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1995 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1995 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamMike Figga C, - - 1B, Todd Walker 2B, Robert Grable 3B, Nomar Garciaparra SS, Angel Echevarria OF, Billy McMillon OF, Jay Payton OF, Jay Powell P, Dan Serafini P, Eric Ludwick P, Paul Wilson P
    Eastern League Manager of the YearBill Dancy
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerJay Payton
    Eastern League Pitcher of the YearPaul Wilson
    Eastern League Rookie of the YearJay Payton
    1995 Batting Leaders
    1Billy McMillon141
    2Dave Doster139
    3Todd Walker137
    4Brian Daubach135
    5Edgar Renteria135
    6Brent Brede134
    7Mike Neal134
    8Tim Clark134
    9Robert Hinds132
    10Chris Sheff131
    At Bats
    1Dave Doster551
    2Billy McMillon518
    3Nomar Garciaparra513
    4Todd Walker513
    5Edgar Renteria508
    6Kevin Sefcik508
    7Tim Clark499
    8Damian Jackson484
    9David Kennedy484
    10Terry Jones472
    1Ralph Milliard104
    2Billy McMillon92
    3Robbie Katzaroff87
    4Chris Sheff85
    5Dave Doster84
    6Todd Walker83
    7Angel Echevarria78
    8Terry Jones78
    9Nomar Garciaparra77
    10David Kennedy75
    1Billy McMillon162
    2Todd Walker149
    3David Kennedy148
    4Edgar Renteria147
    5Dave Doster146
    6Kevin Sefcik138
    7Ryan McGuire138
    8Nomar Garciaparra137
    9Angel Echevarria136
    10Tim Clark135
    1Jason Hardtke42
    2Dave Doster39
    3Tim Clark34
    4Angel Echevarria30
    5Jose Millares30
    6Matt Rundels30
    7Bill Selby29
    8Billy McMillon29
    9Jason Robertson29
    10Ryan McGuire29
    1Jason Robertson10
    2Anthony Byrd8
    3Nomar Garciaparra8
    4Ruben Rivera8
    5Chris Sheff7
    6Edgar Renteria7
    7Jay Davis6
    8Jeff Barry6
    9Steve Solomon6
    10Andy Fox5
    Home Runs
    1Fred McNair23
    2David Kennedy22
    3Angel Echevarria21
    4Pork Chop Pough21
    5Dave Doster21
    6Todd Walker21
    7Nick Delvecchio19
    8Billy Owens17
    9Pat Bryant17
    10Robert Grable16
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Angel Echevarria100
    2David Kennedy96
    3Billy McMillon93
    4Billy Owens91
    5Chris Sheff91
    6Tim Clark88
    7Todd Walker85
    8Dave Doster79
    9Nick Delvecchio74
    10Brian Daubach72
    Stolen Bases
    1Terry Jones51
    2Damian Jackson40
    3Nomar Garciaparra35
    4Edgar Renteria30
    5Robert Hinds27
    6Matt Lawton26
    7Quinton McCracken26
    8Donald White25
    9Chris Sheff23
    10Todd Walker23
    Caught Stealing
    1Damian Jackson22
    2Terry Jones19
    3Jason Robertson12
    4Nomar Garciaparra12
    5Edgar Renteria11
    6Kevin Sefcik11
    7Matt Rundels11
    8Robert Grable11
    9Anthony Byrd10
    10Ralph Milliard10
    1Billy McMillon96
    2Ralph Milliard85
    3Chris Sheff72
    4Nick Delvecchio72
    5Mike Neal71
    6B.J. Waszgis70
    7Brent Brede69
    8Robert Grable67
    9Jason Hardtke66
    10Damian Jackson65
    1Nick Delvecchio133
    2David Kennedy131
    3Pat Bryant116
    4Matt Rundels112
    5Jason Robertson106
    6Brian Daubach104
    7Mark Charbonnet104
    8Terry Jones104
    9Damian Jackson103
    10Robert Hinds102
    Hit by Pitch
    1Nick Delvecchio23
    2Jose Millares19
    3Ralph Milliard14
    4Kevin Sefcik12
    5Matt Lawton12
    6Robert Hinds12
    7Lou Merloni11
    8Pookie Wilson11
    9Ruben Rivera11
    10Steve Solomon11
    Intentional Walks
    1Tim Clark12
    2Pork Chop Pough8
    3Nick Delvecchio8
    4Phil Dauphin8
    5Marc Marini7
    6Billy Owens6
    7Chris Sheff6
    8Jeff Barry6
    9Mark Charbonnet6
    10Billy McMillon5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ralph Milliard13
    2Lou Merloni11
    3Edgar Tovar9
    4Dave Doster8
    5Edgar Renteria8
    6Lamarr Rogers8
    7Matt Rundels8
    8Tony Torres8
    9Damian Jackson7
    10Ed Smith7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jason Hardtke9
    2Jeff Barry9
    3Bill Selby8
    4Billy Owens8
    5Chris Sheff8
    6Edgar Renteria8
    7Marc Marini8
    8Mike Neal8
    9Todd Walker8
    10Angel Echevarria7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Lou Lucca18
    2Lamarr Rogers15
    3Bill Selby14
    4Jose Millares14
    5Ramon Valette14
    6Anthony Byrd13
    7Billy Owens13
    8Brent Brede13
    9John Myrow13
    10Scott McClain13
    Total Bases
    1Dave Doster254
    2Todd Walker245
    3David Kennedy240
    4Billy McMillon239
    5Angel Echevarria231
    6Chris Sheff205
    7Fred McNair202
    8Bill Selby201
    9Billy Owens200
    10Nick Delvecchio200
    Plate Appearances
    1Billy McMillon627
    2Dave Doster621
    3Todd Walker587
    4Nomar Garciaparra581
    5Ralph Milliard580
    6Tim Clark568
    7Damian Jackson565
    8Kevin Sefcik564
    9Edgar Renteria558
    10Chris Sheff557
    Batting Average
    1Jay Payton.345
    2Ryan McGuire.333
    3Billy McMillon.313
    4David Kennedy.306
    5Marc Marini.306
    6Robbie Katzaroff.304
    7Angel Echevarria.300
    8Robert Grable.300
    9Brian Turner.296
    10Tyrone Horne.296
    On-Base Percentage
    1Billy McMillon.423
    2Ryan McGuire.414
    3Tyrone Horne.410
    4Robert Grable.408
    5Jay Payton.395
    6Ralph Milliard.393
    7Nick Delvecchio.390
    8Lamarr Rogers.387
    9Angel Echevarria.382
    10Mike Neal.379
    Slugging Percentage
    1Pork Chop Pough.543
    2Jay Payton.535
    3Tyrone Horne.524
    4Fred McNair.511
    5Angel Echevarria.510
    6Robert Grable.510
    7David Kennedy.496
    8Jeff Barry.483
    9Todd Walker.478
    10Nick Delvecchio.465
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Tyrone Horne934
    2Jay Payton930
    3Robert Grable918
    4Pork Chop Pough916
    5Angel Echevarria892
    6Billy McMillon884
    7Ryan McGuire873
    8David Kennedy868
    9Nick Delvecchio855
    10Fred McNair850
    1Robbie Katzaroff1.485
    2Lamarr Rogers1.280
    3Nomar Garciaparra1.190
    4Jason Hardtke1.138
    5Ryan McGuire1.137
    6Billy McMillon1.067
    7Ralph Milliard1.024
    8T.R. Lewis0.930
    9Mark Strittmatter0.922
    10Jay Payton0.906
    1995 Pitching Leaders
    1Joel Moore14
    2Mike Grace13
    3Dan Serafini12
    4Eric Ludwick12
    5Blake Doolan11
    6Brett Roberts11
    7Rafael Orellano11
    8Shawn Senior11
    9Chris Neier10
    10Matt Whisenant10
    1Everett Stull12
    2Hector Ramirez12
    3Jose Paniagua12
    4Mike Buddie12
    5Brian Edmondson11
    6Hector Trinidad11
    7Larry Mitchell11
    8Neil Weber11
    9Wes Brooks11
    10Garrett Stephenson10
    1Blake Doolan60
    2Mike DeJean59
    3Jake Viano57
    4Kirk Bullinger56
    5Ron Blazier56
    6Dan Chergey55
    7Richard Hines54
    8Tom McGraw51
    9Jay Powell50
    10Mike Juhl49
    Games Started
    1Garrett Stephenson29
    2Brett Roberts28
    3Neil Weber28
    4Dan Serafini27
    5Mike Buddie27
    6Rafael Orellano27
    7Reynol Mendoza27
    8Shawn Senior27
    9Travis Miller27
    10Joel Moore26
    Complete Games
    1Brett Roberts5
    2Steve Falteisek5
    3Wes Brooks5
    4Paul Wilson4
    5Brent Hansen3
    6Eric Ludwick3
    7Mark Tranberg3
    8Brett Cederblad2
    9Brian Edmondson2
    10Carlos Crawford2
    1Mark Tranberg3
    2Eric Ludwick2
    3Rocky Coppinger2
    4Brent Hansen1
    5Brett Cederblad1
    6Brett Roberts1
    7Brian Edmondson1
    8Bryan Rekar1
    9Bryan Ward1
    10Casey Whitten1
    Games Finished
    1Jake Viano49
    2Blake Doolan45
    3Jay Powell44
    4Mike DeJean40
    5Kirk Bullinger39
    6Alex Pacheco29
    7Brent Knackert28
    8Richard Hines28
    9Dan Chergey27
    10Jim Newlin26
    1Jay Powell24
    2Mike DeJean20
    3Jake Viano19
    4Blake Doolan16
    5Brent Knackert11
    6Jim Newlin11
    7Scott Gentile11
    8Danny Graves10
    9Pep Harris10
    10Glenn Carter8
    Innings Pitched
    1Rafael Orellano186.1
    2Garrett Stephenson175.1
    3Brett Roberts174
    4Reynol Mendoza168
    5Steve Falteisek168
    6Dan Serafini162.2
    7Travis Miller162.2
    8Wes Brooks161.2
    9Joel Moore157.1
    10Neil Weber152.2
    1Travis Miller172
    2Chris Neier164
    3Reynol Mendoza163
    4Brett Roberts162
    5Neil Weber157
    6Joel Moore156
    7Dan Serafini155
    8Mike Buddie155
    9Garrett Stephenson154
    10Matt Jarvis154
    1Mike Buddie102
    2Neil Weber98
    3Travis Miller93
    4Shawn Senior91
    5Everett Stull88
    6Garrett Stephenson87
    7Wes Brooks87
    8Larry Mitchell85
    9Jose Paniagua84
    10Brian Edmondson82
    Earned Runs
    1Neil Weber85
    2Mike Buddie80
    3Larry Mitchell79
    4Travis Miller79
    5Everett Stull78
    6Shawn Senior76
    7Jose Paniagua75
    8Wes Brooks74
    9Todd Ritchie72
    10Brian Edmondson71
    Home Runs
    1Garrett Stephenson23
    2Rafael Orellano18
    3Brian Edmondson17
    4Travis Miller17
    5Wes Brooks17
    6Neil Weber16
    7Shawn Senior15
    8Rick Forney14
    9Daron Kirkreit13
    10Larry Mitchell13
    1Neil Weber90
    2Mike Buddie81
    3Everett Stull79
    4Scott Conner74
    5Dan Serafini72
    6Larry Mitchell72
    7Rafael Orellano72
    8Wayne Gomes70
    9Reynol Mendoza69
    10Eric Ludwick68
    1Rafael Orellano160
    2Travis Miller151
    3Garrett Stephenson139
    4Brett Roberts135
    5Everett Stull132
    6Eric Ludwick131
    7Paul Wilson127
    8Dan Serafini123
    9Reynol Mendoza120
    10Neil Weber119
    Wild Pitches
    1Reynol Mendoza15
    2Mike Buddie13
    3Scott Conner13
    4Billy Coleman12
    5Shawn Senior10
    6Tom Carter10
    7Dickie Brown9
    8Jim Newlin9
    9Rafael Orellano9
    10Jim Musselwhite8
    1Wayne Gomes6
    2Wes Brooks6
    3Hector Ramirez5
    4Mike Kotarski5
    5Antonio Alfonseca4
    6Dan Serafini4
    7Dean Peterson4
    8Mark Foster4
    9Mark Fuller4
    10Rafael Orellano4
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Paul Wilson2.18
    2Steve Falteisek2.95
    3Eric Ludwick2.96
    4Rafael Orellano3.10
    5Joel Moore3.21
    6Ron Blazier3.28
    7Casey Whitten3.32
    8Dan Serafini3.37
    9Brett Roberts3.41
    10Reynol Mendoza3.43
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Paul Wilson0.94
    2Garrett Stephenson1.15
    3Ron Blazier1.16
    4Mike Grace1.17
    5Rafael Orellano1.17
    6Wes Brooks1.19
    7Casey Whitten1.21
    8Brett Roberts1.22
    9Eric Ludwick1.23
    10Mark Tranberg1.26
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Paul Wilson6.68
    2Eric Ludwick6.80
    3Rafael Orellano7.06
    4Matt Whisenant7.40
    5Ron Blazier7.82
    6Casey Whitten7.89
    7Garrett Stephenson7.92
    8Everett Stull8.08
    9Steve Falteisek8.14
    10Wes Brooks8.28
    HR per 9 IP
    1Steve Falteisek0.16
    2Mike Buddie0.24
    3Reynol Mendoza0.32
    4Paul Wilson0.38
    5Dan Serafini0.39
    6Rod Steph0.39
    7Hector Trinidad0.45
    8Joel Moore0.46
    9Brett Roberts0.47
    10John Thomson0.55
    BB per 9 IP
    1Hector Trinidad1.64
    2Paul Wilson1.80
    3Mike Grace2.14
    4Rod Steph2.17
    5Jim Musselwhite2.32
    6Wes Brooks2.39
    7Garrett Stephenson2.42
    8Mark Tranberg2.43
    9Brett Roberts2.59
    10Will Cunnane2.59
    SO per 9 IP
    1Paul Wilson9.53
    2Everett Stull9.35
    3Ron Blazier8.58
    4Travis Miller8.34
    5Eric Ludwick8.24
    6Rafael Orellano7.74
    7Larry Mitchell7.52
    8Matt Whisenant7.47
    9Mike Grace7.22
    10Casey Whitten7.18
    1Paul Wilson5.292
    2Hector Trinidad4.182
    3Mike Grace3.371
    4Ron Blazier3.290
    5Garrett Stephenson2.957
    6Jim Musselwhite2.824
    7Brett Roberts2.700
    8Rod Steph2.485
    9Will Cunnane2.441
    10Casey Whitten2.395

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