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A high-level summary of the 1894 Major League Baseball Season. The page includes standings, team totals and leaderboards. There is a lot more information on the season in various sub-sections such as the player register, team pages and boxscore-related pages.
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1894 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB.440
2Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.407
2Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.407
4Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.404
5Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB.393
6Lave CrossPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.386
7Bug HollidayCincinnati RedsMLB.372
8Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB.371
9Jack DoyleNew York GiantsMLB.367
10Steve BrodieBaltimore OriolesMLB.366
On Base Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.523
2Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB.502
2Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB.502
4Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB.496
5Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.478
6Cupid ChildsCleveland SpidersMLB.475
7Mike GriffinBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB.467
8Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.458
9John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB.451
10Piggy WardWashington NationalsMLB.447
Slugging Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB.694
2Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.686
3Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB.648
4Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB.602
5Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.585
6Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB.580
7Bill DahlenChicago ColtsMLB.566
8Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB.560
9Roger ConnorSt. Louis Browns
New York Giants
10Elmer SmithPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB.538
On Base Plus Slugging - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB1.196
2Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1.145
3Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB1.143
4Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB1.104
5Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1.063
6Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1.050
7Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB1.022
8Bill DahlenChicago ColtsMLB1.010
9Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB.985
10Elmer SmithPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB.974
Games Played - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1George Van HaltrenNew York GiantsMLB137
2John WardNew York GiantsMLB136
2Eddie BurkeNew York GiantsMLB136
4Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB133
4Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB133
4Frank ShugartSt. Louis BrownsMLB133
7Patsy DonovanPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB132
7Ed CartwrightWashington NationalsMLB132
7Billy NashBoston BeaneatersMLB132
10Jake BeckleyPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB131
Plate Appearances - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB679
2Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB669
3Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB648
4Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB633
5Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB619
6John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB616
7Patsy DonovanPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB614
8Eddie BurkeNew York GiantsMLB613
9Jesse BurkettCleveland SpidersMLB608
10Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB606
At Bats - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB613
2Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB597
3Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB590
4Patsy DonovanPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB576
4Tommy CorcoranBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB576
6Steve BrodieBaltimore OriolesMLB573
7Eddie BurkeNew York GiantsMLB566
8Ed McKeanCleveland SpidersMLB554
9Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB544
10John WardNew York GiantsMLB540
Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB192
2Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB165
2Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB165
4Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB160
5Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB158
6John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB156
7Bill DahlenChicago ColtsMLB149
8Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB148
9Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB147
10Patsy DonovanPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB145
Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB237
2Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB220
3Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB219
4Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB212
5Steve BrodieBaltimore OriolesMLB210
6Lave CrossPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB204
7Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB199
7Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB199
9Ed McKeanCleveland SpidersMLB198
10Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB197
Total Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB374
2Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB319
3Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB305
3Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB305
5Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB303
6Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB300
7Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB294
8Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB287
9Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB286
10Bill DahlenChicago ColtsMLB284
Doubles - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB51
2Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB48
3Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB45
4Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB39
4Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB39
4Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB39
7Jimmy RyanChicago ColtsMLB37
8Jake BeckleyPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB36
9Ed CartwrightWashington NationalsMLB35
9Roger ConnorSt. Louis Browns
New York Giants
Triples - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Heinie ReitzBaltimore OriolesMLB31
2Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB27
3George TreadwayBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB26
4Roger ConnorSt. Louis Browns
New York Giants
5Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB23
6Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB22
7Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB20
7Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB20
7Tommy CorcoranBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB20
10George DavisNew York GiantsMLB19
Home Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB18
2Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB17
2Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB17
4Bill DahlenChicago ColtsMLB15
5Bug HollidayCincinnati RedsMLB13
5Tommy McCarthyBoston BeaneatersMLB13
5Jimmy BannonBoston BeaneatersMLB13
5Jim CanavanCincinnati RedsMLB13
5Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB13
5Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB13
Runs Batted In - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB145
2Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB141
3Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB131
4Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB130
5Ed McKeanCleveland SpidersMLB128
5Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB128
7Tommy McCarthyBoston BeaneatersMLB126
8Lave CrossPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB125
9Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB121
10Jake BeckleyPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB120
Stolen Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB98
2John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB78
3Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB74
4Tom BrownLouisville ColonelsMLB66
5Bill LangeChicago ColtsMLB65
6Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB61
7Arlie LathamCincinnati RedsMLB59
8Tom DalyBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB51
9Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB48
10Jimmy BannonBoston BeaneatersMLB47
Walks - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB126
2Cupid ChildsCleveland SpidersMLB107
2Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB107
4John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB91
4Billy NashBoston BeaneatersMLB91
6Bid McPheeCincinnati RedsMLB90
7Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB87
7Dummy HoyCincinnati RedsMLB87
9Jesse BurkettCleveland SpidersMLB84
10Piggy WardWashington NationalsMLB80
Strikeouts - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Tom BrownLouisville ColonelsMLB73
2Ed CartwrightWashington NationalsMLB43
2George TreadwayBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB43
4Jimmy BannonBoston BeaneatersMLB42
4Tom DalyBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB42
6George TebeauWashington Nationals
Cleveland Spiders
6Charlie AbbeyWashington NationalsMLB38
8Frank ShugartSt. Louis BrownsMLB37
9Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB36
10Jiggs ParrottChicago ColtsMLB35
Hit By Pitch - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hughie JenningsBaltimore OriolesMLB27
2Jake BeckleyPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB19
3Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB18
4Tommy TuckerBoston BeaneatersMLB17
5John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB13
5Steve BrodieBaltimore OriolesMLB13
7Dummy HoyCincinnati RedsMLB12
7Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB12
9Piggy WardWashington NationalsMLB11
10John GrimLouisville ColonelsMLB10
Extra Base Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB85
2Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB74
3Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB72
4Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB71
5Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB69
6Roger ConnorSt. Louis Browns
New York Giants
7Bobby LoweBoston BeaneatersMLB62
7Walt WilmotChicago ColtsMLB62
9Jake BeckleyPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB61
9Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB61
Isolated Power - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB.293
2Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB.279
3Hugh DuffyBoston BeaneatersMLB.254
4Roger ConnorSt. Louis Browns
New York Giants
5Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB.226
6Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB.213
7Bill DahlenChicago ColtsMLB.209
7Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB.209
9Jim CanavanCincinnati RedsMLB.205
10Kip SelbachWashington NationalsMLB.204
Walks Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.19
1Bill JoyceWashington NationalsMLB0.19
3Cupid ChildsCleveland SpidersMLB0.18
3Piggy WardWashington NationalsMLB0.18
5Joe KelleyBaltimore OriolesMLB0.17
6Bid McPheeCincinnati RedsMLB0.16
6Mike GriffinBrooklyn BridegroomsMLB0.16
8Jim CanavanCincinnati RedsMLB0.15
8Dummy HoyCincinnati RedsMLB0.15
8John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB0.15
Strikeouts Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Steve BrodieBaltimore OriolesMLB0.01
1Jack DoyleNew York GiantsMLB0.01
1John WardNew York GiantsMLB0.01
1Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB0.01
1Lave CrossPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.01
6Elmer SmithPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB0.02
6Patsy DonovanPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB0.02
6John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB0.02
6George DavisNew York GiantsMLB0.02
6Lou BierbauerPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB0.02
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jack DoyleNew York GiantsMLB0.09
2Cupid ChildsCleveland SpidersMLB0.10
3Dan BrouthersBaltimore OriolesMLB0.13
3Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB0.13
3John McGrawBaltimore OriolesMLB0.13
6Willie KeelerBaltimore OriolesMLB0.15
6George DavisNew York GiantsMLB0.15
8Doggie MillerSt. Louis BrownsMLB0.16
9Jake StenzelPittsburgh AlleghenysMLB0.17
10John WardNew York GiantsMLB0.18
230 record(s)
Rank If team context, indicates Divisional Rank Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site HiLvl Highest Level Reached