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The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
Jesus Coa            P     A        1999-2001   Jesus Javier Coa                         
Pedro Coa            C     RK       2013-2014   Pedro Manuel Coa                         
Rainiero Coa         C     RK       2013-2014   Rainiero Coa                             
Calvin Coach         OF    A        1994-1996   Calvin H. Coach                          
James Coachman       1B    RK       1990-1990   James E. Coachman                        
Derric Coakley       OF    RK       1991-1995   Derric Coakley                           
Brad Coates          SS    A+       1998-2001   Bradley T. Coates                        
Terry Coates         3B    RK       1984-1984   Terry G. Coates                          
Tom Coates           OF    A+       1991-1997   Thomas Jewell Coates Jr.                 
Rick Coatney         P     AA       1979-1985   Richard Eugene Coatney                   
Jason Coats          OF    AA       2009-2014   Jason L. Coats                           
Nathan Coats         OF    A-       1995-1997   Nathan P. Coats                          
Adam Cobb            OF    A+       2005-2008   Adam Brady Cobb                          
Larry Cobb           OF    AAA      2006-2009   Lawrence Lofton Cobb                     
Mark Cobb            OF    A+       1987-1989   Mark Dawayne Cobb                        
Marvin Cobb          P     AA       1987-1992   Marvin Wayne Cobb                        
Matt Cobb            P     A-       1999-2005   Matthew Sterling Cobb                    
Maurice Cobb         OF    A-       2002-2004   Maurice Terez Cobb                       
Robbie Cobb          IF    A+       1980-1985   Robert E. Cobb                           
Trevor Cobb          P     AA       1992-2000   Trevor Turk Cobb                         
Todd Cobbs           P     A+       1983-1985   Todd R. Cobbs                            
William Cobe         P     RK       1983-1983   William E. Cobe                          
Anthony Coble        OF    RK       1990-1990   Anthony Coble                            
Jason Coble          P     A        1996-1997   Jason L. Coble                           
Jose Cobos           P     AAA      2005-2013   Jose Cobos                               
Todd Coburn          C     A        1993-1996   Todd E. Coburn                           
Mark Coca            OF    RK       1995-1995   Mark P. Coca                             
Daniel Coccia        P     RK       1988-1988   Daniel Coccia                            
Joseph Coccia        P     RK       1988-1988   Joseph A. Coccia                         
Andrew Cochran       P     A        1995-1997   Andrew Kellis Cochran                    
Arnold Cochran       3B    A        1981-1984   Arnold Cochran                           
Ed Cochran           2B    RK       1996-2002   Edwin C. Cochran                         
Greg Cochran         P     AAA      1975-1982   Gregory Mahlon Cochran                   
Jamie Cochran        P     A        1991-1994   Orville Jamie Cochran                    
Michael Cochran      C     A+       1980-1980   Michael A. Cochran                       
Robert Cochran       P     A+       2004-2008   Thomas Robert Cochran                    
Tom Cochran          P     AAA      2002-2013   Thomas R. Cochran                        
Trey Cochran-Gill    P     A-       2012-2014   Eric Trey Cochran-Gill                   
Chris Cochrane       P     A+       1992-1997   Christopher M. Cochrane                  
Mark Cochrane        C     A        1999-2003   Mark A. Cochrane                         
Steve Cochrane       C     RK       2009-2011   Steve Cochrane                           
J.R. Cock            P     A-       1991-1991   John R. Cock                             
Michael Cockrell     2B    AA       2001-2006   Michael Garcia Cockrell                  
J.D. Cockroft        P     A-       2001-2005   Joseph Dean Cockroft                     
Tim Codd             P     A        1995-1996                                            
Kevin Coddington     C     AA       2008-2011   Kevin Coddington                         
Rafael Codinach      IF-OF A+       1982-1984   Rafael A. Codinach                       
Jason Codiroli       OF    AAA      2007-2011   Jason Michael Codiroli                   
Mike Codiroli        OF    A+       1977-1985   Michael W. Codiroli                      
Buck Cody            P     A        2002-2006   Buck Gary Cody                           
Chris Cody           P     AAA      2003-2013   Christopher Patrick Cody                 
Marquise Cody        OF    RK       2006-2006   Anthony Cody                             
Ron Cody             P     A        1992-1993   William Ronald Cody                      
Ryan Cody            C     A        1997-1999   Ryan P. Cody                             
Adam Coe             3B    A        2006-2009   Adam Coe                                 
Brent Coe            P     RK       1993-1998   Brent A. Coe                             
Keith Coe            P     A        1994-1996   Keith D. Coe                             
Kevin Coe            OF    RK       1994-1994   Kevin R. Coe                             
Robert Coe           P     A+       2007-2013   Robert Coe                               
Roger Coe            P     AA       1977-1977   Roger Karl Coe                           
Ryan Coe             C     A+       1995-1997   Ryan Alan Coe                            
Matt Coenen          P     AA       2000-2005   Matthew R. Coenen                        
Brian Cofer          P     A+       1988-1992   Brian E. Cofer                           
Gary Coffee          1B    A+       1994-1998   Gary D. Coffee                           
Ken Coffee                 A-       1989-1990                                            
Cameron Coffey       P     A        2010-2012   Cameron Bryan Coffey                     
David Coffey         OF    A        2001-2003   David C. Coffey                          
Drew Coffey          P     A-       2004-2013   Andrew L. Coffey                         
Josh Coffey          C     RK       2001-2003   Joshua Michael Coffey                    
Kris Coffey          OF    A        2001-2003   Kristopher W. Coffey                     
Michael Coffey       P     A+       1985-1987   Michael Louis Coffey                     
Michael Coffey       P     RK       1989-1990   Michael D. Coffey                        
Steve Coffey         SS    A        1990-1991   Stephen Coffey                           
Ryan Coffin          P     A+       2001-2006   Ryan Matthew Coffin                      
Broc Coffman         P     A+       2005-2010   Broc C. Coffman                          
James Coffman        P     AAA      1980-1983   James N. Coffman                         
Kasey Coffman        OF    A-       2011-2014   Kasey Mark Todd Coffman                  
Kyle Cofield         P     AAA      2005-2013   Kyle S. Cofield                          
Alex Coghen          P     A+       1977-1979   Alexander Coghen                         
David Coghill        P     A        1979-1980   David D. Coghill                         
Branden Cogswell     IF    A        2012-2014   Branden Cogswell                         
Daniel Cohen               RK       1987-1987                                            
Gabe Cohen           LF    A+       2007-2011   Gabriel Nguyen Cohen                     
John Cohen           OF    A+       1990-1991   John A. Cohen                            
Tommy Cohen                A        1987-1988                                            
Derrick Cohens       OF    A-       1997-1999   Derrick D. Cohens                        
Emmitt Cohick        OF    AAA      1991-1995   Emmitt S. Cohick                         
Cavan Cohoes         OF    AA       2012-2013   Cavan Christopher Cohoes                 
Don Cohoon           3B    A+       1985-1989   Donald E. Cohoon                         
Mark Cohoon          P     AAA      2007-2013   Mark E. Cohoon                           
David Cohron         P     A        1979-1980   David Tracy Cohron                       
Michael Coin               A        1983-1985                                            
Jarrett Coker        P     RK       2009-2010   Jarrett Coker                            
Jeffrey Coker        OF    A-       1978-1979   Jeffrey J. Coker                         
Kevin Coker          P     A+       1982-1984   Kevin Craig Coker                        
Larry Coker          P     A        1984-1988   Larry G. Coker                           
Reggie Coker         P     A-       1982-1985   Reginald Leroy Coker                     
Shane Coker          OF    RK       1988-1989   Thomas Shane Coker                       
M.P. Cokinos         1B    AA       2010-2014   Michael Paul Cokinos                     
Joshua Colafemina    3B    RK       2002-2013   Joshua Robert Colafemina                 
Brant Colamarino     1B    AAA      2000-2007   Brant Andrew Colamarino                  
Joe Colameco         OF    RK       1995-2003   Joseph Dennis Colameco                   
Matt Colantonio      C     A        2008-2012   Matthew Anthony Colantonio               
Raphachel Colatosti  3B    RK       2013-2013   Raphachel Colatosti                      
Steven Colavito      OF    A        1985-1988   Steven James Colavito                    
Anthony Colbert      OF    RK       1981-1981                                            
Cary Colbert         1B    AA       1982-1985   Cary L. Colbert                          
Eddie Colbert        OF    A-       2002-2003   Edward Randolph Colbert                  
Ernest Colbert       C     A-       1981-1981   Ernest W. Colbert                        
Henry Colbert        P     A-       2003-2004   Henry A. Colbert                         
Rick Colbert         C     AAA      1977-1987   Richard Edward Colbert                   
Brian Colburn        OF    RK       1994-1998   Brian D. Colburn                         
Tom Colburn          C     A+       1977-1982   Thomas E. Colburn                        
Charles Colby        SS    A+       1979-1981                                            
Charlie Colclough    1B    A+       1981-1982   Charlie Colclough Jr.                    
A.J. Cole            P     AAA      2010-2014   Andrew Jordan Cole                       
Abdul Cole           OF    A        1994-1996   Abdul M. Cole                            
Audie Cole           OF    A+       1980-1981                                            
Brian Cole           OF    AA       1998-2000   Brian Keith Cole                         
Butch Cole           OF    AA       1990-1993   George Edwin Cole Jr.                    
Chris Cole                 A+       1989-1990                                            
Don Cole             P     A+       1981-1981   Donald E. Cole                           
Eric Cole            OF    AAA      1995-2006   Eric Scott Cole                          
Ethan Cole           P     A        2011-2013   Ethan Heilman Cole                       
Hunter Cole          OF    A-       2012-2014   Hunter Cole                              
Jason Cole           P     AAA      1994-1998   Jason R. Cole                            
Jim Cole             P     AA       1993-1995   James M. Cole                            
Joey Cole            P     AAA      1999-2006   Joseph Quentin Cole                      
Joey Cole            P     A        1977-1979   Joel Eugene Cole                         
John Cole            OF    A        1999-2002   John P. Cole                             
John Cole                  A-       1987-1987                                            
Lucius Cole          OF    RK       1986-1988   Lucius Levon Cole                        
Mark Cole            2B    AA       1987-1994   Mark A. Cole                             
Marvin Cole          2B    A+       1988-2001   Marvin Dale Cole                         
Mike Cole            2B    AAA      1980-1985   Michael Dewayne Cole                     
Robert Cole          OF    AA       1986-2000   Robert Lloyd Cole                        
Rodger Cole          P     AAA      1982-1987   William Rodgers Cole                     
Ryan Cole            P     A-       2007-2011   Ryan John Cole                           
Taylor Cole          P     AA       2008-2014   Taylor James Cole                        
Tim Cole             P     AAA      1977-1986   Timothy Alan Cole                        
Todd Cole            SS    RK       1989-1989   Todd Ellis Cole                          
Winston Cole         1B    A+       1977-1977   Winston Alphonso Cole                    
Zac Cole             P     RK       2006-2010   Zachary Cole                             
Alph Coleman         OF    A+       1998-2004   Alph Coleman                             
Andy Coleman         C     A+       2000-2001   Andrew Coleman                           
Billy Coleman        P     RK       1995-2004   Billy Wayne Coleman                      
Billy Coleman        P     AA       1991-2002   John William Coleman                     
Dale Coleman         P     AA       1988-1991   Jimmy Dale Coleman                       
DeWayne Coleman      P     A+       1985-1988   Dewayne Buryl Coleman                    
Dusty Coleman        SS-2B AAA      2007-2014   Dustin Michael Coleman                   
Gerald Coleman       OF    A+       1977-1977   Gerald D. Coleman                        
Glenn Coleman        OF    RK       1991-1991   Glenn S. Coleman                         
Jeff Coleman         P     AA       2001-2007   Jeffrey Vaughan Coleman                  
Jerome Coleman       OF-1B A+       1981-1984   Jerome Elder Coleman                     
Ken Coleman          2B-3B AAA      1986-1995   Kenneth Earl Coleman                     
Kendall Coleman      OF    RK       2013-2014   Kendall Coleman                          
Kevin Coleman        P     A-       1999-2002   Kevin D. Coleman                         
Matt Coleman         P     RK       1987-1989                                            
Moses Coleman        1B    A-       1982-1982                                            
Paul Coleman         P     A        2003-2007   Paul S. Coleman                          
Paul Coleman         OF    AA       1989-1996   Paul Marwin Coleman                      
Pete Coleman         P     RK       1991-1992   Peter Thomas Coleman                     
Randy Coleman              RK       1982-1982                                            
Rickey Coleman       OF    AAA      1982-1985   Rickey L. Coleman                        
Rico Coleman         OF    A        1989-1990   Wayne DeRico Coleman                     
Ronnie Coleman       OF    A-       1991-2000   Roynal L. Coleman                        
Scott Coleman        P     RK       1991-1992   Scott B. Coleman                         
Trevor Coleman       C     AAA      2007-2013   Trevor Jackson Coleman                   
Ty Coleman           P     A        1980-1980   Ty H. Coleman                            
Corey Coles          OF    AAA      2002-2008   Corey John Coles                         
Robby Coles          P     A+       2011-2014   Robert Coles                             
Bob Colescott        C     A        1984-1989   Robert Edward Colescott                  
Matthew Coletta            A+       1977-1979                                            
John Coletti         P     RK       1991-1991   John Michael Coletti                     
Austin Coley         P     A-       2012-2014   Sterling Austin Coley                    
Matt Colin           OF    RK       2001-2003   Matthew E. Colin                         
Augusto Colina       P     RK       2013-2013   Augusto Colina                           
Ederson Colina       P     RK       2005-2005   Ederson Mark Colina                      
Edgar Colina         P     RK       1981-1983   Edgar A. Colina                          
Edilio Colina        IF    A+       2007-2010   Edilio Jose Colina                       
Javier Colina        2B    AAA      1998-2012   Javier Jose Colina                       
Luis Colina          2B    RK       2003-2003   Luis E. Colina                           
Roberto Colina       1B    AAA      1997-2002   Roberto Colina                           
Yinner Colina        1B    RK       2002-2002   Yinner Alexander Colina                  
Mike Colla           P     AA       2006-2014   Michael Jeffrey Colla                    
Richard Colla        2B    RK       2013-2013   Richard Leonardo Colla                   
Jerry Collado        P     A-       2000-2002   Jerry Collado                            
Keyter Collado       C     AAA      2007-2011   Keyter Collado                           
Offerman Collado     2B    RK       2013-2013   Offerman Arturo Collado                  
Mike Collar          P     A        2001-2005   Michael James Collar                     
Thomas Collaro       OF    AAA      2002-2012   Thomas M. Collaro                        
Julio Collazo        3B    A+       1977-1979   Julio Cesar Collazo                      
Julio Collazo        SS    A        1999-2001   Julio C. Collazo                         
Rafael Collazo       P     A-       1998-2004   Rafael Collazo                           
Cody Collet          C     AA       2004-2008   Cody John Collet                         
Jose Collet                A-       1980-1981                                            
Andy Collett         P     A        1994-1997   Robert Andrew Collett                    
Mike Collett         P     A-       1990-1994   John Michael Collett                     
Steven Collette            AAA      1977-1977                                            
Manny Colletti       SS    AAA      1977-1982   Manuel J. Colletti                       
Tim Collie           P     A+       1992-1996   Timothy W. Collie                        
Anthony Collier      OF    AA       1988-1993   Anthony Joseph Collier                   
Dan Collier          OF    AA       1991-1997   Daniel Harrison Collier                  
Ervin Collier        P     RK       1991-1993   Ervin O. Collier                         
Lamonte Collier      SS    A+       1997-1999   Lamonte Collier                          
Logan Collier        P     A-       2006-2007   Logan B. Collier                         
Marc Collier         SS    RK       1996-1997   Marc J. Collier                          
Randy Collier        P     A-       1983-1983   Randy Gale Collier                       
Tommy Collier        P     AA       2009-2014   Thomas Alan Collier                      
Zach Collier         OF    AA       2008-2014   Zachary Edward Collier                   
Kyle Colligan        LF    A+       2006-2012   Kyle Gilbert Colligan                    
Kyle Collina         P     A+       2003-2007   Kyle N. Collina                          
Allan Collins        P     RK       1983-1983   Allan C. Collins                         
Allen Collins        P     AAA      1983-1990   Allen Bruce Collins                      
Boomer Collins       IF    A-       2009-2014   Thomas Joseph Collins III                
Bryan Collins        P     A-       2007-2007   Bryan David Matthew Collins Iii          
Chris Collins        C     A+       2001-2005   Christopher John Collins                 
Chris Collins        P     AA       1985-1988   Christopher Thomas Collins               
Clint Collins        P     A        1998-2001   Clinton R. Collins                       
Danny Collins        1B    A        2011-2014   Daniel Oliver Collins                    
Danny Collins        P     RK       2003-2004   Danny F. Collins                         
Don Collins          P     A+       1980-1983   Donald G. Collins                        
Doug Collins         P     RK       1991-1992   Douglas C. Collins                       
Ed Collins           P     A+       1994-1998   Edward J. Collins                        
Francis Collins      OF    A+       1997-1998                                            
Jeff Collins         P     RK       1982-1982   Jeff Collins                             
Jesse Collins        C     RK       2000-2004   Jesse J. Collins                         
Jimmie Collins       P     AAA      1977-1977   Jimmie Collins                           
Joe Collins          P     A+       1978-1982   Joseph F. Collins                        
Joel Collins         C     A+       2005-2011   Joel Ernest Collins                      
Ken Collins          P     RK       1995-1995   Kenneth Owen Collins                     
Kevin Collins        IF    A+       2000-2006   Kevin Charles Collins                    
Kyle Collins         P     AA       2001-2007   Kyle Leonard Collins                     
Matt Collins         P     RK       2008-2012   Matt Collins                             
Mike Collins         2B    AAA      1996-2005   Michael Anthony Collins                  
Mike Collins               RK       1992-1992                                            
Mike Collins         C     AAA      2001-2010   Michael John Donald Collins              
Mike Collins         SS    RK       1994-1994   Michael L. Collins                       
Pat Collins          P     AA       1997-2005   Patrick Martin Collins                   
Ronald Collins       1B    A-       1988-1989   Ronald Duane Collins                     
Scott Collins        SS    A-       1981-1981   Phillip Scott Collins                    
Sean Collins         OF    AA       1989-1998   Sean Linale Collins                      
Sherman Collins      P     A+       1984-1987   Sherman Collins                          
Stacey Collins       P     A+       1990-1994   Stacey Bernard Collins                   
Stephen Collins      P     A+       1977-1980   Stephen J. Collins                       
Terry Collins        IF-OF AAA      1977-1984   Terry Lee Collins                        
Thomas Collins       OF    Rk       2013-2013   Thomas Joseph Collins III                
Tim Collins          P     A        1985-1988   Timothy Randall Collins                  
Timothy Collins      OF-1B A+       1979-1980   Timothy J. Collins                       
Tony Collins         OF    A        1986-1986   Anthony Leo Collins                      
Zach Collins         P     A        1994-1995   Zachary S. Collins                       
Devin Collis         P     A-       2003-2008   Devin C. Collis                          
Rocky Collis         P     AAA      2003-2007   Everett Henry Collis                     
Dave Collishaw       P     A+       1986-1987   Dave Collishaw                           
Justin Collop        P     A+       2007-2013   Justin Patrick Collop                    
Gary Collum          OF    A        1993-2002   Gary K. Collum                           
Mike Collum          IF    A        2001-2004   Michael Joseph Collum                    
Todd Collura         C     RK       1998-1999   Todd Michael Collura                     
Richard Collyer      P     A+       1979-1981   Richard Collyer                          
Malik Collymore      2B    RK       2013-2014   Malik D. Collymore                       
Carlos Colmenares    S     AAA      2006-2013   Carlos Alberto Colmenares Torres         
Carlos Colmenares    SS    A+       1992-1993   Carlos A. Colmenares (Salas)             
Luis Colmenares      P     AA       1994-2000   Luis Alberto Colmenares                  
Jesus Colmenter      SS-2B A+       1999-2003   Jesus Armando Colmenter                  
Carlo Colombino      3B    AAA      1985-1995   Carlo Felix Colombino                    
Alexi Colon          1B-RF A-       2012-2013   Alexi Colon                              
Angel Colon          SS-2B A        1990-1992   Angel L. Colon                           
Angel Colon          CF    A        2005-2008   Angel M. Colon                           
Antonio Colon        C     A        1987-1989   Antonio O. Colon                         
Ariel Colon          1B    RK       1995-1996   Ariel Colon                              
David Colon          OF    A+       1987-1992   David Colon (Martinez)                   
Dennis Colon         1B    AAA      1991-2000   Dennis Torres Colon                      
Emmanuel Colon             RK       1985-1985                                            
Felix Colon          1B-3B AA       1989-1998   Felix Luis Colon                         
Geovanny Colon             RK       1987-1987                                            
Hector Colon         IF    A        1990-1994   Hector Geronimo Colon                    
Jose Colon           P     AAA      1999-2003   Jose B. Colon                            
Jose Colon           OF    A+       1995-2001   Jose V. Colon                            
Jose Colon                 AAA      1999-2003                                            
Jose Colon                 RK       1983-1983                                            
Jose Colon           P     RK       1991-1991   Jose Ulises Colon                        
Joseph Colon         P     AA       2009-2014   Joseph Colon                             
Juan Colon           P     A        2005-2006   Juan Manuel Colon                        
Julio Colon          P     AA       1994-1996   Julio Colon                              
Kevin Colon          SS    A-       2005-2007   Kevin Colon                              
Luis Colon                 RK       1979-1979                                            
Marion Colon               RK       1993-1993                                            
Rafael Colon         P     A+       1979-1980   Rafael Vazquez Colon                     
Roberto Colon        3B    RK       2000-2000   Roberto J. Colon                         
Rogue Colon          OF    RK       1992-1992   Rogue Colon                              
Roque Colon          P     A-       2008-2011   Roque Rafael Colon                       
Christian Colonel    3B    AAA      2003-2011   Christian Burkhardt Colonel              
Paul Colontino       OF    RK       1987-1988   Paul E. Colantino                        
Jose Colorado        OF    A        2011-2013   Jose Ignacio Colorado                    
Moises Colorado      P     RK       2010-2010   Moises Colorado                          
Mike Colpitt         SS    A+       1983-1987   Michael Jerome Colpitt                   
Jason Colquitt       C     A+       1996-1998   Jason L. Colquitt                        
Brent Colson         P     A+       1990-1993   Brenton Trell Colson                     
Bruce Colson               A        1987-1988                                            
Jason Colson         P     A+       1998-2009   Jason Carl Colson                        
Jeremiah Colson      OF    RK       1995-1995   Jeremiah S. Colson                       
Julian Colson        OF    RK       1996-1997   Julian Lawrence Colson                   
Frank Colston        C     A+       1985-1989   Frank E. Colston                         
Brad Colton          OF    A+       1981-1985   Bradford W. Colton                       
Chris Colton         OF    A+       2002-2010   Christopher Lewis Colton                 
Kyle Colton          P     A        1999-2003   Kyle Conrad Colton                       
Brandon Coluccio     C     A-       2013-2014   Brandon Coluccio                         
Jeff Columbano       C-1B  RK       1990-1990   Jeffrey Lee Columbano                    
John Columbano       P     RK       1985-1985   John A. Columbano                        
Charles Columbus     P     A-       1977-1977   Charles Columbus                         
Jason Columbus       1B    A        2002-2005   Jason Daniel Columbus                    
Jose Columna         2B    A+       1993-1994   Jose Columna                             
Rolando Columna      IF    RK       1979-1979   Rolando A. Columna                       
Benny Colvard        OF-DH AAA      1988-1993   Herman Ben Colvard                       
Ron Colvard          P     A-       1999-2003   Ron Jacob Colvard                        
Brody Colvin         P     AA       2009-2014   Brody Edward Colvin                      
Brooks Colvin        IF    A        2001-2006   Brooks Wayne Colvin                      
David Colvin         P     AA       2008-2014   David Michael Colvin                     
Ryan Colvin          P     A        2006-2008   Ryan Matthew Colvin                      
Rick Colzie          IF-P  AAA      1977-1979   Richard Lee Colzie                       
Jordan Comadena      LF-C  A+       2005-2011   Jordan Mark Comadena                     
Chris Combs          1B    A+       1996-2001   David Christopher Combs                  
Marcus Combs         OF    A+       1987-1998   Marcus W. Combs                          
Matt Combs           C     RK       2006-2010   Matt Combs                               
Robert Combs         P     A        1977-1977   Robert T. Combs                          
Trey Combs           C     RK       2005-2005   Weldon Trey Combs                        
Will Combs           IF    A-       1998-2002   William F. Combs                         
Eddie Comeaux        OF    A        1993-1997   Edward Comeaux                           
Chad Comer           C     A+       2008-2012   Chad Michael Comer                       
Kevin Comer          P     A        2012-2014   Kevin James Comer                        
Scott Comer          P     AA       1996-2000   Scott Allen Comer                        
Jimmy Comerota       1B-LF AA       2007-2012   James Anthony Comerota                   
Geoff Comfort        OF    A+       2001-2003   Geoffrey George Comfort                  
Glenn Comoletti      P     A+       1977-1978                                            
Mark Comolli         P     AAA      2001-2006   Mark D. Comolli                          
Steve Compagno       P     A-       1981-1982   Steven Joseph Compagno                   
Fidel Compres        P     AAA      1984-2000   Fidel A. Compres                         
Brian Compton        C     A+       2009-2013   Brian Norman Compton                     
Bruce Compton        OF    A        1977-1980   Bruce Keith Compton                      
Chase Compton        1B-3B RK       2011-2014   Chase Clayton Compton                    
David Compton        OF    RK       2009-2013   David Alexander Compton                  
Jack Compton         OF    RK       2000-2000   Jack Allen Compton                       
Scott Compton        OF    A-       1993-1993   Scott D. Compton                         
Brad Comstock        P     A+       1987-1988   Brad William Comstock                    
Scott Conant         SS    A-       1992-1993   Scott B. Conant                          
Jonathan Conaster    P     RK       2007-2007                                            
Derrick Conatser     P     A        2005-2008   Jonathan Derrick Conatser                
Peter Conaty         P     A+       1978-1979   Peter L. Conaty                          
Richard Conboy       OF    A-       1978-1978   Richard T. Conboy                        
Alberto Concepcion   C-3B  AAA      2000-2008   Alberto Concepcion Jr.                   
Alexander Concepcion P     AAA      2005-2011   Alexander Concepcion                     
Ambiorix Concepcion  OF    AAA      2004-2010   Ambiorix Concepcion                      
Carlos Concepcion    P     AAA      1982-1986   Carlos O. Concepcion                     
Christian Concepcion P     RK       2008-2008   Christian Hendrysis Concepcion           
David Concepcion     IF    A        1995-1996   David Alejandro Concepcion               
Eddy Concepcion      1B    RK       2013-2013   Eddy Francisco Concepcion                
Edward Concepcion    P     A+       2009-2013   Edward Xavier Concepcion                 
Gerardo Concepcion   P     A+       2012-2014   Gerardo Concepcion                       
Jose Concepcion      P     RK       1982-1982   Jose Concepcion                          
Jose Concepcion      C     RK       1979-1979   Jose Concepcion                          
Julio Concepcion     OF    A        2009-2013   Julio Alexander Concepcion               
Yamil Concepcion     P     RK       1991-1993   Yamil Omar Concepcion                    
Edwin Conde          1B    RK       2007-2007   Edwin Javier Conde (Sanchez)             
Greylor Conde        P     RK       2013-2013   Greylor Conde                            
Hector Conde         OF    A+       1987-1988   Hector Conde                             
Vince Conde          IF    A-       2012-2014   Vicente David Conde                      
Greg Conden          P     AA       2000-2004   Gregory Charles Conden                   
Mike Condon          SS    A        1997-1999   Michael Condon                           
Steve Condotta       SS    A-       2004-2008   Steven Condotta                          
Derek Cone           P     A+       2010-2012   Derek Cone                               
Zach Cone            OF    A+       2009-2014   Zachary John Cone                        
Robert Coneys        P     A+       1977-1978   Robert W. Coneys                         
Michael Conforto     OF-IF A-       2012-2014   Michael Conforto                         
Jeff Conger          OF    AA       1990-1997   Jeffrey Charles Conger                   
Andrew Conklin       P     RK       2007-2008   Andrew Bradford Conklin                  
Chip Conklin         IF    AA       1981-1986   Graham Chase Conklin                     
Iseha Conklin        OF    RK       2012-2013   Iseha Joe Conklin                        
Adam Conley          P     AAA      2009-2014   Adam Michael Conley                      
Brian Conley         SS    A        1995-1999   Brian Wayne Conley                       
Brian Conley         RF    AA       2005-2011   Brian Joseph Conley                      
Curt Conley          P     A+       1993-1995   J. Curtis Conley                         
Evan Conley          C     AA       2000-2008   Evan Christopher Conley                  
Greg Conley          C     AAA      1988-1992   Gregory Michael Conley                   
Jordan Conley        P     AAA      2006-2013   Jordan Robert Conley                     
Kyle Conley          RF    AA       2006-2012   Kyle S. Conley                           
Matt Conley          P     A        1990-1992   Matthew C. Conley                        
Mike Conley          P     RK       1983-1983   Michael D. Conley                        
Robert Conley        SS    A+       1978-1980   Robert Alen Conley                       
Virgil Conley        P     AAA      1981-1989   Kenneth Virgil Conley                    
Anthony Conliffe     P     RK       1987-1987   Anthony D. Conliffe                      
Jason Conlisk        IF    A        2000-2004   Jason J. Conlisk                         
Keith Conlon         OF    A        2003-2007   William Keith Conlon                     
Garry Conn           P     AA       1977-1977   Garry L. Conn                            
Tyler Conn           P     A+       2007-2010   John Tyler Conn                          
Kevin Connacher      IF    AAA      1995-2003   Kevin Adams Connacher                    
Christopher Connally OF    A+       1997-1999   Christopher Scott Connally               
Pat Connaughton      P     A-       2012-2014   Patrick Bergin Connaughton               
Brian Connell        P     RK       1996-1998   Brian B. Connell                         
Jerry Connell        OF    A+       1995-1999   Gerald Thomas Connell                    
Lino Connell         IF    AAA      1991-2006   Lino Antonio Connell (Falcon)            
Daron Connelly       P     A+       1987-1988   Daron Connelly                           
David Connelly       OF-1B A-       1986-1987   David Alan Connelly                      
P.J. Connelly        P     A        2004-2007   Patrick James Connelly                   
Cameron Conner       CF    RK       2010-2012   Cameron Conner                           
Cameron Conner       LF    RK       2009-2012   Cameron Conner                           
Clayton Conner       3B    A        2007-2009   Clayton A. Conner                        
David Conner         SS-2B A-       1986-1986   David Conner                             
Decomba Conner       OF    AA       1994-1999   Decomba Kawaski Conner                   
Greg Conner          OF    AA       1986-1989   Gregory Lydell Conner                    
Jamie Conner         SS    RK       1991-1992   Jamie L. Conner                          
Jeff Conner          P     AAA      1977-1987   Jeffrey Dean Conner                      
John Conner          P     A+       1988-1991   John Paul Conner                         
Mitch Conner         P     A+       2010-2011   Mitchell Evan Conner                     
Scott Conner         P     AA       1993-2001   Scott Alan Conner                        
Sean Conner          OF    A        2007-2010   Sean Paul Conner                         
Seth Conner          C     A        2011-2014   Seth Conner                              
Kenneth Connerty     OF    A-       1983-1983                                            
Chris Connolly       P     AA       1989-1995   Christopher John Connolly                
Craig Connolly       P     AA       1990-1993                                            
Jon Connolly         P     AAA      2001-2008   Jonathan J. Connolly                     
Keith Connolly       P     A+       1997-2000   Keith Dennis Connolly                    
Kevin Connolly       C     AA       1977-1977   Kevin Raymond Connolly                   
Matt Connolly        P     AA       1991-1996   Matthew J. Connolly                      
Matt Connolly        OF    AA       1992-2006   Matthew Connolly                         
Michael Connolly     OF    A-       1978-1978   Michael Joseph Connolly                  
Mike Connolly        P     AAA      2000-2008   Michael Patrick Connolly                 
Mike Connolly        P     A-       1982-1982   Michael F. Connolly                      
Mike Connolly        P     A        2011-2014   Michael Francis Connolly                 
Ryan Connolly        P     RK       2010-2013   Ryan Connolly                            
Sean Connolly        P     RK       1993-1998   Sean Connolly                            
Steve Connolly       P     AA       1987-1990   Stephen E. Connolly                      
Domingo Connor             A+       1979-1979                                            
Wesley Connor        OF    RK       2005-2007   Wesley Joseph William Connor             
Chad Connors         P     AA       1993-1995   Chad P. Connors                          
Edward Connors       P     A+       1978-1980   Edward Connors                           
Greg Connors         IF    AAA      1997-2006   Gregory John Connors                     
Charlie Cononie      P     A        2008-2012   Charles Cononie                          
Kevin Conover        P     RK       1989-1989   Kevin W. Conover                         
Tom Conquest         P     A        1982-1983   Thomas Arthur Conques                    
Jace Conrad          2B    A-       2012-2014   Jace Conrad                              
Fred Conradi         P     RK       1979-1980   Fred C. Conradi                          
Brian Conroy         P     AAA      1989-1995   Brian Christopher Conroy                 
Danny Conroy         OF    RK       1996-1996   Daniel Conroy                            
James Conroy               A+       1986-1989                                            
Jim Conroy           P     A        2002-2007   James Jose Conroy                        
Ken Conroy           P     A        1997-2000   Kenneth D. Conroy                        
Mike Conroy          OF    A+       2001-2012   Michael John Conroy                      
Patrick Conroy       P     RK       2011-2013   Patrick J. Conroy                        
Steve Conroy         P     A+       1977-1982   Steven C. Conroy                         
Chris Conroyd        P     A+       1980-1980   Chris Conroyd                            
Royce Consigli       LF    A        2009-2013   Royce Michael Thomas Consigli            
Andres Constant      P     AA       1985-1991   Andres Marcelino Constand                
Jacob Constante      P     RK       2013-2014   Jacob Abimael Constante                  
Nick Constantinides        RK       1994-1994                                            
Chris Constantino    P     RK       2010-2011   Christopher Costantino                   
Kraig Constantino    1B-C  A-       1992-2001   Kraig Scott Constantino                  
Alexander Constanza  P     A-       2013-2014   Alexander Constanza                      
Fernando Constanzo         A        1983-1985                                            
Randy Consuegra      P     A-       2009-2010   Randy Miguel Consuegra                   
Mike Conte           3B    RK       1983-1984   Michael M. Conte                         
Mike Conte           OF    AA       1988-1993   Michael James Conte                      
Nick Conte           C     A        2001-2006   Nicholas Anthony Conte                   
Randy Conte          P     A        1981-1982   Randall T. Conte                         
Adam Conti           P     A-       1979-1980   Adam A. Conti                            
Jose Contrera        IF    RK       1984-1984   Jose Contrera                            
Albino Contreras     OF    AAA      2000-2013   Jose Albino Contreras                    
Anthony Contreras    SS-2B AAA      2002-2013   Anthony Contreras                        
Carlos Contreras     3B    RK       1986-1986   Carlos Augusto Contreras                 
Edwin Contreras      P     AAA      2007-2013   Edwin Fernando Rodriguez Contreras       
Efrain Contreras     OF    A+       1994-2000   Efrain Contreras                         
Efrain Contreras     OF    A+       2008-2010   Efrain Contreras                         
Erick Contreras      SS    A        2000-2000   Erick J. Contreras                       
Francisco Contreras  OF    A+       1981-1982   Francisco Contreras                      
Francisco Contreras  3B    A        2013-2014   Francisco Valentin Contreras             
Franklin Contreras   2B    RK       2011-2013   Franklin Contreras                       
Henry Contreras      C     A+       1981-1982   Henry R. Contreras                       
Henry Contreras      C     A        2005-2011   Henry Contreras                          
Ivan Contreras       2B    AA       2007-2012   Ivan Contreras Ramirez                   
J.C. Contreras       P     A+       2001-2004   Jean Carlos Contreras                    
Joaquin Contreras    OF    AAA      1985-1991   Joaquin Emilio Contreras                 
John Contreras       IF    A+       2008-2009   John Carlos Contreras                    
Jose Contreras       SS    A+       2003-2008   Jose A. Contreras                        
Junior Contreras     1B    A-       2005-2006   Junior Contreras (Toribio)               
Lester Contreras     SS-3B A-       2005-2010   Lester J. Conteras                       
Luis Contreras       OF    RK       2009-2010   Luis Contreras                           
Manuel Contreras     P     A-       2003-2004   Manuel E. Contreras (Lorenzo)            
Marco Contreras      P     RK       1991-1995   Marco A. Contreras                       
Omar Contreras       P     RK       2002-2003   Omar Antoni Contreras                    
Orlando Contreras    P     RK       1995-1996   Orlando J. Contreras                     
Paul Contreras       C     RK       1977-1977   Paul L. Contreras                        
Rafael Contreras           AA       1977-1977                                            
Rayner Contreras     2B    A+       2006-2010   Rayner Contreras                         
Roberto Contreras    P     RK       2013-2013   Roberto Andres Contreras                 
Ronaldo Contreras    OF    RK       2013-2013   Ronaldo Jose Contreras                   
Ruben Contreras      OF    RK       2009-2010   Ruben Dario Contreras                    
Sergio Contreras     OF    AAA      2000-2013   Sergio Alberto Contreras                 
Willson Contreras    C     A+       2011-2014   Willson Eduardo Contreras                
Mike Converse        P     A+       1985-1987   Michael James Converse                   
Phil Convertino      OF    AA       1977-1978   Philip Joseph Convertino                 
Brandon Conway       SS    A-       2004-2006   Brandon M. Conway                        
Dan Conway           C     AAA      1998-2007   Daniel James Conway                      
Jeff Conway          OF    A+       1993-1995   Jeffrey J. Conway                        
Joshua Conway        OF    A-       2010-2014   Joshua Conway                            
Keith Conway         P     A+       1993-1997   Keith Patrick Conway                     
Robert Conway        P     A-       1994-1995   Robert L. Conway                         
Scott Conway         1B    A+       1996-1998   Scott R. Conway                          
Darryl Conyer        OF    RK       1998-2000   Darryl Avery Conyer                      
Patrick Coogan       P     AAA      1995-2002   Patrick Michael Coogan                   
Aaron Cook           P     AA       2005-2011   Aaron Robert Cook                        
Alan Cook            P     RK       1995-1995   Alan D. Cook                             
Andy Cook            P     AA       1998-2002   Andrew Bradley Cook                      
B.R. Cook            P     AAA      1997-2004   Brent Ryan Cook                          
Chris Cook           1B    A+       2004-2007   Christopher W. Cook                      
Clayton Cook         P     A+       2008-2014   Clayton T. Cook                          
Cole Cook            P     AAA      2008-2013   Cole M. Cook                             
Dale Cook            P     RK       1980-1981   Dale A. Cook                             
Dan Cook             2B    A        2005-2010   Daniel Cook                              
David Cook           LF    AAA      2000-2011   David E.Cook                             
Derrick Cook         P     AA       1994-2001   Derrick W. Cook                          
Doug Cook            P     AA       1980-1984   Douglas Brice Cook                       
Doug Cook            P     RK       1991-1991   Douglas Charles Cook                     
Glenn Cook           OF    RK       2009-2009   Glenn Cook                               
Hayward Cook         OF    AA       1994-1998   Hayward R. Cook                          
Jacob Cook           P     RK       2004-2007   Jacob C. Cook                            
Jacob Cook           P     A+       1993-1997   Jacob Cook                               
James Cook           OF    A        1985-1986   James Michael Cook                       
Jason Cook           SS    AA       1992-1997   Jason Alexander Cook                     
Jeff Cook            OF    A+       2001-2005   Jeff Cook                                
Jeff Cook            OF    AAA      1985-1998   Jeffrey Dion Cook                        
Jeremy Cook          P     AA       1997-2005   Jeremy Michael Cook                      
John Cook            OF    A        1978-1979   John E. Cook                             
John Cook            1B    A-       1995-1996   John M. Cook                             
Jon Cook             OF    A        1998-2000   Jonathan L. Cook                         
Josh Cook            C     RK       1996-2002   Robert Joshua Cook                       
Josh Cook            SS    A+       1999-2001   Joshua Cook                              
Kenny Cook           P     A+       1992-1994   Kenneth A. Cook                          
Kerry Cook           P     AAA      1982-1986   Kerry B. Cook                            
Larry Cook           P     A+       1984-1986   Larry Phillip Cook                       
Michael Cook               RK       1984-1984                                            
Mitch Cook           P     AA       1981-1988   Mitchell Martin Cook                     
O.J. Cook            P     AA       1995-1998   Orenthal J. Cook                         
Rodney Cook          P     A+       1994-1996   Rodney Earl Cook                         
Ron Cook             P     AA       1987-1991   Ronald Scott Cook                        
Scott Cook           P     A-       1991-1994   Scott A. Cook                            
Stanley Cook         OF    A-       1989-1990   Stanley Frank Cook                       
Stephen Cook         3B-OF A+       1975-1978   Stephen T. Cook                          
Steve Cook           2B    A        1992-1995   Steven J. Cook                           
Steven Cook          P     RK       1997-1997   Steven N. Cook                           
Steven Cook          P     A        2003-2006   Steven A. Cook                           
Tim Cook             P     AAA      1978-1984   Grover Timothy Cook                      
Wayne Cook           1B    RK       1994-1994   David Wayne Cook                         
Andrew Cooke         P     RK       1998-2000   Andrew William Cooke                     
John Cooke           P     A+       1982-1984   John Edward Cooke                        
Richard Cooke        P     A+       1979-1981   Richard Judson Cooke                     
Matt Cooksey         OF    A-       2002-2006   Joseph Matthew Cooksey                   
Wes Cooksey          P     AA       1999-2003   Wesley Boyd Cooksey                      
Fred Cooley          1B    AA       1987-1992   Fred W. Cooley                           
Jeff Cooley          SS    A        1985-1985   Jeffrey David Cooley                     
Shannon Cooley       OF    A+       1995-1998   Shannon Clay Cooley                      
Wille Cooley         OF    A+       1981-1983   Willie Charles Cooley                    
Glenn Coombs         P     A        1990-1992   Glenn M. Coombs                          
Brad Coon            LF-CF AAA      2005-2012   Bradley L. Coon                          
William Coonan       C     A-       1986-1986   William S. Coonan                        
Brandon Cooney       P     AA       2006-2012   Brandon S. Cooney                        
Chase Cooney         P     A        2009-2011   Chase Andrew Cooney                      
Harrison Cooney      P     A        2011-2014   Harrison Cooney                          
Jim Cooney           P     A        1999-2004   James M. Cooney                          
Jim Cooney           C-1B  A        1993-1999   James F. Cooney                          
Kyle Cooney          C     AA       1993-1999   Kyle Mark Cooney                         
Matt Cooney          P     RK       2000-2007   Matthew R. Cooney                        
Matthew Cooney       C     A        2007-2008   Matthew R. Cooney                        
Randy Cooney         P     A-       1977-1977   Randy G. Cooney                          
Tim Cooney           P     AAA      2010-2014   Timothy Manus Cooney                     
Aaron Coonrod        P     A+       2002-2005   Aaron James Coonrod                      
Sam Coonrod          P     RK       2012-2014   Samuel Timothy Coonrod                   
Frank Coopenbarger         A+       1978-1978                                            
Andrew Cooper        P     A        2013-2014   Andrew Cooper                            
Blake Cooper         P     AAA      2007-2014   Matthew Blake Cooper                     
Caleb Cooper         3B    RK       2004-2004   Caleb Wade Cooper                        
Chad Cooper          2B    A-       2002-2005   Chad Ryan Cooper                         
Chadwick Cooper      P     RK       1995-1996   Chadwick D. Cooper                       
Chanse Cooper        OF    RK       2009-2009   Marvin Chanse Cooper                     
Chris Cooper         P     AAA      1998-2009   Christopher Daniel Cooper                
Craig Cooper         1B    AAA      2003-2010   Craig Michael Cooper                     
Craig Cooper         1B    AAA      1985-1995   Willliam Craig Cooper                    
Daniel Cooper        P     AA       2006-2012   Daniel William Cooper                    
Darren Cooper        P     RK       1990-1990   Darren Anthony Cooper                    
David Cooper         SS    A+       2006-2013   David Cooper                             
David Cooper         OF    AAA      1985-1990   David Edward Cooper                      
David Cooper         P     A-       1994-1995   David A. Cooper                          
Dexter Cooper        P     A-       2001-2003   Dexter Eugene Cooper                     
Eric Cooper          P     A        1998-2002   Eric Stephen Cooper                      
Garrett Cooper       1B    A+       2013-2014   Garrett Nicholas Cooper                  
Gary Cooper          3B-1B A-       1988-1990   Gary T. Cooper                           
James Cooper         OF    AA       2003-2010   James William Cooper                     
James Cooper         OF    A-       2004-2006   James Darrell Cooper                     
Jamie Cooper         OF    AAA      1987-1992   James Carroll Cooper                     
Jason Cooper         OF    AAA      2000-2011   Jason M. Cooper                          
Jeff Cooper          3B    RK       1987-1991   Jeffrey L. Cooper                        
Jordan Cooper        P     AAA      2009-2014   Jordan K. Cooper                         
Jordan Cooper        P     A        2010-2012   Jordan Kendrick Cooper                   
Junior Cooper        3B-P  A+       1979-1981   Junior E. Cooper                         
Keith Cooper         P     RK       1995-1995   Keith L. Cooper                          
Kent Cooper          OF    A        1984-1985   Kent A. Cooper                           
Mark Cooper          C     A+       1984-1985   Mark Andrew Cooper                       
Marques Cooper       OF    A-       1979-1979   Marques R. Cooper                        
Marquise Cooper      CF    A+       2009-2011   Marquise DaShonCooper                    
Matt Cooper          IF    A+       2000-2003   Matthew Alan Cooper                      
Matt Cooper          P     RK       2013-2014   Matt Cooper                              
Michael Cooper       P     AA       2004-2008   Michael Bradley Cooper                   
Michael Cooper       P     AA       2003-2007   Michael D. Cooper                        
Neal Cooper          P     AA       1977-1977   Morris Neal Cooper                       
Patrick Cooper       P     AA       2009-2013   Patrick Cooper                           
Paul Cooper          OF    A+       1977-1978   Paul Rogers Cooper                       
Richard Cooper             RK       1977-1977                                            
Sam Cooper           SS    A+       1999-2001   Samuel B. Cooper                         
Shaun Cooper         LF    A-       2009-2012   Shaun Edward Cooper                      
Steve Cooper               A        1995-1995                                            
Timothy Cooper       OF    A+       1989-2001   Timothy Bernard Cooper                   
Virgil Cooper        P     A        1988-1989   Louis Virgil Cooper                      
William Cooper       P     AA       1982-1988   William Douglas Cooper                   
Zach Cooper          P     A+       2009-2014   Zachary Luke Cooper                      
James Cooperider     P     A        1979-1981   James A. Cooperider                      
Austin Coose         P     AA       1998-2005   Austin David Coose                       
Peter Copa           2B    RK       2008-2011   Peter Jaime Copa                         
Craig Cope           P     RK       1994-1996   Craig V. Cope                            
Gary Cope            P     RK       1991-1992                                            
Richard Cope         P     RK       1977-1977   Richard D. Cope                          
Robin Cope           P     A+       1992-1998   Robin Kareem Cope                        
Ben Copeland         RF    AAA      2003-2012   Benjamin Daniel Copeland                 
Brandon Copeland     OF    A+       1996-2000   Brandon Ross Copeland                    
Greg Copeland        P     A-       1979-1979   Gregory A. Copeland                      
Kolby Copeland       CF-RF A-       2012-2012   Kolby Lamar Copeland                     
Nathan Copeland      OF    RK       1998-2001   Nathan D. Copeland                       
Ryan Copeland        P     A        2007-2012   Ryan T. Copeland                         
Scott Copeland       P     AAA      2007-2014   Scott Reast Copeland                     
Tom Copeland         OF    A+       1981-1985                                            
Raymond Copenhaver   P     RK       2007-2010   Raymond Copenhaver                       
Mitch Copion         P     A+       1981-1982                                            
Darius Copley        OF    A+       1978-1978   Darius A. Copley                         
Devin Copley         P     RK       2006-2007   Devin Copley                             
Travis Copley        1B    A        1995-2002   Travis W. Copley                         
Bill Copp            P     AAA      1986-1989   William Robert Copp                      
Shannon Coppell      OF    A        1987-1989   Shannon Daniel Coppell                   
Greg Coppeta         P     AA       1990-1993   Gregory Robert Coppeta                   
Cameron Copping      P     A        2009-2013   Cameron Dennis Copping                   
Joe Coppinger        P     A+       2001-2005   Joseph John Coppinger                    
Carman Coppol        P     A+       1974-1978   Carman F. Coppol                         
Walter Coppol        P     A+       1977-1979                                            
Richard Coppola      1B    RK       1983-1983   Richard C. Coppola                       
Manny Cora           SS    AA       1991-1999   Manuel Alberto Cora (Rivero)             
Jason Corapci        2B    RK       2000-2005   Jason H. Corapci                         
Lisandro Corba       P     A        1995-1996   Lisandro Corba                           
Al Corbeil           1B    A+       2000-2007   Alfred Azarias Corbeil                   
Charlie Corbell      P     AAA      1983-1989   Charles Dean Corbeil                     
Eric Corbell         P     RK       1990-1991   Eric X. Corbell                          
Craig Corbett        OF    RK       1981-1981                                            
Heath Corbett        OF    RK       1998-1998   Heath Everett Corbett                    
Jason Corbett        P     RK       2003-2004   Jason Christopher Corbett                
Ray Corbett          OF    AAA      1977-1985   Raymond Daniel Corbett                   
John Corbin          P     A+       1997-2004   John Thomas Corbin                       
Ted Corbin           SS    AAA      1992-1995   Ted E. Corbin                            
Cord Corbitt         P     A-       1990-1991   Cord G. Corbitt                          
Jose Corchado        P     A+       2002-2007   Jose Angel Corchado                      
Edgar Corcino        3B    AAA      2009-2013   Edgar A. Corcino                         
Luis Corcino         IF    A+       1985-1988   Luis Rafael Corcino                      
Sonner Corcino       1B    RK       2013-2013   Sonner Corcino                           
Chad Corcoran              AAA      1977-1977                                            
John Corcoran        P     A        2002-2002   John Francis Corcoran                    
Patrick Corcoran     1B    AA       1977-1978   Patrick Thomas Corcoran                  
Tom Corcoran         P     RK       1981-1981                                            
Chris Cordeiro       P     A+       2001-2005   Christopher Michael Cordeiro             
Brent Cordell        C     A+       2001-2005   Brent Justin Cordell                     
Ryan Cordell         OF    A+       2011-2014   Ryan Thomas Cordell                      
Gordon Corder        1B    A-       2003-2003   Gordon Russell Corder                    
Jason Corder         OF    A        2005-2009   Jason R. Corder                          
Tim Corder           P     A+       1981-1984   Timothy Lareece Corder                   
Albert Cordero       C     A+       2010-2014   Albert Jose Cordero                      
Axel Cordero         P     RK       2013-2013   Axel Alfonso Cordero                     
Daniel Cordero       P     A        2013-2014   Daniel Orlando Cordero                   
Edward Cordero       IF    AA       1993-1997   Edward M. Cordero                        
Edward Cordero       P     RK       2007-2007   Edward Antonio Cordero                   
Ellery Cordero             RK       1997-1997                                            
Estarlin Cordero     P     RK       2013-2014   Estarlin Manuel Cordero                  
Franchy Cordero      SS    A        2013-2014   Franchy Cordero                          
Frangil Cordero      P     A        1999-2001   Frangil Cordero                          
Jacob Cordero        3B-2B RK       2013-2014   Jacob Raul Cordero                       
Jesus Cordero        P     A+       1999-2002   Jesus Cordero                            
Jimmy Cordero        P     A        2013-2014   Jimmy Gerard Cordero                     
Jose Cordero         P     A        2005-2009   Jose Angel Cordero                       
Josmar Cordero       C-1B  A        2013-2014   Josmar Alejandro Cordero                 
Julian Cordero       P     A        2005-2006   Julian Cordero (Rambalde)                
Octavio Cordero      OF    RK       2005-2005   Octavio Cordero                          
Pablo Cordero        OF    A        1993-1996   Pablo Cordero (Ubiera)                   
Victor Cordero       P     A+       1999-2003   Victor Manuel Cordero (Gonzales)         
Willy Cordero        2B    A        1997-1999   Willy E. Cordero                         
Cesar Cordido        C     A-       2007-2008   Cesar A. Cordido                         
Julio Cordido        IF    AAA      1999-2008   Julio Cesar Cordido (Mejias)             
Steve Cordner        OF    A+       1981-1985   Steven Michael Cordner                   
Allen Cordoba        SS    RK       2013-2013   Allen Octavio Cordoba                    
Francisco Cordoba    P     AAA      2003-2013   Francisco Anthony (Leon) Cordoba         
Wilfrido Cordoba     P     AA       1981-1984   Wilfrido Cordoba                         
Alfredo Cordova      SS    RK       1999-1999   Alfredo Cordova (Canez)                  
Antonio Cordova      OF    AA       1980-1985   Antonio Jose Cordova                     
Ben Cordova          OF    A        1999-2003   Benjamin Gilbert Cordova                 
Ivan Cordova         P     AAA      2007-2013   Alejandro Cordova                        
Jorge Cordova        P     AAA      1999-2004   Jorge Luis Cordova                       
Jose Francisco Cordova C     AAA      2007-2013   Francisco Cordova                        
Luis Cordova         SS    A        2001-2003   Roman Luis Cordova                       
Luis Cordova               A+       1992-1994                                            
Luis Cordova         OF    RK       2004-2004   Luis Alejandro Cordova                   
Manuel Cordova       P     RK       2013-2013   Manuel Cordova                           
Rafael Cordova       P     RK       2013-2014   Rafael Cordova                           
Rehiner Cordova      2B    A+       2012-2014   Rehiner Anderson Cordova                 
Ricardo Cordova      IF    A+       2000-2008   Ricardo Arturo Cordova                   
Rocky Cordova        P     A+       1977-1980                                            
Vincent Cordova      P     AA       2001-2006   Vincent Harwood Cordova                  
Danny Core           P     A+       2000-2007   Daniel Antonio Core                      
Juan Corey           C     A+       1979-1979   Juan Corey                               
Michael Corey        P     AA       1998-2001   Michael J. Corey                         
Chance Corgan        P     A        2005-2010   Chance B. Corgan                         
Roberto Coriolan     P     RK       1996-1997   Roberto Nelson Coriolan                  
Brad Corley          OF    AA       2003-2009   William Matthew Corley                   
Ken Corley           1B    RK       1995-1998   Kenneth Olan Corley                      
Klent Corley         P     A-       2002-2004   Klent Brady Corley                       
Tyson Corley         P     AAA      2005-2012   Tyson Jay Corley                         
Terry Cormack        C     AA       1981-1986   Terry Jeffrey Cormack                    
Dave Corman          2B    AA       1981-1985   David S. Corman                          
Carlos Cormenares          RK       1993-1993                                            
Eric Cormier         P     A-       1992-1993   Eric M. Cormier                          
Richard Cormier      DH    A        2005-2005   Richard Cormier                          
Russ Cormier         P     AA       1987-1992   Russell Edward Cormier                   
Chris Corn           P     AA       1992-1998   Christopher Michael Corn                 
Jessie Corn          P     A-       2001-2003   Jessie L. Corn                           
Eddie Cornejo        SS    AAA      2001-2008   Eduardo Cornejo                          
Jesse Cornejo        P     A+       1996-2001   Jesse M. Cornejo                         
Daan Cornelissen     1B    RK       2010-2011   Daan Cornelissen                         
Brian Cornelius      OF    AAA      1989-2002   Brian Ulric Cornelius                    
Jonathan Cornelius   P     AAA      2007-2014   Jonathan Cornelius                       
Jonathon Cornelius   OF    A+       1993-1997   Jonathon Matthew Cornelius               
Kevin Cornelius      3B    RK       2012-2014   Kevin Cornelius                          
Daren Cornell        SS    A        1989-1990   Edgar Daren Cornell                      
David Cornell        OF    A-       1991-1992   David P. Cornell                         
John Cornely         P     AA       2008-2014   John Francis Cornely                     
David Corness        P     A-       1977-1977   David W. Corness                         
Robert Cornett       C     RK       1999-1999                                            
Henry Corniel        P     RK       1997-1998   Henry Javier Corniel                     
Jorge Corniel        C     A+       2008-2009   Jorge Luis Corniel                       
Rafael Corniel             A        1981-1982                                            
Robert Corniel       P     RK       2013-2013   Robert Corniel                           
Gabriel Cornier      C     A        2011-2014   Gabriel Alexander Cornier                
Tim Cornish          OF    RK       1992-1995   Timothy J. Cornish                       
Dale Cornstubble     C     RK       2007-2012   Dale Cornstubble                         
Ben Cornwell         P     A        2008-2012   Benjamin Francis Cornwell                
Curtis Cornwell      OF    AA       1984-1985   Curtis A. Cornwell                       
Mike Corominas       P     A-       1994-1997   Michael Philip Corominas                 
Andrew Corona        P     A        2001-2003   Andrew Corona                            
Feliberto Corona     OF    A-       1978-1978   Feliberto Corona                         
John Corona          P     AAA      1989-1996   John C. Corona                           
Ramon Corona         IF    A        2005-2008   Ramon Corona                             
Reegie Corona        3B    AAA      2004-2013   Reggie R. Corona                         
Ronnie Corona        P     AA       1998-2004   Ronnie A. Corona                         
Jose Coronado        SS    AAA      2005-2011   Jose Coronado                            
Osvaldo Coronado     P     A+       1993-1999   Osvaldo Antonio Coronado (Reyes)         
Dairo Coronel        2B    A        1980-1980   Dairo E. Coronel                         
Amaury Corpa         P     RK       1981-1981   Amaury B. Corpa                          
Hector Corpas        P     A        2010-2011   Hector Alexander Corpas                  
Jean Corpas          P     RK       2011-2012   Jean Carlos Corpas                       
Angel Corporan       P     A-       2006-2007   Angel Corporan (De Los Santos)           
Elvis Corporan       3B    AAA      1984-2006   Elvis Leonel Corporan                    
Moises Corporan      P     RK       2007-2007   Moises Corporan                          
Roberto Corporan     SS    RK       1992-2001   Roberto Corporan                         
Willy Corporan       P     A+       2003-2005   Willy Bienvenido Corporan                
Edwin Corps          P     AAA      1994-2002   Edwin Rafael Corps                       
Erick Corps          3B    AA       1992-2000   Erick Rafael Corps (Cintron)             
Frank Corr           OF    AA       1998-2003   Francis Matthew Corr                     
Larry Corr           P     AAA      1977-1980   Larry Foreman Corr                       
Craig Corrado        IF    A+       2004-2009   Craig Corrado                            
Garry Corrado        P     A+       1977-1979   Garry Nicholas Corrado                   
Matt Corrado         P     A+       2000-2003   Matthew Charles Corrado                  
Rob Corrado          P     A        2000-2006   Robert Paul Corrado                      
Ruben Corral         P     A        1993-1996   Ruben M. Corral                          
Josh Corrales        P     AA       2009-2012   Joshua Corrales                          
Rafael Corrales      P     RK       1995-1995   Rafael D. Corrales                       
Alexander Correa     P     RK       2001-2003   Alexander Jose Correa                    
Amilcar Correa       P     A+       1989-2001   Amilcar Correa                           
Carlos Correa        SS    A+       2012-2014   Carlos Javier Correa                     
Cristobal Correa     P     AA       1999-2004   Cristobal Correa                         
Dalphie Correa       SS    RK       1992-2006   Dalphie Correa (Crespo)                  
Dominic Correa       2B    A        1998-2002   Dominic D. Correa                        
Elvis Correa         P     A+       1996-2001   Elvis N. Correa                          
Franklin Correa      2B    RK       2013-2014   Franklin Correa                          
Hector Correa        P     AA       2006-2012   Hector Correa                            
Heitor Correa        P     A+       2006-2010   Heitor Jose Correa                       
Jonathan Correa      P     RK       2010-2010   Jonathan Correa                          
Jorge Correa         P     A-       1990-1992   Jorge A. Correa                          
Jose Correa          P     A        2004-2006   Jose A. Correa                           
Jose Correa          P     A+       1990-1994   Jose Nunez Correa                        
Leopoldo Correa      1B-3B A-       2012-2014   Leopoldo Correa                          
Manuarys Correa      P     AAA      2008-2014   Manaurys Correa Romero                   
Manuel Correa        OF    RK       1982-1983   Manuel DeJesus Correa                    
Marlon Correa        2B    RK       1988-1988   Marion DeJesus Correa                    
Miguel Correa        OF    AAA      1990-2003   Miguel Angel Correa (Colon)              
Nelson Correa        1B    RK       1996-1999   Nelson A. Correa                         
Ramser Correa        P     AAA      1987-2000   Ramser Correa Andino                     
Steve Correa         P     A-       1999-2003   Stephen J. Correa                        
Walter Correa        IF    A        2006-2012   Walter Enrique Correa                    
Yeison Corredera     SS    RK       2013-2013   Yeison Corredera                         
Aldrem Corredor      OF    RK       2013-2014   Aldrem Steven Corredor                   
Nestor Corredor      C     AA       2004-2008   Nestor J. Corredor                       
Joe Correia          P     RK       1994-1994   Joseph S. Correia                        
Brad Correll         3B    AA       2002-2010   Richard Bradley Correll                  
Zac Correll          P     RK       2014-2014   Zachary Andrew Correll                   
David Corrente       C     AAA      2001-2008   David Ross Corrente                      
Chris Corrigan       P     AA       2009-2013   Christopher Corrigan                     
Cory Corrigan        R     A+       1993-1996   Cory A. Corrigan                         
Larry Corrigan       C     AAA      1977-1978   Lawrence John Corrigan                   
Abdiel Corro         OF    RK       2003-2003   Abdiel A. Corro                          
Kevin Corry          C     RK       1980-1980   Kevin Corry                              
Steve Corry          P     A+       1988-1993   Steven Delynn Corry                      
Jeff Corsaletti      OF    AAA      2002-2010   Jeffrey Arthur Corsaletti                
Robby Corsaro        P     A-       1989-1989                                            
Chris Corso          C     A        1994-2008   Christopher James Corso                  
Argenis Cortes       P     AAA      1985-2001   Argenis Rafael Cortes (Conde)            
Daniel Cortes        P     AAA      2012-2014   Daniel Cortes                            
Jorge Cortes         P     AAA      2003-2003   Jorge Cortes                             
Jorge Cortes         OF    RK       2013-2013   Jorge Cortes                             
Jorge Cortes         OF    AAA      1999-2013   Jorge Luis Cortes                        
Nestor Cortes        P     RK       2013-2014   Nestor Cortes                            
Rico Cortes          1B    AA       1988-1991   Hernan Cortes                            
Chico Cortez         C     A        2004-2004   Jose Manual Cortez                       
David Cortez         SS    AA       1985-1987   David M. Cortez                          
J.R. Cortez          IF    AA       2003-2005   J.R. Cortez                              
Johnny Cortez        2B    A-       1983-1983   John M. Cortez                           
Luis Cortez          P     A-       2011-2013   Luis Carlos Cortez                       
Martin Cortez        P     AAA      1999-2008   Martin Jonathan Cortez                   
Renee Cortez         P     AAA      2001-2011   Renee A. Cortez                          
Sonny Cortez         OF    A+       1996-1999   Santos Cortez                            
Leonel Cortoreal     P     RK       2013-2013   Leonel Cortoreal                         
Jean Carlos Cortorreal 2B    RK       2013-2013   Jean Carlos Cortorreal                   
Garret Cortright     P     A        2011-2014   Garret Cortright                         
Rey Corujo           3B    A+       1995-1997   Rey Francisco Corujo                     
Forrest Cory         P     AA       2003-2009   Forrest Wesley Cory III                  
Kenneth Corzel       P     A+       1979-1980                                            
Beau Corzo           C     RK       1995-1995   Boarerge E. Corzo                        
Jake Cosart          P     RK       2014-2014   Edward Cosart                            
Chris Cosbey         CF    AA       1995-2004   Christopher Lee Cosbey                   
John Cosby           C     RK       1979-1980   John M. Cosby                            
Quan Cosby           OF    A        2001-2004   Quantwan Juaray Cosby                    
Rob Cosby            IF    AAA      1999-2008   Robert Douglas Cosby                     
Robert Cosby         C     A        1984-1985   Robert J Cosby                           
Tony Coscia          P     A+       1995-2000   Anthony D. Coscia                        
Jake Cose            P     A+       2011-2013   Jacob Donald Cose                        
Tony Cosentino       C     AA       1997-2004   Anthony Joseph Cosentino                 
Mike Cosgrove        P     AAA      1997-2009   Michael C. Cosgrove                      
Robert Cosgrove      P     A-       1981-1981   Robert Cosgrove                          
Cale Coshow          P     A        2012-2014   Cale Thomas Coshow                       
Ray Cosio            P     A        1977-1979   Raymundo Cosio                           
James Cosman         C     RK       1989-1989   James Henry Cosman Jr.                   
Jeff Cosman          P     AA       1993-1996   Jeffrey S. Cosman                        
Caonabo Cosme        IF    AAA      1997-2010   Caonabo Jose Cosme                       
Jean Cosme           P     RK       2014-2014   Jean Carlos Cosme                        
David Coss           OF    A+       1982-1984   David Loran Coss                         
Mike Coss                  A+       1991-1992                                            
Rene Coss            P     AAA      2007-2013   Rene Coss (Hernandez)                    
Tim Cossins          C     AA       1992-2000   Timothy C. Cossins                       
Jason Costa          OF    RK       1981-1981   Jason L. Costa                           
John Costa           P     RK       2012-2014   John Costa                               
Tony Costa           P     AA       1992-1998   Timothy Anthony Costa                    
Chris Costantino     P     A        2010-2014   Christopher Costantino                   
Carlos Coste         C     A        2011-2014   Carlos A. Coste                          
Bob Costello         C     A        1981-1983   Robert A. Costello                       
Brian Costello       OF    AA       1993-1998   Brian Douglas Costello                   
Chris Costello       P     A+       1992-1993   Christopher S. Costello                  
Fred Costello        P     AAA      1986-1995   Fred Michael Costello                    
Matt Costello        P     A+       2007-2013   Matthew Costello                         
Michael Costello     1B    A-       2001-2004   Michael Joseph Costello                  
Mike Costello        P     AAA      1984-1989   Michael Dalten Costello                  
Phil Costello              RK       1978-1978                                            
Ryan Costello        P     AA       2001-2007   Ryan Thomas Costello                     
T.J. Costello        P     A-       1994-1996   Terance J. Costello                      
Tim Costello         P     AA       1977-1979   Timothy J. Costello                      
Tim Costic           OF-1B A        1992-1994   Timothy M. Costic                        
Sean Coston          OF    A+       1994-1996   Sean M. Coston                           
Carlo Cota           2B    AAA      2000-2012   Carlos Isaiah Cota                       
Chris Cota           OF    A+       1986-1987                                            
Fabian Cota          P     AAA      2011-2013   Fabian Ernesto Cota                      
Francisco Cota             A+       1982-1983                                            
Ivan Cota            P     AAA      2013-2013   Ivan Cota                                
Jesus Cota           OF    AAA      2001-2013   Jesus Ernesto Cota                       
Luis Cota            P     A+       2004-2009   Luis Alan Cota                           
Marino Cota          P     AA       2000-2000   Marino Cota (Valenzuela)                 
Stephen Cota         P     A-       1987-1987   Stephen Cota                             
Tim Cota                   A+       1984-1988                                            
Brice Cote           P     A+       1980-1981                                            
Jordan Cote          P     A        2012-2014   Jordan Gregory Cote                      
Eugenio Cotes        OF    AAA      1977-1980   Eugenio Cotes                            
Caleb Cotham         P     AAA      2007-2014   Caleb Kent Cotham                        
Andy Cotner          P     A        1989-1993   Andrew D. Cotner                         
Jeremy Cotten        IF    A+       1998-2002   Jeremy Allen Cotten                      
Aaron Cotter         P     AAA      2007-2011   Aaron Thomas Cotter                      
Steven Cotter        P     RK       1983-1983   Steven Matthew Cotter                    
Hector Cotto         OF    A+       1988-1988   Hector Javier Cotto                      
Luis Cotto           IF    AA       2000-2007   Luis Orlando Cotto                       
Pedro Cotto          1B    AA       2002-2008   Pedro Cotto                              
Bryant Cotton        P     A-       2007-2011   Bryant Cotton                            
Chris Cotton         P     A+       2010-2014   Christopher Michael Cotton               
Jamaine Cotton       P     A+       2009-2014   Jamaine L. Cotton                        
Jharel Cotton        P     AA       2010-2014   Jharel Leandre Cotton                    
Joe Cotton           P     AAA      1996-2004   Joseph P. Cotton                         
John Cotton          IF    AAA      1989-2003   John Farrow Cotton                       
Nathan Cotton        P     AA       2000-2009   Nathan Clay Cotton                       
Greg Cottrell        C     A        1982-1983   Gregory C. Cottrell                      
Patrick Cottrell     SS    AA       2004-2008   Patrick M. Cottrell                      
Steve Cottrell       P     A-       1981-1984   Stephen G. Cottrell                      
Keith Couch          P     AAA      2008-2014   Keith Gilbert Couch                      
Richard Couch        P     A        1977-1977   Richard H. Couch                         
Jory Coughenour      P     AA       1997-2004   Jory E. Coughenour                       
Cameron Coughlan     2B    AA       2002-2007   Cameron Bryan Coughlin                   
Chris Coughlin       P     A+       2002-2005   Christopher Stephen Coughlin             
Greg Coughlin              A+       1978-1979                                            
Kevin Coughlin       OF    AAA      1981-1997   Kevin C. Coughlin                        
Richard Coughlin     P     A        1983-1983   Richard J. Coughlin                      
Sean Coughlin        C     AAA      2004-2012   Sean Patrick Coughlin                    
Prince Couisnard     OF    A-       1983-1984   Pierre Prince Couisnard                  
Jason Coulie         OF    A+       1997-2003   Jason Michael Coulie                     
Danny Coulon         P     A        1978-1978                                            
Steve Coulson        3B-OF AA       1977-1977                                            
Ryan Coultas         SS    AA       2002-2009   Ryan J. Coultas                          
Chris Coulter        P     RK       1991-1991   Christopher W. Coulter                   
Clint Coulter        C     A        2012-2014   Clinton T. Coulter                       
Darrell Coulter      P     A+       1986-1989   Darrell Ray Coulter                      
Roy Coulter          P     AA       1977-1978   Elbert Roy Coulter                       
Shannon Coulter      SS    A-       1994-1994   Shannon E. Coulter                       
Chris Court          P     A+       2009-2010   Christopher F. Court                     
Ryan Court           1B-3B AA       2008-2014   Ryan A. Court                            
Matt Courtney        P     A        1980-1981   Matthew F. Courtney                      
Shawn Courtney       2B    RK       1986-1987   Shawn E. Courtney                        
Dan Coury            C     RK       2005-2012   Dan Coury                                
Austin Cousino       OF    A-       2012-2014   Austin Spencer Cousino                   
Kevin Couture        P     A        2007-2012   Kevin Andrew Couture                     
Mike Couture         OF    AA       1987-1993   Michael P. Couture                       
Edwin Couvertier     OF    RK       1990-1990                                            
Rafael Cova          P     AAA      2005-2010   Rafael J. Cova                           
Nick Covarrubias     OF    A-       2001-2003   Nicasio Covarrubias                      
Patrick Coveney      OF    A+       1985-1987   Patrick J. Coveney                       
Mark Covert          P     AA       1977-1977   Mark Leslie Covert                       
William Covert       1B    AA       1977-1978   William David Covert                     
Dylan Covey          P     A+       2011-2014   Dylan Charles Covey                      
Christopher Covington OF    RK       2004-2004   Christopher R. Covington                 
Kevin Covington      OF    A-       1998-2002   Kevin L. Covington                       
Marcus Covington     P     A+       2005-2006   Marcus H. Covington                      
Rodney Covington     OF    RK       1984-1984   Rodney S. Covington                      
Vaughn Covington     P     RK       2012-2012   Vaughn M. Covington                      
Bobby Cowan          P     A-       1998-2002   Robert S. Cowan                          
Edward Cowan         P     AA       1977-1977   Edward Arthur Cowan                      
Jake Cowan           P     A        2008-2013   Jacob Dean Cowan                         
John Cowan           OF    A-       1985-1985                                            
Jordan Cowan         2B-SS A-       2013-2014   Jordan Dale Cowan                        
Justin Cowan         C     A+       1997-2003   Justin Michael Cowan                     
Richard Cowan        P     RK       2002-2003   Richard M. Cowan                         
Eddie Cowans         OF    RK       1985-1986   Eddie Cowans                             
Chad Coward          P     AA       2000-2002   Timothy Chad Coward                      
Curtis Coward        P     RK       1978-1978   Curtis Wayne Coward                      
Adam Cowart          P     AA       2005-2011   Adam C. Cowart                           
Kaleb Cowart         3B    AA       2010-2014   Kaleb Bryant Cowart                      
Austin Cowen         C     A        2011-2014   Austin J. Cowen                          
Tracy Cowger         OF-C  AAA      1978-1983   Tracy Leon Cowger                        
Bill Cowgill         OF    RK       1982-1982   William C. Cowgill                       
Coby Cowgill         P     A+       2010-2014   Jacob Dean Cowgill                       
Thomas Cowgill       IF    A+       2003-2006   Thomas Cowgill                           
Stephen Cowie        P     A+       1997-2001   Stephen J. Cowie                         
Josh Cowles          P     RK       2003-2007   Joshua Samuel Cowles                     
Scott Cowley         OF    A-       1988-1988   Scott Edward Cowley                      
Thomas Cowley        P     AA       2003-2007   Thomas William Cowley                    
Cory Cowsert         P     RK       2010-2011   Cory Cowsert                             
Brendon Cowsill      3B    A+       1994-1999   Brendon M. Cowsill                       
Adam Cox             P     A+       2000-2009   Adam Ray Cox                             
Ben Cox              P     AA       2004-2007   Benjamin Lucas Cox                       
Brian Cox            OF    A-       1997-1999   Joseph Brian Cox                         
Bryce Cox            P     AA       2005-2010   Bryson O. Cox                            
Charles Cox          C     A+       1995-1997                                            
Chris Cox            3B    RK       1991-1993   Christopher Alexander Cox                
Cortland Cox         P     A-       2013-2014   Cortland Daniel Cox                      
Daley Cox            P     RK       2009-2009   Daley P. Cox                             
Dan Cox              OF    RK       1981-1982                                            
Danny Cox            SS    AAA      2006-2009   Danny Cox                                
Darren Cox           P     RK       1987-1987   Darren Cox                               
Doug Cox             P     A+       1985-1988   Carl Douglas Cox                         
George Cox           C     A+       2000-2002   George Rielly Cox                        
Gregory Cox          P     A-       1977-1978   Richard Gregory Cox                      
J.B. Cox             P     AAA      2003-2010   James Brent Cox                          
James Cox            P     A-       1985-1985   James Berlyn Cox                         
Jason Cox            P     AAA      2003-2005   Michael Jason Cox                        
Jay Cox              IF    A+       2004-2011   Lloyd Jehu Cox Jr                        
John Cox             P     AA       1983-1986   John Ronson Cox                          
Mike Cox             3B    AA       2002-2004   Michael James Cox                        
Mike Cox             P     A+       2000-2005   Michael Doyle Cox                        
Mobil Cox            SS    A+       1977-1979   Mobil Lee Cox                            
Robert Cox           P     A+       1994-1998   Robert T. Cox                            
Ryan Cox             P     AAA      1999-2003   Ryan Thomas Cox                          
Taylor Cox           P     A-       2012-2014   Robert Taylor Cox                        
Terry Cox            C     RK       1985-1985   Terry J. Cox                             
Tim Cox              P     A+       2005-2007   Timothy Mark Cox                         
Tyler Cox            P     AA       2007-2011   Tyler W. Cox                             
Wes Cox              P     RK       2013-2014   Wesley P. Cox                            
Zack Cox             3B    AAA      2009-2014   Zackary Kendrick Cox                     
Bobby Coyle          OF    AA       2008-2014   Robert Francis Coyle                     
Bryan Coyle          P     A-       1994-1995   Bryan W. Coyle                           
Rock Coyle           OF    AAA      1982-1987   Rock Joseph Coyle                        
Sean Coyle           2B    AA       2010-2014   Sean Coyle                               
Tommy Coyle          2B    A+       2010-2014   Thomas John Coyle III                    
Anthony Coyne        SS-2B A-       2000-2004   Anthony Ross Joseph Coyne                
Mike Coyne           OF    A+       1978-1980   Michael Anthony Coyne                    
Dylan Cozens         RF-OF A        2012-2014   Dylan Wallace Cozens                     
Vance Cozier         P     AA       1999-2003   Vance Silbert Cozier                     
Paul Cozzolino       P     A+       1981-1985   Paul James Cozzolino                     

Major Leaguers by Letter

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Players who have not (yet) played professional baseball but have listed college stats on The Cube.
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