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1994 Texas League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1994 Texas League Awards
    Texas League All-StarMike Stefanski C, Chris Pritchett 1B, Rodney Lofton 2B, Tim Unroe 3B, Juan Castro SS, - - OF, Danny Perez OF, Terry Bradshaw OF, Scott Talanoa DH, Scott Simmons P, Sid Roberson P, Doug Mlicki P, - - P, Glenn Dishman P
    Texas League Manager of the YearTim Ireland
    Texas Rangers Minor League Player of the YearJulio Santana
    Texas League Pitcher of the YearSid Roberson
    Texas League Player of the YearTim Unroe
    1994 Batting Leaders
    1Henry Blanco132
    2Dan Cholowsky131
    3Calvin Murray129
    4Desi Wilson129
    5Rich Aurilia129
    6Terrell Lowery129
    7Brad Gennaro128
    8Chris Pritchett127
    9Joel Chimelis127
    10Scott Talanoa127
    At Bats
    1Brad Gennaro500
    2Terrell Lowery496
    3Desi Wilson493
    4Calvin Murray480
    5Joel Chimelis478
    6Tim Unroe474
    7Chris Wimmer462
    8Chris Pritchett460
    9Rich Aurilia458
    10Buck McNabb454
    1Tim Unroe97
    2Scott Talanoa89
    3Terrell Lowery89
    4Danny Perez88
    5Chris Pritchett86
    6John Ramirez81
    7Mike Harris76
    8Joel Chimelis74
    9Brad Gennaro71
    10Rodney Lofton70
    1Tim Unroe147
    2Danny Perez143
    3Marvin Benard143
    4Chris Pritchett142
    5Desi Wilson142
    6Terrell Lowery142
    7Joel Chimelis141
    8Brad Gennaro139
    9Jay Kirkpatrick133
    10Bill Lott131
    1Joel Chimelis43
    2Jay Kirkpatrick40
    3Tim Unroe36
    4Terrell Lowery34
    5Dmitri Young33
    6Marvin Benard32
    7Jeff Ball30
    8Michael Wolff30
    9Barry Miller27
    10Desi Wilson27
    1Danny Perez17
    2Mike Harris12
    3Bobby Abreu9
    4Kevin Castleberry8
    5Terrell Lowery8
    6Terry Bradshaw8
    7Brad Gennaro7
    8Buck McNabb7
    9Jimmy White7
    10Tim Unroe7
    Home Runs
    1Scott Talanoa28
    2Jay Kirkpatrick18
    3Luis Raven18
    4Anthony Lewis17
    5Bobby Abreu16
    6Brad Gennaro16
    7Joe Biasucci15
    8Tim Unroe15
    9Dan Cholowsky14
    10John Ramirez14
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Tim Unroe103
    2Chris Pritchett91
    3Scott Talanoa88
    4Sergio Cairo76
    5Jay Kirkpatrick75
    6Barry Miller73
    7Bobby Abreu73
    8Danny Perez73
    9Joel Chimelis72
    10Tyrone Boykin63
    Stolen Bases
    1Keith Thomas46
    2Calvin Murray33
    3Terrell Lowery33
    4Marquis Riley32
    5Fletcher Thompson28
    6Marvin Benard24
    7Chris Wimmer21
    8Jason McFarlin21
    9Rodney Lofton21
    10Vernon Spearman21
    Caught Stealing
    1Buck McNabb17
    2Dwight Maness16
    3Terrell Lowery15
    4Vernon Spearman15
    5Desi Wilson14
    6Calvin Murray13
    7Chris Wimmer13
    8Fletcher Thompson13
    9Marvin Benard13
    10Rich Aurilia13
    1Chris Pritchett92
    2Scott Talanoa77
    3Tyrone Boykin73
    4Barry Miller66
    5Dan Cholowsky65
    6Tim Harkrider64
    7Terrell Lowery59
    8Fletcher Thompson58
    9Gary Mota57
    10Mike Harris55
    1Scott Talanoa138
    2Desi Wilson115
    3Dan Cholowsky114
    4Terrell Lowery113
    5Tim Unroe107
    6Fletcher Thompson106
    7Tom Nevers101
    8Bill Lott100
    9Emmitt Cohick99
    10Joe Biasucci98
    Hit by Pitch
    1Joel Chimelis13
    2David Rolls12
    3Kurt Ehmann11
    4Fletcher Thompson10
    5Mike Edwards10
    6Garey Ingram9
    7Scott Talanoa9
    8Chris Wimmer8
    9Jerrey Thurston8
    10John Ramirez7
    Intentional Walks
    1Dmitri Young14
    2Chris Pritchett9
    3Barry Miller7
    4Jay Kirkpatrick7
    5Brad Gennaro6
    6Paul Gonzalez6
    7Scott Talanoa6
    8Chris Demetral5
    9Dennis Colon5
    10Desi Wilson5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Tim Harkrider17
    2Vernon Spearman15
    3Kurt Ehmann13
    4Chris Demetral10
    5Ever Magallanes10
    6Juan Castro10
    7Mark Loretta9
    8Calvin Murray8
    9Rich Aurilia8
    10Frank Turco7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Tim Unroe9
    2Tyrone Boykin8
    3Barry Miller7
    4Chris Pritchett7
    5Tom Nevers7
    6Bobby Abreu6
    7Doug Radziewicz6
    8Ira Smith6
    9Jay Kirkpatrick6
    10Kurt Ehmann6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Marvin Benard15
    2Mike Edwards15
    3Brad Gennaro14
    4Desi Wilson14
    5Henry Blanco14
    6Barry Miller12
    7Dennis Colon12
    8Jay Kirkpatrick12
    9Mark Loretta12
    10Sergio Cairo12
    Total Bases
    1Tim Unroe242
    2Jay Kirkpatrick229
    3Brad Gennaro220
    4Scott Talanoa217
    5Joel Chimelis216
    6Terrell Lowery216
    7Danny Perez214
    8Bobby Abreu212
    9John Ramirez204
    10Bill Lott200
    Plate Appearances
    1Terrell Lowery570
    2Chris Pritchett564
    3Brad Gennaro546
    4Calvin Murray544
    5Joel Chimelis538
    6Desi Wilson536
    7Tim Unroe530
    8Rich Aurilia528
    9Dan Cholowsky525
    10Scott Talanoa519
    Batting Average
    1Rodney Lofton.331
    2Danny Perez.325
    3Ira Smith.321
    4Jeff Ball.316
    5Mark Loretta.315
    6Marvin Benard.315
    7Tim Unroe.310
    8Chris Pritchett.309
    9Bobby Abreu.303
    10Scott Bream.300
    On-Base Percentage
    1Chris Pritchett.421
    2Ira Smith.407
    3Danny Perez.391
    4Scott Bream.382
    5Jeff Ball.380
    6Scott Talanoa.380
    7Michael Wolff.378
    8Rodney Lofton.378
    9Barry Miller.373
    10Fletcher Thompson.373
    Slugging Percentage
    1Bobby Abreu.530
    2Jeff Ball.525
    3Tim Unroe.511
    4Jay Kirkpatrick.510
    5Scott Talanoa.506
    6Danny Perez.486
    7Michael Wolff.469
    8Anthony Lewis.466
    9Ira Smith.461
    10John Ramirez.454
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Jeff Ball905
    2Bobby Abreu898
    3Scott Talanoa886
    4Danny Perez877
    5Tim Unroe877
    6Jay Kirkpatrick870
    7Ira Smith868
    8Michael Wolff847
    9Chris Pritchett841
    10Rodney Lofton824
    1Tim Harkrider1.255
    2Chris Pritchett1.057
    3Paul Ellis1.029
    4Vernon Spearman1.000
    5Tyrone Boykin0.936
    6Ira Smith0.898
    7Ever Magallanes0.844
    8Mark Loretta0.818
    9Mike Harris0.809
    10Henry Blanco0.791
    1994 Pitching Leaders
    1Sid Roberson15
    2Doug Mlicki13
    3Ron Gerstein12
    4Steve Peck12
    5Glenn Dishman11
    6Steve Whitaker11
    7Chris Holt10
    8Francisco Gamez10
    9Korey Keling10
    10Lance Schuermann10
    1Chris Curtis13
    2David Pyc11
    3Jose Martinez11
    4Korey Keling11
    5Lance Schuermann11
    6Scott Simmons11
    7Doug Creek10
    8Ramiro Martinez10
    9Chris Holt9
    10Dom Johnson9
    1Stacy Jones56
    2Chris White52
    3Ron Watson52
    4John Barfield51
    5Mike Thomas50
    6Steve Montgomery50
    7Rick Huisman49
    8Chris Hill45
    9Francis Martinez45
    10Julian Heredia45
    Games Started
    1Francisco Gamez27
    2Glenn Dishman27
    3Korey Keling27
    4Lance Schuermann27
    5Felix Rodriguez26
    6Ron Gerstein26
    7Scott Simmons26
    8Steve Whitaker26
    9Chris Holt25
    10David Pyc25
    Complete Games
    1Sid Roberson8
    2Chris Holt5
    3John Frascatore4
    4Kyle Sebach4
    5Chris Curtis3
    6Keith Morrison3
    7Lance Schuermann3
    8Scott Karl3
    9Francisco Gamez2
    10James Hurst2
    1Chris Holt2
    2Joe Rosselli2
    3Kyle Sebach2
    4Brian Romero1
    5Chris Curtis1
    6Chris Hancock1
    7Fernando Hernandez1
    8Francisco Gamez1
    9James Hurst1
    10Jim Waring1
    Games Finished
    1Stacy Jones53
    2Rick Huisman46
    3Ron Watson44
    4Kerry Lacy35
    5Antonio Osuna32
    6Mike Thomas32
    7Francis Martinez31
    8Jeff Huber29
    9Mark Brandenburg26
    10Kurt Peltzer25
    1Stacy Jones34
    2Rick Huisman31
    3Mike Thomas20
    4Antonio Osuna19
    5Ron Watson17
    6Francis Martinez16
    7John Kelly16
    8Jeff Huber12
    9Kerry Lacy12
    10Tom Popplewell10
    Innings Pitched
    1Sid Roberson181.1
    2Lance Schuermann175.2
    3Glenn Dishman169.1
    4Francisco Gamez168.1
    5Chris Holt167
    6Ron Gerstein163.2
    7Scott Simmons162.1
    8Korey Keling155
    9David Pyc154.2
    10Steve Whitaker154.2
    1Korey Keling207
    2Francisco Gamez193
    3Sid Roberson190
    4Ron Gerstein184
    5Lance Schuermann182
    6Chris Curtis173
    7Chris Holt169
    8David Pyc165
    9Glenn Dishman156
    10Jose Martinez154
    1Korey Keling108
    2Francisco Gamez104
    3Chris Curtis102
    4Ron Gerstein94
    5Lance Schuermann87
    6Dom Johnson84
    7Fernando Hernandez82
    8Jose Martinez82
    9Bill Wengert81
    10Ramiro Martinez79
    Earned Runs
    1Francisco Gamez90
    2Korey Keling89
    3Chris Curtis85
    4Lance Schuermann80
    5Ron Gerstein80
    6Jose Martinez76
    7Fernando Hernandez70
    8Ramiro Martinez70
    9Bill Wengert68
    10Dom Johnson67
    Home Runs
    1Lance Schuermann21
    2Ramiro Martinez21
    3Doug Mlicki20
    4Chris Curtis17
    5Korey Keling16
    6Steve Rowley14
    7Francisco Gamez13
    8Steve Whitaker13
    9Fernando Hernandez12
    10Jim Waring12
    1Felix Rodriguez88
    2Fernando Hernandez77
    3Ron Gerstein70
    4Ramiro Martinez69
    5Steve Whitaker68
    6Kevin Gallaher67
    7Dom Johnson64
    8Francisco Gamez62
    9Nate Cromwell61
    10Korey Keling60
    1Glenn Dishman165
    2Korey Keling133
    3Doug Mlicki130
    4Felix Rodriguez126
    5Nate Cromwell126
    6Lance Schuermann124
    7David Pyc120
    8Sid Roberson119
    9Dom Johnson116
    10Scott Simmons115
    Wild Pitches
    1Pete Janicki15
    2Doug Mlicki13
    3Kevin Gallaher13
    4Dom Johnson12
    5Nate Cromwell12
    6John Fritz11
    7Julian Heredia11
    8Chris Hancock10
    9David Gandolph10
    10Doug Ketchen10
    1Chris Curtis7
    2Felix Rodriguez5
    3Antonio Osuna3
    4Doug Mlicki3
    5Julian Heredia3
    6Pete Janicki3
    7Albert Bustillos2
    8Chan Ho Park2
    9Chris George2
    10Danny Patterson2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Scott Simmons2.72
    2Glenn Dishman2.82
    3Sid Roberson2.83
    4Ben Van Ryn3.00
    5Michael Badorek3.22
    6Steve Montgomery3.28
    7Doug Mlicki3.37
    8Steve Whitaker3.37
    9Shad Smith3.42
    10Chris Holt3.45
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Shad Smith1.09
    2Chris Holt1.14
    3Scott Simmons1.15
    4Doug Mlicki1.16
    5Glenn Dishman1.17
    6Jim Waring1.18
    7Steve Montgomery1.21
    8Ben Van Ryn1.25
    9Michael Badorek1.26
    10Lance Schuermann1.31
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Doug Mlicki6.93
    2Felix Rodriguez7.01
    3Kevin Gallaher7.47
    4Chan Ho Park8.11
    5Steve Whitaker8.13
    6Ramiro Martinez8.16
    7Steve Montgomery8.16
    8Ben Van Ryn8.21
    9Shad Smith8.21
    10Scott Simmons8.22
    HR per 9 IP
    1David Pyc0.12
    2Scott Simmons0.22
    3Glenn Dishman0.32
    4Sid Roberson0.35
    5Chan Ho Park0.36
    6Kevin Gallaher0.42
    7Ben Van Ryn0.44
    8Ron Gerstein0.44
    9Doug Vanderweele0.50
    10Felix Rodriguez0.53
    BB per 9 IP
    1Chris Holt1.19
    2Shad Smith1.64
    3Jim Waring1.68
    4Scott Simmons2.17
    5Glenn Dishman2.24
    6Doug Vanderweele2.30
    7Sid Roberson2.39
    8Lance Schuermann2.51
    9Michael Badorek2.63
    10David Pyc2.73
    SO per 9 IP
    1Kevin Gallaher9.51
    2Chan Ho Park8.91
    3Glenn Dishman8.79
    4Nate Cromwell8.53
    5Doug Mlicki8.42
    6Felix Rodriguez8.34
    7Dom Johnson8.09
    8Korey Keling7.72
    9David Pyc6.97
    10Michael Badorek6.95
    1Chris Holt5.045
    2Glenn Dishman3.929
    3Jim Waring3.158
    4Scott Simmons2.949
    5Shad Smith2.720
    6Michael Badorek2.639
    7David Pyc2.553
    8Lance Schuermann2.531
    9Sid Roberson2.479
    10Bill Wengert2.429

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