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A high-level summary of the 1877 Major League Baseball Season. The page includes standings, team totals and leaderboards. There is a lot more information on the season in various sub-sections such as the player register, team pages and boxscore-related pages.
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1877 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB.387
2John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB.378
3Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB.368
4Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB.362
5Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB.337
6Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB.332
7George HallLouisville GraysMLB.323
8John ClappSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB.318
9John PetersChicago White StockingsMLB.317
9Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.317
On Base Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB.407
2Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB.405
3Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB.387
4John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB.386
5Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB.360
6Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
7George HallLouisville GraysMLB.352
8Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB.347
9John ClappSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB.338
10Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB.331
Slugging Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB.545
2Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
3John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB.458
4Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB.455
5Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB.445
6George HallLouisville GraysMLB.439
7Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.437
8Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB.422
9Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB.420
9Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.420
On Base Plus Slugging - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB.950
2Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB.852
3John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB.844
4Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB.842
5Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
6George HallLouisville GraysMLB.791
7Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB.779
8Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.767
9Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB.745
10Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.741
Games Played - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jim DevlinLouisville GraysMLB61
1Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB61
1George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB61
1Tommy BondBoston BeaneatersMLB61
1George HallLouisville GraysMLB61
1John MorrillBoston BeaneatersMLB61
1Orator ShaferLouisville GraysMLB61
1Bill CrowleyLouisville GraysMLB61
1Pop SnyderLouisville GraysMLB61
10Paul HinesChicago White StockingsMLB60
Plate Appearances - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB299
2Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB285
3Jumbo LathamLouisville GraysMLB283
4George HallLouisville GraysMLB281
5Jack BurdockHartfords of BrooklynMLB279
6Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB277
6Andy LeonardBoston BeaneatersMLB277
8Jim DevlinLouisville GraysMLB275
8Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB275
10Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB274
At Bats - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB290
2Jumbo LathamLouisville GraysMLB278
3Jack BurdockHartfords of BrooklynMLB277
4Tom CareyHartfords of BrooklynMLB274
5Andy LeonardBoston BeaneatersMLB272
6Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB271
7George HallLouisville GraysMLB269
8Jim DevlinLouisville GraysMLB268
9Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB266
9Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB266
Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB68
2George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB58
2Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB58
4Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB55
5George HallLouisville GraysMLB53
5Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
7Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB52
8Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB51
9Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB47
9John ClappSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB47
Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB103
2Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB98
3Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB96
4John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB95
5Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB90
6George HallLouisville GraysMLB87
7Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB86
8John PetersChicago White StockingsMLB84
9Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB82
10John ClappSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB81
Total Bases - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB145
2Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB121
3George HallLouisville GraysMLB118
3Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB118
5John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB115
6Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
7Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB110
7Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB110
9Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB108
10Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB107
Doubles - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB19
2Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB16
2Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB16
4George HallLouisville GraysMLB15
4George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB15
6Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB14
6Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB14
8Lew BrownBoston BeaneatersMLB12
8Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
8Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB12
Triples - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB11
2Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
3Lew BrownBoston BeaneatersMLB8
3George HallLouisville GraysMLB8
5Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB7
5Paul HinesChicago White StockingsMLB7
5Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB7
5Joe BattinSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB7
5Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB7
5Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB7
Home Runs - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB4
2Orator ShaferLouisville GraysMLB3
3Pop SnyderLouisville GraysMLB2
3Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB2
3Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
6Joe GerhardtLouisville GraysMLB1
6Terry LarkinHartfords of BrooklynMLB1
6Bill HagueLouisville GraysMLB1
6Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB1
6Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB1
Runs Batted In - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB49
2John PetersChicago White StockingsMLB41
3Ezra SuttonBoston BeaneatersMLB39
4Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
5Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB37
6Cal McVeyChicago White StockingsMLB36
6Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB36
8Bob FergusonHartfords of BrooklynMLB35
8Joe GerhardtLouisville GraysMLB35
8George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB35
Walks - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB20
2Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
3Amos BoothCincinnati Red StockingsMLB12
3George HallLouisville GraysMLB12
5Davy ForceSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB11
6Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB9
6George WrightBoston BeaneatersMLB9
6Orator ShaferLouisville GraysMLB9
6Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB9
6Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB9
Strikeouts - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Lew BrownBoston BeaneatersMLB33
2Jim DevlinLouisville GraysMLB27
3Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
4Terry LarkinHartfords of BrooklynMLB23
5Joe BlongSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB22
6Herman DehlmanSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB21
7George HallLouisville GraysMLB19
7George BradleyChicago White StockingsMLB19
9Bill HagueLouisville GraysMLB18
10Joe BattinSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB17
Extra Base Hits - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB27
2Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB24
2Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
4George HallLouisville GraysMLB23
4Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB23
6Lew BrownBoston BeaneatersMLB21
7Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB20
7Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB20
9Paul HinesChicago White StockingsMLB18
9Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB18
Isolated Power - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB.158
1Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
3Lew BrownBoston BeaneatersMLB.140
4Tom YorkHartfords of BrooklynMLB.139
5Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.122
6Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB.119
7George HallLouisville GraysMLB.115
8Orator ShaferLouisville GraysMLB.108
9Paul HinesChicago White StockingsMLB.096
10Joe BattinSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB.088
Walks Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB0.07
2Charley JonesCincinnati Red Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Chicago White Stockings
3Davy ForceSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB0.05
4George HallLouisville GraysMLB0.04
4John GlennChicago White StockingsMLB0.04
6George BradleyChicago White StockingsMLB0.03
6Orator ShaferLouisville GraysMLB0.03
6Mike DorganSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB0.03
6Jim DevlinLouisville GraysMLB0.03
6Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB0.03
Strikeouts Percentage - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB0.01
1Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB0.01
1Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB0.01
1John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB0.01
5Bob AddyCincinnati Red StockingsMLB0.02
5John ClappSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB0.02
5Andy LeonardBoston BeaneatersMLB0.02
5Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB0.02
5Mike McGearySt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB0.02
5Jumbo LathamLouisville GraysMLB0.02
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (NL)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)HiLvlValue
1Joe StartHartfords of BrooklynMLB0.33
1Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsMLB0.33
3Deacon WhiteBoston BeaneatersMLB0.38
4Jim O'RourkeBoston BeaneatersMLB0.45
5John ClappSt. Louis Brown StockingsMLB0.75
6Lip PikeCincinnati Red StockingsMLB0.78
7Bob AddyCincinnati Red StockingsMLB0.83
8Andy LeonardBoston BeaneatersMLB1.00
8John CassidyHartfords of BrooklynMLB1.00
10Jack ManningCincinnati Red StockingsMLB1.20
210 record(s)
Rank If team context, indicates Divisional Rank Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site HiLvl Highest Level Reached