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1994 Pacific Coast League (AAA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1994 Pacific Coast League Awards
    Pacific Coast League All-StarTim McIntosh C, J.R. Phillips 1B, Dave Hajek 2B, Ron Coomer 3B, Jason Bates SS, Marc Newfield OF, Brian Hunter OF, Billy Ashley OF, Bernardo Brito DH, Craig McMurtry RHP, Andrew Lorraine LHP, Jim Dougherty RP
    Pacific Coast League Manager of the YearRick Sweet
    Pacific Coast League Most Valuable PlayerBilly Ashley
    1994 Batting Leaders
    1Manny Martinez137
    2Scott Lydy135
    3Todd Hollandsworth132
    4Dave Hajek129
    5Monty Fariss129
    6Brian Hunter128
    7Ray McDavid128
    8Ty Van Burkleo128
    9Webster Garrison128
    10Ron Coomer127
    At Bats
    1Manny Martinez536
    2Ron Coomer535
    3Webster Garrison514
    4Brian Hunter513
    5Scott Lydy508
    6Garret Anderson505
    7Todd Hollandsworth505
    8Paul Faries503
    9Darren Bragg500
    10Dave Hajek484
    1Brian Hunter113
    2Darren Bragg112
    3Jeff Carter105
    4Scott Lydy98
    5Scott Stahoviak96
    6Webster Garrison94
    7Billy Ashley93
    8Ty Van Burkleo90
    9Marc Newfield89
    10Ron Coomer89
    1Brian Hunter191
    2Ron Coomer181
    3Darren Bragg175
    4Garret Anderson162
    5Scott Lydy160
    6Dave Hajek157
    7Tim McIntosh157
    8Webster Garrison155
    9Jim Tatum154
    10Brian Raabe152
    1Marc Newfield44
    2Jim Tatum43
    3Garret Anderson42
    4Scott Stahoviak41
    5Eddie Tucker38
    6Scott Lydy37
    7Mike Simms34
    8Ron Coomer34
    9Tim McIntosh34
    10Darren Bragg33
    1John Massarelli10
    2Brian Hunter9
    3Ernest Riles9
    4Steve Hecht9
    5Ray Ortiz8
    6Reggie Williams8
    7Tom Lampkin8
    8Jayhawk Owens7
    9Ken Ramos7
    10Darren Bragg6
    Home Runs
    1Billy Ashley37
    2Bernardo Brito29
    3J.R. Phillips27
    4Mike Busch27
    5Melvin Nieves25
    6Jerry Willard23
    7Dale Sveum22
    8Greg Pirkl22
    9Ron Coomer22
    10Jim Tatum21
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Ron Coomer123
    2Bernardo Brito122
    3Billy Ashley105
    4Garret Anderson102
    5Jim Tatum97
    6Tim McIntosh96
    7Scott Stahoviak94
    8Melvin Nieves92
    9Todd Hollandsworth91
    10Scott Bryant87
    Stolen Bases
    1Brian Hunter49
    2John Massarelli39
    3Jim Buccheri32
    4Paul Faries31
    5Roger Cedeno30
    6Darren Bragg28
    7Trenidad Hubbard28
    8Ray Holbert27
    9Jeff Carter26
    10Nick Capra25
    Caught Stealing
    1Orlando Palmeiro16
    2Ray McDavid15
    3Brian Hunter14
    4Jim Buccheri14
    5Carl Everett13
    6Roger Cedeno13
    7Darren Bragg12
    8Jeff Carter12
    9Ken Ramos12
    10John Jackson11
    1Jeff Carter89
    2Jerry Willard88
    3Ty Van Burkleo82
    4Ken Ramos74
    5Scott Stahoviak70
    6Darren Bragg68
    7Ray McDavid67
    8Jason Bates60
    9Mark Sweeney59
    10Brian Deak58
    1Melvin Nieves138
    2Bernardo Brito120
    3Marcos Armas117
    4Billy Ashley116
    5Steve Hosey113
    6Ty Van Burkleo111
    7Ray McDavid110
    8Scott Lydy108
    9Mike Busch101
    10Phil Nevin101
    Hit by Pitch
    1Tim McIntosh14
    2Tom Lampkin12
    3Tom Prince12
    4Mitch Lyden11
    5Gary Scott10
    6Manny Martinez10
    7Nigel Wilson10
    8Brian Deak8
    9Marty Cordova8
    10Melvin Nieves8
    Intentional Walks
    1Billy Ashley7
    2Jerry Willard7
    3Ray Montgomery6
    4Roberto Petagine6
    5Steve Dunn6
    6Bernardo Brito5
    7Brian Hunter5
    8Dave Hajek5
    9Jim Bowie5
    10Ken Ramos5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Ray Holbert10
    2Manny Martinez9
    3Rod Correia8
    4Jeff Schaefer7
    5Jim Buccheri7
    6Orlando Munoz7
    7P.J. Forbes7
    8Paul Faries7
    9Denny Harriger6
    10Joe Millette6
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jim Tatum10
    2Kevin Higgins9
    3Bernardo Brito8
    4Brian Raabe8
    5Jason Giambi8
    6Jerry Willard8
    7Luis Raven8
    8Steve Dunn8
    9Steve Hosey8
    10Mike Simms7
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Phil Nevin21
    2Brian Raabe19
    3Paul Faries19
    4Quinn Mack19
    5Marcos Armas18
    6Jim Bowie17
    7Erik Johnson16
    8Joe Millette15
    9Julio Bruno15
    10Todd Hollandsworth15
    Total Bases
    1Ron Coomer293
    2Billy Ashley272
    3Darren Bragg271
    4Brian Hunter267
    5Jim Tatum262
    6Marc Newfield255
    7Scott Lydy254
    8Garret Anderson252
    9Bernardo Brito250
    10Tim McIntosh245
    Plate Appearances
    1Manny Martinez588
    2Darren Bragg582
    3Scott Lydy579
    4Brian Hunter577
    5Ron Coomer570
    6Webster Garrison565
    7Jeff Carter559
    8Todd Hollandsworth555
    9Ray McDavid553
    10Paul Faries547
    Batting Average
    1Brian Hunter.372
    2Trenidad Hubbard.363
    3Marty Cordova.358
    4Jim Tatum.351
    5Darren Bragg.350
    6Russ Morman.350
    7Marc Newfield.349
    8Billy Ashley.345
    9Ron Coomer.338
    10Tim McIntosh.338
    On-Base Percentage
    1Trenidad Hubbard.441
    2Jeff Carter.438
    3Brian Hunter.432
    4Darren Bragg.430
    5Billy Ashley.428
    6Marty Cordova.426
    7Jerry Willard.423
    8Eddie Pye.419
    9Brian Deak.414
    10Marc Newfield.413
    Slugging Percentage
    1Billy Ashley.701
    2J.R. Phillips.631
    3Jim Tatum.597
    4Marc Newfield.593
    5Marty Cordova.592
    6Russ Morman.574
    7Tom Prince.573
    8Bernardo Brito.572
    9Mike Simms.571
    10Greg Pirkl.564
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Billy Ashley1129
    2Marty Cordova1018
    3J.R. Phillips1013
    4Marc Newfield1006
    5Jim Tatum1005
    6Trenidad Hubbard979
    7Jerry Willard978
    8Russ Morman974
    9Darren Bragg972
    10Tom Prince969
    1Brian Raabe4.545
    2Ken Ramos2.741
    3Kevin Higgins2.091
    4Nick Capra1.720
    5Jim Bowie1.342
    6Dave Hajek1.261
    7Orlando Palmeiro1.261
    8Jerry Willard1.257
    9John Jackson1.243
    10Mark Sweeney1.180
    1994 Pitching Leaders
    1Dan Carlson13
    2Andrew Lorraine12
    3Eddie Guardado12
    4Mark Ratekin12
    5Weston Weber12
    6Donne Wall11
    7Dana Allison10
    8Greg Hansell10
    9Jody Treadwell10
    10Jose Parra10
    1Kurt Miller13
    2Denny Harriger11
    3Steve Long11
    4Fred Costello10
    5Jose Parra10
    6Mark Holzemer10
    7Robert Gamez10
    8Ryan Hawblitzel10
    9Dana Ridenour9
    10Gavin Osteen9
    1Rob Taylor61
    2Todd Williams59
    3Alvin Morman58
    4Jim Dougherty55
    5Tony Phillips55
    6Mike Draper54
    7Billy Wissler53
    8Darrin Chapin53
    9Bruce Walton51
    10Ken Edenfield51
    Games Started
    1Eric Bell29
    2Steve Long29
    3Ryan Hawblitzel28
    4Jose Parra27
    5Kerry Taylor27
    6Oscar Munoz26
    7Denny Harriger25
    8Donne Wall24
    9Eddie Guardado24
    10Gavin Osteen24
    Complete Games
    1Andrew Lorraine4
    2John Farrell4
    3Mark Thompson4
    4Russ Springer4
    5Denny Harriger3
    6Ryan Hawblitzel3
    7Terry Mathews3
    8Curtis Leskanic2
    9Dana Allison2
    10Dana Ridenour2
    1Andrew Lorraine2
    2Dana Allison2
    3Donne Wall2
    4Rich Scheid2
    5Dana Ridenour1
    6Doug Bochtler1
    7Doug Johns1
    8Erik Plantenberg1
    9Gavin Osteen1
    10Joey Hamilton1
    Games Finished
    1Jim Dougherty48
    2Mike Draper37
    3Todd Williams36
    4Brian Drahman35
    5Bruce Walton33
    6Troy Percival32
    7Rob Taylor30
    8Tony Phillips29
    9Ken Edenfield28
    10Tony Menendez27
    1Jim Dougherty21
    2Troy Percival15
    3Brian Drahman13
    4Bruce Walton13
    5Todd Williams13
    6Mike Draper12
    7Tony Menendez12
    8Jeff Darwin11
    9Rob Taylor10
    10Rudy Seanez9
    Innings Pitched
    1Steve Long172
    2Eric Bell171.1
    3Ryan Hawblitzel163
    4Jody Treadwell158.2
    5Weston Weber158.2
    6Denny Harriger157.1
    7Kerry Taylor156
    8Dan Carlson151.1
    9Dana Allison151
    10Eddie Guardado151
    1Steve Long224
    2Denny Harriger216
    3Weston Weber216
    4Eric Bell209
    5Dana Allison204
    6Ryan Hawblitzel200
    7Jose Parra190
    8Oscar Munoz180
    9Mark Petkovsek176
    10Kerry Taylor175
    1Denny Harriger122
    2Ryan Hawblitzel119
    3Steve Long119
    4Weston Weber118
    5Oscar Munoz113
    6Eric Bell112
    7Shawn Bryant112
    8Dana Allison105
    9Kerry Taylor105
    10Kurt Miller105
    Earned Runs
    1Ryan Hawblitzel111
    2Weston Weber105
    3Denny Harriger104
    4Steve Long101
    5Dana Allison97
    6Shawn Bryant97
    7Kerry Taylor96
    8Kurt Miller96
    9Oscar Munoz91
    10Reggie Harris89
    Home Runs
    1Todd Burns24
    2Weston Weber24
    3Eddie Guardado23
    4Brian Conroy22
    5Dan Carlson21
    6Mo Sanford21
    7Reggie Harris21
    8Ryan Hawblitzel21
    9Mike Campbell20
    10Oscar Munoz20
    1Kerry Taylor81
    2Miguel Jimenez79
    3Oscar Munoz68
    4Shawn Bryant65
    5Kurt Miller64
    6Erik Plantenberg62
    7Curtis Shaw61
    8Marcus Moore61
    9Eric Bell60
    10Rick Gorecki60
    1Kerry Taylor142
    2Mo Sanford141
    3Mike Campbell128
    4Dan Carlson117
    5Jody Treadwell114
    6Craig McMurtry109
    7Weston Weber108
    8Ryan Hawblitzel103
    9Greg Hansell101
    10Oscar Munoz100
    Wild Pitches
    1Mark Holzemer15
    2Erik Plantenberg14
    3Kerry Taylor14
    4Steve Long14
    5Mark Small13
    6Shawn Bryant13
    7Ken Edenfield12
    8Miguel Jimenez12
    9Curtis Shaw11
    10Jeff Williams11
    1Tony Phillips4
    2Ed Vosberg3
    3Rich Scheid3
    4Steve Allen3
    5Bryce Florie2
    6Curtis Leskanic2
    7Curtis Shaw2
    8Doug Johns2
    9Eric Bell2
    10Erik Bennett2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Doug Johns2.89
    2Greg Hansell3.00
    3Curtis Leskanic3.32
    4Andrew Lorraine3.42
    5Craig McMurtry3.57
    6Russ Brock3.75
    7Brad Brink4.15
    8Jody Treadwell4.25
    9Donne Wall4.44
    10Eric Bell4.47
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Greg Hansell1.14
    2Craig McMurtry1.21
    3Doug Johns1.21
    4Jody Treadwell1.32
    5Andrew Lorraine1.34
    6Mo Sanford1.37
    7Donne Wall1.39
    8Russ Brock1.41
    9Brad Brink1.41
    10Curtis Leskanic1.41
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Doug Johns7.66
    2Greg Hansell7.98
    3Craig McMurtry8.43
    4Jody Treadwell8.55
    5Russ Brock8.63
    6Mo Sanford8.64
    7Curtis Leskanic8.93
    8Brad Brink9.84
    9Andrew Lorraine9.89
    10Kerry Taylor10.10
    HR per 9 IP
    1Curtis Leskanic0.48
    2Greg Hansell0.51
    3Donne Wall0.55
    4Jody Treadwell0.62
    5Jose Parra0.62
    6Eric Bell0.63
    7Doug Johns0.67
    8Craig McMurtry0.71
    9Mark Thompson0.71
    10Mark Petkovsek0.72
    BB per 9 IP
    1Dana Allison1.85
    2Donne Wall2.13
    3Andrew Lorraine2.15
    4Greg Hansell2.27
    5Jose Parra2.36
    6Craig McMurtry2.50
    7Mike Campbell2.50
    8Denny Harriger2.52
    9Gavin Osteen2.54
    10Mark Petkovsek2.61
    SO per 9 IP
    1Mike Campbell8.41
    2Kerry Taylor8.19
    3Craig McMurtry7.79
    4Greg Hansell7.39
    5Dan Carlson6.97
    6Curtis Leskanic6.78
    7Oscar Munoz6.47
    8Jody Treadwell6.45
    9Russ Brock6.38
    10Weston Weber6.11
    1Mike Campbell3.368
    2Greg Hansell3.258
    3Craig McMurtry3.114
    4Mo Sanford2.712
    5Andrew Lorraine2.647
    6Donne Wall2.400
    7Jose Parra2.368
    8Dan Carlson2.127
    9Weston Weber2.038
    10Denny Harriger1.977

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