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1997 Southern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1997 Southern League Awards
    Southern League All-StarJustin Towle C, D.T. Cromer 1B, Frank Menechino 2B, Mike Coolbaugh 3B, Miguel Tejada SS, Anthony Sanders OF, Chris Prieto OF, Mike Neill OF, Ben Grieve OF, Juan Encarnacion OF, Luis Raven DH, Kevin Witt UT, Ken Cloude RHP, Scott Eyre LHP
    Southern League Best HustlerBrian Simmons
    Southern League Manager of the YearRandy Ingle
    Southern League Most Valuable PlayerBen Grieve
    Southern League Most Outstanding PitcherScott Eyre
    1997 Batting Leaders
    1Mike Coolbaugh139
    2Brian Simmons138
    3Marc Lewis135
    4D.T. Cromer134
    5Terry Joseph134
    6Dusty Allen131
    7Juan Encarnacion131
    8Chad Hermansen129
    9Randy Jorgensen129
    10Miguel Tejada128
    At Bats
    1Mike Coolbaugh559
    2Brian Simmons546
    3D.T. Cromer545
    4Marc Lewis512
    5Miguel Tejada502
    6Kevin Witt501
    7Juan Encarnacion493
    8Chad Hermansen487
    9Mike Neill486
    10Randy Jorgensen477
    1Mike Neill129
    2Brian Simmons108
    3Ben Grieve100
    4D.T. Cromer100
    5Mike Coolbaugh100
    6Juan Encarnacion91
    7Luis Raven88
    8Chad Hermansen87
    9Jason Maxwell87
    10Dusty Allen85
    1D.T. Cromer176
    2Mike Coolbaugh172
    3Mike Neill165
    4Juan Encarnacion159
    5Luis Raven153
    6Kevin Witt145
    7Brian Simmons143
    8Marc Lewis140
    9Ben Candelaria139
    10Randy Jorgensen139
    1D.T. Cromer40
    2Justin Towle37
    3Mike Coolbaugh37
    4Bryant Nelson33
    5Eddie Pearson33
    6Ben Candelaria32
    7Chad Hermansen31
    8Juan Encarnacion31
    9Pete Rose31
    10Luis Raven30
    1Brian Simmons12
    2Terry Joseph11
    3Chris Prieto9
    4Jeff Liefer9
    5Angel Ramirez7
    6D.T. Cromer6
    7Demond Smith6
    8Jason Maxwell6
    9Shane Monahan6
    10Ben Candelaria5
    Home Runs
    1Kevin Witt30
    2Luis Raven30
    3Mike Coolbaugh30
    4Anthony Sanders26
    5Glenn Murray26
    6Juan Encarnacion26
    7Jesse Ibarra25
    8Pete Rose25
    9Ben Grieve24
    10Pedro Swann24
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mike Coolbaugh132
    2D.T. Cromer121
    3Luis Raven112
    4Ben Grieve108
    5Pete Rose98
    6Miguel Tejada97
    7Jesse Ibarra91
    8Kevin Witt91
    9Juan Encarnacion90
    10Pedro Swann83
    Stolen Bases
    1Charles Gipson31
    2Demond Smith31
    3Chris Prieto26
    4Chris Wimmer23
    5Dave Roberts23
    6Marc Lewis21
    7Marcus Sturdivant21
    8Anthony Sanders20
    9Charles Peterson20
    10Rich Almanzar20
    Caught Stealing
    1Marcus Sturdivant17
    2Terry Joseph16
    3Donald Broach15
    4Fausto Solano14
    5Marc Lewis14
    6Anthony Sanders12
    7Brian Simmons12
    8Charles Peterson11
    9Miguel Tejada11
    10Vee Hightower11
    1Brian Simmons88
    2Jason Maxwell82
    3Ben Grieve81
    4Dusty Allen81
    5Frank Menechino79
    6Tracy Sanders74
    7Mike Neill72
    8Chad Hermansen69
    9Dane Walker68
    10Demond Smith65
    1Chad Hermansen136
    2Scott Smith132
    3Luis Raven126
    4Brian Simmons124
    5Anthony Sanders121
    6Dusty Allen116
    7Jeff Liefer115
    8Mike Neill113
    9Rob DeBoer111
    10Kevin Witt109
    Hit by Pitch
    1Juan Encarnacion19
    2Terry Joseph14
    3Charles Gipson13
    4Frank Menechino11
    5Chad Hermansen10
    6Chris Prieto10
    7Chris Wimmer10
    8Ben Grieve9
    9Michael Eaglin9
    10Greg LaRocca8
    Intentional Walks
    1Kevin Witt7
    2Luis Raven7
    3Eddie Christian6
    4Juan Encarnacion6
    5Michael Warner6
    6Ricky Freeman6
    7Brian Simmons5
    8Chad Hermansen5
    9Jose Molina5
    10Pedro Swann5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Brandon Moore21
    2Michael Eaglin13
    3Rich Almanzar11
    4Dave Roberts9
    5Glen Barker8
    6Chris Wimmer7
    7Luis Brito6
    8Luis Garcia6
    9Jason Maxwell5
    10Manny Jimenez5
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jason Maxwell9
    2Miguel Tejada8
    3Mike Coolbaugh8
    4Luis Raven7
    5Randy Jorgensen7
    6Steven Eddie7
    7Ben Candelaria6
    8Bryant Nelson6
    9D.T. Cromer6
    10Frank Menechino6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Gabe Alvarez21
    2Manny Jimenez20
    3Andy Thompson18
    4Clemente Alvarez17
    5Mike Coolbaugh17
    6Juan Melo16
    7Bryant Nelson15
    8Luis Garcia15
    9Pedro Swann14
    10Wes Helms14
    Total Bases
    1Mike Coolbaugh303
    2Luis Raven279
    3Juan Encarnacion276
    4D.T. Cromer273
    5Kevin Witt270
    6Pete Rose243
    7Mike Neill241
    8Brian Simmons240
    9Pedro Swann238
    10Chad Hermansen233
    Plate Appearances
    1Brian Simmons641
    2Mike Coolbaugh628
    3D.T. Cromer614
    4Chad Hermansen571
    5Miguel Tejada568
    6Mike Neill568
    7Juan Encarnacion561
    8Dusty Allen559
    9Kevin Witt551
    10Marc Lewis551
    Batting Average
    1Mike Neill.340
    2Luis Raven.336
    3Marty Gazarek.331
    4Ben Grieve.328
    5Eddie Pearson.327
    6D.T. Cromer.323
    7Juan Encarnacion.323
    8Chris Prieto.320
    9Michael Warner.320
    10Ricky Freeman.312
    On-Base Percentage
    1Ben Grieve.455
    2Frank Menechino.447
    3Michael Warner.432
    4Mike Neill.427
    5Chris Prieto.418
    6Demond Smith.404
    7Gabe Whatley.403
    8Jason Maxwell.397
    9Luis Raven.397
    10Tracy Sanders.397
    Slugging Percentage
    1Luis Raven.612
    2Ben Grieve.610
    3Freddy Garcia.582
    4Glenn Murray.581
    5Juan Encarnacion.560
    6Pete Rose.546
    7Mike Coolbaugh.542
    8Ricky Freeman.542
    9Kevin Witt.539
    10Gabe Whatley.535
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Ben Grieve1065
    2Luis Raven1009
    3Frank Menechino972
    4Glenn Murray968
    5Juan Encarnacion954
    6Gabe Whatley938
    7Freddy Garcia924
    8Mike Neill923
    9Ricky Freeman920
    10Michael Warner914
    1Rick Gama1.244
    2Gabe Whatley1.190
    3Jason Maxwell1.139
    4Ben Grieve1.080
    5Chris Prieto1.073
    6Bryant Nelson1.047
    7Marcus Sturdivant1.033
    8Frank Menechino1.026
    9Michael Warner1.000
    10Brandon Moore0.938
    1997 Pitching Leaders
    1Russ Herbert13
    2Scott Eyre13
    3Jason Stevenson12
    4Brandon Reed11
    5Derrin Ebert11
    6Greg Wooten11
    7Ken Cloude11
    8Brett Hinchcliffe10
    9Brett Walters10
    10David Zancanaro10
    1Willis Roberts15
    2Jason Olsen14
    3Brad Kaufman13
    4Jeff Kelly11
    5Matt Drews11
    6Brett Hinchcliffe10
    7Brian McNichol10
    8Greg Wooten10
    9Brandon Reed9
    10Jason Stevenson9
    1Tom Doyle65
    2Brendan Donnelly62
    3Bubba Dixon56
    4Jason Rajotte55
    5Todd Erdos55
    6Bryan Corey52
    7Mike Maurer52
    8Justin Speier50
    9Roberto Duran50
    10Greg Twiggs48
    Games Started
    1Seth Greisinger28
    2Bill King27
    3Brandon Reed27
    4Jason Olsen27
    5Ryan Van de Weg27
    6Greg Wooten26
    7Jason Stevenson26
    8Russ Herbert26
    9Willis Roberts26
    10Derrin Ebert25
    Complete Games
    1Brett Hinchcliffe5
    2Matt Drews4
    3David Zancanaro3
    4Doug Meiners3
    5Ken Cloude3
    6Russ Herbert3
    7Brandon Reed2
    8David Melendez2
    9Jason Phillips2
    10Jason Stevenson2
    1Jason Stevenson2
    2Ken Cloude2
    3Ryan Franklin2
    4Brett Hinchcliffe1
    5Chris Nelson1
    6Gary Goldsmith1
    7Jason Olsen1
    8Jason Phillips1
    9John Snyder1
    10Matt Clement1
    Games Finished
    1Todd Erdos50
    2Todd Williams44
    3Matt Ryan39
    4Adam Butler38
    5Bryan Corey36
    6Roberto Duran34
    7Alan Newman33
    8Brian Woods31
    9John Thompson30
    10Brandon Hammack28
    1Todd Williams31
    2Todd Erdos27
    3Adam Butler22
    4David Holdridge17
    5Kerry Ligtenberg16
    6Roberto Duran16
    7Matt Ryan14
    8Rick White12
    9Alan Newman10
    10Brian Woods10
    Innings Pitched
    1Bill King176
    2Brandon Reed176
    3Derrin Ebert175.2
    4Jason Olsen160.1
    5Seth Greisinger159.1
    6Ryan Van de Weg159
    7Russ Herbert158.2
    8Greg Wooten155
    9Jason Stevenson149.2
    10Willis Roberts149
    1Bill King216
    2Ryan Van de Weg198
    3Seth Greisinger194
    4Derrin Ebert191
    5Brandon Reed190
    6Jason Olsen183
    7Willis Roberts181
    8Brett Walters169
    9Greg Wooten166
    10Jason Stevenson166
    1Willis Roberts120
    2Matt Drews109
    3Ryan Van de Weg105
    4Seth Greisinger103
    5Jason Olsen101
    6Brandon Reed100
    7Bill King99
    8Brad Kaufman97
    9Derrin Ebert95
    10Chris Reed93
    Earned Runs
    1Willis Roberts104
    2Ryan Van de Weg96
    3Seth Greisinger92
    4Brandon Reed89
    5Matt Drews88
    6Jason Olsen87
    7Brad Kaufman86
    8Bill King82
    9Derrin Ebert80
    10Brian McNichol77
    Home Runs
    1Seth Greisinger29
    2Brandon Reed25
    3Derrin Ebert24
    4Matt Drews23
    5Brian Lott21
    6Brett Hinchcliffe20
    7John Leroy20
    8Ryan Van de Weg20
    9Bill King18
    10Brian McNichol18
    1Jeff Kelly85
    2Russ Herbert80
    3Kerry Wood79
    4Cam Smith73
    5Earl Byrne73
    6Stacy Hollins72
    7Chris Reed68
    8Brad Kaufman66
    9Willis Roberts64
    10John Rocker61
    1Earl Byrne128
    2Scott Eyre127
    3Russ Herbert126
    4Ken Cloude124
    5Jason Olsen121
    6Damian Moss116
    7Brian Tollberg108
    8Brett Hinchcliffe107
    9Kerry Wood106
    10Seth Greisinger105
    Wild Pitches
    1John Rocker17
    2John Leroy15
    3Stacy Hollins15
    4Cam Smith14
    5Damian Moss14
    6Jay Veniard14
    7Tom Davey14
    8John Thompson13
    9Marino Santana13
    10Greg Wooten12
    1Earl Byrne7
    2Willis Roberts6
    3Kerry Wood4
    4Chuck Smith3
    5Joe Young3
    6Lagrande Russell3
    7Anthony Briggs2
    8Benito Baez2
    9Benny Lowe2
    10Chris Nelson2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Russ Herbert3.62
    2Brian Tollberg3.73
    3Scott Eyre3.83
    4Ken Cloude3.86
    5Earl Byrne3.95
    6Derrin Ebert4.09
    7Bill King4.19
    8Jason Stevenson4.26
    9David Zancanaro4.43
    10Brett Hinchcliffe4.44
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Brian Tollberg1.20
    2Scott Eyre1.30
    3Earl Byrne1.35
    4Ken Cloude1.35
    5Derrin Ebert1.36
    6Russ Herbert1.36
    7Brett Walters1.37
    8Bill King1.39
    9Brandon Reed1.39
    10Jason Stevenson1.39
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Earl Byrne7.06
    2Russ Herbert7.70
    3Scott Eyre7.80
    4Stacy Hollins8.68
    5Damian Moss8.84
    6Ken Cloude8.86
    7Brian Tollberg9.00
    8David Zancanaro9.40
    9Jeff Kelly9.42
    10John Rocker9.48
    HR per 9 IP
    1Jeff Kelly0.49
    2Brad Kaufman0.71
    3John Snyder0.71
    4Chris Reed0.76
    5Jason Olsen0.79
    6Russ Herbert0.79
    7Greg Wooten0.81
    8Stacy Hollins0.87
    9Bill King0.92
    10Doug Meiners0.95
    BB per 9 IP
    1Bill King1.43
    2Brian Tollberg1.76
    3Brett Walters1.86
    4Doug Meiners2.27
    5Derrin Ebert2.45
    6Jason Stevenson2.58
    7Brandon Reed2.76
    8Brett Hinchcliffe2.77
    9Seth Greisinger3.00
    10Jamey Price3.11
    SO per 9 IP
    1Damian Moss9.24
    2Scott Eyre9.00
    3Earl Byrne8.86
    4Ken Cloude8.39
    5Brian Tollberg7.90
    6John Rocker7.65
    7Brad Kaufman7.36
    8Brian McNichol7.34
    9Russ Herbert7.13
    10John Snyder7.11
    1Brian Tollberg4.500
    2Bill King3.679
    3Brett Walters3.267
    4Doug Meiners2.613
    5Ken Cloude2.583
    6Brett Hinchcliffe2.378
    7Jason Stevenson2.349
    8Brian McNichol2.310
    9Scott Eyre2.309
    10Jamey Price2.105

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