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Larry GoetzUmpiring Profile
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Umpire profile and statistics. To both celebrate the umpire and respect his achievement and call him out when his numbers fall below or above the league averages. If you click a year, you'll see all the umpires for that season.
Average game times are based on 9-inning games only. Umpire stats are only updated at the end of the season.

Born February 15,1895 Died: October 31,1962 [67.258] Place Cincinnati,Ohio
Height 5-11 Weight 175

Years Active 1950-1956 First Game Tuesday April 18,1950 (HP)
All-Star Games 2x 1939 (1B), 1946 (3B)

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Larry Goetz Umpire History

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Year/LeaguesReg. Season GamesPlayoff GamesUmpire Home Plate Metrics
YearAgeALNLInterTotalHP1B2B3BTotalHP1B2B3BLFRFSOBBSo/BB%Lg AvgEjectTime-RLg AvgRunsLg Avg
7 Year(s)01047010472803041842797222100201018101.111.13382:172:178.9610.07

Larry Goetz Ejections History

#Game DateBoxscoreResultPlayerReason
11950-05-03box - pbpNY1 5 CIN 2Leo DurocherCall at 3B (Appeal play)
21950-07-06box - pbpPIT 2 CHN 4Frankie FrischCall at 3B
31950-07-23box - pbpNY1 5 CHN 3Herman FranksCall at 3B
41950-08-04box - pbpPIT 2 NY1 3Stan RojekCall at 2B
51950-09-25box - pbpNY1 2 BRO 3Leo DurocherBalls and strikes
61951-06-16box - pbpBRO 4 CHN 6Jack CusickCalled third strike
71952-05-29box - pbpCIN 2 PIT 4Grady HattonInterference call
81952-06-02box - pbpBRO 1 CHN 6Jackie RobinsonCalled third strike
91952-07-01box - pbpNY1 6 BSN 3Vern BickfordArguing failure to eject opponent
101952-07-01box - pbpNY1 6 BSN 3Earl TorgesonFighting
111952-08-08box - pbpSLN 5 CIN 8Al BrazleBalls and strikes (from bench)
121952-09-10box - pbpCHN 1 BRO 4Johnny RutherfordCall at HP
131953-06-03box - pbpSLN 5 PHI 6Benny BengoughCall at 1B
141953-06-09box - pbpMLN 4 NY1 2Whitey LockmanCall at 2B (Threw dirt)
151954-06-10box - pbpBRO 7 SLN 4Eddie StankyCalled third strike
161954-06-10box - pbpBRO 7 SLN 4Gerry StaleyBench jockeying
171954-07-06box - pbpPIT 0 PHI 3Jack TheisBench jockeying
181954-07-19box - pbpNY1 0 CIN 1Leo DurocherCatch/trap call
191954-09-10box - pbpMLN 1 BRO 2Danny O'ConnellRain delay
201955-05-26box - pbpBRO 6 PIT 2Walter AlstonCall at HP
211955-06-18box - pbpBRO 4 SLN 5Karl SpoonerIn play/homer call
221955-06-19box - pbpBRO 7 SLN 4Harry WalkerBalls and strikes
231955-07-07box - pbpMLN 3 CHN 2Jim KingCalled third strike
241955-08-03box - pbpBRO 9 MLN 6Johnny LoganBalls and strikes
251956-04-29box - pbpPIT 11 BRO 3Bobby BraganCall at 1B (dropped throw)
261956-06-01box - pbpNY1 3 CIN 2Bill RigneyBalls and strikes
271956-06-01box - pbpNY1 3 CIN 2Wes WestrumBalls and strikes
281956-06-01box - pbpNY1 3 CIN 2Johnny TempleBalls and strikes
291956-06-01box - pbpNY1 3 CIN 2Joe NuxhallBalls and strikes
301956-06-01box - pbpNY1 3 CIN 2Davey WilliamsBalls and strikes
311956-06-08box - pbpPIT 2 SLN 0Bobby BraganBalls and strikes
321956-06-08box - pbpPIT 2 SLN 0Bob SkinnerBalls and strikes
331956-06-29box - pbpNY1 3 PIT 6Bill SarniCall at HP
341956-08-21box - pbpBRO 2 SLN 1Fred HutchinsonBalls and strikes
351956-08-29box - pbpPIT 1 MLN 4Dick ColeArguing Lew Burdette throwing spitball
361956-08-29box - pbpPIT 1 MLN 4Bobby BraganArguing Lew Burdette throwing spitball
371956-08-29box - pbpPIT 1 MLN 4Dick HallArguing Lew Burdette throwing spitball
37 ejection(s).