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General Manager
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Proper NameSpencer Robinson
Born Date1941 [78.???]Place
CollegeUniversity of Miami (Miami,FL), Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis,MO)Awards0
TBC Player ID155389
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1964Cincinnati RedsNLMLBMLBcin23Secretary of Minor League Clubs1629270.5681.02Fred Hutchinson,Dick Sisler
1965Cincinnati RedsNLMLBMLBcin24Secretary of Minor League Clubs1628973.5498.04Dick Sisler
1966Cincinnati RedsNLMLBMLBcin25Secretary of Minor League Clubs1607684.47518.07Dave Bristol,Don Heffner
1967Cincinnati RedsNLMLBMLBcin26Secretary of Minor League Clubs1628775.53714.54Dave Bristol
1968Cincinnati RedsNLMLBMLBcin27Secretary of Minor League Clubs1628379.51214.04Dave Bristol
1969Baltimore OriolesALMLBMLBbal28Secretary of Minor League Clubs16210953.673--1Earl WeaverLost World Series (Mets)
1970Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca29Assistant scouting director1626597.40133.05Charlie Metro,Bob Lemon
1971Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca30Assistant scouting director1618576.52816.02Bob Lemon
1972Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca31Assistant scouting director1547678.49416.54Bob Lemon
1973Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca32Assistant scouting director1628874.5436.02Jack McKeon
1975Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca34Vice President1629171.5627.02Whitey Herzog,Jack McKeon
1976Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca35Vice President1629072.556--1Whitey HerzogLost ALCS (Yankees)
1977Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca36Vice President16210260.630--1Whitey HerzogLost ALCS (Yankees)
1978Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca37Vice President1629270.568--1Whitey HerzogLost ALCS (Yankees)
1979Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca38Assistant General Manager1628577.5253.02Whitey Herzog
1980Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca39Assistant General Manager1629765.599--1Jim FreyLost World Series (Phillies)
1981Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca40Assistant General Manager1035053.48511.04Jim Frey,Dick HowserLost in 1st Round (Athletics)
1982Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca41Assistant General Manager1629072.5563.02Dick Howser
1983Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca42Assistant General Manager1627983.48820.02Dick Howser
1984Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca43Assistant General Manager1628478.519--1Dick HowserLost ALCS (Tigers)
1985Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca44Assistant General Manager1629171.562--1Dick HowserWon World Series (Cardinals)
1986Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca45Assistant General Manager1627686.46916.03Mike Ferraro,Dick Howser
1987Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca46Assistant General Manager1628379.5122.02Billy Gardner,John Wathan
1988Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca47Assistant General Manager1618477.52219.53John Wathan
1989Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca48Assistant General Manager1629270.5687.02John Wathan
1990Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca49Assistant General Manager1617586.46627.56John Wathan
1991Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca50General Manager1628280.50613.06John Wathan,Hal McRae,Bob Schaefer
1992Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca51General Manager1627290.44424.05Hal McRae
1993Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca52General Manager1628478.51910.03Hal McRae
1994Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca53General Manager1156451.5574.03Hal McRae
1995Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca54General Manager1447074.48630.02Bob Boone
1996Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca55General Manager1617586.46624.05Bob Boone
1997Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca56General Manager1616794.41619.05Tony Muser,Bob Boone
1998Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca57General Manager1617289.44716.53Tony Muser
1999Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca58General Manager1616497.39832.55Tony Muser
2000Kansas City RoyalsALMLBMLBkca59General Manager1627785.47518.04Tony Muser
* The team record above is related to the full season for that team. It is possible that the job was only held for part of the season.
* MLB in Bold
* Highlighted rows indicate league champions