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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • OB
    Mike O'BerryMLBPreston Michael O'Berry1973-1985
    Billy O'BrienMLBWilliam Smith O'Brien1884-1890
    Bob O'BrienMLBRobert Allen O'Brien1971-1971
    Buck O'BrienMLBThomas Joseph O'Brien1911-1913
    Charlie O'BrienMLBCharles Hugh O'Brien1982-2000
    Cinders O'BrienMLBJohn F. O'Brien1888-1891
    Dan O'BrienMLBDaniel Jogues O'Brien1975-1981
    Darby O'BrienMLBWilliam Darby O'Brien1887-1892
    Dink O'BrienMLBFrank Aloysius O'Brien1923-1923
    Eddie O'BrienMLBEdward Joseph O'Brien1953-1958
    George O'BrienMLBGeorge Joseph O'Brien1915-1915
    Jack O'BrienMLBJohn K. O'Brien1882-1890
    Jack O'BrienMLBJohn Joseph O'Brien1899-1903
    Jerry O'BrienMLBJeremiah O'Brien1887-1887
    John O'BrienMLBJohn Joseph O'Brien1891-1899
    John O'BrienMLBJohn E. O'Brien1884-1884
    Johnny O'BrienMLBJohn Thomas O'Brien1953-1959
    Pete O'BrienMLBPeter James O'Brien1890-1890
    Pete O'BrienMLBPeter J. O'Brien1901-1907
    Pete O'BrienMLBPeter Michael O'Brien1978-1993
    Peter O'BrienMLBPeter Robert O'Brien2009-2017
    Ray O'BrienMLBRaymond Joseph O'Brien1916-1916
    Syd O'BrienMLBSydney Lloyd O'Brien1964-1972
    Tom O'BrienMLBThomas J. O'Brien1897-1900
    Tom O'BrienMLBThomas H. O'Brien1882-1890
    Tommy O'BrienMLBThomas Edward O'Brien1943-1950
    Danny O'ConnellMLBDaniel Francis O'Connell1950-1962
    Jimmy O'ConnellMLBJames Joseph O'Connell1923-1924
    John O'ConnellMLBJohn Joseph O'Connell1891-1902
    John O'ConnellMLBJohn Charles O'Connell1928-1929
    Pat O'ConnellMLBPatrick H. O'Connell1886-1886
    Andy O'ConnorMLBAndrew James O'Connor1908-1908
    Brian O'ConnorMLBBrian M. O'Connor1995-2006
    Dan O'ConnorMLBDaniel Cornelius O'Connor1890-1890
    Frank O'ConnorMLBFrank Henry O'Connor1893-1893
    Jack O'ConnorMLBJohn Josepn O'Connor1887-1907
    Jack O'ConnorMLBJack William O'Connor1976-1989
    Mike O'ConnorMLBMichael Patrick O'Connor1999-2013
    Paddy O'ConnorMLBPatrick Francis O'Connor1908-1918
    Darren O'DayMLBDarren Christopher O'Day2003-2017
    Hank O'DayMLBHenry M. O'Day1884-1890
    Ken O'DeaMLBJames Kenneth O'Dea1935-1946
    Paul O'DeaMLBPaul O'Dea1944-1945
    Billy O'DellMLBWilliam Oliver O'Dell1954-1967
    George O'DonnellMLBGeorge Dana O'Donnell1954-1954
    Harry O'DonnellMLBHarry Herman O'Donnell1927-1927
    John O'DonnellMLBJohn O'Donnell1884-1884
    John O'DonoghueMLBJohn Eugene O'Donoghue1963-1971
    John O'DonoghueMLBJohn Preston O'Donoghue1988-1996
    Lefty O'DoulMLBFrancis Joseph O'Doul1919-1934
    Bob O'FarrellMLBRobert Arthur O'Farrell1915-1935
    Eric O'FlahertyMLBEric George O'Flaherty2003-2017
    Chris O'GradyMLBChristopher Ryan O'Grady2009-2017
    Hal O'HaganMLBPatrick Henry O'Hagan1892-1902
    Greg O'HalloranMLBGregory Joseph O'Halloran1989-1995
    Bill O'HaraMLBWilliam Alexander O'Hara1909-1910
    Kid O'HaraMLBJames Francis O'Hara1904-1904
    Tom O'HaraMLBThomas F. O'Hara1906-1907
    Charley O'LearyMLBCharles Timothy O'Leary1904-1934
    Dan O'LearyMLBDaniel O'Leary1879-1884
    Troy O'LearyMLBTroy Franklin O'Leary1987-2005
    Ryan O'MalleyMLBRyan Joseph O'Malley2001-2008
    Shawn O'MalleyMLBShawn M. O'Malley2006-2017
    Tom O'MalleyMLBThomas Patrick O'Malley1979-1998
    Ollie O'MaraMLBOliver Edward O'Mara1912-1919
    Tom O'MearaMLBThomas Edward O'Meara1895-1896
    Randy O'NealMLBRandall Jeffrey O'Neal1981-1995
    Skinny O'NealMLBOran Herbert O'Neal1925-1927
    Denny O'NeilMLBDennis O'Neil1893-1893
    Ed O'NeilMLBEdward J. O'Neil1890-1890
    Fancy O'NeilMLBMichael O'Neil1874-1874
    John O'NeilMLBJohn Francis O'Neil1946-1946
    Mickey O'NeilMLBGeorge Michael O'Neil1919-1927
    Bill O'NeillMLBWilliam John O'Neill1904-1906
    Emmett O'NeillMLBRobert Emmett O'Neill1943-1946
    Fred O'NeillMLBFrederick James O'Neill1887-1887
    Harry O'NeillMLBHarry Mink O'Neill1922-1923
    J. O'NeillMLBHugh O'Neill1875-1875
    Jack O'NeillMLBJohn Joseph O'Neill1902-1906
    Jim O'NeillMLBJames Leo O'Neill1920-1923
    John O'NeillMLBJohn J. O'Neill1899-1902
    Mike O'NeillMLBMichael Joyce O'Neill1901-1907
    Paul O'NeillMLBPaul Andrew O'Neill1981-2001
    Peaches O'NeillMLBPhillip Bernard O'Neill1904-1904
    Steve O'NeillMLBStephen Francis O'Neill1911-1928
    Tip O'NeillMLBJames Edward O'Neill1883-1892
    Don O'RileyMLBDonald Lee O'Riley1969-1970
    Charlie O'RourkeMLBJames Patrick O'Rourke1959-1959
    Frank O'RourkeMLBJames Francis O'Rourke1912-1931
    Jim O'RourkeMLBJames Henry O'Rourke1872-1904
    Joe O'RourkeMLBJoseph Leo O'Rourke Jr.1929-1929
    John O'RourkeMLBJohn W. O'Rourke1879-1883
    Mike O'RourkeMLBMichael Joseph O'Rourke1890-1890
    Patsy O'RourkeMLBJoseph Leo O'Rourke Sr.1908-1908
    Queenie O'RourkeMLBJames Stephen O'Rourke1908-1908
    Ryan O'RourkeMLBRyan Patrick O'Rourke2007-2016
    Tim O'RourkeMLBTimothy Patrick O'Rourke1890-1894
    Tom O'RourkeMLBThomas Joseph O'Rourke1887-1890
    Sean O'SullivanMLBSean Daniel O’Sullivan2006-2017
    Dennis O'TooleMLBDennis Joseph O'Toole1967-1973
    Jim O'TooleMLBJames Jerome O'Toole1958-1967
    Marty O'TooleMLBMartin James O'Toole1908-1914
    Rebel OakesMLBEnnis Telfair Oakes1909-1913
    Prince OanaMLBHenry Kawaihoa Oana1934-1945
    Johnny OatesMLBJohnny Lane Oates1967-1981
    Sherman ObandoMLBSherman Omar Obando Gainor1988-2004
    Henry OberbeckMLBHenry A. Oberbeck1883-1884
    Scott ObergMLBScott Michael Oberg2009-2017
    Brett OberholtzerMLBBrett R. Oberholtzer2008-2017
    Ken OberkfellMLBKenneth Ray Oberkfell1975-1992
    Doc OberlanderMLBHartman Louis Oberlander1888-1888
    Frank OberlinMLBFrank Rufus Oberlin1906-1910
    Wes ObermuellerMLBWesley Mitchell Obermueller1997-2007
    Jim ObradovichMLBJames Thomas Obradovich1977-1979
    Alex OchoaMLBAlex Ochoa1991-2008
    Ivan OchoaMLBIvan G. Ochoa2001-2011
    Whitey OckMLBHarold David Ock1935-1935
    Walter OckeyMLBWalter Andrew Ockey1944-1944
    Ted OdenwaldMLBTheodore Joseph Odenwald1921-1922
    Blue Moon OdomMLBJohnny Lee Odom1964-1977
    Dave OdomMLBDavid Everett Odom1943-1943
    Heinie OdomMLBHerman Boyd Odom1925-1925
    Rougned OdorMLBRougned Roberto Odor2011-2017
    Jake OdorizziMLBJacob Todd Odorizzi2008-2017
    Fred OdwellMLBFrederick William Odwell1904-1907
    Bryan OelkersMLBBryan Alois Oelkers1980-1989
    Trent OeltjenMLBTrent Carl Wayne Oeltjen2001-2016
    Chuck OertelMLBCharles Frank Oertel1958-1958
    Joe OeschgerMLBJoseph Carl Oeschger1914-1925
    Ron OesterMLBRonald John Oester1974-1990
    Jose OffermanMLBJose Antonio Dono Offerman1988-2009
    Rowland OfficeMLBRowland Johnie Office1971-1983
    Alexi OgandoMLBAlexi Ogando2003-2016
    Nefi OgandoMLBNefi Ogando2010-2017
    Curly OgdenMLBWarren Harvey Ogden1922-1926
    Jack OgdenMLBJohn Mahlon Ogden1918-1932
    Chad OgeaMLBChad Wayne Ogea1989-2001
    Jim OglesbyMLBJames Dorn Oglesby1936-1936
    Ben OglivieMLBBenjamin Ambrosio (Palmer) Oglivie1968-1989
    Bruce OgrodowskiMLBAmbrose Francis Ogrodowski1936-1937
    Joe OgrodowskiMLBJoseph Anthony Ogrodowski1925-1925
    Seung-Hwan OhMLBSeung-Hwan Oh2014-2017
    Tomo OhkaMLBTomokazu Ohka1994-2014
    Joe OhlMLBJoseph Earl Ohl1909-1909
    Ross OhlendorfMLBCurtis Ross Ohlendorf2002-2016
    Mike OhlmanMLBMichael L. Ohlman2009-2017
    Will OhmanMLBWilliam McDaniel Ohman1998-2012
    Kevin OhmeMLBKevin Arthur Ohme1990-2003
    Kirt OjalaMLBKirt Stanley Ojala1989-2000
    Augie OjedaMLBOctavio Augie Ojeda1996-2011
    Bob OjedaMLBRobert Michael Ojeda1978-1994
    Miguel OjedaMLBMiguel Arturo Ojeda1993-2012
    Hideki OkajimaMLBHideki Okajima1995-2015
    Steven OkertMLBSteven Chandler Okert2010-2017
    Frank OkrieMLBFrank Anthony Okrie1920-1920
    Len OkrieMLBLeonard Joseph Okrie1948-1952
    Jim OlanderMLBJames Bentley Olander1981-1994
    Dave OldfieldMLBDavid Oldfield1883-1886
    Red OldhamMLBJohn Cyrus Oldham1914-1926
    Bob OldisMLBRobert Carl Oldis1953-1963
    Rube OldringMLBReuben Henry Oldring1905-1918
    John OlerudMLBJohn Garrett Olerud1987-2005
    Frank OlinMLBFranklin Walter Olin1884-1885
    Steve OlinMLBSteven Robert Olin1984-1992
    Jose OlivaMLBJose Oliva Galvez1989-1996
    Tony OlivaMLBPedro (Lopez) Oliva1961-1976
    Ed OlivaresMLBEdward (Balzac) Olivares1960-1961
    Omar OlivaresMLBOmar Palqu Olivares1987-2002
    Al OliverMLBAlbert Oliver Jr.1965-1985
    Andy OliverMLBAndrew Allen Oliver2007-2017
    Bob OliverMLBRobert Lee Oliver1963-1978
    Darren OliverMLBDarren Christopher Oliver1988-2013
    Dave OliverMLBDavid Jacob Oliver1971-1980
    Gene OliverMLBEugene George Oliver1959-1969
    Joe OliverMLBJoseph Melton Oliver1983-2001
    Nate OliverMLBNathaniel Oliver1963-1988
    Tom OliverMLBThomas Noble Oliver1930-1933
    Hector OliveraMLBHector (Amaro) Olivera2015-2016
    Francisco OliverasMLBFrancisco Javier Oliveras Noa1981-1998
    Lester OliverosMLBLester Jesus Oliveros2008-2015
    Chi-Chi OlivoMLBFederico Emilio Olivo Maldonado1961-1966
    Diomedes OlivoMLBDiomedes Antonio Olivo Maldonado1960-1963
    Miguel OlivoMLBMiguel Eduardo Olivo1998-2016
    Jim OllomMLBJames Donald Ollom1966-1967
    Ray OlmedoMLBRainer Gustavo Olmedo1999-2014
    Luis OlmoMLBLuis Francisco (Rodriguez) Olmo1943-1951
    Edgar OlmosMLBEdgar Olmos2008-2017
    Fred OlmsteadMLBFrederic William Olmstead1908-1911
    Al OlmstedMLBAlan Ray Olmsted1976-1982
    Hank OlmstedMLBHenry Theodore Olmsted1905-1905
    Barney OlsenMLBBernard Charles Olsen1941-1941
    Kevin OlsenMLBKevin Gary Olsen1997-2007
    Ole OlsenMLBArthur Ole Olsen1922-1923
    Scott OlsenMLBScott Matthew Olsen2002-2012
    Vern OlsenMLBVern Jarl Olsen1939-1946
    Garrett OlsonMLBGarrett Andrew Olson2003-2012
    Greg OlsonMLBGregory William Olson1980-1996
    Gregg OlsonMLBGregg William Olson1986-2001
    Ivy OlsonMLBIvan Massie Olsen1911-1924
    Karl OlsonMLBKarl Arthur Olson1951-1957
    Marv OlsonMLBMarvin Clement Olson1931-1933
    Matt OlsonMLBMatthew Kent Olson2012-2017
    Ted OlsonMLBTheodore Otto Olson1936-1938
    Tim OlsonMLBTimothy Lane Olson2000-2007
    Tyler OlsonMLBTyler Ray Olson2009-2017
    Mike OltMLBMichael George Olt2008-2017
    Ed OlwineMLBEdward R. Olwine1980-1990
    Brian OmogrossoMLBBrian Scott Omogrosso2003-2014
    Logan OndrusekMLBLogan J. Ondrusek2004-2016
    Ralph OnisMLBManuel Dominguez Onis1935-1935
    Eddie OnslowMLBEdward Joseph Onslow1912-1927
    Jack OnslowMLBJohn James Onslow1912-1917
    Steve OntiverosMLBSteven Robert Ontiveros1969-1980
    Steve OntiverosMLBSteven Ontiveros1980-2001
    Jose OquendoMLBJose Manuel Oquendo1979-1995
    Mike OquistMLBMichael Lee Oquist1988-2004
    Tom OranMLBThomas Oran1875-1875
    Ernie OravetzMLBErnest Eugene Oravetz1955-1956
    Luis OrdazMLBLuis Javier Ordaz1993-2010
    Tony OrdenanaMLBAntonio (Rodriguez) Ordenana1943-1943
    Magglio OrdonezMLBMagglio Ordonez1992-2011
    Rey OrdonezMLBReynaldo Ordonez1993-2004
    Joe OrengoMLBJoseph Charles Orengo1939-1945
    Kevin OrieMLBKevin Leonard Orie1992-2006
    Paulo OrlandoMLBPaulo Roberto Orlando2006-2017
    George OrmeMLBGeorge William Orme1920-1920
    Jess OrndorffMLBJesse Walworth Thayer1907-1907
    Eddie OropesaMLBOctavio Augie Ojeda1993-2006
    Jesse OroscoMLBJesse Russell Orosco1978-2003
    Billy OrrMLBWilliam John Orr1913-1914
    Dave OrrMLBDavid L. Orr1883-1890
    Pete OrrMLBPeterson Thomas Orr2000-2015
    Joe OrrellMLBForrest Gordon Orrell1943-1945
    Ernie OrsattiMLBErnest Ralph Orsatti1927-1935
    John OrsinoMLBJohn Joseph Orsino1961-1967
    Joe OrsulakMLBJoseph Michael Orsulak1981-1997
    Jorge OrtaMLBJorge Orta1968-1987
    Anthony OrtegaMLBAnthony Y. Ortega2006-2015
    Bill OrtegaMLBWilliam Ortega1997-2002
    Jose OrtegaMLBJose Antonio Ortega2009-2016
    Phil OrtegaMLBFilomeno Coronada Ortega1960-1969
    Rafael OrtegaMLBRafael Angel Ortega2010-2017
    Frank OrtenzioMLBFrank Joseph Ortenzio1973-1978
    Al OrthMLBAlbert Lewis Orth1895-1909
    Baby OrtizMLBOliverio Ortiz Nunez1944-1944
    Danny OrtizMLBDaniel Ortiz2008-2017
    David OrtizMLBDavid Americo Arias Ortiz1994-2016
    Hector OrtizMLBHector Ortiz1988-2005
    Javier OrtizMLBJavier Victor Ortiz1982-1995
    Jose OrtizMLBJose Luis (Irizarry) Ortiz1969-1971
    Jose OrtizMLBJose Daniel Ortiz1996-2013
    Joseph OrtizMLBJoseph Ortiz2008-2015
    Junior OrtizMLBAdalberto Colon Ortiz1977-2006
    Luis OrtizMLBLuis Alberto Ortiz (Jochy)1991-2004
    Ramon OrtizMLBRamon Diogenes Ortiz1996-2015
    Roberto OrtizMLBRoberto Gonzalo (Nunez) Ortiz1941-1950
    Russ OrtizMLBRussell Reid Ortiz1993-2010
    Daniel OrtmeierMLBDaniel David Ortmeier2000-2009
    John OrtonMLBJohn Andrew Orton1987-1996
    Chad OrvellaMLBChad Robert Orvella2002-2009
    Ossie OrwollMLBOswald Christian Orwoll1928-1929
    Bob OsbornMLBJohn Bode Osborn1925-1931
    Fred OsbornMLBWilfred Pearl Osborn1907-1909
    Ozzie OsbornMLBDaniel Leon Osborn1975-1977
    Bobo OsborneMLBLawrence Sidney Osborne1957-1963
    Donovan OsborneMLBDonovan Alan Osborne1988-2008
    Fred OsborneMLBFrederick W. Osborne1890-1890
    Tiny OsborneMLBEarnest Preston Osborne1922-1925
    Wayne OsborneMLBWayne Harold Osborne1935-1936
    Pat OsburnMLBLarry Patrick Osburn1970-1975
    Charlie OsgoodMLBCharles Benjamin Osgood1944-1944
    Josh OsichMLBJoshua M. Osich2008-2017
    Keith OsikMLBKeith Richard Osik1988-2005
    Dan OsinskiMLBDaniel Osinski1962-1970
    Franquelis OsoriaMLBFranquelis Antonio Osoria2002-2008
    Harry OstdiekMLBHenry Girard Ostdiek1904-1908
    Champ OsteenMLBJames Champlin Osteen1903-1909
    Claude OsteenMLBClaude Wilson Osteen Jr.1957-1975
    Darrell OsteenMLBMilton Darrell Osteen1965-1970
    Bill OsterMLBWilliam Charles Oster1954-1954
    Red OstergardMLBRoy Lund Ostergard1921-1921
    Charlie OsterhoutMLBCharles H. Osterhout1879-1879
    Fritz OstermuellerMLBFrederick Raymond Ostermueller1934-1948
    Jimmy OstingMLBJames Michael Osting1995-2004
    Brian OstrosserMLBBrian Leonard Ostrosser1973-1973
    Joe OstrowskiMLBJoseph Paul Ostrowski1948-1952
    Johnny OstrowskiMLBJohn Thaddeus Ostrowski1943-1950
    Al OsunaMLBAlfonso Osuna Jr.1984-1996
    Antonio OsunaMLBAntonio Pedro Osuna1991-2008
    Jose OsunaMLBJose Gregorio Osuna2011-2017
    Roberto OsunaMLBRoberto Osuna2012-2017
    Roy OswaltMLBRoy Edward Oswalt1996-2013
    Willis OtanezMLBWillis Alexander Otanez1991-2015
    Danny OteroMLBDaniel Anthony Otero2004-2017
    Reggie OteroMLBRegino Jose (Gomez) Otero1945-1945
    Ricky OteroMLBRicardo Otero Figueroa1991-2002
    Bill OteyMLBWilliam Tilford Otey1907-1911
    Amos OtisMLBAmos Joseph Otis1965-1984
    Bill OtisMLBPaul Franklin Otis1912-1912
    Harry OtisMLBHarry George Otis1909-1909
    Akinori OtsukaMLBAkinori Otsuka1997-2007
    Billy OttMLBWilliam Joseph Ott1962-1964
    Ed OttMLBNathan Edward Ott1970-1984
    Mel OttMLBMelvin Thomas Ott1926-1947
    Adam OttavinoMLBAdam Robert Ottavino2004-2017
    Jim OttenMLBJames Edward Otten1973-1981
    John OttenMLBJohn G. Otten1895-1895
    Billy OttersonMLBWilliam John Otterson1887-1887
    Dave OttoMLBDavid Alan Otto1983-1994
    Phil OuelletteMLBPhilip Roland Ouellette1981-1990
    Johnny OulliberMLBJohn Andrew Oulliber1933-1933
    Chink OutenMLBWilliam Austin Outen1933-1933
    Jimmy OutlawMLBJames Paulus Outlaw1937-1949
    Josh OutmanMLBJoshua Stephen Outman2005-2016
    Orval OverallMLBOrval Overall1905-1913
    Lyle OverbayMLBLyle Stefan Overbay1996-2014
    Stubby OvermireMLBFrank W. Overmire1943-1952
    Dillon OvertonMLBDillon Ray Overton 2011-2017
    Mike OveryMLBHarry Michael Overy1976-1980
    Juan Carlos OviedoMLBLeonel Nunez2001-2014
    Ernie OvitzMLBErnest Gayhart Ovitz1911-1911
    Bob OwchinkoMLBRobert Dennis Owchinko1975-1986
    Dave OwenMLBDavid Owen1979-1989
    Frank OwenMLBFrank Malcolm Owen1901-1909
    Larry OwenMLBLawrence Thomas Owen1977-1988
    Marv OwenMLBMarvin James Owen1931-1940
    Mickey OwenMLBArnold Malcolm Owen1937-1954
    Spike OwenMLBSpike Dee Owen1980-1996
    Eric OwensMLBEric Blake Owens1990-2005
    Frank OwensMLBFrank Walter Owens1905-1909
    Henry OwensMLBHenry C. Owens2012-2017
    Henry OwensMLBHenry Jay Owens1998-2009
    Jack OwensMLBFurman Lee Owens1935-1935
    Jayhawk OwensMLBClaude Jayhawk Owens1988-1999
    Jerry OwensMLBJerry Lee Owens2003-2016
    Jim OwensMLBJames Philip Owens1955-1967
    Red OwensMLBThomas Llewellyn Owens1899-1905
    Rudy OwensMLBRudy C. Owens2007-2016
    Chris OwingsMLBChristopher Scott Owings2009-2017
    Micah OwingsMLBMicah Burton Owings2003-2016
    Rick OwnbeyMLBRichard Wayne Ownbey1980-1987
    Henry OxleyMLBHenry Havelock Oxley1884-1884
    Chris OxspringMLBChris Andrew Oxspring2000-2011
    Andy OylerMLBAndrew Paul Oyler1902-1902
    Ray OylerMLBRaymond Francis Oyler1965-1970
    Doc OzmerMLBHorace Robert Ozmer1923-1923
    Marcell OzunaMLBMarcell Ozuna (Idelfonso )2009-2017
    Pablo OzunaMLBPablo Jose Ozuna1997-2010

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