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Lou JordaUmpiring Profile
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Umpire profile and statistics. To both celebrate the umpire and respect his achievement and call him out when his numbers fall below or above the league averages. If you click a year, you'll see all the umpires for that season.
Average game times are based on 9-inning games only. Umpire stats are only updated at the end of the season.

Born May 22,1893 Died: May 27,1964 [71.005] Place New Orleans,Louisiana
Height 5-10 Weight 155

Years Active 1950-1952 First Game Tuesday April 18,1950 (1B)
All-Star Games 2x 1941 (1B), 1951 (3B)

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Lou Jorda Umpire History

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YearAgeALNLInterTotalHP1B2B3BTotalHP1B2B3BLFRFSOBBSo/BB%Lg AvgEjectTime-RLg AvgRunsLg Avg
3 Year(s)040104011231213712000000008016641.211.05292:162:138.9210.12

Lou Jorda Ejections History

#Game DateBoxscoreResultPlayerReason
11950-04-22box - pbpCIN 2 PIT 9Johnny HoppBalls and strikes
21950-05-21box - pbpCIN 10 BRO 9Rex BarneyBalls and strikes (Threw rosin bag)
31950-05-25box - pbpSLN 7 NY1 5Eddie StankyBalls and strikes
41950-05-25box - pbpSLN 7 NY1 5Leo DurocherBalls and strikes
51950-06-27box - pbpCIN 8 PIT 3Stan RojekCalled third strike
61950-07-01box - pbpCHN 3 CIN 5Hank EdwardsCalled third strike
71950-07-01box - pbpCHN 3 CIN 5Bill SerenaCalled third strike
81950-07-07box - pbpPHI 7 BRO 2Jake PitlerBench jockeying
91950-07-07box - pbpPHI 7 BRO 2Jackie RobinsonBench jockeying
101950-07-09box - pbpPHI 3 BRO 7Jake PitlerCall at 1B
111950-07-29box - pbpCHN 4 BRO 6Hal JeffcoatCall at 2B
121950-07-29box - pbpCHN 4 BRO 6Frankie FrischCall at 2B
131950-08-10box - pbpBRO 4 BSN 3Gene MauchBalls and strikes
141950-08-10box - pbpBRO 4 BSN 3Billy SouthworthBalls and strikes
151950-09-10box - pbpPIT 5 SLN 6Johnny RiddleCalled third strike
161950-09-10box - pbpPIT 5 SLN 6Pete CastiglioneCalled third strike
171951-05-28box - pbpBSN 4 NY1 1Bob ElliottCall at 1B
181951-06-16box - pbpBRO 4 CHN 6Ralph BrancaCall at 1B
191951-06-16box - pbpBRO 4 CHN 6Chuck DressenCall at 1B
201951-08-03box - pbpBRO 4 CIN 5Connie RyanCall at 3B
211951-08-03box - pbpBRO 4 CIN 5Luke SewellCall at 3B
221951-08-03box - pbpBRO 4 CIN 5Virgil StallcupCall at 3B
231951-08-08box - pbpBSN 2 PHI 3Dick SislerCall at 1B
241951-08-08box - pbpBSN 2 PHI 3Roy HartsfieldCall at 1B
251951-08-29box - pbpCHN 1 BSN 4Phil CavarrettaBench jockeying
261951-09-16box - pbpNY1 6 PIT 4Catfish MetkovichCall at 1B
271952-05-11box - pbpCIN 8 SLN 5Del RiceBalls and strikes
281952-06-09box - pbpBSN 3 PIT 2Billy MeyerFair/foul call
291952-08-05box - pbpBRO 6 NY1 7Whitey LockmanCall at 1B
29 ejection(s).