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Positions3BPlayer Listed UnderOther Players
Proper NameElwood B. Huyke
Born DateSeptember 28,1937 [82.077]PlaceSan Juan,Puerto RicoAwards0
TBC Player ID154410
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1977Gulf Coast Pirates -GCLRkMinorpit39Manager542232.40717.07 
1978Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit40Manager532132.39611.06 
1979Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit41Manager522032.38513.06 
1980Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit42Manager632439.38116.08 
1981Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit43Manager603228.53310.05 
1982Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit44Manager622735.43514.59 
1983Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit45Manager602832.4679.03 
1984Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit46Manager632142.33315.05 
1985Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit47Manager621547.24218.05 
1986Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit48Manager632439.38110.05 
1987Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit49Manager633330.52410.02 
1988Augusta PiratesSALAMinorpit50Manager1387860.5657.03 
1989Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit51Manager632142.33320.08 
1991Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit53Manager593029.5081.53 
1992Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit54Manager602337.38318.54 
1993Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit55Manager592138.35618.57 
1994Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit56Manager602535.41722.54 
1995Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit57Manager592336.39013.54 
1996Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit58Manager592831.4758.53 
1997Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit59Manager592732.4588.56 
1998Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit60Manager602535.4179.06 
1999Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit61Manager592435.40712.55 
2000Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit62Manager603426.5674.02 
2001Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit63Manager562234.39313.56 
2002Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit64Manager603723.617--1 Lost in Semi-Finals
2003Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit65Manager563620.643--1 Lost in Finals
2004Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit66Manager583028.5174.03 
2005Gulf Coast Pirates GCLRkMinorpit67Hitting Coach542826.5192.02Jeff Livesey
2010Gulf Coast Pirates -GCLRkMinorpit72Assistant Coach592930.4924.54Tom Prince
2014Gulf Coast Pirates -GCLRkMinorpit76Assistant Coach602040.33318.03Milver Reyes
* The team record above is related to the full season for that team. It is possible that the job was only held for part of the season.
* MLB in Bold
* Highlighted rows indicate league champions