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1994 Florida State League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1994 Florida State League Awards
    Florida State League All-Star TeamMike Figga C, Angel Martinez C, Andrew Kontorinis 1B, Dave Doster 2B, Lou Lucca 3B, Derek Jeter SS, Matt Lawton OF, Donald White OF, Karim Garcia OF, Jason Friedman DH, Rey Ordonez UT, Steve Solomon UT, Gus Gandarillas RP, - - RP, Keith Heberling LHP, - - LHP, Jason Isringhausen RHP, - - RHP
    Florida State League Manager of the YearFredi Gonzalez
    Florida State League Most Valuable PlayerDerek Jeter
    1994 Batting Leaders
    1Aldo Pecorilli135
    2DaRond Stovall134
    3Eduardo Rios133
    4Corey Powell132
    5Guillermo Mercedes132
    6Kevin Morgan132
    7Todd Pridy132
    8Dave Doster131
    9Jose Texidor131
    10Osmani Estrada131
    At Bats
    1Eduardo Rios529
    2Kevin Sefcik516
    3Aldo Pecorilli508
    4DaRond Stovall507
    5Jose Texidor501
    6Osmani Estrada501
    7Steve Solomon497
    8Lonell Roberts490
    9Pookie Wilson483
    10Angel Jaime482
    1Aaron Fuller89
    2Scott Romano88
    3Steve Solomon88
    4Angel Jaime85
    5Kevin Sefcik83
    6Pookie Wilson81
    7Dee Dowler80
    8Matt Lawton79
    9Willis Otanez77
    10Aldo Pecorilli76
    1Jason Friedman154
    2Steve Solomon150
    3Kevin Sefcik147
    4Aldo Pecorilli141
    5Eduardo Rios139
    6Marc Sagmoen139
    7Angel Jaime136
    8Dee Dowler136
    9Dave Doster135
    10Israel Alcantara134
    1Dave Doster42
    2Todd Pridy36
    3Jason Friedman35
    4Scott Romano35
    5Kris Harmes34
    6Mike Coolbaugh33
    7Brian Daubach30
    8Jose Vidro30
    9Matt Lawton30
    10Mike Gulan30
    1Tarrik Brock14
    2Jason Friedman11
    3Karim Garcia10
    4Marc Sagmoen10
    5Angel Jaime9
    6Brian Thomas9
    7Dan Madsen9
    8Donald White9
    9Derek Jeter8
    10Eduardo Rios8
    Home Runs
    1Karim Garcia21
    2Scott Romano20
    3Willis Otanez19
    4Aldo Pecorilli18
    5Jonathen Smith18
    6Matt Luke16
    7Mike Coolbaugh16
    8DaRond Stovall15
    9Israel Alcantara15
    10Mike Figga15
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Todd Pridy89
    2Jason Friedman87
    3Scott Romano87
    4Karim Garcia84
    5Eduardo Rios79
    6Aldo Pecorilli78
    7Lou Lucca76
    8Mike Figga75
    9Brian Daubach74
    10Dave Doster74
    Stolen Bases
    1Lonell Roberts61
    2Aaron Fuller45
    3Basil Shabazz44
    4Matt Lawton42
    5Kraig Hawkins37
    6R.D. Long37
    7Ken Norman32
    8Donald White31
    9Mike Murphy31
    10Kevin Sefcik30
    Caught Stealing
    1Wilton Guerrero20
    2Kraig Hawkins19
    3Matt Lawton19
    4Basil Shabazz18
    5Kent Blasingame16
    6Melvin Mora16
    7Pookie Wilson14
    8Tripp Keister14
    9Aaron Fuller13
    10Donovan Mitchell13
    1Aaron Fuller82
    2Matt Lawton80
    3Lou Lucca72
    4Timothy Thomas66
    5Matt Evans65
    6Brent Brede63
    7Brian Turner63
    8Dwight Robinson63
    9DaRond Stovall62
    10Brian Rupp61
    1DaRond Stovall154
    2Keith Kimsey136
    3Israel Alcantara130
    4Brian Thomas122
    5Brian Daubach120
    6Todd Pridy116
    7Jonathen Smith113
    8Matt Terrell113
    9Karim Garcia112
    10Dave Duplessis108
    Hit by Pitch
    1Scott Romano15
    2Ray Suplee12
    3Dave Doster11
    4Osmani Estrada11
    5Sandy Martinez11
    6Benny Agbayani10
    7Dave Duplessis10
    8Melvin Mora10
    9Steve Solomon10
    10Brad Erdman9
    Intentional Walks
    1Jason Friedman9
    2Karim Garcia8
    3Kris Harmes7
    4Steve Solomon7
    5Brent Killen6
    6Brian Daubach5
    7Dave Duplessis5
    8Dwight Robinson5
    9Robin Jennings5
    10Todd Pridy5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Aaron Fuller14
    2Gavin Jackson12
    3Keith Johns12
    4Guillermo Mercedes11
    5Angel Jaime10
    6Dee Dowler10
    7Derek Vinyard10
    8Richard Perez10
    9Wilton Guerrero10
    10Donald White9
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Jason Friedman12
    2Lou Merloni10
    3Brian Thomas8
    4Dave Doster8
    5Chad Roper7
    6Rene Lopez7
    7Willis Otanez7
    8Angel Jaime6
    9Brent Killen6
    10Corey Powell6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Corey Powell25
    2Brian Rupp20
    3Lou Lucca18
    4Keith Kimsey17
    5Todd Pridy16
    6Eduardo Rios15
    7Marc Sagmoen15
    8Sandy Martinez15
    9Edgar Renteria14
    10Mike Coolbaugh14
    Total Bases
    1Jason Friedman232
    2Karim Garcia231
    3Scott Romano228
    4Aldo Pecorilli227
    5Dave Doster224
    6Eduardo Rios222
    7Willis Otanez218
    8Steve Solomon216
    9Israel Alcantara213
    10Mike Coolbaugh207
    Plate Appearances
    1Kevin Sefcik582
    2Osmani Estrada581
    3DaRond Stovall576
    4Aldo Pecorilli572
    5Eduardo Rios569
    6Steve Solomon568
    7Jose Texidor557
    8Dave Doster556
    9Todd Pridy548
    10Pookie Wilson547
    Batting Average
    1Derek Jeter.329
    2Jason Friedman.328
    3Rey Ordonez.309
    4Scott Romano.303
    5Steve Solomon.302
    6Matt Lawton.300
    7Wilton Guerrero.294
    8Marc Sagmoen.293
    9Robert Hinds.291
    10Edgardo Larregui.290
    On-Base Percentage
    1Matt Lawton.407
    2Scott Romano.403
    3Aaron Fuller.388
    4Andrew Kontorinis.387
    5Lou Lucca.384
    6Brent Killen.383
    7Derek Jeter.380
    8Benny Agbayani.378
    9Doug Newstrom.378
    10Rickey Cradle.378
    Slugging Percentage
    1Scott Romano.544
    2Karim Garcia.511
    3Jason Friedman.495
    4Kris Harmes.474
    5Dave Doster.467
    6Willis Otanez.458
    7Mike Coolbaugh.454
    8Israel Alcantara.452
    9Mike Figga.448
    10Aldo Pecorilli.447
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Scott Romano947
    2Jason Friedman846
    3Karim Garcia830
    4Dave Doster829
    5Matt Lawton826
    6Kris Harmes824
    7Andrew Kontorinis811
    8Steve Solomon810
    9Derek Jeter808
    10Willis Otanez808
    1Andrew Kontorinis1.462
    2Brent Killen1.256
    3Matt Lawton1.250
    4Doug Newstrom1.157
    5Jeff Bigler1.149
    6Kevin Sefcik1.140
    7Scott Malone1.140
    8Scott Romano1.073
    9Brent Brede1.050
    10Pookie Wilson1.020
    1994 Pitching Leaders
    1David Hutcheson13
    2Jeff Suppan13
    3Jerry Martin13
    4Ron Blazier13
    5Brian Carpenter12
    6Brian Moehler12
    7Mike Buddie12
    8Ramiro Mendoza12
    9Aaron Jersild11
    10Erik Hiljus11
    1Eric Ludwick13
    2Hector Mercado13
    3Mike Busby13
    4Billy Hartnett13
    5Brian Moehler12
    6Hector Ramirez12
    7Tim Kester12
    8David Manning11
    9Kevin Legault11
    10Pete Hartmann11
    1Peter Agostinelli64
    2Jeff Matranga63
    3Eric Miller57
    4Eric Smith54
    5David Bigham53
    6Scott Gentile53
    7Chad Brown52
    8Dan Brown50
    9Derron Spiller50
    10Lee Daniels49
    Games Started
    1Ron Blazier29
    2Aaron Fultz28
    3Eric Ludwick27
    4Hector Ramirez27
    5Hector Trinidad27
    6Jeff Suppan27
    7Jerry Martin27
    8Erik Hiljus26
    9Everett Stull26
    10Jose Paniagua26
    Complete Games
    1Dean Peterson6
    2Hector Ramirez6
    3Jason Isringhausen6
    4Brian Moehler5
    5Matt Whisenant5
    6Brad Schorr4
    7David Hutcheson4
    8Hector Trinidad4
    9Jeff Suppan4
    10John Rosengren4
    1Brad Schorr3
    2David Hutcheson3
    3Dean Peterson3
    4Jason Isringhausen3
    5John Rosengren3
    6Mark Tranberg3
    7Brian Moehler2
    8Geno Morones2
    9Jeff Suppan2
    10Jim Musselwhite2
    Games Finished
    1Eric Miller51
    2Lee Daniels41
    3Scott Gentile40
    4Eric Smith37
    5John Grimm37
    6Mike Cather37
    7Gus Gandarillas34
    8Joe Jacobsen34
    9Mike DeJean33
    10Doug Pettit31
    1Eric Miller37
    2Scott Gentile26
    3Gus Gandarillas20
    4John Grimm19
    5Jeff Tam16
    6Mike DeJean16
    7Eric Smith15
    8Joe Jacobsen15
    9Lee Daniels15
    10Doug Pettit14
    Innings Pitched
    1Hector Ramirez194
    2Hector Trinidad175.2
    3Jeff Suppan174
    4Ron Blazier173.1
    5Aaron Fultz168.1
    6Brian Moehler164.2
    7Jerry Martin164.2
    8David Hutcheson162
    9Erik Hiljus160.2
    10Matt Whisenant160
    1Hector Ramirez202
    2Kevin Legault196
    3Aaron Fultz193
    4Ron Blazier177
    5Hector Trinidad171
    6Mike Busby166
    7Eric Ludwick162
    8Erik Hiljus159
    9Tim Kester159
    10Brian Moehler153
    1Eric Ludwick102
    2Aaron Fultz95
    3Tyrone Narcisse91
    4Kevin Legault87
    5Hector Ramirez86
    6Erik Hiljus85
    7Tim Kester85
    8Dan Serafini84
    9Jose Paniagua82
    10Mike Busby82
    Earned Runs
    1Aaron Fultz81
    2Tyrone Narcisse79
    3Eric Ludwick76
    4Mike Busby75
    5Hector Ramirez74
    6Kevin Legault73
    7Tim Kester73
    8Erik Hiljus71
    9Brian Carpenter70
    10Dan Serafini70
    Home Runs
    1Brian Carpenter16
    2Ron Blazier15
    3John Trisler12
    4Rick DeHart12
    5Dan Serafini11
    6Henry Santos11
    7Joel Gilmore11
    8Mike Busby11
    9Aaron Jersild10
    10Adam Meinershagen10
    1Erik Hiljus90
    2Matt Whisenant82
    3Wayne Gomes82
    4Hector Mercado79
    5Everett Stull78
    6Eric Ludwick77
    7Pete Hartmann77
    8Jerry Martin68
    9Mike Buddie66
    10Brian Moehler65
    1Jeff Suppan173
    2Everett Stull165
    3Hector Trinidad142
    4Erik Hiljus140
    5Neil Weber134
    6Aaron Fultz132
    7Dan Serafini130
    8Derek Brandow123
    9Keith Heberling121
    10Ron Blazier120
    Wild Pitches
    1Wayne Gomes27
    2Matt Whisenant18
    3Everett Stull15
    4Pete Hartmann15
    5Jose Paniagua13
    6Clint Sodowsky12
    7David Pike12
    8Marvin Billingsley12
    9Roger Doman12
    10Tom Singer12
    1Erik Hiljus8
    2Hector Ramirez8
    3Jerry Martin7
    4Aaron Jersild6
    5Everett Stull6
    6Pete Hartmann6
    7Eric Ludwick5
    8Hugo Pivaral5
    9Neil Weber5
    10Paul Wilson5
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Jerry Martin2.07
    2John Rosengren2.51
    3Steve Falteisek2.53
    4David Hutcheson2.56
    5Keith Heberling2.91
    6Brian Moehler3.00
    7Chris Kotes3.02
    8Ramiro Mendoza3.02
    9Aaron Jersild3.17
    10Neil Weber3.20
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Jim Musselwhite1.02
    2David Hutcheson1.07
    3Jeff Suppan1.17
    4John Trisler1.17
    5Dean Peterson1.18
    6Joel Gilmore1.18
    7Scott Smith1.19
    8Aaron Jersild1.20
    9Hector Trinidad1.20
    10Steve Falteisek1.21
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Matt Whisenant7.03
    2Everett Stull7.10
    3Jerry Martin7.25
    4Jim Musselwhite7.25
    5Wayne Gomes7.36
    6John Rosengren7.48
    7Neil Weber7.53
    8David Hutcheson7.72
    9Gary Goldsmith7.81
    10Billy Hartnett7.81
    HR per 9 IP
    1Brian Moehler0.16
    2Steve Falteisek0.17
    3Everett Stull0.18
    4John Rosengren0.26
    5Gary Goldsmith0.30
    6David Hutcheson0.33
    7Hector Mercado0.33
    8Jason Tidwell0.33
    9Jerry Martin0.33
    10Eric Ludwick0.36
    BB per 9 IP
    1Joel Gilmore1.51
    2Dean Peterson1.66
    3Ron Blazier1.87
    4Jim Musselwhite1.92
    5David Hutcheson1.94
    6Tim Kester2.01
    7Hector Trinidad2.05
    8John Trisler2.06
    9Scott Smith2.19
    10Rick DeHart2.25
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jeff Suppan8.95
    2Neil Weber8.93
    3Jim Musselwhite8.83
    4Wayne Gomes8.83
    5Dan Serafini8.54
    6Derek Brandow7.91
    7Erik Hiljus7.83
    8Keith Heberling7.83
    9Pete Hartmann7.52
    10Ramiro Mendoza7.39
    1Jim Musselwhite4.609
    2Dean Peterson3.615
    3Joel Gilmore3.600
    4Hector Trinidad3.550
    5Jeff Suppan3.460
    6Ron Blazier3.333
    7Keith Heberling3.270
    8Ramiro Mendoza3.143
    9David Hutcheson2.914
    10Aaron Jersild2.732

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