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Proper NameFred Jordan
Born Date1958 [61.???]PlaceCharleston,South Carolina
High SchoolGarrett (Charleston Heights,SC)
CollegeThe Citadel (Charleston,SC)Awards1
TBC Player ID160538
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Jobs in Baseball

TopAbout Jobs
1980- --22Manager.000-- 
1981- --23Manager.000-- 
1982- --24Manager.000-- 
1983- --25Manager.000-- 
1984- --26Manager.000-- 
1985- --27Manager.000-- 
1986- --28Manager.000-- 
1987- --29Manager.000-- 
1988- --30Manager.000-- 
1989- --31Manager.000-- 
1990- --32Manager.000-- 
1991- --33Manager.000-- 
1992The CitadelNCAANCAA-34Manager.000-- 
1993The CitadelNCAANCAA-35Manager.000-- 
1994The CitadelNCAANCAA-36Manager.000-- 
1995The CitadelNCAANCAA-37Manager.000-- 
1996The CitadelNCAANCAA-38Manager.000-- 
1997The CitadelNCAANCAA-39Manager.000-- 
1998The CitadelNCAANCAA-40Manager.000-- 
1999The CitadelNCAANCAACollege-41Manager29245.828--0 
2000The CitadelNCAANCAA-42Manager.000-- 
2001The CitadelNCAANCAACollege-43Manager302010.667--0 
2002The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-44Manager30228.733--1 -
2003The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-45Manager301911.6333.03 -
2004The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-46Manager30219.7004.02 Conf. Champs, CWS Regionals
2005The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-47Manager301416.46713.06 -
2006The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-48Manager271512.5566.05 Conf Finalists
2007The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-49Manager271215.4448.07 Conf Finalists
2008The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-50Manager271215.4447.08 
2009The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-51Manager302010.6674.53 
2010The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-52Manager30246.800--1 Conference Champions,CWS Regionals
2011The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-53Manager30822.26715.011 
2012The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-54Manager301317.4338.08 
2013The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-55Manager301812.6005.04 Conference Finalists
2014The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-56Manager26818.30812.010 
2015The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-57Manager241014.4176.58 
2016The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-58Manager24618.25010.08 
2017The Citadel BulldogsSoConNCAACollege-59Manager24717.29210.59 
* The team record above is related to the full season for that team. It is possible that the job was only held for part of the season.
* MLB in Bold
* Highlighted rows indicate league champions

Awards [1]

TopAwards SectionAbout Awards
YearAwards (Notes)# Awards
2010Southern Conference Coach of the Year1