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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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    Chris NabholzMLBChristopher William Nabholz1986-1995
    Jack NaborsMLBHerman John Nabors1915-1917
    Xavier NadyMLBXavier Clifford Nady1998-2014
    Tim NaehringMLBTimothy James Naehring1987-1997
    Bill NagelMLBWilliam Taylor Nagel1939-1945
    Lou NagelsenMLBLouis Marcellus Nagelsen1912-1912
    Russ NagelsonMLBRussell Charles Nagelson1968-1970
    Clint NageotteMLBClinton Scott Nageotte2000-2010
    Judge NagleMLBWalter Harold Nagle1911-1911
    Tom NagleMLBThomas Edward Nagle1890-1891
    Charles NagyMLBCharles Harrison Nagy1987-2003
    Mike NagyMLBMichael Timothy Nagy1966-2015
    Steve NagyMLBStephen Nagy1947-1950
    Sam NahemMLBSamuel Ralph Nahem1938-1948
    Bill NahorodnyMLBWilliam Gerard Nahorodny1972-1985
    Micheal NakamuraMLBMicheal Yoshihide Nakamura1995-2012
    Norihiro NakamuraMLBNorihiro Nakamura1992-2014
    Pete NaktenisMLBPeter Ernest Naktenis1936-1939
    Frank NalewayMLBFrank Naleway1924-1924
    Kid NanceMLBWilliam Gideon Nance1897-1901
    Shane NanceMLBJoseph Shane Nance1997-2005
    Buddy NapierMLBSkelton Le Roy Napier1912-1921
    Al NaplesMLBAloysius Francis Naples1949-1949
    Danny NapoleonMLBDaniel Napoleon1965-1966
    Mike NapoliMLBMichael Anthony Napoli2000-2017
    Tyler NaquinMLBTyler Wesley Naquin 2010-2017
    Hal NaragonMLBHarold Richard Naragon1951-1962
    Cholly NaranjoMLBLazaro Ramon Gonzalo Naranjo1956-1956
    Bill NarleskiMLBWilliam Edward Narleski1929-1930
    Ray NarleskiMLBRaymond Edmond Narleski1954-1959
    Jerry NarronMLBJerry Austin Narron1974-1988
    Sam NarronMLBSamuel Franklin Narron2000-2011
    Sam NarronMLBSamuel Narron1935-1943
    Buster NarumMLBLeslie Ferdinand Narum1963-1967
    Omar NarvaezMLBOmar David Narvaez2011-2017
    Chris NarvesonMLBChristopher Gregg Narveson2000-2017
    Billy NashMLBWilliam Mitchell Nash1884-1898
    Cotton NashMLBCharles Francis Nash1967-1970
    Jim NashMLBJames Edwin Nash1964-1972
    Ken NashMLBKenneth Leland Nash1912-1914
    Philip NastuMLBPhilip Nastu1977-1982
    Rob NatalMLBRobert Marcilino Natal1985-1998
    Joe NathanMLBJoseph Michael Nathan1994-2017
    Joey NationMLBJoseph Paul Nation1997-2001
    Pete NatonMLBPeter Alphonsus Naton1953-1953
    Dan NaultyMLBDaniel Donovan Naulty1989-2000
    Daniel NavaMLBDaniel James Nava2004-2017
    Sandy NavaMLBVincent P. Nava1882-1886
    Dioner NavarroMLBDioner Faviau Navarro2001-2016
    Efren NavarroMLBEfren Navarro Jr2005-2017
    Jaime NavarroMLBJaime Navarro1987-2003
    Julio NavarroMLBJulio Navarro Ventura1962-1970
    Oswaldo NavarroMLBOswaldo Ramses Navarro2003-2012
    Rey NavarroMLBReynaldo L. Navarro2007-2017
    Tito NavarroMLBNorberto Navarro Rodriguez1988-1994
    Yamaico NavarroMLBYamaico Navarro2007-2016
    Earl NaylorMLBEarl Eugene Naylor1942-1946
    Rollie NaylorMLBRoleine Cecil Naylor1917-1924
    Mike NaymickMLBMichael John Naymick1939-1944
    Denny NeagleMLBDennis Edward Neagle Jr.1987-2003
    Jack NeagleMLBJohn Henry Neagle1879-1884
    Blaine NealMLBBlaine Neal1996-2010
    Charlie NealMLBCharles Leonard Neal1956-1963
    Offa NealMLBTheophilus Fountain Neal1905-1905
    Thomas NealMLBThomas Neal2006-2015
    Zach NealMLBZachary Sheridan Neal2008-2017
    Greasy NealeMLBAlfred Earle Neale1916-1924
    Joe NealeMLBJoseph Hunt Neale1886-1891
    Joe NealonMLBJames Joseph Nealon1906-1907
    Ron NecciaiMLBRonald Andrew Necciai1952-1952
    Tom NeedhamMLBThomas J. Needham1904-1914
    Troy NeelMLBTroy Lee Neel1986-1998
    Cal NeemanMLBCalvin Armandus Neeman1957-1963
    Doug NeffMLBDouglas Williams Neff1914-1915
    Ron NegrayMLBRonald Alvin Negray1952-1958
    Kristopher NegronMLBKristopher David Negron2006-2017
    Jim NeherMLBJames Gilmore Neher1912-1912
    Art NehfMLBArthur Neukom Nehf1915-1929
    Gary NeibauerMLBGary Wayne Neibauer1966-1973
    Jim NeidlingerMLBJames Llewellyn Neidlinger1984-1994
    Al NeigerMLBAlvin Edward Neiger1960-1960
    Bob NeighborsMLBRobert Otis Neighbors1939-1939
    Mike NeillMLBMichael Robert Neill1989-2001
    Tommy NeillMLBThomas White Neill1946-1947
    Bernie NeisMLBBernard Edmund Neis1920-1927
    Ernie NeitzkeMLBErnest Fredrich Neitzke1921-1921
    Bots NekolaMLBFrancis Joseph Nekola1929-1933
    Andy NelsonMLBAndrew A. Nelson1908-1908
    Bill NelsonMLBWilliam F. Nelson1884-1884
    Brad NelsonMLBJohn Bradley Nelson2001-2014
    Bryant NelsonMLBBryant Lawrence Nelson1994-2016
    Candy NelsonMLBJohn W. Nelson1872-1890
    Chris NelsonMLBChristopher Lars Nelson2004-2016
    Dave NelsonMLBDavid Earl Nelson1964-1977
    Emmett NelsonMLBGeorge Emmett Nelson1935-1936
    Gene NelsonMLBWayland Eugene Nelson1978-1993
    Jamie NelsonMLBJames Victor Nelson1978-1994
    Jeff NelsonMLBJeffrey Allan Nelson1984-2006
    Jim NelsonMLBJames Lorin Nelson1970-1971
    Jimmy NelsonMLBJames Jacob Nelson2008-2017
    Joe NelsonMLBJoseph George Nelson1994-2010
    John NelsonMLBJohn C. Nelson1998-2008
    Luke NelsonMLBLuther Martin Nelson1919-1919
    Lynn NelsonMLBLynn Bernard Nelson1930-1940
    Mel NelsonMLBMelvin Frederick Nelson1960-1969
    Ray NelsonMLBRaymond Nelson1901-1901
    Red NelsonMLBAlbert Francis Nelson1910-1913
    Ricky NelsonMLBRicky Lee Nelson1980-1987
    Rob NelsonMLBRobert Augustus Nelson1983-1995
    Rocky NelsonMLBGlenn Richard Nelson1949-1961
    Roger NelsonMLBRoger Eugene Nelson1963-1979
    Tex NelsonMLBRobert Sidney Nelson1955-1957
    Tommy NelsonMLBTom Cousineau Nelson1945-1945
    Dick NenMLBRichard Le Roy Nen1963-1970
    Robb NenMLBRobert Allen Nen1987-2002
    Hector NerisMLBHector Neris2010-2017
    Angel NesbittMLBAngel Ladimir Nesbitt2011-2017
    Pat NeshekMLBPatrick J. Neshek2000-2017
    Jack NessMLBJohn Charles Ness1911-1916
    Graig NettlesMLBGraig Nettles1966-1988
    Jim NettlesMLBJames William Nettles1968-1986
    Morris NettlesMLBMorris Nettles1974-1975
    Milo NetzelMLBMiles A. Netzel1909-1909
    Mike NeuMLBMichael David Neu1997-2005
    Hal NeubauerMLBHarold Charles Neubauer1925-1925
    Tex NeuerMLBJohn Stein Neuer1907-1907
    Nick NeugebauerMLBNickolas Donald Neugebauer1999-2004
    Dan NeumeierMLBDaniel George Neumeier1968-1972
    Johnny NeunMLBJohn Henry Neun1925-1931
    Ernie NevelMLBErnie Wyre Nevel1950-1953
    Dovydas NeverauskasMLBDovydas Neverauskas2010-2017
    Ernie NeversMLBErnest Alonzo Nevers1926-1928
    Alexander NevinMLBAlexander Brown Nevin1873-1873
    Phil NevinMLBPhillip Joseph Nevin1990-2006
    Sean NewcombMLBSean William Newcomb2013-2017
    Don NewcombeMLBDonald Newcombe1949-1960
    John NewellMLBJohn A. Newell1891-1891
    T.E. NewellMLBT. E. Newell1877-1877
    Tom NewellMLBThomas Dean Newell1983-1991
    Marc NewfieldMLBMarc Alexander Newfield1990-1999
    David NewhanMLBDavid Matthew Newhan1994-2009
    Don NewhauserMLBDonald Louis Newhauser1967-1974
    Hal NewhouserMLBHarold Newhouser1939-1955
    Floyd NewkirkMLBFloyd Elmo Newkirk1934-1934
    Joel NewkirkMLBJoel Inez Newkirk1919-1920
    Maury NewlinMLBMaurice Milton Newlin1940-1941
    Al NewmanMLBAlbert Dwayne Newman1981-1992
    Alan NewmanMLBAlan Spencer Newman1988-2006
    Charlie NewmanMLBCharles Newman1892-1892
    Fred NewmanMLBFrederick William Newman1962-1967
    Jeff NewmanMLBJeffrey Lynn Newman1970-1984
    Josh NewmanMLBJoshua Paul Newman2001-2009
    Ray NewmanMLBRaymond Francis Newman1964-1973
    Patrick NewnamMLBPatrick Henry Newnam1910-1911
    Bobo NewsomMLBLouis Norman Newsom1929-1953
    Dick NewsomeMLBHeber Hampton Newsome1941-1943
    Skeeter NewsomeMLBLamar Ashby Newsome1935-1947
    Warren NewsonMLBWarren Dale Newson1986-2003
    Doc NewtonMLBEustace James Newton1900-1909
    Gift NgoepeMLBMpho' Gift Ngoepe2009-2017
    Fu-Te NiMLBFu-Te Nip2009-2015
    Gus NiarhosMLBConstantine Gregory Niarhos1946-1955
    Juan NicasioMLBJuan Nicasio2007-2017
    Sam NicholMLBSamuel Anderson Nichol1888-1890
    Brett NicholasMLB Brett James Nicholas2008-2017
    Don NicholasMLBDonald Leigh Nicholas1952-1954
    Simon NichollsMLBSimon Burdette Nicholls1903-1909
    Al NicholsMLBAlfred Henry Nichols1875-1877
    Art NicholsMLBArthur Francis Nichols1898-1903
    Carl NicholsMLBCarl Edward Nichols1980-1997
    Chet NicholsMLBChester Raymond Sr. Nichols1926-1932
    Chet NicholsMLBChester Raymond Jr. Nichols1951-1964
    Dolan NicholsMLBDolan Levon Nichols1958-1958
    Kid NicholsMLBCharles Augustus Nichols1890-1906
    Reid NicholsMLBThomas Reid Nichols1976-1988
    Rod NicholsMLBRodney Lee Nichols1985-1996
    Roy NicholsMLBRoy Nicholls1944-1944
    Tricky NicholsMLBFrederick C. Nichols1875-1882
    Bill NicholsonMLBWilliam Beck Nicholson1936-1953
    Dave NicholsonMLBDavid Lawrence Nicholson1960-1967
    Frank NicholsonMLBFrank Collins Nicholson1912-1912
    Fred NicholsonMLBFred Nicholson1917-1922
    Kevin NicholsonMLBKevin Ronald Nicholson1995-2006
    Ovid NicholsonMLBOvid Edward Nicholson1912-1912
    Parson NicholsonMLBThomas Clark Nicholson1888-1895
    Chris NichtingMLBChristopher Thomas Nichting 1985-2002
    Mike NickeasMLBMichael James Nickeas2002-2014
    Doug NickleMLBDouglas Alan Nickle1996-2004
    George NicolMLBGeorge Edward Nicol1890-1894
    Hugh NicolMLBHugh N. Nicol1881-1890
    Justin NicolinoMLBJustin B. Nicolino2011-2017
    Steve NicosiaMLBSteven Richard Nicosia1973-1985
    Tomas NidoMLBTomas E. Nido2012-2017
    Charlie NiebergallMLBChalres Arthur Niegbergall1921-1924
    David NiedMLBDavid Glen Nied1988-1996
    Tom NiedenfuerMLBThomas Edward Niedenfuer1978-1990
    Al NiehausMLBAlbert Bernard Niehaus1925-1925
    Dick NiehausMLBRichard J. Niehaus1913-1920
    Bert NiehoffMLBJohn Albert Niehoff1913-1918
    Joe NiekroMLBJoseph Franklin Niekro1966-1988
    Lance NiekroMLBLance Joseph Niekro1999-2009
    Phil NiekroMLBPhillip Henry Niekro1959-1987
    Jerry NielsenMLBGerald Arthur Nielsen1985-1994
    Milt NielsenMLBMilton Robert Nielsen1949-1951
    Scott NielsenMLBJeffrey Scott Nielsen1983-1990
    Bob NiemanMLBRobert Charles Nieman1951-1962
    Butch NiemanMLBElmer Le Roy Nieman1943-1945
    Jeff NiemannMLBJeffrey Warren Niemann2002-2012
    Randy NiemannMLBRandal Harold Niemann1975-1988
    Jack NiemesMLBJacob Leland Niemes1943-1943
    Al NiemiecMLBAlfred Joseph Niemiec1934-1936
    Jon NieseMLBJonathan Joseph Niese2005-2016
    Chuck NiesonMLBCharles Bassett Nieson1964-1964
    Adrian NietoMLBAdrian Nieto2008-2017
    Tom NietoMLBThomas Andrew Nieto1981-1991
    Kirk NieuwenhuisMLBKirk Robert Niewenhuis2008-2017
    Fernando NieveMLBFernando Alexis Nieve2001-2016
    Jose NievesMLBJose Miguel Pinto Nieves1995-2008
    Juan NievesMLBJuan Manuel Nieves1983-1990
    Melvin NievesMLBMelvin Ramos Nieves1988-2008
    Wil NievesMLBWilbert Nieves1996-2015
    Johnny NiggelingMLBJohn Arnold Niggeling1938-1946
    Tom NilandMLBThomas James Niland1896-1896
    Bill NilesMLBWilliam E. Niles1895-1895
    Harry NilesMLBHerbert Clyde Niles1906-1910
    Rabbit NillMLBGeorge Charles Nill1904-1908
    Dave NilssonMLBDavid Wayne Nilsson1987-2004
    Brandon NimmoMLBBrandon T. Nimmo2011-2017
    Al NipperMLBAlbert Samuel Nipper1978-1991
    Dustin NippertMLBDustin David Nippert2002-2010
    Merlin NippertMLBMerlin Lee Nippert1962-1962
    Ron NischwitzMLBRonald Lee Nischwitz1961-1965
    Tsuyoshi NishiokaMLBTsuyoshi Nishioka2003-2016
    Otho NitcholasMLBOtho James Nitcholas1945-1945
    C.J. NitkowskiMLBChristopher John Nitkowski1992-2012
    Jayson NixMLBJayson Truitt Edward Nix2001-2015
    Laynce NixMLBLaynce Michael Nix2000-2013
    Al NixonMLBAlbert Richard Nixon1915-1928
    Donell NixonMLBRobert Donnell Nixon1981-1993
    Otis NixonMLBOtis Junior Nixon1979-1999
    Russ NixonMLBRussell Eugene Nixon1957-1968
    Trot NixonMLBChristopher Trotman Nixon1994-2008
    Willard NixonMLBWillard Lee Nixon1950-1958
    Ray NobleMLBRafael Miguel (Magee) Noble1951-1953
    Junior NoboaMLBMilliciades Arturo (Diaz) Noboa1982-1995
    Paul NoceMLBPaul David Noce1981-1991
    Rico NoelMLBJablonski Noel2008-2017
    Hector NoesiMLBHector Noesi2006-2015
    George NoftskerMLBGeorge Washington Noftsker1884-1884
    Matt NokesMLBMatthew Dodge Nokes1981-2002
    Aaron NolaMLBAaron Michael Nola2012-2017
    Gary NolanMLBGary Lynn Nolan1966-1977
    Joe NolanMLBJoseph William Nolan1969-1985
    The Only NolanMLBEdward Sylvester Nolan1878-1885
    Ricky NolascoMLBCarlos Enrique Nolasco2001-2017
    Dick NoldMLBRichard Louis Nold1967-1967
    Dickie NolesMLBDickie Ray Noles1975-1990
    Sean NolinMLBSean Patrick Nolin2010-2017
    Eric NolteMLBEric Carl Nolte1984-1994
    Hideo NomoMLBHideo Nomo1990-2008
    Takahito NomuraMLBTakahito Nomura1992-2003
    Red NonnenkampMLBLeo William Nonnenkamp1933-1940
    Nick NoonanMLBNicholas Murphy Noonan2007-2017
    Pete NoonanMLBPeter John Noonan1904-1907
    Jerry NopsMLBJeremiah Henry Nops1896-1901
    Jordan NorbertoMLBJordan Norberto2006-2016
    Tim NordbrookMLBTimothy Charles Nordbrook1974-1982
    Wayne NordhagenMLBWayne Oren Nordhagen1968-1983
    Lou NordykeMLBLouis Ellis Nordyke1906-1906
    Irv NorenMLBIrving Arnold Noren1950-1960
    John NoriegaMLBJohn Alan Noriega1969-1970
    Bill NormanMLBHenry Willis Patrick Norman1931-1932
    Dan NormanMLBDaniel Edmund Norman1974-1987
    Fred NormanMLBFredie Hubert Norman1961-1980
    Les NormanMLBLeslie Eugene Norman1991-2005
    Nelson NormanMLBNelson Augusto Norman1975-1989
    Bud NorrisMLBDavid Stefan Norris Jr.2004-2017
    Daniel NorrisMLBDaniel David Norris2012-2017
    Derek NorrisMLBDerek Ryan Norris2007-2017
    Jim NorrisMLBJames Francis Norris1968-1981
    Leo NorrisMLBLeo John Norris1936-1937
    Mike NorrisMLBMichael Kelvin Norris1975-1991
    Billy NorthMLBWilliam Alex North1969-1981
    Lou NorthMLBLouis Alexander North1913-1924
    Hub NorthenMLBHubbard Elwin Northen1910-1912
    Ron NortheyMLBRonald James Northey1942-1957
    Scott NortheyMLBScott Richard Northey1969-1969
    Jake NorthropMLBGeorge Howard Northrop1918-1919
    Jim NorthrupMLBJames Thomas Northrup1961-1975
    Effie NortonMLBElisha Strong Norton1896-1897
    Frank NortonMLBFrank Prescott Norton1871-1871
    Greg NortonMLBGregory Blakemoor Norton1991-2009
    Phil NortonMLBPhillip Douglas Norton1996-2007
    Tom NortonMLBThomas John Norton1969-1972
    Willie NorwoodMLBWillie Norwood1972-1980
    Randy NosekMLBRandall William Nosek1986-1991
    Joe NossekMLBJoseph Rudolph Nossek1964-1970
    Don NottebartMLBDonald Edward Nottebart1960-1969
    Chet NourseMLBChester Linwood Nourse1909-1909
    Ivan NovaMLBIvon Manuel Nova2006-2017
    Lou NovikoffMLBLouis Alexander Novikoff1941-1946
    Rafael NovoaMLBRafael Angel Novoa1986-1997
    Roberto NovoaMLBRoberto Novoa2001-2014
    Rube NovotneyMLBRalph Joseph Novotney1949-1949
    Win NoyesMLBWinfield Charles Noyes1913-1919
    Les NunamakerMLBLeslie Grant Nunamaker1911-1922
    Abraham NunezMLBAbraham Nunez1997-2009
    Abraham NunezMLBAbraham Orlando Nunez Adames1996-2011
    Eduardo NunezMLBEduardo Michelle Nunez2005-2017
    Edwin NunezMLBEdwin Nunez1979-1994
    Franklin NunezMLBFranklin Nunez1998-2009
    Jhonny NunezMLBJhonny J. Nunez2006-2013
    Jose NunezMLBJose Antonio Nunez1998-2004
    Jose NunezMLBJose Nunez Jimenez 1984-2008
    Renato NunezMLBRenato Rafael Nunez2011-2017
    Vladimir NunezMLBVladimir Nunez1996-2010
    Howie NunnMLBHoward Ralph Nunn1959-1962
    Jon NunnallyMLBJonathan Keith Nunnally1992-2006
    Talmadge NunnariMLBTalmadge Raphael Nunnari1996-2004
    Vidal NunoMLBVidal Nuno2009-2017
    Emory NuszMLBWilliam Emory Nusz1884-1884
    Dizzy NutterMLBEverett Clarence Nutter1919-1919
    Joe NuxhallMLBJoseph Henry Nuxhall1944-1966
    Charlie NyceMLBCharles Reiff Nyce1895-1895
    Rich NyeMLBRichard Raymond Nye1965-1970
    Ryan NyeMLBRyan Craig Nye1981-2000
    Chris NymanMLBChristopher Curtis Nyman1977-1986
    Jerry NymanMLBGerald Smith Nyman1968-1970
    Nyls NymanMLBNyls Wallace Rex Nyman1974-1979

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