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A high-level summary of the 1929 Major League Baseball Season. The page includes standings, team totals and leaderboards. There is a lot more information on the season in various sub-sections such as the player register, team pages and boxscore-related pages.
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1929 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB.369
2Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.365
3Heinie ManushSt. Louis BrownsMLB.355
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.354
4Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.354
6Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB.345
6Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.345
8Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB.344
9Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB.343
10Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.339
On Base Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.463
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.431
3Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.430
4Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.429
5Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB.427
6Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB.422
7Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB.414
8Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB.412
8Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.412
10Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.405
Slugging Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.697
2Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.642
3Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.625
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.584
5Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB.580
6Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB.565
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.561
8Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.538
9Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB.532
9Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.532
On Base Plus Slugging - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB1.128
2Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB1.088
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB1.040
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB1.015
5Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.991
6Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB.977
6Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB.977
8Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB.959
9Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.936
9Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.936
Games Played - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB155
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB155
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB154
3Frank O'RourkeSt. Louis BrownsMLB154
3Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB154
6Phil TodtBoston Red SoxMLB153
7Joe SewellCleveland IndiansMLB152
7Bill CissellChicago White SoxMLB152
9Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB151
9Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB151
Plate Appearances - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB715
2Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB713
3Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB712
4Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB700
5Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB694
6Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB692
7Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB680
8Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB672
8Joe SewellCleveland IndiansMLB672
10Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB666
At Bats - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB640
2Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB634
3Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB626
4Bill CissellChicago White SoxMLB618
5Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB616
6Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB599
7Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB597
8Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB586
9Frank O'RourkeSt. Louis BrownsMLB585
10Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB581
Runs - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB131
2Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB128
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB127
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB123
5Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB121
6Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB119
6Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB119
8Mule HaasPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB115
9Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB114
10Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB113
Hits - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB215
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB215
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB212
4Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB209
5Heinie ManushSt. Louis BrownsMLB204
6Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB202
7Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB201
8Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB199
9Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB198
10Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB193
Total Bases - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB373
2Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB363
3Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB348
4Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB337
5Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB323
5Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB323
7Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB321
8Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB306
9Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB304
10Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB301
Doubles - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Heinie ManushSt. Louis BrownsMLB45
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB45
1Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB45
4Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB44
5Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB43
5Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB43
7Mule HaasPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB41
7Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB41
7Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB41
10Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB40
Triples - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB19
2Russ ScarrittBoston Red SoxMLB17
3Bing MillerPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB16
4Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB15
4Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB15
4Earle CombsNew York YankeesMLB15
7Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB14
8Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB13
8Alex MetzlerChicago White SoxMLB13
10Bill CissellChicago White SoxMLB12
Home Runs - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB46
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB35
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB34
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB33
5Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB25
6Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB18
6Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB18
6Goose GoslinWashington Senators IMLB18
6Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB18
10Mule HaasPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB16
Runs Batted In - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB157
2Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB154
3Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB137
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB126
5Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB120
6Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB118
7Red KressSt. Louis BrownsMLB107
8Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB106
8Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB106
10Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB103
Stolen Bases - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB27
2Bill CissellChicago White SoxMLB25
3Bing MillerPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB24
4Jack RothrockBoston Red SoxMLB23
5Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB20
6Carl ReynoldsChicago White SoxMLB19
6Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB19
8Buddy MyerWashington Senators IMLB18
9Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB16
9Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB16
Caught Stealings - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Bill CissellChicago White SoxMLB17
2Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB15
3Ray GardnerCleveland IndiansMLB13
3Jack RothrockBoston Red SoxMLB13
3Charlie JamiesonCleveland IndiansMLB13
3Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB13
7Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB11
7Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB11
7Russ ScarrittBoston Red SoxMLB11
10Harry RiceDetroit TigersMLB10
Walks - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB128
2Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB126
3Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB122
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB103
5Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB85
6Alex MetzlerChicago White SoxMLB80
7Willie KammChicago White SoxMLB75
8Wally SchangSt. Louis BrownsMLB74
9Joe JudgeWashington Senators IMLB73
10Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB72
Strikeouts - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB70
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB68
3Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB63
4Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB60
4Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB60
6Bobby ReevesBoston Red SoxMLB57
7Red KressSt. Louis BrownsMLB54
8Bill CissellChicago White SoxMLB53
8Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB53
10Marty McManusDetroit TigersMLB52
Hit By Pitch - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Wally SchangSt. Louis BrownsMLB7
1Bobby ReevesBoston Red SoxMLB7
1Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB7
1Jimmy DykesPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB7
5Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB6
6Joe SewellCleveland IndiansMLB5
6Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB5
6Frank O'RourkeSt. Louis BrownsMLB5
9Carl ReynoldsChicago White SoxMLB4
9Hal RhyneBoston Red SoxMLB4
Sacrifice Hits - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe SewellCleveland IndiansMLB41
2Mule HaasPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB40
3Frank O'RourkeSt. Louis BrownsMLB28
4John KerrChicago White SoxMLB26
5Phil TodtBoston Red SoxMLB25
6Sammy HalePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB23
7Luke SewellCleveland IndiansMLB22
7Sam WestWashington Senators IMLB22
9Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB21
9Joe JudgeWashington Senators IMLB21
Extra Base Hits - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB84
2Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB83
3Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB78
4Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB77
4Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB77
6Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB74
7Roy JohnsonDetroit TigersMLB69
8Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB66
8Mule HaasPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB66
10Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB65
Secondary Average - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.505
2Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.501
3Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.474
4Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB.366
5Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.347
6Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.334
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.330
8Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB.329
9Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.322
10Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB.319
Isolated Power - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB.353
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB.284
3Al SimmonsPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.277
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB.271
5Dale AlexanderDetroit TigersMLB.236
6Harry HeilmannDetroit TigersMLB.221
7Tony LazzeriNew York YankeesMLB.207
8Earl AverillCleveland IndiansMLB.206
9Bibb FalkCleveland IndiansMLB.195
10Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB.192
Walks Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.21
2Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.18
2Lou GehrigNew York YankeesMLB0.18
4Jimmie FoxxPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.16
5Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB0.14
6Babe RuthNew York YankeesMLB0.12
6Beauty McGowanSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.12
6Willie KammChicago White SoxMLB0.12
6Alex MetzlerChicago White SoxMLB0.12
10Fred SchulteSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.11
Strikeouts Percentage - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB0.01
1Joe SewellCleveland IndiansMLB0.01
1Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.01
4Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB0.03
4Bibb FalkCleveland IndiansMLB0.03
6Lew FonsecaCleveland IndiansMLB0.04
6Frank O'RourkeSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.04
6Heinie ManushSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.04
6Harry RiceDetroit TigersMLB0.04
6Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.04
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (AL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe SewellCleveland IndiansMLB0.08
2Mickey CochranePhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.12
3Sam RiceWashington Senators IMLB0.16
4Lu BlueSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.25
5Charlie GehringerDetroit TigersMLB0.30
6Willie KammChicago White SoxMLB0.31
7Bibb FalkCleveland IndiansMLB0.33
8Max BishopPhiladelphia AthleticsMLB0.34
9Harry RiceDetroit TigersMLB0.38
10Joe CroninWashington Senators IMLB0.44
Batting Average - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.398
2Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB.381
3Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB.380
4Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.372
5Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB.362
6Kiki CuylerChicago CubsMLB.360
7Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB.356
7Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.356
9Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.353
10Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB.345
On Base Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.465
2Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB.459
3Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.449
4Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB.445
5Kiki CuylerChicago CubsMLB.438
6Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB.436
7Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB.425
8Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB.424
9Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB.418
10Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB.416
Slugging Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB.679
2Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.657
3Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.635
4Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB.632
5Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.622
6Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB.618
7Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB.612
8Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB.568
9Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB.562
10Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB.545
On Base Plus Slugging - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB1.139
2Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1.087
3Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB1.084
4Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1.065
5Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB1.047
6Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB1.044
7Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB1.026
8Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB1.006
9Kiki CuylerChicago CubsMLB.970
10Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB.959
Games Played - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB156
2Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB154
2George SislerBoston BravesMLB154
2Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB154
2Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB154
6Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB151
6Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB151
8Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB150
8Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB150
8Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB150
Plate Appearances - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB731
2Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB726
3Fresco ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB715
4Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB712
5Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB708
6Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB703
7Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB700
8Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB697
9Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB692
10George SislerBoston BravesMLB686
At Bats - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB662
2Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB638
3George SislerBoston BravesMLB629
4Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB628
5Fresco ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB623
6Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB616
7Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB613
8Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB612
9Dick BartellPittsburgh PiratesMLB610
10Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB608
Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB156
2Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB152
3Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB138
4Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB135
5Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB134
6Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB131
6Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB131
8Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB128
9Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB127
10Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB126
Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB254
2Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB234
3Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB229
4Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB226
5Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB219
6Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB217
7Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB206
7Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB206
9George SislerBoston BravesMLB205
10Fresco ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB202
Total Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB409
2Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB405
3Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB397
4Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB355
5Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB348
6Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB346
7Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB342
8Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB327
9Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB318
9Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB318
Doubles - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB52
2Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB47
2Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB47
4George KellyCincinnati RedsMLB45
4Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB45
6Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB43
6Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB43
8Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB42
8Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB42
10Fresco ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB41
Triples - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB20
2Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB15
2Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB15
4Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB14
5Dick BartellPittsburgh PiratesMLB13
5Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB13
5Lance RichbourgBoston BravesMLB13
8Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB12
8Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB12
8Travis JacksonNew York GiantsMLB12
Home Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB43
2Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB42
3Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB39
3Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB39
5Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB32
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB31
7Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB29
7Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB29
9Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB24
10Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB21
Runs Batted In - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB159
2Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB151
3Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB149
4Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB145
5Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB137
6Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB125
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB125
8Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB122
9Bill TerryNew York GiantsMLB117
10Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB115
Stolen Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Kiki CuylerChicago CubsMLB43
2Evar SwansonCincinnati RedsMLB33
3Frankie FrischSt. Louis CardinalsMLB24
4Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB21
4Ethan AllenCincinnati RedsMLB21
6Adam ComoroskyPittsburgh PiratesMLB19
7Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB17
8Fresco ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB16
9Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB15
10Harvey HendrickBrooklyn RobinsMLB14
Walks - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB113
2George GranthamPittsburgh PiratesMLB93
3Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB89
4Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB87
5Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB85
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB80
7Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB79
8Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB78
9Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB76
10Fresco ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB75
Strikeouts - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB83
2Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB65
3Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB61
3George KellyCincinnati RedsMLB61
5Del BissonetteBrooklyn RobinsMLB58
6Travis JacksonNew York GiantsMLB56
6Kiki CuylerChicago CubsMLB56
8Bernie FribergPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB54
8Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB54
10Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB50
Hit By Pitch - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jimmy WelshwhiteBoston Braves
New York Giants
2Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB9
3Wally GilbertBrooklyn RobinsMLB7
3Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB7
5Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB6
5Shanty HoganNew York GiantsMLB6
5Evar SwansonCincinnati RedsMLB6
8Kiki CuylerChicago CubsMLB5
8Taylor DouthitSt. Louis CardinalsMLB5
8Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB5
Sacrifice Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Freddie MaguireBoston BravesMLB26
2Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB24
3Wally GilbertBrooklyn RobinsMLB23
3Rabbit MaranvilleBoston BravesMLB23
5Pinky WhitneyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB22
5Dick BartellPittsburgh PiratesMLB22
5Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB22
5Hughie CritzCincinnati RedsMLB22
5Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB22
10Woody EnglishChicago CubsMLB21
Extra Base Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB94
1Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB94
3Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB85
4Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB82
5Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB81
6Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB76
7Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB74
8Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB73
8Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB73
10Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB72
Isolated Power - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB.306
2Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.302
3Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB.299
4Chick HafeySt. Louis CardinalsMLB.294
5Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB.274
6Jim BottomleySt. Louis CardinalsMLB.254
7Babe HermanBrooklyn RobinsMLB.230
8Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.224
9Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.221
10Johnny FrederickBrooklyn RobinsMLB.217
Walks Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB0.17
2Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB0.14
3Earl SheelyPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.13
3Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.13
3George HarperBoston BravesMLB0.13
6Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB0.12
6Hack WilsonChicago CubsMLB0.12
6Don HurstPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.12
6Rogers HornsbyChicago CubsMLB0.12
6Rube BresslerBrooklyn RobinsMLB0.12
Strikeouts Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.01
2Frankie FrischSt. Louis CardinalsMLB0.02
2George SislerBoston BravesMLB0.02
4Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.03
4Andy HighSt. Louis CardinalsMLB0.03
4Edd RoushNew York GiantsMLB0.03
4Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.03
4Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB0.03
4Lloyd WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.03
10Dick BartellPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.04
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Curt WalkerCincinnati RedsMLB0.20
2Frankie FrischSt. Louis CardinalsMLB0.23
2Pie TraynorPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.23
4Lefty O'DoulPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.25
5Paul WanerPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.27
6Riggs StephensonChicago CubsMLB0.31
7Earl SheelyPittsburgh PiratesMLB0.32
8Mel OttNew York GiantsMLB0.34
9Edd RoushNew York GiantsMLB0.36
10George HarperBoston BravesMLB0.39
500 record(s)
Rank If team context, indicates Divisional Rank Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site HiLvl Highest Level Reached