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Proper NameAugust Edmun Garrido, Jr.
Born DateFebruary 6,1939PlaceVallejo,California
Death DateMarch 15,2018 [79.037]
CollegeFresno State University (Fresno,CA)Awards8
TBC Player ID154127
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Player Notes:   Inducted into the Cal State Fullerton Athletics Hall of Fame in 2005
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Jobs in Baseball

TopAbout Jobs
1969San Francisco State UniversityNCAANCAA-30Manager.000-- 
1970Cal PolyNCAANCAA-31Manager.000-- 
1971Cal PolyNCAANCAA-32Manager.000-- 
1972Cal PolyNCAANCAA-33Manager.000-- 
1973Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-34Manager.000-- 
1974Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-35Manager.000-- 
1975Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-36Manager.000-- 
1976Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-37Manager.000-- 
1977Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-38Manager.000-- 
1978Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-39Manager.000-- 
1979Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-40Manager.000-- 
1980Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-41Manager.000-- 
1981Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-42Manager.000-- 
1982Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-43Manager.000-- 
1983Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-44Manager.000-- 
1984Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-45Manager.000-- 
1985Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-46Manager.000-- 
1986Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-47Manager.000-- 
1987Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-48Manager.000-- 
1988University of IllinoisNCAANCAACollege-49Manager281216.429--0 
1989University of IllinoisNCAANCAACollege-50Manager281711.607--0 
1990University of IllinoisNCAANCAACollege-51Manager28199.679--0 
1991Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-52Manager.000-- 
1992Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-53Manager.000-- 
1993Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-54Manager.000-- 
1994Cal State FullertonNCAANCAACollege-55Manager20155.750--0 
1995Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-56Manager.000-- 
1996Cal State FullertonNCAANCAA-57Manager.000-- 
1997University of TexasNCAANCAACollege-58Manager271215.444--0 
1998University of TexasNCAANCAACollege-59Manager291118.379--0 
1999University of TexasNCAANCAACollege-60Manager301713.567--0 
2000University of TexasNCAANCAACollege-61Manager291910.655--0 
2001University of TexasNCAANCAACollege-62Manager301911.633--0 
2002University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-63Manager27198.704--1 Conf. Champs, #1 in Nation, College World Series Champions
2003University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-64Manager27198.7041.03 Conference Champions, College World Series Final-8, #4 in Nation
2004University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-65Manager26197.731--1 College World Series Finalist, #2 in Nation
2005University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-66Manager261610.6152.53 College World Series Champions, #1 in nation
2006University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-67Manager26197.731--1 CWS Regionals, #12 in Nation
2007University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-68Manager27216.778--1 CWS Regionals, #11 in Nation
2008University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-69Manager271512.5564.05 Conf Champions, CWS Regionals, #21 in Nation
2009University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-70Manager26179.654--1 Conference Champions,CWS Final-8,#2 in Nation
2010University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-71Manager27243.889--1 CWS Super Regionals
2011University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-72Manager27198.704--1 CWS Final-8,#6 in Nation
2012University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-73Manager241410.5836.03 
2013University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-74Manager24717.2929.09 
2014University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-75Manager241311.5425.05 CWS Final-8,#4 in Nation
2015University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-76Manager241113.4587.55 Conference Champions,CWS Regionals
2016University of Texas LonghornsBig12NCAACollege-77Manager241014.4179.07 
* The team record above is related to the full season for that team. It is possible that the job was only held for part of the season.
* MLB in Bold
* Highlighted rows indicate league champions

Awards [8]

TopAwards SectionAbout Awards
YearAwards (Notes)# Awards
1984College Coach of the Year1
2002Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year ... College Coach of the Year2
2004Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year1
2006Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year1
2007Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year (Co-winner)1
2010Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year1
2011Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year1