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1997 Pacific Coast League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1997 Pacific Coast League Awards
    Pacific Coast League All-StarTodd Greene C, Todd Helton 1B, Brian Raabe 2B, Paul Konerko 3B, Neifi Perez SS, Ryan Radmanovich OF, Manny Martinez OF, Jacob Cruz OF, Dan Rohrmeier DH, Dan Carlson RHP, Doug Creek LHP, John Johnstone RP
    Pacific Coast League Manager of the YearRon Wotus
    Pacific Coast League Most Valuable PlayerPaul Konerko
    1997 Batting Leaders
    1Brian Raabe135
    2Tom Quinlan134
    3Ryan Radmanovich133
    4Jovino Carvajal131
    5Steve Cox131
    6Jason Wood130
    7Paul Konerko130
    8Jacob Cruz127
    9Jeff Ball126
    10Dan Rohrmeier125
    At Bats
    1Brian Raabe543
    2Tom Quinlan509
    3Jason Wood505
    4Jacob Cruz493
    5Chris Latham492
    6Ryan Radmanovich485
    7Paul Konerko483
    8Jovino Carvajal480
    9Derrek Lee472
    10Dan Rohrmeier471
    1Brian Raabe101
    2Jacob Cruz97
    3Paul Konerko97
    4Ryan Radmanovich92
    5Dante Powell91
    6Jeff Ball90
    7Scott Sheldon89
    8Mitch Simons87
    9Todd Helton87
    10Dan Rohrmeier86
    1Brian Raabe191
    2Jacob Cruz178
    3Jason Wood162
    4Paul Konerko156
    5Desi Wilson155
    6David McCarty153
    7Derrek Lee153
    8Chris Latham152
    9Jeff Ball151
    10Tom Quinlan145
    1Jacob Cruz45
    2Dan Rohrmeier43
    3Scott Sheldon39
    4Jeff Ball38
    5Tom Quinlan36
    6Brian Raabe35
    7Derrick White35
    8Jason Wood35
    9Ronnie Belliard35
    10Manny Martinez34
    1Jovino Carvajal20
    2Edgard Clemente10
    3Mitch Simons10
    4Chance Sanford9
    5Chad Rupp7
    6Jason Wood7
    7Craig Counsell6
    8Desi Wilson6
    9Jason McDonald6
    10Karim Garcia6
    Home Runs
    1Paul Konerko37
    2Dan Rohrmeier33
    3Chad Rupp32
    4Eddie Williams29
    5Ryan Radmanovich28
    6Todd Greene25
    7Tom Quinlan23
    8David McCarty22
    9Brian Lesher21
    10Michael Wolff21
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Paul Konerko127
    2Dan Rohrmeier120
    3Tom Quinlan113
    4Jeff Ball103
    5Jacob Cruz95
    6Chad Rupp94
    7Steve Cox93
    8David McCarty92
    9Todd Helton88
    10Jason Wood87
    Stolen Bases
    1Terry Jones36
    2Dante Powell34
    3Jason McDonald31
    4Jovino Carvajal28
    5Marquis Riley27
    6Mitch Simons26
    7Chad Fonville23
    8Chris Latham21
    9Adrian Brown20
    10Jacob Cruz18
    Caught Stealing
    1Chris Latham19
    2Duane Singleton12
    3Stoney Briggs12
    4Will Pennyfeather11
    5Chad Fonville10
    6Dante Powell10
    7Dax Jones10
    8Jason McDonald9
    9Jovino Carvajal9
    10Manny Martinez9
    1Steve Cox88
    2Jason McDonald74
    3Ryan Radmanovich67
    4Alan Zinter64
    5Brian Lesher64
    6Jacob Cruz64
    7Mark Bellhorn64
    8Paul Konerko64
    9Ronnie Belliard61
    10Todd Helton61
    1Ryan Radmanovich138
    2Stoney Briggs122
    3Edgard Clemente119
    4Tom Quinlan117
    5Derrek Lee116
    6Alan Zinter113
    7Chad Rupp112
    8Chris Latham110
    9Dante Powell105
    10Scott Sheldon104
    Hit by Pitch
    1Brian Raabe16
    2Tom Quinlan12
    3Jayhawk Owens11
    4Kevin Roberson11
    5Michael Wolff11
    6Ronnie Belliard11
    7Bobby Hughes9
    8Eddy Diaz9
    9Trey Beamon9
    10Eddie Williams8
    Intentional Walks
    1Alan Zinter9
    2Jacob Cruz9
    3Todd Greene8
    4Ryan Radmanovich7
    5Bill Lott6
    6Chris Pritchett6
    7Brian Raabe5
    8David McCarty5
    9Desi Wilson5
    10Jeff Ball5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Edgar Caceres12
    2Robert Eenhoorn12
    3Mitch Simons9
    4Jason McDonald8
    5Jerrey Thurston8
    6Jorge Velandia8
    7Lou Collier8
    8Craig Counsell7
    9Gary Rath7
    10Jose Herrera7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Brian Raabe9
    2Steve Cox9
    3Eddy Diaz8
    4Jon Shave8
    5Tom Quinlan8
    6Jeff Ball7
    7Todd Walker7
    8Chad Rupp6
    9Chad Tredaway6
    10Craig Counsell6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jason Wood21
    2David McCarty18
    3George Arias17
    4Paul Konerko16
    5Steve Cox16
    6Tim Marx16
    7Duane Singleton15
    8Jarvis Brown15
    9Tom Quinlan15
    10Brian Lesher14
    Total Bases
    1Paul Konerko300
    2Dan Rohrmeier290
    3Brian Raabe276
    4Jason Wood268
    5Jacob Cruz265
    6David McCarty256
    7Tom Quinlan254
    8Jeff Ball249
    9Chad Rupp245
    10Ryan Radmanovich245
    Plate Appearances
    1Brian Raabe607
    2Tom Quinlan580
    3Steve Cox568
    4Jacob Cruz565
    5Jason Wood564
    6Ryan Radmanovich562
    7Paul Konerko560
    8Chris Latham559
    9Jeff Ball541
    10Derrek Lee534
    Batting Average
    1Eddie Williams.366
    2Neifi Perez.363
    3Jacob Cruz.361
    4Brent Brede.354
    5David McCarty.353
    6Brian Raabe.352
    7Todd Helton.352
    8Todd Walker.345
    9Desi Wilson.344
    10Damian Miller.338
    On-Base Percentage
    1Eddie Williams.451
    2Jacob Cruz.434
    3Todd Helton.434
    4Brent Brede.432
    5Jason McDonald.430
    6Trey Beamon.425
    7Todd Walker.420
    8David McCarty.419
    9Michael Wolff.417
    10Brian Lesher.415
    Slugging Percentage
    1Eddie Williams.738
    2Paul Konerko.621
    3Dan Rohrmeier.616
    4David McCarty.590
    5Todd Dunn.584
    6Chad Rupp.575
    7Michael Wolff.575
    8Scott Sheldon.571
    9Brian Lesher.564
    10Todd Helton.564
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Eddie Williams1189
    2Paul Konerko1028
    3David McCarty1009
    4Todd Helton998
    5Michael Wolff992
    6Brian Lesher979
    7Brent Brede975
    8Scott Sheldon975
    9Todd Dunn973
    10Jacob Cruz972
    1Chip Hale2.231
    2Brian Raabe1.900
    3Jason McDonald1.276
    4Antone Williamson1.195
    5Craig Counsell1.184
    6Doug Dascenzo1.071
    7Paul Konerko1.049
    8Eddy Diaz1.040
    9Dax Jones1.000
    10Jacob Cruz1.000
    1997 Pitching Leaders
    1Nate Minchey15
    2Geoff Edsell14
    3Dan Carlson13
    4David Pyc12
    5Bryan Rekar10
    6Edwin Hurtado10
    7Jody Treadwell10
    8Shawn Purdy10
    9Travis Miller10
    10Dan Serafini9
    1Mark Redman15
    2Chris Nichting13
    3David Pyc12
    4Bobby Jones11
    5Gary Rath11
    6Geoff Edsell11
    7Travis Buckley11
    8Jason Grimsley10
    9Norm Montoya10
    10Robert Ellis10
    1Dan Hubbs62
    2Ricky Pickett61
    3Kevin Ohme56
    4Shawn Purdy56
    5Matt Grott55
    6Tom Kramer51
    7Jose Parra50
    8Mark Lee48
    9Todd Schmitt48
    10Mike Harkey47
    Games Started
    1Geoff Edsell29
    2Mark Redman28
    3Sean Lawrence26
    4Bryan Rekar25
    5Travis Buckley25
    6Chris Nichting24
    7Dan Serafini24
    8Gary Rath24
    9Norm Montoya24
    10David Pyc23
    Complete Games
    1Geoff Edsell6
    2Edwin Hurtado5
    3Chris Nichting3
    4David Pyc3
    5Kerry Taylor3
    6Nate Minchey3
    7Paul Abbott3
    8Robert Ellis3
    9Andrew Lorraine2
    10Dan Serafini2
    1Edwin Hurtado3
    2Andrew Lorraine2
    3Darrell May2
    4David Pyc2
    5Steve Bourgeois2
    6Alvin Brown1
    7Doug Creek1
    8Frank Rodriguez1
    9Geoff Edsell1
    10Heath Murray1
    Games Finished
    1John Johnstone34
    2Kevin Ohme34
    3Tom Kramer34
    4Marc Kroon33
    5Mike Harkey33
    6Joe Boever31
    7Jose Parra31
    8Ricky Pickett29
    9Todd Schmitt27
    10Anthony Chavez26
    1John Johnstone24
    2Anthony Chavez15
    3Marc Kroon15
    4Mike Harkey15
    5Mark Holzemer13
    6Ricky Pickett12
    7Gary Haught11
    8Kevin Ohme11
    9Mark Acre11
    10Tom Kramer11
    Innings Pitched
    1Geoff Edsell183.1
    2Travis Buckley176
    3Mark Redman158.1
    4Nate Minchey157.2
    5Dan Serafini152
    6David Pyc152
    7Robert Ellis149
    8Bryan Rekar145
    9Kerry Taylor144
    10Sean Lawrence143.1
    1Travis Buckley223
    2Mark Redman204
    3Geoff Edsell196
    4Robert Ellis185
    5David Pyc181
    6Gary Rath177
    7Norm Montoya175
    8Nate Minchey172
    9Chris Nichting170
    10Bryan Rekar169
    1Mark Redman123
    2Geoff Edsell121
    3Chris Nichting120
    4Travis Buckley116
    5Robert Ellis108
    6Gary Rath107
    7David Pyc104
    8Norm Montoya100
    9Jeff Ware98
    10Bryan Rekar96
    Earned Runs
    1Chris Nichting113
    2Mark Redman111
    3Geoff Edsell105
    4Travis Buckley100
    5Robert Ellis98
    6Norm Montoya91
    7David Pyc90
    8Gary Rath89
    9Bryan Rekar88
    10Dan Serafini84
    Home Runs
    1Travis Buckley25
    2Bryan Rekar21
    3Chris Nichting21
    4Bobby Chouinard19
    5Mark Redman19
    6Dan Serafini18
    7David Pyc18
    8Marino Castillo18
    9Steve Bourgeois18
    10Gary Rath17
    1Geoff Edsell96
    2Robert Ellis83
    3Jeff Ware80
    4Mark Redman80
    5Bobby Jones71
    6Doug Creek66
    7Steve Bourgeois66
    8Jamie McAndrew65
    9John Hope65
    10Jimmy Anderson64
    1Doug Creek137
    2Mark Redman125
    3Travis Buckley119
    4Dan Serafini118
    5Paul Abbott117
    6Bryan Rekar116
    7Sean Lawrence116
    8Dan Carlson108
    9Jody Treadwell108
    10Nate Minchey107
    Wild Pitches
    1Jason Grimsley20
    2Jesus Martinez15
    3Robert Ellis15
    4Robbie Beckett13
    5John Hope12
    6Mark Redman12
    7Chris Hook11
    8Bill Bene10
    9Matt Grott10
    10Steve Soderstrom10
    1Jamie McAndrew4
    2Jimmy Anderson4
    3Matt Perisho3
    4Mike Saipe3
    5Bob Wolcott2
    6Doug Creek2
    7Keith Foulke2
    8Marino Castillo2
    9Mark Redman2
    10Mike Halperin2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Dan Carlson3.88
    2Edwin Hurtado3.89
    3Sean Lawrence4.22
    4Kerry Taylor4.31
    5Nate Minchey4.50
    6Travis Miller4.71
    7Andrew Lorraine4.73
    8Rene Arocha4.74
    9Doug Creek4.92
    10Dan Serafini4.97
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Dan Carlson1.27
    2Rene Arocha1.32
    3Edwin Hurtado1.33
    4Kerry Taylor1.42
    5Nate Minchey1.42
    6Bryan Rekar1.43
    7Dan Serafini1.45
    8Mike Misuraca1.46
    9Sean Lawrence1.48
    10Andrew Lorraine1.50
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Dan Carlson8.42
    2Bobby Jones9.14
    3Kerry Taylor9.38
    4Edwin Hurtado9.48
    5Geoff Edsell9.64
    6Doug Creek9.69
    7Sean Lawrence9.69
    8Rene Arocha9.72
    9Nate Minchey9.80
    10Dan Serafini9.83
    HR per 9 IP
    1Geoff Edsell0.54
    2Edwin Hurtado0.61
    3Travis Miller0.79
    4Heath Murray0.83
    5Jamie McAndrew0.83
    6Tim Harikkala0.88
    7Robert Ellis0.91
    8Andrew Lorraine0.92
    9Kerry Taylor0.94
    10Nate Minchey0.97
    BB per 9 IP
    1Rene Arocha2.17
    2Bryan Rekar2.42
    3Edwin Hurtado2.52
    4Andrew Lorraine2.59
    5Norm Montoya2.61
    6Travis Buckley2.61
    7David Pyc2.96
    8Dan Carlson2.97
    9Nate Minchey3.02
    10Marino Castillo3.07
    SO per 9 IP
    1Doug Creek9.48
    2Dan Carlson8.92
    3Heath Murray8.17
    4Jody Treadwell7.59
    5Sean Lawrence7.30
    6Marino Castillo7.29
    7Bryan Rekar7.20
    8Mark Redman7.12
    9Bobby Jones7.04
    10Dan Serafini6.99
    1Dan Carlson3.000
    2Bryan Rekar2.974
    3Edwin Hurtado2.703
    4Rene Arocha2.519
    5Heath Murray2.415
    6Marino Castillo2.372
    7Travis Buckley2.333
    8Andrew Lorraine2.206
    9Dan Serafini2.145
    10David Pyc2.120

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