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The following players have not played professional baseball but have record of playing college baseball for a Division I team in the last few years. TBC has been tracking college statistics for Division I since 2002 though some teams may have stats for earlier years.
Player Name          Play Years  School                         
Cody Haack           2009-2011   Saint Peter's College          
Keaton Haack         2013-2013   University of Alabama          
Aaron Haag           2013-2013   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Blake Haagen         2007-2009   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Brett Haan           2012-2014   Purdue University              
Brent Haapanen       2002-2004   Pepperdine University          
Jason Haar           2005-2008   Pacific                        
Jordan Haar          2002-2005   Charleston Southern University 
Brandon Haarer       2013-2014   Samford University             
Jeremy Haas          2008-2011   George Mason University        
Jordan Haas          2008-2008   Chicago State University       
Ryan Haas            2010-2013   Delaware State University      
Shane Haas           2002-2002   Belmont University             
Trevor Haas          2013-2014   Valparaiso University          
Joe Haase            2009-2012   Purdue University              
Robbie Haben         2010-2012   George Washington University   
Jake Haberer         2014-2014   Eastern Illinois University    
 Haberern            2006-2006   George Washington University   
Andrew Haberern      2007-2009   George Washington University   
Solomon Haberkost    2008-2009   Cleveland State University     
John Haberman        2010-2014   Pacific                        
Bryan Haberstroh     2014-2014   New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Jacob Habsieger      2005-2005   Missouri State University      
Michael Habzda       2013-2013   University of Connecticut      
Mike Hachadorian     2010-2012   San Diego Mesa College         
Garrett Hachtel      2007-2009   University of Memphis          
Drew Hacker          2013-2014   Pepperdine University          
Matt Hacker          2005-2008   Virginia Tech                  
T.J. Hacker          2003-2003   University of Miami            
Alex Hackerott       2013-2014   Oklahoma State University      
Brian Hackett        2006-2008   University of Maine            
Chris Hackett        2008-2011   University at Albany           
Davey Hackett        2009-2013   Lipscomb University            
Pat Hackett          2003-2003   Western Carolina University    
Taylor Hackett       2013-2014   Niagara University             
Ed Hackimer          2004-2007   Iona College                   
Thomas Hackimer      2013-2014   St. John's University          
Kyle Hackney         2011-2011   Navy                           
Tom Hackney          2001-2003   Dartmouth College              
Viron Hackney        2010-2010   Houston Baptist University     
Miles Haddad         2014-2014   Pacific                        
Brian Haddock        1997-2000   Saint Louis University         
Ben Haddox           2002-2003   Louisiana Tech University      
Joe Haddox           2013-2014   Wichita State University       
Mark Haderlein       2004-2008   Cal State Northridge           
Jason Haditsch       2009-2011   Cleveland State University     
Brendan Hadley       2001-2004   Miami University               
Derrick Hadley       2011-2012   Texas A&M University           
John Hadley          2004-2006   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
John Hadley          2003-2005   Southern University            
Jordan Hadlock       2009-2012   Cal Poly                       
Jon Hadra            2001-2004   Virginia Military Institute    
Brian Haebig         1994-1994   Pima Community College         
Damon Haecker        2014-2014   Auburn University              
Aaron Haefele        2003-2004   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Seth Haehl           2009-2013   University of Washington       
Kyle Haen            2011-2012   University of Iowa             
David Haerle         2013-2013   College of the Canyons         
Derek Haese          2004-2007   George Washington University   
David Hafer          2012-2014   Rider University               
Grant Hafer          2005-2005   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Jordan Hafer         2004-2006   Florida Atlantic University    
Daven Hafey          2003-2004   Creighton University           
David Hafiz          2000-2002   UNLV                           
Will Haga            2009-2010   US Military Academy            
Zach Hagaman         2011-2014   Charleston Southern University 
Ken Hagan            1988-1988   University of Florida          
Ryan Hagan           2013-2013   Presbyterian College           
Scott Hagan          2012-2012   Binghamton University          
Lucas Hagberg        2012-2013   University of San Diego        
Brett Hagedorn       2001-2004   University of Arkansas         
Matt Hagedorn        2004-2006   Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne 
Jordan Hagel         2010-2013   University of Maryland         
Will Hagel           2010-2012   Valparaiso University          
Justin Hageman       2011-2014   Western Kentucky University    
Cole Hagen           2014-2014   Missouri State University      
Derek Hagen          2005-2006   Marshall University            
Joe Hagen            2008-2009   Centenary College              
Sean Hagen           2011-2014   Eastern Kentucky University    
Stephen Hagen        2009-2012   Eastern Oklahoma State College 
Todd Hagen           2011-2014   Savannah State University      
Ben Hager            2000-2002   North Carolina State University 
Brad Hager           2001-2003   Navy                           
Frank Hager          2009-2012   Cornell University             
Jason Hager          2010-2014   Oakland University             
Joe Hager            2011-2011   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Mike Hager           2012-2014   Pacific                        
Tommy Hager          2013-2014   Austin Peay State University   
Bryan Hagerich       2004-2007   University of Delaware         
Brian Hagerty        2004-2006   Brown University               
Joe Hagerty          2007-2008   Nicholls State University      
Shaun Hagey          2005-2008   University of Rhode Island     
Trevor Haggard       2013-2014   Middle Tennessee State University 
Chris Haggarty       2011-2014   Villanova University           
 Haggerty            2003-2003   Niagara University             
Brett Haggerty       2009-2009   University of New Mexico       
Bryan Haggerty       2001-2004   Seton Hall University          
Matt Haggerty        2014-2014   Grand Canyon University        
Sam Haggerty         2013-2014   University of New Mexico       
Tyler Haggett        2006-2007   San Jose State University      
C Haggie             2004-2004   Mississippi Valley State University 
Andrew Hagins        2009-2010   Western Illinois University    
Hunter Hagler        2012-2014   Oklahoma State University      
Erik Hagstrom        2002-2006   Northeastern University        
Steve Hague          2011-2011   University of Iowa             
Derek Hagy           2012-2013   University of Texas-Pan American 
Charlie Hahl         2001-2006   Southern Utah University       
Oliver Hahl          2000-2002   University of Pennsylvania     
Adam Hahn            2003-2003   University of Toledo           
Andrew Hahn          2009-2012   Navy                           
Brian Hahn           2005-2005   University of Texas-Arlington  
Carter Hahn          2010-2012   Lamar University               
Casey Hahn           1999-2004   University of Illinois         
Cory Hahn            2011-2013   Arizona State University       
Keith Hahn           2003-2006   Old Dominion University        
Spencer Hahn         2004-2008   Michigan State University      
T Hahn               2003-2003   University of Portland         
Trevor Hahn          2002-2004   University of Portland         
Phil Haig            2008-2011   University of Illinois         
Scott Haij           1996-1996   University of Portland         
Corey Hail           2010-2012   Houston Baptist University     
Tyler Haile          2006-2006   Dallas Baptist University      
Zach Haile           2010-2013   High Point University          
Eric Hailer          2012-2012   Elon University                
Alex Haines          2011-2013   Seton Hill University          
Andrew Haines        2006-2006   Virginia Military Institute    
Donnie Haines        2010-2010   University of Maryland-Eastern Shore 
Jeff Haines          1999-2002   Liberty University             
Steve Haines         1999-2002   Wichita State University       
Chase Hainline       2012-2014   University of Illinois         
Jeffrey Hains        2007-2010   University at Buffalo          
Joey Hainsfurther    2009-2012   Baylor University              
Trey Hair            2014-2014   Missouri State University      
Justin Haire         2000-2001   Bowling Green State University 
Demarque Hairston    2002-2003   Old Dominion University        
Dorian Hairston      2013-2014   University of Kentucky         
Brooks Haislip       2002-2005   Appalachian State University   
Alex Haitsuka        2008-2011   Virginia Military Institute    
Kobie Hajdik         2011-2014   Houston Baptist University     
Jeff Hajdin          2011-2014   Harvard University             
Anthony Hajjar       2010-2013   Fairfield University           
Koury Hajjar         2011-2011   Boston College                 
Michael Hakala       1981-1981   Yakima Valley Community College 
Josh Hake            2006-2009   Park University                
Nick Halamandaris    2013-2014   University of California       
Bret Halbert         1998-2001   Cypress College                
Chad Halbert         2002-2002   Santa Ana College              
Josh Halbert         2011-2012   Wichita State University       
Zach Hald            2014-2014   Belmont University             
Brent Hale           2002-2004   University of California       
Bryan Hale           2001-2004   Harvard University             
Chris Hale           2009-2009   Presbyterian College           
Conner Hale          2012-2014   Louisiana State University     
Connor Hale          2013-2014   University of Notre Dame       
Cory Hale            2010-2010   Lipscomb University            
Dan Hale             2005-2006   University of Vermont          
Jeramie Hale         2001-2002   Northwestern State University  
John Hale            2008-2012   Rice University                
Jonathan Hale        1996-1996   Missouri State University      
Kelvin Hale          2008-2010   Florida A&M University         
Kevin Hale           2005-2006   Oakland University             
Michael Hale         2001-2005   Ball State University          
Mike Hale            2007-2008   University of Nevada           
Mike Hale            2001-2002   New Mexico State University    
Spencer Hale         2007-2009   Furman University              
Steve Hale           1999-2003   University of Nebraska         
Ridge Halenar        2010-2010   University of North Dakota     
Brad Hales           2001-2006   Utah Valley State College      
Ross Hales           2009-2011   Texas A&M University           
Andrew Haley         2008-2008   University of Memphis          
Cal Haley            2014-2014   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Charlie Haley        2007-2007   Monmouth University            
Hunter Haley         2013-2014   University of Oklahoma         
Jim Haley            2014-2014   Penn State University          
Mark Haley           1980-1981   University of Nebraska         
Zack Haley           2009-2012   Liberty University             
Steve Halford        2006-2007   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Stephan Halibej      2013-2014   New Jersey Institute of Technology 
 Hall                2005-2005   Wichita State University       
 Hall                2006-2006   George Washington University   
Adam Hall            2012-2014   Xavier University              
Alex Hall            2005-2006   Chicago State University       
Alvin Hall           2004-2004   Alabama A&M University         
Andrew Hall          2006-2006   Auburn University              
Andy Hall            1994-1995   Cal Poly                       
Anthony Hall         2006-2006   Alabama State University       
Austin Hall          2013-2013   University of Dayton           
B Hall               2010-2011   Grambling State University     
Beau Hall            2014-2014   Georgetown University          
Ben Hall             2005-2006   Clemson University             
Brandon Hall         2002-2005   Sacramento State               
Brandon Hall         2003-2006   Wichita State University       
Brandon Hall         2010-2012   Middle Tennessee State University 
Brendan Hall         2010-2011   University of Northern Colorado 
Brennan Hall         2001-2003   University of Louisville       
Brent Hall           2011-2013   Hofstra University             
Brett Hall           2005-2007   University of Alabama-Birmingham 
Brett Hall           2002-2005   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Calvin Hall          2005-2005   Grambling State University     
Casey Hall           2009-2013   Western Michigan University    
Caton Hall           2001-2004   University of Arkansas         
Chad Hall            2007-2010   Jackson State University       
Chad Hall            2001-2002   Georgia Southern University    
Chandler Hall        2014-2014   Louisiana Tech University      
Chris Hall           2007-2008   Texas Tech University          
Cody Hall            2001-2004   Baylor University              
Colton Hall          2014-2014   Abilene Christian University   
Conner Hall          2012-2013   Longwood University            
Curtis Hall          1996-1997   University of Utah             
Dain Hall            2008-2011   Villanova University           
Dale Hall            2003-2006   Pacific                        
Danny Hall           1976-1977   Miami University               
David Hall           2010-2014   Temple University              
David Hall           2013-2014   Troy University                
Deon Hall            2010-2013   Alabama A&M University         
Derek Hall           2004-2004   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Dwayne Hall          2002-2005   University of Mississippi      
Elliott Hall         2013-2013   Eastern Michigan University    
Eric Hall            2012-2014   Chicago State University       
Hunter Hall          2004-2007   Old Dominion University        
Jake Hall            2013-2014   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Jake Hall            2002-2005   Georgia Tech                   
Jake Hall            2013-2013   Eastern Kentucky University    
Jared Hall           2011-2011   University of Central Arkansas 
Jason Hall           2014-2014   Xavier University              
Jeff Hall            2002-2005   Northern Illinois University   
Jeremy Hall          2008-2009   University of North Carolina-Asheville 
Joel Hall            1971-1971   Northwestern University        
John Hall            1973-1973   Mineral Area College           
Josh Hall            2009-2009   Samford University             
Kerry Hall           2010-2010   University of North Florida    
Kevin Hall           2008-2012   Wichita State University       
Kiarious Hall        2013-2013   Jackson State University       
Korey Hall           2011-2014   Grambling State University     
Kyle Hall            2011-2012   Longwood University            
Ladd Hall            2005-2006   Eastern Arizona College        
Marshun Hall         2011-2011   Jackson State University       
Matt Hall            2013-2014   Missouri State University      
Matt Hall            2004-2004   Eastern Illinois University    
Matt Hall            2007-2010   Lafayette College              
Matt Hall            2012-2014   Cornell University             
Matt Hall            2002-2002   University of Texas-Pan American 
Michael Hall         2002-2002   Louisiana Tech University      
Mikel Hall           2006-2009   Grambling State University     
Nate Hall            2004-2007   Villanova University           
Navarro Hall         2008-2012   University of Kentucky         
Nick Hall            2011-2011   Oakland University             
Nick Hall            2005-2007   Washington State University    
Patrick Hall         2009-2009   Norfolk State University       
Ray Hall             2005-2005   Alabama State University       
Sam Hall             2005-2006   San Jose State University      
Shea Hall            2007-2007   United States Air Force Academy 
Stephen Hall         2004-2005   Cornell University             
Tavo Hall            2005-2008   University of San Francisco    
Trevin Hall          2014-2014   Troy University                
Ty Hall              2009-2009   North Carolina A&T State University 
Tyler Hall           2008-2009   Murray State University        
Weston Hall          2013-2014   University of Texas            
Zach Hall            2011-2014   Austin Peay State University   
Zack Hall            2010-2011   University of Arkansas         
J Hallahan           2006-2007   Troy University                
Christian Hallaian   2001-2002   Fresno State University        
Tim Hallam           2005-2006   Western Carolina University    
Brad Hallberg        2009-2013   Ohio State University          
Rob Hallberg         2005-2008   Brown University               
D Halleran           2003-2003   Fordham University             
Kyle Hallett         2007-2010   University of Akron            
Matt Hallett         2001-2004   College of Charleston          
Brandon Hallford     2011-2014   University of South Alabama    
Chris Halliday       1996-1997   Florida State College at Jacksonville 
John Halliday        1999-2000   Florida State University       
Ken Halliday         2002-2002   Lehigh University              
Nick Halliday        2014-2014   University of New Orleans      
Ben Halligan         2006-2006   Winthrop University            
Matt Halligan        2002-2003   University of Akron            
Brent Hallman        2007-2008   University of Georgia          
Jeremy Hallonquist   2013-2014   Texas State University         
Matt Halloran        2011-2014   University of Minnesota        
Mike Halloran        2002-2005   Georgetown University          
Zac Halloran         2006-2008   University at Albany           
Chris Hallum         2009-2009   Georgia State University       
Cole Hallum          2012-2013   Cal State Northridge           
Nate Halm            2004-2008   Seton Hall University          
Nick Halovanic       2006-2006   Oral Roberts University        
Jared Halpert        2003-2006   Cal State Northridge           
 Halski              2003-2003   George Washington University   
Alex Halstead        2006-2006   Valparaiso University          
Ryan Halstead        2011-2014   Indiana University             
Clayton Haltom       2014-2014   University of Texas-Pan American 
Scott Haltom         2008-2010   University of Mississippi      
Chris Halubka        2004-2006   Gardner-Webb University        
Thomas Halverson     2006-2007   US Military Academy            
Brad Halvorson       2002-2003   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Matt Hamaker         2009-2010   University of Tennessee        
Shane Hamaker        2009-2012   Lamar University               
Mark Hamann          1984-1984   Taft College                   
Matt Hamann          2009-2012   Belmont University             
Tyrone Hambly        2005-2009   Grayson County College         
Brett Hambright      2008-2012   University of California-Riverside 
Ryan Hambright       2010-2013   University of Oregon           
Tyler Hamby          2012-2014   University of Alabama-Birmingham 
Gibran Hamdan        2000-2002   Indiana University             
Ramie Hamdan         2007-2007   Bradley University             
Ali Hamed            2011-2011   Cornell University             
Matt Hamer           1999-2003   The Citadel                    
Tyler Hamer          2012-2014   University of Nebraska-Omaha   
Alex Hamilton        2014-2014   Eastern Kentucky University    
Blake Hamilton       2004-2007   Cornell University             
Brandon Hamilton     2006-2006   Pensacola State College        
Bryan Hamilton       2007-2011   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Caleb Hamilton       2014-2014   Oregon State University        
Casey Hamilton       2004-2007   Western Kentucky University    
Chase Hamilton       2014-2014   Austin Peay State University   
Chris Hamilton       2002-2005   Temple University              
Dane Hamilton        2006-2009   University of New Mexico       
Derek Hamilton       2011-2012   Rice University                
Devin Hamilton       2009-2010   University of Alabama-Birmingham 
Heath Hamilton       2003-2005   University of Evansville       
Ian Hamilton         2014-2014   Washington State University    
Jesse Hamilton       2009-2009   University of Maine            
John Hamilton        2010-2013   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Jonathon Hamilton    2003-2003   Sam Houston State University   
Keith Hamilton       1982-1985   University of Oklahoma         
Mike Hamilton        2002-2002   Stony Brook University         
Scott Hamilton       2004-2004   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Thomas Hamilton      2005-2008   Navy                           
Tyler Hamilton       2005-2008   New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Matt Hamlet          2008-2011   Boston College                 
David Hamlett        2013-2014   Coppin State College           
Anthony Hamlin       2013-2013   Marist College                 
Cody Hamlin          2013-2014   University of Arizona          
Dillon Hamlin        2011-2014   Seton Hall University          
Stan Hamlin          1971-1971   Bakersfield College            
Rob Hamly            2008-2009   Eastern Michigan University    
Michael Hamm         1998-1998   Northwest Shoals Community College 
Brad Hammac          2008-2010   University of South Alabama    
Bart Hammack         2001-2002   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Taylor Hammack       2008-2011   University of Houston          
Kyle Hamman          2007-2010   Southern Utah University       
Kevin Hammann        2011-2014   Pacific                        
Mike Hammel          2014-2014   Indiana State University       
Ben Hammer           2009-2013   University of Toledo           
Bryson Hammer        2005-2005   University of Evansville       
Chris Hammer         2011-2014   University of Northern Colorado 
Jared Hammer         2010-2013   Hofstra University             
Matt Hammer          2003-2004   Creighton University           
Sam Hammer           2012-2014   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Brandon Hammerly     2013-2014   Houston Baptist University     
Jordan Hammerman     2011-2013   Saint Louis University         
Seth Hammock         2006-2009   Baylor University              
Buster Hammond       2003-2003   Delaware State University      
Cooper Hammond       2014-2014   University of Miami            
Dusty Hammond        2004-2007   Ohio University                
Jarrett Hammond      2010-2011   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Joe Hammond          2008-2010   Presbyterian College           
Kyle Hammond         2008-2008   New Mexico State University    
Luke Hammond         2010-2013   Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 
Matt Hammond         2005-2008   Wake Forest University         
Matt Hammond         2001-2003   Georgia Southern University    
Shane Hammond        2008-2011   Davidson College               
Taylor Hammond       2008-2012   Samford University             
Ted Hammond          2013-2014   Seattle University             
Tim Hammond          2006-2007   Navy                           
Trent Hammond        2014-2014   Loyola Marymount University    
Xavier Hammond       2012-2014   Bucknell University            
Josh Hammonds        2006-2009   Radford University             
Mitchell Hammonds    2014-2014   University of Pennsylvania     
Ross Hammonds        2009-2012   Western Kentucky University    
Aaron Hammons        2007-2010   Ball State University          
Brandon Hammons      2003-2006   Morehead State University      
Jake Hammons         2008-2008   New Mexico State University    
Kevin Hammons        2006-2006   Sierra College                 
Nathan Hammons       2006-2006   University of Oklahoma         
Ryan Hammons         1997-1997   San Diego State University     
Ryan Hammons         2002-2004   Ball State University          
Scott Hampe          2004-2007   College of the Holy Cross      
Joseph Hampel        2004-2005   New Mexico State University    
Garrett Hampson      2014-2014   Long Beach State University    
Andy Hampton         2002-2003   Towson University              
Darius Hampton       2014-2014   Jackson State University       
David Hampton        2004-2005   Florida A&M University         
Fred Hampton         2013-2014   Jackson State University       
Jason Hampton        2010-2013   Sacramento State               
Marcus Hampton       2009-2009   Coppin State College           
Shawn Hampton        2003-2004   Siena College                  
Bryan Hamrick        2007-2007   Youngstown State University    
Marshal Hamrick      2012-2012   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Kalei Hanawahine     2010-2014   University of San Diego        
Brain Hanberry       2013-2013   Savannah State University      
Mike Hanchar         2014-2014   Nicholls State University      
Alex Hancock         2009-2011   Brigham Young University       
Andrew Hancock       2005-2008   Marshall University            
Blake Hancock        2007-2009   Stanford University            
Jon-Jon Hancock      2005-2006   University of Mississippi      
Justin Hancock       2011-2014   Troy University                
Matt Hancock         2010-2010   Hofstra University             
Shea Hancock         2004-2007   University of Houston          
David Hancox         2002-2002   Pasco-Hernando Community College 
Jake Hand            2014-2014   Southern Illinois University   
Jimmy Hand           2014-2014   Northeastern University        
Marty Hand           2003-2007   Iona College                   
Mark Handberg        2014-2014   University of Nebraska-Omaha   
Mackenzie Handel     2013-2014   Stephen F. Austin University   
Michael Handel       2012-2014   University of Minnesota        
Jon Hander           2014-2014   University of Kansas           
Ryan Hander          2010-2013   University of Nebraska         
Sean Handlan         2010-2013   Samford University             
Justin Handler       2006-2009   La Salle University            
Ronnie Handley       2002-2003   University of South Florida    
Toby Handley         2014-2014   Stony Brook University         
Will Handlin         2010-2013   Murray State University        
Chauncy Handran      2008-2009   University of Minnesota        
Logan Handzlik       2014-2014   San Jose State University      
Caleb Hanes          2010-2010   Western Kentucky University    
Brett Hanewich       2014-2014   Stanford University            
Austin Haney         2010-2013   Morehead State University      
Brian Haney          2002-2004   Winthrop University            
Jesse Haney          2007-2010   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Jo Jo Haney          2003-2006   Mississippi State University   
Phillip Haney        1990-1990   Radford University             
Brian Hangbers       2006-2009   Bowling Green State University 
Nick Hanges          2003-2004   College of the Holy Cross      
Alex Hangland        2004-2007   Coppin State College           
Eric Hanhold         2013-2014   University of Florida          
Zach Haniff          2004-2005   Jacksonville University        
Tim Hanigan          2005-2008   South Dakota State University  
Jason Haniger        2006-2009   Georgia Tech                   
Drew Hanish          2008-2011   University of Minnesota        
Mark Hankes          2004-2007   Saint Louis University         
Scott Hankey         2001-2002   Southern Illinois University   
Brandon Hankins      2000-2003   Texas State University         
Hunter Hanks         2014-2014   Lipscomb University            
Parker Hanks         2005-2008   UCLA                           
Rylan Hanks          2003-2003   University of California-Riverside 
Bill Hanley          1970-1971   University of New Haven        
Cam Hanley           2014-2014   Northeastern University        
Erik Hanley          2002-2002   University of Rhode Island     
James Hanley         2003-2004   Southern Utah University       
D.J. Hanlin          2008-2010   Ohio State University          
Jordan Hanlin        2014-2014   United States Air Force Academy 
Eric Hanlon          2008-2009   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Mike Hanlon          2011-2013   Northeastern University        
Ryan Hanlon          2006-2009   University of California       
Will Hanlon          2005-2005   Lafayette College              
Lance Hanmer         2007-2007   Parkland College               
Kyle Hann            2013-2014   Mississippi State University   
D.J. Hanna           2006-2007   Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Ross Hanna           2009-2011   College of Charleston          
Trent Hanna          2006-2008   Morehead State University      
Bo Hannah            2003-2004   University of Alabama          
Jeff Hannah          2005-2008   Sacramento State               
Tyler Hannah         2011-2012   Troy University                
Derek Hannahs        2011-2014   Ohio State University          
Eddie Hannan         2004-2004   Valparaiso University          
Jd Hannan            2003-2006   Youngstown State University    
Chris Hanners        2002-2006   Ohio State University          
Brian Hannig         2010-2010   Eastern Illinois University    
Andrew Hannon        2007-2011   University of North Florida    
Beau Hanowski        2009-2012   South Dakota State University  
Casey Hanrahan       2007-2009   Florida International University 
Jamie Hansberry      2003-2003   James Madison University       
Tim Hansberry        2005-2006   Bucknell University            
Andre Hansbora       2001-2003   Alcorn State University        
Garrett Hanselman    2005-2005   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Alan Hansen          1969-1969   Grossmont College              
Alec Hansen          2014-2014   University of Oklahoma         
Andrew Hansen        2001-2004   University of Iowa             
Austin Hansen        2014-2014   Seattle University             
Brian Hansen         2003-2006   Le Moyne College               
Chris Hansen         2002-2004   Ball State University          
Chris Hansen         1984-1987   Iona College                   
Doug Hansen          2006-2010   University of California-Santa Barbara 
Douglas Hansen       1968-1968   Fresno City College            
Erik Hansen          2002-2002   Oral Roberts University        
Erik Hansen          2007-2010   University of Northern Colorado 
Grant Hansen         2002-2004   Oklahoma City University       
Hank Hansen          2002-2002   University of Vermont          
Jake Hansen          2003-2006   University of Northern Iowa    
Jake Hansen          2010-2013   Purdue University              
Jeff Hansen          2002-2002   University of Northern Colorado 
Keith Hansen         2002-2003   St. John's University          
Lars Hansen          1998-1999   University of Hawaii           
Robert Hansen        2013-2014   Niagara University             
Sam Hansen           2010-2013   University of Texas-Arlington  
Steven Hansen        2014-2014   The Citadel                    
Trace Hansen         2013-2014   Brigham Young University       
Ty Hansen            2011-2013   Utah Valley State College      
Tyler Hansen         2012-2012   San Diego State University     
Wade Hansford        2003-2004   Southeast Missouri State University 
Nick Hanslik         2009-2012   Texas Tech University          
Brad Hanson          2001-2002   Northwestern State University  
Brian Hanson         2002-2005   Oral Roberts University        
Cale Hanson          2011-2014   Yale University                
Chris Hanson         2013-2014   James Madison University       
Chris Hanson         2001-2003   Long Beach State University    
Jake Hanson          2013-2014   Valparaiso University          
Jed Hanson           2007-2011   University of Nebraska         
Jeff Hanson          2005-2009   Marist College                 
Matt Hanson          2002-2005   Davidson College               
Ty Hanson            2001-2002   University of Central Florida  
Ty Hanson            2005-2005   Northwestern State University  
Tyler Hanson         2014-2014   University of Minnesota        
Eric Hanssen         2007-2008   Troy University                
Michael Hanzlik      2010-2014   Gardner-Webb University        
Brian Hapeman        2013-2014   US Military Academy            
Chris Happ           2007-2010   Duquesne University            
Ian Happ             2013-2014   University of Cincinnati       
Bryce Hara           2013-2014   Valparaiso University          
Josh Harakal         2007-2007   Lehigh University              
Zach Haralambis      2013-2013   Charleston Southern University 
Evan Harasta         2013-2014   University at Albany           
Ryan Harbaugh        2003-2004   University of Nevada           
Russell Harben       2006-2008   Georgia Tech                   
Harrison Harber      2004-2008   Niagara University             
Lee Harber           2004-2005   Canisius College               
Blake Harbert        2007-2007   Indiana State University       
Jesse Harbin         2013-2014   University of Arkansas-Little Rock 
Matt Harbin          1999-2002   Texas Tech University          
Jon Harbridge        2003-2006   University of Louisville       
Ryan Harbuck         2004-2004   Mississippi State University   
Erik Harbutz         2010-2014   Wichita State University       
Austin Harclerode    2008-2011   Towson University              
darien hardaway      2011-2011   Alcorn State University        
J.T. Hardcastle      2001-2002   University of South Alabama    
Billy Hardee         2003-2003   Virginia Tech                  
Cal Hardee           2011-2011   Appalachian State University   
Drew Hardee          2012-2013   Winthrop University            
Dave Harden          2002-2005   University of Delaware         
David Harden         1995-1995   Allen County Community College 
Marshall Harden      2013-2014   University of Pennsylvania     
Matt Harden          2008-2011   University of Delaware         
Steve Harden         2000-2003   University of Delaware         
Scott Hardesty       1994-1994   University of Illinois-Chicago 
Shawn Hardesty       2009-2010   Brigham Young University       
Brett Hardie         2002-2005   Monmouth University            
Tyler Hardie         2014-2014   Arkansas State University      
Chase Hardin         2004-2006   University of Tennessee        
Tyler Hardin         2010-2010   University of Central Arkansas 
Brock Harding        2010-2013   Southern Illinois University   
Matt Harding         2013-2014   Houston Baptist University     
Rob Harding          2009-2012   College of Charleston          
Ryan Harding         2007-2009   Nicholls State University      
Scott Hardinger      2006-2009   Cornell University             
Kyle Hardman         2008-2011   University of Northern Colorado 
Travis Hardman       2000-2003   George Mason University        
Brian Hardner        2006-2010   St. Bonaventure University     
Neil Hardon          2007-2010   Palm Beach Atlantic University 
Tyler Hardt          2004-2008   New Mexico State University    
Keith Hardwick       2009-2011   Coastal Carolina University    
Ryne Hardwick        2011-2013   The Citadel                    
Sammy Hardwick       2006-2007   Stephen F. Austin University   
Sean Hardwick        1991-1992   University of South Carolina   
Alex Hardy           2014-2014   University of Washington       
Brint Hardy          2006-2009   Birmingham-Southern College    
Clint Hardy          2014-2014   Western Kentucky University    
Dane Hardy           2009-2012   New York Institute of Technology 
Destin Hardy         2006-2009   Grambling State University     
Dylan Hardy          2011-2011   University of Hartford         
Glen Hardy           2004-2004   Troy University                
Jeffrey Hardy        2013-2013   University of Nevada           
Kemper Hardy         2009-2009   Jackson State University       
Kyle Hardy           2008-2011   Crowder College                
Nick Hardy           2007-2009   Mississippi State University   
Will Hardy           2009-2009   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Zacarias Hardy       2014-2014   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Zach Hardy           2014-2014   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Gavin Hare           1999-2000   Spokane Community College      
Steve Hare           2002-2003   Gonzaga University             
Steven Hargest       1973-1973   Suffolk County Community College 
Justin Hargett       2008-2011   Auburn University              
Cass Hargis          2008-2011   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Adam Hargrave        2002-2003   North Carolina State University 
Andy Hargrove        1981-1981   Barstow College                
Carleton Hargrove    2003-2006   San Diego City College         
Michael Hargrove     2014-2014   Murray State University        
Ricky Hargrove       2005-2008   University of Houston          
Trey Hargrove        1999-2002   Navy                           
Gregory Harisis      2011-2014   Santa Clara University         
John Hark            2003-2005   Binghamton University          
Chris Harkey         2013-2014   Hofstra University             
Tony Harkey          2008-2009   Cal State Fullerton            
Scott Harlan         2008-2010   Indiana State University       
Troy Harlander       2006-2007   UNLV                           
Russ Harless         2012-2013   Youngstown State University    
Matt Harloff         2007-2009   Stony Brook University         
Josh Harlow          2011-2013   West Virginia University       
Gramt Harm           2005-2005   La Salle University            
Neil Harm            2010-2013   Monmouth University            
Bryce Harman         2014-2014   East Carolina University       
Robbie Harman        2008-2011   Central Michigan University    
Brandon Harmon       2005-2008   Gonzaga University             
Gregory Harmon       2006-2009   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Jesse Harmon         2007-2010   Presbyterian College           
Jordan Harmon        2014-2014   Austin Peay State University   
Justin Harmon        2012-2012   Grambling State University     
Marc Harmon          2006-2010   Murray State University        
Jonathan Harmston    2007-2009   Pepperdine University          
Andrew Harnage       2010-2011   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Chris Harner         2008-2010   University of Pittsburgh       
Phil Harner          2001-2004   Eastern Michigan University    
Tyler Harner         2012-2012   University of Illinois         
Corey Harness        2008-2011   Southeast Missouri State University 
Cam Harold           2012-2012   Mississippi Valley State University 
Evans Harold         2004-2004   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Robert Harold        1973-1976   Monroe Community College       
Garrett Harp         2007-2007   Western Kentucky University    
Paul Harp            2002-2004   Middle Georgia State College   
Aaron Harper         2002-2004   Pacific                        
Brad Harper          1999-2002   Fresno State University        
Chad Harper          2003-2005   Centenary College              
Fabian Harper        2007-2009   Alabama A&M University         
Grant Harper         2001-2004   Marshall University            
Greg Harper          2003-2006   Eastern Kentucky University    
James Harper         1977-1977   Los Medanos College            
Matt Harper          2007-2007   Georgia Tech                   
Rus Harper           2009-2009   Auburn University              
Ryan Harper          2012-2014   Penn State University          
Ty Harper            2001-2003   Pepperdine University          
Carter Harrell       2002-2006   University of North Carolina   
David Harrell        2001-2002   Purdue University              
Dominick Harrell     2007-2007   Prairie View A&M University    
Jake Harrell         2012-2014   Troy University                
Matthew Harrell      2013-2014   University of Texas-Pan American 
Spencer Harrell      2010-2013   Northwestern State University  
Travis Harrelson     2008-2009   Stephen F. Austin University   
Matt Harrigan        2005-2008   Georgetown University          
Pat Harrigan         2002-2002   Georgetown University          
Charles Harrington   1996-1996   Oxnard College                 
Colin Harrington     2011-2013   University of Virginia         
D Harrington         2006-2007   Jackson State University       
Drew Harrington      2014-2014   University of Louisville       
Eric Harrington      2009-2013   Lamar University               
Grier Harrington     2008-2011   University of North Carolina-Asheville 
Jay Harrington       2006-2009   Jacksonville State University  
Jeremiah Harrington  2000-2000   -                              
Mike Harrington      2001-2004   East Carolina University       
Patrick Harrington   2011-2014   University of South Carolina   
Steve Harrington     2004-2005   Mississippi Valley State University 
Steve Harrington     2010-2013   Princeton University           
Walter Harrington    1995-1995   Palomar College                
Alan Harris          2007-2010   University of New Orleans      
Alec Harris          2003-2006   University of California       
Alex Harris          2014-2014   University of Dayton           
Andre Harris         2010-2010   University of South Carolina-Upstate 
Andrew Harris        2009-2013   Vanderbilt University          
Andy Harris          2003-2003   University of Connecticut      
Aric Harris          2013-2014   Northern Kentucky University   
Austin Harris        2006-2008   Campbell University            
Brent Harris         2008-2009   Lamar University               
Brett Harris         2004-2007   Jacksonville State University  
Brett Harris         2009-2014   Old Dominion University        
Bryan Harris         2000-2003   University of Houston          
Chad Harris          2000-2002   UNLV                           
Clark Harris         2002-2002   Texas Tech University          
Daniel Harris        2007-2007   Murray State University        
Dominiq Harris       2010-2014   Prairie View A&M University    
Dondre Harris        2004-2004   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Ethan Harris         2010-2013   University of Central Arkansas 
Garrett Harris       2010-2011   University of South Alabama    
Hugh Harris          2009-2009   Lafayette College              
Hunter Harris        2004-2008   University of Texas            
Jacobi Harris        2014-2014   North Carolina Central University 
Jake Harris          2010-2013   East Carolina University       
James Harris         2012-2013   Wake Forest University         
James Harris         2011-2014   North Carolina A&T State University 
Jason Harris         2013-2014   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Jeremy Harris        2004-2005   Utah Valley State College      
Jerrod Harris        2002-2002   Culver-Stockton College        
Jesse Harris         2011-2012   Niagara University             
Joey Harris          2013-2014   Gonzaga University             
John Harris          2010-2013   Gardner-Webb University        
Jon Harris           2000-2001   University of Missouri         
Jonathan Harris      2013-2014   Missouri State University      
Josh Harris          2012-2014   Villanova University           
Josh Harris          2009-2010   Delaware State University      
Justin Harris        2005-2005   Samford University             
K.C. Harris          2011-2011   Southern Utah University       
Kyle Harris          1994-1994   University of Arkansas         
M Harris             2002-2002   University of Rhode Island     
Matt Harris          2014-2014   Elon University                
Matt Harris          2005-2005   Wright State University        
Matt Harris          2000-2003   University of Toledo           
Matt Harris          2009-2012   Eastern Kentucky University    
Matt Harris          2014-2014   St. John's University          
Max Harris           2008-2008   Utah Valley State College      
Mike Harris          2003-2006   University of Rhode Island     
Mike Harris          1999-2001   Ohio State University          
Mike Harris          2002-2004   St. Mary's College of California 
Nate Harris          2013-2014   University of Dayton           
Nathaniel Harris     2008-2008   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Nick Harris          2007-2011   Southeast Missouri State University 
Patrick Harris       2005-2006   Nicholls State University      
Pokey Harris         2013-2014   Murray State University        
Quinn Harris         2008-2008   John A. Logan College          
Rickey Harris        2001-2002   Alcorn State University        
Ricky Harris         2004-2005   Alabama State University       
Robert Harris        2007-2008   Alcorn State University        
Robert Harris        1977-1979   Vanderbilt University          
Ruston Harris        2010-2010   Sam Houston State University   
Ryan Harris          2001-2004   University of Maine            
Spencer Harris       2000-2003   Virginia Tech                  
Stephen Harris       2005-2005   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Steve Harris         2003-2003   La Salle University            
Terrell Harris       2004-2004   University of Maryland-Eastern Shore 
Trai Harris          2004-2007   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Tyler Harris         2005-2007   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Tyler Harris         2013-2014   Missouri State University      
West Harris          2003-2006   University of Kentucky         
Will Harris          2009-2012   Georgetown University          
Zach Harris          2005-2006   Missouri State University      
Brent Harrison       2009-2011   Sacramento State               
Brian Harrison       2002-2004   Georgia Southern University    
C.J. Harrison        2013-2013   Utah Valley State College      
Chris Harrison       2012-2012   Coastal Carolina University    
Colby Harrison       2011-2014   University of Northern Colorado 
Cole Harrison        2011-2013   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Davis Harrison       2008-2010   Samford University             
Dustin Harrison      2004-2004   Northern Illinois University   
Graham Harrison      2005-2005   Fresno City College            
Greg Harrison        2013-2014   Furman University              
Jason Harrison       2004-2007   Alabama A&M University         
Kyle Harrison        2005-2005   Georgia Southern University    
Kyle Harrison        2008-2009   North Dakota State University  
Luke Harrison        2012-2014   Indiana University             
Matt Harrison        2009-2012   University of North Carolina   
David Harrit         2005-2006   University of California-Santa Barbara 
James Harrity        2013-2014   Saint Joseph's University      
Ray Harron           2012-2014   University of Richmond         
Nathan Harsh         2012-2014   Kennesaw State University      
Codi Harshman        2007-2009   University of Arizona          
Patrick Harshman     2010-2011   University of Iowa             
Chance Harst         2007-2009   University of Southern Mississippi 
 Hart                2007-2007   University of Maryland-Baltimore County 
Adam Hart            2002-2002   United States Air Force Academy 
Ben Hart             2009-2012   University of Vermont          
Blaine Hart          2007-2008   Furman University              
Brett Hart           2007-2010   University of Nevada           
Calvin Hart          2005-2005   Savannah State University      
Cameron Hart         2010-2010   University of California       
Chris Hart           1999-2002   Florida State University       
Clint Hart           2004-2004   Jacksonville University        
Daniel Hart          2008-2011   Bucknell University            
Elliot Hart          2008-2008   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Hunter Hart          2003-2004   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Jake Hart            2000-2002   Wright State University        
Jesse Hart           2005-2007   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Jon Hart             2007-2008   University of Maryland-Baltimore County 
Jordan Hart          2002-2005   University of Memphis          
Jordy Hart           2012-2014   Utah Valley State College      
Justin Hart          2002-2004   Washington State University    
Kyle Hart            2012-2014   Indiana University             
Larry Hart           1975-1976   Rollins College                
Lucas Hart           2012-2012   Georgia Southern University    
Matt Hart            2010-2012   University of South Florida    
Matt Hart            2008-2011   USC                            
Mike Hart            2005-2005   Eastern Michigan University    
Mike Hart            2014-2014   University of Massachusetts    
Nate Hart            2005-2008   Butler University              
Oliver Hart          2011-2012   Northeastern University        
Peyton Hart          2010-2013   Kennesaw State University      
Taylor Hart          2009-2012   University of Kansas           
Ted Hart             2001-2002   Navy                           
Ware Hart            2008-2008   George Washington University   
Justin Hartanov      2002-2005   Davidson College               
Bailey Hartel        2006-2007   University of Southern Mississippi 
Matt Harter          2001-2004   Penn State University          
Brandon Harth        2012-2012   Loyola Marymount University    
Lance Harting        2007-2010   Longwood University            
Tim Hartland         2007-2007   Baylor University              
Bob Hartle           2003-2006   Duquesne University            
Ivan Hartle          2009-2012   Western Kentucky University    
Jesse Hartle         2011-2012   Southern Utah University       
Jake Hartley         2010-2011   Indiana State University       
Ryan Hartley         2012-2014   University of Delaware         
Adam Hartman         2004-2004   University of Hawaii-Hilo      
David Hartman        2005-2008   Xavier University              
Jack Hartman         2014-2014   University of Pennsylvania     
Jay Hartman          2010-2011   North Dakota State University  
Jeremy Hartman       2005-2008   Cleveland State University     
Joe Hartman          2004-2004   Purdue University              
Nathan Hartman       2010-2011   Old Dominion University        
Zach Hartman         2008-2012   Siena College                  
Zack Hartman         2011-2013   UNLV                           
Brian Hartmann       2003-2006   Canisius College               
John Hartnell        1977-1977   El Camino College              
Shane Hartness       2001-2002   Kennesaw State University      
Bret Hartnett        2013-2013   Seattle University             
Sean Hartnett        2012-2014   Washington State University    
Brad Hartong         2011-2014   Indiana University             
Billy Hartranft      2007-2007   Temple University              
Brian Hartsell       2007-2010   Saint Joseph's University      
Mark Hartsfield      2008-2009   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Miles Hartsfield     2008-2009   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Chris Hartshorn      2000-2004   San Diego State University     
Cody Hartshorn       1997-1998   Louisiana State University     
Brock Hartson        2013-2014   University of Texas-San Antonio 
Andy Hartstein       2006-2008   University of Delaware         
Bryan Hartung        2001-2002   California University of Pennsylvania 
Matt Hartunian       2011-2011   Los Angeles Pierce College     
Paul Hartwig         1983-1985   Yavapai College                
Ben Harty            2009-2010   New Mexico State University    
Ben Hartz            2013-2014   University at Buffalo          
Kyle Hartz           2004-2007   De Anza College                
Lee Harughty         2005-2005   Texas A&M University           
Bret Harvel          2006-2006   University of Missouri         
Brandon Harvell      2014-2014   Longwood University            
Andy Harvey          2011-2012   Southern Utah University       
Blake Harvey         2011-2014   Belmont University             
Brandon Harvey       2004-2007   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Bryan Harvey         2005-2006   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Bryan Harvey         2003-2004   La Salle University            
Ian Harvey           2009-2009   Longwood University            
Jason Harvey         2004-2004   University of Maine            
Jerad Harvey         2010-2011   University of Nevada           
Jeremy Harvey        2008-2008   Jackson State University       
Josh Harvey          2007-2007   Texas Southern University      
Kyle Harvey          2006-2007   North Carolina A&T State University 
Phillip Harvey       2012-2013   Jackson State University       
Trevor Harvey        1994-1995   Michigan State University      
Matt Harvick         2001-2002   Oral Roberts University        
Jeff Harvill         2011-2012   University of Arkansas         
J.A. Harville        2013-2014   University of South Alabama    
Brandon Harwell      2008-2009   University of Illinois-Chicago 
David Harwell        2001-2002   Mercer University              
Adam Harwood         2004-2005   Pace University                
Derek Harwood        2001-2004   Western Illinois University    
Katon Harwood        2014-2014   Appalachian State University   
Zack Harwood         2008-2009   Rice University                
Tyler Hasbrouck      2002-2003   Coastal Carolina University    
 Hasebroock          2007-2007   Boston College                 
Brett Hasegawa       2007-2007   San Jose State University      
Quinn Haselhorst     2006-2009   University of Dayton           
Jordan Haseltine     2011-2014   University of San Francisco    
Louie Haseltine      2008-2011   Southeast Missouri State University 
Trevin Haseltine     2014-2014   University of California       
Derek Hasenbeck      2012-2014   Xavier University              
Tavis Hasenfus       2007-2008   University of Maine            
Eric Hash            2005-2008   Eastern Kentucky University    
Jonathan Hash        2010-2011   West Virginia University       
Kevin Hashimoto      2004-2005   Utah Valley State College      
Taylor Hashman       2007-2010   University of Mississippi      
Todd Haskel          2011-2013   University of Florida          
Brian Haskell        1999-2002   Cal Poly                       
Tyler Haskell        2003-2004   USC                            
Will Haskell         2003-2003   University at Albany           
Kyle Haskin          2008-2010   University of Portland         
Brian Haskins        2002-2005   Jacksonville State University  
Cameron Haskins      2013-2013   New Mexico State University    
Matt Haskins         2013-2014   Saint Joseph's University      
Aaron Haslam         2005-2007   Mount Saint Mary College       
Bradley Haslam       2014-2014   United States Air Force Academy 
Drew Hasler          2013-2014   Valparaiso University          
Michael Hasley       1974-1974   Modesto Junior College         
Jordan Hass          2014-2014   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Theodore Hassan      2013-2014   Jackson State University       
Aaron Hassel         2010-2011   Pacific                        
Corey Hassel         2013-2014   Oklahoma State University      
Josh Hassell         2014-2014   College of the Holy Cross      
Tyler Hassen         2002-2002   Princeton University           
Robert Hassenfelt    2004-2008   Georgia State University       
Matt Hassenritter    2008-2008   University of Hawaii-Hilo      
Tim Hassett          2009-2009   Belmont University             
Chris Hassold        2013-2014   Stephen F. Austin University   
Brad Hastings        1997-1997   South Georgia College          
Brent Hastings       2004-2004   Lipscomb University            
Brian Hastings       2004-2005   College of Charleston          
Brian Hastings       2005-2006   University of Kentucky         
Bryan Hastings       1989-1993   Virginia Tech                  
Ryan Hastings        2004-2008   University of Illinois         
Sam Hasty            2010-2013   Rutgers University             
Matt Hasz            2000-2003   University of Iowa             
Joe Hatasaki         2007-2008   University of Nebraska         
Alston Hatch         2003-2006   Campbell University            
Andrew Hatch         2011-2011   Harvard University             
Cam Hatch            2013-2013   University of Maryland         
Kai Hatch            2008-2013   Utah Valley State College      
Marques Hatch        2005-2007   Grambling State University     
Philip Hatch         2002-2005   Tennessee Technological University 
Shaylar Hatch        2000-2001   University of New Orleans      
Tom Hatch            2014-2014   Oklahoma State University      
Brett Hatcher        2001-2005   Ohio State University          
Caleb Hatcher        2012-2013   Southern University            
Gregory Hatcher      2006-2006   Savannah State University      
Jeff Hatcher         2005-2008   University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Mike Hatcher         2008-2008   Coppin State College           
Robert Hatcher       1996-1996   Miami-Dade College             
Tom Hatcher          2006-2009   Florida Atlantic University    
Austin Hatfield      2012-2014   University of Memphis          
Heith Hatfield       2009-2013   University of Memphis          
Kolin Hatfield       2004-2008   Sam Houston State University   
Michael Hatfield     2004-2005   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Zak Hatfield         2008-2010   Miami University               
Bryan Hathaway       2014-2014   University of South Carolina-Upstate 
Clay Hathaway        2012-2013   Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne 
Nick Hathcoat        2010-2014   Austin Peay State University   
Cole Hathcock        2007-2008   University of California-Irvine 
Dylan Hathcock       2011-2014   University of North Carolina-Greensboro 
Mike Hathway         2002-2002   Northwestern State University  
Jereme Hatler        2003-2004   Indiana State University       
Mitchell Hatley      2006-2009   Western Carolina University    
Wes Hatley           2010-2013   University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
Scott Hauck          2011-2012   University of New Mexico       
Justin Hauer         2009-2012   Illinois State University      
Joey Haug            2006-2008   Coastal Carolina University    
Matt Haug            2008-2009   Chicago State University       
Aaron Hauge          2014-2014   Southern Illinois University   
Pat Haughie          2004-2007   Binghamton University          
Trent Haughn         2010-2013   University of Dayton           
Brian Haught         1996-2000   University of Florida          
Tyler Haught         2006-2007   Navy                           
Gabe Haugland        2004-2004   University of Iowa             
Adam Haun            2003-2006   Duquesne University            
Josh Hauser          2010-2013   College of the Holy Cross      
 Haushalter          2004-2004   University of North Carolina-Asheville 
Thomas Hauskey       2007-2010   University of Arkansas         
Tony Hausladen       1995-1997   Saint Louis University         
Buddy Hausmann       2000-2004   Seton Hall University          
Stephen Havard       2007-2008   Lamar University               
Max Havel            1999-2002   University of Georgia          
Mike Havelis         2004-2005   Canisius College               
A.J. Havenga         2007-2007   Illinois State University      
Blair Havens         2001-2003   University of California-Santa Barbara 
Martin Havens        2001-2005   Purdue University              
Russell Havens       2008-2010   Sacramento State               
J.D. Haver           2007-2009   UCLA                           
Brian Haveri         2002-2002   Lehigh University              
Casey Havers         2007-2010   Longwood University            
Dan Haverstick       2009-2012   University of Rhode Island     
Jack Havey           2010-2013   Northwestern University        
Matt Havey           2006-2009   Northwestern University        
Dillon Haviland      2011-2014   Duke University                
Jordan Haviland      2010-2013   Harvard University             
Joey Havrilak        2012-2014   University of Akron            
Justin Hawarah       2002-2004   University of South Alabama    
Adam Hawes           1999-2002   Campbell University            
Eric Hawes           2008-2008   Canisius College               
Colin Hawk           2013-2014   University of Cincinnati       
Derrick Hawk         2002-2005   Western Carolina University    
Dusty Hawk           2006-2009   Bowling Green State University 
Kevin Hawk           2010-2013   Gonzaga University             
Kevin Hawk           2006-2006   Siena College                  
Paul Hawk            2012-2013   Coppin State College           
Richard Hawk         2004-2005   North Carolina A&T State University 
Zach Hawk            2012-2013   Coppin State College           
Mark Hawkenson       2010-2010   University of Arizona          
Matt Hawkes          2004-2004   Binghamton University          
Austen Hawkey        2005-2006   Campbell University            
Anthony Hawkins      2013-2013   Fresno City College            
Berkley Hawkins      2011-2014   Virginia Military Institute    
Brian Hawkins        2006-2008   St. Mary's College of California 
Caleb Hawkins        2013-2013   University of Nebraska         
Carter Hawkins       2004-2007   Vanderbilt University          
Chandler Hawkins     2012-2014   Arkansas State University      
Chase Hawkins        2009-2012   University of Georgia          
Clay Hawkins         1998-1998   University of Oklahoma         
Craig Hawkins        1998-2003   Bradley University             
Jamie Hawkins        2001-2004   University of Washington       
Joey Hawkins         2012-2014   Missouri State University      
Marshall Hawkins     2006-2009   Alabama State University       
Paul Hawkins         2005-2008   Penn State University          
Robert Hawkins       2010-2013   Kansas State University        
Scott Hawkins        2007-2009   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Thad Hawkins         2010-2012   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Tyji Hawkins         2014-2014   Mississippi Valley State University 
Zach Hawkins         2009-2012   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Danny Hawksley       2011-2011   University of San Diego        
Houston Hawley       2011-2013   Cornell University             
Nate Hawley          2004-2004   High Point University          
Peter Hawley         2001-2002   University of New Haven        
Ryan Hawley          2002-2002   Kansas State University        
Tanner Hawley        2013-2013   Wofford College                
Tucker Hawley        2010-2014   University of Alabama          
Todd Hawpe           2005-2006   Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Andy Hawranick       2003-2006   Georgia Tech                   
Austin Haws          2011-2011   Utah Valley State College      
Connor Hawthorne     2014-2014   University of South Alabama    
Ryan Hawthorne       2009-2012   Loyola Marymount University    
Blaise Haxel         2009-2009   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
Connor Haxel         2009-2009   Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 
John Hay             2004-2004   University of Pittsburgh       
John Hay             2007-2010   College of the Canyons         
Matt Hay             2001-2002   Wright State University        
Ryan Hay             2002-2003   Tennessee Technological University 
Ryotaro Hayakawa     2004-2007   University of Kansas           
Matt Haycook         2006-2006   Bowling Green State University 
Buzzy Haydel         2006-2009   Louisiana State University     
Taylor Haydel        2010-2013   Western Kentucky University    
Brandt Hayden        2000-2000   North Dakota State University  
Brendan Hayden       2002-2005   Stetson University             
Brendon Hayden       2012-2014   Virginia Tech                  
Dan Hayden           2004-2008   Xavier University              
Dan Hayden           2002-2003   University of Rhode Island     
Derek Hayden         2007-2011   Southeast Missouri State University 
Eddie Hayden         2009-2009   Coppin State College           
Thomas Hayden        2006-2007   Virginia Military Institute    
Tyler Hayden         2014-2014   University of Central Florida  
Dan Hayduk           2007-2011   University of New Mexico       
John Hayduk          1998-1999   Arkansas State University      
Anthony Hayes        2006-2007   Charleston Southern University 
Brandon Hayes        2008-2010   Oregon State University        
Chad Hayes           2009-2012   Tennessee Technological University 
Dale Hayes           2002-2003   Eastern Michigan University    
Danny Hayes          2011-2011   St. Mary's College of California 
David Hayes          2009-2012   Mississippi State University   
David Hayes          2004-2008   Rider University               
Dom Hayes            2008-2010   New Jersey Institute of Technology 
Drew Hayes           2013-2014   Navy                           
J Hayes              2010-2010   University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Jacob Hayes          2011-2014   Ohio State University          
Joseph Hayes         2004-2007   Mount Saint Mary College       
Justin Hayes         2006-2008   University of South Carolina-Upstate 
Kirk Hayes           2010-2011   University of Pennsylvania     
Kyle Hayes           2011-2013   San Diego State University     
Ladale Hayes         2006-2010   Alabama A&M University         
Lance Hayes          2002-2003   University of Kansas           
Marty Hayes          1998-2000   University of San Diego        
Mitch Hayes          2001-2004   University of Toledo           
Rodney Hayes         2004-2005   Alcorn State University        
Ryan Hayes           2004-2007   Indiana State University       
Tim Hayes            2009-2009   University of Louisville       
Tom Hayes            2005-2008   Lafayette College              
Travis Hayes         2014-2014   Southeast Missouri State University 
Trey Hayes           2007-2010   Samford University             
Trey Hayes           2013-2014   Presbyterian College           
Zach Hayes           2013-2013   University of North Dakota     
Walker Haymaker      2013-2014   Virginia Commonwealth University 
Brad Haymes          2013-2014   Gardner-Webb University        
Garrick Haymore      2004-2005   University of New Mexico       
Austin Haynal        2008-2011   San Diego State University     
Aaron Haynes         2009-2011   Gardner-Webb University        
Ben Haynes           2010-2013   Jacksonville State University  
Brad Haynes          2003-2003   Wofford College                
Chris Haynes         2007-2007   Florida A&M University         
Chris Haynes         2006-2009   Le Moyne College               
Corey Haynes         2014-2014   Norfolk State University       
Drew Haynes          2008-2011   University of Louisville       
Ian Haynes           2009-2012   James Madison University       
Jason Haynes         2005-2008   Western Carolina University    
Kirk Haynes          2014-2014   Fordham University             
Lamar Haynes         1966-1966   Chipola College                
Marcus Haynes        2010-2010   Texas Southern University      
Matt Haynes          2004-2004   East Tennessee State University 
Matt Haynes          2010-2013   University of Tennessee-Martin 
Mitchell Haynes      2006-2008   Southeastern Louisiana University 
Pat Haynes           2013-2014   Western Michigan University    
Ryan Haynes          2014-2014   Miami University               
Spencer Haynes       2012-2013   University of Central Florida  
Will Haynie          2014-2014   University of Alabama          
Aaron Hays           2003-2004   University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
Ben Hays             2008-2008   Illinois State University      
Brad Hays            2007-2008   Ohio State University          
Craig Hays           1999-2002   Oregon State University        
German Hays          2013-2013   Mississippi Valley State University 
Hunter Hays          2006-2006   McNeese State University       
Scott Hays           2007-2007   University of Alabama          
Al Hayward           2000-2003   University of Louisiana-Monroe 
Garrett Hayward      2012-2014   Duke University                
Sterling Hayward     2003-2003   Appalachian State University   
Justin Haywood       2007-2010   University of Louisville       
Stuart Haywood       2006-2008   College of Charleston          
Justin Hazard        2013-2014   UCLA                           
Brooks Hazelbaker    2004-2005   University of Dayton           
Chuck Hazzard        1995-1998   University of Florida          

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Minor Leaguers

Players who have played as high as the minor leagues but not in the Majors since 1977.
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