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1995 Texas League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1995 Texas League Awards
    Texas League All-StarTodd Greene C, Todd Landry 1B, Jeff Berblinger 2B, George Arias 3B, Wilton Guerrero SS, Johnny Damon OF, Jacob Cruz OF, Brian Banks OF, Oreste Marrero DH, Billy Wagner P, Gary Rath P, David Pyc P, Steve Montgomery P, Edwin Corps P, Steve Bourgeois P
    Texas League Manager of the Year- -
    Texas Rangers Minor League Player of the YearFernando Tatis
    Texas League Pitcher of the YearSteve Bourgeois
    Texas League Player of the YearJohnny Damon
    1995 Batting Leaders
    1George Arias134
    2Richard Hidalgo133
    3Mike Smith132
    4Russ Johnson132
    5Todd Landry132
    6Brian Thomas131
    7Rod Myers131
    8Jose Texidor129
    9Brian Banks128
    10Dan Melendez128
    At Bats
    1George Arias520
    2Todd Landry511
    3Mike Smith499
    4Rod Myers499
    5Jose Texidor494
    6Richard Hidalgo489
    7Desi Wilson482
    8Frank Charles479
    9Russ Johnson475
    10Melvin Mora467
    1George Arias91
    2Jacob Cruz88
    3Jay Canizaro83
    4Johnny Damon83
    5Brian Banks81
    6Roberto Lopez80
    7Calvin Murray77
    8Desi Wilson77
    9Michael Wolff76
    10Todd Landry76
    1Rod Myers153
    2Todd Landry149
    3George Arias145
    4Johnny Damon145
    5Melvin Mora139
    6Desi Wilson138
    7Brian Banks136
    8Jacob Cruz136
    9Michael Wolff135
    10Tim Harkrider134
    1Brian Banks39
    2Jacob Cruz33
    3Jose Texidor33
    4Todd Landry33
    5Mandy Romero32
    6Melvin Mora32
    7Antone Williamson30
    8Dan Melendez28
    9Michael Wolff28
    10Richard Hidalgo28
    1Leon Glenn11
    2Brian Banks10
    3George Arias10
    4Brian Thomas9
    5Johnny Damon9
    6Marcus Jensen8
    7Roberto Lopez8
    8Tony Diggs8
    9Cecil Rodriques7
    10Jay Canizaro7
    Home Runs
    1George Arias30
    2Todd Greene26
    3Anthony Lewis24
    4Mandy Romero21
    5Oreste Marrero21
    6Sal Fasano20
    7Tony Mitchell19
    8Leon Glenn17
    9Johnny Damon16
    10Mike Smith16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1George Arias104
    2Antone Williamson90
    3Oreste Marrero86
    4Anthony Lewis85
    5Mandy Romero82
    6Todd Landry79
    7Brian Banks78
    8Jacob Cruz77
    9Desi Wilson72
    10Frank Charles72
    Stolen Bases
    1Felix Martinez44
    2Jovino Carvajal39
    3Miguel Cairo33
    4Rod Myers29
    5Calvin Murray26
    6Johnny Damon26
    7Melvin Mora22
    8Wilton Guerrero21
    9James Martin18
    10Ty Griffin17
    Caught Stealing
    1Wilton Guerrero22
    2Jovino Carvajal21
    3Felix Martinez20
    4Jeff Berblinger16
    5Miguel Cairo16
    6Rod Myers16
    7Johnny Damon15
    8Hanley Frias12
    9Kary Bridges12
    10Willie Romero12
    1Brian Banks81
    2Roberto Lopez77
    3Mandy Romero69
    4Johnny Damon67
    5Johnny Monell67
    6Michael Wolff65
    7Oreste Marrero64
    8George Arias63
    9Mike Smith60
    10Calvin Murray59
    1Leon Glenn126
    2George Arias119
    3Anthony Lewis117
    4Brian Banks113
    5Todd Landry99
    6Jay Canizaro98
    7Oreste Marrero98
    8Ken Felder94
    9Frank Charles92
    10Brian Thomas87
    Hit by Pitch
    1Sal Fasano16
    2Jason McFarlin10
    3Jeff Berblinger9
    4Melvin Mora9
    5Osmani Estrada9
    6Jacob Cruz8
    7Rogelio Nunez8
    8Russ Johnson8
    9Bo Dodson7
    10Tito Landrum7
    Intentional Walks
    1Johnny Damon13
    2Mandy Romero10
    3Jason McFarlin7
    4Brian Banks6
    5Brian Thomas6
    6Jacob Cruz6
    7Johnny Monell6
    8Anthony Lewis5
    9Dan Melendez5
    10Oreste Marrero5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ramon Martinez18
    2Tim Harkrider14
    3Keith Johns11
    4Johnny Damon10
    5Darren Burton9
    6Hanley Frias8
    7Rod Myers8
    8Rogelio Nunez8
    9Melvin Mora7
    10Joe McEwing6
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Ramon Martinez9
    2Brian Banks8
    3Marcus Jensen8
    4Desi Wilson7
    5Keith Williams7
    6Melvin Mora7
    7Michael Wolff7
    8Richard Hidalgo7
    9Dan Melendez6
    10Dennis Colon6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Todd Landry20
    2Frank Charles19
    3Jose Texidor19
    4Desi Wilson18
    5Pedro Guerrero16
    6Jacob Cruz15
    7Mandy Romero15
    8Mike DiFelice13
    9Mike Smith13
    10Scott Richardson13
    Total Bases
    1George Arias274
    2Todd Landry238
    3Brian Banks231
    4Mandy Romero230
    5Johnny Damon226
    6Richard Hidalgo212
    7Michael Wolff211
    8Jacob Cruz210
    9Oreste Marrero209
    10Rod Myers208
    Plate Appearances
    1George Arias594
    2Mike Smith571
    3Todd Landry557
    4Rod Myers548
    5Russ Johnson540
    6Brian Banks536
    7Jose Texidor532
    8Desi Wilson530
    9Richard Hidalgo530
    10Jacob Cruz529
    Batting Average
    1Wilton Guerrero.348
    2Johnny Damon.343
    3Todd Greene.327
    4Jeff Berblinger.319
    5Frank Kellner.316
    6Orlando Munoz.314
    7Jovino Carvajal.313
    8Roberto Lopez.312
    9Antone Williamson.309
    10Bill Mueller.309
    On-Base Percentage
    1Johnny Damon.434
    2Roberto Lopez.419
    3Jeff Berblinger.417
    4Brian Banks.413
    5Bill Mueller.406
    6Johnny Monell.402
    7Mandy Romero.402
    8Frank Kellner.392
    9Michael Wolff.390
    10Wilton Guerrero.390
    Slugging Percentage
    1Todd Greene.638
    2Sal Fasano.552
    3Johnny Damon.534
    4George Arias.527
    5Brian Banks.524
    6Mandy Romero.523
    7Tony Mitchell.502
    8Anthony Lewis.494
    9Keith Williams.484
    10Michael Wolff.474
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Todd Greene1003
    2Johnny Damon968
    3Brian Banks937
    4Mandy Romero925
    5Sal Fasano925
    6George Arias886
    7Michael Wolff864
    8Antone Williamson852
    9Jeff Berblinger851
    10Jay Canizaro843
    1Kary Bridges2.882
    2Johnny Damon1.914
    3Bill Mueller1.472
    4Tim Harkrider1.333
    5Johnny Monell1.264
    6Roberto Lopez1.222
    7Jeff Berblinger1.200
    8Mandy Romero1.150
    9Keith Johns1.038
    10Orlando Munoz1.000
    1995 Pitching Leaders
    1Edwin Corps13
    2Gary Rath13
    3David Pyc12
    4Ryan Hancock12
    5Steve Bourgeois12
    6Scott Simmons11
    7Byron Browne10
    8Frank Rodriguez9
    9Kris Ralston9
    10Ryan Creek9
    1Tyrone Narcisse14
    2Jeff Schmidt12
    3Ron Gerstein12
    4Eric Weaver11
    5Jose Prado11
    6Kevin Kloek11
    7Willie Brown10
    8Chad Wiley9
    9Dave Evans9
    10Jesus Martinez9
    1Steve Montgomery55
    2Mike Schooler54
    3Shawn Purdy52
    4Norm Montoya51
    5Jamie Walker50
    6Mike Grzanich50
    7Dave Evans49
    8Nelson Castro48
    9Matt Arrandale47
    10Gene Caruso46
    Games Started
    1Ryan Hancock28
    2Edwin Corps27
    3Frank Rodriguez27
    4Kevin Kloek27
    5Tyrone Narcisse27
    6Willie Brown27
    7David Pyc26
    8Eric Weaver26
    9Jesus Martinez24
    10Ryan Creek24
    Complete Games
    1Ryan Hancock5
    2John Snyder4
    3Michael Badorek4
    4Dave Geeve3
    5Gary Rath3
    6Julio Santana3
    7Kevin Kloek3
    8Byron Browne2
    9Doug Mlicki2
    10Edwin Corps2
    1Michael Badorek2
    2Steve Bourgeois2
    3Andy Taulbee1
    4Byron Browne1
    5Chris Holt1
    6Dave Geeve1
    7Gary Rath1
    8Jamie Brewington1
    9Kevin Kloek1
    10Korey Keling1
    Games Finished
    1Steve Montgomery53
    2Mike Schooler47
    3Jaime Bluma40
    4Shawn Purdy40
    5Dave Evans37
    6Ramser Correa32
    7Joe Morvay28
    8Sean Maloney27
    9Matt Arrandale23
    10Mike Grzanich23
    1Steve Montgomery36
    2Jaime Bluma22
    3Shawn Purdy21
    4Mike Schooler20
    5Dave Evans18
    6Ramser Correa17
    7Sean Maloney15
    8Kerry Lacy9
    9Doug Webb8
    10Joe Morvay8
    Innings Pitched
    1Ryan Hancock175.2
    2Edwin Corps165.2
    3Tyrone Narcisse163.2
    4Chad Wiley159.2
    5David Pyc157
    6Kevin Kloek157
    7Willie Brown147.2
    8Steve Bourgeois145.1
    9Jose Prado144.2
    10Ryan Creek143.2
    1Ryan Hancock222
    2Kevin Kloek196
    3Edwin Corps195
    4Willie Brown188
    5David Pyc170
    6Chad Wiley165
    7John Snyder158
    8Frank Rodriguez157
    9Ron Gerstein155
    10Eric Weaver147
    1Ryan Hancock107
    2Kevin Kloek103
    3John Snyder93
    4Willie Brown92
    5Frank Rodriguez90
    6Ron Gerstein90
    7Sean Lowe84
    8Eric Weaver83
    9Scott Smith83
    10Edwin Corps80
    Earned Runs
    1Ryan Hancock89
    2Kevin Kloek86
    3John Snyder85
    4Willie Brown85
    5Frank Rodriguez79
    6Edwin Corps71
    7Sean Lowe70
    8Chad Wiley69
    9Scott Smith68
    10Jeff Schmidt65
    Home Runs
    1Chad Wiley19
    2Ryan Hancock17
    3Willie Brown17
    4Dave Geeve16
    5Edwin Corps16
    6Scott Smith15
    7Ray Davis14
    8Ron Gerstein14
    9Jeff Schmidt12
    10Jerry Martin12
    1Frank Rodriguez80
    2Byron Browne78
    3Eric Weaver72
    4Jesus Martinez71
    5Jose Prado64
    6Ryan Creek64
    7Sean Lowe64
    8Tyrone Narcisse60
    9Ron Gerstein58
    10Jamie Brewington55
    1Frank Rodriguez129
    2Kevin Kloek121
    3Ryan Creek120
    4Byron Browne110
    5Eric Weaver105
    6Korey Keling101
    7Mike Busby95
    8Jose Prado93
    9Tyrone Narcisse93
    10Steve Bourgeois91
    Wild Pitches
    1Jeff Schmidt18
    2Frank Rodriguez16
    3Jesus Martinez16
    4Jose Prado13
    5Kevin Kloek12
    6Ryan Creek12
    7Steve Soderstrom12
    8Steve Bourgeois11
    9Jeff Granger10
    10Bryan Harris9
    1Jeffrey Davis5
    2Chad Wiley4
    3Jesus Martinez4
    4John Snyder3
    5Ryan Hancock3
    6Wilson Heredia3
    7Bryan Harris2
    8Chris White2
    9Edwin Corps2
    10Eric Weaver2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Robert Toth2.16
    2Gary Rath2.77
    3Steve Bourgeois2.86
    4Julio Santana3.15
    5Tyrone Narcisse3.24
    6Mike Busby3.29
    7Cory Lidle3.35
    8David Pyc3.38
    9Steve Soderstrom3.41
    10Byron Browne3.43
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Robert Toth1.17
    2Mike Busby1.19
    3Tyrone Narcisse1.22
    4Gary Rath1.23
    5Scott Simmons1.24
    6Ray Davis1.29
    7Jose Prado1.31
    8Steve Bourgeois1.33
    9Korey Keling1.35
    10Steve Soderstrom1.35
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Gary Rath7.38
    2Byron Browne7.57
    3Tyrone Narcisse7.68
    4Jose Prado7.82
    5Julio Santana7.95
    6Robert Toth8.22
    7Steve Soderstrom8.22
    8Jesus Martinez8.29
    9Korey Keling8.34
    10Mike Busby8.40
    HR per 9 IP
    1Sean Lowe0.14
    2David Pyc0.34
    3Kevin Kloek0.34
    4Michael Badorek0.36
    5Jesus Martinez0.39
    6Tyrone Narcisse0.44
    7Gary Rath0.46
    8Steve Soderstrom0.47
    9Cory Lidle0.49
    10Byron Browne0.50
    BB per 9 IP
    1Scott Simmons1.81
    2Edwin Corps2.22
    3Ryan Hancock2.30
    4Robert Toth2.34
    5Mike Busby2.35
    6Ray Davis2.45
    7Michael Badorek2.67
    8Scott Smith2.74
    9Kevin Kloek2.75
    10David Pyc2.81
    SO per 9 IP
    1Frank Rodriguez8.12
    2Byron Browne7.86
    3Ryan Creek7.50
    4Korey Keling7.45
    5Steve Soderstrom7.06
    6Kevin Kloek6.94
    7Robert Toth6.66
    8Eric Weaver6.65
    9Cory Lidle6.38
    10Mike Busby6.38
    1Robert Toth2.852
    2Mike Busby2.714
    3Scott Simmons2.607
    4Kevin Kloek2.521
    5Ray Davis2.333
    6Cory Lidle2.167
    7Korey Keling1.942
    8Ryan Creek1.875
    9Steve Soderstrom1.784
    10Ryan Hancock1.756

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