The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
Curtus Moak          P     A+       1998-2004   Curtus Edward Moak                       
Boss Moanaroa        1B    A        2009-2013   Crew Tipene Moanaroa                     
Moko Moanaroa        LF-1B A-       2008-2011   Moko Moanaroa                            
Mike Moat            P     A+       2001-2006   Michael Anthony Moat                     
Jason Moates         P     A+       1999-2004   Jason Eugene Moates                      
Steven Mobberley           A+       1980-1980                                            
Mike Moberg          OF    A        1986-1991   Michael A. Moberg                        
Bill Mobilia         SS    A        1992-1995   William R. Mobilia                       
Anton Mobley         OF    A        1989-1990   Anton Demetrius Mobley                   
Charlie Mobley       OF    RK       1987-1987   Charlie Tucker Mobley, Jr                
Chris Mobley         P     AAA      2002-2012   Christopher Cody Mobley                  
Joseph Mobley              RK       1990-1990                                            
Kevin Mobley         P     AA       1997-2001   Kevin Ray Mobley                         
Mario Moccia         1B    A-       1988-1990   Mario L. Moccia                          
Mark Moccia          2B    A-       2000-2000   Mark A. Moccia                           
Gered Mochizuki      SS    RK       2008-2012   Gered M. Mochizuki                       
Miguel Moctezuma     C     RK       2008-2009   Miguel Moctezuma                         
Greg Modica          P     A-       2001-2006   Gregory Michael Modica                   
Joseph Modica              RK       1986-1986                                            
Mike Modica          P     A+       2006-2010   Michael Ryan Modica                      
Tony Moeder          1B    AA       1994-1996   Anthony J. Moeder                        
Kellen Moen          P     A+       2010-2013   Kellen Moen                              
Rob Moen             OF    A        1991-1997   Robert S. Moen                           
Kevin Moesquit       2B-OF A        2011-2013   Kevin Moesquit                           
Derrik Moeves        P     AA       2005-2007   Mark Derrik Moeves                       
Drew Moffitt         OF    A        2001-2007   Andrew L. Moffitt                        
Scott Moffitt        3B    AAA      1977-1981   Gregory Scott Moffitt                    
Jose Mogollon        OF    RK       2013-2013   Jose Gregorio Mogollon                   
David Moharter       P     AAA      1977-1981   David George Moharter                    
Thomas Mohl          C     RK       1982-1982   Thomas V. Mohl                           
Kenneth Mohler       P     RK       1980-1980   Kenneth M. Mohler                        
Stanley Mohler       OF    A+       1979-1980   Stanley Keith Mohler                     
Brooks Mohr          P     RK       2008-2009   Brooks Robert Mohr                       
Edwin Mohr           OF    A+       1977-1979   Edwin Ronald Mohr                        
Mike Mohr            OF    RK       1987-1987                                            
Tom Mohr             OF    AA       1981-1986   Thomas A. Mohr                           
Carlos Mojica        C     RK       2008-2010   Carlos Mojica                            
Deivi Mojica         P     RK       2012-2012   Deivi Mojica                             
Francis Mojica             RK       1993-1993                                            
Gonzalo Mojica       P     RK       1994-1998   Gonzalo Mojica                           
Jimmy Mojica         SS    AA       2006-2013   James O'Neill Mojica                     
Jose Mojica          SS    A+       2006-2013   Jose Mendez Mojica                       
Juan Mojica          P     RK       2010-2012   Juan Alberto Mojica                      
Miguel Mojica        OF    RK       2013-2013   Miguel Angel Mojica                      
Robinson Mojica      OF    RK       2001-2002   Robinson A. Mojica                       
Gleydel Mola               RK       1995-1995                                            
Heydin Mola          P     RK       2003-2004   Heydin Tomas Mola                        
Russell Moldenhauer  1B    A        2007-2013   Russell Moldenhauer                      
Orestes Moldes             A-       1980-1980                                            
Jason Moler          C     AAA      1989-1996   Jason Troy Moler                         
Juan Molero          3B    A+       1987-1989   Juan J. Molero                           
Dave Molidor         1B    RK       1998-2003   David L. Molidor                         
Al Molina            SS    AA       1988-2001   Albert Molina                            
Angel Molina         C     AA       2000-2013   Angel M. Molina                          
Carlos Molina        C     RK       1989-1989                                            
Felix Molina         2B    AAA      2001-2013   Felix Norberto Molina                    
Hilton Molina              A-       1979-1980                                            
James Molina         OF    A-       1998-1998   James A. Molina                          
Jonathan Molina      P     RK       2007-2007   Jonathan Molina                          
Jose Molina          P     A+       2009-2014   Jose Alberto Molina                      
Leudy Molina         DH    RK       2013-2013   Leudy Molina                             
Luis Molina          SS    A+       1993-1997   Luis Alfredo Molina                      
Manual Molina              RK       1986-1986                                            
Manuel Molina        P     RK       1988-1988                                            
Marcos Molina        P     A+       2009-2013   Marcos Lennin Molina                     
Mario Molina         OF    A+       1987-1989   Mario Molina                             
Nelson Molina        SS-2B RK       2013-2013   Nelson Domiel Molina                     
Nestor Molina        P     AAA      2009-2014   Nestor Alberto Molina                    
Norberto Molina      2B    AAA      1977-1980   Norberto Molina                          
Primitivo Molina     P     AAA      1997-2002   Primitivo Molina                         
Randy Molina         1B    RK       2005-2009   Randy Molina                             
Robin Molina         P     RK       2007-2008   Robin Contreras Molina                   
Yeldrys Molina       SS    A        2007-2009   Yeldrys J. Molina                        
Stan Moline          P     A+       1977-1977   Stanley Herbert Moline                   
Michael Moll         P     RK       1980-1980   Michael D. Moll                          
Sam Moll             P     A-       2011-2013   Samuel John Moll                         
Craig Molldrem       P     AAA      2001-2008   Craig Philip Molldrem                    
Dustin Molleken      P     AAA      2003-2014   Dustin Douglas Molleken                  
Dale Mollenhauer     3B    AA       2005-2011   Dale Z. Mollenhauer                      
Robert Mollenhauer   2B    AA       1977-1977                                            
John Moller          P     A+       1980-1982   John T. Moller                           
Ryan Mollica         SS    A+       2007-2012   Ryan Mollica                             
John Mollicone       C     A        2004-2009   John Mollicone                           
Rick Molnar          3B-SS A+       1983-1983   Richard Stephen Molnar                   
Bill Moloney         P     AAA      1979-1984   William Moloney                          
Salvatore Molta      P     RK       1996-1997   Salvatore Thomas Molta                   
Danilo Mompres       SS    A        1989-1993   Danilo Mompres                           
Lawrence Monaco      P     RK       1984-1984                                            
Brendan Monaghan     C     A        2005-2010   Brendan T. Monaghan                      
Brian Monahan              A+       1977-1978                                            
Joey Monahan         2B    A+       2000-2003   Joseph Patrick Monahan                   
Blake Monar          P     A-       2009-2013   Blake Jeffrey Monar                      
Juan Monasterio            AAA      1977-1983                                            
Luis Monasterio      2B    RK       2013-2013   Luis Carlos Monasterio                   
Frank Monastero      2B    RK       1990-1990   Frank Louis Monastero                    
Rafael Moncada       OF    A+       1982-1983   Luis Rafael Moncada                      
Pablo Monceratt      1B    A+       1983-1987   Pablo Jose Moncerratt                    
John Moncier         P     A+       1978-1978   John Robert Moncier                      
Hector Moncion             RK       1979-1979                                            
Isaac Moncion        P     RK       2013-2013   Isaac Moncion                            
Juan Moncion         1B    RK       2013-2013   Juan Carlos Moncion                      
Manuel Moncion             A        1991-1993                                            
Pedro Moncion        SS    RK       1990-1991   Pedro J. Moncion                         
Anthony Moncrief     OF    A+       1983-1984   Anthony LaRay Moncrief                   
Carlos Moncrief      OF    AAA      2008-2014   Carlos Antwan Moncrief                   
Homer Moncrief       P     AA       1980-1984   Homer Earl Moncrief                      
Kyle Moncrief        1B    RK       1999-1999   Kyle A. Moncrief                         
Greg Monda           1B    AAA      1983-1988   Gregory Thomas Monda                     
Michael Monday       OF    RK       1992-1993   Michael T. Monday                        
Peter Mondello       P     A-       1997-1998   Peter Mondello                           
Adalberto Mondesi    SS    RK       2012-2012   Raul Adalberto Mondesi                   
Nelson Mondesi             RK       1984-1984                                            
Raul Mondesi         SS    A+       2012-2014   Raul Adalberto Mondesi                   
James Mondesir       P     A+       2002-2008   James A. Mondesir                        
Steve Mondile        P     A+       1987-1990   Steven A. Mondile                        
Wonderful Monds      OF    AA       1992-1999   Wonderful Terrific Monds                 
Anthony Monegan      OF    A+       2000-2007   Anthony Monegan                          
Jose Monegro         3B    RK       2013-2013   Jose Manuel Monegro                      
Jose Monegro         P     RK       2009-2009   Jose Gregorio Monegro                    
Jose Monegro         P     AA       2009-2014   Jose Monegro                             
Juan Monegro         P     RK       1986-1986   Juan B. Monegro                          
Miguel Monegro       2B    A+       1987-1990   Miguel Antonio Monegro                   
Johnny Monell        OF    AAA      1985-2001   Johnny Monell                            
Ruben Monett               RK       1983-1983                                            
Daylon Monette       OF    A        2002-2004   Daylon Monette                           
Freddie Money        OF    A+       2000-2003   Freddie Paul Money                       
Kyle Money           P     AAA      1979-1987   James Kyle Money                         
Joseph Monge         RF-OF RK       2013-2013   Joseph Paynne Monge                      
Anthony Mongelluzzo  OF    A        2000-2002   Anthony Mongeluzzo                       
Cameron Monger       OF    RK       2008-2012   Cameron Monger                           
Trent Mongero        IF    RK       1990-1990   Trent Mongero                            
Mike Mongiello       P     AAA      1989-1995   Michael Angelo Mongiello                 
Timi Moni-Erigbali   OF    A+       2002-2005   Victor E. Moni-Erigbali                  
Mario Monico         OF    AAA      1983-1990   Mario Niveras Monico                     
Mateo Monjardin            AAA      2010-2013                                            
Brandon Monk         2B    A+       2005-2007   Brandon T. Monk                          
Darryl Monroe        OF    A        1994-1997   Darryl R. Monroe                         
Gary Monroe          OF    A        1980-1981   Gary T. Monroe                           
Grant Monroe         P     RK       2008-2013   Grant Robert Monroe                      
Jorge Monroig              RK       1979-1979                                            
Sam Monroy           2B    A        2001-2005   Samuel  Monroy                           
Isaac Monrroy        P     RK       2011-2011   Isaac Ismael Monrroy                     
Jeff Mons            C     A+       1987-1988   Jeffrey C. Mons                          
Alex Monsalve        C     AA       2010-2014   Alex David Monsalve                      
Eric Monson          3B    RK       1982-1982                                            
Steven Monson        OF    AA       1983-1991   Steven Albert Monson                     
Joaquin Montada      P     RK       1997-1998   Joaquin Alberto Montada                  
Ed Montague          OF    A+       2002-2008   Edward Michael Montague                  
James Montague       C     RK       1982-1982   James D. Montague                        
Greg Montalbano      P     AA       1999-2006   Gregory Joseph Montalbano                
Brian Montalbo       P     A        2001-2005   Brian Lee Montalbo                       
Nelson Montalvo      OF    RK       1988-1988   Nelson Montalvo                          
Rob Montalvo         SS    AAA      1988-1995   Robert Montalvo                          
Miguel Montan        P     RK       2005-2005   Miguel A. Montan                         
Rick Montana               RK       1982-1982                                            
David Montanari      IF    AA       1981-1986   David Anthony Montanari                  
Ivan Montane         P     AAA      1992-2004   Ivan Carlos Montane                      
Agustin Montanez     SS    RK       2006-2006   Agustin Montanez (Rivera)                
Fermin Montanez      P     RK       2011-2011   Fermin Isaias Montanez                   
Johen Montanez       P     RK       1998-1998   Johen J. Montanez                        
Jorge Montanez       P     RK       1996-1997   Jorge L. Montanez                        
Josue Montanez       P     A        2011-2014   Josue Montanez                           
Jeff Montani         P     A+       2001-2006   Jeffrey Joseph Montani                   
A.J. Montano         P     RK       2006-2007   Alex J. Montano                          
Ignacio Montano      P     AAA      2000-2013   Ignacio Montano                          
Luis Montano         P     AA       2006-2011   Luis R. Montano                          
Luis Montano         P     AAA      2013-2013   Luis Cornelio Montano                    
Marty Montano        P     A+       1984-1988   Martin A. Montano                        
Adam Montarbo        P     A-       2001-2004   Adam Wayne Montarbo                      
Dionel Montas        3B    RK       2008-2008   Dionel Francisco Montas                  
Ernesto Montas       P     RK       2013-2013   Ernesto Montas                           
Francellis Montas    P     A        2012-2014   Francellis Montas                        
Ipolito Montas       P     RK       2003-2003   Ipolito Montas                           
Ricardo Montas       IF    AA       1995-2002   Ricardo Amaury Montas                    
Harvey Monte         OF    A        2001-2002   Harvey David Simon Pergault Monte        
Louis Monte          P     RK       1984-1984   Louis Charles Monte.                     
David Monteiro       OF    A+       1987-1988   David A. Monteiro                        
Steve Montejano      SS    A        1986-1988   Steven Montejano                         
Joe Montelongo       P     A+       1994-1996   Joseph Peter Montelongo                  
Humberto Montemayor  P     AAA      1996-2013   Humberto Montemayor                      
Chris Montenegro     P     RK       1999-2000   Christopher John Montenegro              
Jorge Montenegro     P     RK       2012-2013   Jorge Antonio Montenegro                 
Jose Montenegro      3B    AAA      1997-2007   Jose L. Montenegro                       
Alberto Montero      3B    A        1991-1992   Sixto Alberto Montero                    
Armando Montero      C     A-       1985-1985   Armando Gonzalez Montero                 
Cesar Montero              RK       1990-1990                                            
Danilo Montero       OF-2B RK       2002-2002   Danilo Alexander Montero                 
Danny Montero        P     A+       1992-1998                                            
Danny Montero              A-       1980-1981                                            
Denny Montero        P     RK       2008-2008   Denny Montero                            
Esteban Montero      SS    A-       2000-2001   Esteban Montero                          
Francisco Montero    P     A+       1996-2000   Francisco Montero                        
Jesus Montero        C     A+       2010-2014   Jesus Rafael Montero                     
Joan Montero         P     AA       2010-2014   Joan Daniel Montero                      
Joanniel Montero     P     AA       2005-2009   Joanniel Montero                         
Jorge Montero              A+       1987-1989   Jorge Montero (Pineda)                   
Jose Montero         P     A+       1997-2001   Jose L. Montero                          
Jose Montero         P     RK       2012-2013   Jose Nicolas Montero                     
Joselin Montero      C     RK       1994-1994   Joselin M. Montero                       
Juan Montero         OF    RK       2005-2006   Juan Montero                             
Lucas Montero        CF    AA       2006-2011   Lucas E. Montero                         
Luis Montero         OF    RK       2013-2013   Luis Enrique Montero                     
Luis Montero         3B    RK       2013-2013   Luis Manuel Montero                      
Merkis Montero       P     RK       2013-2013   Merkis Mondesy Montero                   
Miguel Montero       P     RK       2013-2013   Miguel Angel Montero                     
Moises Montero       C     A        2008-2013   Moises Montero                           
Oscar Montero        P     AAA      1998-2007   Oscar Eduardo Montero                    
Rafael Montero       P     AAA      2011-2014   Rafael Montero (Quezada)                 
Randi Montero        P     RK       2013-2013   Randi Montero                            
Raymundo Montero     P     A        2010-2014   Raymundo Montero                         
Roberto Montero      C     RK       2001-2001   Roberto X. Montero                       
Sixto Montero        3B    A-       1989-1991   Sixto A. Montero                         
Alberto Montes       P     AA       1999-2013   Alberto Troy Montes                      
Aldo Montes          P     AAA      2010-2013   Aldo Montes                              
Daniel Montes        IF    A-       1989-1990   Daniel Steven Montes                     
Hector Montes        3B    RK       2013-2013   Hector Montes                            
Oscar Montes         P     RK       2004-2004   Oscar Montes                             
Ariel Montesino      SS    RK       2013-2013   Ariel Montesino                          
Alan Montgomery      3B    A-       1978-1980                                            
Andre Montgomery     SS    A        1995-1998   Andre D. Montgomery                      
Billy Montgomery     OF    RK       1999-2000   Billy Wayne Montgomery                   
Bret Montgomery      P     AAA      2010-2012   Bret P. Montgomery                       
Christian Montgomery P     RK       2012-2013   Christian Montgomery                     
Cody Montgomery      3B    A-       2006-2007   Cody D. Montgomery                       
Damon Montgomery     OF    RK       1991-1992   Damon D. Montgomery                      
Danny Montgomery     2B    A+       1984-1988   Danny L. Montgomery                      
Don Montgomery       OF    A        1978-1983                                            
Don Montgomery       OF    A+       1983-1993   Donald Douglas Montgomery                
Greg Montgomery      P     A+       1996-2000   Gregory T. Montgomery                    
Joe Montgomery       P     A        1995-2003   Joseph Green Montgomery                  
Josh Montgomery      P     RK       1994-2000   Joshua Leon Montgomery                   
Larry Montgomery     P     AAA      1977-1985   Larry E. Montgomery                      
Mark Montgomery      P     AAA      2009-2014   Mark Garrett Montgomery                  
Matt Montgomery      P     AA       2006-2014   Matthew Robert Montgomery                
Matt Montgomery      P     AAA      1995-2006   Matthew Andrew Montgomery                
Mike Montgomery      P     AAA      2008-2014   Michael Paul Montgomery                  
Mike Montgomery      P     A-       1990-1990   Jay Michael Montgomery                   
Nick Montgomery      P     A-       2007-2008   Nick Montgomery                          
Reggie Montgomery    OF    AAA      1983-1988   Reginald Lavance Montgomery              
Steve Montgomery     P     AAA      1993-2003   Steven Robert Montgomery Iii             
Tim Montgomery       OF    A        2001-2005   Timothy E. Montgomery                    
Tommy Montgomery     P     A-       1979-1979   Thomas M. Montgomery                     
Trent Montgomery     P     RK       1992-1993   Trent O. Montgomery                      
Jay Monti            P-OF  A-       2004-2012   Jason Monti                              
David Montiel        OF    A        1994-1995   David R. Montiel                         
Alvin Montila        OF    RK       1997-1997   Alvin Montila                            
Angel Montilla       OF    RK       2013-2013   Angel Montilla                           
Angelberth Montilla  RF-CF A        2009-2012   Angelberth Alexander Montilla            
Elvis Montilla       P     A+       2000-2002   Elvis D. Montilla                        
Felix Montilla       P     A+       1998-2003   Felix Montilla                           
Franklin Montilla    P     RK       2013-2013   Franklin Montilla                        
Gerson Montilla      2B    AA       2009-2014   Gerson Alejandro Montilla                
Julio Montilla       SS    A+       1992-1996   Julio C. Montilla                        
Manuel Montilla      P     RK       2013-2013   Manuel Montilla                          
Mike Montilla        SS    A+       1993-1999   Miguel Alberto Montilla                  
Sammy Montilla       C     AAA      2000-2002   Samuel Montilla                          
Ulises Montilla      2B    RK       2013-2013   Ulises Jose Montilla                     
Richard Montoni      OF    A        1977-1977   Richard J. Montoni                       
Albert Montoya       P     AAA      1991-1998   Albert A. Montoya Jr.                    
Julio Montoya        P     AAA      2013-2013   Julio Montoya                            
Norm Montoya         P     AAA      1990-1999   Norman Melvin Montoya                    
Saul Montoya         P     AAA      1999-2007   Francisco Saul Montoya                   
Wilmer Montoya       P     AA       1994-1997   Wilmer Ramon Montoya                     
David Montpetit      OF    A-       1980-1980   David A. Montpetit                       
Don Monzon           SS    A        1987-1992   Donald F. Monzon                         
Erick Monzon         SS    AAA      2004-2011   Erick Joel Monzon                        
Francisco Monzon     C     RK       1998-1999   Francisco Juan Monzon                    
Jose Monzon          C     AAA      1987-1998   Jose Gregorio Monzon                     
Jose Monzon          OF    A-       2010-2013   Jose Alexander Monzon                    
Yoel Monzon          P     A        1999-2000   Yoel Monzon                              
Chris Moock          OF    A        1988-1992   Christopher J. Moock                     
Anthony Moody              A-       1982-1983                                            
Hunter Moody         P     A        2005-2009   Matthew Hunter Moody                     
James Moody          P     A+       1989-1990   James Harold Moody                       
Jason Moody          P     A-       1997-2012   Jason D. Moody                           
Kurt Moody           P     RK       1982-1982   Kurt William Moody                       
Kyle Moody           2B    A        1991-1992   Kyle Lewis Moody                         
Mario Moody          SS    RK       1994-1994                                            
Nolan Moody          P     A+       2006-2010   Nolan John Moody                         
Ritchie Moody        P     AAA      1990-1997   Ritchie Lee Moody                        
Shayne Moody         SS    A+       2007-2010   Shayne Aric Moody                        
Brad Moon            OF    RK       1996-1996   Bradley S. Moon                          
Brian Moon           C     AAA      1997-2005   Brian Allen Moon                         
Chan Moon            SS    A+       2010-2014   Chan Jong Moon                           
Chang Moon           P     RK       1998-1998   Chang Moon                               
Glen Moon            OF    A+       1980-1980   Glen E. Moon                             
Jared Moon           P     A-       1997-1998   Jared A. Moon                            
Kevin Moon           P     A-       1982-1984   Kevin L. Moon                            
Ray Moon             OF    RK       1992-1997   Raymond H. Moon                          
Dan Mooney           C     AA       1999-2002   Daniel Joseph Mooney                     
Eric Mooney          P     A-       1993-1994   Eric M. Mooney                           
Jeff Mooney          P     RK       1988-1989   Jeffrey Michael Mooney                   
Michael Mooney       2B    A+       2009-2012   Michael Mooney                           
Mike Mooney          OF    AAA      2003-2011   Michael Lee Mooney                       
Peter Mooney         SS    AA       2009-2014   Peter R. Mooney                          
Troy Mooney          P     A+       1989-1994   Troy Andrew Mooney                       
Brett Mooneyham      P     A+       2009-2014   Brett J. Mooneyham                       
Jason Mooneyham      1B    A+       2005-2007   Jason Mooneyham                          
Alan Moore           C     RK       1980-1981   Alan L. Moore                            
Alex Moore           P     A+       2013-2013                                            
Alvin Moore          OF    AAA      1977-1984   Alvin J. Moore                           
Andrew Moore         2B    A-       1992-1993                                            
Barry Moore          2B    RK       1985-1985   Barry J. Moore                           
Barton Moore         2B    A+       1988-1990   Barton Nelson Moore                      
Ben Moore            P     AA       2003-2013   Benjamin N. Moore                        
Bobby Moore          P     AA       1995-1998   Robert Hilton Moore                      
Boo Moore            OF    AA       1989-1995   Boo Moore                                
Brad Moore           P     A+       1998-2002   Brad Joseph Moore                        
Brandon Moore        P     RK       2011-2013   Brandon Michael Moore                    
Brandon Moore        SS    AAA      1991-2000   William Brandon Moore                    
Brandon Moore        P     AA       2008-2013   Brandon L. Moore                         
Bryan Moore          P     A        1996-2000   Bryan E. Moore                           
Bryan Moore          1B    A        2001-2002   Bryan Nicholas Moore                     
Caleb Moore          C     A+       2002-2007   Michael Caleb Moore                      
Cary Moore           IF-OF A-       1988-1989   Cary James Moore                         
Charlie Moore        P     A+       1977-1978   Charles Aaron Moore                      
Charlie Moore        SS    A+       1983-1987   Charlie F. Moore                         
Chris Moore          P     A+       1997-2007   Christopher Julian Moore                 
Chris Moore          IF    A+       1996-2002   Christopher Glenn Moore                  
Clint Moore          3B    A-       2008-2011   Larry Clinton Moore                      
Daniel Moore         P     A        2001-2004   Daniel Tyler Moore                       
Darin Moore          P     AA       1997-2003   Darin Kirkland Moore                     
Daryl Moore          P     AAA      1987-1995   John Daryl Moore                         
Dave Moore                 RK       2004-2004                                            
David Moore          P     AAA      1978-1982   David Michael Moore                      
David Moore          P     AAA      1977-1977                                            
David Moore          2B    RK       1977-1977   David A. Moore                           
David Moore          3B    RK       1993-1994   David W. Moore                           
David Moore          P     A        1995-1995   David D. Moore                           
Derek Moore          OF    A-       1987-1987   Derek F. Moore                           
Devin Moore          P     RK       2012-2013   Devin Lindell Moore                      
Donald Moore         OF    A        1995-1998   Donald M. Moore                          
Donnie Moore         1B    AAA      1977-1982   Donald E. Moore                          
Doyle Moore          OF    RK       1990-1990                                            
Edmund Moore         P     AAA      1979-1982   Edmund Thomas Moore                      
Eric Moore           P     A        1998-2006   Eric Cleve Moore                         
Frank Moore          2B    AAA      1998-2008   Robert Frank Moore                       
Greg Moore           P     AA       1981-1988   Philip Gregory Moore                     
Greg Moore           P     A        1998-2002   Gregory Fitzallen Moore                  
Gregory Moore        P     A+       1977-1979   Gregory Allen Moore                      
Griffin Moore        IF    A+       1997-1999   Griffin Edward Moore                     
J.B. Moore           OF    A+       1983-1985   Bryant Dwayne Moore                      
James Moore          OF    RK       1995-1995   James O. Moore                           
Jason Moore          1B    A        1994-1999   Jason S. Moore                           
Jason Moore          IF    AA       1998-2003   Jason Bentley Moore                      
Jeff Moore           P     A+       2002-2008   Jeffrey F. Moore                         
Jerry Moore                A-       1983-1983                                            
Jesse Moore          OF    A-       1980-1980   Jesse C. Moore                           
Joe Moore            P     A-       1996-1996                                            
Joel Moore           P     AAA      1993-1999   Joel Todd Moore                          
Johnathan Moore      C     RK       2008-2011   Johnathan Moore                          
Justin Moore         P     A+       2007-2012   Justin Moore                             
Ken Moore            P     RK       1992-1992   Kendrick R. Moore                        
Kendrick Moore       OF    AA       1993-1999   Kendrick Sinnon Moore                    
Kevin Moore          OF    A+       1996-2007   Kevin Carter Moore                       
Kyle Moore           RF-C  A+       2006-2011   Kyle Martin Moore                        
Lacarlo Moore        OF    A+       1998-1999   Lacarlo R. Moore                         
Larry Moore          OF    RK       1988-1989   Lawrence Wesley Moore                    
Logan Moore          C     A+       2011-2014   Logan Moore                              
Marcus Moore         P     A-       2006-2008   Marcus T. Moore                          
Mark Moore           C-1B  A+       1992-1996   Mark A. Moore                            
Mark Moore           P     A+       1978-1982   Mark David Moore                         
Meredith Moore       OF    RK       1988-1988   Meredith Moore                           
Mewelde Moore        OF    RK       2001-2003   Mewelde Jaem Cadere Moore                
Michael Moore        C     A+       1981-1982   Michael K. Moore                         
Michael Moore        OF    A-       1988-1988   Michael Dean Moore                       
Michael Moore        P     A+       1977-1978   Michael S. Moore                         
Michael Moore        1B    AA       1977-1980   Michael Glynn Moore                      
Michael Moore        OF    A+       1985-1986   Michael W. Moore                         
Michael Moore        OF    A        1991-1997   Michael Bradley Moore                    
Mike Moore           OF    AAA      1992-2006   Michael Dennis Moore                     
Nate Moore           P     A+       2004-2006   James Nathaniel Moore                    
Navery Moore         P     A+       2009-2014   Navery Charles Moore III                 
Nick Moore           3B-1B A        2011-2013   Nicholas Robert Moore                    
Pat Moore            OF    A-       1985-1987   Terry Patrick moore                      
Paul Moore           OF    RK       1977-1977   Paul A. Moore                            
Randy Moore          OF    A        1988-1988   Randal J. Moore                          
Richard Moore        P     AA       1982-1987   Richard L. Moore                         
Richard Moore        P     A+       1977-1978   Richard Woodrow Moore                    
Rusty Moore          OF    A-       2000-2002   Russell L. Moore                         
Ryan Moore           IF    A+       1998-2001   Ryan T. Moore                            
Sam Moore            P     A+       1982-1995   Sam Tomlin Moore                         
Scott Moore          P     AA       2005-2008   Wayne Scott Moore Jr.                    
Skip Moore           OF    A-       1992-1997   Charlton Leron Moore                     
Stephen Moore        OF    AA       1980-1982   Stephen Moore                            
Thomas Moore         OF    A-       1978-1979   Thomas J. Moore                          
Tim Moore            P     AA       1991-1996   Timothy B. Moore                         
Timmy Moore          OF    AA       1989-1995   Timothy H. Moore                         
Timothy Moore        SS    A+       1990-1996   Timothy Jay Moore                        
Tony Moore           OF    RK       1988-1995   Devren Antonio Moore                     
Tris Moore           OF    A+       1996-1996   Tris R. Moore                            
Tyrell Moore         P     RK       2005-2005   Tyrell Jermaine Moore                    
Vince Moore          OF    AA       1991-2004   Vincent Craig Moore                      
Wade Moore           LF    A+       2007-2012   Wade Moore                               
Walker Moore         P     RK       2009-2011   Walker Allen Moore                       
William Moore        P     RK       1987-1987   William Franklin Moore                   
Zach Moore           C     A-       2008-2010   Zachary D. Moore                         
Ryan Moorer          P     A+       2005-2010   Ryan Patrick Moorer                      
Jon Moores           P     A-       1992-1994   Jonathan E. Moores                       
Brandon Moorhead     P     AA       1999-2006   Michael Brandon Moorhead                 
Brett Moorhouse      P     AAA      2007-2010   Brett B. Moorhouse                       
Charles Moorman      C     A-       2012-2013   Charles Fredrick Moorman                 
Robert Moose         1B    RK       2000-2000   Robert J. Moose                          
Ian Mopas            P     RK       2006-2008   Michael Ian Mopas                        
Abel Mora            P     RK       2013-2013   Abel Mora                                
Abrahim Mora         P     A        1984-1985   Abrahim Mora                             
Angelo Mora          SS-2B A+       2012-2014   Angelo Mora                              
Edigson Mora         P     RK       2009-2010   Edigson Rafael Mora                      
Frankie Mora         OF    A        1990-1993   Frank A. Mora                            
Ivan Mora            OF    RK       2013-2013   Ivan Miguel Mora                         
Jaihe Mora                 RK       1993-1993                                            
Jesus Mora           OF    RK       2004-2006   Jesus Mora                               
John Mora            OF    RK       2013-2013   John Esmil Mora                          
Jose Mora            C     RK       2013-2013   Jose Elvidio Mora                        
Juan Mora                  A+       1986-1988                                            
Juan Mora            OF    A+       1997-2001   Juan C. Mora                             
Ramon Mora           P     A        2001-2004   Ramon Alonso Mora                        
Ruben Mora           OF    A        2000-2005   Ruben Norberto Mora                      
Sergio Mora                AAA      2000-2013                                            
Yency Mora           P     RK       2003-2003   Yency A. Mora                            
John Morabito        OF-IF RK       1985-1987   John M. Morabito                         
Omar Moraga          2B-3B A+       1996-2001   Omar Gutierrez Moraga                    
Adrian Morales       3B    A+       2010-2013   Adrian Morales                           
Alex Morales         P     AAA      2003-2010   Alexis Morales                           
Alex Morales         OF    A+       1995-1997   Julio Alexander Morales                  
Alexander Morales    P     A        2009-2010   Alexander Morales                        
Alfredo Morales      OF    A+       2010-2013   Alfredo Morales                          
Andy Morales         3B    AA       2001-2002   Andy Morales                             
Angel Morales        OF    AA       2007-2014   Angel Luis Morales                       
Angelo Morales       P     A        2004-2010   Angelo Oscar Morales                     
Armando Morales      P     A        1989-1994   Armando Morales                          
Carlos Morales       1B    RK       2005-2007   Carlos Luis Morales                      
Carlos Morales       1B    AAA      2003-2013   Carlos Morales (Lopez)                   
Daniel Morales       P     A-       2004-2008   Daniel Anthony Morales                   
Delvis Morales       SS-2B A        2011-2014   Delvis Morales                           
Domingo Morales      OF    RK       1996-1997   Domingo Antonio Morales                  
Douglas Morales      OF    A+       2005-2008   Douglas Renato Morales                   
Edgar Morales        P     A+       1986-1987   Edgar G. Morales                         
Edwin Morales        P     A+       1982-1985   Edwin M. Morales                         
Elvin Morales        C     AA       1997-1997   Elvin Morales (Sepulveda)                
Enlly Morales        2B    RK       2010-2011   Enlly Miguel Morales                     
Eric Morales         C     AAA      1992-1998   Heriberto Morales                        
Estarlyn Morales     OF    RK       2013-2013   Estarlyn Manuel Morales                  
Francisco Morales    DH    AAA      1992-2003   Francisco Morales (Rabsatt)              
Issac Morales        P     A+       2006-2010   Issac Morales                            
Jaime Morales        SS    A+       2007-2009   Jaime Dejesus Morales                    
Jason Morales        3B    A        2008-2009   Jason Morales                            
Jesus Morales        OF    RK       2010-2010   Jesus Chiquinquira Morales               
Jesus Morales        2B-SS RK       1993-1994   Jesus Morales                            
Jobduan Morales      C     A        2009-2014   Jobduan Morales                          
Joe Morales          IF    AA       1981-1985   Joe Morales                              
Joel Morales         P     RK       2007-2011   Joel Morales                             
Johnny Morales       P     RK       1997-1998   Johnny M. Morales                        
Jorge Morales        P     A+       2005-2005   Jorge Morales                            
Jorge Morales        C     AA       1991-2002   Jorge L. Morales                         
Jose Morales         P     RK       2013-2013   Jose Gregorio Morales                    
Juan Morales         P     A-       2001-2003   Juan C. Morales                          
Leonardo Morales     OF    RK       2003-2003   Leonardo Jose Morales                    
Luis Morales         P     RK       2011-2012   Luis Efrain Morales                      
Max Morales          P     RK       2010-2012   Julio R. Morales                         
Miguel Morales       P     RK       2006-2006   Miguel A. Morales                        
Mike Morales         2B    A        2000-2002   Michael Morales                          
Nicolas Morales            RK       1984-1984                                            
Osvaldo Morales      1B    A+       2007-2010   Osvaldo Ismael Morales                   
Osvaldo Morales            RK       1984-1984                                            
Porfirio Morales     C     RK       2002-2003   Porfirio Morales                         
Ricardo Morales      P     AA       2004-2011   Ricardo F. Morales                       
Richard Morales      C     AAA      1989-1990   Richard S. Morales                       
Ronnie Morales       P     RK       2004-2012   Ronnie Morales                           
Ruddy Morales        P     RK       2001-2003   Ruddy Alejandro Morales                  
Saul Morales         OF    RK       2004-2004   Saul R. Morales                          
Sergio Morales       OF    A+       2007-2009   Sergio Morales                           
Steve Morales        C     AAA      1996-2007   Stephen Morales                          
Tomas Morales        C     RK       2013-2013   Tomas Gregorio Morales (Bermudez)        
Victor Morales       IF    A-       1999-1999   Victor M. Morales (Velarde)              
William Morales      C     A+       1987-1988   William C. Morales                       
Paul Moralez         1B    A+       1984-1987   Paul J. Moralez                          
Colin Moran          3B    A        2011-2014   Colin Richard Moran                      
Dean Moran           3B    A-       1986-1986                                            
Frank Moran          SS-2B AA       1987-1989   Frank R. Moran                           
Gary Moran           P     AA       2007-2013   Gary M. Moran                            
James Moran          P     A+       2013-2013                                            
Javon Moran          OF    AAA      2001-2008   Javon M. Moran                           
Jimmy Moran          P     A+       2009-2014   James Thomas Moran Jr                    
Jorge Moran          3B    A+       1984-1984   Jorge A. Moran                           
Kevin Moran          P     A+       2008-2012   Kevin Patrick Moran                      
Lucas Moran          P     RK       2011-2013   Lucas Tyler Moran                        
Marcel Moran         P     A-       1978-1978   Marcel J. Moran                          
Mitchell Moran       OF    A+       1983-1985   Mitchell H. Moran                        
Nick Moran           P     A+       1999-2007   Nicholas Ryan Moran                      
Steve Moran          P     AA       1983-1986   Steven L. Moran                          
Gino Moranci         1B    RK       2010-2011   Gino P. Moranci                          
Dean Moranda         P     A+       1977-1978   Dean W. Moranda                          
Seth Moranda         2B    RK       2011-2013   Seth R. Moranda                          
Ron Morander         SS    A-       1982-1982   Ronald E. Morander                       
Michael Moras        C     AA       2008-2012   Michael Vincent Moras                    
Rob Moravek          P     RK       1999-2001   Robert J. Moravek                        
Carl Moraw           P     AA       1985-1989   Carl Francis Moraw                       
Mark Morawski        2B    RK       1986-1986   Mark A. Morawski                         
Carlos Morban        P     A        2001-2004   Carlos Manuel Morban                     
Dany Morban          OF    RK       2000-2001   Dany Morban                              
Domingo Morban       P     RK       1983-2002   Domingo A. Morban                        
Franklin Morban      C     RK       2002-2002   Franklin Jose Morban (Caro)              
Jhon Morban          P     RK       2013-2013   Jhon Esmeury Morban                      
Julio Morban         OF    AAA      2009-2014   Julio Alberto Morban                     
Pedro Mordan         P     RK       2001-2001   Pedro E. Mordan                          
Nathan Moreau        P     A+       2006-2013   Nathan Harold Moreau                     
Richard Morehouse    P     AA       1985-1989   Richard Dean Morehouse                   
Greg Moreira         P     A        2001-2004   Gregory Michael Moreira                  
Oswaldo Morejon      2B    AAA      2000-2013   Oswaldo Morejon                          
Alvi Morel           OF    A        2005-2007   Alvi R. Morel                            
Elvis Morel          2B    A+       2003-2004   Elvis Morel                              
Estarlin Morel       P     A+       2010-2013   Estarlin Rafael Morel                    
Eudy Morel           P     A+       2001-2005   Eudy Morel                               
Francis Morel        P     RK       1997-1999   Florentino Morel (Francisco)             
Jesus Morel          P     RK       1999-2000   Jesus Maria Morel                        
Jhosandy Morel       P     RK       2001-2002   Jhosandy Jesus Morel                     
Jose Morel           P     RK       2013-2013   Jose Morel                               
Jose Morel           P     RK       1997-1998   Jose Andres (De La Cruz) Morel           
Jose Morel           OF    A        2013-2014   Jose Luis Morel                          
Jose Morel           P     RK       2013-2013   Jose Osvaldo Morel                       
Luis Morel           P     A        2010-2013   Luis M. Morel                            
Nelson Morel         P     A+       1982-1984   Nelson Francisco Morel                   
Plinio Morel         C     A+       1992-1994   Plinio O. Morel                          
Robinson Morel       2B    RK       2001-2002   Robinson Ramon Morel                     
Yomar Morel          P     RK       2013-2013   Yomar Alexander Morel                    
Kenneth Moreland     P     A+       2005-2012   Kenneth Charles Moreland Jr.             
Oscar Moreland       P     A        1984-1985                                            
Jesus Morelli        LF    A        2009-2011   Jesus Napoleon Morelli                   
Allen Morelock             A        1982-1982                                            
Charlie Morelock     P     A+       1983-1986   James Charles Morelock                   
Chris Morelock       P     RK       1998-1998                                            
Jair Morelos         SS-2B RK       2013-2013   Jair Zico Morelos                        
Russell Morena             A-       1983-1983                                            
Vernand Morency      OF    A-       1998-2001   Vernand Morency                          
Brad Morenko         P     A+       2001-2006   Brad Frederick Morenko                   
Abel Moreno          P     A        2002-2004   Abel Moreno                              
Adam Moreno          P     RK       2002-2002   Adam Christopher Moreno                  
Alexander Moreno     LF    A+       2010-2011   Alexander Moreno                         
Angel Moreno         OF    RK       2013-2013   Angel Jose Moreno                        
Anthony Moreno       P     AA       2002-2010   Anthony Jacob Moreno                     
Armando Moreno       2B-3B AAA      1982-1991   Armando Clemente Moreno                  
Carlos Moreno        P     A+       1979-1982   Carlos A. Moreno                         
Christopher Moreno   3B    A+       2001-2001   Christopher Joel Moreno                  
Claudio Moreno       P     AAA      1996-2010   Claudio Moreno                           
Darwin Moreno        P     RK       2000-2000   Darwin J. Moreno                         
Diego Moreno         P     AA       2009-2014   Diego Moreno                             
Douglas Moreno       P     A        1985-1986   Jose Douglas Moreno                      
Edwin Moreno         OF    AAA      2012-2013   Edwin Moreno                             
Erik Moreno                A        1993-1994                                            
Felix Moreno         P     A+       2009-2009   Felix Eduardo Moreno                     
Francisco Moreno     2B    AAA      2013-2013   Francisco Hildeberto Moreno              
Gerson Moreno        P     RK       2013-2013   Gerson Mateo Moreno                      
Henry Moreno         1B    A        2009-2012   Henry Daniel Moreno                      
Jaime Moreno         C     AA       1981-1986   Jaime Moreno                             
Jorge Moreno         OF    A+       1999-2009   Jorge J. Moreno                          
Jorge Moreno         1B    A+       1991-1997   Jorge A. Moreno                          
Jose Moreno          C     A-       1991-1991   Jose A. Moreno                           
Jose Moreno                A+       1996-1999                                            
Juan Moreno          P     A        2006-2008   Juan B. Moreno                           
Juan Moreno          OF    A        1990-1993   Juan Moreno (Hodge)                      
Juan Moreno          OF    RK       1992-1992   Juan Luis Moreno                         
Juan Moreno          OF    A-       2002-2004   Juan Jordy Moreno                        
Juan Moreno          OF    AA       1996-2002   Juan Jose Custodio Moreno                
Juan Moreno          2B    RK       2013-2013   Juan Manuel Moreno                       
Julio Moreno         P     AA       1994-2001   Julio Cesar Moreno                       
Junior Moreno        C     AA       2005-2006   Junior M. Moreno                         
Leobardo Moreno      P     AAA      2000-2013   Leobardo Moreno (Robles)                 
Mike Moreno          SS    AA       1982-1985   Michael J. Moreno                        
Mikel Moreno         OF    A        1995-2000   Mikel Edward Moreno                      
Nestor Moreno        1B-C  RK       2010-2011   Nestor Eduardo Moreno                    
Omar Moreno          OF    A-       1998-2003   Omar R. Moreno                           
Pedro Moreno         IF    A        2006-2006   Pedro A. Moreno                          
Rafael Moreno        P     RK       2013-2013   Rafael Candido Moreno                    
Rando Moreno         2B    A+       2013-2014   Rando Moreno                             
Ricardo Moreno       P     RK       1995-1995   Ricardo Moreno                           
Victor Moreno        P     AAA      2004-2011   Victor (Carela) Moreno                   
Victor Moreno        P     AAA      1999-2013   Victor Hugo Moreno                       
Victor Moreno        3B    A-       1994-1995   Victor D. Moreno                         
Willy Moreno         P     RK       1996-1996   Willy Daniel Moreno                      
Shea Morenz          OF    AAA      1994-1999   Shea Brian Morenz                        
Nick Moresi          OF    AA       2004-2010   Nicholas Angelo Moresi                   
Bernardo Moreta      P     RK       2013-2013   Bernardo Moreta                          
Carlos Moreta        1B    RK       2002-2004   Carlos M. Moreta                         
Radhames Moreta      SS    RK       2007-2007   Radhames Moreta                          
Ramon Moreta         OF    AAA      1997-2004   Juan Ramon Moreta                        
Roy Moretti          P     A+       1978-1984   Roy D. Moretti                           
Tony Moretto         OF    AA       1977-1978   Anthony M. Moretto                       
Robert Morey         P     AAA      2008-2014   Robert Hilton Morey                      
Edgar Morffe         P     RK       2005-2005   Edgar O. Morffe                          
Arv Morfin           SS-3B A+       1984-1986   Arvid E. Morfin                          
Bret Morfin          P     RK       1993-1993   Bret A. Morfin                           
Bryan Morgado        P     A+       2008-2013   Bryan Adam Morgado                       
Matt Morgal          P     A-       2007-2010   Matthew A. Morgal                        
Mike Morgal          P     A+       1976-1980   Michael P. Morgal                        
Adam Morgan          P     AAA      2009-2013   Adam Christopher Morgan                  
Charlie Morgan       P     RK       1988-1991   Charlie Morgan                           
Chris Morgan         OF    AA       1984-1987                                            
Curtis Morgan        1B    A+       1977-1986                                            
Daniel Morgan        P     AA       1977-1978   Daniel Charles Morgan                    
David Morgan         C     AA       1992-1998   David Jon Morgan                         
Dennis Morgan        3B    RK       1989-1989   Dennis Leonard Morgan                    
Eric Morgan          P     A+       1994-1997   Eric Sean Morgan                         
Gary Morgan          3B    A-       1990-1990   Gary M. Morgan                           
Gene Morgan          P     AA       1985-1987   Richard Eugene Morgan                    
Henry Morgan         P     RK       1984-1986   Henry Bradford Morgan                    
James Morgan         OF    RK       1990-1991   James Wilson Morgan                      
Jim Morgan           C     A        1997-1997                                            
John Morgan          3B    AA       1977-1980   John Patterson Morgan                    
Josh Morgan          OF    RK       2005-2008                                            
Justin Morgan        C     A        2002-2006   Justin Thomas Morgan                     
Kenny Morgan         OF    AAA      1983-1991   Kenneth Bernard Morgan                   
Kyle Morgan          OF    A        2007-2010   Kyle Steven Morgan                       
Lavelle Morgan       P     A        2002-2007   Austin Lavelle Morgan                    
Matt Morgan          C     AAA      2002-2008   Matthew Dean Morgan                      
Richard Morgan             AA       1978-1980                                            
Russ Morgan          P     AAA      1998-2003   Russell Raymond Morgan                   
Ryan Morgan          P     RK       2008-2009   Ryan Taylor Morgan                       
Ryan Morgan          1B    RK       2003-2005   Ryan J. Morgan                           
Scott Morgan         P     AA       1990-1993   David Scott Morgan                       
Scott Morgan         OF    AAA      1995-2003   Scott Alexander Morgan                   
Sean Morgan          P-IF  A        2005-2012   Sean Michael Morgan                      
Stacy Morgan         P     A+       1982-1984   Stacy Leon Morgan                        
Steven Morgan        OF    A        1996-1996                                            
Todd Morgan          OF    RK       1996-1997   Tironeseus Todd Morgan                   
Will Morgan          P     A+       2006-2010   William John Morgan                      
William Morgan       OF    AA       1977-1981   William Arnold Morgan                    
Douglas Morganti     OF    A-       1978-1979   Douglas J. Morganti                      
Darryl Morhardt      C-P   A+       1985-1989   Darryl H. Morhardt                       
Greg Morhardt        OF    AAA      1982-1988   Greg Morhardt                            
Hiroyuki Mori        OF    A+       1987-1987   Hiroyuki Mori                            
Kazuma Mori          P     A+       1999-1999   Kazuma Mori                              
Dermot Moriarty      1B    A+       1979-1980   Dermot P. Moriarty                       
Jim Moriarty         OF    A-       1981-1983   James D. Moriarty                        
Todd Moriarty        P     A+       1984-1985   Todd Anthony Moriarty                    
Cesar Morillo        SS    AA       1990-2001   Cesar Vladimar Morillo (Hernandez)       
Donald Morillo       P     A+       1993-1996   Donald Morillo                           
Julian Morillo       2B    A-       2010-2013   Julian Francisco Morillo                 
Julio Morillo        C     A+       2011-2014   Julio Cesar Morillo                      
Junior Morillo       P     A        2014-2014   Junior Morillo                           
Lennyn Morillo       P     A        2004-2005   Lennyn (Corporan) Morillo                
Leomar Morillo       OF    RK       2013-2013   Leomar Morillo                           
Luis Morillo         OF    A+       1997-1999   Luis A. Morillo                          
Roberto Morillo      SS    RK       2001-2006   Roberto Jesus Morillo                    
Rufino Morillo       OF    RK       1979-1980   Rufino A. Morillo                        
Santiago Morillo     P     A-       1990-1995   Santiago Morillo                         
Shawn Morimando      P     A+       2011-2014   Shawn Peter Morimando                    
Ken Morimoto         OF    A+       1995-1998   Ken K. Morimoto                          
Keith Morin          R     RK       1982-1982   Keith Allen Morin                        
Leonard Morin        IF    A+       1978-1978   Leonard Morin                            
Mike Morin           P     AAA      2010-2014   Michael William Morin                    
Parker Morin         C     AA       2010-2014   Parker M. Morin                          
Pablo Moriso         1B    RK       1990-1990   Pablo S. Moriso                          
Chris Moritz         SS    AAA      1984-1989   Christopher Brian Moritz                 
Tom Moritz           OF    AA       1984-1986   Thomas Andrew Moritz                     
Matt Morizio         C     A+       2003-2010   Matthew P. Morizio                       
Dennis Mork          OF    AAA      1979-1980   Dennis E. Mork                           
Carlos Morla         P     AAA      2003-2006   Carlos E. Morla                          
Gilberto Morla             RK       1999-1999                                            
Melvin Morla         P     RK       2013-2013   Melvin Morla                             
Ramon Morla          3B    AA       2009-2014   Ramon Antonio Morla                      
Ronny Morla          P     A+       2007-2012   Ronny Morla (Rondon)                     
Wandy Morla          P     A+       2005-2006   Wandy Morla                              
Eduardo Morlan       P     AA       2004-2013   Eduardo Morlan                           
Mike Morland         C     AAA      1991-1995   Michael James Morland                    
Jose Morles          C     RK       2013-2013   Jose D. Morles                           
James Morley               A+       1979-1979                                            
Michael Morley       P     AAA      1977-1981   Michael Charles Morley                   
Allen Morlock        P     AAA      1982-1987   Allen Frederick Morlock                  
Daniel Moroff        3B    A+       1977-1979   Daniel Bruce Moroff                      
Max Moroff           SS    A+       2012-2014   Maxwell Anthony Moroff                   
Robert Moron         1B-OF RK       2006-2012   Robert J. Moron                          
Geno Morones         P     AA       1991-1996   Eugenio Cipriano Morones                 
Cristian Moronta     C     A        2011-2013   Cristian Manual Moronta                  
Eladio Moronta       OF    RK       2010-2013   Eladio Moronta                           
Orlando Moronta      P     RK       1982-1982   Orlando A. Moronta                       
Reyes Moronta        P     A-       2012-2013   Reyes Moronta                            
Barry Morphew        SS    RK       1987-1987                                            
Pat Morphy           P     A+       1990-1992   Patrick T. Morphy                        
John Morreale        2B    A+       1994-1996   John F. Morreale                         
Craig Morrill        P     RK       1993-1996                                            
A.J. Morris          P     AA       2007-2014   Anthony Joseph Morris                    
Aaron Morris         OF-1B A-       1990-1991                                            
Adam Morris          3B    A-       2004-2006   Adam Michael Morris                      
Alex Morris          P     A+       1996-1998   Alexander Morris                         
Angel Morris         C     AAA      1980-1990   Angel C. Morris                          
Bobby Morris         3B    AA       1992-2001   Robert David Morris                      
Chad Morris          P     A-       1995-1997   Chad E. Morris                           
Chris Morris         OF    AA       1998-2005   Kenneth Christopher Morris               
Cory Morris          P     AAA      1998-2008   Cory Casey Morris                        
Dallas Morris        3B    A+       2002-2007   Dallas Dupuis Morris                     
Dave Morris          OF    A+       1981-1982   David Ambrose Morris                     
David Morris         P     AA       1979-1987   David Allen Morris                       
David Morris         P     AA       1982-1986   David Keith Morris                       
David Morris               A        1994-1996                                            
Don Morris           C     RK       1994-1994   Donald Morris                            
Donald Morris        OF    AA       1978-1981   Donald Madison Morris                    
Elliot Morris        P     A        2013-2014   Elliot A Morris                          
Fred Morris          P     AA       1977-1979   Frederick Preston Morris                 
Greg Morris          3B    AA       1993-1998   Gregory Scott Morris                     
Hunter Morris        1B    AAA      2008-2014   Jeffrey Hunter Morris                    
Jacob Morris         OF    A        2011-2014   Jacob C. Morris                          
James Morris         P     RK       2002-2006   James M. Morris                          
Jed Morris           C     AAA      2001-2010   Jed Reardon Morris                       
Jeff Morris          P     AAA      1979-1983   Jeffrey Thomas Morris                    
Jeremy Morris        C     AAA      1994-2000   Jeremy Craig Morris                      
Jim Morris           1B-OF A-       1984-1984   James E. Morris                          
John Morris          P     AAA      1979-1989   John E. Morris                           
Jon Morris           C     A        1994-1994   Jon R. Morris                            
Josh Morris          OF    A        2005-2007   Joshua F. Morris                         
Ken Morris           P     A-       1988-1988   Kenneth Michael Morris                   
Manuel Morris        OF    A-       1982-1984   Manuel Quillen Morris                    
Marc Morris          P     A+       1991-1992   Marc Randall Morris                      
Matt Morris          OF    A        2004-2008   Matt Morris                              
Rick Morris          OF    AAA      1985-1991   Richard Alan Morris                      
Rod Morris           OF    AAA      1988-1993   Roderick Deon Morris                     
Ronald Morris        H     A+       1980-1980   Ronald M. Morris                         
Rossi Morris         OF    RK       1991-1992   Rossi D. Morris                          
Ryan Morris          P     A+       2006-2011   Judson Ryan Morris                       
Seth Morris          OF    A        2000-2004   Seth Andrew Morris                       
Steve Morris         OF    RK       1983-1983   Steven D. Morris                         
Steven Morris        2B    A        1989-1990   Steven L. Morris                         
Thomas Morris        P     A        1979-1980                                            
Tim Morris           1B    A+       2007-2011   Timothy John Morris                      
Will Morris          P     A+       1997-2002   William Frank Morris                     
Will Morris          P     RK       2012-2013   Will T. Morris                           
Jim Morrisette       OF    AA       1986-1991   James Edward Morrisette                  
Brian Morrison       OF    AA       1984-1991   Brian Lee Morrison                       
Bruce Morrison       1B    A+       1981-1983   Bruce H. Morrison                        
Carter Morrison      OF    RK       2009-2010   Daniel Carter Morrison                   
Charles Morrison     P     RK       1977-1977                                            
Chris Morrison       P     A+       1994-1997   Christopher Michael Morrison             
Cody Morrison        P     AA       1996-2001   Cody James Morrison                      
Erik Morrison              A-       2004-2005                                            
Erik Morrison        3B-2B AA       2005-2012   Erik C. Morrison                         
Greg Morrison        OF    A+       1995-2006   Gregory James Morrison                   
James Morrison       P     A        2001-2010   James Forrest Morrison III               
Jeff Morrison        1B    A-       1987-1987                                            
Jim Morrison         P     AA       1986-1993   James H. Morrison                        
Keith Morrison       P     AAA      1989-1995   Keith Allen Morrison                     
Kyle Morrison        P     A+       2007-2013   Kyle Morrison                            
Matt Morrison        OF    A-       1985-1985   Matthew McIntyre Morrison                
Michael Morrison     P     AAA      2007-2013   Michael Joseph Morrison                  
Perry Morrison       P     AA       1978-1982                                            
Red Morrison         P     AA       1987-1989   Anthony Morrison                         
Robbie Morrison      P     AA       1996-2004   Robert Michael Morrison                  
Ryan Morrison        OF    A-       1995-1996   Ryan M. Morrison                         
Scott Morrison       SS    A        1996-1997   Scott Christopher Morrison               
Steve Morrison       3B    AA       1978-1980   Steven S. Morrison                       
Teryl Morrison       P     RK       1988-1989                                            
Ty Morrison          OF    AA       2008-2014   Christopher Tyler Morrison               
Tyler Morrison       P     RK       2003-2005   Tyler William Morrison                   
Adam Morrissey       3B    AAA      1999-2008   Adam Morriseey                           
Kevin Morrissey      P     A        1977-1978   Kevin F. Morrissey                       
Mike Morrissey       P     A-       1978-1978   Michael R. Morrissey                     
Juan Morrobel        P     RK       1997-1998   Juan Gilberto Morrobel (Farreras)        
Alvin Morrow         OF    A+       1997-2003   Alvin Scott Morrow                       
Benjamin Morrow      P     AA       1983-1987   Benjamin Douglas Morrow                  
Bryce Morrow         P     A+       2007-2014   Bryce David Morrow                       
Chris Morrow         OF    AAA      1988-1995   Christian Welte Morrow                   
Dave Morrow          OF    A        1986-1987   David Lendrum Morrow                     
David Morrow         P     A        2000-2004   David Wesley Morrow                      
Eric Morrow                A        1995-1995                                            
Nick Morrow          OF    AA       1991-1997   Nick Samuel Morrow                       
Stacy Morrow               A+       1977-1978                                            
Tim Morrow           OF    AAA      1988-1997   Timmie Olguria Morrow                    
Bryan Morse          P     A+       1999-2009   Bryan L. Morse                           
Matt Morse           2B    A        1989-1991   Matthew Vern Morse                       
Mike Morse           SS    AA       1980-1984   Michael Lee Morse                        
Paul Morse           P     AAA      1993-2000   Paul Graham Morse                        
Randy Morse          P     AA       1982-1984   Randy Joseph Morse                       
Robert Morse         P     RK       1982-1982                                            
Ryan Morse           P     AA       2002-2010   Ryan M. Morse                            
Scott Morse          P     AA       1985-1989   Scott David Morse                        
Robert Morseman      P     A+       1995-1997   Robert Earl Morseman                     
Kevin Mort           2B    A        2009-2011   Kevin Earl Mort                          
Jared Mortensen      P     AA       2013-2014   Jared Paul Mortensen                     
Tony Mortensen             A+       1990-1992                                            
Trevor Mortensen     OF    A+       2002-2006   Trevor K. Mortensen                      
John Mortillaro      P     AA       1982-1984   John Anthony Mortillaro                  
Mark Mortimer        C     AAA      1997-2001   Mark Lyle Mortimer                       
Mike Mortimer        P     A        1994-1996   Michael A. Mortimer                      
Rob Mortimer         P     A+       1984-1986   Robert P. Mortimer                       
Steve Mortimer       1B    AA       2002-2008   Steve A. Mortimer                        
Travis Mortimore     P     AAA      2007-2010   Travis Kyle Mortimore                    
Andrew Morton        P     RK       2009-2009   Andrew Morton                            
Dennis Morton        P     A+       1977-1980   Dennis Allan Morton                      
Mark Morton          IF    RK       1982-1982   Mark Andrew Morton                       
Maurice Morton       R     A-       1985-1985                                            
Rickie Morton        IF    A+       2001-2004   Richard Walter Morton                    
Ron Morton           P     A        1988-1990   Ronald Bradley Morton                    
Russell Morton       P     A+       1982-1985                                            
Stanley Morton       OF    A+       1979-1980   Stanley J. Morton                        
Taylor Morton        P     A-       2011-2013   Taylor Ellis Morton                      
Zach Morton          P     A        2009-2014   Zachary Brett Morton                     
Joe Morvay           P     AA       1993-1997   Joseph P. Morvay                         
Linvel Mosby         P     A        1977-1980   Linvel Mosby                             
Mike Mosby           1B    A+       2009-2014   Michael A. Mosby                         
Robert Mosby         1B-OF A        2002-2008   Robert Andrew Mosby                      
Jeff Moscaret        P     AA       1981-1984   Jeffrey D. Moscaret                      
Frank Moscat         IF    A+       1979-1985   Fernando S. Moscat                       
Galvi Moscat         OF    RK       2013-2013   Galvi Nestor Moscat                      
Marvin Moscat        P     A+       2004-2005   Marvin Moscat (Soto)                     
Rafael Moscat              RK       1989-1989                                            
Kevin Moscatel       C     A+       2008-2011   Kevin Moscatel                           
Mike Moschetti       2B-SS A+       1993-1995   Michael M. Moschetti                     
Jon Moscot           P     AA       2011-2014   Jonathan Solomon Moscot                  
Victor Moscote       DH    RK       2013-2013   Victor Guillermo Moscote                 
Mike Moscrey         P     AA       1986-1990                                            
Lydell Moseby        1B    RK       2012-2013   Lydell Emanuel Moseby                    
Greg Moseley         P     RK       1982-1982   Gregory P. Moseley                       
Lester Moseley       OF    A        1982-1983   Lester A. Moseley                        
Marcus Moseley       P     A+       1998-2004   Marcus Arthur Moseley                    
Scott Moseley        2B    RK       1990-1990   Scott T. Moseley                         
Larry Moser          OF    A+       1981-1983   Larry Arthur Moser                       
Nolan Moser          P     RK       2000-2004   Nolan S. Moser                           
Ricky Moser          P-3B  A+       1989-1990   Ricky Allen Moser                        
Steve Moser          2B    A+       1986-1988   Steven Carl Moser                        
Todd Moser           P     AA       1996-2010   Todd M. Moser                            
John Moses                 A+       1981-1984                                            
Mark Moses           P     A        1980-1980   Mark A. Moses                            
Matt Moses           3B    AAA      2003-2009   Matthew Cameron Moses                    
Michael Moses        P     A        1993-1994   Michael G. Moses                         
Shane Moses          P     RK       1994-1994   Shane L. Moses                           
Steve Moses          P     RK       1998-1998   Steven Moses                             
Steve Moses          OF    AAA      1983-1987   Stephen Joseph Moses                     
Tony Moses           OF    RK       2006-2010   Gerard Anthony Moses                     
Trenton Moses        1B    A+       2008-2014   Trenton J. Moses                         
Andrew Mosher        P     A        1999-2000   Andrew Ryan Mosher                       
Peyton Mosher        P     A+       1981-1984   Peyton R. Mosher                         
Alex Moshier         P     A-       2008-2012   Alex M. Moshier                          
Bryce Mosier         C     RK       2011-2012   Bryce Mitchell Mosier                    
Mark Mosier          3B    A+       1997-1997   Mark W. Mosier                           
Ryan Moskau          P     AA       1996-2001   Ryan Paul Moskau                         
Eric Mosley          P     A+       2000-2003   Eric J. Mosely                           
Gus Mosley           OF    RK       1998-1998   Augustus Mosley                          
Michael Mosley             A-       1983-1983                                            
Reggie Mosley        OF    A        1983-1984   Reginald S. Mosley                       
Tim Mosley           P     A+       1995-1996   Timothy James Mosley                     
Tony Mosley          P     AA       1987-1993   Anthony Mosley                           
Marc Mosman          P     A        1994-1998   Marc P. Mosman                           
Alberto Mosquea      P     RK       1995-1996   Alberto Mosquea                          
Daniel Mosquea       P     A        2004-2004   Daniel Mosquea                           
Juan Mosqueda        OF    RK       2003-2004   Juan Alberto Mosqueda                    
David Mosquera             RK       1984-1984                                            
Jose Mosquera        C     RK       2008-2009   Jose A. Mosquera                         
Juan Mosquera        SS    RK       2008-2009   Juan Andres Mosquera                     
Andrew Moss          P     A        2008-2011   Andrew Moss                              
Barry Moss           OF    AAA      1977-1984   Barry Roger Moss                         
Bill Moss            IF    A-       2003-2007   Bill Warren Moss                         
Brad Moss            C     AA       2009-2013   Bradley Thomas Moss                      
Jan Moss             P     RK       1987-1987   Jan Alan Moss                            
Rick Moss            3B    AA       1996-2000   Richard Joseph Moss                      
Steve Moss           OF    AAA      2002-2013   Steve J. Moss                            
Tim Moss             2B    AA       2001-2006   Timothy P. Moss                          
Westley Moss         CF    A-       2007-2011   Westley Moss                             
Alfonso Mota         2B-OF A        1994-1996   Alfonso Mota (Read)                      
Bienvenido Mota      P     RK       1985-1985   Bienvenido Mota                          
Carlos Mota          C     AAA      1987-1999   Carlos Manuel Mota                       
Cristian Mota        IF    A        1995-1997   Cristian Mota                            
Darlyn Mota          SS    RK       2013-2013   Darlyn Mota                              
David Mota           P     A+       2009-2013   David Mota                               
Domingo Mota         OF    AA       1990-1995   Domingo R. Mota                          
Gary Mota            OF    AA       1992-1997   Manuel Rafael Mota                       
Gleydel Mota         OF    A-       1994-1995   Gleydel A. Mota                          
Henry Mota           P     A+       1996-1999   Henry A. Mota                            
Israel Mota          OF    RK       2013-2013   Israel Mota                              
Jon Mota             1B    AAA      2005-2014   Jonathan J. Mota                         
Jose Mota            P     A-       2010-2011   Jose Miguel Mota                         
Jose Mota            OF    A+       1977-1980   Jose Francisco (Garcia) Mota             
Jose Mota            SS-2B RK       1985-1986   Jose Brito Mota                          
Juan Mota            C     RK       2005-2005   Juan R. Mota                             
Kelvin Mota          P     RK       2008-2009   Kelvin David Mota                        
Luis Mota            1B-OF A+       1982-1984   Luis Armando Mota                        
Miguel Mota                A+       1986-1987                                            
Pedro Mota           OF    A+       1997-2000   Pedro A. Mota                            
Rafael Mota          OF    A+       1990-1991   Manuel Rafael Mota, Jr.                  
Santo Mota           IF    A+       1991-1995   Santo Mota                               
Tony Mota            OF    AAA      1996-2006   Antonio Nicolas Mota                     
Willie Mota          C     AA       1988-1993   William J. (Garcia) Mota                 
Willy Mota           OF    A+       2004-2008   Willy E. Mota                            
Yony Mota                  RK       1987-1987                                            
Trevor Mote          3B    A+       2000-2003   Trevor Jay Mote                          
Scott Moten          P     AAA      1991-1997   Christopher Scott Moten                  
Jeff Motes           SS    A+       1995-2000   Jeffry Lee Motes                         
Brittan Motley       OF    RK       1997-2000   Brittan Allan Motley                     
Mel Motley           OF    A+       1996-1997   Rommel V. Motley                         
Rafael Motooka       C     AA       2000-2006   Rafael Motooka                           
Bill Mott            OF    AA       1998-2001   William Robert Mott                      
Richard Mott         P     A        1981-1982   Richard K. Mott                          
Tom Mott             P     AA       1994-1998   Thomas Patrick Mott                      
Chris Motta          P     RK       2013-2013   Christopher John Motta                   
James Motte          SS    A+       1993-1995   James L. Motte                           
Taylor Motter        OF    AA       2009-2014   Taylor Davis Motter                      
Ryan Mottl           P     AAA      1997-2005   Ryan M. Mottle                           
Allen Mottram        C     A        2001-2007   Allen Mottram                            
Billy Mottram        OF-2B A+       2007-2009   William Mottram                          
Jeff Motuzas         C     AAA      1990-1996   Jeffrey R. Motuzas                       
Brian Moulton        P     A+       1977-1978   Brian C Moulton                          
Pat Moultrie         OF    AA       1992-1998   Patrick L. Moultire                      
Charles Mount        P     AAA      1986-1991   Charles Joseph Mount                     
Ryan Mount           3B    AA       2005-2013   Ryan Bradley Mount                       
Joe Mountain         P     A-       1991-1992   Joseph L. Mountain                       
J.R. Mounts          OF    A+       1997-2001   Alfonso Edward Mounts                    
Francis Mouse        SS    RK       1979-1979                                            
Jeff Mousser         P     RK       2003-2004   Jeffrey David Mousser                    
Aaron Mouton         SS    RK       1996-1996   Aaron Mouton                             
Brian Mouton         OF    RK       1989-1990   Brian Dewitt Mouton                      
Greg Moviel          P     A        2004-2009   Gregory E. Moviel                        
Paul Moviel          P     A+       2003-2007   Paul Allen Moviel                        
Scott Moviel         P     A+       2007-2012   Scott Michael Moviel                     
Chris Mowday         P     A+       1998-2008   Christopher Ross Mowday                  
Ashton Mowdy         P     A+       2007-2010   Ashton Mowdy                             
Mike Mowel           P     A        1998-1999   Michael L. Mowel                         
Randall Mower        P     RK       2007-2010   Randall Mower                            
David Mowry          1B    A+       1990-2002   David Adam Mowry                         
Jason Mowry          OF    RK       2010-2010   Jason Arron Mowry                        
Tim Mowry            P     A        2007-2011   Timothy Warren Mowry                     
Ernie Moya           P     AA       1981-1984   Ernest A. Moya                           
Felix Moya           P     A+       1990-1992   Felix A. Moya                            
Gabriel Moya         P     RK       2013-2013   Gabriel Jose Moya                        
Luis Moya            P     RK       2005-2006   Luis A. Moya                             
Steven Moya          RF-OF AA       2010-2014   Steven Moya                              
Wilson Moya          2B    RK       2000-2000   Wilson Moya                              
Alan Moye            OF    A+       2001-2007   Alan Keith Moye                          
Andy Moye            P     AA       2008-2014   Andrew Tyler Moye                        
Cambric Moye         C     RK       2011-2013   Cambric Jamar Moye                       
Jeffrey Moye         P     RK       2000-2003   Jeffrey Jack Moye                        
Tutu Moye            SS    A        1997-1999   Melvin Moye                              
Wayne Moye           OF    RK       1988-1990   Wayne G. Moye                            
Dillon Moyer         SS    A        2011-2014   Dillon Moyer                             
Greg Moyer           P     AA       1978-1981   Gregory Alan Moyer                       
Kyle Moyer           1B    A        1999-2000   Kyle D. Moyer                            
Rick Moyer           P     A        1983-1985   Richard Thomas Meyer                     
Todd Moyer           1B    A        1983-1983   Todd D. Moyer                            
Dan Moylan           C     AAA      1998-2006   Daniel James Moylan                      
Mike Moyle           C     AA       1992-2000   Michael James Moyle                      
Chad Mozingo         CF    A-       2008-2013   Chad Austin Mozingo                      
Dan Mozingo          P     AA       1999-2006   Daniel Ross Mozingo                      
Harold Mozingo       P     AA       2004-2011   Harold Clifton Mozingo                   

Major Leaguers by Letter

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Players who have not (yet) played professional baseball but have listed college stats on The Cube.
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