron Miller73
    7Mike Penney70
    8Nate Cornejo67
    9Steve Stemle67
    10Juan Rincon66
    1Juan Rincon153
    2Johan Santana150
    3Andrew Good146
    4Roy Oswalt143
    5Tim Redding141
    6Jeff Hundley140
    7Brent Hoard139
    8Juan Figueroa139
    9Jose Acevedo136
    10Josue Matos 136
    Wild Pitches
    1Hatuey Mendoza20
    2Ben Howard19
    3Tim Redding19
    4Ryan Cummings18
    5Justin Dunning17
    6Brian McGowan16
    7Miguel Felix15
    8Shane Heams15
    9Clint Smith13
    10J.M. Gold13
    1Enmanuel Ulloa6
    2Jacobo Sequea6
    3Jeremy Book6
    4Josue Matos 6
    5Mark Buehrle6
    6Melqui Torres6
    7Nate Cornejo5
    8Bret Prinz4
    9Clint Smith4
    10John Blackmore4
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Terry Hayden2.37
    2Robert Averette2.57
    3Juan Rincon2.89
    4Rick Palma2.93
    5Edwin Almonte3.03
    6Chris Cervantes3.13
    7Juan Figueroa3.13
    8Wes Anderson3.22
    9Brett Haring3.34
    10Brent Hoard3.42
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Ryan Cummings1.15
    2Edwin Almonte1.16
    3Wes Anderson1.18
    4Doug Bridges1.21
    5Jose Acevedo1.21
    6Chris Cervantes1.24
    7Brett Haring1.25
    8Juan Figueroa1.25
    9Robert Averette1.25
    10Terry Hayden1.25
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Tim Redding7.20
    2Wes Anderson7.29
    3Ben Howard7.63
    4Ryan Cummings7.74
    5Juan Figueroa7.83
    6Juan Rincon7.96
    7Jose Acevedo7.99
    8Terry Hayden8.02
    9Bobby Sismondo8.15
    10Doug Bridges8.16
    HR per 9 IP
    1Robert Averette0.14
    2Nate Cornejo0.21
    3Tim Redding0.34
    4Edwin Almonte0.39
    5Joe Foote0.40
    6Rick Palma0.40
    7Juan Rincon0.44
    8Jason Royer0.45
    9Jody Fuller0.47
    10Melqui Torres0.47
    BB per 9 IP
    1Jacob Whitney1.91
    2Edwin Almonte2.17
    3Renney Duarte2.23
    4Melqui Torres2.35
    5Andrew Good2.45
    6Mike Wuertz2.46
    7Ryan Cummings2.60
    8Chris Cervantes2.66
    9Doug Bridges2.70
    10Andy Shibilo2.71
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jose Acevedo9.13
    2Greg Jacobs9.09
    3Josue Matos 8.87
    4Wes Anderson8.80
    5Andrew Good8.53
    6Roy Oswalt8.52
    7Johan Santana8.44
    8Juan Rincon8.35
    9Brent Hoard8.34
    10Ben Howard8.13
    1Jacob Whitney4.172
    2Andrew Good3.476
    3Josue Matos 3.238
    4Jose Acevedo3.163
    5Juan Figueroa3.159
    6Renney Duarte3.091
    7Edwin Almonte3.036
    8Mike Wuertz2.886
    9Melqui Torres2.867
    10Greg Jacobs2.865

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