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The TBC Player Tracker is a service that provides you with a daily email at 9am (East Coast Time) with the prior day's statistics for your custom list of players.

Tracker Login For Existing Subscribers

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Register for an Account For New Subscribers

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How much does it Cost?

The cost is 30 cents per player for a 1 year subscription. The subscription starts from the date of payment and you will be notified of renewal a year from that date. The minimum # of players is 10 and there is no maximum.

Can I Change my Players

Absolutely. You have full control over the players in your daily email. You will be prevented from surpassing the maximum but you can change whenever you like.

When do I get my Email?

The emails are sent out every morning before 9am Eastern time. If you live in California, then you get your email at 6am. If you are in Europe, you may have to wait until the afternoon.

What does it look like?

Here is a Sample from a test account. You will see the prior day's Stats and season statistics for all of the player's teams for that season for both batting and pitching statistics. In addition, there will be a list of recent transactions for your players.

I am not getting my emails and my account is listed as active.

AOL and private domains may cause issues. The emails may sometimes be considered spam by your company's email server. Its best to use a public email domain like GMAIL, YAHOO or HOTMAIL. If it doesn't work with one email, normally it will work with the next one that you try.

Can I get the data sent to 2 emails?

Only 1 email per account. If you want multiple people to receive the email, you'll have to either create multiple accounts or simply create an auto-forward on your end.

How do I renew?

At the top of your daily email, in the days leading up to your account expiry, will be a message reminding you to renew. The easiest way is to decide how many players you want, multiply by 30 cents and then PayPalMe the money with a reference to your email address. I will update immediately.

Can I change my email or Password?

Yeah. Just Email me. Remember that your login will change as well as the destination email address and login are always the same. Your password will be the same.

Can I Add Players?

For sure. Same thing as renewing. Just PayPalMe me the money indicating which account and how many players. Note that if adding players, you'll have to pay for the full year. I don't do pro-rated because its to complicated and most people who add players will add only a handful and to pro-rate 30 cents per player into 4 cents a player...meh, doesn't make sense. So if you're close to the end of your year, you can pre-pay for your next year with the additional players and I'll give them to you right away. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for the full year for those players.

Can I Cancel the account?

No. Unless you are having issues with receiving the emails and are having difficulty with the technical side of the service. However, if after 4 months, you decide you don't want it anymore, then I will not refund. The reason is that you pay for a full year of emails but you are in fact only getting emails during the baseball season. I don't want subscribers to try to subscribe in April, cancel in September and then decide they want 40% of their money back. Subscribing is a 1-year commitment.

On the other hand I am very generous when i make a mistake with your account or if you are having issues. I'll add a month or even give a free year in some situations to make up for my screw-ups.

Do you have Daily College Stats

Not presently. The problem with college is the consistency of collection. Stats are not updated daily for all teams and so even though I could technically provide season stats for College, the player stats won't be as of the same date. Its on my list of challenges and some day I will conquer this challenge.

Can I Customize my Output?

The only customization allowed is the list of players. There are no statistics customziations.

Can I make a Suggestion to enhance the service?

You can suggest but no guarantees for implementation. However, note that the current version of the Tracker is built off of prior suggestions including the concept of the Tracker.

I understand that everyone has different needs for the Tracker and I am in interested in making as many subscribers happy as possible. If you need something specific, we could possibly work on a Custom Feed.