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1993 Florida State League (A+)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Many minor leagues standings are actually 2 half-seasons merged into 1 where the winner of each half-season advance to the playoffs. This is done to offset the high volatility of a minor league roster. TBC does not track half-seasons and so the standings below may be a combination and thus playoff participants may not seem logical.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1993 Florida State League Awards
    Florida State League All-Star TeamJason Moler C, Ken Huckaby C, Chris Weinke 1B, Chris Demetral 2B, Eddie Lantigua 3B, Edgardo Alfonzo SS, Rich Butler OF, Rick Holifield OF, Randy Curtis OF, Doug Radziewicz DH, B.J. Wallace LHP, Chris Roberts LHP, Rod Henderson RHP, John Dettmer RHP
    Florida State League Manager of the YearJohn Tamargo
    Florida State League Most Valuable PlayerRandy Curtis
    1993 Batting Leaders
    1Todd Guggiana134
    2Desi Wilson131
    3Kevin Northrup131
    4Chris Petersen130
    5Mike Edwards130
    6Bobby Abreu129
    7Jon Zuber129
    8Omar Garcia129
    9Chris Weinke128
    10Edgardo Alfonzo128
    At Bats
    1Todd Guggiana514
    2Desi Wilson511
    3Chris Stynes496
    4Mike Gomez496
    5Edgardo Alfonzo494
    6Jon Zuber494
    7Buck McNabb487
    8Omar Garcia485
    9Glenn DiSarcina477
    10Chris Weinke476
    1Randy Curtis91
    2Rick Holifield84
    3Terry Bradshaw84
    4Desi Wilson83
    5Jimmy White80
    6Rich Aurilia80
    7Tilson Brito80
    8Doug Brady75
    9Edgardo Alfonzo75
    10Brian Dubose74
    1Desi Wilson156
    2Omar Garcia156
    3Jon Zuber152
    4Chris Stynes151
    5Doug Radziewicz150
    6Randy Curtis149
    7Dennis Colon148
    8Todd Guggiana147
    9Edgardo Alfonzo145
    10Chris Demetral142
    1Jon Zuber37
    2Doug Radziewicz36
    3Todd Guggiana34
    4Todd Steverson32
    5Randy Curtis30
    6Glenn DiSarcina29
    7Kevin Northrup29
    8Mike Fernandez29
    9Chris Stynes28
    10Mike Cantu28
    1Bobby Abreu17
    2Jimmy White12
    3Randy Curtis12
    4Rick Holifield12
    5Brian Dubose11
    6Terrell Lowery9
    7Al Harley8
    8Felipe Crespo8
    9Jonathen Smith8
    10Rich Butler8
    Home Runs
    1Rick Holifield20
    2Chris Weinke17
    3Bernardino Nunez15
    4Jason Moler15
    5Phil Geisler15
    6Chris Morrow13
    7Paul Torres13
    8Kerry Valrie12
    9Mike Edwards12
    10Charles Poe11
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Chris Weinke98
    2Edgardo Alfonzo86
    3Eddie Lantigua79
    4Mike Edwards79
    5Todd Guggiana79
    6Omar Garcia76
    7Mike Cantu75
    8Bernardino Nunez73
    9Doug Radziewicz72
    10Desi Wilson70
    Stolen Bases
    1Randy Curtis52
    2Aaron Holbert45
    3Terry Bradshaw43
    4Rick Holifield30
    5Desi Wilson29
    6Buck McNabb28
    7Kelley O'Neal28
    8Tilson Brito27
    9Derek Vinyard26
    10Doug Brady26
    Caught Stealing
    1Aaron Holbert22
    2Brian Dubose18
    3Rich Aurilia18
    4David Fisher17
    5Jimmy White17
    6Randy Curtis17
    7Terry Bradshaw17
    8Edgardo Alfonzo16
    9Miguel Cairo16
    10Tilson Brito16
    1Randy Curtis93
    2Mike Edwards82
    3Terry Bradshaw82
    4Rich Aurilia75
    5Doug Radziewicz73
    6Kevin Northrup70
    7Chris Demetral69
    8Chris Weinke66
    9Chris Snopek65
    10Tilson Brito59
    1Rick Holifield129
    2Jimmy White120
    3Bernardino Nunez119
    4Todd Steverson118
    5Mike Burns110
    6Eddie Lantigua107
    7Chris Petersen105
    8Dwight Maness105
    9Chad McConnell98
    10Brian Dubose97
    Hit by Pitch
    1Rick Holifield16
    2Dwight Maness15
    3Jonathen Smith11
    4Eddie Lantigua10
    5George Evangelista10
    6Tilson Brito10
    7Chris Petersen9
    8Tito Landrum9
    9Al Harley8
    10David Fisher8
    Intentional Walks
    1Doug Radziewicz11
    2Rich Butler10
    3Chris Weinke8
    4Kevin Northrup7
    5Todd Guggiana7
    6Chris Morrow6
    7Mike Cantu6
    8Randy Wilstead6
    9Rick Holifield6
    10Andrew Kontorinis5
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Chris Petersen17
    2Justin Mashore16
    3Aaron Holbert15
    4Edgar Tovar11
    5Miguel Cairo10
    6Tilson Brito10
    7Rich Aurilia9
    8David Fisher8
    9Dwight Maness8
    10Alex Delgado7
    Sacrifice Flies
    1David Fisher10
    2Edgardo Alfonzo9
    3Dan Ruff8
    4Alberto Castillo7
    5Dwight Maness7
    6Eddie Lantigua7
    7Kerry Valrie7
    8Mike Cantu7
    9Mike Fernandez7
    10Rich Aurilia7
    Ground into Double Plays
    Total Bases
    1Jon Zuber214
    2Rick Holifield214
    3Brian Dubose213
    4Chris Stynes210
    5Randy Curtis209
    6Chris Weinke206
    7Bobby Abreu204
    8Rich Butler204
    9Doug Radziewicz202
    10Edgardo Alfonzo202
    Plate Appearances
    1Randy Curtis573
    2Desi Wilson570
    3Edgardo Alfonzo569
    4Todd Guggiana566
    5Terry Bradshaw562
    6Chris Petersen558
    7Omar Garcia551
    8Buck McNabb550
    9Jon Zuber550
    10Chris Weinke549
    Batting Average
    1Doug Radziewicz.342
    2Javier Puchales.337
    3Chris Demetral.325
    4Omar Garcia.322
    5Randy Curtis.319
    6Dennis Colon.316
    7Dmitri Young.315
    8Miguel Cairo.315
    9Brian Dubose.313
    10Robert Grable.313
    On-Base Percentage
    1Doug Radziewicz.437
    2Randy Curtis.434
    3Chris Demetral.417
    4Rich Aurilia.408
    5Terrell Lowery.408
    6Robert Grable.403
    7Terry Bradshaw.402
    8Dave Hayden.401
    9Omar Garcia.392
    10Mike Edwards.391
    Slugging Percentage
    1Phil Geisler.526
    2Rick Holifield.526
    3Chris Morrow.509
    4Tyrone Horne.479
    5Jason Moler.477
    6Brian Dubose.475
    7Paul Torres.465
    8Robert Grable.462
    9Doug Radziewicz.460
    10Rich Butler.459
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Rick Holifield907
    2Doug Radziewicz897
    3Phil Geisler894
    4Randy Curtis882
    5Robert Grable865
    6Chris Morrow861
    7Brian Dubose857
    8Tyrone Horne857
    9Jason Moler849
    10Paul Torres845
    1Chris Demetral1.468
    2Terry Bradshaw1.367
    3Jeff Barry1.324
    4Rich Aurilia1.316
    5Randy Curtis1.292
    6Miguel Cairo1.273
    7Doug Radziewicz1.259
    8David Fisher1.238
    9Darryl Kennedy1.237
    10Omar Garcia1.213
    1993 Pitching Leaders
    1John Dettmer16
    2Michael Badorek15
    3Chris Roberts13
    4Rod Henderson12
    5Al Levine11
    6B.J. Wallace11
    7Brad Schorr11
    8Dave Geeve11
    9Dave Giberti11
    10Doug Mlicki11
    1Brett Roberts16
    2Pat Ahearne15
    3Ken Wheeler14
    4Dickie Dixon12
    5Cesar Martin11
    6Giovanni Carrara11
    7Jay Franklin11
    8Sean Lowe11
    9Tom Singer11
    10Brad Schorr10
    1John Corona59
    2Kevin Lane58
    3J.J. Munoz56
    4Kyle Guerry56
    5Ben Weber55
    6Luis Garcia55
    7Mark Larosa54
    8David Bigham53
    9Mark Randall52
    10Albert Montoya50
    Games Started
    1Brett Roberts28
    2Michael Badorek28
    3John Dettmer27
    4Al Levine26
    5Brad Schorr26
    6Chris Curtis26
    7Dennis Gray26
    8Jamie Sepeda26
    9Mike Heathcott26
    10Tom Singer26
    Complete Games
    1Robert Ellis8
    2Mike Heathcott6
    3Al Levine5
    4John Dettmer5
    5Brad Schorr4
    6Brent Hansen4
    7Jay Franklin4
    8Wes Brooks4
    9Bill Pulsipher3
    10Brett Roberts3
    1Wes Brooks3
    2Brent Hansen2
    3Chris Roberts2
    4Jamie Sepeda2
    5Jason Jacome2
    6Joel Nies2
    7John Dettmer2
    8Larry Thomas2
    9Robert Ellis2
    10Al Levine1
    Games Finished
    1Mark Larosa43
    2Steve Gajkowski38
    3Ben Weber36
    4John Corona35
    5Kevin Lane34
    6J.J. Munoz33
    7Jim McCready30
    8Richard Linares29
    9Wilson Heredia29
    10Luis Garcia28
    1Clint Davis19
    2Mark Larosa19
    3Jim McCready16
    4John Corona16
    5Lance Schuermann16
    6Steve Gajkowski15
    7Troy Kent15
    8Wilson Heredia15
    9Andy Beckerman14
    10Richard Linares13
    Innings Pitched
    1Brad Schorr181.2
    2Mike Heathcott179.1
    3Brett Roberts173.2
    4Chris Roberts173.1
    5Michael Badorek170
    6John Dettmer163
    7Al Levine161.1
    8Jamie Sepeda160
    9Ken Wheeler159.1
    10Doug Mlicki158.2
    1Ken Wheeler196
    2Brad Schorr192
    3Brett Roberts184
    4Mike Heathcott174
    5Ron Blazier171
    6Michael Badorek170
    7Al Levine169
    8Dickie Dixon168
    9Jamie Sepeda165
    10Chris Roberts162
    1Ken Wheeler101
    2Brett Roberts93
    3Mike Heathcott90
    4Al Levine87
    5Brad Schorr87
    6Dickie Dixon87
    7Pat Ahearne87
    8Doug Mlicki81
    9Jamie Sepeda81
    10Rick Steed81
    Earned Runs
    1Brett Roberts84
    2Ken Wheeler77
    3Brad Schorr75
    4Pat Ahearne73
    5Mike Heathcott72
    6Dickie Dixon71
    7Kevin Legault70
    8Doug Mlicki69
    9Ron Blazier68
    10Chris Curtis67
    Home Runs
    1Doug Mlicki16
    2Felix Rodriguez15
    3Giovanni Carrara14
    4Ken Wheeler14
    5David Klvac13
    6Ben Howze12
    7Randy Phillips12
    8Joel Nies11
    9Martin Lavigne11
    10Ken Hamilton10
    1Dennis Gray97
    2Brett Roberts86
    3Dickie Dixon82
    4Felix Rodriguez71
    5Tom Singer71
    6B.J. Wallace65
    7Doug Mlicki65
    8Jamie Sepeda63
    9Mike Heathcott62
    10Rick Steed62
    1Al Levine129
    2John Dettmer128
    3Rod Henderson127
    4B.J. Wallace126
    5Chris Roberts111
    6Doug Mlicki111
    7Brian Looney109
    8Dickie Dixon109
    9Brett Roberts108
    10Dennis Gray108
    Wild Pitches
    1Tom Singer17
    2Dickie Dixon16
    3Mike Heathcott16
    4Silverio Santa Maria15
    5Al Levine11
    6J.J. Munoz11
    7Brett Roberts10
    8Dom DeSantis10
    9Giovanni Carrara10
    10Tom Hotchkiss10
    1Randy Phillips6
    2Tom Singer5
    3Albert Montoya2
    4Brett Roberts2
    5David Bigham2
    6Dennis Sweeney2
    7Ben Weber1
    8Chris Kotes1
    9Greg Johnson1
    10Kurt Heble1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Richard Linares1.82
    2John Dettmer2.15
    3David Pyc2.39
    4Robert Ellis2.51
    5Brent Hansen2.62
    6Chris Roberts2.76
    7Brian Boehringer2.80
    8Dave Geeve2.84
    9Rod Henderson2.90
    10Brian Edmondson3.00
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1John Dettmer1.01
    2Robert Ellis1.08
    3Rod Henderson1.08
    4Chris Roberts1.14
    5Richard Linares1.15
    6Randy Phillips1.17
    7Shannon Withem1.17
    8Dave Geeve1.20
    9Joel Nies1.21
    10Carl Schramm1.22
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Rod Henderson6.92
    2Robert Ellis7.01
    3John Dettmer7.29
    4Dennis Gray7.34
    5B.J. Wallace7.36
    6Felix Rodriguez7.43
    7David Pyc7.73
    8Brian Boehringer7.79
    9Richard Linares8.01
    10Randy Phillips8.10
    HR per 9 IP
    1David Pyc0.08
    2B.J. Wallace0.13
    3Brian Boehringer0.15
    4Chris Roberts0.16
    5Brian Looney0.17
    6Paul Saccavino0.17
    7Rod Henderson0.19
    8Mike Heathcott0.25
    9Robert Ellis0.26
    10Carl Schramm0.30
    BB per 9 IP
    1Dave Geeve1.29
    2John Dettmer1.82
    3Chris Roberts1.87
    4Shannon Withem1.91
    5Ken Wheeler2.15
    6Carl Schramm2.16
    7Joel Nies2.20
    8Richard Linares2.31
    9Ron Blazier2.32
    10Randy Phillips2.45
    SO per 9 IP
    1Brian Looney9.25
    2B.J. Wallace8.28
    3Rod Henderson7.99
    4Al Levine7.21
    5Randy Phillips7.12
    6John Dettmer7.07
    7Scott Gentile7.04
    8Brian Boehringer6.96
    9Dennis Gray6.89
    10Giovanni Carrara6.89
    1Dave Geeve4.211
    2John Dettmer3.879
    3Brian Looney3.759
    4Chris Roberts3.083
    5Carl Schramm3.069
    6Randy Phillips2.900
    7Rod Henderson2.886
    8Richard Linares2.857
    9Joel Nies2.742
    10Shannon Withem2.583

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