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A high-level summary of the 1932 Major League Baseball Season. The page includes standings, team totals and leaderboards. There is a lot more information on the season in various sub-sections such as the player register, team pages and boxscore-related pages.
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1932 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.364
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.349
3Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB.342
4Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.341
5Gee WalkerDetroit TigersMLB.323
6Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.322
7Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB.321
8Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB.318
9Rick FerrellSt. Louis BrownsMLB.315
9Bill CissellCleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
On Base Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.489
2Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.469
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.451
4Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.412
4Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.412
6Rick FerrellSt. Louis BrownsMLB.406
7Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB.405
8Ed MorganCleveland IndiansMLB.402
9Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.399
10Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB.398
Slugging Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.749
2Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.661
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.621
4Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.569
5Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.548
6Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB.520
7Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.510
8Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.506
9Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.497
10Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB.492
On Base Plus Slugging - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB1.218
2Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB1.150
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB1.072
4Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.961
5Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.921
6Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.915
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.905
8Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB.903
9Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB.885
10Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.867
Games Played - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB156
2Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB154
2Ski MelilloSt. Louis BrownsMLB154
2Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB154
5Jimmy DykesPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB153
5Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB153
5Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB153
8Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB152
8Jim LeveySt. Louis BrownsMLB152
10Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB151
Plate Appearances - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB718
2Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB712
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB708
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB701
5Jack BurnsSt. Louis BrownsMLB700
5Dick PorterCleveland IndiansMLB700
7Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB692
8Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB690
9Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB677
10Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB675
At Bats - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB670
2Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB631
3Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB625
4Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB621
4Dick PorterCleveland IndiansMLB621
6Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB618
7Jack BurnsSt. Louis BrownsMLB617
8Ski MelilloSt. Louis BrownsMLB612
9Bruce CampbellSt. Louis Browns
Chicago White Sox
10Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB596
Runs - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB151
2Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB144
3Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB143
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB138
5Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB121
6Buddy MyerWashington Senators IMLB120
6Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB120
8Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB118
9Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB116
10Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB112
Hits - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB216
2Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB214
3Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB213
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB208
5Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB198
6Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB194
7Dick PorterCleveland IndiansMLB191
8Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB190
9Jack BurnsSt. Louis BrownsMLB188
10Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB184
Total Bases - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB438
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB370
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB367
4Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB359
5Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB325
6Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB307
7Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB302
8Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB287
9John StoneDetroit TigersMLB283
10Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB275
Doubles - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Eric McNairPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB47
2Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB44
3Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB43
4Red KressChicago White Sox
St. Louis Browns
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB42
4Dick PorterCleveland IndiansMLB42
7Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB41
7Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB41
9Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB39
10Buddy MyerWashington Senators IMLB38
Triples - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB18
2Buddy MyerWashington Senators IMLB16
2Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB16
4Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB15
5Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB14
5Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB14
7Harry DavisDetroit TigersMLB13
8John StoneDetroit TigersMLB12
8Sam WestWashington Senators IMLB12
8Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB12
Home Runs - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB58
2Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB41
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB35
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB34
5Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB32
6Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB23
7Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB19
8Eric McNairPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB18
8Smead JolleyBoston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox
10Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB17
Runs Batted In - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB169
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB151
2Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB151
4Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB137
5Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB124
6Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB116
6Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB116
8Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB113
9Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB112
10John StoneDetroit TigersMLB108
Stolen Bases - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB38
2Gee WalkerDetroit TigersMLB30
3Roy JohnsonBoston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
4Bill CissellCleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
5Liz FunkChicago White SoxMLB17
5Lu BlueChicago White SoxMLB17
5Jack BurnsSt. Louis BrownsMLB17
8Billy RogellDetroit TigersMLB14
8Heinie SchubleDetroit TigersMLB14
10Buddy MyerWashington Senators IMLB12
Caught Stealings - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB18
2Bill CissellCleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
2Liz FunkChicago White SoxMLB15
4Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB11
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB11
4Jack BurnsSt. Louis BrownsMLB11
7Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB9
7Fred SchulteSt. Louis BrownsMLB9
7Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB9
10Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB8
Walks - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB130
2Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB116
3Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB110
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB108
5Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB100
6Ed MorganCleveland IndiansMLB94
7Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB92
8Ossie BluegeWashington Senators IMLB83
9Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB82
10Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB81
Strikeouts - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Bruce CampbellSt. Louis Browns
Chicago White Sox
2Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB96
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB76
4Urbane PickeringBoston Red SoxMLB71
5Roy JohnsonBoston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
6Jimmy DykesPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB65
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB64
7John StoneDetroit TigersMLB64
9Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB62
10Sam WestWashington Senators IMLB57
Hit By Pitch - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Bruce CampbellSt. Louis Browns
Chicago White Sox
1Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB6
3Frankie CrosettiNew York YankeesMLB5
3Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB5
3Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB5
3Joe VosmikCleveland IndiansMLB5
7Ossie BluegeWashington Senators IMLB4
7Johnny BurnettCleveland IndiansMLB4
7Jimmy DykesPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB4
7Buddy MyerWashington Senators IMLB4
Sacrifice Hits - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mule HaasPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB27
2Jack BurnsSt. Louis BrownsMLB21
3Ossie BluegeWashington Senators IMLB20
4Harry DavisDetroit TigersMLB17
5Joe SewellNew York YankeesMLB14
5Dick PorterCleveland IndiansMLB14
7Willie KammCleveland IndiansMLB13
8Marv OlsonBoston Red SoxMLB12
9Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB11
9Tom OliverBoston Red SoxMLB11
Extra Base Hits - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB100
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB85
3Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB83
4Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB74
5Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB72
6Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB69
7Eric McNairPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB68
8Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB67
9Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB66
10John StoneDetroit TigersMLB64
Secondary Average - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.604
2Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.576
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.441
4Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.407
5Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.374
6Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.369
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.367
8Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB.336
9Ben ChapmanNew York YankeesMLB.330
10Roy JohnsonBoston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Isolated Power - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.385
2Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.319
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.272
4Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.255
5Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.225
6Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.216
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.206
8Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.199
9Eric McNairPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.193
10John StoneDetroit TigersMLB.189
Walks Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB0.22
2Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.21
3Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.17
4Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.16
5Ed MorganCleveland IndiansMLB0.15
5Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB0.15
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB0.14
7Ossie BluegeWashington Senators IMLB0.14
7Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.14
10Rick FerrellSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.13
Strikeouts Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe SewellNew York YankeesMLB0.01
2Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB0.02
2Tom OliverBoston Red SoxMLB0.02
4Rick FerrellSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.04
4Bill CissellCleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
4Liz FunkChicago White SoxMLB0.04
4Heinie ManushWashington Senators IMLB0.04
4Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.04
9Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB0.05
9Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.05
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe SewellNew York YankeesMLB0.05
2Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB0.20
3Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.22
4Rick FerrellSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.27
5Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB0.35
6Goose GoslinSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.38
7Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.39
8Liz FunkChicago White SoxMLB0.44
9Ed MorganCleveland IndiansMLB0.47
10Willie KammCleveland IndiansMLB0.48
Batting Average - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB.368
2Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.350
3Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.348
4Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.341
5Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.339
6Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.333
7Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB.329
8Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB.326
9Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB.324
10Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.318
On Base Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.424
2Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB.423
3Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.412
4Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.404
5Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.397
6Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB.389
7George WatkinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB.384
8Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB.383
9Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.382
10Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.379
Slugging Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.646
2Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.601
3Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.580
4Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB.555
5Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.547
6Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB.541
7Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB.538
8Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.510
9Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.497
10Ripper CollinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB.474
On Base Plus Slugging - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1.050
2Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB1.025
3Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB.978
4Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.962
5Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.959
6Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB.930
7Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.906
8Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB.904
9George WatkinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB.844
10Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.841
Games Played - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB154
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB154
1Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB154
1Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB154
1Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB154
1Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB154
1Tony CuccinelloBrooklyn DodgersMLB154
1Tony PietPittsburgh PiratesMLB154
1Gus SuhrPittsburgh PiratesMLB154
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB154
Plate Appearances - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB723
2Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB719
3Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB711
4Hughie CritzNew York GiantsMLB700
5Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB697
6Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB678
7Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB677
8Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB673
9Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB665
10Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB657
At Bats - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hughie CritzNew York GiantsMLB659
2Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB656
3Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB650
4Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB643
5Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB630
6Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB624
7Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB614
8Wally BergerBoston BravesMLB602
9Tony CuccinelloBrooklyn DodgersMLB597
10Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB595
Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB152
2Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB124
3Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB120
4Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB119
5Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB118
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB109
7Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB107
8Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB102
9Kiddo DavisPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB100
10Joe StrippBrooklyn DodgersMLB94
Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB226
2Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB225
3Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB219
4Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB215
5Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB206
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB196
7Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB189
7Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB189
9Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB188
9Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB188
Total Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB420
2Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB373
3Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB340
4Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB330
5Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB321
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB317
7Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB312
8Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB296
9Wally BergerBoston BravesMLB282
10Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB280
Doubles - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB62
2Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB50
3Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB49
4Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB48
5Charlie GrimmChicago CubsMLB42
5Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB42
5Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB42
5Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB42
9Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB41
10Kiddo DavisPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB39
Triples - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB19
2Gus SuhrPittsburgh PiratesMLB16
3Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB15
4Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB11
4Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB11
4Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB11
7Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB10
7Arky VaughanPittsburgh PiratesMLB10
7Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB10
7Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB10
Home Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB38
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB38
3Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB28
4Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB24
5Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB23
6Ripper CollinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB21
6Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB21
8Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB18
9Wally BergerBoston BravesMLB17
10Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB16
Runs Batted In - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB143
2Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB137
3Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB124
4Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB123
4Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB123
6Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB117
7Freddie LindstromNew York GiantsMLB92
8Ripper CollinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB91
9Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB90
10Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB87
Stolen Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB20
2Tony PietPittsburgh PiratesMLB19
3Frankie FrischSt. Louis CardinalsMLB18
3George WatkinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB18
5Kiddo DavisPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB16
6Joe StrippBrooklyn DodgersMLB14
6Danny TaylorBrooklyn Dodgers
Chicago Cubs
6Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB14
9Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB13
10Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB11
Walks - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB100
2Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB65
3Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB64
4Gus SuhrPittsburgh PiratesMLB63
5Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB60
5Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB60
7Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB56
7George GranthamCincinnati RedsMLB56
9Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB55
10Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB54
Strikeouts - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB85
2Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB73
3Ripper CollinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB67
4Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB66
4Wally BergerBoston BravesMLB66
6Wes SchulmerichBoston BravesMLB61
7Billy UrbanskiBoston BravesMLB60
8Gabby HartnettChicago CubsMLB59
9Glenn WrightBrooklyn DodgersMLB57
10Kiddo DavisPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB56
Hit By Pitch - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1George WatkinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB8
2Tony PietPittsburgh PiratesMLB7
2Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB7
2Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB7
5Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB6
5Arky VaughanPittsburgh PiratesMLB6
7Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB5
7Wes SchulmerichBoston BravesMLB5
9Johnny FrederickBrooklyn DodgersMLB4
9Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB4
Sacrifice Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB35
2Billy HermanChicago CubsMLB22
2Billy UrbanskiBoston BravesMLB22
4Joe StrippBrooklyn DodgersMLB21
5Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB19
6Rabbit MaranvilleBoston BravesMLB15
7Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB14
8Arky VaughanPittsburgh PiratesMLB13
8Adam ComoroskyPittsburgh PiratesMLB13
10Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB12
Extra Base Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB103
2Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB81
3Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB80
4Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB76
5Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB73
6Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB70
7Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB69
8Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB65
9Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB61
10Ripper CollinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB57
Isolated Power - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.298
2Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.283
3Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB.241
4Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.230
5Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB.215
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.209
7Hal LeePhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.195
7Ripper CollinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB.195
9Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB.187
10Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.168
Walks Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB0.15
2George GranthamCincinnati RedsMLB0.10
2Gus SuhrPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.10
2Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.10
5Babe HermanCincinnati RedsMLB0.09
5George WatkinsSt. Louis CardinalsMLB0.09
5Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB0.09
5Dick BartellPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.09
5Hack WilsonBrooklyn DodgersMLB0.09
10Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.08
Strikeouts Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.02
2Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB0.03
2Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB0.03
2Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.03
2Frankie FrischSt. Louis CardinalsMLB0.03
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.04
6Hughie CritzNew York GiantsMLB0.04
6Freddie LindstromNew York GiantsMLB0.04
6Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.04
6Charlie GrimmChicago CubsMLB0.04
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.35
2Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB0.39
3Lefty O'DoulBrooklyn DodgersMLB0.40
4Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.42
5Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.43
6Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB0.50
7Frankie FrischSt. Louis CardinalsMLB0.52
8Rabbit MaranvilleBoston BravesMLB0.61
9Gus SuhrPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.62
10Charlie GrimmChicago CubsMLB0.63
500 record(s)
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