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1994 Eastern League (AA)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1994 Eastern League Awards
    Eastern League All-Star TeamCharles Johnson C, Tate Seefried 1B, - - 2B, Bryn Kosco 3B, Mark Grudzielanek SS, Curtis Goodwin OF, Jose Malave OF, Kevin Northrup OF, Tony Clark DH, Al Reyes P, Bill Pulsipher P, Rodney Pedraza P, Jimmy Haynes P
    Eastern League Manager of the YearDave Jauss
    Eastern League Most Valuable PlayerMark Grudzielanek
    Eastern League Pitcher of the YearJuan Acevedo
    1994 Batting Leaders
    1Curtis Goodwin142
    2Damian Jackson138
    3Jon Zuber138
    4Ray Harvey137
    5Quinton McCracken136
    6Tim Clark135
    7Alex Ochoa134
    8Scott McClain133
    9Bryn Kosco132
    10Charles Johnson132
    At Bats
    1Curtis Goodwin597
    2Quinton McCracken544
    3Damian Jackson531
    4Ricky Otero531
    5Alex Ochoa519
    6Ray Harvey508
    7Ramon Martinez502
    8Chris Saunders500
    9Edgardo Alfonzo498
    10Jon Zuber498
    1Curtis Goodwin105
    2Ricky Otero96
    3Quinton McCracken94
    4Mark Grudzielanek92
    5Edgardo Alfonzo89
    6Jose Malave87
    7Damian Jackson85
    8Jon Zuber81
    9Pat Lennon80
    10Alex Ochoa77
    1Curtis Goodwin171
    2Mark Grudzielanek157
    3Alex Ochoa156
    4Ricky Otero156
    5Quinton McCracken151
    6Ray Harvey149
    7Edgardo Alfonzo146
    8Jon Zuber146
    9Damian Jackson143
    10Edgar Alfonzo143
    1Jose Malave37
    2Mark Grudzielanek37
    3Edgar Alfonzo35
    4Edgardo Alfonzo34
    5Hector Vargas33
    6Ricky Otero31
    7Pat Lennon30
    8Tim Clark30
    9Charles Johnson29
    10Chris Saunders29
    1Ricky Otero9
    2Curtis Goodwin8
    3Jesus Tavarez8
    4Jason Robertson7
    5Jose Malave7
    6Dave Tokheim6
    7Greg O'Halloran6
    8Matt Rundels6
    9Paul Rappoli6
    10Rob Lukachyk6
    Home Runs
    1Charles Johnson28
    2Tate Seefried27
    3Tony Mitchell25
    4Jose Malave24
    5Bryn Kosco22
    6Frank Bolick21
    7Tony Clark21
    8Pork Chop Pough20
    9Marc Marini17
    10Pat Lennon17
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Jose Malave92
    2Yamil Benitez91
    3Bryn Kosco90
    4Tony Mitchell89
    5Tony Clark86
    6Tate Seefried83
    7Alex Ochoa82
    8Charles Johnson80
    9Edgardo Alfonzo75
    10Edgar Alfonzo73
    Stolen Bases
    1Curtis Goodwin59
    2Damian Jackson37
    3Quinton McCracken36
    4Ricky Otero33
    5Rob Lukachyk33
    6Mark Grudzielanek32
    7Justin Mashore31
    8Ramon Martinez31
    9Michael Hardge30
    10Alex Ochoa28
    Caught Stealing
    1Quinton McCracken19
    2Michael Hardge18
    3Damian Jackson16
    4Ricky Otero16
    5Alex Ochoa15
    6Yamil Benitez15
    7Pat Bryant14
    8Ramon Martinez14
    9Andy Fox13
    10Tyrone Horne13
    1Charles Johnson74
    2Randy Wilstead72
    3Scott McClain72
    4Jon Zuber71
    5Felix Colon69
    6Hector Vargas68
    7Edgardo Alfonzo64
    8Andy Fox62
    9Ray Harvey61
    10Damian Jackson60
    1Tate Seefried149
    2Yamil Benitez134
    3Bryn Kosco124
    4Damian Jackson121
    5Jason Robertson120
    6Justin Mashore120
    7Tony Mitchell114
    8Tony Clark113
    9Tim Clark112
    10Michael Hardge109
    Hit by Pitch
    1Hector Vargas9
    2Mark Strittmatter9
    3Lewellyn Hill8
    4Mark Grudzielanek8
    5David Fisher7
    6Evan Pratte7
    7Paul Rappoli7
    8Randy Wilstead7
    9Ryan Martindale7
    10Brian Dubose6
    Intentional Walks
    1Rob Lukachyk9
    2Matt Stairs7
    3Bryn Kosco6
    4Edgardo Alfonzo6
    5Ray Harvey6
    6Bubba Carpenter5
    7Lou List5
    8Phil Geisler5
    9Tony Clark5
    10Craig Counsell4
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Curtis Goodwin13
    2Carlton Fleming10
    3Damian Jackson10
    4Quinton McCracken10
    5Ken Arnold9
    6Patrick Maxwell9
    7David Fisher8
    8Justin Mashore8
    9Michael Hardge8
    10Wayne Housie8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Alex Ochoa12
    2Jeff Barry8
    3Ramon Martinez8
    4Chris Saunders7
    5Edgardo Alfonzo7
    6Frank Jacobs7
    7Gary Hymel7
    8Jose Malave7
    9Scott McClain7
    10Bill Selby6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Bryn Kosco17
    2Mark Grudzielanek15
    3Tim Clark15
    4Charles Johnson14
    5Dean DeCillis14
    6Kevin Northrup14
    7Ray Harvey14
    8Scott McClain14
    9Terry Jorgensen14
    10Chris Sheff13
    Total Bases
    1Jose Malave262
    2Mark Grudzielanek233
    3Charles Johnson232
    4Pat Lennon231
    5Edgardo Alfonzo229
    6Tony Mitchell229
    7Alex Ochoa227
    8Ricky Otero226
    9Edgar Alfonzo213
    10Bryn Kosco212
    Plate Appearances
    1Curtis Goodwin655
    2Damian Jackson611
    3Quinton McCracken610
    4Ricky Otero592
    5Alex Ochoa586
    6Ray Harvey579
    7Jon Zuber576
    8Edgardo Alfonzo574
    9Chris Saunders556
    10Bryn Kosco549
    Batting Average
    1Kevin Northrup.331
    2Jay Davis.329
    3Pat Lennon.326
    4Mark Grudzielanek.322
    5Hector Vargas.313
    6Bo Ortiz.309
    7Edgar Alfonzo.309
    8Matt Stairs.309
    9Jeff Barry.304
    10Alex Ochoa.301
    On-Base Percentage
    1Randy Wilstead.414
    2Hector Vargas.413
    3Matt Stairs.407
    4Pat Lennon.400
    5Kevin Northrup.395
    6Bubba Carpenter.385
    7Tyrone Horne.385
    8Mark Grudzielanek.382
    9Murph Proctor.380
    10Jon Zuber.379
    Slugging Percentage
    1Jose Malave.563
    2Pat Lennon.538
    3Pork Chop Pough.536
    4Charles Johnson.524
    5Frank Bolick.505
    6Marc Marini.505
    7Tony Clark.503
    8Kevin Northrup.490
    9Bo Ortiz.488
    10Randy Wilstead.487
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Pat Lennon938
    2Jose Malave932
    3Pork Chop Pough908
    4Randy Wilstead901
    5Charles Johnson895
    6Matt Stairs893
    7Kevin Northrup885
    8Hector Vargas873
    9Marc Marini872
    10Bo Ortiz860
    1Carlton Fleming1.405
    2Matt Stairs1.395
    3Jason Moler1.381
    4Jerry Schunk1.250
    5Edgardo Alfonzo1.164
    6Craig Counsell1.156
    7Lamarr Rogers1.098
    8Hector Vargas1.030
    9Ricky Otero1.020
    10Jon Zuber1.000
    1994 Pitching Leaders
    1Juan Acevedo17
    2Bill Pulsipher14
    3Chris Roberts13
    4Jimmy Haynes13
    5Rick Forney13
    6Rodney Pedraza13
    7Carlos Crawford12
    8Bob Baxter11
    9Brian Edmondson11
    10Brian Sackinsky11
    1Alan Embree16
    2Trever Miller16
    3Tim Smith14
    4Larry Mitchell13
    5Dan Gakeler12
    6Mark Tranberg12
    7Shannon Withem12
    8Brian Boehringer11
    9Ryan Karp11
    10David Mysel10
    1Jim McCready63
    2Al Reyes60
    3Ed Riley57
    4Joe Caruso56
    5Andy Beckerman55
    6Armando Benitez53
    7Curt Schmidt53
    8Scott Wiegandt52
    9Pete Young51
    10Blake Doolan50
    Games Started
    1Larry Mitchell30
    2Bill Pulsipher28
    3Rick Forney28
    4Alan Embree27
    5Brian Boehringer27
    6Chris Roberts27
    7Brian Edmondson26
    8Brian Sackinsky26
    9Juan Acevedo26
    10Tim Smith26
    Complete Games
    1Trever Miller6
    2Bill Pulsipher5
    3Brian Boehringer5
    4Jimmy Haynes5
    5Juan Acevedo5
    6Kenny Carlyle5
    7Shannon Withem5
    8Brian Sackinsky4
    9Paul Byrd4
    10Rick Forney4
    1Carlos Perez2
    2Chris Roberts2
    3Joel Adamson2
    4Juan Acevedo2
    5Lloyd Peever2
    6Rick Forney2
    7Robert Person2
    8Rodney Pedraza2
    9Vaughn Eshelman2
    10Alan Embree1
    Games Finished
    1Al Reyes53
    2Andy Beckerman44
    3Joe Borowski37
    4Armando Benitez36
    5Andy Croghan33
    6Ricky Bottalico33
    7Mike Guilfoyle32
    8Joe Caruso28
    9Mark Voisard27
    10Curt Schmidt26
    1Al Reyes35
    2Ricky Bottalico22
    3Andy Beckerman19
    4Andy Croghan16
    5Armando Benitez16
    6Mark Voisard15
    7Joe Borowski14
    8Pep Harris12
    9Bryan Rogers11
    10Don Perigny11
    Innings Pitched
    1Bill Pulsipher201
    2Shannon Withem178
    3Brian Sackinsky177
    4Chris Roberts175.1
    5Carlos Crawford175
    6Juan Acevedo174.2
    7Trever Miller174.1
    8Jimmy Haynes173.2
    9Brian Boehringer171.2
    10Vaughn Eshelman166.1
    1Trever Miller198
    2Shannon Withem190
    3Tim Smith186
    4Alan Embree183
    5Bill Pulsipher179
    6Vaughn Eshelman175
    7Brian Edmondson171
    8Rick Forney168
    9Brian Boehringer165
    10Brian Sackinsky165
    1Tim Smith113
    2Alan Embree106
    3Rick Forney105
    4Trever Miller95
    5Larry Mitchell91
    6Bill Pulsipher90
    7Dan Gakeler90
    8Brian Edmondson89
    9Brian Boehringer85
    10Carlos Crawford83
    Earned Runs
    1Tim Smith99
    2Alan Embree96
    3Rick Forney85
    4Trever Miller85
    5Brian Edmondson82
    6Dan Gakeler76
    7Vaughn Eshelman74
    8Larry Mitchell73
    9Bill Pulsipher72
    10Brian Boehringer69
    Home Runs
    1Brian Sackinsky24
    2Bill Pulsipher18
    3Robert Person18
    4Vic Darensbourg18
    5Rick Forney17
    6Jimmy Haynes16
    7Juan Acevedo16
    8Ralph Diaz16
    9Tim Smith16
    10Alan Embree15
    1Larry Mitchell103
    2Bill Pulsipher89
    3Chris Roberts77
    4Tim Rumer75
    5Ivan Arteaga70
    6Ralph Diaz69
    7Robert Person68
    8Alan Embree64
    9Brian Edmondson61
    10Mike Mimbs61
    1Jimmy Haynes177
    2Bill Pulsipher171
    3Juan Acevedo161
    4Brian Boehringer145
    5Brian Sackinsky145
    6Mike Mimbs145
    7Shannon Withem135
    8Vaughn Eshelman133
    9Joel Bennett130
    10Robert Person130
    Wild Pitches
    1Larry Mitchell15
    2Dennis Springer14
    3Chris Roberts12
    4Brian Edmondson11
    5Tim Smith11
    6Tom Carter11
    7Joel Bennett10
    8Steve Chitren10
    9Bill Pulsipher9
    10Kevin Ryan9
    1Bill Pulsipher5
    2Brian Boehringer5
    3Ivan Arteaga5
    4Juan Acevedo5
    5Chip Duncan4
    6David Mysel4
    7Jason Fronio3
    8Jimmy Haynes3
    9Jhonny Pantoja3
    10Kip Yaughn3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Juan Acevedo2.37
    2Juan Castillo2.59
    3Jimmy Haynes2.90
    4Tim Rumer3.10
    5Philip Schneider3.11
    6Bill Pulsipher3.22
    7Rodney Pedraza3.23
    8Roger Bailey3.23
    9Ugueth Urbina3.27
    10Chris Roberts3.29
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Juan Acevedo1.03
    2Lloyd Peever1.11
    3Brian Sackinsky1.15
    4Jimmy Haynes1.15
    5Stan Spencer1.15
    6Ugueth Urbina1.15
    7Rodney Pedraza1.19
    8Philip Schneider1.21
    9Robert Person1.21
    10Mike Mimbs1.24
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Robert Person7.02
    2Ugueth Urbina7.14
    3Juan Acevedo7.30
    4Ivan Arteaga7.38
    5Lloyd Peever7.49
    6Tim Rumer7.57
    7Mike Mimbs7.60
    8Philip Schneider7.74
    9Larry Mitchell7.80
    10Juan Castillo7.95
    HR per 9 IP
    1Rodney Pedraza0.14
    2Larry Mitchell0.27
    3Dan Gakeler0.41
    4Roger Bailey0.45
    5Kenny Carlyle0.47
    6Trever Miller0.47
    7Juan Castillo0.49
    8Shannon Withem0.51
    9Brian Boehringer0.52
    10Philip Schneider0.53
    BB per 9 IP
    1Rodney Pedraza1.62
    2J.J. Thobe1.79
    3Shannon Withem1.87
    4Juan Acevedo1.95
    5Brian Sackinsky1.98
    6Pat Ahearne2.06
    7Stan Spencer2.18
    8Tim Smith2.21
    9Scott Klingenbeck2.31
    10Jimmy Haynes2.38
    SO per 9 IP
    1Jimmy Haynes9.16
    2Joel Bennett8.93
    3Lloyd Peever8.66
    4Mike Mimbs8.47
    5Juan Acevedo8.28
    6Dennis Springer7.87
    7Tim Rumer7.75
    8Bill Pulsipher7.66
    9Brian Boehringer7.59
    10Joe Ciccarella7.50
    1Juan Acevedo4.237
    2Jimmy Haynes3.848
    3Brian Sackinsky3.718
    4Shannon Withem3.649
    5Lloyd Peever3.405
    6Scott Klingenbeck3.243
    7Stan Spencer3.200
    8Tim Smith2.737
    9Dennis Springer2.682
    10Brian Boehringer2.544

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