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1974 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1974 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearFergie Jenkins
    American League Cy Young AwardCatfish Hunter
    American League Gold GloveJim Kaat Pitcher, Thurman Munson Catcher, George Scott First Base, Bobby Grich Second Base, Brooks Robinson Third Base, Mark Belanger Shortstop, Paul Blair Outfielder, Amos Otis Outfielder, Joe Rudi Outfielder
    American League Most Valuable PlayerJeff Burroughs
    AL Player of the MonthGraig Nettles April, Rod Carew May, Gaylord Perry June, Doc Medich July, Nolan Ryan August, Al Kaline September
    American League Player of the WeekFran Healy April 29-May 5, George Hendrick May 6-May 12, Ellie Rodriguez May 27-June 2, John Mayberry June 10-June 16, Steve Busby June 17-June 23, Tony Oliva June 24-June 30, Luis Tiant July 8-July 14, Tom Buskey July 22-July 28, Jeff Burroughs July 29-August 4, Amos Otis August 5-August 11, Nolan Ryan August 12-August 18, Al Fitzmorris August 19-August 25, Roy White August 19-August 25, Mike Cuellar September 2-September 8, Fergie Jenkins September 9-September 15, Jim Kaat September 16-September 22
    American League Rookie of the YearMike Hargrove
    1974 Batting Leaders
    1Ken Henderson162
    2Toby Harrah161
    3Bobby Grich160
    4Aurelio Rodriguez159
    5Don Money159
    6Frank Duffy158
    7Gene Tenace158
    8George Scott158
    9Joe Rudi158
    10Tommy Davis158
    At Bats
    1Don Money629
    2Tommy Davis626
    3Gary Sutherland619
    4Bobby Murcer606
    5George Scott604
    6Ken Henderson602
    7Rod Carew599
    8Joe Rudi593
    9Bobby Grich582
    10Bobby Darwin575
    1Carl Yastrzemski93
    2Bobby Grich92
    3Reggie Jackson90
    4Amos Otis87
    5Rod Carew86
    6Don Money85
    7Dick Allen84
    8Jeff Burroughs84
    9Sal Bando84
    10Billy North79
    1Rod Carew218
    2Tommy Davis181
    3Don Money178
    4Ken Henderson176
    5Joe Rudi174
    6George Scott170
    7Hal McRae167
    8Jeff Burroughs167
    9Bobby Murcer166
    10Jorge Orta166
    1Joe Rudi39
    2George Scott36
    3Hal McRae36
    4Ken Henderson35
    5Jeff Burroughs33
    6Don Money32
    7Steve Brye32
    8Amos Otis31
    9Jorge Orta31
    10Johnny Briggs30
    1Mickey Rivers11
    2Amos Otis9
    3Bert Campaneris8
    4Dwight Evans8
    5Johnny Briggs8
    6Roy White8
    7Bobby Darwin7
    8Jim Wohlford7
    9Larry Hisle7
    10Tim Johnson7
    Home Runs
    1Dick Allen32
    2Reggie Jackson29
    3Gene Tenace26
    4Bobby Darwin25
    5Jeff Burroughs25
    6Charlie Spikes22
    7Graig Nettles22
    8Joe Rudi22
    9John Mayberry22
    10Sal Bando22
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Jeff Burroughs118
    2Sal Bando103
    3Joe Rudi99
    4Ken Henderson95
    5Bobby Darwin94
    6Reggie Jackson93
    7Bobby Murcer88
    8Dick Allen88
    9Hal McRae88
    10Tommy Davis84
    Stolen Bases
    1Billy North54
    2Rod Carew38
    3John Lowenstein36
    4Bert Campaneris34
    5Freddie Patek33
    6Mickey Rivers30
    7Don Baylor29
    8Herb Washington29
    9Tommy Harper28
    10Paul Blair27
    Caught Stealing
    1Billy North26
    2John Lowenstein17
    3Len Randle17
    4Herb Washington16
    5Rod Carew16
    6Bert Campaneris15
    7Freddie Patek15
    8Toby Harrah14
    9Dave Nelson13
    10Jim Wohlford13
    1Gene Tenace110
    2Carl Yastrzemski104
    3Jeff Burroughs91
    4Bobby Grich90
    5Reggie Jackson86
    6Sal Bando86
    7Freddie Patek77
    8John Mayberry77
    9Frank Robinson75
    10Rod Carew74
    1Bobby Darwin127
    2Bobby Grich117
    3Ken Henderson112
    4Larry Hisle112
    5Leroy Stanton107
    6Gene Tenace105
    7Reggie Jackson105
    8Jeff Burroughs104
    9Johnny Briggs102
    10Charlie Spikes100
    Hit by Pitch
    1Bobby Grich20
    2Bobby Darwin14
    3Gene Tenace12
    4Don Baylor10
    5Frank Robinson10
    6Cesar Tovar9
    7Ellie Rodriguez9
    8Larry Hisle8
    9Charlie Spikes7
    10Dave Chalk7
    Intentional Walks
    1Reggie Jackson20
    2Carl Yastrzemski16
    3Frank Robinson14
    4Brooks Robinson13
    5Jeff Burroughs12
    6Thurman Munson12
    7John Mayberry11
    8Tony Oliva11
    9Bobby Murcer10
    10Boog Powell10
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Bucky Dent23
    2Mark Belanger20
    3Jim Sundberg17
    4Frank Duffy16
    5Len Randle16
    6Rod Carew13
    7Bert Campaneris11
    8Billy North11
    9Dave Nelson11
    10Mickey Rivers11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Sal Bando13
    2Amos Otis12
    3Bobby Murcer12
    4Jeff Burroughs12
    5Carl Yastrzemski11
    6Lou Piniella11
    7Graig Nettles9
    8Bobby Grich8
    9Glenn Borgmann8
    10Ken Henderson8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1George Scott25
    2Cookie Rojas24
    3Bob Oliver21
    4Tommy Davis20
    5Dave Chalk18
    6Lou Piniella18
    7Alex Johnson17
    8Dave Nelson17
    9Gary Sutherland17
    10George Hendrick17
    Total Bases
    1Joe Rudi287
    2Ken Henderson281
    3Jeff Burroughs279
    4Rod Carew267
    5Don Money261
    6George Scott261
    7Dick Allen260
    8Reggie Jackson260
    9Hal McRae256
    10Bobby Darwin254
    Plate Appearances
    1Don Money709
    2Bobby Grich707
    3Rod Carew690
    4Ken Henderson680
    5Bobby Murcer679
    6Tommy Davis673
    7George Scott672
    8Jeff Burroughs662
    9Gary Sutherland652
    10Joe Rudi639
    Batting Average
    1Rod Carew.364
    2Jorge Orta.316
    3Hal McRae.310
    4Lou Piniella.305
    5Elliott Maddox.303
    6Len Randle.302
    7Carl Yastrzemski.301
    8Dick Allen.301
    9Jeff Burroughs.301
    10Joe Rudi.293
    On-Base Percentage
    1Rod Carew.433
    2Carl Yastrzemski.414
    3Jeff Burroughs.397
    4Elliott Maddox.395
    5Reggie Jackson.391
    6Bobby Grich.376
    7Dick Allen.375
    8Hal McRae.375
    9Frank Robinson.371
    10Gene Tenace.367
    Slugging Percentage
    1Dick Allen.563
    2Reggie Jackson.514
    3Jeff Burroughs.504
    4Joe Rudi.484
    5Hal McRae.475
    6Oscar Gamble.469
    7Ken Henderson.467
    8Larry Hisle.465
    9Frank Robinson.461
    10Rod Carew.446
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Dick Allen938
    2Reggie Jackson905
    3Jeff Burroughs901
    4Rod Carew879
    5Carl Yastrzemski859
    6Hal McRae850
    7Frank Robinson832
    8Oscar Gamble832
    9Ken Henderson827
    10Joe Rudi818
    1Carl Yastrzemski2.167
    2Roy White1.523
    3Rod Carew1.510
    4Elliott Maddox1.438
    5Cesar Tovar1.424
    6Brooks Robinson1.191
    7Freddie Patek1.116
    8Steve Braun1.098
    9Sal Bando1.089
    10John Mayberry1.069
    1974 Pitching Leaders
    1Catfish Hunter25
    2Fergie Jenkins25
    3Luis Tiant22
    4Mike Cuellar22
    5Nolan Ryan22
    6Steve Busby22
    7Gaylord Perry21
    8Jim Kaat21
    9Wilbur Wood20
    10Doc Medich19
    1Mickey Lolich21
    2Clyde Wright20
    3Frank Tanana19
    4Jim Bibby19
    5Lerrin LaGrow19
    6Paul Splittorff19
    7Wilbur Wood19
    8Bert Blyleven17
    9Ken Holtzman17
    10Jim Slaton16
    1Rollie Fingers76
    2Tom Murphy70
    3Steve Foucault69
    4Sparky Lyle66
    5Bill Campbell63
    6John Hiller59
    7Terry Forster59
    8Diego Segui58
    9Doug Bird55
    10Bob Reynolds54
    Games Started
    1Wilbur Wood42
    2Catfish Hunter41
    3Fergie Jenkins41
    4Jim Bibby41
    5Joe Coleman41
    6Mickey Lolich41
    7Nolan Ryan41
    8Vida Blue40
    9Jim Kaat39
    10Pat Dobson39
    Complete Games
    1Fergie Jenkins29
    2Gaylord Perry28
    3Mickey Lolich27
    4Nolan Ryan26
    5Luis Tiant25
    6Catfish Hunter23
    7Wilbur Wood22
    8Mike Cuellar20
    9Steve Busby20
    10Bert Blyleven19
    1Luis Tiant7
    2Catfish Hunter6
    3Fergie Jenkins6
    4Jim Bibby5
    5Mike Cuellar5
    6Al Fitzmorris4
    7Dave McNally4
    8Doc Medich4
    9Frank Tanana4
    10Gaylord Perry4
    Games Finished
    1Tom Murphy66
    2Rollie Fingers60
    3Sparky Lyle59
    4Bill Campbell55
    5Steve Foucault53
    6John Hiller52
    7Terry Forster49
    8Diego Segui46
    9Doug Bird44
    10Tom Buskey40
    1Terry Forster24
    2Tom Murphy20
    3Bill Campbell19
    4Rollie Fingers18
    5Tom Buskey17
    6Sparky Lyle15
    7John Hiller13
    8Grant Jackson12
    9Steve Foucault12
    10Diego Segui10
    Innings Pitched
    1Nolan Ryan332.2
    2Fergie Jenkins328.1
    3Gaylord Perry322.1
    4Wilbur Wood320.1
    5Catfish Hunter318.1
    6Luis Tiant311.1
    7Mickey Lolich308
    8Ross Grimsley295.2
    9Steve Busby292.1
    10Joe Coleman285.2
    1Bill Lee320
    2Mickey Lolich310
    3Wilbur Wood305
    4Fergie Jenkins286
    5Steve Busby284
    6Pat Dobson282
    7Luis Tiant281
    8Doc Medich275
    9Ken Holtzman273
    10Joe Coleman272
    1Joe Coleman160
    2Mickey Lolich155
    3Jim Bibby146
    4Wilbur Wood143
    5Lerrin LaGrow132
    6Stan Bahnsen128
    7Nolan Ryan127
    8Bill Lee123
    9Clyde Wright122
    10Doc Medich122
    Earned Runs
    1Mickey Lolich142
    2Jim Bibby139
    3Joe Coleman137
    4Wilbur Wood128
    5Clyde Wright114
    6Stan Bahnsen113
    7Doc Medich112
    8Lerrin LaGrow112
    9Bill Lee110
    10Steve Busby110
    Home Runs
    1Mickey Lolich38
    2Joe Coleman30
    3Fergie Jenkins27
    4Frank Tanana27
    5Jim Colborn27
    6Wilbur Wood27
    7Ross Grimsley26
    8Bill Lee25
    9Catfish Hunter25
    10Gaylord Perry25
    1Nolan Ryan202
    2Joe Coleman158
    3Jim Bibby113
    4Stan Bahnsen110
    5Jim Slaton102
    6Gaylord Perry99
    7Vida Blue98
    8Joe Decker97
    9Steve Busby92
    10Doc Medich91
    1Nolan Ryan367
    2Bert Blyleven249
    3Fergie Jenkins225
    4Gaylord Perry216
    5Mickey Lolich202
    6Steve Busby198
    7Frank Tanana180
    8Joe Coleman177
    9Luis Tiant176
    10Vida Blue174
    Wild Pitches
    1Bruce Dalcanton16
    2Jim Slaton14
    3Joe Coleman13
    4Diego Segui12
    5Lerrin LaGrow12
    6Jim Bibby11
    7Al Fitzmorris10
    8Mickey Lolich10
    9Joe Decker9
    10Nolan Ryan9
    1Dave McNally5
    2Fergie Jenkins2
    3Frank Tanana2
    4Juan Marichal2
    5Ken Wright2
    6Skip Pitlock2
    7Steve Busby2
    8Tippy Martinez2
    9Andy Hassler1
    10Bill Campbell1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Catfish Hunter2.49
    2Gaylord Perry2.52
    3Andy Hassler2.61
    4Bert Blyleven2.66
    5Al Fitzmorris2.79
    6Fergie Jenkins2.83
    7Nolan Ryan2.89
    8Jim Kaat2.92
    9Luis Tiant2.92
    10Jim Perry2.96
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Catfish Hunter0.99
    2Fergie Jenkins1.01
    3Gaylord Perry1.02
    4Bert Blyleven1.14
    5Ross Grimsley1.16
    6Luis Tiant1.17
    7Jim Kaat1.18
    8Wilbur Wood1.20
    9Jim Perry1.21
    10Vida Blue1.22
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan5.97
    2Gaylord Perry6.43
    3Bruce Dalcanton6.94
    4Andy Hassler7.33
    5Catfish Hunter7.58
    6Bert Blyleven7.81
    7Fergie Jenkins7.85
    8Vida Blue7.85
    9Ross Grimsley8.12
    10Luis Tiant8.13
    HR per 9 IP
    1Bruce Dalcanton0.26
    2Al Fitzmorris0.38
    3Jim Perry0.39
    4Steve Busby0.43
    5Bert Blyleven0.45
    6Ken Holtzman0.49
    7Nolan Ryan0.49
    8Jackie Brown0.54
    9Vida Blue0.54
    10Andy Hassler0.56
    BB per 9 IP
    1Fergie Jenkins1.23
    2Catfish Hunter1.30
    3Ken Holtzman1.80
    4Jim Kaat2.05
    5Clyde Wright2.09
    6Bill Lee2.14
    7Wilbur Wood2.25
    8Mickey Lolich2.28
    9Jim Perry2.29
    10Ross Grimsley2.31
    SO per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan9.92
    2Bert Blyleven7.98
    3Fergie Jenkins6.17
    4Steve Busby6.10
    5Gaylord Perry6.04
    6Frank Tanana6.02
    7Mickey Lolich5.90
    8Roger Moret5.77
    9Joe Decker5.71
    10Joe Coleman5.57
    1Fergie Jenkins5.000
    2Bert Blyleven3.234
    3Catfish Hunter3.109
    4Mickey Lolich2.590
    5Frank Tanana2.338
    6Ken Holtzman2.294
    7Jim Kaat2.254
    8Gaylord Perry2.182
    9Steve Busby2.152
    10Luis Tiant2.146

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