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1999 International League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1999 International League Awards
    International League All-Star TeamJason LaRue C, Steve Cox 1B, Brian Raabe 2B, Scott McClain 3B, D'Angelo Jimenez SS, D.T. Cromer OF, Michael Coleman OF, Chad Mottola OF, Luis Raven DH, Jason Hardtke UT, Ed Yarnall SP, Jay Tessmer RP
    International League Manager of the YearTom Spencer
    International League Most Valuable PlayerSteve Cox
    International League Most Valuable PitcherEd Yarnall
    International League Rookie of the YearKurt Bierek
    1999 Batting Leaders
    1Wendell Magee142
    2Chad Mottola140
    3Luis Raven139
    4Torey Lovullo139
    5Scott McClain137
    6D.T. Cromer136
    7Lou Lucca136
    8Luis Lopez136
    9Kurt Bierek135
    10Steve Cox134
    At Bats
    1Wendell Magee566
    2D.T. Cromer535
    3Steve Cox534
    4Lou Lucca533
    5Scott McClain533
    6Kurt Bierek532
    7Luis Raven532
    8Luis Lopez531
    9D'Angelo Jimenez526
    10Torey Lovullo519
    1Steve Cox107
    2Scott McClain106
    3Alonzo Powell97
    4Billy McMillon97
    5D'Angelo Jimenez97
    6Luis Raven97
    7Chad Mottola95
    8Michael Coleman95
    9Wendell Magee95
    10Brian Raabe93
    1Steve Cox182
    2D'Angelo Jimenez172
    3Luis Lopez171
    4D.T. Cromer166
    5Chad Mottola164
    6Brian Raabe161
    7Wendell Magee160
    8Steve Sisco154
    9Julio Vinas151
    10Luis Raven150
    1Steve Cox49
    2Kurt Bierek42
    3Billy McMillon38
    4D.T. Cromer37
    5Jason Hardtke37
    6Mike Frank36
    7Steve Sisco36
    8Torey Lovullo36
    9Brian Raabe35
    10Luis Lopez35
    1Dave Roberts10
    2Jose Macias8
    3Kimera Bartee8
    4Santiago Perez8
    5Lou Frazier7
    6Mike Frank7
    7Scott Krause7
    8Todd Haney6
    9Tony Graffanino6
    10Anthony Sanders5
    Home Runs
    1Luis Raven33
    2David McCarty31
    3D.T. Cromer30
    4Michael Coleman30
    5Russell Branyan30
    6Scott McClain28
    7Mario Valdez26
    8Steve Cox25
    9Alonzo Powell24
    10Brandon Cromer24
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Steve Cox127
    2Luis Raven125
    3D.T. Cromer107
    4Torey Lovullo106
    5Scott McClain104
    6Kurt Bierek95
    7Chad Mottola94
    8Alonzo Powell90
    9Scott Krause89
    10D'Angelo Jimenez88
    Stolen Bases
    1Greg Martinez48
    2Dave Roberts39
    3Terry Jones30
    4Chris Stowers28
    5D'Angelo Jimenez26
    6Jon Nunnally26
    7Mitch Simons22
    8George Lombard21
    9Kimera Bartee21
    10Lou Frazier21
    Caught Stealing
    1Shane Halter18
    2Marty Malloy15
    3D'Angelo Jimenez14
    4Anthony Sanders10
    5Jerry Hairston10
    6Terry Jones10
    7Chris Stowers9
    8Gene Kingsale9
    9Kimera Bartee9
    10Lonell Roberts9
    1Jon Zuber86
    2Jon Nunnally85
    3Alonzo Powell82
    4Keith Mitchell78
    5Torey Lovullo78
    6Mario Valdez76
    7Bubba Carpenter75
    8Scott McClain73
    9Todd Haney73
    10David McCarty70
    1Russell Branyan187
    2Scott McClain156
    3Jose Fernandez136
    4Michael Coleman128
    5Luis Raven127
    6Jim Chamblee126
    7Wendell Magee124
    8Dernell Stenson119
    9Ryan Minor119
    10Mike Coolbaugh112
    Hit by Pitch
    1Trace Coquillette24
    2Jerry Hairston19
    3Brian Raabe14
    4Jim Chamblee13
    5Scott Krause13
    6Mario Valdez12
    7Tilson Brito12
    8Calvin Pickering11
    9Fernando Seguignol11
    10Mitch Simons11
    Intentional Walks
    1Steve Cox11
    2Kevin Witt10
    3Torey Lovullo10
    4Fernando Seguignol8
    5Bubba Carpenter7
    6Calvin Pickering6
    7Jon Zuber6
    8Tony Tarasco6
    9Andy Abad5
    10Andy Tomberlin5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Shane Halter17
    2Brandon Moore13
    3Jesse Garcia11
    4P.J. Forbes11
    5Carlos Mendoza9
    6Chris Martin9
    7Aaron Holbert8
    8Anthony Sanders8
    9Dave Roberts8
    10Manny Gonzalez8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Billy McMillon10
    2Gabe Alvarez9
    3Torey Lovullo9
    4Bill Selby8
    5Brian Raabe8
    6Lonell Roberts8
    7Luis Lopez8
    8Scott Krause8
    9Steve Sisco8
    10Chad Mottola7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Luis Lopez22
    2Luis Raven19
    3Brian Raabe18
    4Chris Martin15
    5Lou Lucca15
    6Alonzo Powell14
    7Kurt Bierek14
    8Damon Hollins13
    9Jason LaRue13
    10Julio Vinas13
    Total Bases
    1Steve Cox314
    2D.T. Cromer301
    3Luis Raven289
    4Kurt Bierek268
    5Chad Mottola264
    6D'Angelo Jimenez259
    7Wendell Magee258
    8Scott McClain253
    9Torey Lovullo250
    10David McCarty248
    Plate Appearances
    1Wendell Magee629
    2Scott McClain615
    3Steve Cox612
    4Torey Lovullo610
    5D'Angelo Jimenez598
    6Kurt Bierek594
    7Luis Raven592
    8Jon Nunnally590
    9D.T. Cromer589
    10Luis Lopez582
    Batting Average
    1Lyle Mouton.357
    2Steve Cox.341
    3Terrell Lowery.335
    4Jason Hardtke.329
    5Brian Raabe.327
    6D'Angelo Jimenez.327
    7Terrence Long.326
    8Trace Coquillette.326
    9Luis Lopez.322
    10Mark Sweeney.322
    On-Base Percentage
    1Trace Coquillette.434
    2Mark Sweeney.432
    3Terrell Lowery.424
    4Jon Zuber.421
    5Bubba Carpenter.419
    6Steve Cox.415
    7Alonzo Powell.414
    8Lyle Mouton.411
    9Todd Haney.406
    10Mario Valdez.403
    Slugging Percentage
    1Lyle Mouton.669
    2Terrell Lowery.607
    3Steve Cox.588
    4Fernando Seguignol.580
    5Trace Coquillette.566
    6D.T. Cromer.563
    7Bubba Carpenter.560
    8Andy Tomberlin.545
    9Luis Raven.543
    10David McCarty.532
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Lyle Mouton1080
    2Terrell Lowery1031
    3Steve Cox1003
    4Trace Coquillette1000
    5Bubba Carpenter979
    6Fernando Seguignol961
    7Andy Tomberlin946
    8Alonzo Powell935
    9Mark Sweeney930
    10D.T. Cromer925
    1Brian Raabe2.526
    2Jon Zuber1.792
    3Todd Haney1.698
    4Mark Sweeney1.475
    5Howie Clark1.417
    6Tony Tarasco1.256
    7Keith Mitchell1.130
    8Bubba Carpenter1.103
    9Greg Martinez1.060
    10Andy Abad1.020
    1999 Pitching Leaders
    1Denny Harriger14
    2Ed Yarnall13
    3Dan Murray12
    4Giovanni Carrara12
    5Jared Fernandez12
    6Mike Romano12
    7Ramon Tatis12
    8Calvin Maduro11
    9Jeff Juden11
    10Jim Brower11
    1Matt Drews14
    2Bob Wolcott13
    3Keith Evans13
    4Jeff Juden12
    5Jon Ratliff12
    6Mike Johnson12
    7Ryan Bradley12
    8Calvin Maduro11
    9Dave Evans11
    10Felipe Lira11
    1Mark Guerra63
    2Rick Greene61
    3Dave Evans60
    4Eddie Gaillard59
    5Hector Ramirez58
    6Joe Borowski58
    7Darryl Scott57
    8Jeff Granger56
    9Ben Ford53
    10Oscar Henriquez53
    Games Started
    1Calvin Maduro28
    2Mike Romano28
    3Ramon Tatis28
    4Dan Murray27
    5Denny Harriger27
    6Jim Brower27
    7Jon Ratliff27
    8Mike Johnson27
    9Nerio Rodriguez27
    10Jeff Juden26
    Complete Games
    1Carlos Castillo5
    2Jeff Juden4
    3Jin Ho Cho4
    4Nelson Cruz4
    5Rodney Bolton4
    6Dan Murray3
    7Dave Borkowski3
    8Jared Fernandez3
    9Jason Secoda3
    10Richie Lewis3
    1Nelson Cruz2
    2Rodney Bolton2
    3Barry Johnson1
    4Calvin Maduro1
    5Dan Murray1
    6Dan Wheeler1
    7Derrin Ebert1
    8Ed Yarnall1
    9Giovanni Carrara1
    10Jason McCommon1
    Games Finished
    1Eddie Gaillard52
    2Jay Tessmer48
    3David Cortes42
    4Oscar Henriquez41
    5Reggie Harris37
    6Gabe Molina36
    7Luis Andujar35
    8Jim Dedrick33
    9Todd Williams33
    10Dave Evans32
    1Jay Tessmer28
    2Eddie Gaillard26
    3Todd Williams24
    4Oscar Henriquez23
    5David Cortes22
    6Rich DeLucia19
    7Gabe Molina18
    8Steve Sinclair18
    9Luis Andujar16
    10Reggie Harris16
    Innings Pitched
    1Jeff Juden176.1
    2Mike Romano174.1
    3Denny Harriger172
    4Calvin Maduro169
    5Jared Fernandez163.1
    6Nerio Rodriguez162.2
    7Jim Brower160
    8Giovanni Carrara158
    9Jon Ratliff157.2
    10Ramon Tatis155.1
    1Denny Harriger183
    2Calvin Maduro179
    3Ramon Tatis178
    4Mike Heathcott177
    5Mike Johnson174
    6Derrin Ebert173
    7Jared Fernandez172
    8Matt Drews171
    9Jeff Juden164
    10Jim Brower164
    1Matt Drews136
    2Jeff Juden124
    3Ryan Bradley112
    4Terrell Wade112
    5Rod Henderson109
    6Mike Johnson105
    7Jim Brower101
    8Tom Fordham101
    9Ramon Tatis100
    10Felipe Lira97
    Earned Runs
    1Matt Drews125
    2Jeff Juden109
    3Terrell Wade104
    4Ryan Bradley100
    5Ramon Tatis95
    6Tom Fordham91
    7Mike Johnson88
    8Felipe Lira85
    9Rod Henderson85
    10Jim Brower84
    Home Runs
    1Carlos Castillo28
    2Ryan Bradley28
    3Ruben Quevedo26
    4Felipe Lira25
    5Tom Fordham25
    6Jeff Juden24
    7Jon Ratliff24
    8Mike Johnson24
    9Calvin Maduro23
    10Jim Brower23
    1Matt Drews91
    2Mike Romano84
    3Terrell Wade80
    4Jeff Juden76
    5Ramon Tatis74
    6Everett Stull73
    7Ryan Bradley73
    8Dan Murray70
    9Tom Fordham66
    10Horacio Estrada65
    1Jeff Juden151
    2Calvin Maduro149
    3Ed Yarnall146
    4Nerio Rodriguez137
    5Jon Ratliff129
    6Everett Stull126
    7Joel Bennett125
    8Mike Johnson120
    9Ryan Bradley118
    10Giovanni Carrara114
    Wild Pitches
    1Ryan Bradley23
    2Matt Drews16
    3Jeff Juden14
    4Everett Stull12
    5Kevin Beirne12
    6Ben Ford11
    7Dan Murray11
    8Paul Wagner11
    9Dave Borkowski10
    10Johan Lopez10
    1Ramon Tatis9
    2Jeff Juden4
    3Willis Roberts4
    4Beiker Graterol3
    5Carlos Castillo3
    6Dan Murray3
    7Jason Rakers3
    8Juan Pena3
    9Marino Santana3
    10Mike Cather3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Jin Ho Cho3.44
    2Giovanni Carrara3.47
    3Ed Yarnall3.48
    4Dave Borkowski3.50
    5Kyle Peterson3.55
    6Bob Wolcott3.60
    7Doug Linton3.66
    8Paul Wagner3.81
    9Rodney Bolton3.82
    10Calvin Maduro3.99
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jin Ho Cho1.16
    2Kyle Peterson1.21
    3Doug Linton1.25
    4Jon Ratliff1.25
    5Bob Wolcott1.27
    6Denny Harriger1.27
    7Giovanni Carrara1.28
    8Dave Borkowski1.29
    9Jared Fernandez1.29
    10Nerio Rodriguez1.31
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Kyle Peterson7.43
    2Everett Stull8.03
    3Jin Ho Cho8.10
    4Giovanni Carrara8.20
    5Mike Romano8.28
    6Jeff Juden8.39
    7Ed Yarnall8.44
    8Dave Borkowski8.50
    9Paul Wagner8.52
    10Mike Drumright8.63
    HR per 9 IP
    1Ed Yarnall0.31
    2Rodney Bolton0.59
    3Joel Bennett0.71
    4Paul Wagner0.76
    5Derrin Ebert0.77
    6Denny Harriger0.78
    7Barry Johnson0.79
    8Mike Heathcott0.91
    9Nerio Rodriguez0.94
    10Jin Ho Cho0.98
    BB per 9 IP
    1Keith Evans1.62
    2Denny Harriger1.88
    3Carlos Castillo1.99
    4Bob Wolcott2.02
    5Doug Linton2.06
    6Jason Rakers2.11
    7Jared Fernandez2.15
    8Travis Driskill2.18
    9Jin Ho Cho2.37
    10Jon Ratliff2.51
    SO per 9 IP
    1Ed Yarnall9.06
    2Joel Bennett8.86
    3Everett Stull8.16
    4Tom Fordham8.12
    5Calvin Maduro7.93
    6Kyle Peterson7.84
    7Chris Nichting7.73
    8Jeff Juden7.72
    9Horacio Estrada7.64
    10Nerio Rodriguez7.56
    1Doug Linton3.593
    2Carlos Castillo3.500
    3Keith Evans3.364
    4Denny Harriger3.056
    5Jon Ratliff2.932
    6Travis Driskill2.813
    7Jin Ho Cho2.759
    8Jason Rakers2.742
    9Joel Bennett2.660
    10Nerio Rodriguez2.585

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